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don key: we will remember them ....
ReggieOz: Go Dees! Lest we forget
don key: good game Reggie be gentle lol my pop did kakoda
frenzy: howdy
don key: petrecca to have a big un i tip !!
don key: howdy frenzy wish we had sheezel lol
TimT14: Let's go tigers! Expecting a big game from Vlastuin
BigChief: Clarry 110ish and drops in price so we can get him under 500k
don key: evening tim
don key: sounds like clarrys on the outer chief? love him tho
don key: gawn 135 clarry 152 lol
don key: bakes and shai 100 i hope already in fetal pos lol
BigChief: You really don't think Rich get within 8 goals don?
don key: no chief missed lynch shorty etc but glad kosi not in there love nank tho ,... our father , who art in heaven lol
TimT14: Evening all
don key: miller up front ?
TheLegend6: Tylar Young eh...
don key: young hey
Gotigres: Everything is ripe for Gawn to go huge: injury free, weeks rest, playing a muppett team, in form, but I got him in and
Gotigres: vc'd him so watch him go 80
pluggerpig: accicdentally put the C on Gawn instead of VC. great start to the week.
StuL: Go dees.
StuL: thats the sort of thing i would do plugger.
clay007: Well, let's hope he goes well then plugger and goti
TimT14: We're actually such a bad side now
Fromage: Sharpe to Clarry
Balladeer: looks like someones pulled the plug a bit early this week
StuL: Go big Max. Should be a safe VC bet
TheLegend6: We're just so bad at competing for marks inside 50. Just jump and put some body on at least.
Gotigres: If Naismith can put a decent game together he may hold his spot for a few weeks. He's certainly better than a few others
TheLegend6: Dees get away with one there, clear throw
TimT14: Our disposal efficiency is terrible going inside 50 too
don key: think of the guys we have injured leg different team
original: steven may, go large
StuL: Come back Tracca.
TheLegend6: Sure but even the smalls should jump and make it a contest at least right?
original: love ANB as a player
original: thats not a free against gawn smh
TimT14: Pickett needs to go
TorturedSC: TimT14 agree, makes so many skill errors
Gotigres: Does a free kick count to the player who got it if advantage was taken?
clay007: Clearly not talking about Kysaiagh
StuL: This is becoming the norm for Tracca.
original: Gotigres as it i was infringed but you took advantage? i still get points
TheLegend6: Impressed with Maurice recently
Gotigres: Naismith got a free in the ruck but advantage was taken. Free not recorded to Naismith
BigChief: clay they obviously mean Marlion
clay007: Who is the best of tiger's younsters? Brown, Mansell, Banks, Young Dow, Ralphsmith?
clay007: I was being facetious chief, sorry.
cherry9: Is it really Vloss Stone? Or Vlostin.
TheLegend6: Brown and Dow Clay
dezlav: CArn Billings. Big score please. And 130+ would be great Gawn.
BigChief: So far this game is mistake riddled.
Gotigres: Tigers have certainly been battling away. A well deserved goal.
don key: maybe sonsie clay ! like to see cumbers play as well soon
TheLegend6: Geez Trac
clay007: Dow looks good to me boys and sonsie classy.
Zutroyz: This is the form that has seen me waste trades on Baker. Not this time!
beerent11: Anyone else vc max?
original: if steven may was bont he'd be on 85sc
BigChief: Baker is only a draft player and not classic.
gopower: Champion Data just gave Ben Miller's tackles to Tylar Young
soup: absolutely beer, how couldn't you
pluggerpig: most accurate pickett has been in a while - lace out on oliver
gopower: Champion Data gave Ben Miller's tackles to Tylar Young a few minutes ago
Gotigres: yes beer
circle52: think quite a few of us did Beer. Obvious choice with first game.
BigChief: beer you didn't go Bolton VC?
Doggie Doo: How big is Gawn going to score?
Zutroyz: I thought I did beer, but it seems I didn't
beerent11: Thought nank may have put some off
Zutroyz: Agree Big Chief, but have made that mistake in years gone
LionBoy: Had Dawson VC last week and Gawn this week. Iím a genius. If you donít look at other 5 weeks.
TheOnyas: Onya Gawny
don key: oliver doesnt like love taps power poor
BigChief: Zutroy I fell for it last year. Not doing that again.
ralfsmiff4: can't stand watching dees, not having gawn has shot my season already lol
wadaramus: I think it's power poor to punch someone in the guts when they aren't expecting it.
