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Doggie Doo: Who is needed to go big this game?
Pavs: Interested in GC rookies Graham Clohesy but no hope of a win this week
circle52: Like goal umpire keeping eye on ball.
Beast_Mode: watch jake rogers, very highly rated
Pavs: Plenty of other umpires would of got up and carried on a bit. Done well
pluggerpig: wtf is kayo doing with the scores
J.Worrall: Heeney
Hughsy: Please heeney
Hughsy: C on Heeney, also idk plugger, weird
elvundir: i went with heeney captain over bonts score, C'mon heeney!
OffaStep: Mistakenly put C instead of VC on Bont. Opp has Henney C. This might hurt.
bhg26: Good first move from him there beast
GinniFan: Almost went Heeney C but chose Sheez to mimic oppo
StuL: capt Heeney yet again. i banked Bont.
Beast_Mode: he's a good lad
Pavs: I need an interpreter for Brereton. I don't have a clue what he is talking about
pluggerpig: itsy bitsy teeny weeny opponent has the C on heeney
pluggerpig: Derm is a good example of life before being serious about head knocks
thommoae: If I were Sam, I'd be sending Maginnis over to keep Harry company.
StuL: Handy if Grundy can score and keep making cash until he eventually becomes English
OffaStep: Pretty sure there were serious deficits before the head knocks, Plugger.
Hepatitis: do something ffs andersen
UncleSniff: How arrogant is Huddo? I know someone called Clohesy and they pronounce it "Clossy".
bhg26: Clohesy may struggle to get his -174 breakeven
GinniFan: Reckon it might happen @thommoae
pluggerpig: i dont think Huddo knows anyone tbh
Legix: Jordan tagging Anderson I think
StuL: Everyone calls him Closey but surely it is Clo hesy!? As long as he gets points
J.Worrall: $ for Clohesy already
OffaStep: Grundy receiving more frees than he's giving? WTF?
GinniFan: Clohesy what a gun!!
circle52: nice clohessy,
Hughsy: Jeez Clohesy is a gun.
UncleSniff: Forget SC, Clohesy is a legit player
Hepatitis: this clohsey bloke is a freak
StuL: Go Glohesy. On fire again
macff: holy shower he is a gun
original: ZWill on field over clohesy ffs
suns4ever: Forgot to captain Clohesy again fml
Birdman18: Clohesy is a keeper
J.Worrall: $ for Graham too!!
pluggerpig: hes not the best player in the comp but hes close-y
Manowar: Clohesy everyone has, don't get too excited
Hughsy: Yoda, Manowar?
Pavs: Unlike you Manowar to be negative
OffaStep: A bit more ball for Roberts, please.
UncleSniff: Can't we just enjoy a gun younsgter from a footy perspective Manowar?
OffaStep: If the case that were not, Manowar, Clohesy-Wars there would be.
macff: ok Manowar sorry for talking about the footy
Hepatitis: traded andersen in as pod. pathetic
pluggerpig: didnt anyone ever specify a pod had to be good? thought just different... lol
Doggie Doo: Grundy scoring okay
Silz90: Manowar is right everyone should listen
Manowar: should have traded in Anderson instead
bhg26: Taylor Adams 9 contested possessions wowee
RooBoyStu: Hopefully we win later for Larkey's 100th off to the match later, fingers crossed
Pavs: Bit early to be drinking silz90 :)
Silz90: When Rooboy
macff: he is a player bhg, miss him
Silz90: Haha pavs never too early when you have to listen to manowar lecturing people
UncleSniff: If Clohesy scores a tonne, does he go up about 180k? Anyone know exactty?
StuL: Keep going Grundy.
bhg26: Exactly the type of player we need macff
Pavs: Point taken silz
BigChief: Manowar wrong once again. Clohesy owned by 44% only. So not everyone has him.
bhg26: If he scores 100 sniff he goes up about 130k
Manowar: lecture you, I will
StuL: Bugger off Rowell. Youre going to beat me arent you?
macff: Was shattered for him when he missed out last year, hard as nails and seems like a good fella too
pluggerpig: not bad from Adams, settled into the team nicely
Manowar: I'm sad for you BigChief, trade him in this week to fix you're error
Ninty: Is Uwland playing? #hello
BigChief: I got him after his 1st game, so get your facts correct before mouthing off.
Ninty: your error*
Kidult: 44% was before everyone got on him this round
Kidult: Something like 40% got on him a week early
navy_blues: lol ninty
Manowar: noted professor
Silz90: Manowar are you still top 100
mattmac24: Likely that more than half of SC teams have already tapped out for the year.
