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navy_blues: which carlton turns up tonight
frenzy: howdy
circle52: evening
OffaStep: Can we get a score review on that coin toss, please?
soup: happy friday gents, good luck all
upweydons: Angels
navy_blues: VC Walsh
flibbity: what happened at the coin toss?
Pavs: Evening all
Social: wazup
OffaStep: Blues fan, Blues won. Seemed sketchy.
flibbity: fair enough
soup: cottrell 15+, walsh low and naicos 130+ pretty please
Troglodyte: Legit conspiracy Offa. Look into it mate
Pavs: What's the odds of that Offa
exatekk: Any chance you can move that Mr Footbsll tab monty? It covers the scores when you scroll...
Social: oh contrare soup
Zutroyz: Went Dempsey to McKay. Just couldn't go Waterman, worried is a flash in the pan
soup: very harsh call
original: if thats holding the man im lookign forward to charlie and harry kicking 10 goals each
clay007: Pies getting robbed by the umps. We only have 5 frees to blues 1
Zutroyz: Big guys don't get those calls Original
soup: flower hes good
shancrows: Ffs williams
CamT: Lady in a wheelchair tossed the coin. Coin came down and bounced off her lap, flibbity.
bhg26: Get off the ground Naicos before you get hot
Capn_Flash: This week I went Jackson, Campbell and Dempsey to Sweet, Serong and Garcia and got 400k in the bank.
flibbity: cheers Cam
Capn_Flash: Who do you guys reckon will be a better cash cow, R Garcia or Rogers?
OffaStep: And big crypto refused to show their snicko data, Cam. Suss.
Ash777: rogers because bevo factor
Capn_Flash: Newman looking like he'll have a good night!
original: got the vc on newman
Beast_Mode: aww poor collingwood crying over free kicks lol
soup: hahaha dcam you crab
Pavs: Crippa loving having Walsh back
original: mihocek claiming he's pushing into the post? ok buddy
soup: 12 scoring shots before first score review. must be a record
BigChief: Clear daylight for a night game hey BT you flog.
circle52: Insufficient evidence when we can all see.
Capn_Flash: BT better watch out! He's starting to approach Underwood level in terms of commentary!
Stu7: Stay low curnow
Beast_Mode: BT livies rent free in your head mate lol, you talk about him constantly lol
Stu7: Off the pine Walshy
Stu7: Anyone VC Walsh? I wasnít game enough
Zutroyz: Would love for BT and JB to get 'showen' the door. Mediocre operators
beerent11: Where would fan footy be without umpires and commentators
navy_blues: i did Stu
soup: Navy did I believe Stu
fruity: l vc walsh 1 minute before the bounce..Hope it pays off.
beerent11: Itís called a volume button.
beerent11: I think navy did stu
Stu7: Hope it goes well for you navy, youíre a better man than I
original: vc max gawn
Stu7: Good luck fruity
clay007: Is this a pointless ad? This nex Telstra ad is doing my flowering head in
fruity: Thx Stu by the loos of things l think l will need it .
Stu7: VC Cheezels
pluggerpig: try watching NBA on kayo clay.. that same damn ESPN ad every 30 seconds for hours
Zutroyz: Z Williams with the close to 40 qtr. Shame about the frees. Go big D5
bhg26: I hate New Balance plugger
Stu7: Walsh is a gun fruity he can score quick if he gets game time
Zutroyz: You don't like ESPN photo day plugger?
LuvIt74: Where does McKay sit in order average of defenders he would have to be top 4 to 6
Capn_Flash: Same here Clay! If the ad has nothing to do with the actual product, it shouldn't be shown
clay007: I even hate the kid capn
shancrows: Dumb question trade in Heeney or Ryan next week? Didn't start Heeney as he's always burnt me
Ash777: that ad was for sure made just to fill space
Pavs: Both shancrows
soup: You almost can wait to get Heeney until after his bye if you've waited this long shan
BigChief: How does Fantasia get games? He does nothing.
Capn_Flash: Depends on Parker's role Shancrows. If he takes from Heeney's CBA's then i would wait a little bit
Capn_Flash: Ryan looks like a safe Top 3 Defender
shancrows: Thanks guys
StuL: Lets go Walsh.
