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KyuArchive: Torn between Bont and Steele for VC
Pavs: Evening all. Would like to think Bont will have a red hot go without Libba Kyu.
KyuArchive: As long as Bevo doesn't sub him after 5 minutes in the first :P
Pavs: Yeah traded out Sandersbecause of Bevo. Didn't really want to yet
zadolinnyj: Lads and wends if she gets on.
zadolinnyj: Who is winning this
Pavs: Evening zado
J_Herer: went VC Steele, no trust in Bevo at all, will he cost Bont a brownlow...
Stu7: Good move J_Herer
zadolinnyj: Pavs
zadolinnyj: Amazing the way bevy
zadolinnyj: Amazing how bevo coaching with such a good team
AussieLion: Evening lads
soup: VC on the king tonight, classic skipper bounceback game
frenzy: howdy
AussieLion: VC on Bont but nervous.
Pavs: Not really sure why Lobb came back in
navy_blues: both sides not in great form libba out saints to win
thommoae: Surely Dogs can't be as bad in successive weeks ... anyone tip 'em?
DANGERous: give me sanders bevo you nerd
frenzy: rage traded Sanders back in rnd 2
bhg26: Hope Sanders comes on 5 minutes into the game as a tactical move
UncleSniff: First post, long time reader. Is there a worst bloke than Bevo in our world on here?
zadolinnyj: Welcome Uncle. Bevo the Felton robertís of coaches
thommoae: Welcome Sniff. Maybe 'worse coach'?
Pavs: Welcome UncleSniff. Yeah he cops a bit
soup: not an ideal start for garcia..
cherry9: If AFL is going to have a sub rule, then maybe SC can have one too
UncleSniff: Thanks guys, I actually played against Bevo when he was coach of St. Bedes. He punched me in the head. Already hated him
cherry9: IFFF your player gets subbed, then you can Bevo him off too
Zutroyz: Got rid of the colonel, Bevo has him super subbed
thommoae: Ah. Context.
LionBoy: Hi all. Is Windy on Bont. Hoping he does a. Shutdown.
Stu7: Off the pine Bonner
Beast_Mode: like I said lastr week, Sanders is cooked. Can't run out games, the dummy spit didnt help him. Sanders to Walsh easy
UncleSniff: I missed the earlier chat, but I've got VC on Steele, C on Butters. Hard week for that stuff I reckon...
UncleSniff: Genuinely thinking about Daicos C...
navy_blues: treloar could go big tonight started well
Zutroyz: Early apologies to all. Finally picked up Heeney.
soup: Get going tingles you plank
original: A handball counts for more if itís Bont
Pavs: As it should original
sheezel420: his handballs are just twice as good
AussieLion: Cmon H Garcia and Wilson
soup: god that drum in the crowd is annoying
original: Letís get real. Bont is on 22 from 3 handballs and 1 kick (one of something was t effective)
soup: original just say you should've vc'ed him and move on haha
Stu7: Good stuff Wilson
AussieLion: Doggies on fire.
Nurfed: yeah but who was game enough to VC weightman
RooBoyStu: All the media can stop the trash talk about Bevo now
original: Hahaha Soup you know it
zadolinnyj: They look good
original: Why donít Steeleís handballs count the same
original: Bevo not the problem, itís sanders and Caleb daniel. Bevo was trying to tell us
Pavs: Tingles rolling now soup
soup: The accountant is fired up pavs
wadaramus: Evening All :)
BigChief: Earth to St Kilda. Game started.
Pavs: Evening Wada
Raspel31: Evening wada.
zadolinnyj: Wada
zadolinnyj: Saints will come back but big start
wadaramus: Thursday night footy is good ya?
soup: to be fair origina, steele is going at 37%
Napper: the free wasn't against marshall. fix that
UncleSniff: I don't understand how Steele is on 18 and Bont on 32. Genuinely don't understand.
wadaramus: Was at Bring Me The Horizon last night, only 4 hours sleep.
Dondeal: Who is Bont sleeping with at CD?
McSquire: Bont getting his usual
J_Herer: Windhager having a blinder
wadaramus: I may fall asleep earlier then usual :)
Beast_Mode: bonts effiency is more than twice better, he;s had 3 scoring involvements, its pretty simple really
J_Herer: missed a tackle for Steele I thought late in that quarter
UncleSniff: How were they Wada? That's winding the clock back a bit...
