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BigChief: Jamieson late out Witherden in. Subs are Maric and Sonsie.
BRAZZERS: wce by 60 plus, its tanking season lads!
navy_blues: tanking in round 5 lol how the mighty have fallen lmao
FlaggersXD: Carlton been tanking for 30 years
navy_blues: we got to prelim last year from worse position than tigers are at
navy_blues: dimma leaves richmond crumble dusty will be gone next year then what excuse will tigers have
FlaggersXD: Still need a few more no1 draft picks to become relevant
slydon: can nank just hit someone high and have a few weeks off so naismith can get some game time
StuL: Reid and Brown. Need heroics to make up for so many fallen premos
navy_blues: omg rioli
BRAZZERS: 3 flags nackers, everyone gets old even you lol
StuL: missed free to Reid
BRAZZERS: yeo 101% tog lol
Fromage: Anyone who bought McGovern would be kicking themselves. ME!!
StuL: Dont like either team
BRAZZERS: fixed now
TheLegend6: good for you stul
macff: Carlton made a prelim and Richmond won 3 flags lmao
StuL: yea. it was a lame comment i guess
Devero_D: Whats wrong with McGovern Fromage?
StuL: my oppo has McGovern
BRAZZERS: lol macff, 3 decades of failure, thats all they got. let him have that moment
navy_blues: 3 flags was 4 years ago already and tigers will be saying it in 20 years lmao
navy_blues: moreflags than tigers lol
NickyD: Maric and Sonsie are the subs
navy_blues: i remember feelin sry for tigers fans getting flogged every week
GinniFan: 3 more than a lot of teams have gotten in recent years
macff: what have the baggers done in 20 years? Have at it I say lol
navy_blues: use to admire their fans for turning up every week but now its 3 flags lol all they talk about
BigChief: Lefau started well on Barrass
navy_blues: and it was 4 years ago already lol
TheLegend6: Navy hates the tiges, always in our game chats bashing us, very insecure human
Shovan: navy your supporters were cutting up their memberships 5 years ago after the 20 year rebuild
BRAZZERS: i get it tho, both clubs hate each over no big deal, jealously breeds hatred
Troglodyte: Whichever one of you players is Reid - Lift!
navy_blues: mac u guys went 37 years without out a premiership lol
Roarix: BANG and navy is back stirring the pot as usual.. zzz
StuL: Reid get above 0
Shovan: navy 29 years and counting since your last one, would chirp off
BRAZZERS: remember when John Elliott was paying fraser brown and bradley under the table, cheatng scum lol
FlaggersXD: 5 no1 draft picks in last 20 years and can still only make one prelim lol
BRAZZERS: lol you'll be waiting longer than 37 yrs champ
macff: I mean I am a pies supporter so not sure that comment is relevant lmao
Roarix: FF chat is more exciting than these games today
BigChief: That's enough shower talking. Back on the game and get Seth more points.
navy_blues: well that explains you jumping in mac
Shovan: navy still living in the vfl, only won flag in the 34 years of the afl lmao
Roarix: At navys expense, it should be allowed Chief.. hes the ultimate smack talker
bhg26: Can this game end so I can do my trades
macff: no it doesnt, you literally thought I was a tigers fan lol
pcaman2003: Roarix. Good call! Very entertaining sometimes.
navy_blues: lol roar u dont even know me your a newbie
BigChief: trading banned this week bhg. We have to live with ours sides for 1 more week LOL
hexada: what ave score gonna be this week?
Shovan: navy's has as much knowledge as kellie underwood
wadaramus: Come on Wet Toast, you've got to show up playing at home, this is embarassing.
TheLegend6: In Navy's defence, he's about 16. Or at least he acts like it.
Roarix: Couldnt agree moe pca
navy_blues: oh my shov that hurt me
Roarix: Watching and seeing FF chat each week, seeing your one cheap shot comment a game at someone here says enough to me
Roarix: more*
BigChief: Want and need a lot more please Seth.
navy_blues: ok roar he is the deal next time u think i make a cheap shot at some call me out on it ok
Troglodyte: Everyone here is guilty of it Roarix - welcome to the club mate
Roarix: Have done previously already but sure, i will keep an eye on it
navy_blues: and see if there was a reason or not b4 you mouth off ok
BigChief: Can you kids just get a room already.
