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lana2146: Go VC sheeeeza
flibbity: anyone know what greens injury was?
macff: ankle flibbity, folded under him, no idea how long
Gotigres: ankle flibbity
J_Herer: Pink is back, go Norf!
dearviolet: Let's go Toby Pink, 100 easy
Gotigres: Pink is the sub
lana2146: Interested to see how Steele plays a few people traded him out not me
frenzy: 10 plus
Fordy13: I got rid of him lana, that knee is too scary
StuL: i look forward to NWM stinking it up again.
dearviolet: Be is 9 so that works, enough to sideways to Disco Turner
StuL: This is one of the few games North could be a chance to win.
flibbity: thanks will be a trade then
Wends: Ooh the pitchforks will be out for Ross StuL if that happens
BigChief: Steele knee taped so will kick even less.
don key: great game tonight as well stul gl
LuvIt74: If Marshall goes huge there will be a ton of peeved off SCers trading Grundy & Marshal for sweet.
original: We should be able to sue McKercher and north for the change in poseur and then early sub out leading to trading
miersmessi: mckercher comeback is real
dearviolet: Might be loopholing Wilson again
miersmessi: Wilson is my 8th mid so need a big game from him
StuL: Nwm you suck. worst upgrade ever.
dearviolet: Would rather him be my 8th over Matty Roberts this week
navy_blues: muppet webster
BigChief: Muppet for Webster. LOL
original: Ggf powell
Hazza09: is combed playing lockdown?
Wends: lovely Powell
TigerTime1: Tom Powell not looking like a great role. Glad he could snag a few points there.
StuL: ffs nwm. 45% tog.
Beast_Mode: lol why in the world would u have powell still lmao
BigChief: Tigertime you don't like Powell in the mid?
TigerTime1: cos phillips got dropped and had other fish to fry this week
lana2146: Wow saints are terrible kangas to win
Silz90: Was going to say the same thing Tiger. Hope he tons today
JockMcPie: why not beast mode? hes a great player and norf dropped midfielders, he should get 90+ which is fine at his price
TigerTime1: BigChief is he playing in the guts? only 2 touches
BigChief: He is getting mid time this week Tiger.
lana2146: Half forward
Stu7: Off the oi e
StuL: nwm been good since he came on. but can he keep it up?
soup: Steele get on the flowering ground
navy_blues: so your abuse of him was a tad early your saying Stul lmao
StuL: well it wasnt looking good. 45% tog
naicosfan: steele is incredibly frustrating
TigerTime1: cheezel ur killin me. 11 touches for 20 points. My VC :((
navy_blues: if thats your worst trade ever lol u r sc king
SonOfAGun.: Your goal ump you clown
wadaramus: I don't want this to be all about me, but.
wadaramus: It's about time you lifted LDU, I have kept the faith all season so far.
wadaramus: Do something you hack!
Wends: Keep going Jack Steele/Gordie Howe/Woodrow
J_Herer: If North are serious about winning this game, they need to get Pink on asap
StuL: Sheezel unusually low
Birdman18: How's Steele looking? Not watching the game ATM
Wends: #IStandWithPink
BigChief: Pink? Hahaha Herer.
StuL: i hope nwm can keep it up but he usually fades
soup: Wada he's been frustrating hasn't he, had serong instead of him most preseason too
naicosfan: thanks for junking it up steele
Wends: Let it out wada... put him in the burn book lol
wadaramus: I just can't bring myself to sideways trade him!
Fordy13: He's playing mid + forward Stu, hopefully he can get more footy in this quarter (sheez)
GJayBee: Anyone else feel like they could let Greene sit on the bench through his whole injury?
Wends: Loving the sneaky post-quarter Powell +4
StuL: oh well. a game for north to potentially win but wont
Cascadian: Thereís got to be changes to ruckman scoring it is ridiculous
J_Herer: StuL no Pink no win
Zutroyz: get of the bench , you're a hack ...
Zutroyz: I did have 'insert name' in my comment, didn't come up for some reason
Stu7: Off the pine Powell ffs
StuL: pink the matchwinner
Zutroyz: NWM is a 2.5 qtr player StuL, usually gets 90+ in those though.
