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BigChief: I can see Dempsey getting 90+ because I traded him out.
J.Worrall: arn Big Maxy!
frenzy: here's hoping chief
Birdman18: Thank God Clark isn't the sub
Yelse: can melbourne win need to pick an outsider somewhere next few games
J.Worrall: Let's start the game on a positive, BC. I broke Tom Green:-(
Fordy13: agreed Chief, that'd just top my week off
StuL: Go Big Max but also go us.
Birdman18: Nah need Geelong to win so we go top 4
Silz90: Gawn 200 tonight
Silz90: Trac stay low pls
Wends: Fielding Dempsey over Windsor and Campbell... hail Marys
GinniFan: If Clark gets 70+ I give up. Finally traded him out
Stu7: Go Gawny
OffaStep: My Howe and Zerrett Vs Opp's Windsor and Martin. Fingers crossed.
navy_blues: lets see what tomahawk does tonight hasnt done much so far this year
lana2146: Cats win
lana2146: Hopefully Gawn still goes big
navy_blues: going for dees
original: Ginnifan had to hold, no value from the trade surely
wadaramus: Kyle Feldt you legend!
OffaStep: Respect the crossed fingers, Windsor!
frenzy: any tracca owners
StuL: My hopes arent high but go Dempsey. You should have been Sweet probably
Geeaad: Cmon Gawn, you should be on 50 already
StuL: yes frenzy
Wends: Wakey wakey Ollie
frenzy: what gives with him Stul
BigChief: Maric late out and Sheed in. Subs are Johnston and Hobbs next game
Doc_: C'mon Max
Wends: yay :)
StuL: that helps. go olie
J_Herer: That a boy dempsey!
Stu7: Donít you dare burn me Gawn
Birdman18: Gawn struggling
pcaman2003: Apologies, but I hav e the VC on Gawn, so start crying.
youthuck: brought in gawn this week, sorry all
StuL: Gawn having a rest.
Wends: And you couldn't have shared that *before* the opening siren pca?
Birdman18: Good to see Clark getting some CBAs and not getting left to rot on the wing
Silz90: Did people keep dempsey
pcaman2003: Wends. Nope! Busy having dinner. Soz!
StuL: yes Silz80.
Stu7: Yes Silza
Fordy13: I did not silz, he did the same thing last week though, massive first quarter then went missing.
Yelse: great captain choice by me Gawn
Zutroyz: Dempsey to H. McKay for me
Stu7: Is Gawn okay?
Birdman18: Dempsey had cash to make if he improved his scoring, but I had moves to make
Getup: Gawn c flower me get off the pine
cherry9: Wouldnít mind a quiet game from Max. A week off FOMO would be pleasant
Silz90: Gawn having a nap?
Wends: Thanks for mutton pca... Gawn OMG... pretty pls come back on
exatekk: will still get 130+
pcaman2003: Stu7. Probably not. He's my VC, that's why!
StuL: Gawn on the bench still.
clay007: In SC, do you get pts for a spoil?
Stu7: Ouch pca
pcaman2003: clay. Yes!
Beast_Mode: jye finally not a sub
clay007: Thx pca
StuL: Dempsey keeps going hopefully today
Raspel31: Traded Dempsey this week- have Rozee and Green and capped Gawn- all good so far.
Getup: Nah serious this is con
original: Go clark go
wadaramus: What the flower is up with Max?
Getup: Bullshower move gawn
Birdman18: Gawn 1 disposal 1 clanger
Wends: A Kossie special
Stu7: Thatís nasty Raspa
Getup: We having the same week rasp
pcaman2003: Stu7. I swear my Voodoo doll has turned on me this year. Vengeful wretch of a doll.
Silz90: Stewart going to drop some cash
EvilMonk: Gawn must have sold himself ^_^
Stu7: So wish I C Merret now
Stu7: Chucky doll pca
Wends: Ahh the voodoo doll - forgot about that!
Raspel31: Getup- stay strong.
StuL: Nice Dempsey. Dont stop at qt
lana2146: Hope Clarke doesnít get subbed tonight
Stu7: The way Gawn is going Laurie will pass him in no time
Birdman18: Dempsey did this last week remember
Wends: Stewart alive
pcaman2003: Wends. Retaliating because I overused it last few years. :)
frenzy: how was Atkins sub last week
All Reds: Get it clark
Birdman18: Oliver is trying to make it hard to choose between him and Trac this week
pcaman2003: Anyone putting the C on Rowell may want to rethink that idea.
