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Troglodyte: C'mon rookies - need an option to downgrade for my rage trades...
navy_blues: +dogs "should" win this by 6+ goals
Bulky: Drinking game. Everyone has to scull an alcoholic drink whenever the commentators call Watson 'The Wizard'.
FoopyTime: full banner for 50 games thats a bit full on init
StuL: Go capt Bont
Wriggs365: im powered at youngy always performs when my opponent has him
Wriggs365: powered
Wriggs365: powered off
Troglodyte: Congrats Gini on surviving to 50 games...
Wriggs365: stu did u go the c on bont in the end?
Pavs: Put the C on English just for laughs.Even with Ryan's score still going to lose
Wriggs365: I've also had c on bont since start of round
StuL: yes
Wriggs365: good choice he'll go off
StuL: Need a pod to be any chance in my game. oppo had gawn
soup: Oppo swapped c from Bont to libba last second, praying for major backfire
Wriggs365: yeah exactly
bhg26: Meek double ton needed
Wriggs365: come on
jlitza: plz help me tenglish
Hughsy: 11 points for a kick dale jeez
Wriggs365: have macrae, bont, d'ambrosio, and bramble this gam
Pavs: Spelt that wrong bhg it's English. That's what you meant
bhg26: Why cant they both get double tons pavs
Manowar: Hawks are Meek
Wriggs365: 80 point blowout this game
navy_blues: omg this is a slaughter
StuL: bont goes bang
Manowar: time to go Mitchell,
pcaman2003: Here we go again. Sigh!
Hughsy: And i had the c on gawn, after having it over bont and ryan. fml
Pavs: Wow Your a thinker mate. Agree
Manowar: rookie error,
Fordy13: big score from Bont + Dale might salvage my week here, Serong and Ryan did a good job earlier.
CamT: Libba won't pass the concussion test imo.
Troglodyte: Agree - Libba cooked
jlitza: soup on the edge of his seat rn
ralfsmiff4: Libba looked dazed after that knock. Back on now. Can't this round just end already!?
RuffLeader: Canít, he already has
StuL: bont got 4 for a tackle but now hes lost a point. why do cd always do this?
jlitza: some hit from frost there banggg
bhg26: No Meek you spanner!
Hughsy: CD team have dale in their SC
StuL: He's got it back it seems
CamT: Dogs playing like it's a final.
BRAZZERS: just don't analyze every single point, its not worth the stress
Manowar: yeah, this is a bottom 8 final
Gotigres: Hopefully Roberts to Dale could be a good move
StuL: yea ok brazzers. it just bugs me. players will start losing poibts for nothing
StuL: i need Darcy too.
Silz90: Tom Green should be alright for next week
Gotigres: But trading Meek was not so sweet so far
Fordy13: scans ok silz?
Troglodyte: Looks like Macrae doesn't want to join my team for next week...
BRAZZERS: how u know silz?
EvilMonk: I need a huge Bont game after the possible captain options I could have gone this weekend lol
Silz90: Scans have cleared Tom Green of structural damage to his ankle. Could be available to face Essendon next Saturday
Silz90: From twitter/x, Josh gabelich
BRAZZERS: cheers mate
Hughsy: Good stuff silz, great for the supercoahc, but essendon loses by 50+
ralfsmiff4: Wow silz, imagine if he gets up
StuL: i need a huge Bont to be any chance in my game
Stu7: Out the bench Bont
navy_blues: sicily shoulder
Stu7: Same here StuL
BRAZZERS: sizzler done
pcaman2003: SZo much carnage this week. Unreal!
CamT: This could get ugly for the Harks, now.
bhg26: Hawks to leak 30 goals a game now with their defence
BRAZZERS: dont worry harry potter will be subbed in lads
Raspel31: That's a ray of hope Silz.
StuL: off the bench bont.
Fromage: Bont I need another 160 from you
Stu7: Ffs Bont
GinniFan: Almost brought in Dale but chose not to, regretting it so far
wadaramus: Well if Green is OK he should have played the game out, soft cock!
wadaramus: Fyfe sub, Yeo groin, it's been a rather average SC weekend!
thommoae: No structural damage don't mean it didn't hurt more'n a bit wada
jlitza: wada its just a game mate
FoopyTime: love to see that
wadaramus: Jab it, strap it, and get back out there thommo!
