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Stu7: Go Yeo and Merret
clay007: You on your own in here stu?
Stu7: Looks like it Clay, Gawn is doing my head in for the C on him
clay007: Me too stu. Had him vc, but could not loop him, so went for c. Had c on serong
flibbity: who said that?
Stu7: Now Imjust need yeo and Merret to have a shocker
FoopyTime: please dont be inacurate
Stu7: Both on the beach
pluggerpig: bought Yeo this week, sorry guys. Also, cock.
bombrblitz: Let's go Parish
Stu7: Bench but might as well be on the beach
clay007: Good luck stu. Both my opponents have gawn as captain, so I'm chilled
Beast_Mode: you bought yeo for 160k more than i did
pluggerpig: i still have 600k in the bank tho - done well elsewhere
Stu7: Cheers clay
pluggerpig: barrass with the wedgie.. how barrassing
Hughsy: Beast as nice as always
Yelse: resting reid was a mistake he looks off now
Stu7: On with it Yeo
pluggerpig: resting Reid was a mistake because it snuffed out all WCE excitement immediately. Dumb decision.
Hughsy: May not been a rest... meaning he had quite the party that night and still had stuff in his system
Beast_Mode: Hughsy you would know all about that at windy hill mate!
StuL: I was hoping Reid could be a keeper.
Manowar: H Reid in dud mode again!
StuL: martin is unstoppable
Hughsy: No beast as i was not a AFL player at essendon in 2013!
Stu7: Nice start Yeo
soup: Stay low zerrett I'm begging, need some salvation from this nightmare round
happytimes: Go eagles
Hughsy: Go pies
Getup: Nice hughsy
nbartos: Zerrett half Gawns score
Stu7: Gawn and Zerret on the same stuff
Hughsy: I had a chat to Gawn at half time, he said hed put together a 100 point half!
Stu7: Can you have a chat to Merret please Hughsy
Hughsy: no can do stu... i had a falling out with him last week
Catatafish: And this is the week you decide to be a shower cow is it Zerrett?
EvilMonk: Reid looks cooked
Stu7: Damn Hughsy
J_Herer: Reid heading back to VIC already?
Stu7: Hughsy Merret is on the move
clay007: Is fanfooty locked?
CamT: Merret owners have been salivating over this game for a month. :O
Stu7: Merret and Yeo letís do this 100+
pcaman2003: Looks like Reid needs another week. Ouch!
Stu7: Off the bench Yeo
bombrblitz: All you blokes on BigFooty too?
Stu7: Wake up Yeo
Stu7: Thatís right on the bench ffs
Stu7: No bom
Stu7: Merret you good thang
BigChief: Cmon Weagles. Cats ruined my tipping this week. LOL
CamT: Martin fittest player in the comp. Should have a big last quarter.
Stu7: Yeo,you are a spud this week
BigChief: Did Harley stay in Tongala?
Dead_Ned: Merrett big qtr
sheezel420: Yeo can still score 120, how is this a bad week?
Stu7: Sheezel Iím talking about DT points
Birdman18: Dream team is showerb
Stu7: Your opinion bird keep it to yourself
sheezel420: Oh fair enough Stu then haha
Stu7: Hope so Dead_Ned
BigChief: Here is your chance Weagles.
EvilMonk: Miss from there, yikes.
miersmessi: Would be great fun to see the eagles snatch a win
EvilMonk: after last week, I'd love the eagles to win. Bugger the tips ^_^
Raspel31: Evil by name-evil by nature.
Troglodyte: Imagine when this Yeo kid builds up a bigger tank - future star...
Hughsy: Give em another free
miersmessi: Does yeo legit not have a tank, love him but heís always on the bench
Stu7: Frustrating seeing Yeo on the pine
EvilMonk: Love Langford, such a good kick. Any chance bombers want to give him to us :D?
blashtroko: yeo might be done
CamT: Yeo will probably get rested next week.
Kidult: 3 years of minimal footy would have lowered his base
pluggerpig: 59 gate time for Yeo... whats up with that
Hughsy: Unfortunately he has a full set of teeth - probably wont happen
BigChief: No high free against 2mP there Hughsy? Ess kissed on the D
Stu7: I reckon youíre spot on CamT
Kidult: just checked and it's actually 5 years
Birdman18: Parish go for 200 son
Stu7: Nice work Merret
Getup: Got Martin for Williams this week keep going
J_Herer: Yeo hammy?
Birdman18: Yeo will be rested next week
Stu7: Nice move Getup
Dondeal: Any chance of the commentary team doing their job? Yeo must be injured?
pluggerpig: hahaha waterman is great
Hughsy: How is that not a mark.
navy_blues: yeo groin
BigChief: You flowering Moron Cripps.
CamT: Yeo has a groin injury. Done for the night.
Troglodyte: Yeo is a no-go
Stu7: Thanks Navy
McSquire: Groin for Yeo
Beast_Mode: you made me 160k cash Yeo, you did your job well done. on to the next
miersmessi: ffs Iím going to have 3 injured premos
Hughsy: how much cash did he make you beast?
Birdman18: It was always gonna happen with Yeo
miersmessi: Who you swapping yeo for beastmode? Stewart?
Beast_Mode: i have stewart
Beast_Mode: probs houston
Getup: Houston it is then bc??
Beast_Mode: didnt like what i seen from sheezel today so might hold off him
RooBoyStu: Parish back to his best last 2 weeks, good POD
Birdman18: How's the commentary and the umpiring. Completely West Coast biased
navy_blues: reid hammy ithink
EvilMonk: I'd consider Sinclair with his run at Marvel for the rest of the season and he's back in form.
CamT: Reid injured ?
Beast_Mode: ping his string
macff: Now that Reids hurt what is the West Australian going to put on the cover for the whole week?
McSquire: Testing Reid hamstring now
pluggerpig: his injury status macff
frenzy: an injured Reid
pluggerpig: Cripps has cost his team the win
CamT: Probably daily updates on the hammy, macff. They've just done tomorrow's Front Page. They would be spewing.
macff: Haha CamT after the GOAT one they need to cool off lmao
navy_blues: cmon wc
Getup: How long left??
soup: 63 seconds getup
miersmessi: Hahahah would absolutely love a eagles win this is great how theyíre competing every game
McSquire: Reid back on
NickR9: lift jack williams need 110+
Getup: Cheers soup
Raspel31: phew.
GinniFan: Onya Zerret good hustle after a quiet start
Hughsy: what are these fans booing for lmao
Hepatitis: well done weagles and drug boys - good game of footy
Beast_Mode: lol drug boys
nbartos: 3 goals Z should by 150
Hughsy: See you in the dreamtime hepa - cant wait to kick ya ass
FoopyTime: pretty sure with that win mckay has now won more matches at the dons
FoopyTime: than he had in his entire career
EvilMonk: another good game of footy. solid games this year, loving footy right now.
Beast_Mode: hughesy they won 3 flags , you aint done shower. give dank a call for a boost mid week nackers lmao essendon crackheads
tor01doc: I have Green and Yeo. Fare thee well Sc 24
BigChief: That reversal against Cripps may have cost Weagles the game. Lost all the momentum they had.
Hughsy: Beast you are the most immature person i have ever met, pipe down you flog
FoopyTime: banter is banter let it fly
McSquire: Iím with you tor - SC depression for me 😂
fruity: l have just gone from projected score from 2400 to 1900...sob!!!

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