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frenzy: poor Sheedy
TimT14: Let's fire up Anderson, Rowell and Graham need 100+ each for draft
navy_blues: touk, stay low plz
TheLegend6: Need a big day from Graham to make up for the Libba late out
Social: afternoon fellas
Fordy13: G'day Social.
Fordy13: West Coast at 4.50 looking pretty good about now, getting pants atm GC.
Social: Touk's still lacing up his boots
pcaman2003: No tackle given to Rowell. Just ridiculous!
Beast_Mode: whats wrong with WCE the last 3 games? this is bizarre
Fordy13: already on the bench too wtf.
Fordy13: Chose Rowell over, Dawson or Walsh this week...
bhg26: Don’t think there’s much wrong with them beast if they’re winning
bhg26: Was so close to starting Yeo over Wines start of the year
colin wood: new fitness coach at the eagles said there levels were 40% behind the dogs when he got to the club big improvement
pcaman2003: Beast. Yeo firing seems to have lifted the team spirit, maybe?
Fordy13: get Rowell back on ffs.
bhg26: Witts 100 point quarter incoming
Fordy13: beauty, good start clohesy
Social: world record pace bhg
original: How they miss the first HTB is disgraceful
bhg26: Immediately benched when I brought it up social lol
Beast_Mode: that was sarcasm, won 7 game in the last 3 seasons now could reel off 3 in a row
original: Atkins getting a game. Sheesh.
naicosfan: rowell C not looking too good..
Fordy13: surely Rowell gets a tackle there.
Fordy13: Does rowell get points for a throw aha
BigChief: P155 off Atkins and stop taking Flanders disp.
Beast_Mode: been a rough week for most, many prems poor, unless u used gawn many C's was a fail too
original: Lukocious that was awful
pcaman2003: Fordy. His 1st tackle better, but not paid. The CD gods are strange beasts.
Fordy13: agreed Chief, need big scores to finish off what could've been a massive weekend.
Hepatitis: do something anderson u hack
dearviolet: Brought in mac Andrew this week on a hope and dream. Let's hope it pays off
Fordy13: surely they saw that tackle PCA haha
original: Stop letting Rowell tackle you ffs. Easy bs points for him ggf
Social: Green was handy VC too
pcaman2003: Fordy. So, they do have eyes occasionally. Come on Rowell and fire up.
StuL: i dont know who Powell is but my oppo has him
BigChief: Damn I have 5 Suns players and all onfield. Didn't realise I had that many.
naicosfan: rowell is such a damaging sc player, he can effortlessly rack em up
Hazza09: power off Yeo
original: Anti Rowell: 3 touches 1 turnover 2 tackles is 22sc? Come off it
TimT14: Keep going Anderson I've got ground to make up in draft
Fordy13: they missed his first tackle which was effective @original.
BigChief: original 2 cp worth a few points.
StuL: didnt take yeo. costly.
original: Don’t get me wrong, he should be like 15sc after that FA, not 23 sc
Bulky: Berry on fire!
Zutroyz: Went Yeo over McLovin, happy thus far, but early doors
navy_blues: got C on witts today lolol
Fordy13: I call it justice for missing his first tackle.
Beast_Mode: keep going yeo, good lad! 52sc for 66% tog is nuts
StuL: power off powell. need flanders
naicosfan: need rowell and flanders to go big this qtr, gov, touk, clohsey keep trotting.
Fordy13: Witts heading for a 200 at this rate
RooBoyStu: Everyone will be trading in rucks Sweet & Witts, chasing points faster than Bolt
original: They added his tackle, and a tackle isn’t a tackle if it leads to the oppo getting en effective disposal
frenzy: not Berry nice
doolz: can we get a donut on Berry!
Fordy13: he's got a 2 for handing out the snakes at quarter time doolz
BigChief: Should have 4 tackles original.
pcaman2003: original. His first tackle ended in a ball up. They didn't pay it.
original: Cheers lads
original: Anyone else holding sexton and hoping lol
Fordy13: I just haven't found a good week to trade him out yet original haha, he's looping Howes' score for me this week.
