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J.Worrall: Go Dees, go Maxy!
bhg26: Any other geniuses bringing in Meek like me?
frenzy: howdy
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
DidgeBird: Let's see how Brissy go tonight
StuL: Trading Howes are we? Too late now. He will make his breakeven
OffaStep: I am, BHG. Keeping Grawndy and covering their byes. Hoping for some quick cash. What could go wrong?
frenzy: in draft a week ago, should make money
bhg26: Iím getting rid of Grundy so I can get Flanders next week unless I get cold feet and just bring in Romar this week
frenzy: I need to cool the trades, hehe
DukeNewc: Witts taking meek to the cleaners offastep?
OffaStep: As always, I'll cool 'em when I'm out of 'em. Sigh.
naicosfan: 4 boosts used already
StuL: probably need to stop trading every week like theyre infinite.
OffaStep: Likely Duke. Low BE means he should still make dough. I'll trade him back down to Liv after R6 and look to upgrade.
bhg26: Practically are infinite trades stul, we have 40 of them
Number 8: Was planning all week to get Flanders but have cold feet. Can't explain it, but I just don't have faith in him
Number 8: Doing the double downgrade to Clohesy and Comben instead (AF)
naicosfan: tholstrup play good enough for billings to get dropped next week
Pavs: Horne Francis anyone?
Number 8: I like the Lions in this one, just quietly
BigChief: Evening all. @Pavs he has played WC and Ess so no for me.
bhg26: I would have if heís guaranteed dpp pavs but donít think he is
Hughsy: Expecting to have a good round due to my severe lack of Sydney players
jfitty: Flanders will be fine, especially given how thin the premo forwards are
BigChief: Looks like Salem subbed.
naicosfan: same thoughts as you bhg, if he had dpp hes a must have
zadolinnyj: Lads and ladies
Number 8: Wow, Salem gone already
StuL: Howes will come good now i traded him.
OffaStep: Held Howes with Pink not named (and a dud). Hoping he keeps finding it!
bhg26: Itís a SuperCoach guarantee stul
sheezel420: ty Stu
Number 8: Salem out might give Howes a boost
naicosfan: watch howes drop 120 bc i traded him
bhg26: Definitely will number 8
circle52: Not the only one who traded Howes out
Number 8: @ bhg, marks for Howes have dropped right away past 2 weeks. Agree, should be used more w/o Salem around
wadaramus: Oliver a shell of his former self.
bhg26: He was scoring well when Salem was getting mid rotations, when Salem went back his scores dropped
Number 8: World record pace for hitouts
BRAZZERS: world record? what other countries have AFL teams mate?
bhg26: Going for Goldys 80 number 8
Number 8: Questions now over Salem as a Fantasy player, too fragile
bhg26: So it is a world record then brazzers
Bulky: Can't wait to pick up Oliver at 102K.
bhg26: Rayner going nuts
McSquire: Might not be worth that Bulky
circle52: Rayner having his usual Blue moon game
StuL: Gawn has had hitouts to team mates not count. Wtf do cd consider effective?
Number 8: Did Goldy seriously get 80 HOs in a game? That's nuts !
JohnHoward: first time ive seen rayner impact a game
navy_blues: oldc B
BRAZZERS: wrong champ
naicosfan: goldy was a beast in his prime
naicosfan: remember his 241 sc game vividly
navy_blues: old Bevo at it again dropping Daniel
Birdman18: Yeah I don't think it will be worth picking Oliver up at all this year
Bulky: He'll be my bench cheapie McSquire.
StuL: need you too tracca
Bulky: Daniel is a gun. Would walk straight into any other team.
naicosfan: gawn on track for 84 hitouts
navy_blues: keep going maxxy
bhg26: If Gawn could tap it to his teammates heíd be on 100 already
clay007: Why has Howes decide to rock up this week? Traded him for clohesy
bhg26: Itís because we traded him out clay
navy_blues: looping howes
circle52: Think Howes did not like Adelaide
StuL: Howes damn you.