TheLegend6: Don't be boring BC
macff: why did Ibring in Short what is wrong with my brain
BigChief: Boring is the new norm Legend
Troglodyte: Some kid walked on BC's lawn... outrageous
BigChief: Were you drinking when you did it macff?
macff: That explains it BC
BigChief: It was a dog Trog and it left a big smelly pile.
m0nty: back on the game please
naicosfan: need more from the gov, richmond not bombing it long
Migz: Is kayo flowerd for anybody else? Audio fine but video is stuttering heaps
macff: yeah Migz, has been happening all day for me
BigChief: And that's why I have Foxtel over crappy Kayo.
Stu7: Go big Yeo
Troglodyte: Change to Fox Footy channel instead of game channel
Migz: Ah cheers g
Migz: Cheers trog that seems to be ok. Not 4k but all g
hexada: lift Reid
naicosfan: reid is a jet
BigChief: Did Rich come back onto ground for 2nd qtr?
hexada: whats everyone sitting on atm?
Troglodyte: All mate, I don't trust 4k - one step closer to Skynet
BigChief: I am sitting on my couch atm hexa
wadaramus: alps? Chair?
wadaramus: Speaking of sitting get off the bench Yeo!
TheFilth: BigChief - beat me to it ; )
hexada: good call chief, meant overall score? im on 2067
Troglodyte: Now which one is Reid...
naicosfan: currently on 2040, proj 2079
Pokerface: is Reid on the couch with you Chief?
macff: oh jesus
BigChief: Nope Poker I kicked in out 2 weeks ago.
Troglodyte: Well that was a Short game...
TheLegend6: Short TOG super low
macff: Hes sitting back row not a good sign
naicosfan: short subbed
TheLegend6: Ah missed that, what was the injury?
Pokerface: same. just was wondering where he was, thought he might have been chillin
macff: what a week
BradVICITY: TheLegend6 he got subbed out, seems to be injured
naicosfan: they said strapping of the ankle
BigChief: I think he is at the beach watching the waves Poker
BigChief: My current score 2002 and proj is 1973 LOL
TheLegend6: We must be cursed with these injuries this year
naicosfan: interesting BC.. lmao
BigChief: Edwards subbed and Short calf injury
pcaman2003: Good stuff Yeo, but move along Campbell
BRAZZERS: yeo been a decision, happy with it
BigChief: Okay Seth that's enough no scoring, get involved please.
JaiDay12: Stay low Campbell
StuL: Lets go a bit T Brown.
StuL: i guess if he can get 60 thats par.
BigChief: I said get involved not get on the bench Seth.
StuL: Reid losing points. Thats no good
Dondeal: What's with Yeo's TOG?
wadaramus: Jake Waterman reminds me of Fraser Gehrig.
TheLegend6: Miller getting destroyed by Waterman
BigChief: I think its Young Legend.
StuL: bloody hell Yeo. i could have got you but youre old but looking good atm
TheLegend6: Both dross tbf BC
BigChief: That is true Legend. Time for Rance to make a comeback
StuL: Kelly I guess you have to say hes influential but its not entirely the same as with us.
BigChief: OMG flower off with all these unnessessary reviews. Look at it on way back to centre bounce
pcaman2003: Dondeal. Yeo averages about 70% TOG over the past 4 games.
soup: How are they gonna show off the crypto sponsorship then BC?
BigChief: Enjoy your last game in my team Seth. You are gone next week.
StuL: Come on Reid.
naicosfan: big half gov and reid
Hazza09: ffs Reid come on
BigChief: Qatar will be a popular destination in the off season.
TheLegend6: oh well at least we'll get a good draft pick
StuL: one on Brown. give us something
biggs2dujj: Bye Seth you useless little troglodyte
StuL: Brown doing a Draper
TheLegend6: Seth is a good player, we're just getting belted so he can't get near it
Jaypa: Stay down Reid, you too Brown
BigChief: Seth not even going to make his BE
biggs2dujj: I have not seen Campbell on the field this quarter. He's hiding well
TheLegend6: Witches hats for Miller and Young pls m0nty
SonOfAGun.: Wowi
StuL: Yeo bloody hell.
pcaman2003: Last touch for Campbell 7 mins second qtr. Check for a pulse please.