BigChief: I thought Razor Ray retired.
Hazza09: Yeah I am Original, but I think in 2 weeks he's gone, sell him for 60k
naicosfan: stuff u tkelly stop tagging rowell
pcaman2003: Miller killing Rowell is hurting my round.
original: Just give us one more sexton game. Wish I held mckeech. Also can imagine my reaction to hearing ‘free kick rowell’
original: Atkins realllly hurting Flanders. Flower off Rowell. Jog to the bench please
original: I hate that Ainsworth scored to give Rowell more points. Tbh it’s unfair if he missed it hurts Rowell lol
naicosfan: flanders is hurting flanders by only gaining 38 meters
BigChief: Agree original. Atkins can roll his ankle and get subbed off.
Fordy13: Is it it not just a score assist Orig?
RooBoyStu: Clohesy & Graham brick wall looming
Fordy13: Clohesy on field, I need a good score from him, Graham not too worried, M7 atm
naicosfan: ffs touk
Fordy13: on bench rather for Graham*
BigChief: Rarely see Touk make an error like that.
Fordy13: get off the bench Flanders
slydon: waterman has been unreal the last 3-5 games
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Touk Miller bork bork bork!
pcaman2003: Did Touk's score just go up,not down?
naicosfan: love to see it pca
navy_blues: yep pca no points loss for touk thats bs just gave eagles a goal
Hazza09: Touk went up+6 for that out on the full lol
suns4ever: He had a free for and 2 tackles right before the clanger
Fordy13: should be a negative 20 for what he did in that back pocket.
Social: Touk hit the target with that kick, straight to his mum
original: Hate this game. Draft I have Flanders. He has waterman Duggan and rowell.
BigChief: Liking the way Rogers plays.
Fordy13: ouch town population original.
LuvIt74: Touk great job son keep it up, T Berry get a move on ffs mate
RooBoyStu: Looked like he passed it to your mum with a smile
Fordy13: What's everyone thinking for trades this week? I'm considering a double downgrade to target a few bargain prems in R9
LuvIt74: I'll be bringing in Rowell or Houston this week
RooBoyStu: @Fordy Powell NM has to go
Fordy13: Also options to go with a Dawson or Bailey Dale this week if I want to pull the trigger.
pcaman2003: Rowell looking a bit more alive this qtr. Move up Graham and Flanders.
Fordy13: Dempsey and Sharp are my two that are ready to move on.
slydon: ive had carnage with rozee injury and jackson role change. having to consider once i seeprice updates
LuvIt74: Cadman, Dempsey & Comben OUT and IN comes Rowell, Garcia & Jones
Hepatitis: Lift Anderson. Need 160 after last week
Fordy13: Sweet looking like some juicy cash gen for at least 3-4 weeks until Soldo is fit.
RooBoyStu: Sweet is obvious must swap your R3 if you don't have him purely for cash generation for future
original: Can someone please shoot atkins for me
Fordy13: R. Garcia my other downgrade target atm.
Beast_Mode: is it worth it tho, soldo will only miss 3 more games
RooBoyStu: Clohesy celebration has stopped, back to reality
naicosfan: 3 gc mids free at the 50, instead they handball to eachother like spuds
Fordy13: not many other downgrade options on the bubble, huge score this week.
Hazza09: Dempsey, Cadman & one of Powell or Comben for Serong, Sweet and some rookie
BigChief: original Atkins had 1 touch this qtr. Flanders getting it more.
Legix: Good lad Flanders. Keep getting the one-twos son
LionBoy: Afternoon all. Thanks for the nice ride TBerry but time to farewell.
wadaramus: Do something Clohesy you hack.
original: Would wce trade Carlton petrecelle? Want a quick small fwd
Fordy13: Witts back to earth this quarter, 8 pts.
Fordy13: A lot less stoppages.
