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Hepatitis: Wilson or Garcia or lazarro on field
Silz90: Evening all. Hopefully Marshall bounces back tonight against sweet
StuL: Carn Saints
Raspel31: Missed last night through work. Still weeping for that chap who traded Green to Zorko-and capped Xorko.
Silz90: Garcia for me. Lazzaro is a sub candidate every week
StuL: I was going to say Wilson maybe. Silz is right about Lazzaro sub
Silz90: Toss of a coin, Wilson goes alright too
thommoae: Evening all. With you on the Romar bounce back, Silz. His outing v WB was, as they say these days, 'not us'.
Raspel31: Evening thomm- Wilson already looped to Windsor- slim pickings I feel.
Pavs: Wilson for me Hepa
thommoae: Not Lazzaro Hepa. Either of the other two.
nbartos: does zak always start on the pine?
StuL: Would like to see the Saints do some tearing
Social: Michael Hutchence is turning in his grave
Gotigres: Might have to wait for the archive to become available Raspel
nbartos: love it Social
Oh8ball: Stoker tagging Horne Francis it seems
Raspel31: Whoopsee Gotigres.
UncleSniff: Interesting choice from Ross to tag JHF
StuL: Go Wilson
Gotigres: Actually Raspel, apparently it was Auntiesniff
gazza39: Lol Social
hipo_sc: hi
Stu7: Off the woody boner
UncleSniff: Is that some jab at me tigres? I don't have Zorko
original: Donít think stocker has the pace for JHF but will be interesting
Gotigres: Hi hipo
Silz90: Go tom Green
frenzy: chaps
LionBoy: Need a bigger wanga tonight.
Social: surely you'd try to slow Rozee down before JHF?
Stu7: Wilson out of the blocks
Stu7: Frenzy
sheezel420: I love you Houston
jezzas-cow: marshall better go big against sweet
Silz90: Hope hep chose Wilson lol oops
Gotigres: No UncleSniff. It was a user called AuntieSnif. You can see it on the Giants Lions page.
RooBoyStu: Come on Rozee don't be Daisee
Miggytiger: I hate houston
UncleSniff: What the hell, someone has copied my name? That's random AF
Wends: Evening all. So close to bringing in Butters ... Indecision won in the end :|
Stu7: Stay grounded Houston
Raspel31: Thank god I capped Sam PP.
Stu7: hi Wends
Silz90: Marshall injured gtfo
UncleSniff: Marshall in trouble, he's looked sore for weeks
RooBoyStu: Houston hates you too Miggy
Pavs: Yeah some one mucking around last night UncleSniff
jezzas-cow: ffs marshell
original: Shoulda brought sweet in
Gelly: go marshall
Stu7: Who put the C on Marshall?
RooBoyStu: Marshall done lol
LionBoy: Oh oh Marshall
Gotigres: A few of us have had the same thing happen Uncle.
UncleSniff: -1 for him too. Disaster trade in.
sheezel420: go marshall
Gotigres: Sweet might go big now.
Wends: One of my league opponents Stu... Absolute horrible Rd 5 trade by me from Grundy tho
UncleSniff: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery I guess Pavs
jezzas-cow: I traded him in for grundy, and he went 51 and now injured
Silz90: I have sweet on the bench ffs this is a disaster
Ash777: the worst injury for a ruck
UncleSniff: So glad I had Jackson to cover Grundy and Gawn in their byes. Worked out a treat!
Social: You on the liqueur muscat already Rasp?
Beast_Mode: sucks for marshall owners, grundy wasnt quite ready to be traded otherwise I might have got him too
Stu7: Port are letting saints off the hook
jezzas-cow: My season is finished
Gotigres: Keep going Wilson
Manowar: Horn do better
Stu7: Go you good thing Bonner
Beast_Mode: Port by 70 plus
Wends: Rationale was if I didn't get Marshall two rounds ago, wld have to leave til much later. Wrong call Beast :(
navy_blues: thiscould get nasty real quick for saints
Hughsy: flowering CD already screwing nwm
gazza39: Thanks Milera you crab
UncleSniff: How much does Marshall lose if he gets the red vest? Looks like heaps. Season defining for both owners and non?
Wends: Jezza did you captain him?
UncleSniff: He's got the jab!