Wends: Heheh pca... like mogwai's - you have to follow the instructions.
StuL: come on trac
Fordy13: my opponent has Rowell as C but I have Rowell
pcaman2003: Wends. Igave plenty of warning this time.
Raspel31: Is Rowell out?
lana2146: Rowell a great captain choice
pcaman2003: Not yert Rasp, but I do have the C on him, so as good as out. Lol!
lana2146: More reason to captain him now reverse psychology
Raspel31: Ask me for ant advice pcaman having Rozee and Green and having benched Wilson and capped Max.
Getup: Gawn 50 at half-time can feel it
StuL: Lets hope Oliver is back and makes a good upgrade option
Hughsy: Iím going to strangle C Gawn
pcaman2003: Raspel. Have 3 out of those 4, then Gulden being the clanger king with 10.
Silz90: Supercoach is worse than gambling
imessenger: with you Getup
tor01doc: Anyone else do Green into Gawn??
bhg26: I can attest to that silz my mental health has rapidly declined looking at my team today
navy_blues: viney shoulder
pcaman2003: Rasp. Just realised you have C on Gawn, I have him as VC
navy_blues: maybe not
Stu7: Letís hope Getup
Silz90: Yeh bad I'm in same boat plus I have c on gawn
CamT: Oliver looks cooked
Zutroyz: Melbourne out hustling us at the moment
pcaman2003: Thank goodness it's just a game or I'd need counselling
Yelse: don't rucks usually score well against cats
nbartos: olivers cheap tho
tor01doc: Oliver coked?
GinniFan: Mirrored Oppo C on Gawn instead of Zerret..
Stu7: Might be coked and cooked tor
navy_blues: haha stengle
StuL: We dont have a real ruckman so you would think Gawn will dominate
Raspel31: Gawns a better ruck Ginnif.
nbartos: blue moon for atkins
StuL: come on dempsey. dont stop again
Fordy13: sorry stu I want him to stop
Zutroyz: Half a dozen on the fulls, not at the races tonight
StuL: If Gawn flops who would you captain? Bont?
Beast_Mode: blues fans will be saying why didnt the cats kick at goal like this last week lol
clay007: He is flopping stu. Just walking around, without any intensity
Raspel31: Well, I think it's a fair call that Gawn has flopped.
cherry9: Van R. Italian soccer player.
Beast_Mode: van rooey! give him an oscar lmao
StuL: my oppo has him capt so not bad of he flops i suppose
EvilMonk: Atkins 69 before HT, nice!
SonOfAGun.: any chance someone can kick a goal
clay007: There must be some chanve sonofa
cherry9: Great to see Clayton doing well. Was my first pick b4 this year. Want him back
miersmessi: Do the commentators want to be any more biased to Melbourne, rubbish statements
pcaman2003: Gawn woefully unproductive.
Zutroyz: Well that was shizen
Silz90: Stewart welcome to my team next week
StuL: Come on cats.
miersmessi: Where was jezza this quarter didnít see him at all
Urbs: Butchers invitational tonight!
Stu7: This is a joke right - this Gawn thing
Raspel31: Keep it up Gawny-yay.
miersmessi: You canít expect the rucks to have a good game when there was like 5 stoppages all quarter
Manowar: Stewrat good
cherry9: Is Stewart the most important player in the AFL?
cherry9: Why is Stewart at only 20% ownership?
soup: Captain Gawn and wasted petrol going up to watch this atrocity, not happy
Fordy13: cause he's had an underwhelming start to the year and got K0ed two weeks ago
Fordy13: itll be 50% next week cherry
cherry9: Surprised more didnít start him tho. Not like people traded him out, surely
soup: People would have prioritized sheezel daicos and young I suppose cherry
dearviolet: Pretty abysmal game.
frenzy: Atkins is unders, should be way higher
dearviolet: Petracca has been pretty abysmal in SC terms this year. Keeping purely bc of potential
cherry9: Sheez Daic Stewart for me. Couldnt stomach Young after last yr
StuL: Im only listening but sounds like a shower game.
J_Herer: Lots of issues this weekend, some big fantasy ladder changes coming up!
