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RooBoyStu: Who's this Sam Walsh bloke? Never heard of him, not even in Sheezel's shadow...
naicosfan: does will graham go more than 55?
naicosfan: will hamill is on the bubble as a def rookie $143k
Pavs: Don't know enough about him naicos. Probably get it wrong anyway
Danstar: If I put the E on 2 bench players and put on a gc player will it give me highest scoring E or lowest during bye?
J_Herer: so many timely low scores for my upgrading, a perfect fortnight so far, lfg!
Gotigres: lowest Danstar
Pavs: Lowest Danstar
J_Herer: Had Hamill on my watchlist, see how he goes
macff: From what I know Hamil has had problems with concussion over the years and fans dont rate him
macff: but who knows
J_Herer: another popular pick burn Carroll vested...
Troglodyte: Go the purple team!
TheFilth: Whch fallen premos will be on the shopping list?
shancrows: Come on boys pull off the upset
Danstar: Ty fellas
BigChief: Danstar GC don't have a bye.
Danstar: Iíll take H Thomas score over H Reid.
bhg26: Everyone would appreciate that shancrows
J_Herer: Fantasy - Clarry, English, Green, Daicos, Duncan - one down one up weekly time
Danstar: Thanks chief. I meant to saw non selected player. I got sexton from gc
Stu7: Do any bench players come into play if they score higher than the 18 on field?
Danstar: I think only if you have a non playing player in that line
McSquire: I donít believe so Stu
BigChief: Stu7 only if they replace a non playing selection and is the E
McSquire: 18 on field only
sheezel420: if not you just take the lower
Pavs: Nope stu only with the E on them
Stu7: Thank you everyone for your answers
Pavs: And someone not playing Soz
Pavs: Zwilliams getting better every game.
GinniFan: Need Crouch to go big for me
BigChief: Acres just bombs the ball and never lowers the eyes. Had Newman 20m in clear. Result Adel goal
J_Herer: Benched Williams this week Pavs to takes Howes 68, can't trust him to get over his break even this week IMO
soup: desk on fire
BigChief: Williams BE is 7 Herer and you don't think he will get that?
Pavs: Bold move Herer. Hope for you it pays off
Pavs: Meant projected I reckon
navy_blues: Here williams b/e is 7 lol
Beast_Mode: williams started well last week, 52 at the half, 29 in the second half. seems to fade most games tbh
Capn_Flash: Hope Dawson gets around a 90, want him to drop in price but still regain his form
J_Herer: fantasy
J_Herer: BE is 48, projected 68 - don't reckon Williams is good for over 70 FF this year, happy to be proved wrong
BigChief: Cottrell ducked there.
naicosfan: ffs crouch is robbed
soup: Cottrell scoring from a questionable umpire decion I50. Where have I seen that before?
sheezel420: crouch gets nothing disposals
Hughsy: Yes crouch
nbartos: Dawson wow - Spud
Stu7: Crouch is a gun
naicosfan: crouch is robbed tog, hes a jet when it comes to getting ball
navy_blues: prob watching tomahawk soup lol
Hughsy: crouch no free kick for?
soup: hahah fair bump navy
naicosfan: true hughsy, im sure he will get it over qtr time break
StuL: Go Zwilliams.
sheezel420: if Zilliams ends on anything above an 80 i'll be surprised
shancrows: Lol Rachele
BigChief: Walsh very very rusty.
Beast_Mode: mcrouch only got 67% to0g last week so he's not that far off naicos lol
navy_blues: your very 1 sided BC whats dawsons excuse then?
BigChief: navy he just sucks with Crouch in the team.
navy_blues: 9 poss and 3 tackles not that bad a start
navy_blues: 4 tackles
BigChief: He is getting the ball navy, just he is rusty with no pre season or match fitness. Not saying he is bad.
navy_blues: adel in front huddo says lol
shancrows: Nankervis looks good glad he's actually getting a chance finally.
Social: Joey Potter is very disappointed in you Dawson
Beast_Mode: one pace 10 clangers, that will be a horrible game for anyone
BigChief: Do you know what rusty means navy?
naicosfan: how does crouch have a clanger?
sheezel420: Dawson really has fallen off the cliff hasn't he
soup: dropped easy mark maybe naicos?
BigChief: Adel finally showed up in 2024 by the look of it.
navy_blues: n 50 there??
BigChief: Should have been 50
navy_blues: adel flogged us last year
Beast_Mode: do you think only disposals cause clangers? lmao
naicosfan: curnow got breathed on
flibbity: he seems to be on his back alot
soup: naicos i'm probably the biggest curnow hater but that was there
naicosfan: what could it be then beast mode? no fa?
Stu7: Come on crouch and laird
naicosfan: yeh same soup, they were saying it was hinge facing away from the footy but it was keane
BigChief: naicos Crouch dropped a sitter and that's the clanger.