BigChief: Nope Kidult played 2 games and is owned currently by 44%
mattmac24: A lot of people were making extra teams for the early bye rounds.
Ninty: 11.8% traded in, so will go up from 43.8%?
Kidult: Live ownership he should be up more
Kidult: ty ninty
GinniFan: Great start Grundy
Hepatitis: andersen is playing like a carey fairy. weak as power
GJayBee: Clohesy and Reid could be doing us all a favour
bhg26: Flanders has mastered the ability of the seagull
Jack SC: 99.7% of top 1000 have Clohesy. If you don't have him you delete your team it's over
pluggerpig: saving some trades because they are keepers Gjay?
pluggerpig: theres no delete button on a team Jack, i looked
UncleSniff: I'd still prefer hom to Kelli, but is Derm on drugs?
pluggerpig: imagine if derm and kelli had a baby... would grow up to be the most special of all special commentators
pcaman2003: I wonder if Errol will get to find the ball today. So far not near it.
Kidult: two wrongs should make a right
Pavs: Don't put those thoughts in peoples heads pluggerpig :)
bhg26: Seriously its been a rule for years just flower off the 6 6 6 warning
OffaStep: Might get Clohesy and Reid in next week. Thinking Pink and F MacRae out. Not convinced yet, though.
Jack SC: The best thing about Clohesy is his Pink boots. Easy to see where you boi is!
navy_blues: 6-6-6- warnings need to go free kick instead soon fix prob
UncleSniff: Errol getting killed by how good the HBF have been, they keep blasting it straight over his head
Hughsy: what is the 6 6 6 warning? never questioned it...
navy_blues: agree bhg lol
pluggerpig: the baby would sound like nick dal santo now that i think about it.
Beast_Mode: geez dermie talks a lot of dribble
shagga24: Heeney has hit 37 5 times already
northball: the idea is there with derm but it comes out in dribble
bhg26: We are making it look hard this quarter
Ninty: drivel*
banta: flanders handball missed
banta: wtf has happened to will powell. so useless now
bhg26: Flanders happened banta
OffaStep: Good to see the real Grundy again.
StuL: Heeney not really moving
soup: Brodie Grundy you are a muppet
StuL: Go Grundy. Even though everyone has you
Troglodyte: Afternoon fellas. I still have JJ - enough said... :(
Ninty: wish I had the C on Grundy instead of Heeney
JezEdwards: G'day Trog. I still have Gulden... :(
soup: Wish I kept Grundy instead of getting marshall
Kidult: Luko and Flanders impacting him
Troglodyte: Like sands through an hour glass, these are the days of our lives ;)
thommoae: 'Scoreboard nourishment' ... good one, Monty.
Ninty: Adams is going to be tempting with the forward dpp
bhg26: And Tom McCartin down in the rooms, great
thommoae: Tempting ... until the poor guy is injured (again), Ninty.
EvilMonk: Did Walter pay admission for his seat in the stand? :P lol
Kidult: heavy loaded first bye with Powell, Zorko, Adams, Comben,Bigoa,Drury,Sheezel,Grundy,Xerri, Green,Whitfield etc
Kidult: plus Heeney and LDU types
Ninty: very true thommoae. But new club luck? :D
Kidult: Neale, Dunkley also
StuL: bugger off rowell.
Ninty: havenít even looked at byes >_<
bhg26: Heeney captaincy looked good early
StuL: Rowell going to give it to my oppo
UncleSniff: Flanders is such an easy watch, just a 110ish lock
shagga24: Yeah tell me about it bhg
shagga24: decent rest for Heeney
Kidult: 4/5 scores from Flanders are passable for a C
Birdman18: At least we're starting to see who the best forwards will be now with Adams and Zorko this week
UncleSniff: Anderson witches hat? Spyglass?
bhg26: What a flowering shower quarter of footy swans
frenzy: the Chad not producing the goods lately
Ninty: Still take 50 from Heeney. Hopefully a big second half
StuL: heeney to go beserk in the second half again?
pcaman2003: Looks like it's time for me to oust Gulden. Will lose money fast.
JezEdwards: Same here, Pcaman
Raspel31: Hmm- shifted cap from Bont to Rowell to beat my opp- in the balance.
dezlav: Here's a laugh. Left Carroll(Carl) on field and Roberts on the bench.
pcaman2003: Jez. He's the ultimate frustration. Good one week ,terrible the next. Unpredictable!
IcedNippys: test
frenzy: lol dezlav
dezlav: At least I kept Daicos.
