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BigChief: Cats by 6 goals.
navy_blues: lololol
Beast_Mode: vc walsh, fire up lad!
LionBoy: Draw
Beast_Mode: cats are due, got the baggers getting up esp without stewart down back
LionBoy: Didnít VC Maxie Beast?
Beast_Mode: LB unfortuantly have not got the big fella!
Fordy13: Carlton by a goal
Beast_Mode: i'll eventually upgrade grundy to maxipad
Social: Higgins get 3 weeks... the match review officer is a dullard
FoopyTime: thats only because they grade things based on how the player was effected and not based on the action
LionBoy: Funds good at Cats. Guthrie finally bought a haircut.
BigChief: Saints have to appeal that as Higgins is a "good bloke"
Beast_Mode: Sinťad O'Connor tagging walsh? ffs
StuL: As much as i want us to win just bought in Walsh
navy_blues: i have gee players to Stul
BigChief: Please go big Holmes, Dempsey and Walsh.
LionBoy: Traded out Zac instead of Dambros. Zac to ton up.
Fordy13: Need a good score from Dempsey
Fordy13: and Williams
StuL: i just gussed zwill would be out and traded him. not the best idea
original: HTB on Walsh looked harsh
StuL: Go Tuohy unlikley hero
Fordy13: Yeah, I had him out until I got news of Dambrosio being managed.
Beast_Mode: williams always only had a corky, they said all week he was likely to play
Fordy13: It was hot footy @original
BigChief: original the ump said he threw it. Not sure he did though.
UncleSniff: Walsh is holding the ball, but Geel defender can just drop it 15m out. About right.
StuL: i wasnt paying attention beast
Beast_Mode: all good mate, i traded him too lol dont regret it tho
StuL: not liking the look of this tag
LionBoy: Not sure itís a mistake Stu. See how he plays this out.
Fordy13: If Pittonet keeps up this dominance, Carlton mids are going to go big.
Fordy13: Keep giving it to Dempsey! You beauty.
UncleSniff: Not if scrubs like O'Connor keep wearing Walsh like a backpack. Bit frustrating.
StuL: Go Dempsey
navy_blues: yeah but getting caught out on rebound atm
Stu7: Nice start Dempsey
BigChief: Blues turnovers killing them.
Stu7: Zillions ya spud
navy_blues: omg to much handball
Stu7: Zilliams ya spud
Fordy13: Geelong defending well
Stu7: Dempsey you star
StuL: Dempsey is on.
xodeus9: dempsey owners you're welcome. I kept Williams and traded dempsey
Stu7: Geelong should run some kicking clinics for some of the rest of the clubs
Stu7: Xodeus9 were you substance effected at the time lol
Wends: Thank you xodeus9. Early doors yet tho... don't jinx him
Fordy13: Thanks @xod, I kept both... Hopefully Williams lifts.
BigChief: Blues need to lower eyes kicking into f50
Fordy13: Yep, not giving their big timber a run at it atm.
flibbity: great mark
bhg26: AFL can you drug test Pittonet?
Social: shanky mcshankerson
Fordy13: Can't keep kicking it to Curnow when he's got a bloke on each arm.
UncleSniff: This is a ruck clinic, Gawn who?
BigChief: Can't see O'Connor keeping up with Walsh the whole game.
StuL: Keep it up Dempsey. 150 will do.
Fordy13: Night and day difference from the previous game today.
Fromage: Sorry everyone - I traded in McKay this week
StuL: Exciting game Fordy. Better than the snoozefest roos v crows
BigChief: Fromage why would you trade McKay in against the #1 def in the AFL?
StuL: i went cripps then changed to Walsh. I hope its just the tag
Fromage: BigChief because his price was going up and BE was around 50?
Beast_Mode: they couldve kicked 7 goals BC, not the same without Stewart roaming around
FoopyTime: god williams is shower
Fordy13: Lucky you don't lose points for losing a marking contest haha.
BigChief: That was exactly the same from Danger is to Walsh in 1st qtr.
