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J.Worrall: Go Norf
Hughsy: Go Matt Crouch
frenzy: howdy
FoopyTime: time to get sheez in the middle
Hughsy: It will be very interesting to see how dawson goes this week with matt crouch
Georgeous: lets go Wardlaw
Gotigres: I have gone in blind with Hardeman. Was either him or Hamill. He is described as a line-breaking defender.
Gotigres: What could go wrong?
Hughsy: ffs i just traded powell
bhg26: Whats with Crouchs tog?
Pavs: Sometimes a lack of information is a good thing tigres
LionBoy: Afternoon all. Watching LDU this week. Got him on the shopping list.
bhg26: McKercher a potential trade back in option if hes at half back again
Gotigres: Yes Pavs. Sometimes it seems the more research and time you put in then the more screwed you get.
Beast_Mode: its not a recipe for success pavs
slydon: dawson is a really tough option to pick
slydon: he has serious score potential but he changes role so frequently its hard to predict scores
LionBoy: Crouch gonna restrict Dawson?
Georgeous: We are so bad. Watching Gerogie is all I have left
Pavs: Missed the word "sometimes" Beast?
slydon: it feels like croms want dawson to play the same role as zerret but he just doesnt have the same impact
FoopyTime: i like dawson but him and zerrett are different types of players
Gotigres: Whatever you are doing Hardeman keep doing it
Beast_Mode: nah Pavs, ppl can go what they want and good luck to them but its too desperate for me.
FoopyTime: leave him in the half back role hes very good when he gets to come thru with the ball
Beast_Mode: but hardeman has started on fire so wtf would i know lol
LionBoy: Stay off crouch
Gotigres: You are a real basterd Rankine. You do nothing when I have you and then you become a sc stud when I trade you out.
StuL: Come on Laird.
Manowar: Rachele we are watching!
Hughsy: Here comes crouch
Gotigres: Now it's time for you to do something Nyuon
Stu7: Come on Laird
Pavs: haha SC stud. Never heard that before
LionBoy: Started Xerri as a cash cow. May end up a keeper.
UncleSniff: Anyone else hear the vacuum cleaner noise on the telecast?
Hughsy: Yes'
naicosfan: yes sniff its annoying..
LionBoy: Yeah if it doesnít stop soon Iím gonna sync SEN.
original: Wanted to start xerri but didnít have the nuts. But then after inj midway thru rnd1 I went soldo lol
UncleSniff: Normally I only reserve that for when Underwood is "commentating" LionBoy
J_Herer: Simpkin eehhh....
beerent11: Same here lion boy. Canít complain at the moment.
LionBoy: Go figure. Same sound coming out of the SEN sync. At the ground??
beerent11: Mckercher might have his better role back.
LionBoy: Probably my only good decision this season Orig. coming from a long way back.
banta: wardlaw overrated? should be delivering more this year
SwoopSZN: smoke alarm going off?
Georgeous: thems fighting words banta
Manowar: Wardlaw most likely checked out, expect a trade request
slydon: its been a tough ten years for the dons but it must suck being a roos supporter
LionBoy: Ohh Mano. Kick em when theyíre down.
Georgeous: He's 19 years old and did his first full preseason. It's just about stringing games together atm and not popping a hammy
Hazza09: Do you want to take a mark Comben ffs
LionBoy: Yeah Gorge. Lions will take him. Need a bit of gungho in our midfield.
Georgeous: he's all I have left...
Georgeous: can I interest you in a Bastinac?
LionBoy: As generous as it isÖÖ.
navy_blues: the question for norf is can they keep the young talent they have
Georgeous: that assumes we have any
macff: I feel like North has heaps of young talent it will just take time
macff: definitely the best spot the list has been in years
Hazza09: Is Powell playing forward? Finished as a pick
navy_blues: agree mac but i think a few will follow horne francis example
StuL: Nyuon doing OK.
macff: could be the case navy
LionBoy: LDU audition for next week going ok.
UncleSniff: Don't do it to yourself LionBoy
Stu7: Hey there
Hughsy: Nyuon hopeless, glad i didnt bite
Beast_Mode: lol bigoa is such a dud
LionBoy: In a hole uncle. Risk time.
BigChief: TIme to trade Powell. No longer has the mid role.
Hughsy: Crouch afraid of kicking
beerent11: Yes Smokey. Good lad.
Geeaad: Biggy is terrible, not AFL ready
StuL: In biggies favour half his side is not afl ready.
Cotts: our young kids look promising, then we get let down by the 'senior' players
naicosfan: this is the longest crouch ever been on the ground
Hughsy: Dawson in next week.