Hazza09: Get moving Bont ffs
bhg26: Lovely goal assist meek
Pavs: It's more than a game jlitza :)
StuL: Bont was on the bench too long.
bhg26: Supercoach is a matter of life and death
Gotigres: Of course it was to be expected that Meek would double ton as soon as I traded him out lol
Fromage: Sicily would have had 4 puffs on the green whistle so heíll be high as a kite
jlitza: ahahaha im barking up the wrong tree hey
BRAZZERS: the red cross a bit premature nackers
StuL: Yes it is bhg
wadaramus: Sicily red cross back to band-aid, that's how you do it Green, are you taking notes?!
Stu7: Watch Ambro go back since I traded him
dearviolet: Lift Dambrosio, Garcia, and Darcy
Fordy13: jeez hazza tough call, Bont gets a 38 first quarter and you're telling him to get moving ahha.
Pavs: Breathe Wada. Let it go mate :)
wadaramus: I need a green whistle Pavs :)
Stu7: Hazza is like me I need him to score 500 to have any chance lol
Pavs: After this week we all need a green whistle. lol
beerent11: Barking up the wrong tree and wasting your breath jlitza. Theyíre completely obsessive in here.
Pavs: A huge target on that shoulder now for the doggies
Fordy13: Meek just getting given the footy haha wtf.
navy_blues: nice comeback from hawks
zadolinnyj: How did Libby not get the concussion test?
StuL: All these ppl not named Bont getting the ball.
jlitza: theyre probs doing better than me sc wise beer so fair play lol
CamT: Libba looked completely out of it when he was sitting on the bench. That must be how he usually looks.
BRAZZERS: looks like darcys last week too
bhg26: Totally forgot darcy was playing
StuL: Come on Darcy.
pcaman2003: If the Dogs lose this, then surely Bevo must go.
navy_blues: this is exactly why i dont rate the dogs and they get a lot of the ball as well
fruity: congratulations Dale your in my side next week..
DaicosQB: Good for the comp that most of the teams can "any given sunday" it this year
fruity: selected Darcy over Wilson...figures..
BRAZZERS: bevo will drop him next week
navy_blues: and poor old daniel cant get a game in this side lol their best ball user
DaicosQB: At this rate bevo gets dropped next week
StuL: that always happens fruity
PAFC4eva: Bevo and stinkley both gonski
beerent11: The fact your bringing dale in serves as a warning to others considering it.
desa2024: Sam Draper was right. Bevo has lost the players.
beerent11: C.Dear a father son?
zadolinnyj: Yes beer
Fordy13: yep beer
pcaman2003: beer. Yes!
Getup: Ambrosie butchering it
Hazza09: ffs Bont
JezEdwards: Beer, yep! Paul Dear's son.
StuL: come on capt bont. not looking too good this qtr
fruity: beerent11: Yep lol
Getup: Ambrosie butchering it??
beerent11: If not for McKercher and Wilson Iíd be battling to break 2000
miersmessi: ffs I went massimo over closehy or graham
beerent11: Thought so
jlitza: dale gonna pull a 50 next week surely??
pcaman2003: Being managed last week hasn't helped Masso's game this week.
Raspel31: Sme beer- green and Rozee gurt.
youthuck: Harmes baby keep cookin
miersmessi: bevo has to go dogs list is and has been too good to be underperforming every season
banta: dambrosio needs to be playing twos
CamT: I did the same, miersmessi :O
Fordy13: Graham or Clohesy on field tonight? Graham tackle machine, Clohesy higher ceiling so far
Stu7: Bont concrete boots
StuL: scores are broken. it hasnt updated
navy_blues: ice age has hit we are frozen
original: Bont sure gone missing
StuL: fanfooty seems to have stopped working.
Pokerface: if we are talking bad benchings, i put Sweet on field over Meek.
frenzy: Meek to bring home the bacon, go you good thing
StuL: whats happening monty?
bhg26: Lloyd Meek has broken fanfooty
BRAZZERS: sean dacy will play next week they saying
pcaman2003: Meek is no longer mild.