StuL: yea tracca is sucking.
LuvIt74: omg gawn what a dud score
cherry9: Gawn is normally on 31 after 5 mins
StuL: come on dempsey. not done much after the 1st qtr again
pluggerpig: Gawn will still ton up
Stu7: I hope so plugger
StuL: Gawn will get 80 this half.
SonOfAGun.: finally
dearviolet: Hooley dooley finally a goal
Zutroyz: This game is Ross Lyon's wet dream
Getup: Same stul fingers crossed 🤞 keep going maxi
Stu7: Ffs Gawn get off the bench
nbartos: Stewart injured?
runners47: If Chandler gets a joke bullseye in a rubbish game like this, Stengle deserves one too.
Raspel31: Well, I have a mathematical chance of winning if Colombian terrorists kidnap Serong's parents.
dearviolet: Let's go Mayzy
Pavs: I know someone Rasp
Hughsy: Raspel transfer me $10 and ill get it done
Raspel31: Message me Pavs.
Pavs: Consider it done :)
Zutroyz: Max Gawn playing like Min Gawn tonight
SonOfAGun.: Do something cameron
Raspel31: $5 to keep you on yje payroll Hughsey.
Ash777: 4 more points and dees can equal port
Birdman18: Trac is shower
miersmessi: jezza 100% on ground but barely anywhere on the points
frenzy: Pootracca
J_Herer: Tom Stewart love heart!
clay007: Cats in
Birdman18: Needed from Clark
EvilMonk: wow, knee to the head, play on. If there was ever high contact, wtf?
pcaman2003: Go young Clark. Keep it going.
CamT: How can that not be a free to Gawn ?
nbartos: lucky goals these cats
original: Jez Cameron doing wonders for my draft team
Silz90: Bs that's a freekick against gawn
Ash777: messi killing the dees
Norf17: Trac been terrible this year for SC... trade out?
Zutroyz: Has anyone got Waterman
northball: down arrow for gawn when hes averaging 130???
dearviolet: Might lose first round all year. Half my team has gone missing
CamT: Trac has been getting fed by Oliver for years. That's dried up this season.
nbartos: only C lock every week is Heeney
dearviolet: Considering the trade on trac, unfortunately every week have had bigger fish to fry
BigChief: How is Turner looking dearviolet? Not watching.
Norf17: Same violet, Green, Steele, Trac, Gulden, Bont, all let me down more than once so far
beerent11: Whingefest 2024
dearviolet: Turners not really worth looking at, seen him do two things this game. Was considering him but for 200k, idk
circle52: Living for the day all prems perform at once each week 3/4 underperform
frenzy: better for the run, chief
tor01doc: 100 for that goal
Getup: Maxi
clay007: Um...what is fanfooty doing. Game has restarted
TheOnyas: Onya Gawny
pluggerpig: stats frozen?
NickR9: Reckon Switkowski could be a top 8 defender
Urbs: Some technical issues there, we're back
Stu7: Ffs bean pole get of the bench
BigChief: What are you smoking NickR9?
GinniFan: Nightmare night for me so far. Gawn C, Trac, Zerret, Reid and nobody is firing
tor01doc: So Gawn goes to the bench
NickR9: Just one to think about BigChief
BigChief: He is a forward. No thinking needed.
NickR9: That's why you have a hard think, gotta go beyond this universe
Stu7: Not helpful Ginni
BigChief: Yep you are smoking some good stuff mate. You better share that stuff.
sheezel420: the maxi machine is turning on too late
NickR9: Nothing but vibes, Go Steelers
Dead_Ned: better late than never
Silz90: Max let me kiss your bald head
Beast_Mode: its sad that tomashawk is nothing more than a list clogger
miersmessi: Heís not though beastmode
clay007: The end is in sight are right sad.
BigChief: Let's go max x 2.
miersmessi: His leading patterns and big body allow everyone around him to be free and kick bags, not a one man sport
dearviolet: Games like this make me want to take May and Lever
Stu7: Gawn this is a shower show
Oh8ball: So when has Hawkins used up all the rope?
beerent11: Not watching, how has clarry looked? Score looks promising.
miersmessi: Gawn 100+ is a shower show? you guys want 135+ every week from every ppayer
Kidult: I think it's great for Gawn, + 35 in just over half the quarter
beerent11: Itís the Fanfooty way miers
miersmessi: As a cats fan I wouldnít mind us losing because we were peaking too early, I am not ready for another straight sets exit
nbartos: how much would no goals to Jeza and Hawk pay?