McSquire: Howes the most inconspicuous 26 ever - but go boy
soup: Keep going howes
GinniFan: Also went Howes to Clohesy
navy_blues: 2 hb for oliver lol
clay007: I think you are right bhg. I just hope clohesy can back up. It is risky trading in a player after 1 game.
Getup: Kept howes traded jordan n billings
bhg26: Yeah I traded coffield in after one game clay
circle52: Not the only ones who went Howes ro Clohesy
pcaman2003: Windsor did a ripper tackle on Dunkley, but CD not paying it.Get real CD!
clay007: That hurts bhg. I am unsure about horne-francis and Yeo. Been burnt by em before, but enticing at those prices
wadaramus: Max DE is a flowern joke.
Number 8: Geez, Zorko has turned up in 2024
bhg26: If I knew Salem would have gotten injured 30 seconds into the game I would have kept Howes
McSquire: Oliver showing why itís important not to take drugs kids
pcaman2003: Number 8. He certainly has. Hopefully CD will turn up and get decent stats people in..Currently useless.
thommoae: If I knew Verry Elegant was going to win the Melbourne Cup I'd have backed her.
BRAZZERS: McSquire I agree, or peptides ;)
Number 8: Tackles are the most controversial stat, pca. CD must have some secret herbs and spices formula going on
bhg26: Think it only counts if it impacts the disposal number 8. Itís really dumb
Gelly: went salem to cloh
cherry9: Howes looks good
sheezel420: always hold your premos cherry
Number 8: I don't reckon the game rewards tackles enough either, bhg. These 360deg turns blokes can do ... it's ridiculous!
Hazza09: Ofcourse Howes showed up
pcaman2003: Number8. It's just crazy how they miss excellent tackles. Seen a few this year.
Zutroyz: I traded out Howes too. Not fussed by it. Got the cash, took an upgrade, exactly what rookies are for
clay007: I don't think heroan blinks enough.
clay007: heroan
Lachie_H: can blake howes stop now
Birdman18: Gawn rucking terrible but still over 50 already
Number 8: Agree, pca. The definition is too technical
wadaramus: Why is modern footy so much end to end with no scoring?!
SonOfAGun.: Brown back to Casey
clay007: Brissy scoring Wada
RooBoyStu: BT saying disappointing crowd, well for the majority they work Friday, like myself start at 6am & 1 hour drive to MCG.
RooBoyStu: It's purely for TV Thursday night footy
wadaramus: I believe defence is too dominant because teams are scared to attack.
wadaramus: Kick it sideways, hold on to the ball.
Baldfrog: Dees fans Ski season is officially open
wadaramus: Just flowering kick it forward you muppets!
Birdman18: This is a good Dees crowd tbh
cherry9: Everyone up early for the Masters
bhg26: Dees fans doing some good sooking
wadaramus: Spot on RooBoyStu, flowered if I will got to AO for a Thursday night game.
Badgerbadg: Thursday night footy sucks, bring back Friday-Sunday please
wadaramus: Spot on cherry9, can't wait!
Number 8: If the Dees don't get the next goal, it could be all over. Not enough scoring power in that forward line.
Ash777: they have to hit the slopes earlier now to so they can watch their team in finals
navy_blues: woeful kicking dees
RooBoyStu: I smell an upset this year in the Masters, a $41 shot or longer
OffaStep: Get back in it, Howes!
Baldfrog: Land Rovers are pre programmed with the MCG in the sat nav they are fine
clay007: The dees are playing this game like a final.
wadaramus: Go Min Woo Lee and Jason Day :)
elvundir: lift windsor!!!
circle52: No we need a 50 point lead I remember last year
Birdman18: Dees clearance work is as bad as Essendon's last week
RooBoyStu: The fav could leave early as wife heavily pregnant, not ideal lol at least he got a hole in one i spose hehe
StuL: a better qtr from howes
Getup: Payne all over brown
sheezel420: Brown's cooked
original: Melbourne seeking clarification if they can put Salem back on for Ben brown
StPom: Dees as bad as CD top ten list..
