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RooBoyStu: Entee the sub, I wonder if Sweet will get subbed off for him, Entrťe replaced by dessert lol
m0nty: that is a terrible pun Stu
RooBoyStu: Haha m0nty, you need a lollipop icon for whoever plays on Sweet you have every other icon lol
Pavs: Stu your the man is Comden the real deal? Worth using a boost this week?
RooBoyStu: Comben is, don't know much about his cousin Comden
Stu7: Opponent has Naicos - stay low lad
Pavs: haha nice. lol
RooBoyStu: Any way have a good day all, get Mac Andrew for value this week
thommoae: Generally relevant, Monty, rather than specific today - suggest you filter posts using 'Jesus' or 'Christ' the wrong way
Gotigres: Just made Butters vc
Gelly: ok ned flanders
thommoae: Equally offensive to many as 'standard' swear words
Gotigres: Actually just changed it to Naicos
thommoae: Remember Flanders is 'sexy' Gelly. :)
PAFC4eva: Gday people looking forward to this one all week go the PEAR
Stu7: Gotigres nervous choice?
StuL: Who forgit there was a game last night and fielded Sanders by mistake? Both me and my opponent did.
Gotigres: Yes Stu. Not particularly confident but I have Serong Capt against the Eagles. More confident with that.
Stu7: Good stuff Gotigres
zadolinnyj: Pressure is on
StuL: We've been bevo'd again. Should have known better tigres
Stu7: Who's Naicos being tagged by?
StuL: Naicos tag again. ffs leave him alone.
Gelly: drew i think has him
JohnHoward: how is butters only on 22
UncleSniff: Welcome aboard go Tiges, I went Steele VC in Butters C. Good start!
Gotigres: Who do you guys have as Capt?
Gelly: how is butters playing, should be suspended the crook
SCECOREY: lift Rozee
zadolinnyj: Green for me
PAFC4eva: Peps back !
J_Herer: sorry owners, but loving these Naicos tags!!
StuL: Butters looking good again. Safe capt pick i would say.
StuL: yea the hyphens doing well what is with Port and the hyphens?
youthuck: rozee y u do dis
PAFC4eva: Good start port
PigeonPies: wtf are we doing
slydon: come on rozee get involved and kick one too
Hepatitis: carn pear. do a number on arrogant mcrae and moore
BigChief: Great to see Georgiades back playing. Enjoy watching him play.
PAFC4eva: love george we need him playing
TimT14: Soldo has been great for Port
Roarix: Wasnt going to pick Naicos to start the year.. got sucked in "you just have to have him" what a mistake
bhg26: Same Roarix, the 131 in round 0 sucked me in
PAFC4eva: good pickup tim better than lycett
Roarix: Had Butters, Serong, Green, Crouch, Martin.. weaker backline and not Naicos.. and chose Naicos over Serong.. idiot idiot
Manowar: Horn do better
BRAZZERS: naicos horrible only averaging 107 lol
BigChief: Same here. I didn't have Daicos rd 0 but the 131 had me trade him in :(
bhg26: Yeah but could have brought him in this week 80k cheaper than his starting price which was my original plan brazzers
Roarix: Its the money he's losing Brazzers.. could have got him cheap
BigChief: Wish I stuck with Luke Ryan
bhg26: Daicos always going to be d1 but with the maginnes tag and his bye could have started without him
BRAZZERS: fair point fellas, all good in hindsight. but he'll be fine
Roarix: 100% the thinking bhg.. was concerned other teams would follow with tagging him also
beerent11: Cheezelís got him covered this year.
J_Herer: Wonder if this is the start of Butters purple patch like last year, might downgrade Rozee to Butters in FF
beerent11: 200 watch
Roarix: Yeah it is what is is now. The point of difference not having him first up would have been good but most have him..
naicosfan: Professional FA by pendles
BigChief: beer will Finn tag Sheezel or LDU?
Jack SC: Lmao imagine calling Rozee to Butters a downgrade. butters has been the player all year but 1 game.
beerent11: Donít know big chief. I wouldnít c cheezel though.
