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BRAZZERS: went sanders to walsh, sorry if he stinks it up lads
StuL: good trade if you could afford it Brazzers
BRAZZERS: yea make a 300k in the kitty, last minute trade when i seen him as sub
TimT14: Walsh will get 40 today
StuL: my oppo didnt bank bont and went not the only idiot to not bank. it was gawn when i did it
beerent11: Got Walsh this week for Holmes brazzers.
BRAZZERS: nice, walsh a bargain at his price
frenzy: sigh, I got Zerrett
Stu7: Walshy go you good thang
StuL: I have Green of course but he can stay down as oppo capt
pcaman2003: Have VC on Walsh so hoping for good things.
Hepatitis: Stul, think about overall points, not who ur oppo has
soup: Pca very brave. GWS been restrictive on mids lately apart from Steele last week
clay007: Looks like zilliams is on Greene...hmm
BigChief: Yeah he is. Newman better matchup imo.
lana2146: Lots went early on Walsh interested to see how he backs up today
pcaman2003: soup.,I know, but trying to be different. Have a good feeling on Walsh.
StuL: interesting name hepatitis. true. As long as i still win you dont want decent overall
soup: Not watching, is acres looking to be subbed?
zadolinnyj: Going thaw here
clay007: I agree Chief.
StuL: do want i mean
Stu7: Walsh is a gamble given his back issues however I bought him in
original: Dog wehr
Stu7: Benched already
naicosfan: tom green ffs
BigChief: Damn Leek Aleer can jump.
StuL: greens many touches not equalling many points again
naicosfan: free kick carlton
cherry9: Can we have spoil of the year? That was awesome
naicosfan: put the whistle away
lana2146: 2 genuine GF contenders this should be a cracker
Pavs: Springs in them boots
StuL: lets go again like last week zwill
TimT14: Soft free
soup: Green massive fraud
pcaman2003: lana. Contenders or pretenders? You meant Hawks and Norf didn't you?:)
naicosfan: zwil on kick-ins is great
lana2146: Baggers where good value to win a flag
bhg26: Earth to Whitfield and green
TheFilth: wil on kick-ins? naicosfan - lets hope GWS kick lots of points
StuL: lT Green always benched at about this time every qtr. For too long
circle52: First Rozee and now Green one day all my prems will fire together
Stu7: Please don't let me regret Walsh
StuL: that happened to me last week circle. a perfect storm of all premos not firing
BigChief: Freo showed everyone how to open up the Blues def.
Stu7: Early days Circle
clay007: It hurts circle. I had Laird and Steele decide to have a week off.
pcaman2003: Stu7. Walsh should be fine. I brought him in, so guaranteed massive score.
StuL: midfield premos i meant
Stu7: Good news pca love the enthusiasm
Cascadian: What are everyoneís projected scores looking like at the moment?
clay007: How did williams go backwards after that play. Tackle, caused spillage, then got a release hb that resulted in a goal
StuL: because cd is fickle and wrong clay
clay007: If that was butters stu, he would have got 8 pts
Stu7: 1840 apparently Cas
Devero_D: Someone please go find Tom Green
StuL: about thaf 1840 for me too. Too many underperforming premos
Jack SC: Looks like they fixed it clay. He just got caught HTB and went up 4
naicosfan: projected 2084 but tom green is a fraud so who knows
JezEdwards: Around 1900, but so many underperforming this week.
Cascadian: Yeah Naicos I got Tom Green after the bye so annoying. Iím projected 2093 at the moment
StuL: i dont get how so many are projectrd 2000s. i guess my just no good
naicosfan: jeez cas unfortunate, steele not helping me either
Roarix: Well Naicos was on a similar score at QT.. time to get moving Green. I want my 2100 proj
naicosfan: ive used 4 boosts stu, playing very aggressive
Stu7: Nice naicosfan
clay007: Any points for a spoil?
StuL: that would help i guess naicosfan
Jack SC: Whitfield gonna have a big quarter
Stu7: Go you good thing Walsh
BigChief: If Blues lose Newman their def becomes even more brittle.
Stu7: Then straight on the bench
StuL: Bugger off whitfield.
Devero_D: Walsh's TOG is fine, why are you worried?
Jack SC: Alright StuL. I just wanted 1 good player, flower Whitefield right :(
slydon: the three gws players i have are doing absoluteley nothing...
