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BigChief: Lets go Heeney and Roberts. Want 100+ from you both to break 2450.
frenzy: lights are on, but nobody home
miersmessi: im down 204 with roberts grundy gulden vs meek to go, lets see if i can do it
StuL: Heendog to go big
navy_blues: same chief
navy_blues: need swans to win by 19+ as well
Fordy13: Heeney, Grundy, Roberts to 300+ gets me well over 2400.
StuL: The same combo to get to 2300 Ford
Roarix: Exactly the same Fordy
original: Any chance of Amon scoring 110? Can he take kick ins again pls
Getup: 2400 if grundy and heeney get there proj score fingers crossed 🤞
Malaka: Blessed is the Meek, for he shall inherit the Earth.
original: The meek? Oh thatís nice isnít it
pcaman2003: If the Hawks stay within 10 goals, I'll be happy.
banta: Not sure why teams don't tag Gulden. He almost won a brownlow last year
Malaka: Be quiet, big nose!
BigChief: Tipped Syd by 27.
Fordy13: had to tackle Sicily, push wasn't it.
original: One more time mate Iíll take you to the flowering cleaners
Malaka: Well, you have got a very big nose.
original: This ainít it amon
BigChief: Need Meek to stay under 50
banta: wtf amon useless
Hepatitis: Lift Roberts u hack
slydon: need roberts and grundy to underperform today
keitho: rightfully so pcaman2003 you don't know footy if you think otherwise...goose
nbartos: Sic cheap
Fordy13: Don't say that sly :D
original: Amon in draft was always a poor cover for Tom Stewart but fml this is bad. No massimo either
frenzy: the sunday melt down has begun
BigChief: P155 off keitho. Your bullshower is not wanted or needed here. Find a different site to sprout you crap.
BigChief: m0nty keitho continues to abuse other users of your site. Please ban him as he continues to break the chat rules
keitho: here he is bigchief no balls
jlitza: keitho w the zinger!!!
StuL: Grundy and Heeney need to go big
LionBoy: Grundy 128 and I lose. Big trouble I think.
original: Chad Warner getting subbed would be ok with me. Right now
pcaman2003: Keitho. You're just a fool mate so power off.
clay007: Please ignore keitho, he is trying to get a rise and it is working. Ignore him
BigChief: And yet more abuse from the flog.
miersmessi: sydney will make themselves have a close game cant kick straight
OffaStep: Let him yap, BC. This forum is the one place keitho makes a splash. Just a little one, mind, like a turd in a toilet bow
Getup: Keitho taking on the wrong peeps on this chat mate
Cascadian: Hepatitis Roberts is not a hack he is a gun
LionBoy: Howís everyoneís scores looking.
OffaStep: *bowl
CamT: 2,366 predicted
BigChief: Footy banter is 1 thing, abuse is not warranted and is against the chat rules.
StuL: Keep going Grundy.
original: Htb
pcaman2003: Go Errol! Some more of that my man.,
Legix: Gulden is a star
LionBoy: 2428 here but thinking 2400 will pull it up
clay007: 2389 predicted. got heeney and reg grundy
BigChief: Need 203 from Heeney and Roberts for 2450
Stu7: Go Roberts
Getup: Got you by 13pts clay same players to go
OffaStep: Fair call, BC. Feel free to flush, m0nty.
clay007: Getup...I am currently on 2200
LionBoy: Same Cheif. Need189 for the 2428
clay007: Someone here will be tracking 2500 or 2600, surely
pcaman2003: Absolutely BC! It seems chat rules are now out the window and abuse is now allowed,unfortunately.
Fordy13: Steel + Butters let me down. As well as Sharp + Dempsey
Getup: I'm currently 2250 clay reg heeney get proj im 2402
pcaman2003: 2385 for me depending on Gulden 109.
Getup: Fair call bc wouldn't worry about it he won't be back
LionBoy: I was yesterday Clay. Then invoked the wrath of the footy gods. Deserved punishment.
beerent11: Didnít know Massimo was out. Bugger.
BigChief: It seems that way pcaman. I remember being banned for calling someone a clown a few years ago.
RooBoyStu: The lizard is a gecko
pcaman2003: beer. I had Massimo on field which allowed Howes to loop in. Phew!