Stu7: Good point Capn
bhg26: Got rid of Williams, great
Capn_Flash: Heeney's Breakeven at 161 so he'll probably drop over the next few weeks
StuL: zwill doing well since i traded him
shancrows: Omg its actually not funny how good Curnow is wow
Yelse: why why williams must you do this now after getting rid of u this week
LuvIt74: I have Sheezel, Daicos & Ryan in defence and Houston is a must and McKay looks good
Zutroyz: Get back to the forward line Harry. You could kick
Zutroyz: a dozen tonight
Stu7: Always the way StuL
BigChief: McCreery knee to the head.
Capn_Flash: a lot of people traded him though, so we'll all suffer together
Geeaad: Walsh on the pine again ffs
original: some great disposals in all these tackles ...
Capn_Flash: 2 missed HTBs in 10 seconds, the Carlton crowd sounds livid!
shancrows: If it makes you lot feel better I only kept williams because I'm playing catch up with the rest of yous haha
Cascadian: Go Zilliams
wadaramus: Evening All, somewhat exhausted from revelling n another Crwos triumph, hard work this!
original: where is the round the arm free
jezzas-cow: Im gonna say it now, McKay top 4
cmperrfect: Walsh 25 percent on the pine. Ffs.
Birdman18: Williams always had more in him. After that 33 I just couldn't wait for his price gen to kick back in
shancrows: Evening Wada go Crows!
circle52: McCreery subbed Sukkkivan on
soup: early sub for sullivan! huge
Ash777: go sully!
Stu7: Come on Walsh
Capn_Flash: ooh lets see how Sullivan does! Hope he does well
Ash777: another footscray boy gets a chance at the big time
StuL: Should have traded Sharp and not Zwill
cmperrfect: Make that 30. Cerra mid time killing Walsh.
Capn_Flash: Thing is Williams has a history of not finishing strong. Still definitly could make 100 though
Hughsy: Never thought Iíd say thisÖ but go pies!
Beast_Mode: walsh just couldnt get on the ground because of live play, he's be close to 80% at HT, no need to have a tantrum
shancrows: 100 would be handy flash projected close game opponent doesn't have him
jezzas-cow: All signs were sayin to drop williams, its a shame that this will be a spike game but i rather not chance it lol
shancrows: Wow umps put the whistle away when either team star player is pinned holy moly
StuL: Walsh i need you.
soup: Zwill has racked it up in the first half and then died out plenty of times this season, just wait and see everyone
soup: sully!
Capn_Flash: C'mon Sullivan!!!
original: lol replay showed a handball. turn it up shancrom
jezzas-cow: Huge! First game and First goal, love to see it
Gotigres: Do my eyes deceive me or did I just see a cutie pie supporter?
EvilMonk: gee boy whizz, you reckon that was a handball? wowee
original: did you not see the replay and hear the commentators? lets talk about umpires tonight
shancrows: Yeah I noticed after original I'm just saying few instances for both teams when stars of both teams shoulda been pinned
EvilMonk: nice mark by USA! <3
Social: you hittin the disco buiscuits already gotigs
original: lol the melt over that blatant holding
EvilMonk: the old headlock free lmao
soup: lol replay showed a headlock. turn it up original
StuL: Walsh picking up.
Capn_Flash: noble slipping in the background cracked me up!!
shancrows: Lol I love this forums comments the banter is top notch
original: hehe
BigChief: Headlock from Harry and Holding from Frampton. Play on for me.
EvilMonk: gee, boy, wowee, pies hit the front. might be the only time tonight, but that happened quick! wowee xD!
Gotigres: lol social. About to go to the pub
Capn_Flash: Yeah, Looking on track to a 130+ if he can get the game time Stu!
fruity: What would be a pass score for taking a VC this round?
EvilMonk: lmao insufficient attempt. classic rule, absolute farcical
OffaStep: Better quarter, Zwill. Keep it down.
Capn_Flash: 130 I reckon Fruity, If a good score's in front of you, you gotta take it
original: Zwill out here gifting goals to collingwood
Zutroyz: Why is Harry playing up the ground and not Curnow
fruity: Thanks Capn-Flash
flibbity: whi is your VC fruity?
