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DiggaDogga: Fyfe Sub!! Don't have him but that sucks for owners. Had that been forecast?
frenzy: coaches give me the lol lul's
dearviolet: Glad I saw that, guess he goes to the bench
dearviolet: That's unbelievable after last week.
dearviolet: Watch Sharp go massive after I traded him, salt in the wound since Fyfe is sub
Troglodyte: Why risk him against a spud team?
m0nty: Freo at the G is always a danger game for them regardless of oppo
m0nty: Tigers beat Sydney not that long ago
Troglodyte: Consecutive posts from m0nty! Outrageous ;) acknowledge your point though
dearviolet: Hopefully Dogga and Serong have huge games to make up for this Fyfe around
Troglodyte: I don't need to details but was there an event in recent weeks that trigger this ritual or is it annual now?
Troglodyte: Simpson or OMeara for vest... hmmm
Manowar: Fyfe
m0nty: Sharp is going large today if he's on Ralphsmith all day, hate Ralphsmith's positioning
Troglodyte: Where's BC? I need someone to rev his mate Seth...
TimT14: Pretty disappointing turn out from the Richmond fans here
Troglodyte: Probably at church TimT - Tiger fans are notoriously pious I hear...
StuL: i bought in Serong so sorry owners
BigChief: Zero interest in this game so will be back for next 1.
StuL: Fyfe are you getting on today?
naicosfan: C on serong on debut for my team.. sorry owners
Stu7: Fyfe youve fvcked me
StuL: oops he has the vest. doh
Manowar: seeya, don't let the door hit your ass on the way out
Stu7: The only thing that will save me is if Brayshaw stays real low as my opponent has him as a C
jlitza: ahaha we've all bought in serong hey...
Stu7: Let's hope StuL
Stu7: Off the ou e you haven't make up for "trading next week Fyfe"
pluggerpig: keep track of how many times Kelli says the word "teammate" because she doesn't know their names. Twice so far.
Stu7: *" get off the pine you have to make up"
Stu7: lol plugger
StuL: i had hopes for Fyfe after last week but this vest probably kills him
Manowar: now you have no hopes!
StuL: high hopes
bhg26: Tactical sub at qt?
GJayBee: Fyfe and Yeo are two exes I never call
Stu7: I hope so bhg
Stu7: Same here StuL
LionBoy: Hi all. My opponent unable to loop Wilson score unless Fyfe doesn’t play. Bring him on late 4th qtr thanks.
amigaman: Damn good call Hudson. Some clubs get payed 8 metre marks, and others don't get paid for 15.
northball: how can it be a clanger for serong when he got a free kick from it
soup: How can anyone enjoy watching Luke Ryan play footy
CamT: Luke Ryan is as good, ifs not better than Tom Stewart atm.
Pavs: Not in your side then soup?
soup: No pavs :( but that's not the point
zadolinnyj: Keep going cerong
zadolinnyj: Ty
Pavs: haha probably wouldn't have said that if he was. I sort of get your point though
StuL: Fyfe is a pod in my game with 102 predicted. that vest is costing me the game
zadolinnyj: Ryan basically by himself so far. Second half won’t be the same
JezEdwards: Luke Ryan might be my saviour this weekend.
CamT: Luke Ryan is a class act. Plays footy and runs a chain of fishing tackle shops at the same time.
StuL: Gone from 2400 predicted going to end up 2000 something
jlitza: go serong my boy
LionBoy: Two bad misses. LJack should be 60 by now.
circle52: Know hou feel I was 2410 predicted dropped to 2065 after yesterday and with Fyfe sub will struggle to 2000
StuL: Serong and Ryan killing it at least
Manowar: happy with N Fyfe's first half
StuL: There has to be one Manowar.
Wriggs365: fyfe is losing me this matchup bro
StuL: same here wriggs. i was predicted to win
Wriggs365: yeah
bhg26: Ryan and Serong trying their darnedest to make up for fyfe
Fordy13: oh man, what is this week of carnage haha, I need 10 trades next week like everyone else..
navy_blues: bolton on 5 lol wow
CamT: Seth Campbell taking "slow burn" to a new level.
navy_blues: thats 1 move id make straight away get bolton near the ball
dearviolet: Traded Short for McGovern a few weeks back, been a dud until today but sellers remorse always hits
zadolinnyj: Agree navy
StuL: Unlikely that serong and ryan double their scores but try dudes
Wriggs365: got the c on bont im relying on him v hawks
beerent11: Well by the sounds of it a lot of us are in the same boat. May as well just get over it.
StuL: Are we banking gawns 111 or rolling the dice on capt bont?
navy_blues: and id sub underwood!
Wriggs365: come on sharpy
Wriggs365: go all out with the bont
zadolinnyj: I feel bont will play a lot forward with Libby back and weightman out
Wriggs365: youngy flower off
Hazza09: ffs Dogga at least get a ton today
Wriggs365: youngy get down mate i swear
Wriggs365: just traded jackson out after two 61's
JaiDay12: tough luck wriggs
StuL: Come on Serong
CamT: Fyfe warming up. Any guesses about who will get subbed off ?
xodeus9: luke ryan saving this shower show of a round for me
Wriggs365: go freo
Ash777: yes darcy subbed
CamT: Darcy subbed off.
Manowar: good news Darcy out, bad news Fyfe in
Lions1980: Darcy injured what a surprise! lol ffs
thommoae: Darcy just can't catch a break.