Pokerface: m0nty the links to your forums on the front page are broken
beerent11: Those whinging about Bont - 64 x 2 = 128
pcaman2003: Bad enough with broken players, but rookies killing my score badly too.
CamT: Darcy has a minor calf injury. For a guy of his size they'd be taking a risk if he played next week.
frenzy: why is JMac so shower now
BRAZZERS: i wouldnt call calf tightness an injury
StuL: my oppo has Maca
pluggerpig: while we're bug reporting, m0nty your whole site redirects to p0rn sometimes. Malware on your site, for years now.
pluggerpig: not joking, scam and adult redirects when accessing fanfooty site from mobile.
beerent11: For shrek it is
pcaman2003: frenzy. He wants Bevo to go too.
CamT: Zac Williams -> Bailey Dale a winning move.
EvilMonk: I've had this too Plugger. On mobile only but definitely scam/adult redirects
frenzy: I reckon you are on the money Pcaman
pcaman2003: pluggerpig. Same happening here too, so now use laptop
pluggerpig: "Malicious redirects are bits of code that are injected into the core files of a website" - fanfooty has these.
pluggerpig: im a web designer btw
frenzy: bin like that for ages plugger
CamT: Bontempelli & D'AMbrozio both have 7 kicks and 6 handballs. Massimo has 4 marks to Bonts 0
exatekk: who doesnt like the odd porn redirect though?
nbartos: avast blocks the infections on my pc
tajtaj16: bont also has a goal and 2 tackles and probably more contested
StuL: Bont is just better CamT
EvilMonk: yikes, dogs really going to lose this? My tips, my precious tips.
Kangagang: Zac Williams -> Bailey Dale. The only trade I got right this week.
FoopyTime: doggies need to give bevo another 5 yrs at the helm
BigChief: Bont 8 cont poss, 3 clear 78% de and 2 clanger. Massimo 2 cont pos, 0 clear 53% de and 4 clang
Fordy13: 8 contested to 2 cam
bhg26: That is a very sexy goal
pluggerpig: exatekk its very distracting when im checking scores on the bog... ;)
frenzy: get him in CamT
masterhc2: extremely happy with the hawks pressure, by far best performance all year
Fordy13: 78 eff vs 53 eff too cam
miersmessi: bevo has to go man I canít watch bont waste his prime
Gotigres: Dale has a breakeven of -45
CamT: I've got them both, just hoping to get more from Massimo.
Pokerface: Bont has 8 contested possesions while Ambro has butchered it CamT
BigChief: CamT you need to look at all the stats if you are trying to compare.
frenzy: Ambro needs hard ball gets
miersmessi: Does the owner get some ad revenue from the site because theyíre blooding annoying on mobile and ipad
pcaman2003: masterhc2. Good so far, but waiting for the usual capitulation.
Bulky: Bevo is cooked. Lost the players weeks ago.
StuL: Come on Darcy. youre a pod
McSquire: Bony racking up points but watching the game just no impact
jlitza: blood in the water now
masterhc2: @pcaman even if they do utterly capitulate from hear i'm happy with the effort compared to rest of the season
EvilMonk: Solid player Weddle, up and about the Hawks.
navy_blues: oh my oh my oh my dogs suck
McSquire: Bont sorry
StuL: dogs can forget finals.
EvilMonk: Dogs stars still good, but it's their bottom 10 players that do next to nothing.
miersmessi: Send the bont to the cattery will replace Dangerfield nicely
Gotigres: plugger, since your a web designer, what's the cheat code for supercoach so I can reverse trade Meek back in. Thanks.
PAFC4eva: Maybe for rest of the year stinkley and bevo swap see what happens
frenzy: tWeedle going good
soup: darcy get going you plank
EvilMonk: good grab Bont, definitely pay it.
BigChief: Mid season trade PAFC?
Bulky: How can Daniel not get a game in this rabble?
StuL: yay bont
PAFC4eva: Cant hurt chief
Wriggs365: good bont
frenzy: lmao stinkley
BigChief: Do you really want Bevo as coach though PAFC? Stick with Stinkley imo
EvilMonk: what's with this commentator merging the syllable of D'Ambrosio. It's D! Ambrosio.