GinniFan: Go Gawny finish strong
Stu7: Mier donít jump the gun Iím talking about DT points
beerent11: flower it Iím bringing clarry in.
Silz90: Where is ninty tonight. I really need a Cameron goal :(
macff: Clarry is back, light the beacons
EvilMonk: Clarry is so tempting. How many of us are thinking the same xD?
miersmessi: yeah but tbf I have English do 80+ from my ruck has been what Iíve come to expect
Stu7: Yes heís playing well beer
Fordy13: he's much more tempting that trac
pluggerpig: glad i held Caleb
clay007: Well done Maxy. Great ton after an ordinary start.
nbartos: hows Gawn 100+ seriously
Fordy13: Stewart and Clarry looking good.
sheezel420: big maxy 100 point quarter please
Birdman18: De
Birdman18: Dempsey is a 1 quarter wonder
Raspel31: Glad I benbched Windsor and Wilsom tonight over Roxee and Green- but go Clarrie!
Stu7: Yes great recovery Clay
miersmessi: Iíve tipped Melbourne but canít watch my boys lose this is so sad
pluggerpig: omg jezza
dearviolet: When did Windsor get 120, wtf
BigChief: Cats looked better with Neale playing over Hawkins. Sad to say Toms days numbered.
frenzy: Dempsey is ripe
Hepatitis: Go cats - hate the pretentious dees
EvilMonk: Gawn was robbed lol.
Fordy13: he's been pretty good tonight @violet, had heaps of points early.
dearviolet: Traded him weeks ago, but still good to see
miersmessi: I think Tom will retire this year
nbartos: Gawn 50% acc
beerent11: Iíve been waiting, for a clarry like you, to walk in to my team.
Fordy13: me too violet, a lot of early trades now firing.. McKercher, Windsor, Wilson
Stu7: Go cats
clay007: Good score finally from clark
BigChief: You would think so Gryan.
Jaypa: Anybody else think twice on the B.Dale trade and roll the dice on Clarry?
navy_blues: what a goal
Stu7: D1ck head Gawn
BigChief: Wow Fritsch. amazing goal.
EvilMonk: wowee, what a goal!
FoopyTime: goal of the year winner right there
SonOfAGun.: Wowee
navy_blues: need 1 more poss max
miersmessi: So sad if Tom does retire, I still remember him kicking it after the siren vs the hawks like yesterday
fruity: thats freakish
EvilMonk: @Jaypa maybe Clarry, but I don't want to get Bevo'd (again)
Stu7: I thought about Dale Jaypa
Yelse: wasn't gawn 110 5 mins ago
Kidult: gave away a free kick
Silz90: Gave away a free harsh scaling??
miersmessi: Jezza puts his body on the line like no other
Fordy13: hope Sexton plays now, I don't really want Howes score on field. I may even risk putting Draper on if Howes sub 50
navy_blues: oh my lmao
BigChief: Jezza had a shocker since I started watching tonight.
pluggerpig: someone check jezzas sportsbet account
Fordy13: someone get a doctor our to Jezza he's having a strroke
EvilMonk: Wowee Jez, he's got the yips
original: Lol Cameron wtf
Silz90: I wish jez played like this last week
pluggerpig: swans on top of ladder.. im happy
Jaypa: I went Oliver instead of Dale and I'm a human tripod right now
frenzy: flower off tracca ton
navy_blues: no ninty tonight i see lol wd dees
miersmessi: 50k on a freezing night is a very good effort
bhg26: Me too plugger
Norf17: 2 mare shots and out on the full, onya Jezza
Oh8ball: Jezza hah
Silz90: Haha navy
nbartos: best player in the league Jeza?? LOL
Silz90: #godees
Getup: Gawn scale to 120 plus please 🙏
miersmessi: We need larkey to replace tommahawk
CamT: Gawn's mark was crucial. Should get scaled.
frenzy: 3 first rounders, he's yours
bhg26: Should scale up to 150 camt but thats just me
BigChief: Hmmm Bont or Rowell now as C?
original: Wish Geelong kicked like this last week
BigChief: Good call navy. Ninty invisible as Cats lose.

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