Zutroyz: Milestone half. No Pendlebury / basketball reference
Stu7: Walsh flibbity
StuL: Walsh on track
Capn_Flash: 64 in a half with lower gametime, I take it back. Accounting for pressure points in Q4, he could be on for 150+
Stu7: Well Carlton fVcked that up
RooBoyStu: Carlton Choking again
clay007: This is a great game roo. Don't denigrate it with troll like statements
wadaramus: Can't believe Kennedy is sub, brought him in AF!
Silz90: Agree roo
wadaramus: I flowering hate the stoopid flowering sub, get rid of it!
Social: reckon Assbro will be sub too
wadaramus: Anyway, how is everyone tonight?
Cascadian: Is Darcy Moore given the female symbol because they reckon he looks like a girl?
Silz90: Pretty good wada it's Friday wbu
Pavs: Gotigres called him a cutie pie earlier Cascadian
wadaramus: Still riding high on the showdown result Silz :)
wadaramus: I love nothing more than listening to the callers to 5AA after Port POwer get beat in a Showdown :)
Fordy13: Evening lads, late to the party tonight.
Cascadian: lol Pavs
Silz90: Well played crom
Stu7: Fordy
wadaramus: Better late than never Fordy :)
Fordy13: 2 horse race for me tonight Williams and N Daicos
Fordy13: nice win last night wada
Social: Walsh's score dropping during half time - conspiracy
wadaramus: Port dominated stats, but Crows straight kicking got the job done Fordy.
Fordy13: yeah some shocking misses from them
circle52: Social CD always update ar HT when checking stats,
Geeaad: Walsh starting on the Pine ffs, better be his only break this qtr
RooBoyStu: Vid icon for Pendles clash with ump
Geeaad: Lol what a rubbish free kick
Stu7: Off the pine Walshy
StuL: Why does that happen does anyone know? When players get taxed points at half time?
EvilMonk: LOL what a decision, wowee boy whizz
Pavs: Nup conspiracy circle52
Beast_Mode: lol Flognard
circle52: Agree appeared to dive forwrad as well
original: now we're even for goals from ridiculous free kicks
Silz90: Maynard makes me laugh lol
Social: Maynard may be better suited to UFC
Zutroyz: Football act from Maynard? 0 weeks? Is he a good bloke, perhaps?
StuL: Get on Walsh
Fordy13: that's horrible
Fordy13: Owies swan ddive lol
Geeaad: Walsh got a point for being on the pine
clay007: lol Flogmode
Wriggs365: Well done newman
Silz90: Owies floggish but cox takes the cake
soup: owies floggish is a crazy understatement
StuL: Walsh needs a big lift says Gerard.
Stu7: Curnow gone icy cold
Zutroyz: Bicep torn off the bone in the Rugba League. Ouch
original: Zu ouch
EvilMonk: lmao facepalm, classic, wowee gee whizz
Social: Corey Hart fanboys are cool Silz
Stu7: nice work Walshy
StuL: sounds gruesome
Wriggs365: Newman get on mate
Zutroyz: Anyone else vc naicos?
soup: was very tempted zutroyz, going cheezels into gawn though
StuL: Keep going Walshy
Fordy13: thought about zut
Stu7: Same here soup
Wriggs365: I got bont as my c this week great matchup v hawks
Fordy13: Gawn into Serong, Rowell or Bont I think for me
circle52: Thought about Naicos as vc recent scores put me off going Sheezel into Gawn as well.
Wriggs365: Mark my words 120+ from the bin this week
Wriggs365: Bont
original: was wondering who the bin was
tor01doc: Green into Gawn
Pavs: VC Gawn to English if needed. Rucks score points
Zutroyz: I've got the c on Gawn, he's got us so he'll go huge
Social: wanted to VC Gawn but no zombies on the bench to put the C on after him
Wriggs365: Vc sheez
soup: agree zut, if we can make pitto look like dean cox last week then gawn will feast on us
Social: Agree Zut, Stanley basically waits down for it to hit the ground
Raspel31: Sheez to Gawn for me- not sure Green v Swans.