StuL: T Green looking not good but Naicos turned it around from a similiar starz
Jack SC: Whitfield will be on 65 at half time
StuL: What has happened to Green. i mean really? He's dropped of a cliff
loginpaul: Need Tom Green to switch on here, make it happen - loginpaul
Pavs: Look at my 3 Gws players all in a row. Down the bottom ffs
pcaman2003: Thankfully oppo has green too, but keep going VC Walsh.
StuL: have a rest from doing nothing Green.
BigChief: Premiership contenders? More like pretenders.
desa2024: that's it, Green is out next week
StuL: Greene keeps getting called. the wrong one.
Stu7: Whoís the 3 Pavs
Roarix: Green is so bad wtf
EvilMonk: wowee, dragged it in and get's away with it. The Draper special wowee
StuL: i dont think Green is going to do a Daicos.
BigChief: That was exactly the same as Draper. Both wrong calls.
Pavs: Green Thomas Cadman
StuL: Whitfield is going to ton up i guess.
MontyJnr: Where are all those geniuses that came at me when I suggested Tom Green was overrated last week??
Pavs: Not holding a grudge then MontyJnr
Stu7: Curnow got a bow in his leg?
clay007: lol pavs
naicosfan: hewett tag green
pcaman2003: Monty Jnr. I'm curious on what basis you considered Green overrated?
Jack SC: Tom green is straight the reason Carlton are in this. They are getting murdered in there.
Stu7: Off the pin eWalsh
UncleSniff: Wehr drops the ball, no worries, play on. That rule needs a royal commission.
laneymate: nah mate Tom Green I picked you as skipper, please lift
Stu7: Curnow as well Jack
macff: yeah sniff, its a disgrace
djtranny: Green you flowering hack!
UncleSniff: Happened 6 pr 7 times in the earlier game, that one was a shocker macff
BigChief: Last player Carlton need to lose is Weitering.
original: Tom green you fraud
StuL: Green can still get a ton. Just doesnt look like it.
UncleSniff: I hate that I brought in Green for LDU, could have gone Steele at that point and set me up for double upgrade this week.
BRAZZERS: clangers have killed his score
Pavs: My Sc runs on if's and maybe's Sniff welcome to the club
UncleSniff: Indeed Pavs, but it's bad when you flip and flop and make the wrong call at the last minute.
cmperrfect: McKay and Curnow goalless for a half. Wouldn't have picked that.
StuL: green has been a butcher the last few weeks
naicosfan: did green not get points for that tackle and HB?
StuL: as a cat i guess we want carlton to win. Its hard to support them though. its almost as bad as having to go for the pies
BRAZZERS: stu under the illusion that no one hates geelong either lol
Pavs: Ease up Brazzers don't make me come at you :)
StuL: we've been up for 20 years so i guess theres a lot of jealous haters
StuL: The tiges had a dynasty but its all over now. That has to suck.
naicosfan: Zwil subbed out ???
BigChief: ZWill subbed? WTF
naicosfan: wtf voss the new bevo
JezEdwards: Zac Williams subbed out?
UncleSniff: Can we leave the powering contests to BigFooty boys? That'd be nice...
Roarix: Cya Williams
StuL: Noooooo! Is he injured.
naicosfan: nvm
UncleSniff: pi55ing contests**
pcaman2003: Williams out of the game. What next?
Gelly: yeo is next
UncleSniff: That's HTB but you're allowed to just drop it if you wear Orange? Riiiiiiight
StuL: Carroll cam holefully do something with a full half
Pavs: Sorry we interferred with your half time break Sniff
BRAZZERS: williams injured
UncleSniff: That's ok, people are just sick of the whole Rich/Geel BS. I don't think i'd be the first to tell you...
J_Herer: lol Williams to Naicos was my trade this week, silly boy lost a bit of cash!!
Pavs: Pretty much are the first to tell me. Moving on now
BigChief: Knock to achilles for ZWill
UncleSniff: Anyway, back to the game at hand hey?
Gelly: carlton will have to play mckay and curnow in def at this rate
Pavs: Just said that mate agree
BRAZZERS: geelong fans are just so sensative, always bite.still not over gett smacked by us in the granny. lmao
BRAZZERS: those gereatrics aint contenders
UncleSniff: Move on Braz
StuL: zwill might be on the chopping block now. vest score is bound to mess things up.