Birdman18: Scores like Rowell's shows how much of a joke the fantasy scores are
pcaman2003: Raspel. Go Rowell. I have him and Flanders as POD in this
Pavs: IcedNippys testing the
Raspel31: Rowell, Flanders and Clohesy pcaman.
original: BHG I was laughing with that c choice. Now ffs
StuL: Go Clohesy. have him as a pod. not sure what oppo was thinking
pcaman2003: Have Clohesy too,but not as a POD.. Also Gulden ,but he's spudding it
bhg26: Just needs a second half like he did last game original
StuL: really effed up not having Roberts on. not paying attention. going to cost the game
Raspel31: Ah get you pcaman- Rowell and Roberts pod for moi.
StuL: lets go heendog
GinniFan: need Heeney to at least match Rowell for me to win my game
bhg26: All ruck frees are soft
StuL: need rowell to power off but its not happening
StuL: come on Clohesy. dont stop
Hughsy: Yes touk
Hepatitis: andersen i hate u. flowering joke
Manowar: you need to push the T button
GinniFan: cant play Hawthorn every week Hep
StuL: need Flanders to beat Rowell i think
Manowar: that's not happening!
Hughsy: Roberts is turning into a great player.
bhg26: Ump telling heeney to let go when mac andrew is holding wicks
Hughsy: heeney back down to 63 ffs
StuL: heenry capt might finally be a bust
banta: Pathetic by umpires against Flanders there☹️
GinniFan: sorry guys, brought Heeney in this week
sheezel420: Suns midfield has been goated this year, captaining Heeney this week was always a risk
StuL: rowell and roberts killing me. i wanted the north game to be live at least
bhg26: banta the kick went 8 metres he knows that wasnt 15
Raspel31: Have them both StuL- poor chap.
Troglodyte: Thats it get tackle-happy JJ ya spud
GinniFan: cmon Heeney lift!!
Pavs: He's going ok Trog
pcaman2003: Keep going Errol.
Troglodyte: Don't play sc Pav, but cheers anyway. Maybe next year...
UncleSniff: Anderson jusyt looks like he CBF
bhg26: Yes paps
Pavs: Got it Trog. The spud
Hughsy: Roberts a keeper? taking kick ins
bhg26: Especially in defence hughsy, can hold him for a while
Birdman18: Yeah Roberts going back to defence for me to replace Williams this week
Hughsy: I dont have a whole lot of room in defence... maybe with T.Stewart going down i can chuck him in there and get walshy...
Troglodyte: Surely Roberts isn't your lowest averaging onfield rookie? Isn't that the rule get rid of the worst ones first?
StuL: Roberts could be a keeper at this rate
Hepatitis: andersen = weak puny dog flog
Hughsy: Do you like Anderson Hepa?
bhg26: Hes talking up Andersons game a lot today hughsy
Hughsy: Trog if you are talking to me. i wouldnt get rid of Roberts
navy_blues: imagine having anderson in your side
thommoae: Blimey Hepa - Andersen's being tagged; Jordan ain't Fantasy relevant but he can impersonate a limpet okay.
J_Herer: Williams and Sanders would have to go this week
StuL: heeney needs to get 141. predicted to plummet yet more
EvilMonk: Who's Andersen?
Troglodyte: Any word on how long Zac-W is out?
Hughsy: A NFL player monk
navy_blues: heeney b/e is 50 Stul
Pavs: Any update on Williams? Didn't look bad
Beast_Mode: no trog but it was just a knock to his achilles
Beast_Mode: just a corky really
Birdman18: Doesn't really matter Trog. William's cash gen is dead
StuL: im talking about predicted score navy
Kidult: No need to worry on Heeney. He will +60 in the last
pcaman2003: This game is working out for me. 5 good performers. Opp Heeney C and Anderson.
Troglodyte: I got two other spuds that need to go first so was hoping to leave him on the bench for a week...
Kidult: Can't have him missing out on the 3 votes
Beast_Mode: Birdman18 whats williams breakeven next week champ?
navy_blues: well cant see him getting that now my opp has
Hughsy: Oh thank god Kidult
Birdman18: You can leave Williams on the bench. He'll most likely stay the same price for a week hopefully
navy_blues: Con him so happy for him to just make 100
Beast_Mode: graham needs to lift or wont get a game next week
TimT14: Keep it 1-39 sydney
Birdman18: Williams' breakeven will be 60 for next week Beast
StuL: need some point Clohesy although its lost already
Beast_Mode: cheers bud
soup: Big finish please tuktuk
Hughsy: Beast_mode pulling out the "champ" and "bud" out of his ass lol
Troglodyte: Good work spuddo - matched nwm. Now to add a few extra points as no.18
StuL: come on flanders. neddy
Hepatitis: will anderson touch the ball again. i doubt it the flog flowerer
macff: You seem like a fun bloke Hepa
GinniFan: Go Grundy!!
bhg26: Yes Grundy
thommoae: You kidding Beast? Dimma is building. He's not going to axe his building blocks for ... Swallow? Lemmens?
