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frenzy: chaps
bhg26: Clark and Lazzaro subs, my midfield bench in shambles
pcaman2003: bhg. Join the club. The whole weekend with failing premos has been a shambles.:(
Pavs: They don't earn the coin needed being subs bhg. Feel your pain.
pcaman2003: frenzy. Tell Sheezel he has to get 120 plus today will you. Ta!
Hughsy: what are yous projected? this round been a shambles
bhg26: May be my lazzaro bias showing but why is drury getting picked ahead of laz?
bhg26: 1900 on the dot hughsy, in clohesy we trust
Pavs: Soz my chat playing up
sheezel420: i'm scared
Pavs: A massive 1796 Hughsy :)
StuL: 1790. With all mid premos failing
Troglodyte: Afternoon lads, may the best team win...
navy_blues: trade Matt Hill in for BT and underwood out
Gotigres: I'm too embarressed to tell you Hughsy. What happens if your C original score (before doubling) is not in your best 18?
Hughsy: im at 1911 - purely because of VC gawn
Gotigres: Asking for a friend.
StuL: Clark vest is yet another blow
Hughsy: Lol GoTigers
Pavs: Great question gotigres tell your friend I'm not sure
Hughsy: O'sullivan looks good
Gotigres: Ok, I will Pavs. Thanks.
slydon: kerch really has dropped off last few weeks. bit dissapointing
Pavs: I reckon if the points are doubled straight away the Captains score will count
bhg26: Sheez going nuts
Hughsy: I bit the bullet and moved kerch to sharp for cash gen
Gotigres: Yes, he may have to go soon slydon
macff: whos the commentator he is pretty good
naicosfan: whats going on with powell?
pcaman2003: Still have Fisher. Need him,McKercher and Sheezel to give me a win.
bhg26: Yeah Comben definitely in next week
sheezel420: Powell may have been a trap
naicosfan: he has the role and the cba's, not watching currently has anything changed?
macff: I mean North's midfield has barely touched it lmao
Stu7: Early days Sheezel420 letís hope
naicosfan: ah that'll do it macff
TheLegend6: Powell will be fine
sheezel420: He's good, but might be a bit too up and down
Hughsy: Lift dempsey
macff: They are getting smashed at clearance it feels like
BigChief: macff the commentator is Matthew Hill. He is a horse racing caller.
macff: Thanks BC, He has such good flow
Hughsy: Sheez a absolute gun
pcaman2003: Slow right down Bowes.
naicosfan: trading out mckercher for graham early is looking great so far
naicosfan: north in this
desa2024: Cats gotta start tagging Sheezel
Hughsy: good round to trade kerch ig
Troglodyte: Relax desa, just a training match today
navy_blues: mckercher in rooms
pcaman2003: Can we rename Sheezel Bont so we get the extra 30 bonus points?
LionBoy: Kerch subbed off will just about put this weekendís cherry on the top
pcaman2003: This is such a ridiculous round. A nightmare!
keitho: rightfully so pcaman2003 you don't know footy if you think otherwise...goose
naicosfan: whats considered a good score this round? in other bye rounds 1950 was around par.
Hughsy: that will be a good score this round naicos
naicosfan: keitho why are you salty mate
Hughsy: the essendon edge
naicosfan: interesting hughsy, the midprice madness teams will be the ones scoring this week.
Stu7: Naicosfan thatís good considering the premo failures
bhg26: The essendon edge got keitho cranky
ElstyBoy: How is Parfitt on 22...
TheLegend6: ffs Kerch
TheLegend6: Par will be quite low this week, I'm only gonna get like 1750 after 2450 last week lol
BRAZZERS: easily nackers he had a goal assist
Stu7: Lift Xerri
pcaman2003: bhg. Lol! Have to agree on that.
Stu7: Was McK a shoulder does it loo, bad?
Hughsy: thought it was ribs
navy_blues: ribs stu
pcaman2003: That's my weekend done and dusted. Until next week,good luck all.
Stu7: Thanks navy and Hughsy
BRAZZERS: McK was struggling lately anyway, was his last week regardless. just a shame he'll lose a bit of coin
TheLegend6: Had 2 great multi's in this game, just had kerch in both so now both void ffs
oh_lol: multi's aren't voided when a player goes off injured
Hazza09: That's my week done! Absolute nightmare of a week
bhg26: Yes they are oh_lol, trust me i know
TheLegend6: Sportsbet, they get voided when subbed in the first half
BRAZZERS: yes they are, if it happens in the 1st half only
slydon: "clean below the legs" is one of the craziest things ive heard a commentator say
Hughsy: idk... BT talking about handies at the airport its great - Lol
Manowar: well this ones over!
Hughsy: isnt*
StuL: Dempsey wtf?
slydon: i forgot about that lol
Pavs: Going at 100% at least StuL
BRAZZERS: eddie ford is cruising to a good score
Fromage: Ouch McKercher
Pavs: Ok maybe 50% now
shancrows: Projected 2050 gonna score 1600 flower yeah
BigChief: You put the mozz on him Pavs LOL
Stu7: Come on Fisher pull ya finger out
StuL: mckercher lazarro not slaying me for a change
TheLegend6: Grind out a 70 Dempsey please!
bhg26: Seriously how was lazzaro not best 22
mattmac24: Game is already over.. It's junk time Dempsey!