Devero_D: Especially if he misses a game or two.
UncleSniff: It's been a cash generation collapse the past few weeks StuL
GinniFan: Lucky he's got a low BE so won't lose cash but probably has to go now
BigChief: ZWill gone next week. Martin to def.
Pavs: We knew he was injury prone. Still no good
UncleSniff: Another one for GWS, I'm going to have to log off here...
Gelly: might have to bring bootsma out of retirement to play def
StuL: Im over it Brazzers. U
SonOfAGun.: Toby Toby Toby
StuL: 15 touches for only 37. Green must be a mad butcher.
Number 8: 8 muppets for T Green, not even midway through the 3rd Q. Some sort of record?
djtranny: C on Green and had the VC on Steele. Should have taken Steele!!
Gravyy: 15 muppets is the record
BigChief: StuL do you actually look at all the stats or just the disp?
J_Herer: Jelly turning back the clock!!
Kidult: Bont holds the record and Marshall is 2nd after his effort a few rounds ago
Gelly: ty big chief
Kidult: Green lost one of his and actually turned into +7
Social: What are kermits and why did Green just drop from 8 to 7?
Kidult: Kermits are clangers/fa
Kidult: he went from 4 fa to 3fa reducing it by 1
StuL: no i dont have the number of kermits on my phone chief. not sure where you look that up.
BigChief: Kermits/muppets same thing.
Stu7: Massive failure bringing Walsh in this week
BigChief: StuL get on a pc then.
Kidult: Green is gonna pull out a 90 for non owners
macff: stu7 stress less its 70 half way through the second my guy
Stu7: Iím after DT points
flibbity: get the ball walsh you spud
macff: ah my bad!
Gelly: walsh is ticking along nicely
Stu7: All good macff youíre not a mind reader
Devero_D: What is wrong with Walsh's score?!
flibbity: i told him to get the ball didnt mention his score?
StuL: I probably win if Green stays down but overall is being slaughtered.
naicosfan: how has green acquired another clanger? for what
Stu7: DT score WAS only 60 a moment ago Devero_D
BigChief: 5 mins left in 3rd and he has 90. He is on track for 120+ Some people just not happy ever.
SonOfAGun.: Giants need a timeout
flibbity: he's om 69 mate gotta take both into account
Stu7: BigChief - again I was referring got DT points
Roarix: Should have another 2.. turned it over twice in 2 disposals naicos
Number 8: Too many handballs, Walshy. And where the heck are the marks?
Stu7: * got - to
StuL: Walsh is a gun. Well done if you got him in
Gelly: dream team is like Voldemort here
pcaman2003: Happy with VC Walsh now. How about you Stu7?
Number 8: Only for those who aren't in Uncle Rupert's back pocket, Gelly
cmperrfect: cape for Curnow
BigChief: DT is a cheaper version of SC
flibbity: DT is the better game
Stu7: Yes going well now Pca
Number 8: Q: how many SC players here pay for access to News Ltd in some form or another?
Pavs: Welcome flibbity but your wrong :)
SonOfAGun.: Ooooooweeeee
Stu7: Your opionion BC
Number 8: Can you have a SC subscription without buying the HS, Daily Tele, etc?
beerent11: I go Walsh in to go with my other injury risks in Fyfe and McGovern. Heís a star.
J_Herer: Ugly loss coming up for the Oranges
BigChief: 77 in 3 qtrs still bad?
flibbity: you're*
Gelly: DT was good, until afl mangled it
beerent11: Seems like a lot of us did
Devero_D: Carroll a tidy 20 points this Q
frenzy: I want a Walsh at Norf
beerent11: Greens had plenty of pill. Just not using it.
Pavs: No you definetly are wrong
naicosfan: decent recovery this qtr green but your team needs you in the last
BigChief: Exactly right Gelly.
cmperrfect: can Thomas make his breakeven?
thommoae: Hats off to Carlton. They were terrific that quarter.
Stu7: He was 60 when I made the comment BC
FoopyTime: i want norf to stop getting priority picks but we cant get what we want
beerent11: What happened to z will?
flibbity: dunno about that, just play the one you like.