OffaStep: Damn. Put the straight C on Bont by mistake. Need a big one, Bont!
dezlav: Just Dumped Windhager and have Sanders on the park. F my SC life.
original: Crazy handball points for Bont. Steele poor DE. But has tackles .
soup: Freekick got fixed napper
gazza39: Bont efficient, Steele not atm
Pavs: Doesn't happen often but agree with Beast on this one :)
Beast_Mode: plus he lost 4pts for the clanger
wadaramus: Superb UncleSniff, stage, set and sound top notch.
UncleSniff: I reckon effeciency needs looking into, eye test doesn't compute Bont v Steele. I own them both, but c'mon....
Beast_Mode: lol thanks Pavs, im always right. good to see you starting to realise that nackers
McSquire: Bont had 6 handballs in 7 possessions, nearly all defensive side of centre and rarely over
McSquire: Buts that consistent with the way itís scored
UncleSniff: That's cool Wada, have a drink I reckon. Always solves feely next day fuzz. Enjoy!
Pavs: Whoa back Beast it was only 1 comment
Beast_Mode: just trolling you mate lol, all good
BigChief: Is Richards running with Steele?
original: Bont +4 for looking at the ball
wadaramus: This is why you just pay for the Bont original :)
Beast_Mode: higgins you peanut lol
Doggie Doo: Bevo has Sanders as sub just to give SuperCoach headaches
naicosfan: Higgins you spud absolutely stealing Steeles goal
BigChief: Need NWM to inprove disp.
original: WADA I have Bont but not vc lol allg
wadaramus: I put the E on Sanders FFS.
Stu7: Bonner you good thang
original: Higgins hasnít kicked a goal vs wbd for 5+ games
wadaramus: What were you thinking man?! Bont VC was surely a l
Doggie Doo: If I was Sanders I would be looking already for another team
wadaramus: Although, the lock is not lookiing good at present!
original: Didnít he score 70 last week
original: Sanders to the devils
navy_blues: imagine not playing bailey dale....
wadaramus: Haha, yes he did!
LionBoy: Bailey says stick that Bevo.
Doggie Doo: That's Dale's first ever goal
shagga24: Surely he's a better chance to sub on early if they pull away like this
fruity: Bevo has Sanders as sub because he sooked last week at being taken off..
clay007: I think less likely shagga
BigChief: What about the 78 others he has kicked Doggie?
gazza39: Saints got the wrong Garcia
thommoae: How's that shagga?
naicosfan: Or bevo has an excuse to not use sub at all..
Troglodyte: Bevo will bring him on with 90 second to play
Hazza09: get moving Bont ffs
original: Troy hopefully
UncleSniff: Selwood doesn't pass the pub test does he? I'd rather listen to by missus complain than his commentary... What a bore
soup: bont you joking right
shagga24: Yeah breaking him in
original: Drop mark lose points. Ooft
naicosfan: Bont lost 2 for a Clanger..
naicosfan: Fair
original: Uncle itís a no from me
BigChief: Did the CD probie forget it was Bont?
wadaramus: Just listen to the radio people, TV commentary sucks alps.
UncleSniff: Steele and Bont with the even up, that actually feels fair... I retract my questioning
Troglodyte: CD giving Jones all Bont's stats instead of the other way round...
Beast_Mode: darcy needs to lift otherwise he might get subbed
youthuck: go on parmey
gazza39: I take that back lol
Stu7: Saints Garcia playing well
UncleSniff: Bevo will probably sub Dale knowing him Beast
BigChief: gazza both Garcia's look promising.
thommoae: Lotta folks said Bonner was kaput when Sinclair returned. Hm.
pcaman2003: WTF is wrong with Bont? Shocker last week ,no better tonight. Geez!
UncleSniff: Bonner would be a stressful watch, those 3 will trade points IMO and he'll average 85. Happy to have avoided.
Beast_Mode: thommoae ppl with no idea, Sinclair has been playing mostly has a mid, like he did all pre season
LionBoy: Took a shot at Milera this year. Hardly working.
gazza39: True chief
soup: bont pull your head in
BigChief: Muppet for umpire. That wasn't too far after bounce
original: Sc giving you more points for a kick if itís a goal assist is weird. Like what if the kicker absolutely shanks the shot
Spifflicat: Bonner has made 96k and averaged 83. Awesome stuff
naicosfan: Bont at 17% by foot how is his sc so high?!
Beast_Mode: bc must have bramble
northball: naicos its the bont tax
Doggie Doo: Bont might be traded at this rate for super coach
dezlav: @Spifficat. He's been a tiny light for my team. Only in 9% of squads.