Hughsy: Powell building
Hazza09: FFs now Dempseynon top of everything else
Stu7: Back to the 2ís Fisher
StuL: sheezel has to be a VC or C option. Hes so consistent
Stu7: Definitely StuL Iíll be going him next week
TheLegend6: I hate everything about this weekends footy
circle52: Not alone legend - How many of us today have Kerch and Dempsey to add to the chaos so far
OffaStep: The best laid plans, eh? My next few weeks of trades (and last couple of set-up weeks) are out the window now.
StuL: After this weeks debeacle. All mid premos failed
Roarix: What a weak effort from Powell there.. North are horrific
BigChief: Sheezel could get 150+ next week v Hawks.
mattmac24: Green & Bont so far 2 of my lowest 3.. Happy so far with both Holmes & Parfitt. Hope they keep it up.
wadaramus: WHy can't LDU be more like Sheezel?
StuL: ok dempsey. Need something close to your predicted or it plummets yet more.
naicosfan: im pretty lucky this round, only green and crouch as my mid premos to go sub ton, no dempsey or kerch, projected 2030
TheLegend6: Failed VC (bont) into failed C (Green), add Kerch, Dempsey and Sanders. SC is tough...
naicosfan: harsh legend, im lucky its best 18 as i have max king
Ooost: Same naicosfan, put the C on Lule Ryan, I should crack 2000
StuL: thought he had good js but could be out dempsey (managed) in danger at this rate
naicosfan: nicely done ooost, great pod C
bc__: Comben not loosing points for the turnover and goal?
TheFilth: projected score pre round was 2100 - now likely score 1850...
TheOnyas: Onya Corry
Rilian: Trash Can icon for Dempsey. Junk started before halftime..
TheLegend6: Love this Dempsey! Keep the pace!
laneymate: good Dempsey!!!
GinniFan: Oh no what happened to Kerch?
StuL: plenty of Irish in our team anyway.
Meerkatter: how do i get my players to be highlighted/shown in the live scoreslist?
naicosfan: bigoa doing well
naicosfan: shower qtr from powell
Migz: havnt paid attention to kangas. Whats happened to simpkin? wasnt he a premo last year
original: Please donít play JClark. Just leave him in sub vest
keitho: simpkin not the same after getting flowered by webster
Doggie Doo: Remember best 18 scores,Dempsey won't count for me.
Hazza09: shower game from Dempsey today, nowhere to be seen
StuL: here we go dempsey
Hughsy: Speak of the devil
naicosfan: nyuon and drury both under 140k rookies in fwd line
bhg26: Just kick another 3 or 4 dempsey and youre forgiven
StuL: par is 60 for dempsey. he can do it
Hazza09: Biggy has him in his SC team
StuL: out J Clark Ommitted. in Danger.
naicosfan: comben a possible trap
laneymate: I dont think owners wouldve been asking for much more than a 70 from Comben
StuL: Comben is no Clohesy but no one is
GinniFan: 70 from comben would be fantastic
Ooost: I went early on Comben, was expecting 70.. Looks like I'm getting 70
naicosfan: true stul my assumption of rookies has been skewed because of the gc guns
BigChief: Comben pretty much match quite a few premos this week.
naicosfan: drury's half forward role looks great
StuL: i wouldnt have got Comben but not terrible if you did
BigChief: LMAO Fisher. What an idiot.
original: No Jclark why Y why! F u scott
BRAZZERS: combo not getting 25 and 8 marks every game, he not stewart
BigChief: Original you realise subs score count even if they don't get into the ground.
BigChief: onto*
BRAZZERS: are ppl still confident in bringing in comben?
bhg26: Id just bring him in for cadman brazzers so no real risk
BigChief: I am looking at downgrading a fwd to get Marshall in ruck.
Bulky: What a memorable debut for Sellers. Eye catching to say the least.
BRAZZERS: how good was your first afl game bulky?
pcaman2003: Fisher needs to tackle more. 5 tackles in 5 matches not good enough.
keitho: lol brazzers you know bulky is jason tutt yeah?
BigChief: How did Kade Simpson and Jono Brown go in their debuts Bulky? How did their careers end up?
Bulky: It was awesome. Don't you remember? I was BOG. 73 disposals. 3 votes.
BRAZZERS: lol u serious
PowerBug: If the sub isn't activated the game goes down as a DNP for them
naicosfan: sheezel is a jet
Hughsy: Jeez Sheez
naicosfan: heading towards 2100 if powell tons
TigerTime1: imagine not having sheezel
pcaman2003: Nice game Harry. Unfortunately too late to help me this week.
TheFilth: well done naicosfan
Ninty: What were Simpsons and Browns TOG in their first game? I doubt it was as high as 74%
naicosfan: cheers filth, makes up for my rubbish best 22 round last week
slydon: flip off chris scott why would you ruin clarks cash gen like that
original: Yeh thanks Chris Scott ya flog
BRAZZERS: Bigoa with good game, one to keep an eye on if he can back it up
GinniFan: Clark and McKercher not doing me any favours
Ooost: Might have to consider Sheezel for VC / C option
TheFilth: my 1st sub 2000pt game...
Ninty: Clark and McKercher wonít lose a heap of cash. Easy decision to downgrade both next week
BRAZZERS: lol pointless trading clark, he'll be like 175k lol
StuL: 2 points from Clark. nother dead rookie
TheFilth: Clark - not affected - not activated
hexada: im sitting on 2067, that alright?

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