LionBoy: Here comes Dawson. At least
Georgeous: agreed Cotts
LionBoy: At least I held him
masterhc2: I traded Dawson for Steele two weeks ago after Dawson's 60. I give up.
Geeaad: Dawsons backkk
Pinnas: Biggie has been good i reckon. Tough team to play key back on.
Cotts: simpkin getting caught on the wing in a half promising surge is prime example of it
Geeaad: I also held Dawson, glad i didn't rage trade
LionBoy: Zurharr free agent ? ?
Georgeous: he very well might be LionBoy
Geeaad: Larkey in the ruck? Lol
navy_blues: when is sheezel contracted til?
Georgeous: 2030 or something
beerent11: Bought smokey in last week. Cheap as chips.
navy_blues: wow hope is on big bucks then
Manowar: Clarkson trying to get sacked
LionBoy: Ton up Xer.
StuL: What was wrong with Dawson earlier? Hes a legit upgrade target now?
macff: just had bad disposal StuL was getting it 25 times a game
LionBoy: Clangers Stu. Was scoring big in the other league but buggering up SC.
StuL: OK macff. he has to be on your shopping list
UncleSniff: Comben with a shoulder issue I reckon, looked sore
macff: I held him from the start StuL it was rough but working out now
LionBoy: Did ya Vc
LionBoy: Did ya VC him last week Mac? Was a great watch.
StuL: Happy with Laird and Sheezel.
Beast_Mode: its only nth melb, like to see him against better teams, played like garbage in half the games. not convinced yet
LionBoy: Yeah youíre right Beast. Best not to bring him in.
StuL: oppo has him.
StuL: not the most exciting game bit of a forgone conclusion
StuL: if you say biggie smalls 3 times he comes and gets you
Georgeous: Georgie Boy!
LionBoy: Rachele is a dill.
bhg26: True stuL, i did it and he tried to bust a cap in my alps
StuL: lol bhg26.
macff: Nah Lion I am not that good lmao
MrOzGunner: Rankine is a magician with the ball close to goal
Hazza09: Powell is finished
StuL: Thanks i didnt get on the Powell bandwagon
Geeaad: Keep going comben
StuL: yea ok nyuon is a lousy rookie but was the only option at the time
LionBoy: Atkins and Binns subs
Pinnas: Dawsons Creek, Trischen Zerii, Colby The singer. Go my boys! Go tshirtless
BigChief: Atkins and Binns subs next game Fantasia late out (illness)
LionBoy: This feels like getting real ugly.
J_Herer: Happy with Cheesle, Dawson, Big0o0Ha, MCrouch on the sack list currently
naicosfan: powell out next week
OffaStep: Powell has made 113K and averaged 93, StuL. Done his job but if this role continues...
Hazza09: Powell to Sweet next week
LionBoy: 2511 predicted score. 4 games to go. What could possibly go wrong?
BigChief: You just cursed yourself into a bad finish LionBoy.
LionBoy: May the footy gods shower me in wrath Chief.
UncleSniff: Never actually seen someone want to use the word shower on here LOL
RuffLeader: I read it as the FF version of shower and got confused
LionBoy: Not in it pure sense Uncle
wadaramus: Get some junk Crouch.
LionBoy: Laid 70% game time. Good effort.
StuL: Good job Laird considering youre playing Dawson
BigChief: Get off the pine Powell and do something
J_Herer: Crouch and that wooden bench symbol are dead to me
StuL: Nyuon do something
Social: He and Powell are arguing over who'll do something first StuL
LionBoy: Xerri Ripe.
slydon: mkerch doin his best to reach his BE
shancrows: Well done Mckercher
OffaStep: So close, sly.
SydneyRox: happy with soligo, would have been better had he kicked that goal!
Manowar: Nyuon doing as good as
Stu7: Nic swore
Stu7: Nice work Laird
BigChief: Thanks for service Powell. Enjoy your delisting.
Stu7: Powell spud week
J_Herer: Crouch to Tom Green it is
LionBoy: LDU letís talk terms.
Stu7: Was someone tagging Powell today?
Hazza09: Useless Powell
Fordy13: Playing forward, very little time in the midfield
macff: nah stu7 he was moved forward for most of the game
Beast_Mode: no powell just spudded it up playing half forward
Hazza09: No Stu, he's done
UncleSniff: C'mon the Blue Baggers!
Stu7: Cheers Hazza
Fordy13: Was sweating a bit on Dawson, I've held off until next week.
J_Herer: Bring back Pink!
Stu7: Thanks Fordy13, maccf & Beast
Stu7: Thank you Laird & Cheezel
BigChief: Sounds like Herer has Pink still on his bench LOL
Social: Bring back TayTay!
J_Herer: No Pink, no Norf, and yes, he is rotting there hahaha

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