BigChief: Why is trac playing fwd so much?
original: brought gawn in the week before the bye lol
don key: its whats said during a game that makes ppl do that wad
Pavs: Evening all. With you on that one Wada
bhg26: Goodwin said Clarry should be back to his best, 10 first quarter touches not a bad start
nbartos: not the cakewalk demons expected
clay007: Is Grimes still an automatic pick for the tigers? Does not look too good tonight!
LionBoy: May outmarked. Rare
bhg26: TMac didnt bring his kicking boots
The39Steps: Father time has bypassed Grimes. In a Ferrari.
Pavs: Why did I not VC Gawn? Idiot
TheLegend6: Past his best Clay. Lot of fans been saying it for a couple years now, but Gibcus/Balta injury and lack of depth...
original: lol lionboy
cherry9: Agree wada, they should def ask first
clay007: Good point legend...quite a few injuries at the tiges.
original: pavs vc naicos you will be ok
BigChief: Expected Melb kicking to be better than this.
J.Worrall: Spot on, Cherry!
frenzy: I got the wrong Young
Roarix: VC already taken.. thank you Gawn
original: vc clohesy
Pavs: Now it has to be Butters over Bont original. I know how quick Gawn can score
wadaramus: Hitting someone when you aren't actualy engaged withthem is a gutless act.
BigChief: Rowell my C atm.
wadaramus: It proves you are too cowardly to actually confront them person to person.
Pavs: Having a great year Chief
clay007: Oliver's Be is 166. He is going to be real cheap soon. Will he find his best form?
Pavs: imo doubt it clay
original: wont touch oliver
BigChief: Yep he is Pavs and has WC so should score well again.
clay007: I'll probably leave him also, but what if he is 350k
Roarix: The report about AFL covering up drug users with fake injuries.. Oliver the main case of that.. do not touch in sc
TheLegend6: We're defending well
LionBoy: Missed it. Who hit Clarry
elvundir: what about married to them wada?
StuL: It would be great if he did clay.
don key: like you to tell him that then wad
Pavs: Pickett Lion Boy
cherry9: Might wait until Claytonís on the bubble. Looks a fair way off full fitness rn
Social: He looks a little out of sorts to be kind
clay007: All the Melb mids are off tonight, viney, clarry and tracca
beerent11: I really think champion data underscores rucks.
sheezel420: Pickett is a flog
BigChief: Wow they paid a HTB. Miracles do happen.
Pavs: Really don key not sure who is scared of Pickett?
LionBoy: Pickett. Thereís a revelation.
soup: which one sheezel haha
clay007: I think clarry's nostrils are missing his white powdery friends. Performance enhancing maybe?
sheezel420: oh marlion lol, kysaiah is great
don key: lol clay
soup: yeah he needs to stick to stealing TV's i reckon
Pavs: beer that's funny.
Bulky: Terrible game.
BigChief: HTB on Clarry and Vlastuin. Both dropped it and neither paid.
original: not htb on oliver, wasnt tackled
TheLegend6: We'd be unreal if we had a proper key forward
original: viney disappeared
Roarix: What is going on with Viney.. fallen off of late
Roarix: You do, the best in fact.. just never fit
Roarix: @legend
slydon: dees midfield on a blinder at the moment
LionBoy: Using the term unreal a little loosely Legend.
TheLegend6: You think I don't know that Roarix
Roarix: Hey, you said it haha.. probably should have mentioned "proper key forward playing"
slydon: gawn putting up massive numbers for my vc, might have to take him
LionBoy: Considering Clarry in a couple of weeks. Fire back in the belly me thinks.
BigChief: if only they could hit a target slydon
Pevo: Should I take Gawn's 119 or risk on Butters?
TheLegend6: Trac low TOG
slydon: 119? not sure where you pulling that number from
Roarix: Gawn was on 70 10 minutes ago..
slydon: gawn will put up 140/160 at this rate
LionBoy: Gawn gone to sleep
cherry9: Keep going Brownsmith.
J.Worrall: 119? No risk, take Butter!
Pavs: Need to get Trac back in form. Second half maybe
Social: Max will be good for 140
jezzas-cow: gawn went missing...
Kidult: hitouts to opposition and that bad shot on goal
OffaStep: 15 I reckon, Roar.
Roarix: Too long either way Step
don key: my 50 plus melb win not looking good atm lol
don key: ralphs best game yet !
slydon: Give jezza back his medal cow
Geeaad: Tom Brown looks to have been a good rookie pickup in DEF, glad i went him instead of Draper
Pavs: Everyone getting Walsh this week?
soup: getting dawson instead pavs
cherry9: Nope Pavs. Going cheaper, Dawson
don key: dees taken us as easy win i reckon they should be miles in front
wadaramus: Got him last week Pavs.
