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SonOfAGun.: He had one job and stuffed it up
StuL: Lets go Green. No more rubbish scores
sheezel420: let's go peatling, want a big game
Pavs: Agree StuL Green and Cadman lesser extent Thomas
KyuArchive: I've stuck with you this long Ash, time to turn it on
StuL: i didnt take cadman. that was a mistake
Pavs: Still can't decide between Walsh and Dawson so might get both and get Houston next week
bhg26: Back to back tons not good enough for ash?
navy_blues: crouch back this week Pavs? might impact Dawson
Pavs: Cadman a bit of a slow burn StuL. Very true navy changed my mind about 30 times
KyuArchive: Would like to see 3 in a row for consistency.
navy_blues: but playng north so might score anyway lol
navy_blues: score well
StuL: T Green lets go
StuL: peatling is doing it for you sheezel
navy_blues: nice goal
bhg26: Fair kick
StuL: Tom Green. The commentator went off
wadaramus: Brisbane vs GWS and I have no Fantasy interest!
Miggytiger: gg
wadaramus: I think I might watch some YouTube music videos.
Hazza09: Held Cadman, watch him score 40
navy_blues: wd jones
bhg26: Jones definitely a rookie to watch
cmperrfect: Whitfield was stuck on the bench for 6 mins. Ffs.
Miggytiger: Jones is a gun
navy_blues: how does dripwood keep getting games
bhg26: He always gets benched first 5 minutes into the game cmperrfect, quite annoying
Gotigres: That seems optomistic Hazza
lana2146: Anti podding Zorko hopefully unders
LionBoy: Last chance Cadman. Do something.
frenzy: wots up Briggs
StuL: Greens always benched about now. Long enough. Back on boy
cmperrfect: Agreed bhg
TheLegend6: Callaghan is a good player
frenzy: yes Harvey
soup: Got Dawson instead of Whitfield and martin this week and already regretting it
Pavs: 322 metres gained already Legend. Huge
Gotigres: Someone slap Green to wake him up
StuL: Green spent ages on the bench tigres
StuL: and he did wake up
Beast_Mode: is neale dead?
naicosfan: Rookie mistake to pick up a Brownlow medalist Beast, expected more from you.
Beast_Mode: green was on the bench for a total of 4.5 minutes, thats not ages
Beast_Mode: hey champ never said i had him nackers
Beast_Mode: he is in my multi tho
cmperrfect: Glad I wasn't sucked into Dorko.
naicosfan: Haha
StuL: not that anyone is counting beast mode. ok it seemed like more
Deelight: Literally on track for 120+ Gotigres...
StuL: whitfield is in beast mode
Beast_Mode: well im just going by the total time of first quarter and green's tog mate
carl: Dorko's roll was always going to change when
LionBoy: Thick
LionBoy: Thick posts
carl: To finish: McKenna came back in
LionBoy: Rayner doesnít do a lot. But when he doesÖhe does.
Ash777: that knock to the head has given rayner powers
Ash777: No Taylor no GWS
Hazza09: Get moving Cadman ffs
Beast_Mode: dudman
navy_blues: Thats a bit harsh Ash when Dogs have so much talent and nowhere near GWS
Devero_D: Cadman is outscoring Zorko ...
clay007: Zorko score low. I don't have him, but surprised by Neale and Zork
StuL: Neales SC stud days are over.
CamT: New Zorko owners would feel gutted right now.
Roarix: Turned on the game to see us give up 2 of the most Brisbane type goals to concede.. smh
clay007: Agree stu, but every now and then he has a big one.
navy_blues: think jones is gonna be a must have on this effort
frenzy: Zorko 20% DE, probs overs
J.Worrall: My eye is on Dunkley
original: Didnít field briggs ffs
CamT: Neale has been carrying an ankle injury for a month.
JockMcPie: at least i got 1 good game out of zorko :')
clay007: Gws have a certain swagger that flowers me off. Cmon brissy
clay007: Which eye Worrall and what are you doing with the other eye?
Hughsy: I am fuming. had to go to work at half time (pies vs Ess)
soup: Pay the 50 umpy you coward
navy_blues: good news hughsy ess didnt lose
LionBoy: Cadman to Jones next week.
McSquire: Was watching the games
Hughsy: that is true navy, quite happy
McSquire: Was watching the game thinking Green was having an ordinary night - happily surprised
Pavs: Harris Andrews giving Cadman a life lesson called football
navy_blues: so nice to not have
OffaStep: To be fair, delivery to Cadman has been shower.
navy_blues: BT or underwood commentating
StuL: Green was due a good one. Need him to bang
LionBoy: Quality kicking by GWS
Hazza09: Cadman to Sweet next week
clay007: Laird to Walsh in 10 weeks
navy_blues: lol neale
clay007: Another draw looms!