Beast_Mode: lol um no, NWM score is accurate nackers
Stu7: Port should be 30 in front
jezzas-cow: nah i C Gawn thank god
StuL: wtf happened to NWM? worst upgrade when i could have got young or yeo
Gotigres: Marshall back on
Ash777: Marshall revived
original: Jack Steele come back. Jaaack. Jack come back. Jack
Stu7: StuL yeah that sucks
Wends: No room on the floating door original?
RooBoyStu: Marshall given Dank juice
Hughsy: Beast do you ever say something intelligent, or just condescending remarks?
Miggytiger: When?
gazza39: Get Steele we all said
jezzas-cow: god heard my prayers and healed rowan
Silz90: I heard Steele is carrying an injury lol
TimT14: How is Marshall on the ground? They made it sound like 12+ weeks
StuL: He was -1 a moment ago. 15 is not terrible
Doggie Doo: If Cordy has 29 points already, Saints might win this. LOL
thommoae: If Port de-sloppify themselves, it'll be no contest, you'd think.
UncleSniff: 100% been jabbed Tim, he looks extremely proppy
Beast_Mode: hughesy he has 3 effective kicks and 3 clangers, what do you expect, educatate yourself you peanut instead of crying
RooBoyStu: Port as useful as a muslim at a pig market, absolutely hopeless
Silz90: Just ignore beast he enjoys baiting and annoying people instead of watching the game
LionBoy: Where r u Wilson?
Hughsy: Hey beast, those changers were bs, one was a shower kick but the others were 50m bombs where the saints players lost 1v1
UncleSniff: Marshall can't get off the ground at all by the looks, needs that jab to kick in
Manowar: Port need to retire Dixson
Hughsy: Yeah silz Iíll take your advice now, heís a shower stirrer
UncleSniff: Never heard that one Stu...
RooBoyStu: Lift JHF, Rozee and Houston
Raspel31: Looking like this will come down to the team which scores the most goals.
Beast_Mode: they were shower kicks mate, clangers all day. he playing well tho
Manowar: Sweet, Sweet
Wends: Garcia accidentally left on field and going backward is not ideal
soup: Roo that was the funniest thing I've ever read, love your work
StuL: Rozee on fire
Wends: Raspel insightful special comments as always :)
RooBoyStu: God has the C on Rozee like RooBoy
RooBoyStu: I seriously do
UncleSniff: Hot on the heels of his awesome 65 last week Roo? LOL
gazza39: Steele has been a rollercoaster ride for sure
CamT: You're right Hughsy. No way were those two kicks Clangers.
RooBoyStu: Checkout FB Group SuperCoach AFL Official Group
OffaStep: Hi all. Here late because I've been talking to my girlfriend in Sweden. She's a model. Who's your C tonite, Roo?
Capn_Flash: C'mon Houston you need to lift!
gazza39: Agnetha my Capt Offa
Social: Greta Thunberg offa?
Capn_Flash: Marshal will be great to get in in 2 or 3 weeks, shame there's no third ruck spot for Gawn, English and Marsh
Birdman18: Hopefully Marshall squeeze out a half decent score. He's struggling though
OffaStep: Can't say but she's super hot. Google hot Swedish model. Probably be her. Rozee, you say, Roo?
UncleSniff: Looks like he's just going to limp around the centre square & do what he can Birdman. Can't jump or run, looks rough.
BigChief: BT again is being a flog. Didn't know there is a stat for 1 on 1.
TimT14: Surely can't risk Marshall out there if he can't do anything
UncleSniff: If Sweet has half a brain, he'll get on his bike and try and work Marshall over by going fwd
Capn_Flash: They gotta take Marshall off! It's the responsible thing to do! Best not to make the injury worse
frenzy: its a long way from his brain to his feet
bhg26: Port re-evaluating their game plan now they realise a goal is worth 6 points
Capn_Flash: Sweets looking to be a great pick though, with soldo out for a month, he'll make at least $150k (SC) I reckon
StuL: thats more like it nwm
Capn_Flash: Someone needs to get that message to Gorgiades BHG
SonOfAGun.: go jase
UncleSniff: Not an awful run of opponents either Capn, interesting but probably won't be for me.
Birdman18: Marshall still scoring more than Steele even with the injury
Fromage: Sorry I upgraded to Steele this week
OffaStep: Lol bhg
UncleSniff: Him being on 19 is a miracle haha. Gotten a bit lucky with HO stats I reckon...
slydon: wilson copping it from umps for no reason, that was a sling, he was off his feet and got thrown around after trying to d
Capn_Flash: Wilson looking great this game, glad I kept him a few rounds ago!
