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J.Worrall: Go Port!
J.Worrall: ome on, Mint0. Get the teams upated! If you must, then pedal harder
Pavs: Evening all. Jordan sweet must have?
carl: Battle of the croweaters, Ho Hum
bushranger: Evening gents, showdown number 55 . Let's get it on
bushranger: Only Houston for me tonight
Gotigres: My deepest sympathies for those with Dawson
frenzy: evening chaps
Social: all my eggs are in the Sweet basket
Raspel31: Brought in Sugar- benched of course. Earn us loads.
Ash777: Traded in Heeney this week get ready for a low score.
frenzy: Sweet should make good coin Pavs
navy_blues: evening all
Stu7: Go Lairdy
BigChief: Gday all. Butters I hope goes big.
Pavs: Fallen for the Sweet trap
Silz90: Bounce back game for butters
naicosfan: sweet r2 send ittt
ballbag: depends how pod sweet ended up being. i took sweet for jackson hoping most people dont want a third ruck. and qik bucks
original: Those ads the pop up on mobile on this site. Real outta control
Troglodyte: Looks like I drew bhg in the AF league this week. In a bit of a pickle perhaps
BigChief: flower off BT. How can you not tell the difference between Rozee and Butters. MORON
carl: Batt
OffaStep: Brozee.
bhg26: If itís fantasy Trog donít worry my team is in shambles
ballbag: @original in 2024 and you dont use an adblocker? i havent seen an ad for over a decade
Gelly: rozee going to ping a hammy tonight?
Social: there's a market for someone to replace the coodabeens and commentate, I'd turn the telly down for them
OffaStep: Hope not, Gelly. Thet must be confident if they're running him.
original: Who brought Dawson in like me in a last minute rush
bhg26: Oh my goodness Crouch kicked the ball
cherry9: VC Dawson. Came in last week
shagga24: Laird off to a flyer
lana2146: No way I was paying 580k for a winger Dawson
OffaStep: Rozee's TOG might be a killer though.
BigChief: Thanks Sloane for the great memories. My fav Crow of all time.
Wends: Evening all, didn't join the Dawson rush but jumped on Sweet train for Marshall.
SonOfAGun.: Who are the subs
StuL: why is Laird on the bench so long?
shagga24: Sloane was a great player
BigChief: Smith and Mead subs
Ash777: Do port know there's a game on atm?
thommoae: Nice shepherd McHenry
Silz90: If sweet goes huge I am trading marshall - what a terrible pick up
SonOfAGun.: Thanks bigchief
Beast_Mode: beef curtin isn't getting much of a go
naicosfan: go sweet butters and crouch
Troglodyte: Smith? Nicks taking a play out of Bevo's playbook?
Raspel31: No regrets with sticking with Rozww- so far so good.
Beast_Mode: marshall also hasnt trained all week
keitho: Evening gents, up the crom
Wends: It was genius getting him in for his massive score silz lol, just not the afters :)
Troglodyte: What happened to Soldo?
ballbag: what is your obstacle drew. borderline useless
BigChief: Soldo had arthroscopic surgery after damaging a lateral meniscus in his left knee
naicosfan: sean darcy injury trog
SonOfAGun.: Great footy crows
UncleSniff: 5 mins to spare, I decided to fade Dawson. Why do I I do this to myself LOL
UncleSniff: Hopefully he has a quiet one
cherry9: Good stuff lads
ballbag: @beast give time for curtin to settle in. might open up and spit the pack once he warms up
Ash777: Rachele has really dropped off recently
zadolinnyj: How is that a trip when heís jumping out the tackle
Silz90: 200 iq wends lol
Hughsy: ignored dawson and kept crouch... lovin it
Silz90: anyone looking at himmelberg if he scores well
StuL: Sweet get off the bench. tog has plummeted
Beast_Mode: lol JHF trying to act tough is funny, considering he got homesick and missed mummy and daddy lol
naicosfan: Heck yeah crouch, already more meters gained than last week
ballbag: ill be ropable if you pull a penguin on me drew
Wends: Trying to work out the edit trade option if he goes crap has done my head in tho... need wine already
DraperDrip: Nah JHF just didnt want to play for North
FoopyTime: cant blame him tbh
RooBoyStu: Not related to this match, but the reason Sunday Night game is because Monday is a Public Hol in QLD. Q Clash
slydon: imagine the crows get stuffed by the umps again on the final siren
FoopyTime: that only happens when they play sydney sly
zadolinnyj: Why canít they review that. Was on the full even if it hit post
imessenger: Mcentee VC was a bad choice
frenzy: JHF gave us Sheezel
bhg26: Thought he was due imessenger
bhg26: Holy shower Boak
original: nooo dawson
bhg26: Never mind
sheezel420: Crouch stealing Dawson's points
Raspel31: How could anyone be stupid enough to bring in Sweet witha BE of -113?