UncleSniff: Very happy with Grundy/Jackson hold now
pcaman2003: And to think I traded Grundy to English a while back. 😥
Oh8ball: Flower Anderson man
Manowar: Gawn/Grundy way better!
GinniFan: almost did that last week pca
StuL: ouch pcaman
UncleSniff: I have Gawn/Grundy, but Jackson allowed me to cover
shagga24: Go Isaac
Hughsy: "little bit of draper about it" flower off huddo
pcaman2003: I'm still going reasonable, but some trades hurt.
Hepatitis: love that from huddo. dons a disgusting club
J.Worrall: How about this, from an ABC commentator - an he's kicked a half mongrel torpedo
Hughsy: Lol Hepa, at least we will win against west coast
Hughsy: wet toast*
youthuck: touk "mid" miller
Troglodyte: Who had Q4 10min in the Adams injury sweeps?
Ash777: lol wtf has dons done to draper
frenzy: put ya sub on Horse
pcaman2003: Time to ton up Ned. Get at least 110 if you can.
Troglodyte: Any good mids getting fwd status tonight?
bhg26: Brought flanders in this week, a little underwhelmed but wont have 7 clangers every week
Pavs: Hope Dermott does the next game as well. I can't get enough
GinniFan: get a goal Heeney
beerent11: Youíre a tough judge bhg.
StuL: graham has done enough to survive
Ash777: Huddo the best commentator on tv
bhg26: I meant more of his disposal, usually not this many clangers
StuL: only 100 points blown not fielding roberts. idiot
GinniFan: heeney gonna spend the last 5 on the pine? flower
pcaman2003: I wish Gulden would live up to his rep as elite by foot.
shagga24: Heeney probably won't even come back on
StuL: yea huddo is good
frenzy: gee thanks Horse
StuL: Dwayne and his "in he struts/skips" does my head in
Ninty: Roberts, Grundy, Rowell alll making up for having C on Heeney. Iíll take it
pcaman2003: Stul. That's gotta hurt!
StuL: yes. a simple admin error. forgot about the thursday game and had sanders on.
J_Herer: Grundy clap clap clap!!
BigChief: StuL remember footy starts Wed next week
GinniFan: Grundy making up for Heeneys score
Sn0w0: heeny come back :(
Kidult: 28 down on Bont VC takers so not the worst
Pavs: Need a Personal Assistant StuL
Raspel31: Took the cap off Bont at 125- gave to Rowell at 125- hmm.
StuL: ok chief
frenzy: Shhh chief
pcaman2003: Had Rowell, Ned,Gulden,Roberts and Clohesy. So pretty happy overall.
StuL: pretty much pavs. i have had a few stuff ups
Beast_Mode: gulden bin
TimT14: Bin for gulden
OffaStep: Liv to Meek R3 and holding Grundy across byes has paid off. Takes the sting out of a few bad decisions this year.
UncleSniff: Absolute bin Beast. Was typing the same thing. He's going to cost me my main matchup
soup: Grundy scores 90 on blowjob williams but 160 on the most restrictive ruck in the game. clown
laneymate: Gulden so much junk to get to 100 I love you
bhg26: And also goes huge on gawn soup
Jack SC: That's gotta be junk game of the year for Gulden. elite Junk time scoring
pcaman2003: Nice last qtr Errol.
StuL: Grundy points a bonus but everyone has him
EvilMonk: so salty all the time Soup. xD
UncleSniff: People trading Grundy to English/Marshall must be spewing
loginpaul: really thought English would be worth it Sniff - loginpaul
J_Herer: Grundy - get around him lads!!
soup: not salty just stating facts, can't predict everything I suppose
frenzy: Horse showers me
Ninty: lol soup
navy_blues: no votes for heeney this week be 1st week he has missed out
bhg26: I mean he still had 28 and a goal navy so still could get 1
soup: mont has the star on him, might be a big call
navy_blues: well id say grundy and rowell top 2 maybe 1
navy_blues: anderson prob gets 1 vote lol

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