LuvIt74: That Jerk Bevo needs to go fast, why the heck would you sub Sanders
original: Bont even gets the +4 for a tackle when he was second to the tackle
Spifflicat: Agree Declan, in my top 6 picks
Spifflicat: Dezlav
LionBoy: Bont can turn it on in a single qtr but if he doesnít heíll be good value in two weeks.
dezlav: @Spiff. Shame I traded out Windhager this week. Oops
BigChief: Really LuvIt? The kid spat the dummy when subbed last week. Bevo teaching him a lesson.
Spifflicat: I rate Windhager, great talent
youthuck: yes willo
LionBoy: Good boy Wilson
pcaman2003: Good boy Wilson. Improve Bont and English.
dezlav: @Chief. Love the Bevo tactics.
bhg26: Shouldnt have been subbed in the first place bigchief
Stu7: Wilson go you good thing
Getup: Bont 48 half-time n peeps complaining 🙄
BigChief: Oh don't get me wrong Bevo is still an idiot.
Beast_Mode: lol why are u surpised? he thru his toys out the cot and had 4 possies after 1/4 time
Pavs: Perfect time to keep it inhouse I thought Chief. Tell the kid Libba out need you to lift this week
J_Herer: Wilson getting it done again!
original: +15 Bont for finally a good kick. Extra points cos itís a goal
Getup: Sorry now over 50
BigChief: Yep I agree bhg, but Sanders did the wrong thing.
Stu7: Off the woody boner
Getup: I dare those haters trade him 😏
Social: oh hello
naicosfan: Ffs Steele
frenzy: they dont have him Getup
dezlav: @Chief. Agreed.
Social: not quite what I expected from Ross and the boys
bhg26: Macrae scoring well
dezlav: But does it matter when your this far in front.
dezlav: Hello Social.
AussieLion: Saints, dear me.
lana2146: Marshall lol still on 25
soup: well done accountant
Stu7: Taking Ross back was always a step backwards
Social: he interviews well
Spifflicat: So, have Dogs found a game plan? Or are the Saints just off tonight?
RooBoyStu: I'm not a Saints supporter, but the Western Bulldogs are throwing kings, with the Captain of them Treloar
Stu7: Your guess is as good as mine Spifflicat
Beast_Mode: stk just inconsistant. beat pies, lose to ess and almost lose to tigers
LionBoy: Anyone feeling that we are in a season where guns are not firing consistently more than the norm?
Getup: Anyone looking at Lyons from the lions i am is that risky
Spifflicat: Getup, a massive chance he is starting sub
Doggie Doo: I would be targeting walsh
zadolinnyj: Was not much accountability by either side which suits dogs
LionBoy: Wouldnít touch him Getup. Probably sub and very little game security over next few weeks.
Beast_Mode: getup you can do that. he had 25 poissies and was dropped the next week lol. wont last more than a game or 2
Getup: Bevo mentioned last wee he stuffed the game plan was more focused on this game
zadolinnyj: I have Lyonsís and needed him to play one more game so I can cash
Getup: Okay cheers fellas 👍
Gotigres: Nice half Wilson, but Darcy you need to get a move on.
Getup: Week bevo
Getup: Yeo then??
LionBoy: Made wrong call me thinks. Wilson on bench. Darcy playing.
Beast_Mode: who is bevo subbing ya think?
LachieMcL: Darcy looks like Lobb tonight
JockMcPie: i reckon sam darcy is getting subbed
J_Herer: Vandermeer has looked average, maybe Darcy
JockMcPie: hoping for vandermeer though
LionBoy: Bevo will play a master stroke. Bont to be subbed.
dezlav: Anyone have Hill?
Ash777: vandermeer is kept for pressure acts so going to be 1 of darcy or lobb
dezlav: @Getup. I risked it.
zadolinnyj: I think bevo will rest McRae or bont unfortunately for sanders
Spifflicat: Getup, Yeo has played 37 games in last 5 seasons. on that basis, he has 6 games left for the year
navy_blues: could rest bont if they stay so far in front but wouldnt happen til last qtr
dezlav: Fiorini for Lyons.
Getup: Ok be-40 got me interested at 240k
Getup: Cheers spliff wasn't going to do that trade just asking
Getup: Dezi
TheFilth: rest English late - Darcy ruck
Spifflicat: I hope he stays fit. Poor bugger deserves a break
shagga24: surely he wouldn't rest the Bont
Fromage: Sanders ruck
dezlav: @Fifth. That was on my mind, or pull Duryea.
dezlav: Agreed Spif.