DaMeatloaf: If Sweet will make 150k+ in 3 weeks then definitely worth it considering how tight cash gen has been with other rooks
Hazza09: Who goes? Comben or Powell?
frenzy: you going early on Jones LuvIt, Toby back next week
TheLegend6: Good lad Graham
Fordy13: Powell's role is restricting his points, he's going to lose a bunch more cash before Comben does.
pcaman2003: Nice one Graham. Keep it up lad.
naicosfan: rowell M.I.A
TheLegend6: Berry getting some super jammy points here
BigChief: Nice 5 mins Clohesy. Keep it up
Silz90: Nice one Graham and yeo
Fordy13: Berry has realised he's playing a game of footy.
LionBoy: Think I hurt his feelings Legend
pcaman2003: naicosfan. Hopefully massive 2nd half coming up.Fingers crossed!
GJayBee: Is Yeo paying CD? Or is he playing like Bont ?
Beast_Mode: pwoell first, he's b/e will be in the 90's, comben probs in the 60's
OffaStep: Surely the change in Powell's role will be seen as a failed experiment? With the obvious loss of impact, they'll revert?
Beast_Mode: rogers a lot better this week
naicosfan: for sure pca, at this score last week and scored a 126.
TheLegend6: Yeo been great so far
UncleSniff: All the "you're crazy for owning Yeo" and "we've seen this movie before" posters have gone real quiet haven't they?
LuvIt74: @Frenzy i'll see if Jones is named and then decide but i cant see Jones being dropped but Sub risk for sure
soup: Was just about to draft out my formal apology sniff
OffaStep: Hurting big time Sniff. Still waiting for a twang that may not come.
LionBoy: Yeah Uncle. The Yeo bus can pull up anytime but glad I’m on it.
CamT: Powell's attitude is "if the ball comes to me it comes to me. If it doesn't it doesn't"
frenzy: who comes out for Toby thou
pluggerpig: Yeo is probably the MVP of the league. I mean most valuable to his team.
OffaStep: I'm talking about T Powell (re role change), not W BTW.
UncleSniff: No matter what happens LionsBoy, he's been a huge pick and a POD to boot.
CamT: I'm talking NM's Powell.
Roarix: 30 pt lead with Yeo v Miller and Graham v Berry.. gonna stay close I feel
dearviolet: Lift Mac Andrew
Roarix: Leading tackler, clearance getter and metres gained for Eagles.. wp King Yeo
OffaStep: Made 113K averaging 93 until R7, Cam. Pretty good in a year lean for FWDs.
Zutroyz: I've got Yeo, Sniff. I'm still waiting for the long term injury, but will ride the roller coaster til then
GJayBee: Plugerpig I had no idea the old dog was up to his old tricks. Pretty resilient athlete I gotta say
pcaman2003: For mine, Yeo has been the pickup of the year. Sensational so far.
LionBoy: Holding too many suns but can fix up during the byes.
Hazza09: Yeo will not get injured, will play 20-22 games and go 115 average, its just how it is
CamT: Yeo owners are laughing. No-one will pick him at $620,000+.
StuL: i had the choice of yeo, young and nwm at low 500s. Went nwm. costly
CamT: Same here, StuL
Getup: Is anyone else's sc gameday frozen??
StuL: thanks CamT
dearviolet: Waterman might be a look in at top 6 fowards, surely?
TheLegend6: oh no clohesy
BigChief: Uh oh Closey might be done.
LionBoy: Clohesy looks subbish
naicosfan: ffs why are the ruckmans doing the clearances themselves
StuL: Not another def rookie out pls clohesy
CamT: Clohesy done :(
Lions1980: typical
pcaman2003: Such is life!
BigChief: Almost everyone has Clohesy though so it won't hurt too much.
naicosfan: clohsey all g
Lions1980: hes loooking ok now
Zutroyz: Just a stinger for Clohesy, he's back
LionBoy: 60% chief. Who wouldn’t have him??
jlitza: oh clohesy we love u
CamT: He lives !!
LionBoy: Obviously 40%. No need.
naicosfan: ffs rowell
BigChief: And those 40% have obviously no clue or have stopped playing LB
Roarix: Yeo second lowest TOG for eagles.. Grahma lowest.. what the actual fk
pcaman2003: Off the pine Graham. You have scoring to do.