StuL: williams be was getting up there i think. probably not going to make it
Fordy13: There u go @fromage, some points!
J_Herer: good trade it seems Fromage
Fordy13: Sitting at 62 Stu
DraperDrip: Mckay and carlton do have tough run ahead also
BigChief: Hewett tagging Danger when in mid?
J_Herer: Williams to Naicos is such a relief
gazza39: Get off the pine Dempsey
Fordy13: I agree Gazza get him on!
StuL: dempsey tog plummeting. enough of the bench
gazza39: Phew
Fordy13: Beauty Williams getting a kick out and a little 1 2
StuL: he had a big break. tog only 62%. back on now
Fordy13: Started on the bench too in the first quarter.
navy_blues: unreal no htb but at gee end htb np
Hazza09: Anyone seen Dempsey?
BigChief: navy you guys need to stop kicking to Curnow with 3-4 on him. He has zero chance.
Fordy13: Yeah dumping it on his head with a bloke on each arm. Needs to get a run at it.
UncleSniff: Geelong are just allowed to drop it. This is crazy.
original: How is that not htb
navy_blues: agree BC draw gee defence out
Fordy13: Definitely HTB
slydon: carlton being given the short end of the stick from the umps today...
slydon: also love that walsh is slowly building
BigChief: Curnow will rip this game apart if given the chance.
Beast_Mode: dont like defending the blue boys but yeah the giving them nothing
Fordy13: They're defending him really well, but they're under siege.
navy_blues: thatts a push
original: Can they review a push in the back
navy_blues: thats bs
SonOfAGun.: how about the push in the back ump
UncleSniff: Crazy bad umpiring. Absolutely insane.
SonOfAGun.: Boooo
BigChief: Massive push in the back. Cats have paid the umps well today.
Zutroyz: Free Carlton?
naicosfan: Carlton supporters when they finally dont have the umps for one game:
wadaramus: Cannot see the ball, but can judge it a mark?
NewFreoFan: Only thing worse than the umpiring is Carlton's goalkicking
UncleSniff: If we got a ride like this, we'd be up by 70 already Naicos you troll
mattmac24: Wasn't a push in the back... Carlton fans complaining about umpires is ironic.. ha!
Cascadian: Naicos they are the most hypocritical fan base
BigChief: mattmac his hand was on the number 3.
StuL: Dempseys epic bench sit has ruined him.
PAFC4eva: Good win today wada looks like crom favs next week
Zutroyz: Kick straight Sniff and you would be up
clay007: Nice passion in the house
Fordy13: he's on the far wing unfortunately, nowhere near it atm.
wadaramus: 5 & 2 vs @ & 5, methinks Port Power are clear favourites!
Stu7: Walsh you are a star
BigChief: Not with the Port inj wada. even money game.
PAFC4eva: Na wada port not playing well enough crom won 3 of last 4 showdons clear favs
navy_blues: utter bs
BigChief: No htb on Kolodjashnij?
macff: whatever the new interpretation of hb is it can get in the bin
StuL: Glad Walsh has shaken the tag from a SC pov
wadaramus: Well, it's a Crows home game, i'll be there, so hopefully we can get the job done.
DidgeBird: I don't think Cats can keep this speed of play up in the second half
wadaramus: Taggers are utter parasites.
Fordy13: If they keep kicking straight they'll go pretty close.
Stu7: Yeah heís done well StuL
Beast_Mode: imagine trading holmes out lol
Zutroyz: We're treading water Didge. Carlton are on top apart from scoreboard.
Hazza09: Great Dempsey, played one good qtr and completely gone MIA
clay007: You strike me as a guy who likes that sort of stuff Beast
wadaramus: Come on Zwill, get involved man.
Fordy13: The bounce on that ball, even the bounce is against Carlton.
Stu7: Dempsey gone cold
Zutroyz: Need Williams to get to 62
StuL: Dempsey nothing this qtr and back on the bench
Ash777: the game is won in turn overs
PAFC4eva: i got tickets will see you on the hill
Stu7: Dempsey clicked into 🥔 mode
BigChief: How can Dempsey lose 2 points when not within 100m of the ball all qtr?