SonOfAGun.: another one go Jake the snake
BigChief: Seth will be picking splinters again soon.
BigChief: Yay Seth got a tackle
TheLegend6: Harley is so good man
StuL: Reid making cash now
StuL: Brown has been on 4 touches for nearly 2 qtrs i think
northball: is the goal umpire blind?
Dondeal: Yeo should on 200 already with that stat line
Pavs: Crouch gets 1 week Butters let off
StuL: ton up Reid
GinniFan: Wtf brown has moved since I last checked at HT
TheLegend6: I havent even seen Brown
J_Herer: who is Tom Brown?
StuL: Brown hasnt moved since qt i think
pcaman2003: Campbell is a sloth and his score moves appropriately. Go Yeo and Reid.
naicosfan: mcgovern gonna be my lowest defender score
Oraziooooo: yeo's gonna be my highest haha
StuL: I was goIng to get one of Yeo, Young or NWM. So who do i get? The lamest one. NWM.
pcaman2003: Free kick count interesting. Only 4 frees against WC.
StuL: A Reid ton will be a bonus
naicosfan: should i trade out crouch even with that one week suspension?
StuL: Reid has already outscored most of my premos
Capn_Flash: if Campbell can make it to 50 I'll be happy
Gotigres: Blue moon for Chesser. This is his best game ever.
BigChief: He wont get to 40 Flash which sucks
LuvIt74: Someone get the defibrillator on Brown
LuvIt74: Brown must have splinters all over his butt
Capn_Flash: Yeah it's sad, I've got howes and Hogan to trade out and now McKercher!
pcaman2003: Was certain I lost earlier today, but I've won.Thanks Yeo,Sheezel and Reid.
TheLegend6: Congrats weagles, deserved
hexada: i wanted to get yeo this week, damn it
Silz90: Thank you yeo junk time
Kidult: Howes just reset himself.
TheFilth: Ton up Reid...
Kidult: McKercher can reset himself if he played half back again
Capn_Flash: yeah i was just thinking that with howes, luckily Graham is a Def Mid
m0nty: Elliott you eediot
northball: his head didnt even hit the ground how is that dangerous
TheLegend6: Silly Yeo
Kidult: Salem being out could also help Howes
BigChief: Yeah it did northball.
TheLegend6: The action is dangerous
BigChief: Howes has the bye next week Kidult. Perfect trade time.
Capn_Flash: Shame he's on his bye Kidult
northball: chief the commentators are also saying it didnt hit the ground
Kidult: I'd trade others before him. Nice loop if you have 7 + him next week
Kidult: looping Massimo with the GCS rookies could be worthwile
Kidult: worthwhile*
BigChief: OMG Seth got a kick.
keitho: can we drop the seth commentary? no one cares
TheFilth: 6pt score in McKerchers 3 round rolling average - reset take too long Kidult
circle52: Lefau could be a downgrade option ahould still be under $200k.
BigChief: Flash and I care about a player we have keitho, so you get back in your box.
Pavs: By no one Keitho means Keitho.
Capn_Flash: Good shout Circle! i wasn't even thinking about him
pcaman2003: Keitho still salty?Campbell 3 possies and a tackle in 2nd half. Bye bye Seth!
Troglodyte: Seth back on the bench... outrageous
BigChief: Exactly Pavs. It is chat about a player in this game.
cherry9: Reid is such a jet, so good to watch. Him and JHF in coming years :)
BigChief: Congrtas Harley on your 1st ton.
TheFilth: Well done Harley Reid 100+pts
GinniFan: Lefau did well damn, passed him this week as I didn't think he was worth
keitho: rightfully so pcaman2003 you don't know footy if you think otherwise...goose
TheLegend6: Harley Reid is a freak
Pavs: Sniper Chief a few in here but overall 90% very good
wadaramus: Back from a curry dinner, go Yeo!!
Manowar: Harley Reid worth 2 No:1 draft picks, Sam Maclure NFI
BigChief: Obviously keitho has not read the rules about personal insults for FF.
Capn_Flash: Good Game West Coast!
navy_blues: congrats WC
cherry9: Nice West Coast. The comp is better when WC are playing well
circle52: Congrats West Coast
LuvIt74: Hope 2013 wont decrease my overall rank
pcaman2003: Yep! Keitho still salty. Lol!

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