Raspel31: Look at it as a downgrade Fromage and grow from there.#
naicosfan: Wilson the highest scorer on my team from this game.. butters Steele and Garcia atrocious
slydon: from the commentators not the umps**
naicosfan: Thatís a couple weeks
navy_blues: 2 gifted goals to port
Social: Hope someone feeds Garcia a couple of taquitos at half time... c'mon little guy
UncleSniff: Genuine question, what is Higgins supposed to do? I hate the new rules.
StuL: Wllson going well Naicos
OffaStep: My old coach used to say "retard them". Think he meant stop their momentum, rather than give them an ABI.
Capn_Flash: I keep looking at Wines and thinking it's Houston!
slydon: you gun wilson, you might be a keeper if you keep growing like this
naicosfan: Wilson playing great
UncleSniff: What about Bergman and JHF Capn? Bloody twins!
bhg26: Wilson you good thing, or as BT called you earlier hayes
Gotigres: Great half Wilson
Pavs: Haha bhg wines got the ball out and kicked it to wines for a mark earlier
BigChief: Steele having a 2nd shocker in a row.
Gotigres: I need you to stick with Rozee, Butters
JaiDay12: is there a button to mute Chief?
UncleSniff: Marshall has been awarded at least 5 hitouts he didn't win....
Raspel31: Apologies for looping you out Wilson- but on the bright side I don't have Steele.
soup: Wtf is wrong with Garcia's TOG
StuL: A wilson 80-100 would be great
Hepatitis: Garcia on ground. Disaster
StuL: stay down Butters
sheezel420: Houston +20 please
Pavs: Houston Torp worth at least 20 points
BigChief: It's a miracle, BT got a players name right for once.
Social: Garcia is part time between this and the Mariachi band at Taco Bills across the road
UncleSniff: BT and Richo have an issue don't they?
UncleSniff: I love me some pulled pork tacquitos Social...
beerent11: You can have a big rozee game or a big butters game but you canít have both
bhg26: Sounded like it sniff lol
BigChief: BT hates being in Adelaide and it's showing in his calls. Oh wait it's just BT being a flog as usual
StuL: Come on nwm.
McSquire: Wow Butters 15 possessions for 33
flibbity: sniff, yep about the beef not the pork
Capn_Flash: Jordan Sweet a lock for ins I reckon, He's on track for a 130 priced at 150K!
Social: I'm all about the white meats, chicken or prawn I don't care
jezzas-cow: butters at 53% efficiency and 5 clangers
Birdman18: Absolutely terrible half of footy for my players
BigChief: After starting with 4 players over 125 I knew it was too good to be true :(
Social: Hundred per cent BigChief, he must have some hot poop on seven execs to keep his job
Pavs: Takes a bit of fizz out of it when your vc is on 33 at half time
bhg26: Butters if you dont have a 100 point second half you are grounded mister
McSquire: Butters 3 clangers on the AFL website among 15 possessions and 2 tackles and 201 metres gained.
StuL: Butters and Rozee do seem to alternate. One goes big but not both.
StuL: oh hamburgers bhg26
Social: Like any successful marriage StuL, one's a giver and the other's a receiver
BigChief: MCSquire thats clearances not clangers mate. It shows 5 clangers
Capn_Flash: To be fair, Butters isn't doing that bad, but his efficiency is what's tanking his score. Hope he can turn it around
Cascadian: Houston is the best kick in the league.
McSquire: Ah ok - thanks Chief - my bad
Cascadian: What is everyoneís overall rank at the moment?
Capn_Flash: Yes clangers also tanking butter's score as well, didn't notice that
StuL: Steele carrying something says Gerard. Im not watching so i cant tell.
Getup: Lift jhf please
Getup: Shower house cas 40k 🤣 was 80k 2week ago
frenzy: carrying the saints, Stul
Cascadian: Getup I was 80k after round 2, up to 24k now
bhg26: Around 10k, was in a similar spot last year and finished top 500 so not too worried
StuL: Wilson is carrying the Saints. Hes a star
Getup: Same bhg I'm from flying up the ranks haha 😄
StuL: Im 38k. Plummeted in the last 2 rounds of best18
Pavs: Think Beast is ranked top 5. I'll just ask him ;)
Getup: Yeah there is nothing in it cas I'm 500 pts off top 20 at least I'm thinking 🤔
bhg26: Doesnt move from 1 pavs
Wends: Aliir subbed
wadaramus: Aliir Aliir subbed out.