StuL: Danger winding back the clock
wadaramus: I'll be in the same seat i've been sitting in since 92.
Fordy13: I know chief, he somehow has a free against him as well, wasn't near the footy.
Fordy13: he's lost 5 points whilst sitting on the bench.
Fordy13: make that 6 points
Zutroyz: Carlton can't get a htb we can't get a htm
Fordy13: he's going backwards, wtf!
mattpanag: I swear champion data think Zac Guthrie is Ollie Dempsey. too many headbands
StuL: bloody cd. taking points off dempsey for nothing
soup: Stanley needs to stay in the magoos
PAFC4eva: youll be at footy park then :)
Kidult: Dempsey will end up being subbed off with how it is tracking
Fordy13: Every time I look he's lost another point!
DiggaDogga: Isn't it that as the game moves forward and there are more critcal plays / disposals, etc that earlier points are TBC
DiggaDogga: effectively discounted as they are seen to have impacted the outcome of the game less? Could be wrong.
wadaramus: True, still front row, but moved a bay to the north when we moved to AO.
Fordy13: I thought SC didn't scale it until end of game? I've got no idea though tbh.
BigChief: Will Dempsey get his BE of 66? I doubt it.
Fordy13: 40 pt first quarter, didn't get near the footy in the second and he's lost 6 pts ><
Zutroyz: I think Gunthrie snr will get subbed. Giving hope to all of us Dempsey owners
DiggaDogga: Pretty sure it happens during most games to a very mild degree like Dempsey today.
Beast_Mode: Scott just said he'll drop the walsh tag in the 2nd half!
PAFC4eva: Should be full house those crom home games are certainly diffrent
StuL: Dempsey will come back in the 3rd. He has to
slydon: Fantastic, Walsh tag lifting after half time, straight from Scott himself
Hazza09: Why tf has Dempsey lost 7 points?
Zutroyz: Went to crom game for 1st time this year PAFC. Let me tell you, it was an experience
PAFC4eva: You should try a crom showdown Zutroyz if you can they are a headshaker
Fordy13: Oop Dempsey +3, he's gone back up. Must've handed out the oranges
StuL: Dempsey just got 3 points back
Zutroyz: Rozeee to Walsh next week accounting for the hammy
Fordy13: No idea Hazza, he had a quiet quarter. Looks like they gave a free against to him instead of Bowes, just fixed that up.
Zutroyz: It was feral enough for the cats. PAFC. Hard to imagine it could get worse
PAFC4eva: Saying he might play if he doesnt wont be out long
Fordy13: Fox Footy expecting 1-2 weeks on Rozee.
navy_blues: gee our kicking is shocking
clay007: Dempsey starts on bench. Why?
RooBoyStu: Parfitt as useful as Anita Bryant in a Donut Factory.
Fordy13: Butcher Williams
StuL: a good lead now.
Fordy13: he's started every quarter on the bench clay, frustrating!
BigChief: DE not good navy. Costing you big time.
StuL: dempsey benched again!
Jack SC: How do you get your club icon next to your name?
LachieMcL: blues suck
RooBoyStu: Pay m0nty Jack SC
Stu7: 8 shots at goals 8 points Carlton could be way in front
Hazza09: is Dempsey injured? ffs
RooBoyStu: Back to reality Blues
BigChief: Ess last won a final when Lachie?
Fordy13: He's not Hazza, he's just been benched at the start of every quarter so far...
navy_blues: a nd hows norf going RooBoy? lmao
clay007: Is it still a good lead stul?
Kidult: Dempsey got the free against removed. that's a small win
clay007: The blues are still in this. The lead is nothing, we all saw them destroy gws
Baldfrog: If only Blues had 20 more first round picks they'd be competetive
navy_blues: have to improve a lot clay
StuL: yea. it was a handy lead. ok now its tight
Fordy13: Damn Stengle did enough to stop WIlliams getting the handball then
RooBoyStu: Baldfrog they were a basket case for a long time Carlton, people have short memories
clay007: You never want to jinx your team stul. It was an early crow. Still 34 mins game time to go
BigChief: Danger hammy? Looks done for.
