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J.Worrall: Carna SameOlds! Let's show 'em
zadolinnyj: Go crows. Thinking Essendon but would love the win
navy_blues: bitcoin halving tomorrow morning
LionBoy: Gonna go a Hail Mary. JDaws VC.
Badgerbadg: Hoping for a better game than the snooze fest last night
FoopyTime: last nights match was great it let me go to bed at half time
SonOfAGun.: Game over already lolol
dezlav: I'd like a win, but I'll take a contest. No floggings please, either way.
Pavs: Evening all. No offence but stay down Nic Martin
Raspel31: Just realised to my shame bo players in this so off to that party- carn Dons.
Stu7: Go huge please Merret
frenzy: chaps
Stu7: Go Laird
bushranger: Evening gents, Zac VC go big please
Gelly: dawson already dropepd 2 marks
TimT14: Terrible game so far so many errors
dezlav: Stay down Cox, cause your on the bench
AussieLion: Evening all. Great pressure by the Bombers early.
beerent11: Iíve had Nic Martin from the start of the season but buggered if I can recall anything heís done.
Cascadian: Gelly they were both clearly spoiled from behind
dezlav: Well that was..... accidental
LionBoy: Carn the Crows
Beast_Mode: why is parish a spud now
Gelly: another dropped mark dawson, you spud
OffaStep: What about Gresh, Raspel?
LionBoy: Dawson involved. If he could catch a few heíll score ok tonight.
UncleSniff: Martin is a chip scab Beer, just happens to be really fit
beerent11: Lloyd lite. Unc
beerent11: Thatís just about the best but most disturbing profile name Iíve seen on Fanfooty unclesniff.
Stu7: Yeah Merret good stuff
Danstar: I finally decided to trade out Dawson so heíll score great tonight
OffaStep: I couldn't fit OffaRedhairedStepchild'sbelly, Beer.
Stu7: Itís always the way Danstar
AussieLion: Thanks Danstar :)
Gotigres: Greetings from Mallacoota. Berry does this a couple of weeks after I got rid of him.
UncleSniff: Appreciate it Beer, I aim to please. BigFooty wouldn't let me have it the softies
fruity: Keep going Zerrett....
Danstar: Anytime Auslion :P
OffaStep: You're killing me, Zerret.
LionBoy: Not seein* this game hitting the highs
UncleSniff: Jesus danstar, if you've held him this long I really don't get the logic. People are starting to target him I reckon
Gotigres: Someone needs to tag Merrett.
gazza39: Get a clue Crows and tag Zerrett, itís actually not rocket science
Stu7: Shhhhhh Gazza they might here you
LionBoy: True Unc. Iím a holder. Too late to trade.
wadaramus: Nicks is a master coach, he keeps picking mcspudry.
gazza39: Tried to get him late but locked out lol
Stu7: Merret Gazza?
zadolinnyj: Agree wada
LionBoy: Great work Drape. Tripled your score with a kick.
Danstar: I have him 1 last chance last week and he Fíd me. So rage traded him Sunday night lol
Stu7: You seeing this Danstar?
Stu7: Off the pine Laird
LionBoy: Wouldíve done the same Dans but too many other issues.
beerent11: Was planning on bringing in Smokey next week. Down to 517k. Canít knock that back.
frenzy: lol Stu7
OffaStep: Martin is like a white Urkel.
Pavs: If he was dpp definetly beer but an awful lot of good mids about
Ash777: Now that berry is playing in his proper position he's going well :(
UncleSniff: I hope Martin scores a 60, just for my own edification of laughing at those that traded him, then traded back in
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Zach Merrett to draw a cheap free on Jake Soligo.
clay007: Laird quiet.
Troglodyte: Norf vs Hawks should be a cracker compared to this garbage
RooBoyStu: Danii Laidley's feather duster is stronger than Merrett
beerent11: Dawsons been getting the footy plenty. Just butchering it. Only a matter of time before he comes good.
TheFilth: UncleSniff - thanks snff - at least I got Heeney in when I traded him
Stu7: Ok Zac enough pine time get your ar5e out there
beerent11: Very little interest in this game friends. Catch youse tomorrow maybe.
Stu7: Cheers beer
UncleSniff: I might go and organise my sock drawer at this rate Beer
navy_blues: durham and berry doing ok 4 me
LionBoy: Rarely watch Bombers. What is happening to Parish. Why so poor?