J.Worrall: Eau de Limburgh, Cheesey
AussieLion: Saints are very ordinary
J_Herer: Saints nearing bottom 4 after such a promissing start to the year
Stu7: Not wrong AussieLion
Spifflicat: Looks like the Bulldogs handed the Ďbloody awfulí pills to the Saints this week
TheFilth: Marshall - ugh
J.Worrall: @AussieLion, it's worse than that, they're dead, Jim!
StPom: Couple first rounders for saints? Yes please
dezlav: Stu7. Where's the Faith!?
clay007: Bad game by Steele, lack of real effort.
thommoae: Lol Spiff.
Beast_Mode: lobb might get on tiktok after the game
Stu7: Look at the scoreboard dez
dezlav: gallagher of for Sanders I reckon.
Beast_Mode: darcy might be saved
J.Worrall: Who's the Faith!?
Pavs: Mark the thing Bont ffs
Stu7: Bont might get a game for the saints if heís not careful
original: Lift Steele you little b
AussieLion: Get Sanders on.
shagga24: sanders in with a chance here
TheFilth: Saints have won games by being less showerty
J_Herer: Bevo makes you sit here hoping for an injury, not a good feeling
clay007: Saints are woeful. When are they going to bring in the aliens?
naicosfan: Butters or Rowell C lads?
shagga24: agreed
Hughsy: You spud nwm
Stu7: Butters naico
UncleSniff: If Macrae gets traded, who do we think he hypotehtically best fits? I'll start with St. Kilda....
J_Herer: Look forward to Ross Lyon speaking in brail again after games
naicosfan: Cheers Stu
UncleSniff: BTW, thrilled I didn't listen to the Marshall hype.
original: Guys how good is Darcy now Lobb is back. Good one bevo
Spifflicat: What would anyone realistically trade for MacRae?
dezlav: I might run the Gauntlet and put the C on Naicos.
LionBoy: Macrame an interesting watch over next 2-3 weeks
Pavs: Full disclosure Naicos I traded Butters in this week and i will be Captaining him
TheFilth: Higgins - sharpshooter
naicosfan: Exactly why Iím considering Rowell, because I just traded him in.
Stu7: Go back to sleep Steele
LionBoy: MacraeÖ.damn auto correct
UncleSniff: I reckon he's gettable cheapish Spliff, prob 25-30. Bevo clearly doesn't rate him and is 29
Pavs: I could slow Winx down Naicos
Stu7: Great kicking by the dogs tonight
dezlav: c'mon Bramble. BE's 94 you flog
naicosfan: Lucky Winx is retired then.
J_Herer: Saints figured out the activate sub button, come on Bevo
soup: zak jones shaking his head haha turn it up mate
Spifflicat: I doubt heís that Uncle. Salary alone is the issue. 3rd or 4th rounder
clay007: How could you predict this result. The saints are so bad tonight
LionBoy: Saints backs getting a whooping tonight.
TheFilth: Rowell, Zerret or L Ryan 4 Capt?
Social: eeesh
loginpaul: Jordan Dawson for captain, Filth - Login Paul
Social: word lp
Jawslon: is rowell actually going to play ff?
soup: Filth I would have thought Zerrett into Ryan would have been the play but probably C for Zerrett
dezlav: Like it Loginpaul.
Pavs: Great jump from Jones
Spifflicat: Lowest score of year is 34. Crows fans hoping Saints donít kick another
UncleSniff: Going to be a real roulette round with C choices I feel...
Social: Does Sanders score if he doesn't come on?
circle52: atm i have VC on Bont so that goes C on Serong
navy_blues: went walsh into heeney
Social: Not that Bevo would do that of course
TheFilth: don't have Dawson - loginpaul - no Crows - traded Couch
UncleSniff: I'm tossing up Butters V Daicos for the C, but will probably change to L. Ryan at the last second and regret it
Gotigres: Why do you say that Jawslon? Have you heard something?
dezlav: Spiff. A full QTR left, think our records safe.
slydon: flower lift nasiah
Getup: Vc bont c zerret maybe for me?
dezlav: Daicos Is due a Big one
Getup: Tipped the dogs only by 15pys
loginpaul: Zak Butters going off this week - loginpaul
navy_blues: rowell named in frwd line thats all tigres
Getup: Tipped the dog's only by 15 tho
Social: Saints still a chance here
Doggie Doo: Time to bury the Saints
LionBoy: 20 goal vi
TheFilth: tradng in either Zerrett, Ryan or rowell - Soup
LionBoy: 20 goal win on the cards
Fromage: How much does bont need to score to bank him?
clay007: Thanks for clarifying that Getup. It was quite clear the first time, lol. I tipped saints, clever me.