JockMcPie: no its dambrosio, not Dee Ambrosio, he said so himself
Birdman18: Mass just got 16 points for 1 kick
PAFC4eva: Stinkley only beaten more top 8 sides than lost once in 12 years
PAFC4eva: And we have been in the 8 a lot of those years
EvilMonk: @Jock Oh really? Well, I'll go and eat a bucket of my words. I stand corrected!
PAFC4eva: Cant get the job done against the best teams have to try somethig
JockMcPie: @evilmonk yeah i saw a video of it on twitter somewhere haha, i never knew before that though
clay007: Libba dropped off, delayed concussion maybe?
BigChief: PAFC but Bevo is Bevo and he can't coach a win v Hawks LOL
EvilMonk: @Jock I reckon it's the Italian way, most D' names I'm thinking of are Portugese. I.e. D'Souza, D'Silva etc.
dearviolet: Lift Garcia and Darcy
PAFC4eva: True so ill keep pulling my hair out until i go bald or a new coach
clay007: He has won a premiership big chief and had the demons on toast for most of a gf.
StuL: Darcy just needs to get his BE
bhg26: CD had a meek agenda wtf is this score
BigChief: 3rd option PAFC is support a new team or the umpires :)
PAFC4eva: Hmmm tassie devils perhaps chief
TigerTime1: Good quarter macrae. See what happens we bevo doesnt shaft ya
jlitza: really bhg? had a great game in my humble opinion
bhg26: Im saying he should be on way more jlizta
jlitza: ahahahaha ill eat my words
soup: clarke looking like a cash cow
Birdman18: I have English at R3 because I couldn't sort my trades out early enough. Gonna cost me
bhg26: Meek had 3 touches 13 hitouts ad 3 tackles for 10 points? Make it make sense cd
Raspel31: Englisg is really a mid who jumps.
BigChief: GWS Brown offered 3 weeks.
frenzy: Ned shouldnt get another look in
jlitza: real raspel, makes me nervous as an owner when he gets dominated in the ruck
BigChief: Keep fighting for those points Darcy. Couple of goals would be nice mate.
J_Herer: Keep on going Captian English!!!
Getup: For my name sack win dogs keep my perfect tipping round going
miersmessi: Massimo to 50 is big
StuL: Darcy is usually a goal scorer. A couple of dingers.
jlitza: moore with another solid game here
Number 8: GWS should take 3 weeks and run for Brown. Very lucky imo
Raspel31: Brave C Herer but looking good.
BigChief: Sharp and Long subs. No Sexton
slydon: if you still have sharp thats an L for you. he ended his cash gen last week
frenzy: Macrae TOG is a joke
StuL: keep going Bont. 150 is in reach
Getup: Should of gone bont c had no loop if went gawn vc lucky to get to 2200 this week 😕
pluggerpig: Calsher Dear sounds like some kind of rash cream
pluggerpig: does anyone know how i can actually get in touch with m0nty about the website? to help
RooBoyStu: Bring on Rounds 16 and 23 lol
soup: Exact same situation for me getup
BigChief: wrong Sharp slydon. The Bris sub is Harry Sharp and this is his 1st game this year.
Getup: Help with what plugged??
thommoae: Gotta say 'pluggerpig' isn't going to feature highly on the list of popular babies' names in 2024 either :)
Number 8: m0nty is on Twitter, pig. You can probably DM him there
Birdman18: Macrae is a bit of a fail pick
jlitza: man i love david rodan as goal umpire :)
pluggerpig: the malware problem he has in his files, but also some other fixes ive noticed.
slydon: fair but my point stands with freo sharp
pluggerpig: thanks number 8
TheLegend6: Get richards to half back ffs
BettsMagic: Spot on Plugger. His website has been cooked on desktop and mobile for ages.
BettsMagic: There is another rival SC live score website that has cropped up also, so he needs to maintain his audience on his site.
masterhc2: As a skinny 18yo, very happy with Dear's debut
NewFreoFan: Website definitely could do with some love
BigChief: Nice mark, kick and goal Darcy :)
pluggerpig: on mobile often i cant even see the scores, ads on top of ads. lol
banta: Bevo literally doesn't even know where his players best positions are
StuL: Darcy has his BE
dearviolet: Nice, kick some goals Darcy and Garcia, need some clutch time points
Manowar: I'm going for Footscray
bhg26: cd didnt count that hitout from meek to worpel, rigged
BettsMagic: The mobile website ALWAYS redirects to some spam website, so I immediately click back and reload it knowing it'll do it
BigChief: That's a BS free against Baker.