UncleSniff: Dawson firmly becoming a trade in target here haha
Hepatitis: U need to have more than one good week to be a trade in target sniff
Stu7: Whatís the go with Lairds game time
clay007: Beer might have left a touch early
Hughsy: Dawson does well the one week crouch is suspended, donít be fooled Sniff
navy_blues: essendon getting adel back in this 50m then backline turnover
bushranger: Dawson is going nuts
TheFilth: navy_blues - better investments than berry surely
zadolinnyj: Nank and jones butcher ball
masterhc2: for flowers sake dawson, the week I finally trade you out
clay007: My oppo has dawson and I have laird. This is a flower fest!
OffaStep: Game on!
Pavs: Ok beer definetly a trade in target :)
Stu7: I was tossing up whether to get rid of Laird tonight has forced my hand for next week. Bye bye Laird
UncleSniff: Dawson was unreal last year, it's more than just one game. You don't just lose your talent...
LionBoy: Starting to feel ok with my JDaw VC
UncleSniff: Crouch could well be the problem though, would make sense.
navy_blues: true Filth but had carroll and clarke as other options
BigChief: Uncle Dawson was terrible when Crouch came into the side. When Crouch doesn't play Dawson scores well.
Beast_Mode: richo being a sook
Stu7: Doing well LionBoy
navy_blues: so kept berry atm
UncleSniff: Maybe BC, if that's the case, I wonder why they keep playing Crouch? He's very ordinary.
LionBoy: Heís been a hard keep Stu.
Gotigres: When my opp has Dawson he goes nuts
TheFilth: navy_blues - not best 18 - bye - doesn't matter anyway
BigChief: Without Crouch Dawson avg 118 sc and with Crouch 97. That's last year and this year.
Hepatitis: Martin canít score well on a proper ground. Hack
navy_blues: yes it did Filth last week all my bench was subs lol
Hughsy: These umps are giving me the showers
navy_blues: htb? lol see 360s not patd
TheFilth: navy_blues - ugh - best of luck this week
LionBoy: These boys donít like each other
Dondeal: Terrible HTB call
Beast_Mode: great umpiring, crows a bit stiff tho hopefullt get a few good calls in the 2nd half
Ash777: He had the chance to just handball as soon as he got it but a bit harsh
Hughsy: They umps are getting influenced by the AO crowd
Zutroyz: Fogarty hasn't improved at all. Not AFL standard
Beast_Mode: hughsy is influenced by being a dons feral
Social: I hung on to Dawson hahaha
Pavs: Great umpiring if they are consistent Beast unfortunately they aren't
J.Worrall: Nice stats on Crouch and Dawson, BC! Footywire again?
TheFilth: BigChief - beat me to it - traded Crouch this week been good value early
BigChief: JW nope dfs Australia this time :)
Beast_Mode: unfortuanty you're right, which is rare.
Danstar: To all the Dawson holders Feel free to thank me lol
TheFilth: Social - well done - reward for suffering
clay007: New word Beast?
BigChief: Dawson will most likely make maoney this week, but Crouch comes back and Dawson will lose money again.
Pavs: lol clay
clay007: Is Crouch an automatic inclusion do you think Big Chief?
Stu7: Yes Clay
clay007: I hope you are right Stu
BigChief: Unfortunately I think so Clay. But why kill your capt? Oh Nicks is coach, enough said LOL
LionBoy: If Smokey goes close to replicating that half he wonít be pushed forward again next week.
Stu7: Heís in great form unfortunately I had to trade him to get another mid but Iíll be buying him back in for next round
clay007: True Chieftan! I think Nick's is killing Laird
TheFilth: Danstar - all those sub100pts scores - bled cash and pts in the midfeld..
frenzy: lot of unfortunates here tonight
Gotigres: So far I'm very happy I traded out Rankine a couple of weeks ago.
J.Worrall: I just see that the Bombers are supporte by the leader of the opposition, and liberty. The iea fuc$s with my brain!
BigChief: Should have been HTB against Caldwell.
navy_blues: call it ump
Social: Dawson was getting plenty of possies but spraying it, seems to be hitting targets tonight
Stu7: Ffs laird.
shancrows: Good Fogarty
Gotigres: Berry subbed off
shancrows: Evening all, low scoring game but at least it's close.
BigChief: Is Berry injured and that's why subbed out?
navy_blues: ice on ankle by the looks BC
clay007: Ice on ankle
Beast_Mode: well done ump! great stuff lad
Beast_Mode: he injured mate
BigChief: Thanks navy and clay.
clay007: Laird is giving me the flowers
AussieLion: ĎThe Edgeí is being matched
frenzy: Solido
JockMcPie: first time rankine owner, thank god for best 18 lolll. spike scores will be worth it though
Hepatitis: Martin getting points for doing nothing
Pavs: Yep why is Martin getting points?