StuL: you dont need a rest nwm
miersmessi: Got sheep as vc not looking good
LuvIt74: Those who traded Marshall or Grundy for Sweet - I feel for you all but it wasn't a great trade
miersmessi: And comben on field also not fun
J_Herer: Shiels off Pink on please
imessenger: what role is Sheezel playing? more HF?
soup: Trading marshall for sweet was and probably is still a good trade, not Grundy though
TheOnyas: onya woody
Silz90: Hindsight is a wonderful thing luvit
Hazza09: comben is terrible
miersmessi: North should just offer big money 1 year contracts to old(er) stars to get some leadership and class to develop
macff: Comben is literally holding his arm in place some of you are clueless lmao
Beast_Mode: trading grundy with a 76 breakeven is a comical decision
StuL: nwm time to get on
miersmessi: Calm down stuL youíre on his back like crazy
Birdman18: I traded Marshall for Sweet, but then traded Dempsey for English once Sweet didn't score well
OffaStep: Literally in a figurative sense...
Stu7: Come on Powell you spud
J_Herer: I wonder how many held Duursma this week, hit the brick wall
macff: Seeing how he is carrying it I am not sure how figurative it is
StuL: ok. fellow cat.
OffaStep: Carrying it or holding it in place?
SonOfAGun.: Stephenson is a spud
Stu7: Can someone tell me what is the go with Powell?
nbartos: is jack hayes a son of a gun?
Birdman18: Stu Powell isn't going too bad. Sheezel is the one I'm worried about
Silz90: He is a big cock stul
wadaramus: LDU is a disinterested pedestrian.
lana2146: Playing HF
Wends: lol Offa
OffaStep: Oh oh. The first cock has been fired.
Silz90: Sheez playing mid will probably impact his scoring
wadaramus: He is also a flaccid plow.
OffaStep: HA! Quality insult, Wada.
J_Herer: The bottom 9 in north are spuds
Wends: Good going wilson (sniff)... I'm not crying, you're crying
BigChief: How good is Stephenson? What a star.
beerent11: Mckercher might turn out to be a nice little earner
StuL: Go Wilson. turning into a good cash cow
Silz90: Larkey time for a goal
soup: Wilson on field my only shining light in this dumpster fire of a game
Beast_Mode: bc how many afl games did you play?
Wends: He's such a little trooper
beerent11: Mckercher, Wilson, xerri and sheezel for me soup. Surprisingly sheez letting the side down.
OffaStep: The fire itself, Soup?
Silz90: Bc played 100 games for fitzroy
Birdman18: Watching Kerch almost makes me wish I got him back in
lana2146: Yep I might bring Kerch back in next week
LuvIt74: It's confirmed North are so crap they should merge as under 19's play better...
wadaramus: The statistical disparity is a complete embarassment for Norf. Lift you hacks!
J_Herer: North need to bring Pink on to turn this around
lana2146: Besides that gifted goal Powell has done sweet FA
Birdman18: Pink is shower
lana2146: He be on 16 or something lol
beerent11: Yeah we are struggling at the moment for sure, but every club in the afl goes through it at some stage.
m0nty: that is a lot of fireballs
J_Herer: It's Pink time, let him shine!
Birdman18: I hate how the fireballs go off dream team and not supercoach
lana2146: U still going on about pink lol
J_Herer: rotting on my bench for weeks, release the pink!
Wends: Lol m0nty. Is there a record no?
beerent11: You beauty! Go xerri and McKercher. Cash cow it up boys!
Hazza09: Powell has been a terrible hold & Comben is finished
StuL: nwm has been huge i have to admit. he was due.
GJayBee: Comben treating me like weíre going out
Wends: Pink starting to warm up apparently J_Herer... your dreams are coming true
wadaramus: Larkey you greedy pig, give it over and Norf goals.
Beast_Mode: Larkey been showerhouse this season
beerent11: Gee wardlaw is a gun. Just gotta hang on to him.
SonOfAGun.: Willlsoonnn
Birdman18: Wilson what a king
StuL: nwm benched already.
TigerTime1: Powell you are gone next week
EvilMonk: gotta love having Wilson on the bench. :/
beerent11: Yes Darcy
Wends: Wilson! Wiiilllsonnn!!
