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J.Worrall: Buy Dachshunds.
J.Worrall: Get a long, little doggies
Pavs: Libba out m0nty
Gelly: pedal harder
bhg26: Come on Serong brought you in this week
Wends: Willing to forego a JMac substantial price rise, just to make sure last week wasn't Bevo trickery.
Bulky: Sheesh Bulldogs, Is that the best jumper you could come up with?
thommoae: Freo with something to prove tonight.
OffaStep: Need a Bevo icon for players he flowers.
BigChief: Libba food poisoning.
LionBoy: Jackson Macrae and Darcy with Libba now on the bench.
StuL: Come on sharp. i didnt trade you so lets hope he can get his be
Wends: Big game from you Bont wld be appreciated and Sharp, Young & Fyfe (don't ask)
Gelly: go mac
LionBoy: Why Fyfe Wends?
Gelly: go jacko
StuL: Jackson needs goals to score well so good start
Wends: Don't even know anymore Lionboy lol
navy_blues: cosidering treloar
LionBoy: Given up on Jackson as ruck but holding for top 10 fwd.
Baldfrog: He'll get injured Navy
Gotigres: 100 please Sharp
navy_blues: in good form baldy 4 tons and a 99
StuL: Good Fyfe.
LionBoy: Genius Wends
Baldfrog: Lax marking by Freo players
Gelly: s darcy vs s darcy
slydon: need some impact from serong and jackson tonight
BigChief: Let's go Bont and Sam Darcy.
StuL: darcys everywhere this year
clay007: Good staty by Fyfe Wends...but not an early crow, just a keen observation
J.Worrall: Young and Jackson's, go there!
StuL: keeping sharp and trading williams is probably going to bite me
Wends: Alotta slip slidin going on
dearviolet: I did the same Stu, it'll work out
Fordy13: the surface seems terrible tonight, they're tearing up the surface
LionBoy: Starting to doubt my Macrae initiative
Pavs: Traded Sharp this week StuL your a chance still
Silz90: Go fyfe, serong, and bont. I nearly traded in macrae
slydon: power down bont. no one needs your score...
Jack SC: Dude it's 1/2 a quarter in Lion. Seriously... Relax
LionBoy: Easy for you to say. Your name is Jack.
dearviolet: Every time I have gone to trade Fyfe, he's scored big. Let's hope that happens again tonight.
Wends: This is a safe space for early panic Jack, Lion's OK
StuL: Go Fyfe
LachieMcL: Harmes should never be in an accountable role lmao
Pavs: Why was that a fifty?
Dondeal: Why is Young off again?
original: young doesnt wanna risk a hammy
DidgeBird: Pavs - even behind the player on the mark, its protected zone and a dog ran through it
navy_blues: good ball movement
bhg26: Fyfe watching Matt Crouch highlights before the game
dearviolet: Good start from Dogga and Fyfe, need Sharpie to lift
Pavs: Thanks Didge
Pavs: Fyfe looking confident tonight. Like it
Raspel31: Big fellow that Darcy- carn English.
StuL: back to the past fyfe.
Wends: Had Duursma still stinking it up on bench & traded LJack. BE game not the play this wk apparently.
J.Worrall: Get off the bench, Macrae!!
Jack SC: Ok Lion's I'm panicked af now. We fuxked.
LachieMcL: Dale bro what was that handball
Beast_Mode: fyfe on fire!
Wends: Like the Fyfe of old StuL
BigChief: Freo HB happy so far tonight
Pavs: Who did you Captain Beast
Social: Alright I'm out of the ice bath, good battle happening here
bhg26: Freo mids cooking
LionBoy: At least when Macrae is on the bench he goes backwards more slowly.
sfenda1: anyone bring in dale this week?
navy_blues: yes sfenda
Jack SC: Daniel on
original: Kept SDarcy over khamis. Heís $1.2 to be sub at this rate
BigChief: In Bevo we trust right chat?
circle52: I did after Massimo not named to avoid a donut
Pavs: Looked at Dale couldn't trust Bevo
OffaStep: Doggo killing me.