Legix: Sweet looking good
cherry9: JHF awesome there. Canít wait until heís fantasy relevant. Going to be a beast
TigerTime1: Dawson lucky to be on 18
navy_blues: you guys knew crouch would effect dawsons score i mentioned it la
Hughsy: and fielded sweet lets go
zadolinnyj: What does mine say. Sweet, what does mine say , dude
Pavs: I think he might achieve it Rasp
Bluebagg11: Anyone else go Grundy to Sweet? Felt so stupid doing it, but now have 450k
OffaStep: He doesn't look like he'll get anywhere near -113, Rasp. He's actually getting further away...
navy_blues: last week
zadolinnyj: Rubbish free
BigChief: Bluebagg looks like Sweet may be Briggs 2.0
sheezel420: Houstgem <3
cherry9: Some new ruck combos beckon, Swundy, Swawn, Swinglish, Sweek
original: Good handball to Dawson then laird ffs he should get Dawson Clanger points
StuL: Sweet looking Sweet
Zutroyz: Classic movie Zado
naicosfan: great quarter crouch and sweet, need more from butters
Social: god start candyman
bhg26: Briggs carried me last year chief, sweet just needs to keep his spot
thommoae: Bluebagg ditto. Took the Grundy $$ and invested in Sweet.
Bluebagg11: Haha cherry
Wends: Of course two oppts have Houston this round
StPom: Dropped 15k in 2 weeks. Go big sweet butters..please
Bluebagg11: Soldo out for 4-5 weeks sealed the deal for me. Should get to $400k easy
Zutroyz: I did Bluebag. Happy thus far
StuL: Laird on for one of his lousy games
CamT: Only 22% of the competition brought Sweet in. I don't get it.
Hazza09: Ofcourse opponent has Crouch, standard!
Beast_Mode: CamT thta's not accurate nackers, it doesnt update until end of round
UncleSniff: Sweet passing the eye test, he's looking a better ruck than Soldo IMO
BigChief: That was BS from Soligo, he just dropped it.
Gelly: dixon wants it in the hole
original: Oh Dawson
bhg26: Love the Dixon Butts matchup
cherry9: Curtin ahead of my VC. Might be advertising for a C.
naicosfan: the dawson wing role led me away from him
UncleSniff: Same Naicos, I don't listen to YouTubers but SCodfather did some good analysis, changed my mind 5 mins before bounce
original: Dawson get 1 point for a march and long kick into 50?
StuL: come on Laird ffs. Benched again.
UncleSniff: **utubers, what is haxrs LOL
imessenger: is Dan Houston a must have?
original: Oh his long kick didnít count as effective even tho a long kick to a 50-50 is auto effective
Troglodyte: damn the opposition found out the "just kick it to Dixon" strategy...
naicosfan: agreed sniff, love SCodfather to bits, his agressive trading style too.
Silz90: dfs australia a great website for stats and heatmaps
UncleSniff: Dawson butchering it again too. I guess you can't play North every week...
Silz90: SCodfather is great
sheezel420: VC butters was looking good... was
Beast_Mode: rozee having a mare
Zutroyz: Rozee not trusting his leg.
hipo_sc: keep going king crouch
Wends: ABC commentary team saying he's not looking right sheezel420
UncleSniff: He's going ok Sheezel. I almost went him, ended up with VC Walsh, C Gawn
Stu7: Laird you spud
Wends: *sorry I mean Beast
StuL: We went one year too long on Laird i think Stu7
UncleSniff: If Dawson stinks it up, I'm going to make a donation to Scodfather haha
JaiDay12: Wends you scared me, thought Butters was crook
Gelly: will mead play on curtin?