StuL: Go Wilson. ton up
beerent11: Cracks me up that folks are talking about trading McKercher her back in
Raspel31: Would rather have prefeferred Wilson's 81 and counting to Green's 6.
Number 8: Wilson with genuine dibs on F6
Number 8: Wow, HALF of the Saints' team with fireballs!
beerent11: Itís north 8
StuL: i guess Sheezels has to be allowed 1 bad game
wadaramus: Typical, NWM taking the third quarter off...
Wends: Have blocked him out of my mind eternal sunshine of the spotless mind-style Raspel... Who even is Green?
beerent11: Yep m0nty may well be taking the power
Number 8: True beer. Just don't see it that often!
soup: Enjoy your last game in my team Comben you hack
Birdman18: Everyone whinging about Powell but he's scoring more than Sheezel
StuL: enough of the bench nwm
Number 8: Those who hung tough with Steele will be pretty happy so far
imessenger: get into the game Sheez
Fordy13: not so sure number, he loses ~40k if he only gets to 100. Has looked pretty proppy when kicking.
J_Herer: Come on Steele you potato! (agressive to rev him up)
Birdman18: Wilson about to ton up
J_Herer: Come on Steele you potato! (aggressive to rev him up)
pcaman2003: By next round, everyone will have Wilson. ,so fewer POD's
Gotigres: Guess who has Wilson on the bench with no chance of looping.
J.Worrall: Come on Steele you potato! (aggressive to rev him up)
Wends: Ouch Gotigres
Gotigres: yes Wends
Georgeous: its all about my boy George
wadaramus: LDU effort is insipid.
J.Worrall: Guess who else has Wilson on the bench with no chance of looping.
J_Herer: Norf are going for the late win, here comes Pink to a huge crowd roar!
Birdman18: Pink to come on and score a minus score
miersmessi: Why sheets why
Yelse: just got home where is sheezel and power playing and what happened to green?
Gotigres: I'm glad I'm not alone Worrall
Silz90: Powell pull your finger out, you cock
Wends: The Pink!
J_Herer: Pink on, instant Norf goal!
EvilMonk: excellent passage of play Norf, enjoyable to watch.
Stu7: Come on go Ka-pow Powell!
Troglodyte: Get back amongst the fireballs Sheez
miersmessi: Pink is in everyone watch out
Raspel31: Green is on holiday with Rozee in Bali- groan.
J_Herer: get off the pine Dirty Sanchez!
miersmessi: Might need to trade mckercher back in
SonOfAGun.: Ross Wilson
Fordy13: @Yelse, Green got his ankle caught in a contest, scans tomorrow, looked nasty. Sheez and Powell in midfield.
Fordy13: Mckercher doing Sheezel's role down back.
Cascadian: Will definitely loop Wilson on now, but should I field Clohesy or Graham in defence?
Birdman18: Not getting another north player in for the rest of the year. The team is all over the shop
StuL: one posie that qtr for nwm. And way too long on the bench
miersmessi: Do I go closehy graham or howes in def
Getup: Loving Wilson's efforts last 2 games keep going 💪
miersmessi: StuL youíve been on his back all game but he on 85+ with a quarter to go
StuL: enough of the bench nwm
GinniFan: oppo and I both have Wilson on bench but I cant loop him
StuL: that was an old msg i just sent by accident
BigChief: Classic StuL abuses his players even when they are doing well.
Raspel31: I would loop Wikson but happy with Green's 5.
Wends: Laurie and Rohan subs in Melb v Geeelong
pcaman2003: Cascadian. That's my dilemma too.
miersmessi: Do I go 1 up and 1 down with comben and zwilliams or next week
LionBoy: Hi all. Iím thinking my clever LDU POD this week may not be a raging success.
Wends: Maybe should've swiped right on Sinckers instead of Green?
Number 8: Wilson is a machine
Getup: Comben gone next week Williams was this week
navy_blues: think commentators bit over top bout wilson he is playing great but it is norf
dibba23: imagine seeing that wilson score on your bench
BigChief: Wilson is getting better every game. Happy I kept him.
Getup: Who you looping with ginni??
J_Herer: Wilson on field clap clap clap
navy_blues: see if he could do this against better clubs
EvilMonk: imagine me not even having the emergency tag on Wilson so I could possibly loop. Absolute muppet, wowee.