Hughsy: Should have worn two arms sleeves you flog weightman
OffaStep: *Dogga
original: anyone see weightman's 'art' on social media. real deluded
Beast_Mode: Hughsy the peanut tough guy behind a screen lmao
nbartos: tough one this
Fordy13: Sharp to lift but happy with Fyfe, Bont + Serong
Geeaad: Macrae & Sharp wake up ffs!
DidgeBird: Hughsy bringin the Essendon Edge to Fanfooty
Zutroyz: Libba illness, runny nose perhaps?
gazza39: Harley who... cmon Fyfey :-)
soup: Please stay low Ryan
DidgeBird: Zutroyz - hopefully nothing to do with that random fall a couple of weeks ago!
Gotigres: Sharp predicted for only 92
Raspel31: Macrae was tempting- thank golly I'm a devout man.
Wends: What's going on with Sharpie?
Pavs: Food poisoning they reckon
PAFC4eva: Libba too much coke on week off :)
StuL: lift Ryan. Young keeps beating you
Social: Dont wanna rush it Sharpie
Pavs: Are you though Rasp?
Hazza09: Now Ryan to shower the bed, absolute joke
Zutroyz: Hopefully not Didge. Didn't look good at the time
Wends: Holy hat Fyfey :)
circle52: Draper subbed for Simpson
Zutroyz: Is food poisoning the new 'awareness' Pav?
BigChief: I think you misspelled deviot Raspel LOL
Social: youre showering me
StuL: Dempsey and Sharp for the chop
Fordy13: oh man draper subbed goodbye cash gen on bench
NewFreoFan: deviot?
Social: whaaa
Pokerface: did people consider the consequences and actively choose Macrae?
Beast_Mode: lol draps
pcaman2003: Wonder when Bevo realizes Serong needs tagging. He's killing it.
Beast_Mode: hopefully ppl didnt use draper on ground while stewart was unavailable this week
Pavs: Wow Draper filling in for Stewart. I suck at this
thommoae: NewFreoFan - any insights into Young's tog and, while we're about it, why he sat out the last quarter last week?
Zutroyz: Its hard to pick any dogs at the moment. Bevo is likely to sub the Bont. Can't take the risk
Social: Yeah considered them Poker and went with Yeo
Zutroyz: That would be me Beast
Jack SC: I'm sorry wtf is with Macrae's scoring.... Tackle, mark, kick effective, tackle.... 4 points.
Gelly: man macrea looks the game has gone past him
Beast_Mode: good form Zutroyz
NewFreoFan: Not really thommoae, maybe got a niggle being managed. Haven't heard anything
Pavs: Thanks Beast
original: only a fool would have brought in macrae
Gelly: well no one can be bevod now atleast
Pokerface: Libba still to come back too
BigChief: Well done the real S. Darcy.
Hazza09: Went Walsh over Serong, absolute mess this year
Social: testing 1 2 snowballs root rooting i'm rooted
original: luke ryan wow
Pavs: Get going Bont need 170 from you now.
Fordy13: Thankfully draper is my D8, looks like he'll stay there for good now...
PAFC4eva: Nearly thought about it original but raspels sweedish model slapped me on the face said pay attention
Jack SC: This scoring for Macrae is flowered. Dude kicks in inside 50 to a contest. Gets 1 point. What is this shower
NewFreoFan: With Draper out Ryan has to pick up someone, his scoring gonna be low
Hughsy: I traded Ryan in this week.
LionBoy: Apparently weíre fools Jack. I knew it.
Beast_Mode: lmao nice
Gotigres: You've gotta do better than this Sharp.
thommoae: Walsh hardly in the 'absolute mess' category Hazza?
Hughsy: Fyfe for brownlow?
Zutroyz: Go Fat Nyfe. Score enough for you and Draper
OffaStep: Unless Hazza started him, thommoae?
Hazza09: Ryan just icing the cake this week
bhg26: Fraser-McGurk seeing beach balls in IPL right now
DiggaDogga: Boys, good breakdown of scoring in link following. E.g. Kick < 40m to contest = ineffective = 0 pts, etc
BigChief: Hughesy who are you trading in next week so we can avoid them LOL
pcaman2003: Have Bont, English and Jackson.Gained a miserable 9pts this qtr.