LionBoy: Sweet dropped this week I think haz
circle52: Free Kick GWS fair contest by Joe
Ash777: way to get a week daniher
clay007: Sweet is still playing Lion
PAFC4eva: sweet in for soldo for next 5
Manowar: Sweet only ruck available for PA now
Hughsy: Did you watch the same thing i did ash?
zadolinnyj: Should not be a free let alone a week Ash
navy_blues: no week in that look like head clash
royboy16: Coslty. Right or (more very likely!) wrong. Costly
navy_blues: wasnt a free id say umps over reacting to try and settle game down
LionBoy: My bad. Sweet is in.
DrSeuss: Umps were over reacting the last 5 minutes - unfortunately all against the Lions
Ash777: it was a free because he initiated the contact
clay007: Seuss...I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.
navy_blues: Ash what are u smokin
DrSeuss: Yeah definitely can't initiate contact in a marking contest lol
navy_blues: daniher was in front of buckley their heads clashed thats all
clay007: Navy vs Ash...Is it important?
Ash777: it looked like daniher turned to see buckley coming then tried to hip shoulder him out but clashed heads
J_Herer: Harvey Thomas $$$ :)
J.Worrall: Nonsense is manure for the brain!
circle52: Ahchee subbed for Tunstill
J.Worrall: Hammy, apparently
circle52: AhChee hammy
clay007: Lol Worrall, great quote
clay007: I heard achoo had a problem with his hanky
DrSeuss: I wonder what would happen if Brisbane could kick straight....ever
bhg26: Get out clay
clay007: Seuss...Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.
J.Worrall: No! No problem with his knees!
circle52: What would happen if we did not bomb into forwrad 50 all the time.
clay007: lol bhg
J.Worrall: *sneeze
Pavs: I can picture you pointing at the door bhg. Funny
clay007: I'm hearing ya Worrall
StuL: Green is on tonight
Ash777: if you wanted to kick straight you wouldn't have got daniher
clay007: Daniher has been a good trade Ash. I would have him at the pies
slydon: bit late to the party on that one StuL
Ash777: He's good clay but he has weeks of shocking accuracy
clay007: Stuttery but fluent...point. Flower commentary
StuL: yea i guess. just saying the bleeding obvious
clay007: True Ash, but grew up watching Travis Cloke.
frenzy: Harvey going backwards
miersmessi: for being locked down by harris andrews cadmans going ok
CamT: 2,610people traded Tom Green out this week. oops
StuL: i have green as a pod in thIs one so rejoicing.
miersmessi: i dont understand the hype of trading out premos, ive still got english
DrSeuss: Good to see Neale hasn't shown up again - meanwhile Dunkley with the quietest 86 SC I have ever seen
StuL: Oops alright. As if you would
miersmessi: ffs should've put the vc on green not naicos
clay007: Seuss...Don't give up. I believe in you all. A person's a person. No matter how small. Go Brissy...lift
circle52: Where is plan b Chris - who will run with Green
clay007: Looks like game over gents. Might be time for episode 2 of Baby Reindeer
thommoae: Howya doin', Ash? 'No Taylor, no Giants'? :)
DrSeuss: Thanks Clay - but time for this one to be turned off - just not turning up each week - no intensity, no pride
TheLegend6: How is it Clay? On my list.
clay007: Kinda of gripping Legend. I like a good stalker series. Based on a true story.
bhg26: If Cadman kicks another goal he can actually get a pretty good score
StuL: Green is everywhere.
StuL: This is a big shot in the arm to winning my game
frenzy: McCluggage is a butcher
LionBoy: Season ending/defining qtr ahead
Ash777: was there a hangover situation that happened in Vegas to the lions
clay007: Kinda true lion
original: Hope Brent Danielís doesnít come on
circle52: Are we cooked after 5 finals apperances in a row?
Beast_Mode: he will come on, accept that, it will be easier to take when it happens
Beast_Mode: 5 choke jobs in a row you mean
StuL: this year you might he circle.
Doggie Doo: Time to sit bacjk so see how big Greene goes.