RooBoyStu: But they breached the salary cap and had draft restrictions, paper bags were common at Visy land
NickyD: Oh no! Danger my C
Baldfrog: Don't worry Rooboy you'll have 20 first round picks soon too
Social: Nothing in it
StuL: Stanley having a big game. Conway is the future
clay007: But stu, your team is still a basket case, just saying.
Ash777: danger's clock was wound too tight
Jack SC: Apologies I got distracted if answered before. How do you get your club icon next to your name?
StuL: Dempsey got a kick.
clay007: Sorry, I mean rooboy, not stu. Sorry!
Fordy13: When I signed up before Jack I just picked Collingwood colour scheme
Stu7: I think from memory you get that option when you register
nbartos: Walsh? hows he playing lads? 60 a bit ho hum
BigChief: send m0nty an email Jack and ask.
StuL: And no points
Jack SC: I chose port hmmm
Fordy13: tagged by O'Connoer
Jack SC: Ahh true
clay007: He kicked it to a Blues player stul
Stu7: Jack SC that was for you
wadaramus: Wrong choice Jack :)
Stu7: Get going Walshy boy
Stu7: Cowan to get subbed?
StuL: im not watching clay
Stu7: Geelong been watching Carlton goal kicking videos at half time
nbartos: Guns break Tags
Social: Danger off, Guthrie spent, itís up to kids now
Stu7: Walsh yeah baby
StuL: come on cats. better when it was 25 points
lana2146: Cripps Brownlow good value at $14
BigChief: Walsh just tried to do a little too much then.
Baldfrog: Na Lana you're being ripped off
Stu7: Cameron to the rescue
original: What happened to recalling a bounce . 2m outside the circle
Fordy13: Dempsey another kick, minus 5 points
Stu7: Williams you spud 🥔
Ash777: Cripps should win it no one has else has been as consistant
Fordy13: that was a poor bounce orig
Kidult: Heeney and Rozee would be the umpire standouts
BigChief: Heeney, Gawn, Rowell and Merrett all say hi Ash
Baldfrog: Finally Harry doin sum thin
Zutroyz: 2.4 for quarter is going to cause us problems
Social: The umps love Heeney Ash
TimT14: Henry leading brownlow currently
Fordy13: Heeney and Rowell absolutely up there
Stu7: And Sheezel
Fromage: Go McKay
Baldfrog: He has been sensational this year suprisingly
BigChief: Plays for North Stu7. Not getting too many votes.
Baldfrog: Heeney*
TimT14: Heneey* stupid auto correct
Stu7: True Bog chief but been consistant
frenzy: Lol Stu7
navy_blues: 4 points down and played this bad wow
Social: Dang, injuries have stung us
Fordy13: silver lining for Dempsey owners, he can't get subbed with Dangerfield injured. Sorry Cats fans.
Fordy13: fk what happened to Williams
Stu7: *Bog - Big - sorry chief typo
Ash777: did williams just get shot?
TimT14: Sniper took out Williams
wadaramus: How can one of the four umpires not see that?
BigChief: Williams too a dive.
BigChief: took*
navy_blues: umps been bad today for sure but so have blues
dezlav: Williams needs to work on the acting
Baldfrog: Still Chief 1 ump could umpire these days they are all crap
dezlav: @Ash. Yes a sniper with an invisible ray gun
navy_blues: zxcbscxvbxdfn
FoopyTime: ok now im convinced the umps have money on geelong
BigChief: I agree navy fdsgbdfgnbg
Fordy13: that's play on, both engaged
Baldfrog: Bring bang Glenn James would out do this lot
bhg26: Navy smashing his head on the keyboard
Fordy13: not great umpiring though, been an exciting game though as a non supporter.
Hazza09: Get to your BE Dempsey so I can trade your alps on Sunday night
Fordy13: 3 qtr time how many points will Dempsey lose this break.