Hughsy: still crouch is being harshly scored...
naicosfan: all good then, cheers BC
BigChief: How Hughsy? 1 CP and 1 clearance. score is correct.
soup: thank god carroll is on early, please go well son
sheezel420: Crouch has done nothing
Hughsy: Walsh a gun
navy_blues: i love rusty players
Hughsy: just counted in my head BC should be on about 40
navy_blues: gee acres
StuL: williams you star
m0nty: sore Butts and Keane keening
GJayBee: Williams is warming hearts across the nation
sheezel420: We knew he had it in him, were just waiting for it
naicosfan: williams is a jet
StuL: laird hoping to join Green bont and track in scoring far below par.
navy_blues: freekick adel
StuL: a williams ton would ease the pain
bhg26: Walsh a lazy 20 touches in his first half back
J_Herer: well got the Williams bench move wrong hahaha
GinniFan: go Williams you good thing
soup: herer I wouldn't be shocked if he goes backwards from here, has faded in every game this year
navy_blues: walsh will be in my side next week
GJayBee: True
StuL: i doubt rookies will be mature enough to trade for walsh but hes a jet
StuL: still not confident williams gets more than 80 something but hopeful
shancrows: Gee Carlton are playing dirty. Holding jumpers tackling players without ball holding jumpers hitting players high...
soup: shan coming in swinging
StuL: no such thing as a dirty team these days shancrows
wadaramus: McHenry is such a spud.
wadaramus: If he could simply kick a footy straight from 20m out.
wadaramus: Plus, our kicking inside 50 still sucks.
wadaramus: We get enough of the footy, but are hopeless at using it.
RooBoyStu: Thoughts are with people in Bondi, football doesn't matter
wadaramus: OK RooBoy, what about all the other people being killed around the world, it only matters in Australia?
wadaramus: The world sucks, but footy still matters I guess.
RooBoyStu: Where you live? Australia? Yes it matters world wide but this country is going to the dog house with our lenient laws
GJayBee: Meanwhile at the footy
PigeonPies: laws dont stop that from happening lol
RooBoyStu: Bail mate it does @PigeonPies
GJayBee: Great to hear am talkback. Oh, actually itís not
GJayBee: Excuse me, I feel a bit rude now
RooBoyStu: Hinge one positive keep going
Stu7: That would be right Crouch on the pine
wadaramus: Nicks is a corkhead Stu7.
GinniFan: Crouch loves his time on the pine
Stu7: Whoís Nick wada?
shancrows: Nice Rankine
Wends: Evening all. ABC call saying crouch has some kind of injury, but should be back on
Wends: I think they said bad corky?
Stu7: Oh sorry wada The coach yes
Stu7: Thanks for the update Wends
Stu7: Now Laird on the pine, me team is stuffed
wadaramus: He's out there, he's fine.
Ash777: go the crom
Stu7: The one week I bench Williams and he kills it
shancrows: Anyone else kayo screen keep going weird colours
soup: People really pick a handball happy injury prone 30 year old and complain about his TOG and his scoring
tigertim3: Dawson 26 SC points for that goal
McLeod_23: He's 28 and not injury prone. Has just always been low TOG
Birdman18: Walsh will be coming into the team if he holds up in the next few weeks
Wends: Williams getting a noice little cash bump
Spifflicat: Walsh on the bubble as the DPPs come in. Tasty
navy_blues: lol clear goal
shancrows: That wasn't touched imo
BigChief: Not even close to touched.
Birdman18: These reviews are a joke. It uses to be it's a goal unless it's a clear touch
Social: Perhaps Bevo is distracted by JJ's haircut?
original: Not touched
Hughsy: What goes around comes around Carlton fans
Beast_Mode: didnt look like it was touched, but you cant prove it wasnt either by the vision
flibbity: goal umpire said it was
pcaman2003: Players claiming a touch, when it clearly isn't ,should be suspended for lying,
clay007: Williams got his 80 pts and has decided to put the cue in the rack
Social: Did the Freo bloke touch it last week?
BigChief: Crows will win as Blues can't stop their mids.
flibbity: hah social it is a bit rich
TheFilth: Which fallen premos will be on the shopping list?
wadaramus: Am I wrong in thinking we've probably been the better team but are just woefully inefficient?
flibbity: green must be value?
navy_blues: social at the time it looked like he didnt but visio released the next day showed it did you know that
Spifflicat: Good call on Williams, havenít seen him
clay007: Curnow gets every 50-50. He is the most protected forward.
Social: so perhaps we wait until tomorrow to form our opinions
shancrows: We'll lose Chief.
BigChief: Filth are you going to ask the exactly same question every game?
StuL: come on Carroll. Youre playing for your spot
navy_blues: even the crows player put his hand so quick knew he didnt touch it
TheFilth: 12.3 isn't woefully inefficient
soup: clay don't say that, all the nuffies are gonna come out of the woodwork
original: Cripps too strong not a free
navy_blues: prob be a draw
original: Howís that throw
BigChief: Nice throw from ROB lol
navy_blues: omg throw it a bit more ROB
StuL: come on Laird. No more fallen premo scores
Hughsy: uh oh zilliams
clay007: Biggest throw of the year Navy, how did the ump not see it?
flibbity: ripper game of footy
navy_blues: that is the ? clay
StuL: williams got nothing that qtr
cherry9: Navy, good thing Carlton player admitted their touch last week. Honesty system should work great
cherry9: Great game, ripper
GinniFan: Crouch killing me
navy_blues: i agree cherry all we want is correct decisions unfortunately it will never happen better without technology
TheFilth: BigChief - when there are more low scores y not?