Stu7: Same here Raspa
LuvIt74: So far im doing well like 90% of all SC with Butters, Walsh & Daicos
Stu7: Walsh is look8 g good for you fruity
LuvIt74: Heeney VC & Gawn C for me but got a feeling Heeney will go 150
fruity: Long way to go but l'll take it atm Stu7
original: stanley made pitto look like gawn, so gawn will kill stanley
Zutroyz: Harry only playing the odd qtrs. I'll still take it
StuL: have walsh as a pod so a good score matters
soup: I faded walsh so not feeling too good at the moment
Fordy13: mm I went Rowell instead soup
Stu7: Great game navy
soup: haha better than me, i went dawson..
Fordy13: which
Stu7: Williams is back into Williams mode
bhg26: I went Serong over Walsh
Pavs: How good Daicos
fruity: Walsh on the pine again...
original: rowell serong you can't be disappointed. all are good
navy_blues: yes but gap between carl best and their worst is to large need more consistency
soup: I warned all of you that Zwill has faded out in second halves this year
bhg26: I know original but its scary not owning walsh
Fordy13: hasnt had any kicvkouts soup
original: i freak out everytime someone chooses to kick it to lewis young
wadaramus: Z.Williams is a hack, an no, i'm not asking him to lift, I traded the spud.
original: bhg he has had heaps of kick outs lol
original: Zwill is a hack. 800k hack
tor01doc: ZWill good not great value. Soon to leave the team.
slydon: only walsh and naicos in this one so pretty happy so far
StuL: Walsh doesnt need to benched in the last qtr
Fordy13: not in the second half
Stu7: It was a toss up to trade a Ambro or Williams so I traded Ambro - hard choice though
BigChief: original Young marks it okay, it's the next bit thats a worry.
soup: quack goes fantasia?
wadaramus: Get off the pine and lift Walsh!!!
Zutroyz: ZWillams is a 70-80 point player. You'd be crazy to expect more
Bulky: Whatever Carlton are paying Fantasia it's way too much.
Pavs: Hey Fantasia is playing tonight
fruity: Walsh was flexing his left knee half way through the 3/4 qtr maybe he being managed to last the game out..
BigChief: Fantasia need to pay Carlton to get games.
Silz90: my dad says the same thing original
original: Bigchief. exactly. i'd rather not see him make a decision. then take a minute for the ball to move to his foot
Silz90: Motlop comes in for fantasia
Social: just visualising the winning goal fruity
original: motlop will be better, but is over-rated/hyped. incremental improvement
Fordy13: 80 BE for zwill this week, 40 next if he gets 80, I had bigger problems (Sharp + Dempsey)
Zutroyz: What does Naicos need for me to take him over Gawn. 140+?
Silz90: we dont have decent smalls, papley would of been handy
BigChief: Martin and Motlop in for Durdin and Fantasia Blues fans?
tor01doc: Only 3 of the filth outscoring ZWill
Stu7: Zutroyz youíd have to take 125+
StuL: 125 i reckon zu
original: Zutroyz just put the c on gawn now. unless naicos kicks a goal and has 10+ you arent taking him
Fordy13: sounds about right zut, Gawn averaging 140
Silz90: yes big chief, we miss martin badly
Fordy13: 125 is a pretty safe rule to live by, got burnt by bont a few weeks back when
Fordy13: i didn't take a 125 VC
navy_blues: watch blues stop now played their 1 and a 1/2 of good footy
clay007: Why does Moore have a girl symbol?
Cascadian: Clay same thing I asked before
BigChief: Agree Fordy 125 is my vc loop score.
navy_blues: qtrs
Stu7: I think heís transitioning clay
clay007: Sorry cas if I repeated your message, did not see it
tor01doc: Is for Curnow
clay007: lol stu
Silz90: cripps getting double teamed
elvundir: williams subbed
BigChief: Because he is a bull in the CBAs
Fordy13: fak
jezzas-cow: Zac williams is out, knew it was too good to be true
Ash777: sry williams owners but you herd the warnings
jezzas-cow: "fak"
Stu7: Spud Williams youíre gone next week
tor01doc: Mid sixties for his farewell game hey
Gelly: not sure why people would still have williams
Beast_Mode: z0will should have been traded by now anyways
jezzas-cow: he missed his BE lol, (80)
BigChief: Ice on his hammy too.