Baldfrog: Navy would be used to it by now
BigChief: Baldy the umps nowdays are crap. 4 is too many as they think others will do the job.
BigChief: Cmon Fitzroy, you can do it.
RooBoyStu: When Binns comes on, surely he gets the bin icon lol haha
lana2146: Blues to finish strong and win this
navy_blues: think im more frustrated with blues but umps not helping lol ok i will be good now
Social: Zill got his BE but trade out coming
StuL: Dempsey for the chop
Fordy13: still needs 9pts @social
Fordy13: If Dempsey starts on the bench, we're doomed.
wadaramus: How shight would it be to get picked to play only to sit on the bench for 3 quarters, maybe more?
Baldfrog: Dempsey wastes all his energy in the 1st qtr
Fordy13: playing on the far wing, he's been stuck on the bench at the start of every quarter. No footy out that side either.
StuL: Whats with Metallica on the radio. Someone has taste
navy_blues: most subs do wada
wadaramus: Wasn't there a "Dempsey you star" comment in the first quarter?
Ash777: who is the sub for binns?
OffaStep: Libba a late out?
StuL: Go cats
wadaramus: Metallica on the radio? What radio StuL?!
BigChief: Binns to get 5 disp and kick the winner?
Fordy13: He was on fire, 40 pts in about 10 minutes of footy wada.
navy_blues: not sure Ash
clay007: There would have been wada. The early crow does a lot of damage
StuL: owies. Ash
OffaStep: I must be going crazy. SUre he was selected...
Fordy13: ouch.
Fordy13: he's listed as emergency, I reckon he was named.
BigChief: wada my tuner radio/excusivelyMetallica :)
clay007: I thought binns was left out on Thursday night
OffaStep: Yeah, he was named. Late out. Flower!
original: Sufficient intent haha ok
circle52: Libba a late out Cooper Simpson and the late in Caleb Daniel the sub Bevod again
frenzy: i hate Bevo
UncleSniff: Another goal gifted by a disgraceful umpiring call.
Fordy13: he's lucky Dempsey made the effort to get near it, wasn't a good look ahha
clay007: Have some faith sniff. 16 mins left.
Baldfrog: Sniff a box of Kleenex might be helpful
BigChief: Surprised Weitering not pinned htb there.
Ash777: looks like the umps have let a lot go
StuL: So dissapointing Dempsey
navy_blues: true BC
UncleSniff: This is just cheating now. Cya boys, I'm rage quitting
BigChief: That's not 50. flowering pathetic call. Harry wasn't on the mark
original: Umpiring today. Tell me itís been decent
Baldfrog: WTF was that for?
wadaramus: Ah those 50m penalties are a total game killer.
StuL: Go us. we'll take it.
flibbity: its been decent
Ash777: bye sniff you wont be missed
navy_blues: AFL will come out and admit we got these wrong
clay007: Fair enough sniff. Cuddle up to auntysniff for a bit.
wadaramus: flowering AFL rule riun a good game of Aussie Rules footy.
Fordy13: apparently Mckay was supposed to be on the mark, tough call.
BigChief: This is blantant cheating now.
Baldfrog: Sounds kind of weird C lay
FoopyTime: if i was a blues fan i would be pisd off
circle52: As a neutral today would be the worst display of umpiring I have seen for a while.
flibbity: agree, cats getting shafted
wadaramus: Henry squeezing the footy like Cameron, get your own sctich mate.
RooBoyStu: No umpires = no Carlton
frenzy: blues still got a Sniff
Ninty: lol salty Blues. Carn Cats!
StuL: Go us. Yes its a long way back for the blues now
clay007: Hey baldy, just cos they are the sniffs, they can still cuddle cant they? lol
Ninty: a lot of players do it now wada
Silz90: Its not even carlton supporters complaining ninty
thommoae: Hogan does it too, wada. Seems to be a thing with Forwards.
clay007: lol frenzy, loved it
StuL: dempsey benched again!