Wends: Sorry JaiDay :)
UncleSniff: I probablt should anyway, he's an entertaining bugga
Stu7: I think so StuL
original: Should have put emergency on Dawson. Awkward
JaiDay12: hahaha all g man, I am loving this output from him, much better than last week
sheezel420: Rankine looks the goods
Beast_Mode: oh wends, well they shouldnt be playing him
Bulky: JHF plays one good quarter a game and that's it.
UncleSniff: Dawson's bed starting to stink. Has he had an accident in there?
StuL: oppo has Dawson so Laird stink is being matched
Raspel31: Very proud my invisible players- Dawson and Rozee doing the job.
Gelly: dixon really drilled butts with that kick
UncleSniff: What's everyone's BE for making Sweet R2? I've got Grundy, thinking I need at least 90ish
frenzy: Sweet FA , lol
ballbag: useless drrew. bloody useless lazy
Wends: Eww uncle. And Beast I guess we'll soon find out...
CamT: Umpiring has improved this season. Not a joke.
StuL: Sweet hardly moved this qtr.
UncleSniff: You must have missed last round CamT
navy_blues: lol rankine
BigChief: Hahaha CamT? Nice joke mate.
cherry9: Goal umpiring hasnít. Umpires otherwise are mostly great
CamT: Goal umpiring is an utter joke.
StuL: Good finish to the qtr by Sweet
Raspel31: For $156,000 who gives a toss Stul- go Sugar my sweet.
Beast_Mode: good to see dawson showerting the bed
Social: Like it Gelly, like the time Cox put it straight down Chick's throat
CamT: Sweet is second most obvious Trade In of the season.
BigChief: StuL Sweet is a 156k rookie. Anything above 40 is a bonus. Plus his BE is only -113
Wends: Butters's's heat map somewhat resembles an amoeba
Ash777: get as much value you can out of sweet until Soldo comes back
Deelight: Crouch Crouch Baby
Silz90: some people are running with sweet as r2
Wends: That would be me silz... unless he stinks it up in 2nd half
CamT: Almost half the people who traded Sweet in, have him as R2 this round.
_Wang_: Evening all
StuL: Pink got a call up. If Pink can then any dropped rookie has hope. Of course Nyuon is now dead weight.
Pavs: Sweet on the bench earning coin for me
Raspel31: Exatamente Pavlova.
Social: hellyeooo
naicosfan: sweet r2 as jackson was my r2 before this round, moving jacko forward powell out, serong in, worked nicely for me
Geeaad: Farout Dawson.... not this again
Hazza09: are we trading Powell with no Phillips?
Manowar: No Horne tonight
StuL: Sweet being robbed points at ht
CamT: Adelaide have been a different team since Soligo was put in the middle a few weeks ago.
naicosfan: named HF hazza. source: teamsheets, take it with a grain of salt.
CamT: Powell played like a jaded public servant.
Wends: Good evening social
Silz90: on track for a ton wends
TheOnyas: onya crouchy
Raspel31: Great tackle Crouch.
Social: another one taken off Sweet, what the heck?
StuL: why is sweet going down?
Wends: Fingers x'd silz. What'd they come as at CD, just taking a point off him!
LuvIt74: Thought sweets score as inflated at 47 right on half time
Social: maybe its a Port initiation thing in the showers StuL
Raspel31: Need Sweet to get -112 to break even. Come on lad.
Wends: Raspel clutching at straws there... no chance
cherry9: Weird. Why didnít the goal umpire call goal straight away? Confusion
BigChief: cherry they need to get all clear from central for every score.
StuL: Come on Sweet.
