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bhg26: Tipping Essendon, canít wait to feel stupid
navy_blues: 10 000 possies for pendles today thats massive
bhg26: Donít jinx it navy
navy_blues: dont believe in jinxing crap lol
bhg26: Well if Pendles has 3 touches today I know who Iím blaming lol
navy_blues: well i get blamed for everything round here so might as well add that to the list bhg lol
bhg26: Haha
zadolinnyj: Lads
SonOfAGun.: Maybe stop with the interviews hey!
lana2146: Upset alert bombers win for me
zadolinnyj: I bet on draw
dezlav: Carn da Bombers
lana2146: Nicky Martin to go huge
dezlav: Draper to land on it late in the 4th and bombers by a point
Gotigres: Great kick by Stringer
original: Darcy Cameron in my draft team. Horrendous start. Canít get near a hit out
lana2146: Go The Bombers
LionBoy: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Go Bombers
Ash777: Dons wound back the clock to 2021
SonOfAGun.: Fair start
bhg26: Bring out the mercy rule
zadolinnyj: Too soon dezlav
dezlav: @Zado. Sydney last year is still fresh.
Gotigres: Wow
zadolinnyj: Wow
Pavs: 4 posessions against 4 goals
original: 4 goals to 4 disposals lol
original: D Cameron killing me man
pluggerpig: Bombers on track for a 384-0 win
dezlav: Thank god I left the VC on Gawn and not Daicos.
soup: Few more of those please marto
original: Got the vc on harry jones personally
LionBoy: More clangers Martin.
soup: Masterstroke from original
UncleSniff: Good old Footsteps Gresham
navy_blues: keep going durham
Pavs: Like Durham
bhg26: I need to stop betting on de Goey
UncleSniff: 20+ disposals looking tough isnt it BHG?
LionBoy: Bobby -6. Whatís the lowest score anyone has finished with?
bhg26: Very tough sniff
Ash777: crisp needs back in the midfield
Pavs: Michael Gardiner
pluggerpig: i got pendles for 20+ today, hoping he doesnt stop at 4.
StuL: Naicos the only one i have here. Makes it a bit boring.
LionBoy: Score Pav?
Pavs: Minus 19
StuL: Go the mighty bombers. Keep those pies down
LionBoy: Sheesh. Ta Pav
UncleSniff: Warming up the engine for you BHG
DanF: Rough conduct? Clearly ump thinks this is Auskick!
bhg26: 4 touches in about a minute doesnít hurt sniff
soup: Marto rare stint on the pine
StuL: Lets go Naicos
original: Given DCam gave away 3 frees before getting a touch I guess Iíll take 11 (draft)
Hughsy: I should be confidentÖ Iím not
StuL: Yay Naicos.
miersmessi: do you lads have a groupchat
miersmessi: hey everyone
miersmessi: or a supercoach league
StuL: Go dons.
navy_blues: degoey muppet
bhg26: He kicks one from 55 on the boundary but misses that
navy_blues: another stupid 50 given away
Pavs: Watching Merrett closely not sure how he's scoring points
RooBoyStu: Parish will win his 2nd Anzac Medal
soup: Thinking the same about martin pavs
RuffLeader: Are you watching with your eyes closed Pavs?
Getup: That wasn't a free umpires cooked 😕
Pavs: Don't think so Ruff.
navy_blues: noble so important to wobbles
SonOfAGun.: Bombers need a goal
Ash777: crisp finally back in the midfield rotation
Ash777: go the pies
J_Herer: Lets go Naicos!!!
StuL: Martin again. What a pick for 490 odd
StuL: Naicos!
Beast_Mode: naicos the goat
wadaramus: Nic and Nick going well.
soup: Original your VC has gone to sleep
bhg26: Draper knows how to pull a goal out of his alps
StuL: come on bombers
Manowar: Peptides at half time Essendon
Hazza09: How is Martin on 56?
SonOfAGun.: 1.3 Jake bwhahah
original: DCam my boy. Good fight back
Beast_Mode: always funny when blues fan talk about cheating bombers, when they were proven to have cheated the cap for 20 years lol
lana2146: Sure youíd still play the old peptides card manowar its 2024 get over it
original: Cape Darcy cam
original: Beast we got punished to the ground, other clubs since no where near as severe
StPom: Yes de goey! Much better 2nd qtr
UncleSniff: Sidebottom going well *looks around*
upweydons: Well said Lana
Beast_Mode: you got smashed no doubt original, but should have lost your 95 flagg, it was proven u were cheating the cap that yr
Getup: Doing more off ball gear sniffa
Getup: Go you pies
Beast_Mode: 1995 will always have an Asterisk
original: Ok beast, asterisk on 1995, sure. Like all the pies premierships / 4peat back when you could challenge
UncleSniff: I helped wiith De Goey BHG, now I need help. Ian Hill needs to kick a snag....
bhg26: More likely than me sniff, I need alwyn davey lol
UncleSniff: Hopefully he gets one early for you or he could have the vest on I reckon...
bhg26: In for a huge second half sniff, might get 2 touches
bhg26: Bobby hill will get his chances sniff
StuL: Go Nick Daicos.