RooBoyStu: Nick Daicos is not even in Harry Sheezel's shadow.... Munches on Cheezels for comments
Birdman18: Butters' score seems pretty low for 15 possies and a goal
bhg26: 3 clangers and only 2 contested possessions birdman
Jack SC: He got flowered they took -5 for a clanger
J_Herer: Jack Butters is 74K cheaper than Rozee in FF
zadolinnyj: There is finally a changing of the guard with new players emerging in sc. next year will be amazingly hard
BigChief: Jack SC Rozee 974k and Butters 903k in AF so it is a downgrade.
naicosfan: butters never gets these free uncontested balls
naicosfan: 9 times out of 10 he will score substantially less in AF than SC
beerent11: Will be interesting when cheez does get attention.
zadolinnyj: Collingwood have to get Defoeís out of midfield. He hinders them.
zadolinnyj: Degoey
BigChief: zado De Goey good at CB but then should play fwd.
zadolinnyj: Put him up forward
UncleSniff: I don't think Sheezel requires attention, great for SC but does little to help them get Ws
Hepatitis: daicos is a pretty soft average footballer. annoyed i followed the pack and started him
Pavs: Very happy to have got Butters in this week but my opp has the C on him.
zadolinnyj: He fumbles a lot BigChief but yes that your suggestion would work and make him deangerous in transition
Birdman18: If Daicos has another poor one might have to consider getting rid of him. Is he a top 6 defender this year?
beerent11: Nah naicos is still a gun. Just in a poor patch of form in my humble.
zadolinnyj: How calm is aliir
UncleSniff: Butters is such a hard working player, especially for someone with his skills. Insane.
BigChief: Of course Daicos is a top 6 def. He is top 3 with Ryan and Sheezel.
Manowar: good work Horne
PAFC4eva: How good is this kid jhf
lana2146: Agreed birdman im thinking Daicos may not be top 6 this season
TheFilth: Birdman18 waste of a trade - 1 score under 100
BigChief: lana name 6 better scoring defenders.
UncleSniff: You guys must have huge confidence in Yeo, Whitfield et al. to be considering Naicos not top 6
StuL: Naicos falling away badly. Hopefull he still gets tons when not being tagged
PAFC4eva: Surely your not trading naicos
lana2146: Nick Martin Hayden young Houston Stewart could all avg better
Stu7: Hard to watch hey Gotigres
lana2146: Oh and Whitfield n Yeo n the governor
beerent11: My man j McGovern is up there this year but Iím nervous every game.
naicosfan: whs can play anywhere
Birdman18: Fair comments. He's just been very average when I've watched him this year
Manowar: trade daicos for Horne-Francis
Stu7: Not wrong lana2146
zadolinnyj: Man of glass beer but amazing when fit
StuL: My predicted is plummeting yet again with these under performing premos.
cherry9: Canít trade people in the second qtr thankfully
TheFilth: Apart from Ryan, Sheezel ( Clohesy) who else?
BigChief: haha Martin, Young, Stewart, McGov and Whitfield will not acg more than Daicos. Yeo will drop as well.
beerent11: Jhf looks more like young danger every week.
zadolinnyj: Hornet will be good next year or year after. Fitness not there yet
TheFilth: Horne-Francis s a mid - defender?
macff: I see we are just allowed to drop the ball now
BigChief: Filth no but Daicos is mid-def.
naicosfan: apparently macff
zadolinnyj: You will be able to score a try by the end of the year with afl rules and umps macff
Gotigres: I'm not watching Stu. Probably a good thing.
macff: true lmao
TheFilth: need 6 defenders
BigChief: Happens every single game now macff.
StuL: Rozee not being a hero this week.
TheFilth: 100+pt ave s good 4 a defender
macff: yeah chief, no idea what umpires are doing with interpretation
zadolinnyj: How good seeing a goal ump actually call it
StuL: come on naicos. lift a bit
BigChief: no such thing as dropping the ball now which is crap imo
Birdman18: Someone needs to get a hold of the rules ans re-write them so there's no room for interpretation
Gelly: how is schultz best 22?
BRAZZERS: he needs to lift a lot
macff: agreed
bhg26: Its okay as long as nick daicos is willing to get a hard ball he should be good... wait
PigeonPies: chief, "dropping the ball" has never existed
TheFilth: mids shld ave 120+ - JHF not a premo mid
soup: Can we get another video analysis of exactly what Schultz is bringing to the team that gonna couldn't?
zadolinnyj: Or take the rule committeeumpires up the escalators at mcg and they can read the exact rules Birdman18
BigChief: It is pretty simple. If you don't kick or HB it the it's a free against.
UncleSniff: Not everyone has to be an inside bull BHG... He's pretty handy on the outside
PigeonPies: so if you get tackled as you pick it up, its htb? hahaha
Jack SC: Not if no prior bigchief
zadolinnyj: Incorrect disposal is dropping the ball, pigeon
TheFilth: Play Naicos D3
Pavs: Not when being tagged Sniff
zadolinnyj: Prior is a rule rules are combined in situations
macff: he averages 11 CP a game this year Bhg lmaoi
J_Herer: Naicos D6 or Ryan?