CamT: Rozee grabbing his hammy :O
UncleSniff: I can't work out why Rozee is being risk TBH
circle52: same uncle -
Raspel31: Think Rozee gawn- damn.
navy_blues: soligo flys under radar a bit
CamT: I'm one of less than 1% who have Soligo :)
Geeaad: What do people think about Steele? Trade out or hold?
beerent11: Ha. Blokes living and dying on a 152k rucks score
zadolinnyj: Surely they would not play rose if there was a risk
UncleSniff: I think it's obvious there was a risk Zad, and it's not looking like it's panned out
Raspel31: Clutdhing hammy not a good sign zado and Sweet just as a bench earner.
UncleSniff: I'm going to bet Sweet ends up on 91 and then I get confused.
BigChief: Not good body language from Rozee.
Jukes: Butters has cooked every possession this quarter but score keeps going upÖ
CamT: Sweet played on a short, injured Ruckman last week. Won't happen very often.
bhg26: Does Butters think hes the flash?
Wends: blokes and ladies beer ;)
BigChief: Butters trying to do too much now. Just find team mate Zak.
Bulky: Spud icon for JHF.
Pavs: Port putting pressure on themselves. Ridiculous
UncleSniff: He's good to watch though isn't BHG? Like a fart in a bottle when he gets the pill
naicosfan: butters getting contested possies for his lucky missed htb's
Yelse: @geeaad i am in the same position do i trade out steele
UncleSniff: Fogarty has borrowed Jeremy McGoverns mits for the evening...
Wends: Rozee 7 mins on bench, drs & physios staying away, sub warming up
UncleSniff: Absolute fail from Ports medical and coaching staff to risk Rozee. Dumb dumb dumb..
Ash777: Is Port's goal kicking coach travis cloke?
original: Donít stop big dawson
Wends: Not gone yet but guess we'll see
Yelse: JHF please lift ffs
cherry9: Same re Steele: Suffered him last year. I want out. Might become Gulden. Unsure
UncleSniff: Ash777, I believe it's John Butcher actually
BigChief: So you work for Port as a doctor and know exactly what is happening with Rozee Uncle?
CamT: Jason Dunstall's Pre-game comments haven't aged well.
Wends: Back on field !#rozeewatch
naicosfan: crouch one of the best handballers of this season so far
ballbag: @bc i doubt it. he just said he smells farts in bottles.
UncleSniff: Christ Erin Phillips is boring...
Raspel31: I think Uncle makes a very valid point BigChief.
Yelse: has JHF touched the ball this quarter
BigChief: And the doctors know more than people in a chat Raspel. And Rozee is also back on the ground.
FoopyTime: and some how she isnt as shower as joel selwood
Zutroyz: I'd be happy if Poort bring this form to k-park next week
Pavs: How can all of Port be out of form
navy_blues: adel tackling top notch
UncleSniff: Good to see someone still calling it Kardinia Park Zu
OffaStep: Hoping Rozee can handball his way to a ton.
Social: always Uncle
Pavs: I'd take 85 right now Offa
Stu7: Laird coming good StuL
UncleSniff: Sweet firming for R3 for me. Grundy, you live on!
JezEdwards: Agree Pavs. 85 for Rozee now would be nice.
OffaStep: Club Chin Chin Park.
Wends: Going off commentators vis-a-vis Rozee. Keep going Sweetie.
UncleSniff: Rozee doesn't want to kick...
Stu7: Off the pine Laird
navy_blues: rozee doesnt want to kick the ball at all by the looks
Raspel31: Rozee has only given away 4 clangers so far- when he's fit it's normally 9.
Social: mmm chin chin delish
naicosfan: ffs sweer
zadolinnyj: Lol rappel.
naicosfan: great quarter from butters and crouch, ton from 2 quarters of tog is amazing
cherry9: Dawson firming for M9
clay007: Great qtr by Laird, 51 pts.
UncleSniff: Dawson firming for "I'm glad I don't have him"
clay007: Sweet a little sour tonight
OffaStep: Haven't been myself, Social. Just see the pink neon rabbits from the train every day.