TheLegend6: Tossing up between Walsh + Zorko or Butters + Macrae
don key: got him last week pavs
TheLegend6: We're defending really well don
Pavs: Torn cherry like to watch Dawson more so. form ordinary though
carl: Took Melb to win by 30 pts still confident.
don key: traded tom brown for butters this week he is going well
cherry9: Yeah itís a yo es guess. If in doubt go cheaper. I figure thereís not much downside at 530k
cherry9: Anyoneís guess
Pavs: Are we keeping Luke Jackson or trading him?
cherry9: I kept. Thought about it.
Pavs: Couch worries me cherry
Social: Iím a reluctant keeper Pav
don key: sorry t green
LionBoy: Keeping. Will be a top ten fwd
Pokerface: Jackson's a top 10 forward in that dogpile even if Shrek plays regularly. Which he won't
cherry9: Dawson worries me tbh. But for me the price is right.
don key: game tomoz who will win ?
Pavs: Anyone out there tell me a forward line this year?
cherry9: Hoping Jackson kicks a bag occasionally. That will be enough
LionBoy: Zorko a bit of a risk. Will probably be squeezed back forward when McKenna returns
BigChief: McKenna back this week LionBoy
LionBoy: Gawn scaled back 6 points??
don key: think zorkos better then mckenna lion atm mccluggo good for a couple goals too
bhg26: Personally i'd focus on upgrading mids and defenders first before targeting forwards
cherry9: Ok Iíll try. Heen, Fland, Jacko, Macrae, HReid. One other. Bolton?
BigChief: Agree bhg. Mids generally score higher. So set that up 1st.
Pavs: That is what i have done bhg 1 upgrade defence and 1 mid to go but no idea forward prbably leading with Fyfe at the mome
cherry9: Or a cheap
cherry9: Or F6, a cheap
LionBoy: Yep. bhg. Fwds a raffle
Pokerface: Adams
Pokerface: get on now befoe he tears hawthorn apart this wek
cherry9: Ö Or for F6, a chesp KPF on the cheap, a Jezza/Hoge type etc
BigChief: How big of a rocket did Goodwin just give? Huge I reckon
Pavs: Like him Poker injury concerns me
don key: mckay has a consistant ave cherry
Pokerface: if he gets injured trade him. we've got hundreds of them
cherry9: Fwds prob about jagging the timing of whoever it is this year.
Pavs: Been very good don key
LionBoy: Adams rubber knees Poker
BigChief: don McKay no longer playing 2nd ruck so he won't score as much.
don key: darcy going to go better so not sure jacko will be huge now
Pokerface: jacko doesn't need to be huge to still be in the top bracket of forwards this year
LionBoy: Who are next potential mids to get DPP. Who just missed out this round?
Pavs: I think we are all thinking the same thing. Love Supercoach
Pokerface: how much time has petracca had there after all the preseason talk
Bulky: Petracca has turned into Relton Roberts.
Pokerface: lol
original: how much has max stopped
Urbs: Looks like Pickett is running with Petracca tonight, would explain things
Pavs: Bite your tongue Bulky.
LionBoy: Oh no. Looks like Petty pulled a heart muscle.
Gotigres: Wake up Gawn
Social: BT playing the rebuilding card for the tigs, soft as
BigChief: Or a knee in the back LionBoy.
Pavs: Only if Trac has something for him to steal Urbs
Ash777: thought the icon for a sec was pickett was in serious trouble
UncleSniff: He heard you GoTigres
LionBoy: Canít get a knee in the back Chief if ya running away.
Gotigres: That's good Uncle
BigChief: You're obviously not watching LionBoy.
UncleSniff: How can Oliver front the public with that gut? 900k for that. Blimey Teddy.
LionBoy: Yeah missed it Chief. But still donít like him.
Pavs: Not sure about the gut Sniff but a huge downturn in ability
TheLegend6: Find the ball pls Trac
BigChief: Okay Max only 109 to go.
OffaStep: Picket tried to help him tuck it in earlier, Uncle.
LionBoy: Watch him Pavs. Only a metre away me thinks. Good value second half of season.
UncleSniff: Gawn 148, mark it down peeps
BigChief: LionBoy he backed into a marking contest in Rich fwd line and copped a knee.
don key: young might be ok post grimes
UncleSniff: Need more than that Offa hahaha
cherry9: I havenít remember seeing Clayton kick it lately
Raspel31: I had Tracca 3 weeks ago- a distant memory.
don key: umps showere again afl on the take no doubt
LionBoy: There ya go Cherry
BigChief: Hopper inj again?