Getup: Who's your e beer?
beerent11: Was it a late out?
original: Was proj to score 2520 but that was before some sub par from steele and others
Getup: Nope
UncleSniff: I don't understand coaches. What's the point of a KP player as a sub? They also pick taggers. Like, why??
jlitza: look at sammy go
naicosfan: proj 2260 with roberts and heeney proj, missed gawn vc, jackson, steele, butters, powell, garcia, biggy on field
nbartos: x2 beerent - too old to keep up with the Teams LOL
pcaman2003: Anounced yesterday I think beer. Being managed
frenzy: nah thursday not named, out managed beer
beerent11: He was my e so Stewart could be captain to get gawns vc. Thatíll teach me to have a life.
BigChief: beer Mass was listed as managed on Thursday
beerent11: Been a big weekend.
beerent11: Cheers boys. And girls. And non binaries.
PaulMateo: Hey, Who here loves 2 Phones?
Getup: A long weekend by the sounds of it beer 🍺
StuL: Great work Heeney
BigChief: Nice HeenDog. Needed that goal.
miersmessi: i hope heeney gets the brownlow
UncleSniff: Hahaha Chol with the muppet
Getup: Will heeney be affected when Parker comes back into the team??
BigChief: Frost must makes Hawks fans pull their hair out. How Phillips has not been given a game in front of Frost is headscratch
UncleSniff: I still laugh that North went Phillips over McDonald. What a flop.
frenzy: find out next week getup
beerent11: Bloody hell! Hope we all kept mckercher
pcaman2003: BC. I have none left to pull. He caused my hair loss ages ago.
PaulMateo: I shook Isaac Heeneys hand at the SCG on the 7th of March 2024
Roarix: Phillips aint any better BC.. trust me
Roarix: Phillips can get 10 Intercepts but let his opponent kick 4..
LionBoy: He still talks about it Mat
pcaman2003: The Hawks doing their muppet thing with turnovers and bad decisions.
BigChief: Yet he got another 20 disp and 9 marks this week. He has to be better than Frost
UncleSniff: Has the person who does the symbols ever given full muppet status to a team before?
Beast_Mode: not used to seeing grundys SC well above his DT, usually its the opposite
Roarix: He was doing it every week at Port Melb.. his problem isnt his ability to get the ball, its defending his matchup
lana2146: Have u washed ya hands since paulmateo
Roarix: Example, Swans v Port 2 yrs ago. McDonald + Amartey playing.. 20-9 Contested Marks and kicked 7 between them
BigChief: Roarix but Frost can't do either. Why not try Phillips.
original: Go big nose!
colin wood: Howcome grundy only loses 4 for giving away the 50? Thought it was a -9?
UncleSniff: I've got to admit, I'm surprised Hawthorn haven't tried Phillips.
colin wood: must depend on how popular the player is i guess.
Roarix: Well yes that is true BC. Just the results wont be much better I feel but will have to test at some point
Roarix: Maybe they will against us with how useless Hipwood is BC lol
TimT14: CD scoring model must have % selected as a metric
BigChief: Time for showerwood to be dropped Roarix.
colin wood: oh look only -2 for that 50 now from Grundy he's gone up 2 for sitting on the pine
Roarix: But we know he wont.. heroan would have to get the chop for Hipwood to get dropped
Beast_Mode: colin wood must have PMS
TimT14: Ridiculous cause it ended as a goal
pcaman2003: Surprised Grundy on a score that high. Most hitouts not to advantage. 50%DE ,3 muppets.
wadaramus: Lift Roberts you hack!
Beast_Mode: CD knows the 50m was total BS mate
runners47: Get on the field, Grundy - I need you to go big!!
colin wood: Nah well it just makes the scoring system pointless
Hazza09: How is grundy on 50? such a joke
BigChief: Heeney it looks like you will need to get 140+ to cover Roberts
Beast_Mode: grundy has had 4 score involvements
lana2146: Scoring is always inconsistent no surprise there
CamT: Get Grundy on the field ffs
UncleSniff: Roberts been an A+ rookie & has a great role, not sure why anyone would call him a hack
Fordy13: give him more kick ins, good Roberts
wadaramus: Being a hack is a week to week proposition.
colin wood: grundy has now got 0 for giving away the 50 laughable.
wadaramus: And calling him a hack is a gesture to spur him on, lighten up mate!