BigChief: And his ownership is actually closer to 65% if you want to get technical.
Roarix: Graham first 10 min on bench.. wowee fk you dimma
wadaramus: Get going Clohesy, we want 75 from D6.
naicosfan: anderson beats down on bad teams and goes missing in big games
Fordy13: agreed wada, I need a good score from him
BigChief: Touks kicking been terrible this week.
StuL: Relieved Clohesy yet lives.
sheezel420: It's his 3rd game, he's injured, and everyone has him, bit much to ask
Zutroyz: C'mon SSF, need a big second half
Fordy13: Flanders and Rowell need them to push 100+ too.
sheezel420: 4th game, same thing
miersmessi: need rowell to go big now
LionBoy: Could easily go 140 if he hits the targets Chief
pcaman2003: Miller runnin g around alone. Should score 170+ easy.
LionBoy: Hope you’re right PC. Need it for a win me thinks
BigChief: If not more Lion. Doing as he pleases.
LuvIt74: This Berry looks like he'll be fully ripe in no time at all
UncleSniff: Sexy Flanders is coming. I said last week he's an easy watch, 110 guy. C'mon bloke!
StuL: Flanders!
LuvIt74: i think par will be around 2300 this week
BigChief: OMG they finally used edge for a post review straight away. Miracles do happen.
sheezel420: Flanders is a beautiful seagull
pcaman2003: VC on Rowell has failed. Back to the drawing board.
Zutroyz: VC in second last game of round, that's crazy talk pcaman
Raspel31: No Gawn or Green pcaman? But yep, Rowell disappointing.
miersmessi: pcaman i got c on rowell, not sure if hes even going to match opps c on walsh
StuL: Flanders besting Powell which i need in my game
LuvIt74: Berry hasn't touched it at all this quarter
BigChief: Rowell should still ton up.
DraperDrip: Hens love roosters Geese love ganders Everyone else loves Sam Flanders
LuvIt74: Who the hell is your C obviously Heeney if Rowell fails?
TheLegend6: Berry got +4 for that lmao
LionBoy: Reckon around 2220 Luv
UncleSniff: I'm stunned how many people didn't go Gawn VC, probably the easiest decision iin SC ever for me.
pcaman2003: Chief. He'll need to do a lot better to ton up and get at least 120
LuvIt74: Ballsy having your VC on the second last game
LuvIt74: @Sniff totally agree
miersmessi: messed up uncle went with english grundy at the start and cant trade premos
BigChief: pcaman it's still the 3rd qtr.
naicosfan: Rowell!!
Fordy13: Absolutely sniff!
DraperDrip: Gawn against inexperienced ruckman always dominates
Hepatitis: noah making up for last week big time. 160 minimum pls
jlitza: yeo 110 from 14 touches dang, ig 13 cp
pcaman2003: Chief. He heard me! lol! Works every time.:)
UncleSniff: Yikes Messi4
original: Rowell goal GGF you cbomb
LuvIt74: Rowell should make 120+
TheLegend6: Gawn played against Nank
BigChief: Happy now pcaman?
naicosfan: heck yes!!
TimT14: Rowelllll
naicosfan: Out of nowhere saving my captaincy
Fordy13: man, feeling a bit better about trading Rowell in this week now.
TheLegend6: hahaha go on Rowell
LuvIt74: Berry benched for doing SFA
pcaman2003: And again! Lol! You little beauty Rowell.
The Ogre: Oh Captain My Captain.
Raspel31: There you go pcaman.
LachieMcL: DraperDip what are you on about lmao
miersmessi: 12 contested and 7 clearances this guys a bull
original: Oh flower off Rowell ridiculous bs after a shower qtr. go get flowered
nbartos: Witts clinic
Roarix: Sub Berry pls so I can win money league
pcaman2003: Raspel. Seems to work every time. They prove me wrong. Lol!