UncleSniff: Stringer burns Davey, that's rough
elvundir: davey bhg! haha
bhg26: flower yes!
soup: Haha there you go bhg
bhg26: Everyone of my disposal getters at least halfway and Langford needs 1 goal
StuL: Go bombers.
SonOfAGun.: Wowwee
Ash777: well there is mark of the year
Gelly: damn nice mark of the year
miersmessi: anyone here not have gawn
Brian: Oh boy wowee!
wadaramus: I thought it was Jeremy Howe!
soup: That was mental
RuffLeader: Great mark, but BT comparing to Moorcroft is crazy
original: Every time I come back my player says +1 but theyíre 2 points lower than last check lol
TimT14: Bhg you might be home now
zadolinnyj: Rubbish 50 that. Call him back to the 9
navy_blues: omg collingwood will win this essendon turnover city atm
SonOfAGun.: Get Goldstein off the ground
LuvIt74: Merrett's done nothing this quarter
soup: CD would disagree with you luvit
UncleSniff: Pies tackling been great since HT
original: Do something DCam. Only gunna score in q2 and q4??
LuvIt74: Squeezed it home
StuL: Nice Naicos
bhg26: Need Zerrett 6, Martin 5, Caldwell and Durham 4, but naicos 10 touches
wadaramus: Cracking game of footy, looking forward to a big last quarter.
wadaramus: Hoping Nic and Nick can ton up in SC :)
navy_blues: easy wada both seagulls
slydon: come on dons, keep pushing till final siren
slydon: they will wada
original: Big last qtr Darcy cam, 30+
Social: Whatís wrong with sidey?
StuL: sidey is old is probably what is wrong
flibbity: im not here to flower sideys
navy_blues: crap manning of the mark there
zadolinnyj: Why Mitchell sub
elvundir: im so silly for trading martin rd 2
PAFC4eva: Soldo out for 5 Sweet good cash cow till then
Social: We should trade him in then
soup: Two weeks in a row of a martin bail out goal, lovely
TheFilth: StuL - "sidey" younger than Stanley, Tuohy, Hawkins, Dangerfield
lana2146: Massive Quarter coming for Martin
original: Ffs D cam was on 65 now back to 57? No free against
lana2146: Yaaaay go the Bombers
UncleSniff: Scaling original
lana2146: Scailing will be massive
Beast_Mode: martin moved forward this 1/4
StuL: nothing for naicos this qtr
Ash777: Jones subbed
soup: Hind is so shower, how many chances can someone get
miersmessi: i tipped pies but my hatred for them makes me want the dons to win
m0nty: Nick needed to stay on his hind legs
wadaramus: Hind sight is always 20/20 m0nty.
navy_blues: wow if pies lose....
zadolinnyj: Have the draw in multi but needed mitchel to get 20. Wild
SonOfAGun.: yikes
StuL: Nick Martin is unstoppable
wadaramus: Outrageously good game of footy!
CamT: Nick Martin, fittest player in the game.
miersmessi: naicos vc looking like it wont work out for me
navy_blues: no htb being paid
Social: To be honest this could go either way
StuL: come on bombers
wadaramus: Gutsy call Social!!!
miersmessi: umpires feeling more pressure than the players
Social: hehe
Ash777: Go draw fc
wadaramus: Looks like it's each way Social :)
Beast_Mode: sucked in lol
navy_blues: maynard misses lol
zadolinnyj: My god. Stuff you macrae
lana2146: Someone picked a draw on here congratulations
bhg26: Naicos 2 touches off you fraud
Social: bugger
bhg26: But good SuperCoach scoring
TheFilth: Good game
LionBoy: Great result when you. Dislike both teams. Great game guys.
Ash777: It's a draw both the teams are even
navy_blues: or mihocek sry
Pevo: Love not having to listen to either of those songs.
carl: wow what a game, red hot go by both teams
zadolinnyj: I picked it but needed Mitchell to get 2 for 25k. Subbed for no reason. Killing me
LionBoy: Lol Pev
slydon: we need overtime
slydon: especially on a day like today
wadaramus: That was superb entertainment, thank you.
lana2146: Perhaps play a club remix of both teams songs
OffaStep: Not even a quick Q about getting 10000 possies? WTF?
Beast_Mode: lol pervo
RuffLeader: That was a ripping game! Wow
lana2146: Unlucky zadolinnyj
Ash777: lana there's already a draw song it needs to be played lol
desa2024: Nah no draws. Don't turn AFL into basketball.
RuffLeader: Haha Beast calling him Pervo is an all time autocorrect haha
Ash777: Only football is the winner today!
J.Worrall: The Bombers showed something we haven't seen for a while. Accuracy desired.

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