DrSeuss: 10 Brissy Players with 60% disposal efficiency or less. GWS has 3
sheezel420: This is beautiful to watch
original: Beast no donít say that I need DNP
circle52: Yes Beast mode heroan not the coach to take us to next level
circle52: Exacty Seuss 3 less kicks on goal yet 43 points behind
clay007: 44 circle
Hughsy: Green is hitting targets left and right. beautiful to watch
BigChief: Doggie Doo Greene will score zero this week mate.
Gotigres: Yes bhg. I'm hoping he can get to 60sc
DrSeuss: Too many passengers Circle
bhg26: AIming too low gotigres, backing him to kick 3 in the last
StuL: Jones looks promising.
Doggie Doo: I mean Green
Gotigres: If only bhg
StuL: Welcome back Green.
slydon: StuL coming in with kelli underwood level commentary
Birdman18: Tom Green is personally trying to get to his break even
StuL: whats that slydon?
slydon: lay down the beers young fella
slydon: you need to save those brain cells
frenzy: Zorko dont get the hard ball, does he
clay007: Don't listen stu. Just someone being cheeky.
LionBoy: Hate to imagine this game without Andrews. Lone hand.
original: Danielís ainít coming on. Say it beast. He ainít
StuL: im just cheering that green is kicking rs is all
frenzy: yes Harvey
Pavs: All good StuL slydon doing his best Beast impersonation
navy_blues: get back on green lol
BigChief: I see Bedford getting subbed for Daniels very soon.
clay007: Agreed Pavs, and a good one at that.
Beast_Mode: pavs wash your mouth out with that dribble, im the OG troll, no one is on my level
navy_blues: is top 8 beyond bris now?
Hughsy: con-nig-lio - what joel?
original: Danielís under injury cloud, they do not want him coming on cold
clay007: Fair come back beast. At least you know who you are.
Pavs: True that Beast :) Just a little clip to see if you are awake
slydon: thanks for the drive by compliment clay x
clay007: dribble should be drivel beast
Hughsy: Get off the pine Green you waste of space
Beast_Mode: lol, im been pretty mellow the last few weeks tho, sometimes i like to bait ppl for showers and giggles. all in good fun
circle52: Suns Crom Tigs Hawks Dogs and Saints draw till bye for us.
circle52: Would have to win ar least 4 of the 6 to make top 8
frenzy: you may win one circle
navy_blues: prob give u 5 of those circle
Pavs: Sometimes Beast you make good comments I can see an improvement.
LionBoy: Mercy rule pls
clay007: Slydon...footy is just a game...the rest is humour and enjoyment
circle52: Which is why I doubt we make the 8 may not even beat Suns next wewek at Gabba
tajtaj16: lohmann do somethinggg
slydon: i have a library of falcon clips on my computer, i know what you mean clay
BigChief: Circle I think 3 wins in that run.
Hughsy: No bites :(
slydon: it gets me through the tough times
clay007: tajtaj...that is pretty low man
tajtaj16: what clay
clay007: lol slydon
original: Danielís moving noo
LionBoy: heroan needs to bring in 2 or 3 fresh faces next week. Not the same rotation.
TheLegend6: Callaghan star imo been class tonight, Green gun
slydon: i get to add another today from cripps
slydon: crisp*
clay007: Play on words tajtaj...lohmann=low man
tajtaj16: there he is
clay007: That one looked brutal slydon. I think the kick was from Merett. It made him the Anzac medallist
Pavs: Yep that needed explaining clay I missed it. (wheres bhg)
Gotigres: Will Aleer hold his spot for a few weeks?
clay007: He would tell me to get out wouldn't he pavs?
bhg26: Lurking pavs
Ash777: Give hipwood a burger
Pavs: clay is back in the room mate
Roarix: Get heroan out of this club.. we are cooked. Get Simpson or Buckley in thanks
bhg26: He gets 1 more chance
clay007: Lol bhg. I think the swans win big this weekend. Thoughts?
Pavs: lol. You are a nice guy bhg
bhg26: You'd think so clay
clay007: Where is the game being played? tassy?
StuL: Thats a drubbing.
BigChief: Lazy Green. You couldn't even get your BE LOL
AuntieSnif: hey lads how are we
bhg26: Projection this round is now around 2520, cant wait for that to plummet
jezzas-cow: game was played in canberra
bhg26: MCG clay
StuL: GWS just about have to be flag favourite
Manowar: Carlton
AuntieSnif: i traded out green for zorko and had the C on him smh... feeling that one
BigChief: original you got your DNP for Daniels :)
jezzas-cow: I wonder what hipo will say about Green this week
StuL: Green going so far over projected is a shot in the arm.

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