Fordy13: got any hair left original? Must be ready to tear it out.
naicosfan: get in there rowell, lovely quarter
TheLegend6: I'm in same boat Roarix haha
BigChief: Lachie comes in to try go whack and missed by a mile.
Hazza09: get off the pine Flanders ffs
LionBoy: Can’t see him doing ya much damage anyway Roar.
Roarix: Its more that Miller's TOG gapping Yeos and worried about there being a 30 pt difference
Roarix: So any advantage Graham can have over Berry is important Lion
Roarix: Miller could get 160 while Yeo sits a 130.. that will hurt
Hepatitis: 160 minimum noah and took
navy_blues: lol hepa abusing noah every week now sucking up
BigChief: Sub Anderson to p155 Hepatitis off :)
TimT14: Let's go Anderson! Get the sun's across the line with 140+
LionBoy: I need him to score 60 ish to help me. Thinking you’re better chance then me Roar
Roarix: Noooo sub Miller instead
pcaman2003: Now a Rowell tackle on Yeo missed. I give up!
Fordy13: bit of water to slick things up
original: Sometimes tackles don’t count if they don’t stop effective disposals
BigChief: Yeo got a HB pcaman
original: They were discussing CD tackle scoring the other week, 3 tiers of points from tackle
miersmessi: is it raining or is my screen dirty
miersmessi: no chance that should be high
Fordy13: Raining
original: Just for the love of god don’t sub Flanders
OffaStep: Maybe you're just gryan miers?
Fordy13: with it raining they'd have to sub a big man you'd think
BigChief: How far did Waterman just run?
original: Miles
LionBoy: 13 steps Chief
StuL: flanders wont be subbed. Surely?
miersmessi: about 25m
original: 17 steps
Fordy13: a good 20 metres haha
Fordy13: big strides
pcaman2003: Back on please Graham. Need you to start scoring again. Come on Ned!
miersmessi: sub flanders i still havent got him
original: If you googled “horror sc game” this game is it for me given the match up. Could not have gone worse.
miersmessi: why cant they just let that be advantage
Fordy13: on demand PCA haha
LionBoy: Berry on thin ice for next week.
BigChief: Steps mean SFA it is 15 metres.
banta: tim kelly is so painful. so laconic. show some energy mate
Hepatitis: lift anderson u hack
original: Sub Rowell. Please
BigChief: Kelly holding Rowell almost every ball up
LionBoy: Tell that to umpires. They count….those that can.
pcaman2003: Fordy. It seems to work. If you don't ask,you don't get.:)
Fordy13: damn it Flanders
BigChief: Ball is a piece of soap now. LOL
pcaman2003: Just need a miserly 130 Rowell. Not asking too much.. Not really!
TorturedSC: Sheed looks so far off it, needs to let the career go
navy_blues: graham flying
Fromage: It’s Wet so junk time
UncleSniff: If Yeo and Miller score similar, I'll only need Matt Roberts to score 12 to go to the top of my $200 league
miersmessi: sheed is so bad
StuL: The eagles cant win. what are commentators talking about?
frenzy: gee Humpty doing ok for 4 eff. disp
wadaramus: Damn, should have looped Sharp with Graham.
LuvIt74: Ok enough bench time berry what a joke
BigChief: Trade Sheed to Cats. He fits their age demographic
miersmessi: no thanks chief id rather have esava back than sheed
BigChief: Damn Humphrey subbed.
TheOnyas: Onya Wittsy
Fordy13: beautiful, keep hospital handballing to the bloke next to Rowell.
Zutroyz: Old enough, but not good enough BigChief
sheezel420: Yeo 30 point second half so far
OffaStep: He's in all manner of strife after that knee to the head, BC.
LuvIt74: @Wadaramus it's just unfortunate mate as Sharp seems more consistant and slightly better average then Graham
Roarix: Thank you Graham you star
original: Flanders drops mark, Rowell gets a free. Fuming. Watching I do appreciate Rowell is a points beast tho but hate it
wadaramus: Agree LuvIt, but I should have paid more attention to who played first and who could be looped!