Pavs: The 5 clangers not helping clay
cherry9: Yeah. I said the price was right for me, Dawson at 530k, so I just have to suck up these shower games
beerent11: Spot on math naicosfan. Full marks.
naicosfan: curtain subbed
navy_blues: rozee sub
naicosfan: rozee subbed
Social: get the crab omelette Offa
zadolinnyj: Nice clay
circle52: Rizee subbed for Mead, Curtin subbed for Snith
clay007: I just love when people tell you are stupid for not picking a player Pavs
OffaStep: Cheers for the tip. Gotta be better than Bellarine Sushi and Noodle at least...
UncleSniff: Curtain is stiff, he looks a good player (forget SC)
Pavs: We are all experts clay :)
UncleSniff: People were saying the Yeo pick was stupid for weeks Clay. Very quiet now.
Hepatitis: Lift Houston
clay007: Has the Curtin been pulled?
gazza39: Curtain has been drawn for the night
UncleSniff: How's the Rozee selection looking now BigChief? Think I might have been on the money. Why take the risk?
clay007: I never care what players other people have. Who cares?
TheLegend6: Grind out an 80 Sweet
Raspel31: Rozee lives on in our deams.
cherry9: Soligo plays a lot like Rory Sloane
Social: hehe we're neighbours Offa
clay007: True Pavs. lol
Wends: lol
Ash777: Himmelberg makes Hipwood look strong
UncleSniff: and he makes English look tanned Ash777
BigChief: Okay Doctor Unclesniff. You are right even if you don't have all the facts the actual club has.
navy_blues: goodness gracious me
clay007: Himmelberg does not look like Rafa Nadal though
TorturedSC: a lot of soft frees in this one, going both ways
UncleSniff: They had all the facts, but the obvious outcome happened. Why risk it off a short turnaround? Give the bloke 1-2 weeks
Pavs: Looks like that hurt to say Chief.
CamT: 100% right, cherry9
Geeaad: Clay007 Hipwood looks like Rafa
clay007: This game is not over.
naicosfan: butters you star
OffaStep: Figured we might be, Social :)
BigChief: Na Pavs I was afk. And Doctor Unclesniff is always right.
Geeaad: UncleSniff whats ur doc report on Steele? Hold or trade? Haha
imessenger: gosh BT is annoying commentating
Raspel31: On your side Uncle but BigChief has more pals here??
UncleSniff: Couldn't care less Raspel, it was ridiculous to play him on a 6 day turnaround.
UncleSniff: Geead, Dr. Snifff (can I get a name change) is that I'm leaning trade now that Sweet hasn't gone well
JohnHoward: the honry one. BT is a clown how can you not like him
naicosfan: hahahaha BT u spud
cherry9: Umm. BT just made a commentary gag that would make Tony Greig proud
Pavs: Facts are I would have Rowell in my side if they didn't play Rozee. Boo Port
FoopyTime: terrorist hinkley strikes again
Ash777: Clowns suck
UncleSniff: He relies too much on marks and tackles to score well, hard to do when you're hobbling. Just my opinion though.
clay007: Laird sniffing what Unclesniff is sniffing. Gone to sleep
cherry9: Umps please reward HTB, both ways
miersmessi: dont worry everyone, im late but im here
beerent11: Thatís a good halftime score for Dawson
Raspel31: Come on Spurs v Chelsea.
UncleSniff: Butters been very lucky with the umps, I'm all for it LOL
Beast_Mode: this is what dawson will give, half of his scores are rubbish
Pavs: Why wont they use Houston?
JohnHoward: how is dawson all of a sudden on 80 haha
dezlav: Esava turned Sniper
miersmessi: can rozee be done for the season so i can just trade him out
cherry9: Holding the Butters
UncleSniff: Port goal here would be tantalising
clay007: I'm sniffin with ya on that one sniff
UncleSniff: Everyone loves a good sniff here and there Clay my boy
cherry9: What did we decide with Steele. Cooked?
clay007: Lol Uncle
dezlav: I'm seconds away from crying cause we are Gunna fluff this up.
OffaStep: I' gonna work around him, if I can Miers. Ought to be a worthy M9 at least.
miersmessi: should we make a discord so we can talk outside of games as well
Gotigres: jhf lol
beerent11: Smokey to ton up.
JohnHoward: your goal horny one. cheers m8
TheLegend6: good idea miers
dezlav: And Just Like That!!!