Stu7: Walshy you good thing
elvundir: go back to the bench walsh
DukeNewc: Walsh's score drops from 93 to 81??
CamT: Walsh loses 9 points ?
jezzas-cow: what did Walsh do?
frenzy: love the not sure why people still have comments
Fordy13: deliberate out of bounds
Devero_D: He had 3 clangers in about 30 seconds
wadaramus: The enigma of SC continues to confuse us!
TigerTime1: Gelly, his BE was gonna be 35-45 next week once the 6 cycled out of his price
Ash777: game has opened up and favoring pies
Jack SC: Short kick clanger free against is basically the worst thing you can do in SC for walsh
Birdman18: Two of Walsh's were to contests and one was to grass. Not really clangers
tor01doc: Bigger fish to fry. Injuries kept ZWill in the team
original: how is that htb?
StuL: He seeems to have got rhem back
Raspel31: Kennedy proving impactful.
BigChief: What chance did Walsh have there? No prior.
cmperrfect: No Cox deep atm. haha
Stu7: Same here tor01doc
Fordy13: both arms free orig, didn't get rid of it.
tor01doc: Not a tight hammy for Zwill - a tightalps
Devero_D: A big VC scored probably just died for him though.
Social: you don't call BT out on facts hodgey
jezzas-cow: i think walsh can reach the 130 mark
jezzas-cow: Daicos might get 140+
Jack SC: He's not scoring 40 the way things are going
youthuck: Sully a looker
elvundir: it says Mihocek is plaing chf on kemp ? who is kemp?
wadaramus: Zacly BC! HTB last night was outrageous!!
tor01doc: Nah jís cow - too many possessions needed to reach that for Walsh
bhg26: And both benched jezza lol
pluggerpig: Sully 64 in 42 game time..
jezzas-cow: sulli is only 102k... definitely getting in my side next week
Stu7: Ffs Walsh
StuL: ffs walsh benched again
Beast_Mode: hopefully another draw would be great
fruity: guess who on the bench again..
jezzas-cow: Vossy why? the walsh tog gonna hurt
Stu7: Nice pick up fruity
Beast_Mode: lol ppl pick blokes are one game, same thing happended with bigoa. how that work out?
Beast_Mode: fruitloop having a sook again
wadaramus: Walsh can't get while he is sitting his lazy alps on the bench!
Fordy13: Sulli only in cause JDG and Mitchell out
navy_blues: lol cox
jezzas-cow: Beast mode, i have both bigoa and pink...
original: ZWilliams didnt get 15 touches. dang lol
BigChief: Sullivan won't hold his spot unless De Goey out for weeks.
Silz90: walsh was always going to be a risky pick
StuL: Walsh come back on now
Pavs: Medication time Beast think calm thoughts :)
wadaramus: Get your alps off the pine and LIFT walsh!!
Social: But referee I'm wearing sunglasses!
Fordy13: Sulli has looked alright though
bhg26: Beast shows up, showerstirs, leaves
tor01doc: How often does the multi fall
Ash777: if sully stays in he'll play forward next week
original: hows the schultz dive
fruity: walsh -3 while sitting on the bench
TorturedSC: Excellent work @m0nty
cmperrfect: Walsh will have spent and entire qtr on the bench.
Social: I find that hard to believe bt
StuL: ffs enough bench time walsh
jezzas-cow: i love it how walsh has only played 3 quaters
Yelse: cerra has screwed walsh game time
Raspel31: Walsh back on for 5 minutes.
jezzas-cow: can walshy get his BE of 114?
wadaramus: I didn't know Walsh was such a game time soft cock?
bhg26: haha, cock
Social: must be something more to it Wada
Social: and I agree it's fun to say cock
StuL: he is today. not sure if its usual wada
navy_blues: lol wada like to see ru as far as he does
soup: Collingwood Twitter video analysis on that maggot Schultz's coward punch?
pluggerpig: how can we say cock in here thats amazing cock cock cock
wadaramus: Well, I wish they would publish a document explaining it Social.