TheLegend6: Oh great now Hopper is done again, who tf is our S&C coach ffs
Pavs: Turning his head before he has the ball just out of form Lion Boy
cherry9: Power-poor proof reading by me. And yep lion, on cue.
Gotigres: Just noticed Howes playing and playing well. Typical.
Ash777: We just saw the end of a career
UncleSniff: Petracca going to be very cheap in 3-4 weeks...
Balladeer: olivers influence growing this quarter
BigChief: Why is he staying on the ground if done a hammy?
Social: Youíve been on the receiving end don
TheLegend6: Geez its tough being a tigers fan
Ash777: Fs for sideshow bob
soup: Love your work howes
Geeaad: McAuliffe an option again if hopper injured?
LionBoy: Ugly for tiges coming now.
don key: agree geeaad
don key: as ugly as cameron lion
Geeaad: Don key is prestia back soon or still a few weeks?
BigChief: Sonsie would come in I would think.
UncleSniff: Does Hop think this is the last time he'll be on the ground ever? How are they leaving him out there with his history?
Roarix: That was Rioli jnr in a nutshell..
TheLegend6: Strange from Hopper
LionBoy: Looks like Cameron kicking for Shai don.
don key: 8 to 10 geeaad age a barrier i think now him grimes mac dusty etc kids have to play
UncleSniff: "Thank god I brought in Rioli Jnr this week".... Who's the bloke that normally runs that gag?
don key: shai doesnt tackle much lion lol
Hughsy: Hughsy has the VC on M.Gawn
BigChief: Where is Coultard Rich fans? He was okay last year.
UncleSniff: Everyone who watches footy has the VC on Gawn surely?
TheLegend6: Just come back from injury in the VFL BC
don key: laufu tough man
StuL: Yea they do Uncle
BigChief: Ahhh didn't know that Legend. Thanks.
UncleSniff: I don't like people getting hurt, but Hopper hammy is handy for early McAuliffe owners.... Just saying.
StuL: This is the 3rd week Tracca has been like this.
Hughsy: Some people would go for a VC Smokey on butters, but yes most will be on gawn
original: this game stinks
Pavs: Too good a player to keep this up Stuhl
Ash777: BT made a funny
Roarix: This game should open up in the last
UncleSniff: Dow is a stinker
TimT14: Dees will steamroll the tigers in fourth quarter
elvundir: cmon gawny keep going
beerent11: Clarry leading possie getter in the gameÖ
BigChief: 2 late HB for Max. Very nice
TheLegend6: Are you kidding me nank
LionBoy: Keep going Howes. Another 20 points and I might loop him.
BigChief: How can BT commentate when he has no understanding of the rules? SMH
Roarix: Bank showing why ruckman shouldnt take those kicks on
original: UncleSniff Dow has got nothing on his brother
Raspel31: Much the same with Windsor LionBoy.
Getup: Well done Windsor keep going maxi n howes
Geeaad: Once clarrys BE comes under 120 im taking him
don key: dow better then williams uncle sniff
Number 8: Twin rucks haven't worked for Richmond, Nank has been really poor
LionBoy: Ditto Gee. Heís close. Not there yet but close.
don key: dees better than most teams but hey we have 3 flags
BigChief: Why is Lefau rucking when Rich have 2 actual rucks playing?
Roarix: That is all I hear tigs fans say these days and honestly.. how nice that would be :(
don key: vc gawn may be c at end of round
Pavs: Sorry Geeaad don't understand the Clarry thing am i missing something?
UncleSniff: Original, his player could really play, but next week look like he's never seen a footy. Frustrating.
BRAZZERS: of course it hasnt worked lol, they have no other key types to play forwrd other than naismith
Getup: Who got in walsh this week?? Im thinking about it 🤔
UncleSniff: *brother
don key: another mishap ump call time to get rid of 4th ump
Ash777: dees n tiges stuck at 13 a piece
UncleSniff: I look forward to people bringing Oliver in. I can't cop a bloke that looks like he's a regular at the local pub...
Pavs: Getup still not sure Walsh/Dawson
Getup: Same pavs
Pavs: I will definetly go the wrong way though Getup :)
bhg26: Im not sure either between walsh or dawson so im going serong
Raspel31: Gawn unlikely to hit 168 so who to cap now?
UncleSniff: It's a big ? BHG, i've done about 10 different scenarios
TheLegend6: 65 and I take you Brown
cherry9: Hope itís not Serong decision. Ok I know I know
UncleSniff: I'm telling you Rasp, Gawn 148. Said it 30 mins ago :P
LionBoy: lol Rasp
bhg26: Harley Reid Raspel
Pavs: Absolutely going Houston in the back line so be aware. sorry who ever has him
Pokerface: reid's out this week!
bhg26: Exactly poker
LionBoy: Brought in Macrae this week. What could possibly go wrong?