OffaStep: 11k. Could go either way.
Wends: jinx wada ;)
Getup: Beast is ok not sure why the hate 🤔
Number 8: One or more weeks for Higgins in this outcome-based era?
BigChief: ranked around 4k before this week.
wadaramus: 1 week I reckon.
Wends: Marshall heading for heart territory
Pavs: No hate Getup getting along swimmingly these days
BigChief: Not sure about Higgins as Aliir contributed to it trying to kick the ball.
original: Nearly went meek to sweet. Wish I did
BigChief: Looks like a knee inj to SPP
original: Odds of garcia being subbed $1.25
Getup: Good start bc keep going!
OffaStep: That's the tentative plan for next week, original. Pick up a lazy 250k plus from R3, I hope.
Getup: Please move jhf don't flower my great start
StuL: Nwm you suck.
BigChief: Getup I was 1500 before last weeks crap score
Getup: Bc unlucky i climbed 15k last week 🙃
original: Yeh offastep will likely do that next week, but I have to make another trade this week instead
Wends: Garcia alive! LIFT l'il fella
StuL: Trading in a dud like nwm ia helping my ranking.
miersmessi: please jhf you were meant to be gooooood
frenzy: CD is having a lend with Sweet
shagga24: Wines a shadow of his former self
original: Bont out there wearing a sweet costume
soup: steele lifting
OffaStep: Not all wines age well, shagga.
original: Frenzy agree
J.Worrall: Mariarchy Band. Garcia.Penny jusst dropped!
Gotigres: wtf butters
gazza39: Butters youíre soft
frenzy: lol original
Wends: Rozee corky or hammy?
BigChief: Rozee poss hammy now. They are dropping like flies
navy_blues: rozee twang
Gotigres: Even I got that Worrall
Beast_Mode: rozee with a pinged string! lol
bhg26: Rozee potential hammy
jezzas-cow: Rozee did his hammy
Birdman18: Good game for premos if Rozee is down too
OffaStep: Please no. At least Butters will lift now...
Ash777: port players getting swatted
fruity: swapped Rozzee for Walsh and put the VC on Butters..what was l thinking..argh!!
jezzas-cow: Butters now please go 100+
Getup: Jhf now to move
navy_blues: keep going wilson got proj already
StuL: Serves port right for the never tear us apart. Saints tearing.
Wends: Keep going Darcy
Pavs: Looks more jarring fingers crossed
Getup: And get 2 touches in that time keep going jhf
StuL: wilson still out scoring most premos
jezzas-cow: will darcy wilson reach 90+?
frenzy: jhf can turn it on
Birdman18: Butters lifting now
Manowar: step up Horn
sheezel420: CD will love that from Butters
bhg26: Just do that every centre clearance butters and youre golden
AuntieSnif: hey lads how are we
jezzas-cow: Rozee coming back, dam
UncleSniff: Seriously, if Marshall has 21 true hitouts I'll change my name to AuntieSnif
jlitza: wines ur killing me buddy
AuntieSnif: uncle hows the family
Gotigres: Mr and Mrs Sniff?
circle52: have Power got the same kicking coach as Lions
original: Whatís a Hitout to advantage worth in sc? Heaps obviously
UncleSniff: What's with the name Auntie? Fan of my work?
Social: how are all the little sniffters?
original: Weird that port Adelaide have a bontempelli too
wadaramus: Got the sniffles.
wadaramus: 18 frees to 7, outrageous.
shancrows: Are Port fans really booing
original: Garb steele, AGAIN
SonOfAGun.: Come on ump smh
miersmessi: who are the next cash cows fellas
UncleSniff: Weekly reminder that free kick counts don't need to be even, some teams givew more away, some earn more.
navy_blues: wow
jlitza: these boundary umps bro
Social: wowee what a hoo ha
navy_blues: boundary umps suck
Getup: That's garbage what a shower call ball was out
miersmessi: spot on uncle
shancrows: Sniff how about all the throws Port have been getting away with
Silz90: Sweet on the bench :(
shancrows: Thank flower Butters and Steele scored bad opponent has both
Ash777: rozee done
clay007: Great comeback Wines! Aging well.