BigChief: WOW huge push from McLean.
LionBoy: Grundy keep below 128. Youíre teasing me arenít you.
PaulMateo: I don't think Matt Roberts is a Hacker
Fordy13: Scimshaw a bit unlucky there, launched him.
Getup: Could be more polite and say move instead of hack wada 🫢
PaulMateo: I don't think Roberts is a Hacker as he doesn't have any experience in IT
Silz90: For the record Henry got fined for striking Williams yesterday. He didn't dive apparently
wadaramus: Wou;dn't achieve the same result Getup, it needed the big stick!
jlitza: feeling that colinwood, opp has grundy and needs 118 for the win...
Getup: Going to be close lion boy
Fordy13: interesting silz, they didn't really show many replays during the game.
TimT14: People wouldn't play super coach if the released the scoring model
pcaman2003: Haha! Grundy FA went from 56 to 54. WTF is really going on here? Now another FA.
Fordy13: Either way I'm glad I hung onto Williams
wadaramus: Just as I posted Silz, got howled down for a dive!
Birdman18: CD clearly still have Grundy
Getup: Haha wada
Pevo: We play SC because we love complaining about the scoring model.
BigChief: McKay 2 fines for touching an umpire yesterday?
Beast_Mode: Pervo most ppl have nfi, and just like to bitch and moan
PaulMateo: Hey, the people at CD are just doing their best at their Jobs, let's give them a round of applause and appreciate them
pcaman2003: Pevo. Pretty close! The modelling needs to be remodelled to make sense.
Fordy13: Stop giving away frees Grundy
Beast_Mode: 5 FA's against grundy tho this 1/4 lol
Beast_Mode: it'll be corrected at half time imo
Getup: Don't want to jynx ya lion boy you might be ok
UncleSniff: Grundys constant score updates are hilarious
StuL: not much progress that qtr for grundy
pcaman2003: Don't worry Fordy, they're keeping his score going.
bhg26: Hope Lizard changes his boots at half time
LionBoy: Those brace pundits who saved the C for Sunday Heaney breathing a little easier?
LionBoy: Brave
Silz90: No idea big chief
pcaman2003: Nice work Errol. Same required for 2nd half lad.
Getup: He's going backwards now sniff
TimT14: Grundy corrected at half time with -2
colin wood: Lucky to be 30
Fordy13: Whoever needed a sub 50 from Meek is out of luck.
LionBoy: Thanks Get.
bhg26: Need 110 from Heen Meek and Roberts to get 2400
Getup: Need 102 from grundy and heen bhg to get 2400 your more likely than me
BigChief: Get off the pine Roberts.
StuL: need tons from everyone to get 2400. not going to happen
BigChief: That was me Fordy. I will get over 2400 and lose.
Fordy13: I'm right there with you Stu
Hughsy: Thoughts on luke jackson lads?
Getup: Next week stul there is always Next week
pcaman2003: Hughsy. Got him this week and flunked it. Be wary!
LionBoy: Thinking heíll end up a top 10 fwd in a weak pool Hughsy
Beast_Mode: hilarious ppl getting jackson lmao, will averag eno more than 85 for the rest of season
BigChief: Hughsy traded him out for Walsh this week, so I am happy with decision.
StuL: i remembered to field Roberts this week so of course hes not firing
TheLegend6: Yeh good player heeney
Fordy13: haha another week maybe then he might be ready to upgrade to a cheap premo me thinks Stu!
StuL: Grundy has stopped.
Getup: No jackson for me
Birdman18: Sydney are playing Hawthorn so didn't expect a big score from Roberts
UncleSniff: What's the symbol next to Heeney? Golden Throne?
naicosfan: finmag sniff
Getup: Sorry lion boy but get moving grundy
Getup: Got sweet 136 on the bench how could ya play him when grundy got 160 last week
LionBoy: Youíre a gentleman Get. Only a couple of us left.
Raspel31: Stay down Grundy and Heeney- victory is in sight.