Social: Howes going nicely considering I forgot to trade him
cherry9: Yeah, me too wada. Hope the weather is good this year
pcaman2003: Get involved Windsor and Howes. Make some more money lads.
RooBoyStu: Got to get McCluggage in my SC team
Getup: Hopefully gawn taps his way to 140 my vc
cherry9: Need a touch or two pls Lohmann
original: Salem still more touches than 3 other melb players combined
TorturedSC: Petty is rubbish, only survives because Brown is worse
OffaStep: Mine too, Getup.
pcaman2003: Gawn is putting a smile on my face. Can sniff a good C score coming up.
soup: flower unlucky howes
OffaStep: Flower! C'mon, Howes!
navy_blues: omg dees are useless tonight
Hughsy: VC gawn
SydneyRox: gawn is nuts in a game melb getting smashed
McSquire: Oliver 6 possessions for an inside mid 😂
cmperrfect: Such a big fall from grace for Clarry!
Number 8: No spark in that Demon forward line without Spargo and Kosi
SydneyRox: they would be dead without him
McSquire: 7 possessions between the 4 Melbourne big forwards - smashing it
OffaStep: I really hope we see the old Clarry again sometime soon.
SonOfAGun.: Petty big fat donuts
cmperrfect: Magnifying glass the entire Dees fwd line m0nty
TorturedSC: Melbourne mids are not reading Gawn and he has gotten frustrated and is just trying to do it without them
pcaman2003: I think I can safely say Windsor not in my best 18..
StuL: if only the old clarry could come back he would make awesome upgrade
Getup: Spot on tortured
Manowar: Melbourne still on there business trip?
pcaman2003: Stul. He'll be lovely and cheap soon if you want him.
StuL: Tracca may not be in the 18 at this rate
StuL: Why do players lose points for nothing in the breaks?
myteamsuks: Salem missed the trade this week
Doggie Doo: Oliver is a lost cause. So sad.
StuL: CD must be watching. Gawn has gone 75, 71 and is now on 74 all at HT
HappyDEZ: Is half time too early for Gawn atlas?
J.Worrall: points are not instantaneous. Time is lost ... and the breaks give time to catch up. Am I dumb?
Ash777: Oliver needs a new club.
myteamsuks: I assume they are just adjusting stats
HappyDEZ: Viney, Trac, Oliver 70, 74,71 TOG? Goody trying to play rope-a-dope or something?
StuL: Gawn on 70 now. i knew CD would take points for nothing.
naicosfan: gawn is like stuff the hitouts
Badgerbadg: Only one player can save the dees now, rush back Jake Melksham
Number 8: Wow, Brown and Petty STILL haven't caught Salem
Number 8: This has got all the hallmarks of a destroyation
Birdman18: This should be Ben Brown's last ever game of AFL footy
Zutroyz: Afl expect people to watch this on a Thursday? Switching to the Rugba league
Yelse: bit hard for brown or petty to get a posi when ball not going past half way
Ash777: Oliver just wants to give it off instead of taking things on
Birdman18: Yelse, they're also the reason why the ball's not going past half way. They need to be making contests
Jack SC: Rayner keeps this rope. He is a serious option for our forwardline
Jack SC: Role*
Raspel31: Oh my- just home. Oh my oh my.
Number 8: The Demons' house of cards is on the brink of collapse
Badgerbadg: Dees need a lions off-season break to forget about this one
Jack SC: Windsor is going to be a good player, kids got wheels
J.Worrall: Demons are Cr*p tonight.
GinniFan: Melb look cooked, wtf is going on
PAFC4eva: Geez melborne such pretenders
StuL: Gawn hitout to Viney who got a kick. Donuts. Screw CD
StPom: Big win so far for teams without trac
TheLegend6: clarry gonna be cheap, but idk if hes worth it even under 500k
BigChief: Oliver is too slow to play HB.