Spifflicat: Bingo Dezlav! Called it well
dezlav: Yay
UncleSniff: What did we do to deserve the most boring people in sports? Why do Erin Phillips and Joel Selwood have jobs? MY EARS
soup: from, 125+ would be ideal
Gotigres: So he is Jawlson and navy. That's because I got him in this week.
LionBoy: 125 Cheese
TheFilth: Social - lol - a BT call?
Social: hehe yeah, stay tuned
Gotigres: Vandermeer subbed out. Darcy lives.
shagga24: here he is
Getup: That's ok clay thought pys would confuse people
slydon: bevo hates SC players
clay007: Who wins tomoz getup? Pies vs Port?
LachieMcL: kick 3 more goals or something bont cheers
Getup: Plenty of sc points still to go bont 120 plus please
Social: Darcy and Sanders 4 goals a piece each of two this last qtr
Getup: Saturday very nervous but I'm with us go pies
navy_blues: 3 goals from darcy would be nice
McSquire: And Dale could only make sub a week or so ago
Fromage: Come on Bont I need another 40 from you
Social: Dixon and Finlayson out Getup, no fear
Getup: What you think clay?? Huge game
TheFilth: Bevo - 2 put Sanders on for 5 minutes - ala J Clark
Getup: Social yeah helps but they are in good form the 🍐
Getup: I'm with ya fromage keep going bonti
UncleSniff: Anyone taking Sanders to have more points than Darcy?
clay007: Their midfield is amazing. Charlie out helps, but i think the pies by 10
BigChief: Failed vc call this week.
Getup: Hopefully mate fingers crossed 🤞
TheFilth: Sanders on...
Getup: You bont as well bc??
clay007: It is an exciting match-up getup, are you going?
Social: Bont could still make 130
navy_blues: sinclair not same player with short hair lol
clay007: Bevo will drop Dale next week, didn't shepherd once and dropped a mark.
Raspel31: That's the spirit- Sanders on and straight on the bench. Bit tired?
Getup: Nah from Adelaide mate and working 🙄
clay007: lol rasp
navy_blues: lol rasp
loginpaul: why the shower have they fielded Sanders
loginpaul: - loginpaul
Beast_Mode: if VC bont can scrape to 120 plus you'd probs take it this week
J.Worrall: After more than 20 years in this game, I know how much hair matters. Sinclair a prime example.
UncleSniff: What possible reason is there for Sanders being on the pine? Bevo is cancer.
clay007: Cmon Dary, get to 31
naicosfan: Steele is getting burnt, they are doing nothing kicks forward
TheFilth: Bevo yankng Sanders chain - back on the bench
Stu7: Off the pine Bonner
BigChief: getup nope mine is worse Went Steele.
Stu7: lol Clay
Social: Vandermeer injured loginpaul - Social
UncleSniff: Marshall is a HUGE flop pick. I'm clapping.
Social: of course I'm biased but I find Selwood's comments far more insightful and informative than the 'colour' commentators.
slydon: bevo hates everyone
Fromage: Bont resting forward
Spifflicat: Selwood is so dull he beige look exciting
original: Please kick a goal or something Steele
J.Worrall: Everyone hates Bevo
BigChief: Social Selwood is the caller tonight by a mile.
UncleSniff: Selwood is awful Social. Boring voice, Daisy Pearce level "insights"
Spifflicat: *he makes
Getup: Another goal fromage from the bont could be huge
TheFilth: Jnktime pts - free chips bont
Beast_Mode: selwood is a peanut, talks like he has a peg on his nose lol
UncleSniff: Lets hope Steele can scrape a 100...