Mikeagles: if dawson hits form 517k is a bargain
Catatafish: See ya Laird, your new role is flowering shower
navy_blues: ess kicking into 50 has gone to crap
clay007: Agreed Catafish, it has ruined my night
Hughsy: Gresham you spud
Yelse: wtf laird and the pine!!!
Social: don't draw attention to yourself before you come home McHenry
Ash777: You all knew that were hinting at Laird's new position in the preseason
clay007: Dawson feathering his nest, 90 % to Laird 70% tog
Stu7: Merret stopped
Catatafish: Laird playing bench, rotating in midfield. Kids have taken his spot.
TheFilth: Keep creeping up Martin...
Gotigres: Great behind by Martin
Hepatitis: Weak dog martin
BigChief: Laird has been a low TOG player last 4 years in the 70's
TheFilth: Go Martin - passed Zerret...
clay007: Maybe in the past he got his hands on it bigchief. Tonight, he is useless
thommoae: Duursma: break out last week break down this week
BigChief: clay he also used to be a 75% kicker, not so this year.
jezzas-cow: Time to get Dawson in?
Blaircam: FFS - the week I trade out Dawson - losing money...
Yelse: also what has happened to parish this year
clay007: Parish may have become a vegan Yelse! lol
Malaka: Every time I hear Rankine's name called, I wish Bobby Skilton was still commentating.
clay007: Dawson is like Roy kent tonight. He's here, he's there, he's every flowering where, Roy Kent, Roy Kent
Stu7: Laird due to be benched
Raspel31: South Melborne market has 2 Darcy Parishes for the price of 1- still a rip off.
Catatafish: I meant by his use tonight, BigChief. Looks like he's shutting me up right now
RuffLeader: Parish certainly hasn't become a positive contributor to a footy team clay
BigChief: Haha Cata. Big finish to that qtr from Laird.
OffaStep: Parish and a vegan decide to jump off a cliff and race each other to the bottom. Who wins?
clay007: I've had a couple of dirty nights. First with Steele and now with Laird. Supercoach is tough.
TheFilth: cheap made in china parish is good Raspel31
clay007: Offastep... hilarious. A draw I reckon
OffaStep: Society, clay.
Jack SC: Monty needs to fix his damn website. Every time I try to come here it takes 3 tries because there is so much adware
clay007: Draw breath Jack. It will be ok. Breathe...Breathe...
TheFilth: clay007 - dirty nights in cheap hotels - does Steele snore?
BigChief: Nothing wrong with the site Jack. Must be on your end.
Pavs: Push the cross top right hand side Jack
LionBoy: Smokey bring em home and give us a 165+
clay007: You are so random Filth, but love your work. I'm sure he snores
Beast_Mode: jack sc dont be a peanut, not hard to get adblock
clay007: Beast, don't be rude, not helpful
SydneyRox: hope the dawson haters all jumped off this week!!!
Beast_Mode: im not trying to be helpful mate, this isnt kindergarden mate
TheFilth: rclay007 - nearly traded Steele in hs week
OffaStep: Double mate! That equals a champ, Beast.
clay007: It is not, so don't act like a kinder kid. Time to change your nappy!
Stu7: Any thoughts on putting the ac on Walsh as it looks like Zerret is a flop
navy_blues: clay on fire
TheFilth: SydneyRox - Matt Roberts has been better than dawson
BigChief: just ignore him clay. Just wants to stir shower all the time. It will help your sanity when you do.
clay007: Not on fire Navy, we don't need to be rude here.
Stu7: That was meant to say C on Walsh
navy_blues: agree was paying you a compliment lol
clay007: Good call chief! Wise man...hence why you are the chief. Who else do you have stu that could go big?
soup: Stu if you have serong or Ryan I'd go them
J.Worrall: Rankine, Martin, get your rear ends into gear!
Beast_Mode: clay the peanut
Hepatitis: Donít worry beast, heís a spud
TheFilth: Crouch comes back & Dawson will score less again
soup: Muppet icon for beast Monty?
Stu7: Na Worrall and Clay Sheezel is about the best I have but my opponent has the C on him
Hughsy: 8.17 if we lose itís our fault.
Social: remind me to put the VC on Dawson before this game
Stu7: Got Miller
Pavs: Stop with the peanut thing I just checked the pantry and don't have any.