Social: vintage Fyfe
Social: hehe well done kid
Wends: Wowee
Hughsy: Ill be taking dawson next week, steer clear BC
clay007: why cant brodie get a game?
BigChief: Thanks mate I was considering him too for M8.
Social: Zac Dawson Hughsy?
Yelse: young TOG very concerning
Social: Ross rates him highly
NewFreoFan: mystery to all Freo supporters clay007
Wends: Dropping a heap of cash this week Yelse
Jack SC: Macrae was just given 4 points from nowhere, there was something clearly wrong before
Kidult: rotation liability
clay007: Weird NewFreo...when he played great footy, freo made finals
BigChief: It's called scaling Jack.
Getup: I did something stupid traded liba to heeney to try to get a league win 🙄
Jack SC: Scaling doesn't go 4 at a time BigChief
Kidult: Yeh players get +1 added and -1 pending effort
navy_blues: nice dale
TimT14: Comon sharp get to 15 touches
BigChief: It can Jack when the CD people look at the replays and + or - missed stuff.
pluggerpig: thats not scaling thats a stat correction
pluggerpig: likely missed a tackle or something
Hazza09: Bevo you flog, tag Ryan but let 3 free mids get 60 possessions between them
BigChief: They prob missed a tackle for Macrae.
oh_lol: If you add something for something missed, that's not scaling lol
gazza39: Freo midfield better now and Brodie still no tank
Getup: Jackson butter fomf
Gotigres: Oh Jackson, how did you drop that?
Getup: Finger's
pluggerpig: wtf was that jackson. sam darcy off temu
Pokerface: they probably got to it after seeing complaints here. Should do it more often
pluggerpig: what if Monty was running champion data this whole time
Gotigres: I haven't seen Sharp on the ground anywhere
Social: JJ could be back with that haircut
pcaman2003: Is Bont being tagged,or just playing crap?
Gotigres: Oh, Sharp just kicked a behind. His behind needs kicking.
Getup: Crap pca
Pavs: Hardly sighted this quarter pcaman
clay007: Dogga drops a lot of marks
pluggerpig: going to be interesting to se ehow bont gets his inevitable 120
pcaman2003: Hopefully Bont will be much better 2nd half.
pluggerpig: Derm looks like my nan when his glasses on
Wends: Good recovery Young
pcaman2003: pluggerpig. Maybe CD will give him his usual sympathy bonus points. One can only hope :)
Jack SC: 26 point quarter from Macrae Lion we back baby. Couple of 30s hit 90 I'll sleep ok
Hughsy: Bont will finish will 24 amd 1.2, my buddy from the future told me
frenzy: now thats scaling, pcaman
Hughsy: i need to take some kind of typing class
pcaman2003: frenzy. It's very helpful..
Social: what's the weightman sleeve for?
Kidult: he dislocates his elbow
beerent11: Fyfe and Bont my only interest here, going ok.
TheFilth: Social - Weightman dislocated his elbow in round 3.
Getup: No fyfe beer??
Getup: Haha sorry im drinking you have fyfe beer
TheFilth: Hes had issues with his elbow in the past - sleeve to protect the area hasn't helped murch : (
TheFilth: *much
Getup: Proj score for everyone?
Social: ok and how does the sleeve actually assist?
Getup: Im 2400 shower could change obviously 🙄
Getup: Bont under proj fyfe over
Social: nevermind
LachieMcL: luke ryan needs to do something
StuL: come on sharp
JockMcPie: scraping 2200
Kidult: stablizes and protects injured/recovering elbows
Kidult: stabilises*
BigChief: Isn't it a compression sleeve?
RuffLeader: How would a thin shooting sleeve stabilise the elbow
Gotigres: 3rd qtr has started Sharp
Social: That's what I'm thing Ruff. From a physio perspective it wouldn't give any protection. However it is quite fashionable.
Gotigres: Well done Darcy
clay007: Lobb has got to go. I don't like the fact that he might reduce influence of Darcy
FoopyTime: but what about the lobb tic toks
BigChief: If Ugle-Hagan is avail next week Lobb will go surely
clay007: Good point foopy, talented tic tokka
Yelse: The sleeve is prob to give him some confidence that its doing something
Social: little moon tattoos are popular too
navy_blues: get back on serong
Lachie_H: michael voss son havimg an excellent start to his carer
LuvIt74: Who said there trading Darcy out before the 1st quarter concluded?