Birdman18: Can't go calling Walshy a soft cock
pluggerpig: cockingwood
bhg26: Wtf my projections 2560, keep going Naicos
CamT: Why has Walsh got the flame ?
jezzas-cow: vossy the soft cock
original: daicso has turned it on. huge qtr
BigChief: Walsh been watching Laird wada.
navy_blues: run
original: how bad has charlie been
wadaramus: You lot are so childish.
pluggerpig: daicocks
JezEdwards: Sulli might be a nice downgrade rookie next week!
Social: and you're a cock
navy_blues: past your bedtime wada
jezzas-cow: sulli on 74 hard to not look into...
Silz90: did someone say cock
ballbag: geees, walshy and mckay really have fallen and landed on their knees
jezzas-cow: sulli is going to have a BE of -59
StuL: jupiters cock!
wadaramus: You talking to me Social?!
Stu7: Go Walsh
wadaramus: Hey, I am still awake navy, obviously not past it.
jezzas-cow: walshy please ton as a minimum
Social: just testing the system Wada
Social: you cock
Stu7: Spewing I didnít pick sully
Fordy13: he also might not get more than 2 games jezza'
pluggerpig: why did i put mihocek in my multi for 2 goals.. awful
Social: stop it I'm gonna pee
bhg26: I share the same pain plugger
Zutroyz: 12 more Naicos
wadaramus: Looking like Nicky D waas the ideal VC.
wadaramus: Scores are level, another draw?!
Stu7: Go back to,sleep,curnow
wadaramus: At least ton up Walsh you hack.
Fordy13: how many b2b draws have there been?
Social: 79 apiece each of two
jezzas-cow: fordy, keep him in mind and when the pies have a significant injury, then trade but that BE of -57 is juicy
BigChief: 1 more goal each and scores level.
Raspel31: Walsh you cock.
Fordy13: yep D Jones will be good this week
navy_blues: throw by crisp
jezzas-cow: daicos cook
Stu7: There you go,wada
Social: this could cock go either cock way
original: daicsome good throws getting by this week
jezzas-cow: dacs is now a safe VC contender
Fordy13: seen Cripps do some too, been heaps tonight haha
Ash777: suck it blues
original: i said if daicos has 10 and kicks a goal take him as vc
pluggerpig: thats a 30 pointer from naicocks
bhg26: Holy cock nick daicos!
jezzas-cow: surely that counts as more points
Birdman18: Walsh let Daicos run off him. What a cock head
Raspel31: Blues cocked this up.
TimT14: Holy moly
original: sufficeint intent
jezzas-cow: dacs is gonna get 150. damn
Zutroyz: Looping Naicos
wadaramus: I'm sorry for unleashing the cock forest tonight m0nty.
Stu7: Naicos is back
Fordy13: take it zuts gratz!
StuL: youre banking vc daicos now obviously
bhg26: Im typing cock first thing tomorrow and i better not see any censorship
ballbag: oh cocked that right up
Social: we beat em by more
original: talk about a fumble. how bad are our bottom 6 players
Capn_Flash: Sullivan's had a good night. Look to get him in in two weeks if he contunues this
Birdman18: What a cock up
jezzas-cow: loving dacs vc
Pavs: Wada's cock forest. Love it
Fordy13: tough game. Could've went either way in the end there.
jezzas-cow: sulli gonna have a BE of -54 next week
Fordy13: definitely a watch capn
Capn_Flash: Curnow just had a really off game
bhg26: My projections now 2587, cant wait to see that drop over the weekend
BigChief: Harrison okay again. But at 180k might be a bit too high a price.
Fordy13: big sub risk too chief
soup: Sulli won't be playing in two weeks unfortunately flash, too many big names to come back
Fordy13: agree soup
jezzas-cow: wait for the pies injuried soup
Beast_Mode: mitch, degoey ar eback next week. only a peanut would bring sullivan in next week
beerent11: Quality humble bragging there bhg my brother.
Beast_Mode: could be dropped lol
Social: my cock's too big to handle right now but that might change
bhg26: Lol beer, i dont like to brag but that projections nuts
beerent11: Good luck.
jezzas-cow: 0/2 tips, not looking good this week
wadaramus: Righto, goodnight and cock a doodle do to you.
Fordy13: bloke in my league has 2621 proj holy cock
Wriggs365: jeez well done newman

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