BigChief: No Heeney or Daicos Stu7?
clay007: Lol Beast...time for your pacifier
J.Worrall: @Social, I already did!
clay007: Lol pavs
Stu7: No unfortunately BigChief
Hughsy: Gresham has not once kicked it to advantage inside 50
J.Worrall: I have peanuts, ashews, Macadamias and smoked almonds. Yum!
Pavs: Found Cashews even better. Continue on.
BigChief: What is the goal ump doing? He is 2 foot away from that.
Social: this is one of those ding dong battles
J.Worrall: Go Izak!
Ash777: they've been told to do more goal reviews
BigChief: Damn Stu7. That is tough.
TheFilth: Serong or Ryan as C? -Soup (no ldu)
J.Worrall: Freakin' c and D keys - anything on the left
Stu7: I know Chief
clay007: Agreed social, wow.
Stu7: Thanks for your help BigChief
AussieLion: Grandstand finish coming up
LionBoy: Thought this game would be woeful. Wrong
OffaStep: Ever seen where a cashew comes from, JW? Mind blowing!
soup: Filth - Captain Shlong I reckon
BigChief: Champion Data (your cd keys) attacking your keyboard JW?
Social: Jezza soup?
Stu7: Ryan TheFilth he has more t8me on ground and better efficiency
LionBoy: Liking Durham
TheFilth: 9.18 deserve to lose Essendon
Stu7: Off the pine Zerrett
clay007: Interesting kick for goal by an afl player
macff: 50 point quarter from Rankine
RuffLeader: Hahaha Draper is not a real footballer
BigChief: Did Rachele hear non existent footsteps?
Hughsy: Hey Nicky
soup: Of course martin and Merrett are the two to pull these out
RuffLeader: Someone check Rachele jocks, big shower in there I reckon
J.Worrall: What a kick, Nic
Ash777: Now I see why they got goldy
TheFilth: Cheers Stu7
Badgerbadg: The Goldy/Draper combo is the Gawn/Grundy from Wish.
OffaStep: Damn Urkel and his "did I do that?" celebration.
sheezel420: Nicky will scale so well from that
Social: this is fun to watch
TheFilth: sheezel420 - shhh
Badgerbadg: Social- agreed, entertaining stuff
BigChief: Draper could be dropped next week with Wright available.
soup: Rachele you are shower
RuffLeader: No one could convince me Rachele didn't have money on Essendon as underdogs
clay007: Laird mark and effective hb 1 pt
navy_blues: wd davey
Social: Rachele Rachele
Social: Rachele Rachele. A young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.
LionBoy: Smokey to kick the winning goal
BigChief: same every game clay, scores don't update straight away and always longer in last qtr
TheFilth: Draper / Rachel whch was worse - AFL
navy_blues: haha rankine
OffaStep: Lol Social.
TheFilth: Social ?
clay007: Sorry chief, I knew that and forgot.
Beast_Mode: martin must be fit, never comes of the ground, always in the action
BigChief: Haha clay. all good :)
soup: If you count action as uncontested marks then yes he's always in the action
Catatafish: Now you're gone Laird.
Pavs: Rachele got a bet on Essendon to win
clay007: Great Seinfield episode Sociel
Social: my favourite
TheFilth: Watching Seinfeld Social?
FoopyTime: flower yeees
macff: that looked like ball
BigChief: That was HTB on Draper. Dived on it.
TheFilth: they should make a real rochelle rochelle movie
AussieLion: Wow
shancrows: You're absolutely flowering joking.
Ash777: poor crows robbed
Social: Tex pulled it under Draper
soup: Right in front of me
Pavs: Seemed like the right call to me
Roarix: That is 100% HTB.. lied in the ball and fell asleep.. Crows robbed again
JockMcPie: rankine recovered well, 69 point 2nd half
Jolles: Typical pro Victorian umpires flowering cheats.
Roarix: No need to read my comment and copy me Hodgey lol
Hepatitis: Drug cheats
TheFilth: Better when the goal umpire robbed he Crows
Pavs: Move on Hepatitis years ago
clay007: lol hepatitis
clay007: True also pavs
BigChief: Tex might be in trouble for what looked like demonstrative behaviour.
Social: Are Jono Brown and H G Nelson the same person?
BigChief: Jono is his son Social.
clay007: Roy and Hg, what legends
LionBoy: Finally got a VC right this year.
TheFilth: LionBoy - well done !!!
Pavs: Draper kangaroo short in the top paddock I think
LionBoy: Ta Filth
Social: Time for some Seinfeld
TheFilth: Draper from SA Pavs
Social: makes sense then
slydon: draper for the brownlow after that one

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