TheLegend6: C'mon Grundy need an 85 for victory
CamT: They sat Grundy on the bench for 15 minutes and it killed his momentum. What a joke,
StuL: Heeney is not staying down
LuvIt74: grundy being rested
Fordy13: Blakey has gone quiet, big first quarter
Getup: Yeah was going to say that camt not much tog this game weird 🤔
Getup: Your home I'd say lion boy maybe get 90 at best 👌
StuL: grundy upgrade looms large
frenzy: its a off night when McLean beats Grundy
UncleSniff: Grundy > Sweet is very viable if you want to flick Reg StuL
TheLegend6: Considering Grundy to Sweet for 3 weeks then going English
Fordy13: I was hoping for one more week from him at least, got Sharp and Dempsey to offload...
Getup: Still 1200 sc pts to go who would know get 150 heens
TimT14: Need ginnivan to kick a goal for $1k
wadaramus: Lift Grundy you hack!
Getup: Go ginni get a goal
StuL: i was goIng to say the same wada
naicosfan: wdym getup by 1200 sc pts to go?
Fordy13: junk hitouts aren't going to cut it Grundy, need some effective CP
CamT: Grundy was going fine until they sat him on the bench for the equivalent of a quarter.
Fordy13: also that's nice Roberts finally involved in a play
Getup: Naicos 3300 a game sitting at 2200 now meaning plenty of points up for grabs still
Fordy13: in the back umpire!
TheLegend6: 20 more points Grundy ffs
Social: Could use little more Grundage over here
StuL: Heeney can make up for Grundy if he goes 150
TheLegend6: Feel like Grundy may be a sub risk
Jack SC: Don't think that's how it works Getup
Getup: Jack pretty sure it's 3300 a game could be wrong 🙄
StuL: Grundy needs to become English asap
Cascadian: Jack SC I think that is how it works
Roarix: Unreal Grundy.. unreal.. just needed more while English was tanking his price.. this sure fks everything up
CamT: That's a horrifying thought, The Legend6.
frenzy: been that way for......doesnt matter
original: Blessed is the meek
beerent11: Yawn
Jack SC: Last night's game had almost 100 points more than other games. It doesn't need to be exact.
sheezel420: That's just flat out not true Jack. Plus or minus 10 points sure, but not 100
Getup: It's around that jack was just saying points up for grabs
beerent11: Which game Jack?
frenzy: which game Jack
CamT: Heeney hobbling :O
StuL: i assume Grundy can still get his BE?
Cascadian: Jack I think you need to work on your maths
Getup: I'm more focused now on ginni for timt get 1k!!
original: Jack thatís not true
Manowar: Horse, sub Heeney
Jack SC: Turns out I'm shower at maths, I had 3380 for feeling Carlton, just went back and read it again and not sure how I goit so
Jack SC: Wrong
UncleSniff: Dogs/Dockers was 3265, Roos/Crom was 3298
rooboypete: How can you change your password for this site?
LionBoy: Sniff. Quick on the calc
UncleSniff: Cats/Blues was 3304
Manowar: check with Horse
Catatafish: Wow Grundy, way to be useless.
Fordy13: definitely in danger there, but I'll take it Heeney goal and Grundy assist.
beerent11: The Chad loves playing the shower sides.
TheLegend6: 13 more Grundy!!
wadaramus: Goal assist Grundy!
LionBoy: Sorry Reg owners. Needed a sub par game but overdid it.
TheLegend6: Who's getting subbed for swans?
StuL: Go Grundy you dud
Getup: All good jack sc no stress mate
Roarix: 32 more Grundy
Fordy13: hopefully not Roberts :D
Fordy13: if hawthorn can keep kicking points that'd be sick, Roberts getting some freebies
beerent11: Iíd be subbing heeney if heís sore.
StuL: Keep going Roberts
LionBoy: Have had a lucky round so Iím gonna wish for Roberts 80. Here for ya folks.
Fordy13: Thanks Lion, would be appreciated
Getup: Won't get 2400 pfft
TheLegend6: omg I had McInerney last leg of the multi for 20 touches
Roarix: Why did McInerney get subbed?! Fk me for my draft
Roarix: That's a flower stitch up Legend
Getup: Can grundy get closer to 100 lion boy??
