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J.Worrall: Carna Suns!
GinniFan: Ready for another belting
Spifflicat: Lube and panadol Ginni, works wonders
GinniFan: Beauty
J.Worrall: Graham, Clohesy, Rowell and Sexy Flaners in this.
BigChief: Nice start Flanders. Keep that up.
flibbity: stupid sexy flaners
J.Worrall: Oh, and D'Ambrosio.
BigChief: Nice echo commentators.
SonOfAGun.: easy win go sunsss
BigChief: Game started Tuk Tuk.
StuL: Go Clohesy. Already on fire
naicosfan: is finmag running with touk?
J.Worrall: Damn my "d" key!
BigChief: Doesn't look like it naicos.
J.Worrall: Get off the bench, Rowell!
cherry9: Ambrosio
desa2024: Finn is tagging Sexy Flanders
BigChief: Love seeing Flanders getting the kick ins :)
StuL: stay down Rowell
VoiX: How does touk get one contested handball and is on 8 ?
lana2146: So glad I got Flanders itís painful not owning him
BigChief: And then he kicks it straight to his opp LOL
sheezel420: Such a low disposal game
Gelly: nice kick to your tagger flanders
SonOfAGun.: straight to the bench Flanders
naicosfan: this scaling is sus for gcs
Raspel31: What on earth was Mitchell thinking letting Ambrosio have a few mins before benching him/
cherry9: Everyoneís D key is on the blink
StuL: Flanders you have to own because of his famous name
pcaman2003: Hawks still practising overuse of HB.until they turn it over. Sheesh!
thommoae: Rasp - your namesake ran 4th in the first at Randwick today, 3-wide stuck on well.
Birdman18: Meek is going to make a lot of people regret that move
Wends: Newc heading for doughnut icon
Social: Love the way Ginnivan is being crucified on the field and off, the pathetic little flop
Getup: Fav was always going to win thero had 100 at 3s
Raspel31: That was actually me thommoae
Wends: OK, icicle maybe
pcaman2003: Birdman. Meek and mild..
Getup: Tomo
bhg26: Turned around quick birdman lol
StuL: Go Chlohesy
pcaman2003: Keep it up Clohesy and you might be my top scorer this round. :)
thommoae: Hope you've had a god a ffeed and a good blow, as they say. (No further comment needed.)
StuL: who else owns bont. traca. green AND Laird. What a round for fallen premos
Wends: You're not alone there pca
Getup: ??thero that comment at my way??
J.Worrall: thom?
GinniFan: Great first quarter for Clohesy, looking good
Getup: Yeah worrall
StuL: Yea go Clohesy
BigChief: Thommoae's comment is for Raspel and is in reference to horses.
bhg26: Clohesy is a gun already wowee
J.Worrall: minto's swear filter is catching you talking about horse's hooves.
GinniFan: Clohesy already worth his price, happy I went early
Getup: Yeah figured that out bc after my comment but happy day's i won on that 🐎
Getup: Keep going touk flanders n closey
BigChief: Clohesy's BE going to be -100 the way he is going LOL
J.Worrall: Reckon a lot of folk went Howes to Clohesy this week.
Getup: And ambrosio
pcaman2003: Pulled the trigger on Clohesy just before the game. out of desperation.
Gelly: went salem to clohesy
StuL: Clohesy another ton would be incredible for a 102k player
original: Maybe maginness should tag touk
original: Or Anderson
J.Worrall: What are the blue socks about?
naicosfan: clohsey and touk are jets, go flanders
BigChief: JW it's for RizeUp charity.
BigChief: Okay Sexy. Get back involved.
Raspel31: Will Ambrosio make it back this quarter?
BigChief: OMG how has Clohesy not played before last week?
desa2024: Nice one Clohesy !
StuL: Clohesy! What a player
pcaman2003: Hawks back to their rubbish best. But,go Clohesy you star.
J.Worrall: OK, who has Clohesy for Captain?
suns4ever: Should have captained Clohesy not that fraud Green
Migz: i didnt bring him in cause i've been burnt bringing in 1 gamers instead of waiting for 2. Shame.
naicosfan: clohsey will win rising star
Raspel31: I couldn't afford Clohesy- damn.
GinniFan: Closehy gonna be my best scorer
pcaman2003: Raspel. I wouldn't count him for much,period.
Gotigres: Only God J.Worrell
BigChief: Too old naicos. Not eligible.
Gotigres: My thoughts exactly suns4ever
J.Worrall: Yes, @Gotigres ... wonder where they are tonight ...
pcaman2003: Clohesy to ton up before half time.Lol!
Wends: Clohesy burning a bum print on my bench with an E - late backline out tomorrow only hope for getting his score gah!
bhg26: Meeks now had a couple hitouts straight down hawks players throats and not getting anything for it
Pevo: Clohesy will be a safe captain pick by next week.
Beast_Mode: Clohesy best first 2 games in SC ever? surely
Gelly: well deserved rest clohesy
BigChief: Barlow 33 and 34 disp 1st 2 games.
Migz: how is frost on an Afl list. missing open 10m handballs
StuL: Chlohesy is a miracle
BigChief: and his SC scores were 151 and 139
J.Worrall: Nice stats, BC!
BigChief: Just used Footywire JW :)
J.Worrall: Sweet!