StuL: Come on Daicos. lift.
Stu7: Damn Naicos got a touch
UncleSniff: True, Naicos needs to learn to deal with a tag.
Baldfrog: Faicos has as much toughness as an impotent peenus
UncleSniff: Is only 21 yo though...
naicosfan: blue moon hoskin-elliot
clay007: How have the pies reduced butters stats this qtr?
zadolinnyj: The one for me thatís got to change is throw ins. Umpire should not wait for players. Just throw it in straight away
zadolinnyj: Remove the des ruck rule and quick throw ins will open up the game
UncleSniff: Butters gone completely missing here
BigChief: Also warning for 6-6-6 zado. Just pay the free now.
RooBoyStu: Butters gone to Margarine
Pavs: Port full of panic. Rozee needs to get involved
zadolinnyj: Agree. How is the warning still in place
DidgeBird: removing the Des ruck would take away one of the few rules that CANT be interpretated
thommoae: Gotta ID the rucks too - otherwise it's back to more'n one each up.
Hepatitis: daicos will be fine
Birdman18: And get rid of the ruck nomination bs
TheFilth: Naicos now passed Rozee
zadolinnyj: How are wobbles in front
BigChief: If 2 players from 1 team go up in ruck then pay free.
StuL: i guess we need to go for the pies but hard to do that. its better for geelong though
macff: Daicos has more CP than Butters and JHD and some of you guys still crying lmao
zadolinnyj: In afl masters we have one up in ruck rule and it works
naicosfan: 2 in a minute!!
beerent11: Might be a few people backtracking on a few things by games end.
sheezel420: Lol Port
StuL: two touches and naicos gas shot up
Manowar: early choke from Port! bring on the Horne
bhg26: This is how Naicos should be playing
TimT14: McRae's game plan changed to bang it forward
macff: Hepatitis disnt you call him a soft average footballer a quarter ago that was quick
UncleSniff: People always forget, one swallow does not a summer make Beer
Manowar: what? swallow, summer
zadolinnyj: Like it sniff
TheFilth: Trading Naicos now? Watch
J_Herer: Rozee to top score for port?
RooBoyStu: Houston is the forgotten def for mine, quiet achiever in SC
DidgeBird: Uncle Sniffing Petrol
Jack SC: Uncle is drunk lol
Jack SC: Houston looks best
UncleSniff: Bit of Aristotle reading for your Sunday Manowar.
zadolinnyj: I love fanfooty. A rolling record of dumb shower we say the coming back to bite us. Love it
dezlav: Absolutely Filthy. Can't hold Daicos at this rate.
Pavs: Dan Houston back in form
naicosfan: daicos more clearances that butters rozee jhf
zadolinnyj: Cameron having a game
RooBoyStu: Butters gone from Superman to Elsa in a half
beerent11: Some rippa matchups in this round.
RooBoyStu: Early crow for Skunks to be all back, could also go the other way
TheFilth: dezlav -so who r yr final D1-D6?
TheFilth: Naicos can go big - so yr defense will bleed pts without him
Cascadian: So happy I brought in Houston last week. His kicking is absolutely elite.
PAFC4eva: Cmon pear big second half
Pavs: He's a top 6 def PAFC (as is Daicos)
PAFC4eva: Is houste spitting at half back m0nty hope hes not getting anybody
Pavs: Sorry Cascadian I mean't
StuL: i know we have a lot of trades but i dont think we have so many to waste trading out naicos
PAFC4eva: But your right pavs
PAFC4eva: (housten)
bhg26: No point trading out and then back in a top 3 defender stul
TheFilth: Pavs - absolutely
TheFilth: StuL- absolutely
BigChief: Why would you worry about Daicos cash loss when he is a keeper? Makes no sense.
Pavs: Set and forget Chief
BigChief: Correct Pavs
Pavs: Don't know about others teams but I have bigger problems
zadolinnyj: Bad year for my ten. Should have said ima rookie when the app asked this year. See how it ends
youthuck: Do more Rozee
BigChief: Upgrading mids is my 1st priority
BigChief: That's not a dangerous tackle.