Fordy13: Tactical, was poking his fingers into his hip on the bench when they put the camera up.
Roarix: And Grundy on the bench again.. icant
Fordy13: Thank you Hardwick
UncleSniff: Grundy's TOG has been horrid
pcaman2003: Keep going Errol. Stay down Grundy and Heeney. I should win still.
Danstar: Iím gonna bring Heeney in the week they play the dogs. Guaranteed to have a crap game
Getup: Agre sniff
jlitza: think im the only one chuffed w grundy's score seeing opp has him, soz lads :))
Raspel31: We are very happy to see Grundy benched- bench Heeney and a perfect world.
TheLegend6: Pap injured, should've held the sub ffs
StuL: Grundy can probably last another week before being traded. he will have to.n
LionBoy: Iím trying but thinking that might be miracle world Get
Fordy13: What is this passage of play
TheLegend6: 11 points Grundy c'mon big man
Pevo: If I say 'get on Grundy' here, is that messaged passed to the player?
Fordy13: Yeah I think with his big score Stu, he'll survive until Round 9, English or Marshall ripe for the pickings as well then
UncleSniff: I'm going to consider Grundy to Sweet, double upgrade with my 140k in the bank
Getup: To who stul?
StuL: English Getup
Catatafish: Upgrade Grundy to Sweet
J.Worrall: Of course, Pevo!
StuL: a few votes for Sweet.
LionBoy: Nearly got that 80 for you guys. Any other requests?
J_Herer: Grundy has done his job, will be welcoming English in the side this week!
dearviolet: Grundy is #2 ruck choice, unless he has a bad patch, this blip is irrelevant
Getup: I've got sweet just on the pine making $$
sheezel420: Are you saying Grundy is above Gawn or English? lol
jlitza: violet gawn and english wanna have a chat
LionBoy: Will English average 130 for rest of season as Darcy improves?
TheLegend6: 6 more Grundy!
dearviolet: Gawnsy is the Dean cox of old, before this round, Grundy has better average than English, so yes
Getup: Why isn't witts in this convo??
BigChief: Please pass whatever you are smoking dearviolet.
J_Herer: Matty Roberts clap clap clap
sheezel420: Not after this week he doesn't
jlitza: by 0.6 violet lmao
jlitza: fair play
Raspel31: Agree J-Herer.
dearviolet: Shrug, we'll have another chat at the end of the year. If Grundy flops, I'll own it. Gawnsy still #1 and dedicated C/VC
TheLegend6: flower you brodie
pcaman2003: Clap,clap,clap to Roberts and Gulden.. Thanks fellas for assisting my win
sheezel420: Grundy couldn't even ton against Eagles ruck lmao
Getup: Well said violet I'm with ya
BigChief: Cmon Heeney and Roberts need 5 more for 2450
Raspel31: Roberts saved my bacon too pcaman.
UncleSniff: Hows Grundy is last 20 secs hahaha
J_Herer: Heeny que in the rack
TheLegend6: hahaha junk brodie yes!!
Roarix: 3 touches and 2 marks.. give us an inflated 30 sc plss
BigChief: Need 5 points scaling please CD
pcaman2003: Good one Raspel. Opponent had Grundy so that helped a heap too.
J_Herer: AF - Grundy up $140k, English down $150k, switch time
StuL: 2347. a bit unders again.
LuvIt74: Now is the perfect time to trade Grundy to English
Fordy13: 2332 here Stu, same here.
UncleSniff: English will have another big BE though won't he?
LuvIt74: StuL thats a great score i have no idea what par will be but im guessing 2300ish
Fordy13: yeah his BE is still massive next week
Roarix: Florent on my draft bench.. thanks mate
LuvIt74: Fordy13 i don't think English BE will be above 130 to 140
JaiDay12: Fordy stop spreading lies, his BE will be ~100 next week - time to get English
Fordy13: Actually, English back down to a 110ish BE next week, hmm.
Fordy13: gg lads, fun weekend getting involved in chat for the first time. Hope to see you all next week :D
LuvIt74: Need a Holdeny13 in here
JaiDay12: and to you Fordy - see you for next week's shenanigans
Fordy13: my mistake.
Wriggs365: yeah bud

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