Social: he doesn't do the BT squeals and woops with his voice it's true but I've never been a fan of that me
Fromage: Getup plenty of time for 2 more goals and junk time
clay007: Darcy 33 beauty. Oh is best 18, so won't count
thommoae: Romar prolific last week, let's not forget.
frenzy: Bevo taken the micky
Social: I'd rather know which strategies are working and why
clay007: Beast has Dale, Treloar and Naughton in this game
TheFilth: Beast_Mode -lol - ru sure the peg is on his nose?
soup: and GOD has the C on Dale
Beast_Mode: lol filth, well played
UncleSniff: Peg is on his brain Beast... He's a shocker
Beast_Mode: clay007 no i have none of them champ
Getup: Go bont
Gotigres: Dale and Macrae 27 possies each. That explains why they were subs the last couple of weeks I suppose.
clay007: Just kidding beast, I know you like to puff out the chest.
UncleSniff: Hoping Bont scores 120 to confuse VC people
Social: Bont VC looking better all the time
TheFilth: junk time!!! - bonts
Pavs: Bont a huge chance to represent as vc if he gets off the bench
BigChief: Butler twang.
dezlav: At this rate, might take Bonts VC score.
Fromage: I am confused
Spifflicat: After the last two weeks, 120 is rolled gold
Beast_Mode: cant help that im good at sc mate, but i do like stirring ppl up for shts and giggles
Stu7: I reckon headcase Bevo will keep him on the bench Pavs
original: All hail king bont. I will not doubt you again mílord
TheFilth: ...and then Bevo benches Bonts...
xodeus9: sorry everyone, i brought in Steele this week
dezlav: Once they scale up Bont 127
UncleSniff: Wilson outscoring Marshall, come to Daddy!!!
Gotigres: Get to 70 please Wilson.
Birdman18: People whinging about Bont and he's on 120
Getup: I'm taking it sniff points in the bank
Getup: Agree birdman
Social: oopsies
BigChief: Is Macrae worth looking at in 2 weeks if he has another good game? Or is the Bevo factor too big.
clay007: Respect that Beast! Knuckle up bro
dezlav: Get off the bench Bramble.
TheFilth: Saints have imploded...
Social: lots of empty seats in downtown Melbos tonight
LionBoy: Itís a definite watch Chief
dezlav: @Chief. Nup.
Deelight: Whats happened to Wilkie... :|
UncleSniff: Bevo is a HUGE factor, not saying don't but yeah Chief...
Stu7: Come on Bonner ton up buddy
Beast_Mode: depends bc, liba back next week. back in the guts and macrae on the outside then no
UncleSniff: Sanders on the bench again. Might as well have played a bloke at the pub.... WTF
Social: what's Ross ordering on the phone - pepperoni+ ?
soup: shouldnt have held him then sniff
frenzy: Sanders aint making any coin
soup: nah social he seems like more of a hawaiian type of bloke
Stu7: Great recovery Bont
dezlav: @Sniff. Yeah I could earn 16 points in his time, &I'm 44... & Smoke
pluggerpig: why do they keep carrying on about Lobb? ordinary at best
dezlav: Bonts back
UncleSniff: I boosted to trade him out soup, but seriously,,,
desa2024: @Social..lots of huge train disruptions
Stu7: lol soup true that
UncleSniff: dezlav, I don't get it. Why even pick him? It looks so petty and just weird
Social: hehe Hill kicked it to his GF
soup: gotta bank bont here especially with lack of options for C but such an awkward score
dezlav: @Social. Red Rooster
BigChief: Or his brother Social.
LionBoy: Bank and relax
Pavs: Bevo a genius treating players mean. Dale a point to prove
pluggerpig: are we taking Bont's 126 vc
UncleSniff: I hope opponents bank Bont 126, that makes things a lot easier
dezlav: Sniff. I'm a BIG backer of Mac, but he's lost that Bevo lovin' feelin'.
Getup: Agree lion boy
BigChief: Maybe Ross is ringing Zac Dawson?
soup: dammit tingles i needed that
Spifflicat: Anything over 120 isnít awkward really soup. Just asking for pain
Getup: Yep plugger
TheFilth: Ageed soup - someone wll go BIG but who?
BigChief: Surely the VC Bont people take that score. I can't take Steele though.
Social: See what Bont rounds up to but your C can bust a knee quick as anyone
soup: hear me out filth - LDU will go 150
dezlav: Macraes on the Phone to Adam Simpson
TheFilth: Bailey Dale - sub last week?!
Fromage: Heeney will go big
frenzy: Hawks dont tag
soup: Hard to score against GC but he is a beast so who knows
BigChief: You hope they wont frenzy
Social: short breaks and travel sounds ominous
TheFilth: Zerrett - but 127 is a safe play
Social: wooh
TheFilth: score flattered Saints in the end...
LuvIt74: Love to know what Sanders will drop this

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