Social: Oliver looking better as the game goes on
OffaStep: Not sure that's confirmed, poker.
BigChief: Windsor subbed? Strange decision
don key: gawn 170 and my cpt
Getup: Same pavs no doubt 🙄
Pokerface: its confirmed, they will managehim this week
Getup: That's shower nc
Getup: That's shower bc
Raspel31: Strange indeed BigChief- just hitting his stride.
don key: pigs ass
UncleSniff: Is Harrison Petty a ghost? Where's he been?
Gotigres: Love how Richmond have reduced Melbourne down to our standard
don key: good onya umps
Getup: Happy with howes keep going!!
naicosfan: Richmond getting flowered by the umps
TheLegend6: Think we've been good tonight gotigres, intensity up just lack a bit of class
Pavs: Seriously Tracc get involved
BigChief: Gotigres I was worried when you said you brought Gawn in this week. Curse broken :)
Getup: Pigs alps donkey pigs alps
Ash777: #freekickdemons
LionBoy: There was speculation about a heart muscle Uncle
Number 8: Tigers getting reamed by the green ones
don key: another good game from so called umps seriously they have no clue
beerent11: C Livingston can be orange again this week.
sheezel420: tell us what you really think don key
Social: they seemed pretty clued in a couple of years ago yeah
Gotigres: Yes, I'm very happy with Gawn BC
don key: lol sheeze just like a good game without idiots umpiring
Bulky: Getting rid of Relton Petracca this week allowed me to pick up Walsh & Martin. Paying dividends already.
TheLegend6: Marlion you can stop tagging Trac now thank you
navy_blues: keep going max
Gotigres: Yeah, they've fought well TheLegend. Lots of tackling, chasing etc
LionBoy: Credit to Tiges. Looked a blowout 30 mins ago.
wadaramus: Go Max, put the big VC cherries on.
BigChief: When did Relton ever get 19 disp in a month? Never would be my guess.
wadaramus: Richmond kick straight there is only less than a goal in it.
Social: Howís the push from nose dusty?!
Raspel31: That was brave of you wada-vc on Gawn.
don key: same as the forearm to head from danger social
wadaramus: Money in the bank Raspel :)
dezlav: Same Wada
slydon: turner could be some huge cash if he stays in
TheLegend6: Won't play this well again Sly, not real matchup tonight
Social: heís in your head don
BigChief: Dont need more def slydon. Need fwds
Gotigres: Turner is a defender but almost 200k
Social: Defo taking Max vc
don key: geelong sydney gf atm i think great teams
LionBoy: Loop Howes or risk DíAmbro??
bhg26: Easily Howes, Mass a sub risk now
Kidult: Howes
Gotigres: Take Howes Lion
TheLegend6: Junk up Brown
LionBoy: Yep
beerent11: Bailey Laurie looks like a popular teammate
Getup: Might risk it social 🤔 🤣 nah well done maxi
Raspel31: Definitely Ambrosio LionBoy- and then cut your head off.
BigChief: Watch Livingstone get a game if we C him LOL
TheLegend6: Reid confirmed out or sub risk?
slydon: gawn <3
Raspel31: Lol BigChief-eek.
LionBoy: Dees need a key forward so badly
Kidult: It was only Tom Morris suggesting the out
circle52: Night just have to captain Reid then
slydon: gotta wait for selections legend
Devero_D: Zach Reid big Captain for me to bring in Howes.
beerent11: Just switched the c over to disco after you said that bc
frenzy: bin for Tracca
soup: Exactly what I just did devero haha
UncleSniff: BC, go to hell with that comment hahaha
BigChief: hehehe made you think about Livingstone :)
UncleSniff: Beer or Hamburger for Olver?
Manowar: C on Harley Reid this week
slydon: keep going maxy
UncleSniff: Oh Gawn, lovely...
Social: What do you crave after a shnozful Uncle?
beerent11: Bringing him in next week I think unc.
UncleSniff: HSP or more beers usually Social TBH
Social: nom
Slaggy.A.B: Oliver horrible
OffaStep: SC's Gawn predicted score spot on off the stick!
navy_blues: max right on proj
UncleSniff: Scenes Offa!!
BigChief: Clarry proj spot on as well
UncleSniff: Abbey Holmes has a big plastic surgery bill doesn't she?
Badgerbadg: Professional display from the dees, shower game but got the job done
soup: How good is nailing your captain on a Wednesday?
UncleSniff: Don't bring your heroerotic fantascies in here soup...

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