BigChief: cmon bhg. You have been here long enough to know what happens late in games.
Number 8: If the desktop site is a bit messy, try using the Brave browser. Very clean for me.
Getup: Same number 8 this site is fine 🙂
pcaman2003: And as predicted, the capitulation has begun. Oh Hawks!
bhg26: They stuffed him around 3rd quarter too chief
Birdman18: Mass gonna get off the bench this quarter?
Hazza09: trust bevo to bench English and Bont when the games on the line
jlitza: took the words outta my mouth hazza
sheezel420: Players cant have 100% tog, they're making sure they ARE on at the end
StuL: come on bont. tell the coach you should be on
bhg26: The Wizard
TheOnyas: Onya Wizzy
JMM-7: The Wizard
BigChief: Took a lot of wizardry for Watson to miss. Maybe thats why the call him the wizard.
Birdman18: All of the Hawks bench have been there for almost 10 minutes. Are they out of subs?
Bulky: The Fizz.
StuL: Bont losing points
Raspel31: Stunning tactics Bev.
TigerTime1: good second half macrae
BigChief: Bevo is a complete flog having his best player on the pine for so long.
pcaman2003: BC. The Hawks will find a way to lose this. It's what we do.
bhg26: Get on the ground Meek
BigChief: Na pcaman Bevo will coach Hawks to a win.
jlitza: give sicily the heart regardless of the result some game here
cherry9: They left Bont a lot to do in 5 mins
Getup: Ambrosie on the bench all quater flower me
happytimes: Bye bye bevo
navy_blues: how frustrating would it be being a dogs supporter with a coach like bevo
Getup: Hawks home
Birdman18: The dogs are shower
miersmessi: the dogs will win by 40 again the tigers next week and bevo will be safe again
Getup: Maybe not draw??
sheezel420: libba cops it pretty rough out there, absolute machine
Fordy13: we got a game!
DraperDrip: Can i make a comment on Bevos future :)
Birdman18: Imagine if the Bont was on earlier?
TheLegend6: likely miers
pcaman2003: Getup. Hawks not home at all. We'll still stuff it up.
BigChief: Can we all wish Tigers beat Dogs Gryan? Even Dogs fans might want Bevo gone LOL
miersmessi: Iíve been wanting bevo gone for a while hahah and Iím a cats fan
BRAZZERS: ricmond wont beat north, will not win a game again
Kidult: The boot shining has been constant for years
navy_blues: all the talent dogs have an this is what they serve up
BigChief: Hawks are home pcaman
miersmessi: It baffles me why the media was annoyed at Sam Draper when he was absolutely right
navy_blues: wd hawks
Birdman18: Moore has been huge
pcaman2003: BC. Now i'm relieved. Thank goodness!
navy_blues: lmao dogs
exatekk: Bye bye bevo. surely
pcaman2003: Bye Bevo. Enjoy retirement sport!
Hazza09: You absolute plow bevo
pluggerpig: the fizz has gone from this beveridge
jlitza: as a hawks fan im done
BigChief: Bont should go to the board and tell them he will request trade if Bevo stays.
miersmessi: They need to get bevo out now so they can at least try to get finals in a year which is quite competitive
bhg26: Meek 15 points from 26 hitouts in the second half flower sake
McSquire: Bevo massacred a good list. Too clever for his own good
navy_blues: 59 clangers
jlitza: w u now bhg, a stitch up for sure
pcaman2003: bhg. Wasn't Meek 100 at 3 quarter time?
bhg26: Yep pcaman and 90 at half
Wriggs365: c on bont went ok better than what gawn and sheez did
EvilMonk: there's a lot to like about this Dear bloke. Top debut mate
Wriggs365: damn cant believe dogs lost that..
pcaman2003: EvilMonk.He may be okay I think. Has style.
J.Worrall: Thanks for the tip on the Brace browser.

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