RooBoyStu: Karma how many wins this year Carlton given by umps, at least 3
Baldfrog: Whos sniffing who and whos not paying? Clay?
Hazza09: power off dempsey
Ninty: Thatís bc everyone hates winners Silz #yawn
Silz90: Not only*
BigChief: No talent, no coach, no Norf.
CamT: Dempsey's performance since quarter time has been a bit disappointing.
DaMeatloaf: Mighty cats
StuL: the cats are away now
Silz90: You guys have done well, we haven't taken our chances
FoopyTime: i just hate a good game getting ruined by the forklift operators
Social: Gotta say Iím very proud of this effort
Ninty: Cats still havenít played anyone decent. Sad
Baldfrog: Cats fans the new Tiger fan s
RooBoyStu: Go Cats got you 40+
sheezel420: All the soft frees killed any momentum, another game ruined by umps
clay007: What happens in the sniff household, should stay in the sniff household I think Baldy. I think the uncle sniffs mostly
LionBoy: Hi all. Havenít watched game. How come Carlton are getting flogged. Looks awful.
Silz90: Keep baiting ninty graceful winner champ
SwoopSZN: cats better overall
Ninty: No free to SDK? flower umpires
Beast_Mode: more cats fan here than at the game
Stu7: Off the pine Walshy
Ash777: if they were paying soft frees it would be more than 21 frees total
Baldfrog: Haha Clay
Ninty: lol all I heard from Blues fans about how we were playing the best team in the comp today #shrugs
Social: It is a long way from home beast
clay007: Geelong only received 10 free kicks today, so farcical to suggest umpires cost blues. Bad goal kicking costly
bhg26: Well their home game at the mcg a fair way away from Geelong beast
StuL: we're everywhere
Gelly: free kick carlton
Stu7: Can anyone hear the singing of the rather large female unit in the background?
The Ogre: Andy Maher saying well umpired game?
Silz90: What's with the hash tags ninty attention seeker
RooBoyStu: Maybe Beast they live interstate,the internet not just Vic
LionBoy: Reflects society Beast
Fordy13: It's been pretty average at best Ogre
sheezel420: cats will go out in straight sets anyway, nothing new
Amare: Geelong going to be 7-0 and 0-7 in the free kick count this season
Baldfrog: He's only 13 Silz
StuL: Yea get on Walsh. we can afford to give him points now
Social: new to the game sheez, welcome!
Beast_Mode: bad kicking bad footy cost them, geelong clinical
mattmac24: Umpiring has been shocking for sure but certainly hasn't been heavily favoured towards one team. Equally bad both ways
clay007: I hear it loud and clear stu7
BigChief: Ninty is just a bandwagon supporter. Never speaks when cats trailing.
RooBoyStu: Plus beast ifthey live in vic and off the (.) Cost of living
Silz90: Thought so bald lol #gocats
Amare: Norf fans trying to troll LOL!!!!!!!
Stu7: Thanks clay I thought I wasnít hearing things thanks for clarifying
clay007: It is quite funny amare. I agree
Silz90: Agree with you beast. Bad kicking today.
CamT: Dempsey might be the sub next week.
Ninty: a bit hard to speak when we trail, because how often is that? :(
Beast_Mode: lol rooboy, its a 70 minute drive. rubbish
Baldfrog: Didnt think anyone actually went to geelong Beast?
xodeus9: easiest jinx of my life regarding dempsey vs williams
LionBoy: Cmon Walsh. 2 more kicks.
Baldfrog: Thought G
RooBoyStu: Beast 70 min interstate drive wowee
StuL: Walsh has stopped
Silz90: I'm in portalington does that count
Baldfrog: Thought it was a gated community to keep them in?
Stu7: Williams nice come back ya spud
Ninty: I live 5 hours from Geelong / Melb. A lot of rural fans.
BigChief: Only reason people go to Geel is to get on and off the Spirit of Tasmania.
RooBoyStu: I think most interstate on here. What location are you?
Wends: Anyone bringing Macrae in?