DANGERous: slow down Ryan
Wriggs365: yes fyfey please clutch up give us a 50 surely
sheezel420: flower off ryan
Gotigres: Ok Jackson. Time to get going.
J_Herer: Luke Jackson will be a viable option again, cheaper also!
StuL: Get on Fyfe
Gotigres: No, not to the bench Jackson
Manowar: Freo coach is an idiot, Jackson now on the bench
ausgooner: Longmuir is genuinely a mental midget
Hazza09: Serong has gone home
bhg26: Fyfe to get 20 disposals and 5 goals
Manowar: get a touch Fyfe,
jlitza: Ryan gonna go close to 200 absurd
StuL: Come on Fyfe
J_Herer: Dempsey to Jackson this week I think
Hazza09: If Dogga can't ton from here then forget it
BRAZZERS: calf tightness doesnt seem that long term tho
StuL: If Ryan get 200 that will help with the overall
jlitza: agreed brazzers, these fwd options available tho...
DragonLass: my public leage opponent has Luke Ryan as captain, genius stroke
Fordy13: Fyfe 5 goal last quarter, imagine
BRAZZERS: i hope so tho because i have jackson, who who knows it could be a precaution. might only miss a game idk
Fordy13: Clohesy or Graham on field tonight, what's everyone thinking?
jlitza: same issue fordy, if graham gets good mid time probs him??
Troglodyte: whichever one of them has the highest average?
Fordy13: Clohesy has the higher average but Graham has been scored better last two weeks
GinniFan: oppo has Ryan, thats me cooked
EvilMonk: I have Ryan. Didn't captain him though, sad.
Hazza09: FFS Dogga, get moving
GJayBee: Bradshaw be my POD winner! Be a seagull
GinniFan: Ryan gonna hit his 165 BE wtf
CamT: Clohesy, Graham or Macrae. Which two ? Suggestions please :)
BRAZZERS: i hate the sub, just scarp it and have an extra bench player all game
jlitza: dont go home yet serong plz and thx
GJayBee: Committees love making up crap like subs
Doggie Doo: Wet in Brisbane will make marking harder. Macrae playing under the roof.
carl: Great idea Brazzers, the sub idea is crap, players hate it.
CamT: Thanks, DoggieDoo :)
JMM-7: @brazzers - if a team loses a player and it's 4v5 on the bench, coaches will still winge. No winning
Hughsy: Could ryan be the first 200
bhg26: Fyfe you dont need to go to the bench youve only been on for 20 minutes!
CamT: Jackson on the bench again. Surely he won't be staying there.
GJayBee: Kick a snag Bradshaw
Stu7: What could he much worse Fyfe in the vest now in the bench sums up my week
Fordy13: he outscored Green at least ><
bhg26: Ryan carrying my team on his back
bhg26: Which is a tough job considering hes had to carry Green, whitfield and fyfe
Hazza09: Shower Dogga
GJayBee: lol Fordy
GJayBee: Ryan riding my team on his knees
CamT: Fyfe got 2 points for that clanger.
J.Worrall: In Round 7 2006, Jonathan Brown got the highest-ever SuperCoach score—262—against Hawthorn.
pcaman2003: Time I moved Jackson along. Been a fizzer since round 2
LachieMcL: Supercoach wasn't a thing back then so who cares
CamT: Ablett Jnr got 256 one day but I captained Heath Shaw who got 19.
Hughsy: I think youll find that the actual highiest score was tommy bellchambers in 2008 with 312 points!
Hughsy: Just dont fact check me
bhg26: Just realised one of my opponents had Parish and Oliver, are they psychic?
Fordy13: they have the sports almanac bhg haha
jezzas-cow: so, who had C on ryan??
amigaman: Explain CD scoring please. Noble no input final 1/4 -17 points.
Fordy13: I'm sad I traded Young out after his crap start to the year.
StuL: Wish i had drafted Young instead of NWM
bhg26: Im fully convinced of that fordy because thats the only explanation
Hughsy: jezzas cow i had it on him for the entire round but switched it to gawn last second
GinniFan: Same Fordy
Capn_Flash: The gods have smiled upon my Captian LUKE RYAN today!!!
BigChief: You would be wrong again LachieMcL. SC started in 2006
jezzas-cow: yeah same fordy
bhg26: Fyfe never going to score well but how is he only on 17?
jezzas-cow: you would be kicking yourself for the next 5 weeks hughsy
amigaman: Please explain. Noble -17. Darcy +7. Both no muppets or frees last 1/4. Total BS
CamT: SC had 300,000 participants in those days. 20 total trades and no reversals.
TigerTime1: bhg26 probs scaling. Stats accumulated when the game was over.
jezzas-cow: Ryan is a must have now, especially with yeo injured
Fordy13: round Ryan up to 200 pls CD
LachieMcL: no shower jezzas he just score 200 mate
bhg26: Makes sense tiger but still robbed
jlitza: yup same here w young hurts
bhg26: Projection went from 2585 after friday and now is 2185, i love supercoach
GinniFan: always was a must have but hard to afford if you didnt start him
Fordy13: yeah that's my only consolation of trading Young is that I brought in Ryan
bhg26: Same here fordy
GinniFan: I got Sheez for Young so not bad but would love them both now
Wriggs365: at least fyfe played some minutes
Wriggs365: well done sharpy
Wriggs365: far out young are u serious
Manowar: well done Fyfe,

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