UncleSniff: Hasn't been egregious to my viewing, but throwing and dropping the ball happens EVERY game. Frustrating.
wadaramus: I don't need any reminding of anything.
Getup: What sniff shan.?
Stu7: Come on Wilson & Bonner
Beast_Mode: rozee is cooked
wadaramus: My point was Port are getting a good ride from the umps, DBJ mark example a.
original: Iíd win the round highest score if I did trade sweet in and didnít chicken out. Already proj 2540 before walsh in
soup: 7 point quarter from wilson, come on son
jezzas-cow: i have butters, steele and marshall ... not a good friday
frenzy: thats Bontemsweetie
StuL: sweet crazy score
jlitza: had to have gotten some extra points for that kick across goal that almost went horribly wrong clay lol
shancrows: Poor Jezza :(
J.Worrall: Reckon the night's over for Rozee
StuL: 80 from Wilson would be giood
clay007: I was sweating on that jlitza
clay007: Not such a rosy night for rozee
Capn_Flash: If butters get's 40, he'll ton up. It'd be a good recovery
Wends: Could be worse Jezza, coulda left Garcia on-field
Social: and it's the local showoff showtime next week too wowee
elvundir: good comeback from wang
naicosfan: Butters and Steele need to ton, i cba I have Garcia fielded aswell
Stu7: I donít think itís going to happen StuL at the rate heís going
elvundir: need marshall, steel, butters and garcia and wilson! to keep going
UncleSniff: Butters will pop up with a nice goal to put them ahead. Mark it down guys.
miersmessi: elvundir wanna name anyone else as well
Wends: Rozee getting iced up
Capn_Flash: Steele and Butters will both ton up I reckon
Getup: Time to shine jhf
jezzas-cow: wends, were you forced to field him or forgot to do the loophole?
elvundir: yeah JHF i traded out so he can stay a dud
StuL: Stu he was 20 after 5 minutes. has been pretty slow since
jezzas-cow: Marshall 50+ quarter?
wadaramus: How the flower was that HTB, outrageous.
Social: Sharman subbed, at least it's not Guacamole Garcia
miersmessi: nah elvundir i traded jhf in he cant dud out for me
Stu7: Not wrong StuL he came out swinging the. Went back into his shell
Wends: Last minute messing with my trades jezza - accidentally left him onfield.
TheLegend6: Missed my multi by one Rozee disposal
Capn_Flash: Unlucky Legend
Getup: Should of started sweet over grung
miersmessi: missed a bit, is rozee done for the game
Hughsy: Umps are loving port
Wends: Logie-worthy from Georgiades there lol
Getup: Grundy but how could you have??
Getup: Keep making $$ sweet
StuL: nwm has to go i think. nowhere near being a real premo.
Birdman18: At this rate I'll just trade Marshall for Sweet
UncleSniff: Few people might make a cash play, someone like Grundy down to Sweet then double upgrade. Hmmmm.
Wends: Yes messi - iced up on sidelines
Social: played a blinder against is StuL, been sliding ever since
miersmessi: sideways trade stuL you're better off upgrading and holding out till later if you have spare trades
Wends: At this point Marshall to Sweet Uncle
navy_blues: game over
Getup: Soft free
UncleSniff: Marshall has been a disaster trade in, I think him down to Sweet makes sense to recover cash
Number 8: Umpiring this round has been nothing short of embarrassing
jlitza: nwm was never gonna be top 6 right???
clay007: What has happened to Steele?
Hughsy: Jeez heís not doing that bad stuL, if not for the iffy start he would be close to 100
wadaramus: That is just pathetic umpiring.
Pokerface: more would just use their dpp r3 and downgrade a fat cow wouldn't they?
wadaramus: Gifting goals is unacceptable.
Social: Under that rule Hawkins kicks 200 a season
Gotigres: I need you to match Rozee please Butters
masterhc2: Steele what the actual flower. Brought him in 2 weeks ago after 5 120+....
Doggie Doo: Who said Dixon should retire?
cherry9: Umps snuffing this one out.
UncleSniff: How many fatties are there in the fwds Poker? Pretty baron down there...
BigChief: So you're the 1 who has killed Steele masterhc2
Pokerface: with all the extra positions handed out it doesn't need to be in the forwards - can involve moving 2 or 3 players now
Pokerface: but cadmans nearing time.