RooBoyStu: It's at the MCG lol
clay007: It appears there is an outbreak of sour-grapes
LionBoy: Yep Wends. Desperation
Wends: Also keep going Dempsey
Baldfrog: Na Walrus took you 37 years we still have time get better at sledging m8
FoopyTime: osama bin bevo players are a no go this year
Ash777: game on time
shancrows: Turned it on 10 minutes ago. Looks like Carlton are getting looked after. Geelong can't buy a free
Fordy13: I'm thinking about it Wends (next week) but Dawson is looking alright.
Ninty: Cats gone to sleep #hashtag #wakeup
penguins00: Can the Blues do it again?
frenzy: why Wends, dont tell me another Bevo'd
J.Worrall: its a gamble, Wends
Baldfrog: Na Wends Taking Libbas 0
LionBoy: Omg
clay007: Um...what is happening. What are the blues doing suddenly?
Wends: Nothing like that frenzy - just teetering on desperation, like Lion Boy. Tossing up w OG plan of Gulden now Libba out
StuL: Surely not. Come on cats
Baldfrog: Ninty time to hide m8 just in case
Social: this is more like it
Silz90: Thanks freo
DidgeBird: Ninty has cursed his own team after his never trailing comment
Stu7: The big unit is fading
OffaStep: Still here, sniff?
Social: We ran out of legs a while ago, blues have just realised
RooBoyStu: Shut the gate,put the lock on it. Fat Lady sings It's Ova
Ninty: Just wanted a match @didge #neverindoubr
StuL: jezza!
shancrows: Good Geelong!
Beast_Mode: not surpising the teams average age is 45
Ash777: cats too good
DidgeBird: #neverindoubt
Wends: And yeah J.Worrall, that's what's worrying me gah!
Stu7: Here comes Susan Boyle
frenzy: I went JMac wends
Social: 45.1 beast
Baldfrog: Ninty sure your not a collywobbles fan your spelling is $hite
Beast_Mode: lol dempsey weak as power
LionBoy: Glad I was here. Hadnít seen Libba out.
Ninty: Thanks for the correction #didge #ledge
J.Worrall: #metoo
flibbity: blues playing great footy
pcaman2003: Walsh only 41 pts second half disappointing.
Silz90: #tradingdempsey
DidgeBird: oh haha i wasn't correcting! just on the bandwagon!
Wends: So close Frenzy... this is the week to do it I guess
Ninty: youíre* @ bald
Fordy13: give dempsey the tackle
RooBoyStu: Hawkins 28 lol no icon, but Parfitt gets one yep
OffaStep: *you're. Forgot the apostrophe, Bald.
Silz90: Did that bloke get his Walsh multi?
Wends: #justiceforOllie
LionBoy: Footy gods wrath has started Beast. You warned me.
navy_blues: blues played crap most of the day only down by 13 ninty i wouldnt brag to much
RooBoyStu: Carroll brick wall
StuL: should have traded sharp instead of zill probably.
Baldfrog: Dropped the " years ago Offa
Social: Imagine if it was the other way around?!
frenzy: been a staple for atleast 5 sesons Wends
Social: well done boys
BigChief: Looks like it's Dempsey and Powell delisted this week. Both spuds.
Fordy13: Dempsey got murdered on points after half time, lost a point for tackling Walsh at the end there.
penguins00: Blues had 21 more inside 50s
navy_blues: wd geelong
Ninty: not bragging until we play a team above us
thommoae: Grand game!
Fordy13: Blues had it a bit tough, but they definitely had their chances in front of goal
RooBoyStu: Hawkins cooked
Wends: True Frenzy - this is tough! In other news, atleast Zwill won't drop too much cash
beerent11: #flower#ís
OffaStep: Same with my teeth, Bald.
Silz90: Good game well done cats
StuL: how does dempsey get 50 from from 39 at qt.
Ninty: Zill wonít drop any cash. Breakeven of 60
TheFilth: RooBoyStu - he's not a kid -the fixture playng havoc with veterans
TheFilth: Clangers StuL
Amare: Back luck navy_blues... classy in defeat

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