BigChief: Swallow, Hustwaite, Mead and Erasmus subs tonight.
shancrows: Come on Berry go out there and have a HUGE one
clay007: Who was subbed off?
navy_blues: dont know why he wasnt in side shancrows he is a tackle machine
BigChief: navy how good is Boyd's kicking?
TimT14: Thanks big chief had to drop mead in draft league
shancrows: Nicksy does my head in Navy lol
navy_blues: yesc he is very good by foot BC
StuL: Keep going zwilliams.
GinniFan: cmon Williams ton up
Spifflicat: Bevo is frustrating as a coach, is Nicks as bad?
TheFilth: Losing a league game to a player that has Lachie Ash?!
clay007: No Gollant, no Adelaide.
shancrows: Nicks as bad Spiff
Hughsy: crouch tog too low, maybe this is the game that gets him dropped, probably not a keeper
TheFilth: Come on Crouch
BigChief: How is that HTB?
original: Thats not htb
clay007: Careful Filth, soup will blame you for choosing a 30 y/o, hb addicted loser
lana2146: His tog is always this low
BigChief: Crouch tv for that?
clay007: Crouch, 2 week suspension looming
StuL: ffs Laird. Thats 4 massively fallen premos in one round. never seen anytjing like it
GinniFan: bye crouch
original: Crouch being dropped anyway
Hughsy: ik lana. that was a statemen on this season.
shancrows: Acres and Crouch both suspended lol
sheezel420: let5
Spifflicat: Cracking game of footy!
sheezel420: lets hope Butters can undo the curse
Social: a real ding dong battle
TheFilth: Crouch plays for the Crows not the Dees clay
sheezel420: This is somehow one of Dawson's good games
clay007: Not sure what you mean Filth?
TheFilth: Crouch has been good value
Spifflicat: Is Fantasia just clogging a spot on the list?
clay007: I agree filth, but soup was having a crack at people who have him in their side.
Hughsy: Keep or?
sheezel420: Crouch old man too slow
Spifflicat: Right on cue
soup: I mean yeah he was out of favour with the coach too, one bad game could have easily had him dropped
BigChief: Dawson will score well without Crouch next week.
GinniFan: shaping up to be my lowest score ever lol
pcaman2003: Great 1st game back Walsh.
J.Worrall: Get off the bench, Crppa!
TheFilth: Season Rank 1,334 - soup can say what he likes clay007
Ash777: that's if dawson doesn't also get a week for his tackle
circle52: Know how you feel Ginni at the moment English, Green and Bont are my 2nd, 3rd and 4th lowest scores
clay007: good call filth
pcaman2003: GinniFan. I'm too ashamed to even look at my score.
GinniFan: Bont, Trac, Crouch for me
BigChief: He should be fined at worst Ash.
Number 8: Q to anyone watching: does Dawson appear to be still playing forward?
Ash777: lol the kid trying to hide the ball
Beast_Mode: the pizza shops down lygon st will be rioted if they lose this one
clay007: i like rankine in the centre
BigChief: McGovern hammy?
TheFilth: if crouch gets a week he's gone..
TheFilth: crouch - jnk time!
Hughsy: crouch attempting to get 50 in 8 minutes
GinniFan: Crouch racking em up late
Beast_Mode: no one cares bro
pcaman2003: Okay Walsh! I'm convinced!.
Spifflicat: Wow
TheFilth: Bette than Bont!!
BigChief: Berry been huge.
clay007: Do ever write anything that is not rude Beast? Just saying! Well done Crouch, good come back son
TheFilth: Chips...
pcaman2003: What a cracking game.
Hughsy: Its beast's bed time
navy_blues: good game
TheFilth: clay007 - yep
Spifflicat: Very impressed Crows, gutsy
naicosfan: best game of the year so far
Hughsy: My kayo paused as walsh kicked it inside 50 - lol
naicosfan: very impressed crouch junked up big time
GinniFan: what a great game, good last qtr Crouchy
Beast_Mode: hahah get stuffed you flogs! wait another 29 years for a flag lmao!
pcaman2003: What a gutsy win. Well done Crows.
BigChief: Well this weeks tips have been shower.
TheFilth: Zac Williams...ta
bhg26: Walsh comes in Carlton lose. Drop him asap
flibbity: what a game
Wends: Great win crows
shancrows: Wife and I got a bit loud not gonna lie sorry not sorry neighbours
McLeod_23: Carn the Crowss!!
Wends: lol shancrows
McLeod_23: Massive win!
Jolles: Finally Blues don't get bailed out by umpires.
RuffLeader: Sucked in Carlton
TheFilth: shancrows - you should have been watching the football
Hughsy: Lol filth
shancrows: Hahaha filth XD
cherry9: Now that was a game of footy

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