Birdman18: Barlow was an absolute king back then
GJayBee: Dimma flipped the magnets and found Clohesy
Gotigres: Darcy is still my highest score this round (excluding the doubling of my Capt. Green)
TheFilth: Chlohesy has aleady outscored Bont and Green - at Half Time
Dizzy(): If Clothesy your 1st emerg, you can still swap in a bye rnd player to make his score count, right ?
BigChief: Yes Dizzy for SC. Not sure about fantasy.
Ash777: go miller and clohesy!
JockMcPie: i looped williams by benching clohesy... at least i have him for the cash!!
J.Worrall: Can I switch which King I own?
StuL: More Clohesy heroics this half if possible
BigChief: If Clohesy can get 40 this half we will all be happy.
naicosfan: i wish JW, had the wrong spud
Dizzy(): What odds Clothesy the brownlow
J.Worrall: "ClothEars"
naicosfan: onya touk
Gotigres: Keep going Meek
Gotigres: Clohesy is now my highest scoring player
J.Worrall: More Tackles please, Graham.
BigChief: More of everything please Sexy.
J.Worrall: Stupid Sexy!
pcaman2003: This is pathetic Hawks. Get serious!
sheezel420: North might have a chance next week
original: Clohesy captain. Iíve done it again!
Wends: PCA what's going on with Newc?
pcaman2003: Sheezel. Think you guys have a great chance.
gazza39: I started with Newc, finally bailed out after 2 weeks of pain
naicosfan: finmag wasted potential as a tagger
pcaman2003: Wends. Uncharacteristically quiet. Don't know why he's spudding it up.
GinniFan: This team is embarrassing to watch sometimes
gazza39: As an inside mid heís playing like an outside mid
Wends: Good move gazza... And thx pca, very costly to those of us hanging in there
Hawkthornz: Chol such a crab
original: Tom berry gets maybe 1 point for that knock for a goal assist?
McSquire: Agree Original - ridiculous
frenzy: Sam big C Clohsey
gazza39: Newcastle having a season similar to Dawson, both killed it last year
gazza39: Newc lol
beerent11: Bought in clohsey and Graham to get Jordan to Flanders.
Social: Might just bring Clohesy in next week
Birdman18: Clohesy should be 100% owned next week
Beast_Mode: take grahams tackles he's shower the bed
sheezel420: That's like saying take a forward's goals away he sucks
BigChief: You would know all about showerting the bed Beast.
Spifflicat: I wonder what percentage of coaches with Max VC opted to gamble elsewhere?
Wends: Surely not Spliff
BigChief: Spiff you would think none.
original: Meek surely more
original: HO to advantage clearance kick. Inside 50, goal assist +5?
Spifflicat: Címon Wends plenty here want to chase a 150, and a whopping 11th
Social: Anderson may still fall short of his BE but worth looking at now
OffaStep: Wonder what percentage of coaches has VC/C on any of the Bont/Tingles/Green combos. Gotta be high.
Wends: Lol
original: Ignored Gawn vc for clohesy C
J.Worrall: Loving those tackles, Graham!
Gotigres: I trade Rozee out and he turns into Brownlow winning form and I trade T Berry out and he turns into a decent player
McSquire: Hardwick will be loving Berry and Graham
pcaman2003: GC and Hawks SC scores poles apart .Basically we're crap.
original: Gotigres all the data suggested berry had to go, me too. Donít feel bad
Roarix: Hawks look a shadow of what they were showing last year.. very disappointing
BigChief: Cmon Sexy 11 more points minimum thanks.
soup: Captains this week would have been very very interesting without the obvious Gawny VC
BigChief: I had Steele soup but took Gawn obviously.
J.Worrall: Berry went from my team for Graham. I'm OK with that!
BigChief: 100% S. Berry won't be sub again for a long time.
original: Er we talking Tom berry no?
J.Worrall: T. Berry, yes.
BigChief: Oh you meant T. Berry. My bad.
BigChief: I was thinking mid Berry for mid Graham.
Wends: Newc maybe ghost icon :'(
BigChief: Tuk Tuk been great tonight.
original: News Jeepers. Was so close to starting him this yr
J.Worrall: Newc aross half forar, not in the mi.
Social: Nuthin wrong with that tackle
GinniFan: Ambrosio might've secured one more game in my team
BigChief: LOL JW you need a new D key.
J.Worrall: Newc across half forward, not in the mid.
J.Worrall: Yeah, an a new D key!
J.Worrall: Might try some WD40, I reckon.
J.Worrall: I think I've got a an of air ...
J.Worrall: Oh yeah, the C is not great either.
pcaman2003: We deserve the wooden spoon at this rate. Really disappointed with skill level and decision making.
OffaStep: Seen very little of this. Do we think Meek is safe to solo next week after avoiding a mauling by Witts?
J.Worrall: Flaners, Graham, Rowell an Clohesy with D'Ambosio. Most of my SC score, methinks.
bhg26: Should be offa, ned reeves one of the worst footballers to play the sport
BigChief: Well done Sexy, Tuk Tuk and Clohesy.
pcaman2003: bhg. I have to agree on Reeves. I'd rather keep Meek in.
original: Meek last 18mins on bench.
cherry9: And D and a C, same sentence!
Social: Lots to like about Ginnivan's game
BigChief: Copped a knee in the chest Original. Was struggling to breathe.
LuvIt74: What do you all think the average will be for this round?

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