Stu7: Exactly flibbity
BigChief: 16 in last cmp might be a stretch with out goals
BigChief: beer he got hit in achilles in 2nd qtr
Pavs: Fair enough flibbity :)
beerent11: Thanks bc.
Gotigres: Lyons and Clarke are the subs for the next game
pcaman2003: frenzy. I want him at the Hawks for tomorrow's game against you guys. lol!
BigChief: Beat me to it Gotigres.
J_Herer: Harvey Thomas BE in AF is zero so its more $$$$
Pavs: Keep on rolling Green
Gotigres: Kick a goal Green
BigChief: beer ZWill out and Martin to def next week?
Raspel31: Kick 3 goals Dreen!
Pavs: Love Martins tog. The kid doesn't come off
BigChief: Aleer has lloked okay, just not fantasy relevant.
BigChief: looked*
pcaman2003: Can we rename Walsh to Bont? He'll then be 135+.
flibbity: hogan in trouble for that
frenzy: I think youll be okay pcaman, we still very ave
BigChief: Did it connect flibbity? If so he will get done.
naicosfan: free kick carlton
TimT14: Blues get a lot of forward 50 frees
Raspel31: Green's had more clangers than Brown's had possies.
clay007: Someone said that Whitfield will be 65 ht, only just past that now.
pcaman2003: frenzy. It'll be the battle of the averages. Should be a hoot.:)
BigChief: Green left the ground and hit Boyd in the head. 100% a free
thommoae: We're being out-Gianted.
Devero_D: They get frees because they are tough to defend.
flibbity: giants losing the plot
pcaman2003: How is Walsh only on 118? Seems a bit low?
cmperrfect: Fantasia. What a dud. What were Carlton thinking.
J.Worrall: Gotta find some coin the get Walsh in.
beerent11: Traded z will to clohsey two weeks ago to get Flanders in and used the leftover cash to get Holmes up to Walsh big chief
BigChief: Very nice beer. 3 great upgrades.
Raspel31: Brought him in this week Worrall- rather handy.
Gelly: walsh may be done, on bench now
Gotigres: Genius beer
beerent11: This is why draft is king. By Tuesday everyone has Walsh.
StuL: Carlton might actually be good. That's not good
beerent11: Even a broken clock is right twice a day big chief.
BigChief: Not with 7 mins left Gelly. He will be back on soon enough.
pcaman2003: Good choice Raspel. Did the same with some juggling.
beerent11: Pure alps gotigres. Pure alps.
frenzy: shouldnt Zilliams be showing as on bench
Raspel31: That's the spirit pcaman.
BigChief: Acres heard footsteps.
beerent11: Green ended up ok.
Stu7: Off the pine Walshy
BigChief: frenzy he should have the red vest.
pcaman2003: Is Williams going to miss some games?
StuL: Green is still a magnet. Just too many kermits
Gelly: Achilles inuries are no joke, if they tear, 12 months off
Pavs: Green BE 181 going to have to keep him now. He will be alright.
Beast_Mode: who knows pca! depends is it a tear?
BigChief: Surely they can't lose again.
RooBoyStu: Who throws it more Cripps or Treloar? NRL Scouts watching
beerent11: No different to Bont having a couple of quit weeks pavs. Heíll come good.
StuL: zwill will probably have to be traded regardlesy
Lions1980: It was a knock apparently beast
Pavs: Agree beer tough game against an in form Cripps
Beast_Mode: zwill b/e will be in the 60 range, still could keep if he's okay.
beerent11: I meant quiet btw, not quit. Very different.
frenzy: so all the non owners get on board , beer
Pavs: GWS might need tackling practice. Blues broke a lot of tackles today
pcaman2003: Fingers crossed Beast . Hopefully just a minor injury.
beerent11: Yep frenzy.
pcaman2003: Looks like Walsh will be my C this week now. Playig safe!
Pavs: A trade to Nic Martin is tempting though Beast.
Beast_Mode: ya pca, but not concerned if he gone and needs to be traded, not going to make that much more $ anyways
thommoae: Too good Blues. But not disgraced da Boys.
BigChief: 131 is a must take pcaman.
StuL: Huge game when we play Carlton now
BigChief: Sheed and Erasmus subs tonight.
Birdman18: Willams' growth now stunted. Rookies/cheapies are now dropping like flies

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