TheFilth: sideways tradng can kill
soup: Put butters in the guts hinkley you weirdo
macff: Agree chief looked fine to me
zadolinnyj: Butters looked like he had no power tickets left early in 2nd. Must have Sherrie poisoning
bhg26: You just expect naicos to kick that. More of a surprise when he misses
Fromage: Dawson looks tasty
zadolinnyj: Sherrin
StuL: I have wasted too many trades in sideways already. Like replacing dead rookies
TheFilth: English a priority - bargain
StuL: Naicos lifting.
TheFilth: DEF dead rookies aaagh - StuL
BigChief: Soldo looks out of place up fwd. Try Sweet fwd instead.
RooBoyStu: Butters is Salty, needs to be Unsalted Butters
StuL: The JHF bandwagon of a few weeks ago not looking a winner. Hes not a premo yet.
StuL: off the bemxh
Fromage: Keep eye on Will Phillips
StuL: bench naicos. its ok hes back
TheFilth: StuL- JHF next year maybe
RooBoyStu: Fromage he's an VFL player at best, not up to AFL standard sadly, does the 29 jumper no justice
Roarix: Schultz getting some charity stuff there.. some pick up he's been
UncleSniff: Daicos cooking both Port and the doubters in here 30mins ago LOL
StuL: Butters has only had 5 touches since qt but still on a powerful score
GinniFan: JHF just can't get consistency. He's a jet and there's still a quarter to junk up but maybe not a safe SC pick
lana2146: Wow wtf happened here lol a lot can happen In 45 mins
TheFilth: Will Phillips needs another club -others doing his role
StuL: yea naicos coming good. the tag seems to have been dropped
Jack SC: JHF is a premo break out next year. He needed 3 years in the system of port
Devero_D: JHF pops off the screen, he's a monster. Just not the best SC role.
BigChief: Carroll and Peatling subs next game.
zadolinnyj: This Nandoís guy looks alright.
lana2146: Jus like that naicos top 3 def again
Devero_D: Guys ... Should I trade out NDaicos? Worried about his score.
J_Herer: Schultz lifting
naicosfan: stop sleeping on naicos hes a gun
zadolinnyj: Naicos
bhg26: Only 19 touches devero, flick him off
zadolinnyj: Mitchel had zero possessions half way through first
TheFilth: Port r playing Pies into form
macff: guy was two missed games from a Brownlow and people in here were calling him shower lmao
Pavs: hahaha lana. Guessing you might keep him now
J_Herer: Naicos 8th DEF in FF with the Freo boys still to play
StuL: Damn Carroll being sub. Thats his cash gen shot. Another possibly half dead rookie
Devero_D: I only take players who get 20 touches per half.
naicosfan: why sub sweet
Roarix: Wp to whoever said McEntee sub to replace Sweet like Entree and Dessert haha
RooBoyStu: I predicted pre match Entree subbed for dessert
Gelly: rozee is good at throwing his head back, trying to milk a free
Hepatitis: houston, butters, naicos. thanks for coming
Roarix: Yep indeed it was Stu, wp. Thought it was a Roos person haha
SwaggyP: Held onto Wines for too long i reckon
TheFilth: Hepatitis - keepers - nice premos -
UncleSniff: 7 weeks too long I reckon Swag
macff: happy with Daicos now Hepa? lmao
youthuck: Rozee has to come out, pathetic.
StuL: Rozee showing why I didnt rate him. Cant be a genuine premo and drop off this bad.
Pavs: Do I trade Cadman or Dempsey for Comben. Thoughts?
TheFilth: youthuck: Rozee - cantbelieveitsnotbutters
BigChief: Neither Pavs. That's a wasted sideways trade.
StuL: Happy Naicos owner now. But doesnt everyone have him anyway, just about?
GinniFan: StuL, are you saying Bont and Green aren't genuine premiums from last week's performance?
J_Herer: SC owners happy with Naicos
BigChief: 71% owned StuL
UncleSniff: Schultz with the downhill skier LOL well deserved
StuL: no Ginnivan. Rozee isnt top 10 though.
GinniFan: Can't write him off from one poor game
TheFilth: Trading Naicos? hmmm
BigChief: Damn Butters another clanger :(
clay007: Butters did not lose points for that clanger, he gained
TheFilth: UncleSniff- Naicos? downhill skier?
pcaman2003: Chief. He just went from 93 to 98 with the Wtf!
