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Hughsy: Carn freo
RuffLeader: Still a bit hurt Hughsy?
wadaramus: That song is flowering cringeworthy.
wadaramus: You're not Liverpool.
wadaramus: You're just Port Power.
wadaramus: Oh, hang on, you're not the Magipes, or the Power, you're just Port Adelaide.
RuffLeader: Haven't seen you for weeks Wada, up and about tonight?
Hughsy: Yes Ruff. They thrash us, break my heart last year whilst i was at the game,and then call my precious players a bad word
wadaramus: Weeks?
sheezel420: Wada talking himself into a psych ward
clay007: Where has the clock gone?
Hughsy: dunno
Ash777: got captain jackson
clay007: risky ash, who did you have on vc?
Ash777: bont was vc
bhg26: Butters keeping up the form of my other mid premos
lana2146: Was gonna go Jackson Ash I think heíll go huge
clay007: some premos have had a tough weekend
lana2146: I looped Gawn
clay007: Good start by Jackson Ash, so fingers crossed for you.
Raspel31: This one's on a knife's edge.
Wends: Have many a docker in this one... Fyfe, Young, Jackson in this one... (yes, Fyfe)
RooBoyStu: Butters is Margarine now
clay007: Fyfe has been ok wends. He has been good value
Birdman18: Georgiades is going to make my trades interesting this week
circle52: Fyfe, Serong and Rozee for me in this
naicosfan: butters, jackson and ryan here
Wends: He's done a job clay... frustratingly slow burn tho. Agree re premos' tough weekend tho
Beast_Mode: draper on fire compared to last week
RooBoyStu: Circle52 how was the Young to Stewart trade for you last week lol
StuL: Stay down Butters just because
StuL: cone on dockers that i have
cherry9: Zutters C.
StuL: Go big again Sharp
StuL: Fyfe and Ryan need a bit more from you
TheFilth: Careful RooBoyStu - karma always lurking
circle52: Not the best rooboy but still outscoring Dawson
RooBoyStu: Lol The Filth like my partner no reply when wrong
RooBoyStu: Freo will win this
TheFilth: RooBoyStu - a week is a long time in SC
gazza39: lol RooBoy
zadolinnyj: Verona is a beast
Wends: Lifty lifty time Fyfe
Hughsy: Horne-Francis a trap i resisted
Ash777: jhf a second half specialist
zadolinnyj: I fell for it
biggs2dujj: Why is JHF on the bench? Kern being a campaingner?
pcaman2003: Need you to go big Rozee.
Wends: Sit back n relaxez-vous on that bench a while Butters
StuL: Young beating Ryan again
StuL: come on Fyfe.
bhg26: What the flower are you doing ryan
GinniFan: C'mon JHF do something
pcaman2003: At least catch up to Serong, Rozee. Fire up!
Wends: Keep going Fyfe
gazza39: Taberner the new Jack Darling
naicosfan: cmon ryan
bhg26: This isnt funny ryan
cherry9: Butters change of direction is amazing
pcaman2003: Cherry. He's like a hare,isn't he?
naicosfan: butters is a star
Beast_Mode: imagine being one of the 19,000 that got JHF this week lol, muppets shouldnt play SC next season lmao
Wends: Nice running commentary from Urbs
GinniFan: JHF is 433k, BE of 4 and potential to go 100+. Risky but not completely stupid
original: 19,000 traded in
StuL: wouldnt take JHF based on 2 games
J.Worrall: Wow, is that nearly 10%?
StuL: Come on Ryan. cant afford yet another fallen premo
oc16: watch JHF still get 100
cherry9: Sean must be nervous watching this. Team looks complete with Jackson
Manowar: what's up with Horne tonite?
Capn_Flash: Switched JHF to Comben like 2 hours ago. Best decision I've made this season!
original: Is butters bont?
pcaman2003: Rozee has finally come to play this qtr. Keep going!
StuL: come on Fyfe you hack.
StuL: Young youre killing me.
Wends: Nice going Sharpie
naicosfan: ffs young why turn into a jet
StuL: i could have got young back in. Should have
Birdman18: What is Serong doing? 20 points in basically half a game
Wends: Who knew Young was capt. option no. 2 this rd?
StuL: young being good hurts
Ash777: Young just needed time
StuL: Fyfe might have to be gone soon.
RooBoyStu: There's only 1 Hayden Young *clap clap clap* only 1 Hayden Young....
StuL: Go Sharpie
JockMcPie: cmon jackson doooo somting
original: Ggf young ffs
Ash777: should have captained steele or young
StuL: Never seen a week like this one. So many fallem premos
Tommy_C: Hey Urbs
navy_blues: throw?
circle52: @Stu it is when a 2nd game player is your 2nd highest scorer and with a quarter to go may go past Gawn
soup: Butters did jack that quarter, big finish please
naicosfan: ryan jackson and butters need to go huge, the gold coast juniors are going nuts
Hazza09: power off Young you flamer
Ash777: lol the young regret here is funny
Wends: Anyone watching, is Drew still on Young this qu?
gazza39: Well played Umps again
gazza39: Isnít that 50
Roarix: Good jinx by whoever said Jackson will go big.. thanks
gazza39: Sore shoulder what a shame
Wends: O'Meara subbed over Fyfe atleast
sheezel420: Ryan having a huge quarter
Birdman18: Ryan lifting
naicosfan: go ryan!
naicosfan: Ryans score is going bonkers +50 already
GinniFan: Has JHF touched it this quarter?
pcaman2003: Hey Rozee! The last qtr started mate. Wake up!
BigChief: Watching other game so What is Dogga doing? Playing crap I am guessing.
Birdman18: Lol Ryan
naicosfan: Ryan you absolute gun
TigerTime1: Traded hayden young to ryan back in R3, cant be mad
naicosfan: same here tigertime, great decision imo :)
DukeNewc: Dogga gone to shower, looked good up till HT.
naicosfan: dogga to marshall or english looking very appealing
Birdman18: Serong has really gone in and out of games the last few weeks
DukeNewc: To Marshall i reckon naicos
naicosfan: its what im thinking too.. hes in great form
lana2146: Dogga breakeven 159
BigChief: Marshall has better matchups to come over English.
Birdman18: Ryan going for a 100 point quarter
soup: Are these umps getting influenced by crowd noise?
clay007: who is dogga
naicosfan: these two games have boosted my projected from 1950 to 2100
naicosfan: dogga is luke jackson
Wends: omg freo, not again?
bhg26: Ryan with one of the great final quarters
BigChief: Dogga = Jackson clay
RuffLeader: My god thatís a good mark
Wends: Dogga covering Gawn next week, then he's gone
BigChief: I can't trade Dogga next week with Gawn on a bye.
TheFilth: Luke Jackson is dogga clay007
naicosfan: wowee
clay007: How does he get that nickname Filth?
cherry9: Fantastic calm finish JHF. You are a star
cherry9: Another cracker game!
GinniFan: Good finish JHF
navy_blues: missed free there against butters costly for freo
Social: hang on, have port been at home 3 weeks in a row?
naicosfan: jeez
Ash777: freo back to back robbed!
soup: Wow what a day of foopy
soup: And yes social, as well as round one
BigChief: 4 out of 5 home games so far for Port.
J.Worrall: Ryan amazing!
original: JHF owners rejoice (not me)
TheFilth: dogga looks like a king cavalier
Manowar: Good Horne

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