LachieMcL: treacy is a chad
FoopyTime: i liked voss in the dons vfl side dont know why he didnt get a run
Bulky: The only good news with Sharp is at least he can't be subbed out.
clay007: Sam Darcy will be a star.
BigChief: The commentators already think he is a super star clay LOL
clay007: It was because the essendon side was so not it wasn't. Sorry foopy, don't know
dearviolet: Sharpie to have a massive last quarter ez
FoopyTime: sam is already better than google hagan
StuL: Go Fyfe
clay007: I thought his name was Google whoagain
BigChief: That goal is for beer.
LuvIt74: lmfao@google hagan
LachieMcL: bont should be head-tohead with fyfe and let treloar roam bhind
dearviolet: There's not really a better forward to trade Dogga for right now, have to cop it on the chin been searching for a replac
Wends: Fyfe is life... 2018 all over again
LuvIt74: I doubt Hšagen-Dazs will be playing for the dogs next year
StuL: maybe he cam keep this up and be a keeper wends?
bhg26: 14 contested possessions and 13 clearances for serong is insane
Geeaad: Dearviolet if he scores 70-100 a week, probs will be at least a final F6
Social: Sharp on fire
pcaman2003: Dogs won't,or can't make Fyfe, Brayshaw and Serong accountable.
Wends: With a little luck StuL ;)
original: so so so glad i kept sam darcy over khamis
LuvIt74: Fyfe will most likely get some injury or be managed
FoopyTime: osama bin bevo has striked again
clay007: Smelly with a mark. A goal would be nice
FoopyTime: hahahahahahaha bont
Getup: Wtf
navy_blues: omg bont
dearviolet: How has he missed that
bhg26: Oh dear
BigChief: That's pathetic from Bont
bhg26: Oh well Ryan gets the kickout!
gazza39: Ok LuvIt whatever
Pavs: Pretty much sums up this week for me Bont
Wends: Oh dearie me... poor old Bails going off on his youtube watchalong
BigChief: He will still get 10+ for that from CD
LionBoy: Bont kicks like that and the Lions will want him.
pcaman2003: Jackson has stopped this qtr. Barely sniffed it.
Wends: wow ewetube autocorrected to hax... appropriate
Gotigres: Darcy!
frenzy: Lmao
clay007: Where is Unclesniff when you want him pca
StuL: Go Darcy.
Gotigres: Yes Darcy
TheFilth: Sean Darcy - star
LuvIt74: Darcy will be a great player in 3 to 4 years, he needs to bulk up
bhg26: Doing alright now luvit
TheFilth: *Sam
Wends: Fyfe appreciation post
dearviolet: I'm starting to regret trading Zilliams and not sharp now.
TimT14: Sharp 8 more touches for 2k
LuvIt74: I think those who had Jackson & traded him are crazy, he's a top 6 forward this season & gives you that Ruck cover
dearviolet: I agree. Unless you didn't have heeney, there's not many better
Wends: Way ahead of you Luvit, I had myself sectioned earlier
Yelse: can't believe i started comben over darcy
beerent11: Nice price drop coming for L Ryan.
Bean.: same yelse
Yelse: @beerent don't think that drop would be too big
naicosfan: yeah for sure beer (please jinx for another 75 pt qtr)
pcaman2003: Luvit. I brought him in this week,so that could changes rapidly.
Gotigres: Get to 50 please Sharp
Wends: Sharp needs a campfire icon - burnt by teammates all game
LachieMcL: bramble so bad
pcaman2003: Serong invisible to opposition. I'll have to get him somehow.
beerent11: 132 be going into this week yelse . Will be big next week.
StuL: Young beating Ryan again
Social: go nuts fyfer
StuL: get on the ground fyfe
Gotigres: I feel a red wall may be coming up for one of my players if he doesn't get involved somehow
Kidult: Sanders should be in over Harmes
Social: sneaky knee by tingles in the Darcy glute there
StuL: sharp has crashed into the rookie wall
pcaman2003: Wheneverv you're ready Jackson, the qtr has begun.
beerent11: So Fyfe can stay in our sides till injury with this kind of form.