StuL: who was going to trade naicos? this talk came up last time he was tagged
UncleSniff: Not with 12 CP Filth, Schultz def deserves it because it's what he is LOL
BigChief: Yep noticed that. Keep those clangers coming if you don't lose points LOL
Kidult: loose ball get into 4 running bounces adds some points
naicosfan: pca he took 4 bounces and a r50, i think if he didnt clanger it it wouldve been a monster score
bhg26: Must have been the bounces pcaman lol
pcaman2003: Stul. No way I'd trade him. An excellent D 5 with duel position status.
GinniFan: JHF keeps ticking up
BigChief: JHF is looking like a starter next year.
TheFilth: UncleSniff - Schultz is a FWD - 2 goals
sheezel420: Oh my yes, just saw Houston's score
pcaman2003: bhg. Yep! Must bee a new points system I missed for bounces. :)
Yelse: how many kicks from kick ins houston ffs
clay007: Pies will only win by 10 pts. They cannot bury teams when they are hot
Drak: rioli hahahahaha
beerent11: Look at naicos. Fan footy, youíve done it again.
Mikeagles: rioli should be given three weeks in the SANFL for that
BigChief: A few more points please Butters and Daicos.
StuL: JHF not quite premo and priced accordingly. Not worth having this year
UncleSniff: Feel like Rozee is going to bob up here with something special
JohnHoward: flower willie is fat
clay007: What do you mean beer?
bhg26: You should know beer, our badmouthing brings players into form
SonOfAGun.: no need to body shame
clay007: I think you have explained beer's point really well bhg
Zutroyz: Start bad mouthing Rozee please bhg
sheezel420: Rioli back on the ganja
J_Herer: perfect little rest now for Naicos, another $30k drop in AF
bhg26: No, I dont have him zutroyz
StuL: Spewing i had Sanders on. There's another 50 odd or more wasted not having Roberts on. I forgot
cherry9: Hope we donít see gloves in the game again. Thought they were illegal
pcaman2003: My oppo had Rozee as VC. Hopefully, Heeney as C will fail too.
BigChief: He better not pcaman.
StuL: Heeney is unstoppable pcaman. I hope
Zutroyz: You can still bag him bhg
GinniFan: Brought Heeney in finally, have Sheez C but should I go Heeney?
TheFilth: StuL- Sanders in best 18?
BigChief: Old Man subbed. Enjoy your rest.
sheezel420: Heendog to double ton
StuL: i know. i just forgot to organise my bench. i still had flanders on it
Roarix: That was a classic McCreery shot
BigChief: Why would you have Flanders on the bench StuL?
soup: Can someone tell this flog Dwayne Russel that Bobby hill shouldn't be on first name terms in commentary
StuL: Keep going Naicos. It all helps.
Drak: what the hell was Wines doing......
Pavs: Understand Rozee not going the hard ball but when Port have poss runs to opponent? Find space
macff: not even the worst non block call in that pocket I remember
StuL: because he was auto subbed to midfield when i traded clark. not intended to stay on bench of course.
clay007: Butters is the recipient of the Bont tax. Gets huge reward for each possession
EvilMonk: Bobby is a legend ! :)
frenzy: get him in clay
biggs2dujj: JHF hammy?
clay007: Too expensive frenzy, will have him by season's end, although he is injury prone
clay007: what have you seen bigg?
EvilMonk: another big assist by Bobby! Legendary, don't you think Soup !?
bhg26: Bobby hill stat padding the assists lol
naicosfan: how is he injury prone bruh
pcaman2003: Must admit Pies been impressive since qtr time. Good win.
J_Herer: We will welcome Naicos to the team next week in AF, $90k discount into D5
clay007: Gets injured every season naicos. He goes in so hard for the ball and he is quite light
BRAZZERS: naicos what a spud
beerent11: Was pendles a tactical sub?
macff: yes beer
BigChief: Yes beer. He is fine.
Devero_D: Nick will get some scaling for his 2nd Q points too
beerent11: Not a top six defender brazzers
EvilMonk: @beerent11 yes mate, he isn't injured.
pcaman2003: beer. Tactical to what end?
naicosfan: yes beer
GinniFan: Beautiful game Houston, so glad I started him
StuL: could have vc'd naicos again.
beerent11: Itís what they call a non injury sub pcaman.
PAFC4eva: Too good pies back in form
beerent11: 262 from two players. Iíll take that any day.
BRAZZERS: only just, wont get tagged again looking ach schudule. will end up in the top 3 at worst
StuL: port and Geelong are the two teams in the premiership window according to some chart. not on todays form.
TheFilth: True Magpies win again
TheFilth: StuL - port will make finals - out straight sets
TheFilth: frequency of games affecting form/results

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