Beast_Mode: wilson dead! rip
Raspel31: Not just imagining dibba.
miersmessi: So happy I fielded Wilson especially after greens monster score of 5
Wends: Is Duursma unstacking chairs in the meeting room and laying out bowls of cheezels?
Fordy13: he's been busy running under the footy all night Wends.
dearviolet: Might be time to just field Wilson, back to back monsters
bhg26: Wilson on my bench and I canít do anything about it, Iím upset
J_Herer: here comes Pink!
EvilMonk: love the way Norf are running this game out.
Wends: Lol
Stu7: Nice work Fisher
Wends: *Fordy
Stu7: Where is Fisher playing ?
pcaman2003: So disappointed trading Fisher in for Wilson this week.:) :)
Hazza09: worth trading out rogers to Mcauliffe to get Wilson points?
Birdman18: Watching Wilson in this last quarter, he is absolutely burning his opponent
Stu7: Wilson points I reckon Hazza
circle52: same BHG in RDT and can not get him on field with no loop
Silz90: Wardlaw goes alright if his body holds up
beerent11: Got Wilson and mckercher on field.
Raspel31: Set McKercher free ffs- he's innocent.
beerent11: Game on!
flibbity: sheez vc no good, gawn or zerrett?
Stu7: Gawn flib but either one you canít go wrong
miersmessi: Gawn
miersmessi: Geelong canít control good rucks
flibbity: yeah its on gawn atm
Silz90: Merrett, serong or gawn for c?
Stu7: Gawn Silza
miersmessi: Wilsonís tank is huge always running at speed
Silz90: Thanks
beerent11: You choose. Your team.
flibbity: yeah good call beer
Silz90: Fair beer
Stu7: Itís good to get others opinions when your 50/50 I find
Birdman18: How does Shiels get a game? Wilson has destroyed him
Raspel31: Should I keep Rozee and Green on or loop Wilson and McKercher- asking for a friend.
beerent11: Keep going Terri
miersmessi: Trade everyone out raspel only logical decision
LuvIt74: Powell a super spud with extra eyes
pcaman2003: As soon as I ditch Fisher, he fires. Plonker!
navy_blues: king is a spud
Stu7: My friend told me Raspa to tell you to tell your friend to do the latter
Stu7: Powell goes next week
GinniFan: wtf McKercher, more points in this game than the whole time I had you
Silz90: $ for pink
Wends: Do Steele & Marshall deserve hearts? This cld've been a lot worse for owners...
Stu7: Come on Bonner squeeze out another 15
beerent11: Look at Corey go!
Wends: lol pca
beerent11: lol at Colby go!
miersmessi: I wish larkey wouldíve come to Geelong to replace the hawk
navy_blues: 2nd 50m penalty for wardlaw lol
pcaman2003: Wends. I have to laugh too as this round is beyond ridiculous.
beerent11: Big celebration for a goal against the bottom side up by 40
beerent11: After being towelled up by xerri
cherry9: Trading Steele out was a knee-jerk reaction. His knee jerked and I wasnít having it. Lets how he goes against non-Norf
VonHotzen: Just checked the scores now, wtf Wilson
Birdman18: Happy with 110 from Steele
Wends: Indeed pca... it's a cracker. Hard luck trade in/out stories as far as the eye can see
LuvIt74: So many traded Marshall, Grundy & Steele ... Poor guys....
Stu7: Come someone tell me what position Fisher is playing please
pcaman2003: Good DE from Steele and only 1 clanger.
navy_blues: lol charity free
bhg26: My initial trade plan had Powell out and McKercher and Wilson on field, running a bath now and grabbing the toaster
Silz90: Steele is carrying something
OffaStep: On the right side of trades but own Rozee, Green, Wilson and Kerch. Not sure how to feel this week.
EvilMonk: Umps got Norf backed for under 6 goals I reckon lol
cherry9: Ya just canít help injuries OffaStep. We should chill about that and wish the players swift recovery
OffaStep: Agreed, Cherry. Just maybe not as speedy as Rozee's last 'recovery.'
Wends: Easy there bhg
Wends: put the toaster away...
Stu7: 10 more Powell and you will have saved yourself

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