Social: feel for Boak, he could have a great career if came home
bhg26: "So composed" gotigres
Geeaad: Keep going Dawson, ton up
FoopyTime: ok crowelation
FoopyTime: now thats the commentary i signed up for
sheezel420: lol port
CamT: Steele isn't cooked. he's injured
miersmessi: yeah same offastep but now i got to put him on bench and hope a cashgen can also score well
clay007: Tell us more camt?
dezlav: Spoke to soon
Ash777: what's the afl most behinds kicked by a team?
CamT: Gaff is cooked, Steele is injured.
cherry9: Yep. = SC cooked. Iím not going down with a Steele ship this yr
bhg26: The way BT is commentating youd think JHF is the only bloke out there
Raspel31: They'll be parties in South Australia tonight.
Pavs: Little bit more clarity on the injured part CamT?
BigChief: Is that why Steele isn't listed on the injury list CamT?
clay007: Ok, a fanfooty bragging tip for you all. I'm thinking Bont for M9
dezlav: BT is not a commentator, he's a comedian
sheezel420: Steele is definitely carrying something
LuvIt74: Thank god i followed my gut and didn't trade out grundy for Sweet. Got sweet as my R3 though gr8 for byes
ballbag: youre a hoax willem drew. a pretender. and rozee is out ya fckn clown
Pavs: Drugs are no good clay stay off them.
bhg26: BT thinks crows fans are adorable
beerent11: Anyone else vc butters?
CamT: Steele is carrying an injury. If everyone carrying an injury was listed it would be pages long.
dezlav: With ya Luvit. Thought bout it, and didn't..
miersmessi: yeah same luvit i had a feeling he wasnt a r2 option so using him on the bench for the byes and cash gen
UncleSniff: Dawson getting a shoddy 89 has cost SCodfather a donation this week. sorry Abs. Need to take my mum to the footy tomoz
clay007: I like how you back up your statements with facts Camt. We can take it to the bank then
CamT: There's an article about a new Steele injury but I'm too much of a tight-alps to pay for it.
dezlav: @BHG. BT thinks Poop is adorable....
clay007: I think you can still sniff em though pavs
BigChief: CamT Steele has a niggle not an injury. I think this is what you actually mean.
UncleSniff: Sweet, welcome to R3 old son
OffaStep: That whizzed right past my ear, Clay. Rozee M7, Roberts M8, MID done soon. Roberts viable. Seems realistic to me.
naicosfan: port dropping like flies again
runners47: Get off the bench for one more effort, Laird!
cherry9: Tight-alps is also a nasty injury
CamT: Yes, a niggle would be right.
Social: sneaky goal sweet
Pavs: Tough night against Reilly O Uncle might get a bit easier for him in the next month
clay007: lol offa Was thinking stewart d7
CamT: Very happy with my Soligo pick
UncleSniff: Still not enough to trade Grundy Pavs, I'm banking on his SCG form. I can't take a 72 from R2
Social: owies
BigChief: Well that makes a little more sense CamT.
Raspel31: Who cares Pavs- earner. Was Rozee injured?
imessenger: what a goal Rankine
beerent11: Think the c goes on Gawn.
Pavs: Has a cold I think Rasp
OffaStep: My D4 as of next week, Clay. Started in the guts and flabby everywhere else.
UncleSniff: Annoying score for Margarine VC people LOL
miersmessi: rasp just a sore pinky toe
cherry9: Great comeback Dawson
Raspel31: The sniffles will out Pavs- stupid Port.
Social: Ruta looking lost as usual
Geeaad: Well done Dawson, I'll take a 94 after being 24 at HT
beerent11: Great recovery Smokey
Pavs: Never going to be a R2 Uncle. Cash earner only
frenzy: seagull Dawson
miersmessi: cant send the link to the discord so just type and then / and then Bgz7VS5a
UncleSniff: Soligo easy showdown medal, well done young fella
Social: sniffles
LuvIt74: thank god i followed my gut and got Sweet in as R3
ralfsmiff4: houston first sub-100 game for the year lol
Wriggs365: shouldn't have traded in curittn

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