Hughsy: Steele layed the clearest tackle, CD missed it.
jlitza: loving wines getting all these points lol
StuL: lets go wilson. 70 will do
masterhc2: Has not been the first time and won't be the last I kill a so called "premo" @Bigchief (:
Social: cmon
Wends: Cmon sainters, keep going. Heart for Marshall m0nty
miersmessi: will rozee be out a couple weeks - im running low on trades
Pokerface: lol noones running low on trades.
CamT: How can NWM lose 3 points for that kick ?
Social: usually at least 3 for hammies if that's what it is gryza
wadaramus: It's a clanger because someone outmarked his team mate, stupid right.
original: Who gets points for that tackle then? Being tackled and then sweet joins in
Raspel31: Rozee gawn and benched Wilson- onwards and upwards.
Social: jayzuz saints go at it
Gotigres: That's it Wilson. Get +5 points for kicking it on the full.
bhg26: Butters stop turning it over ffs
BigChief: Butters been a butcher tonight.
masterhc2: how on earth is sweet on 130, has had 0 impact on the game lol
gazza39: feel like deleting my team so powered off
Capn_Flash: My prediction of both Butters and Steele toning went awfully
naicosfan: Exactly how I feel gazza
UncleSniff: Same way Marshall has got to 64, he should be on 30
Wends: It's top 18 again this week, ya?
Birdman18: Steele just watching everyone else play all night
Social: nah all teams a re playimg Wends
jlitza: oh wines we love u
Capn_Flash: Those who got in burgoyne have been greatly rewarded!
SonOfAGun.: poor effort saints
navy_blues: no wends
Ooost: Alright JHF junk it up mate
miersmessi: jhf pulling it back
jezzas-cow: is there a way to get 10 more trades?
Getup: Goal assist jhf well done 👏
soup: Lot of Sweet non-owners in here
gazza39: As a Freo fan can i say how much i cant stand Lyon what is he doing
Social: pffft umpires
miersmessi: you get 10 more trades by making a new account
Wends: Yeah... was just dreamin'... And good call Capn Flash
masterhc2: @soup I actually have Sweet lol, just his score is ridiculous for his actual game
naicosfan: Lyon is a spud, 2 on interchange, why not tire port out? Instead they kick to kick in the backline
Geeaad: Wtf is wrong with steele?
GinniFan: Never doubted for a sec JHF. Good work son
obione05: Butters and Burgoyne, same poss, same no of clangers and disposal efficiency...
JaiDay12: geeaad Green had two off weeks then delivered a 159. He'll come good
frenzy: nice Wilson
soup: obi are you blind?
Getup: Wish i started him soup happy with the $$$ making
Geeaad: True JaiDay, defs gonna hold him
Capn_Flash: Butters has 4 more clangers than burgoyne
jlitza: garcia tog no good
miersmessi: darcy wilson well done son
Gotigres: Well done Wilson. Can't say the same to you Butters
JaiDay12: obione read further. butters more clangers, less marks and tackles, less CP etc.
BigChief: obione how is 3 clangers the same as 7?
Wends: Well done Darcy
J_Herer: Darcy a bright light in all this
Getup: Wilson outscores butters thankyou
naicosfan: Was projected 2500, waiting for the drop to 2350
obione05: yeah i read that wrong, but disposals and efficiency the same and a 40 pt difference
jlitza: wilson up to 90 ahahahaaha
Pavs: Can't compare Obione?
Social: shower song, such a shower club
miersmessi: with all the ads does the owner get money or are we being shafted for no reason
obione05: im just salty because ive got Rozee, Butters and Steele
BigChief: obione read it again. 3 less marks, 1 less tackle, 3 less cp that's just some differences. 1%ers also score points.
StuL: great finish wilson. i guess i just have to keep nwm and getting not quite tons
jezzas-cow: Marshall dropping 50k more
Capn_Flash: Houston surprisingly consistent this season so far
jezzas-cow: 2379 projected, dropped 150~ ew
Beast_Mode: obione05 don't a peanut, more the SC that that,incept possies, gathers, handball recieves, scoring involvements, spoils,
Beast_Mode: , shepards, sharked hitouts etc
miersmessi: 106 behind my opp same num of players played, its so over
BigChief: Great choice for the medal. Drew deserves it.
Capn_Flash: My opp's projected is 1700! Mine is 2450! I'm fine this round
jlitza: i gotta go w z duursma over garcia 40 right?? this is depressing
slydon: Confirmed Walsh tag lifting after half time, straight from cscot

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