Fordy13: Yeah unfortunately, a few quiet quarters didn't go over to the far wing for Sharp to score last night.
Fordy13: yeah you're not having a great run original, he's just racking em up now.
naicosfan: rogers looks a must with gc home game runs
LuvIt74: Rowell will score 140+
BigChief: I would love to get rogers, but already have 5 Suns.
Fordy13: I took the option to loop Garcia from Saints as I had a Geelong player loop, sharp barely outscored Garcia..
StuL: might be too much for the eagles. you dont say
miersmessi: surely not luvit hes going to rest soon
pcaman2003: With Rowell, Flanders ,Graham and Yeo, I'm fairly pleased.. Rowell recovered nicely.
OffaStep: Rowell off for Miller to junk it up, please.
miersmessi: for someone who plays as hard as he does rowell spends an awful lot of time on the ground unreal fitness
Roarix: Atkins a typical reserves level player.. 130 avg in VFL, 29 today lol
TheLegend6: Unreal by Graham today
Jack SC: I had Graham and Wilson on instead of Sharp and Garcia
UncleSniff: Atkins will be playing for Werribee next year Roar
Fordy13: lol cripps forgot there was a boundary line
BigChief: Uncle he would struggle to get a senior game for Werribee.
Beast_Mode: anyone considering rogers?
naicosfan: didnt know ginbey was indigenous
miersmessi: surely put rowell back on to get control the game again
dearviolet: Got rogers on the bench.
UncleSniff: I say Werribee because they are interested in him, he likely gets delisted
nbartos: Clohesy injured or just a knock?
StuL: Nice work clohesy and graham
Fordy13: Gold Coast pumping out cash cows
Jack SC: Why would you have Rogers.... Like what?
frenzy: ohdearviolet
original: Cmon Flanders
miersmessi: jake rogers playing like my goat gryan miers
Fordy13: @nbartos, had his wrist strapped up earlier, has doubled his score since.
Beast_Mode: he had 30pts last week lol
banta: flanders done nothing in the last quarter. ghost
UncleSniff: Must be a bad year of rookies for Violet haha
miersmessi: the king brothers have to be the most overhyped/overrated players
BigChief: Ramsden and Campbell subs. Lewis late out.
runners47: C'mon Flanders - one last big effort!
UncleSniff: Other thing I like about Yeo, he's very easy to spot with the way he runs/lumbers around
Beast_Mode: violet crumble
pcaman2003: One more goal please Rowell.
Fordy13: Hopefully Grundy does a Witts
dearviolet: Traded Jhye Clark for Rogers, I've made some risky trades this year
dearviolet: Haven't played in nearly 6 years, just having fun
UncleSniff: The Meek match up suits Grundy, he plays well on the big/strong types so far this year
StuL: i dont like about yeo is hes not in my team. he was in draft trades. bleeding points
Jack SC: Genuinely dumb founding to trade in Rogers after a 28...
runners47: Hope so too, Fordy13 - need him to cover up the gap between Flanders and opponent's Zerrett
nbartos: cheers Fordy
TimT14: Well done Rowell, Anderson and Graham
miersmessi: do i trade sexton out even tho -6 be and dpp
Fordy13: Roberts, Heeney and Grundy to finish off my week, if I get 300+ I'll be pretty happy.
UncleSniff: I think Dimma has spoken, those fringe experienced guys (Sexton, Atkins, Ellis) won't play, unless kids need a break.
Fordy13: @miers, I've just been using him as a loop tbh. If he plays great, if not I'll get him traded eventually
LionBoy: Good luck with your money game Roar
LuvIt74: Monty Clohesy can get the $ as he has a BE of -75
miersmessi: yeah thats what ive being doing fordy, hes a great looper with the dpp
original: Flanders really stopped
LuvIt74: 1948 with Heeney, Grundy & Roberts im so cheezed off tbh as im ranked 2248 overall & can see me dropping a few thousand
BigChief: LuvIt Clohesy has the bandage so can't put the $ on him.

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