LuvIt74: I got no idea why anyone would pay up for Macrae and a ton did this week, very inconsistent
StuL: hope so beer
Kidult: Push fyfe to M9/F6 if there ever comes a top 6 forward line
gazza39: AFL you are a joke, how did you know that didn't hit the post again..
Jack SC: LuvIt74 he's super cheap, inconsistent or not he has a solid chance at top 6 forward at 480k it's a fine choice
bhg26: Ryan doesnt get a tackle for that, i hate cd
sheezel420: Ryan has been overscored anyway
LionBoy: BE 64 Luv. A low risk investment with upside potential. Ya get two risk free weeks.
frenzy: Liam Jones getting the Bonts this week
LachieMcL: jj so bad retire already
Social: but the hair lachie
The Ogre: Ryan taking most of teh kick ins
beerent11: Garcia looks ripe for next week
pcaman2003: Fyfe and Serong destroying doggies. Bevo needs to go.
LuvIt74: I cant touch Macrae especially at $480k
FoopyTime: jackson looking like lord farqwod
Fizzy343: serongs SC seems way to low for those stats
dearviolet: I am considering going Hogan to Macrae, see what happens next week
Wends: lol foopy, except taller
LionBoy: Yeah youíll probably be right Luv but got two weeks to run it.
Stu7: Fyfe nice job mate
TheLegend6: Get to 90 Macrae pls
Bulky: How Lobb gets a game before Daniel is beyond me. He is an absolute spud.
LachieMcL: buku cant mark it
thommoae: Lol Foopy. He does.
beerent11: Thatís about the long and short of it bulky.
Kidult: Another 150 incoming for Ryan with it close and he will intercept
Beast_Mode: garcia been good late
navy_blues: another draw?
Gotigres: Bont has been Bevo'd
Pavs: Bont on the bench way too long
Wends: Bont in a jason recliner?
bhg26: Get Bont on the ground ffs
Raspel31: Which means he;ll be dropped next week Beast.
LuvIt74: Id rather spend $420k on dale as opposed to Macrae but i wont coz of bevo
Fordy13: Beaut Ryan to Sharp, looking after me Ryan :D
TheLegend6: Ryans scoring is so stupid
jlitza: bont tog is criminal
Hughsy: Clearly bevo should drop Dale
pcaman2003: Sorry Jacko been useless since 1st qtr. 35 pts since 1st qtr. Costly!
Jack SC: LuvIt74 what has Dale got to do with the forwardline... Dale not gonna be a top 6 def
naicosfan: dogga griefed
The Ogre: Surely Indian bookies have got to Bevo
bhg26: Hasnt worked hard enough hughsy, could use a run in the 2s
LuvIt74: Ryan you gun
Gotigres: Now Darcy is being Bevo'd
Wends: My 2023 Bont fomo kicking me in the bum badly
pluggerpig: Bont needs 23 scaling from a handy point
Fordy13: At least you're not alone Wends.
Getup: Treacy has clunked some huge grabs tonight
bhg26: Went Serong over Walsh, im so happy
Wends: True Fordy
LionBoy: Well done Dockers
Fordy13: nice one bhg, I've gone Rowell over Walsh so I'll have to wait and see :D
beerent11: Itís only one week bhg. Walsh will cover him over the rest of the year if fit.
TheLegend6: Buku Khamis is absolutely horrible
Fordy13: Sharp hurts, at least he outscored H. Garcia who I left on bench and didn't loop :D
bhg26: Big if beer
Wends: Nat you beautiful mans
beerent11: In my opinion
naicosfan: i dont think jackson is a top 6 fwd
LuvIt74: what do you guys think will make par this week?
pluggerpig: 72 handballs between 3 freo players
frenzy: two weeks in a row, got Libba'd
soup: Well done tingles
Social: lovely
slydon: i agree naicos but i reckon if you got him before his big scores, hes gotta stay otherwise too much cash gone

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