Doggie Doo: Pass on Gawn being Captain.
Getup: Gawn will limp to 100
cherry9: Lohmann you beauty, keep going! Only 13 behind Max :)
BRAZZERS: who cares about clarry, he could be 300k and anyone relevant would not get him
McSquire: Is it worth offering Brown $50 to play Gormandale Reseves next week - or is that paying overs ?
OffaStep: Brown thinks he's playing dodgeball.
clay007: At least Clarry isn't locked into a long term contract at Melbourne. Oh,hold on, he is...hahaha
Ash777: brown is a frozen chook
StuL: Gawn keeps getting nothing for hitouts to tesm mates. he probably wont get a VC score to take this week
Raspel31: Demon's to lose from here.
TheLegend6: Thats not too Brazzers, hes proven over a long period and you'd imagine he'll come good
TorturedSC: Clarry needs the special sauce to perform
northball: wow brave tip rasp
Getup: Brown petty van roo woeful 3forwards doing flower all tipped brizzi surely home from here
Badgerbadg: Really missing Joel Smith tonight
Devero_D: For as terrible as Clarry has been, he has more points than Trac ...
BigChief: clay what was Grundy's contract length when he left Coll?
StuL: Having Trac as a pod could stuff up your whole round
Birdman18: Trav gonna be cheap in a month's time
naicosfan: trac will lose some handy coin this week
Birdman18: Trac*
GinniFan: Thank god got Trac in common this week..
Getup: Even fritchs all well below par tonight forward head aches for Melbourne
naicosfan: trac is not a common in this week
BigChief: A bit early for the $ on Howes with a BE of 56 m0nty
Raspel31: Should I keep vc on Tracca- asking for a friend?
Getup: Was thinking the same thing bc
sheezel420: regardless his BE will be like 15 next week, so he has cash to make
clay007: Fair call Big Chief, and don't forget Treloar. Well played Pies!
naicosfan: switch it to rayner raspel
clay007: For the record big chief, I like Oliver, I hope to see him return to his best.
LuvIt74: Think I'll hold off trading Clohesy in this week and watch him if Howes scores 65+
naicosfan: how are you getting in comben, graham and possibly georgiades in next week as well as a premo luvit?
circle52: Lohman backing up last week How many like me were scarred of the sub,
Ash777: wow oliver playing in defense
runners47: Time to max your points, Max!
LuvIt74: ranked 3500 overall wodering if trading out daicos for Huston is a smart move, it should bost my points 50+
BigChief: Time for witches hats m0nty. Bris running training drills tonight.
clay007: Well done Luvit, having a big season. Think about if it will hurt you in the long run.
sheezel420: howes loves the pine
cherry9: Tackled players can just run straight to the boundary with the ball and not get called deliberate
Pavs: Van Rooyen very ordinary tonight might need VFL time
clay007: Agreed cherry9, an anomaly in the game. Annoying as flower to watch.
Ash777: what a smashing
LuvIt74: @Clay yeah thats my concern but we have a lot of trades this season which makes it a lot more enticing
Raspel31: All of Melbourne need time in the VFL Pavs- sheesh.
clay007: What does Gawn need tonight to lock in captain's score?
bhg26: Petty finally getting a touch
navy_blues: prob another flogging tomorrow night too
BRAZZERS: lol spud answerth running his mouth
frenzy: any other options luvit, other than Houstan
J.Worrall: Gawn? I'd like 130 plus.
clay007: @Luvit, Daicos has a be of 110, so you may be able to buy him back cheaper
Ash777: lol wtf was answerth taunting petty with
Stu7: 120 for me Clay money in the bank
Number 8: Salem finally hits the bottom of the scoring table ... good grief
J.Worrall: I'll Captain Rowell otherwise.
clay007: Cmon, Gawn need a goal here. I think 130 would be good
Getup: Nice maxi
naicosfan: onya gawn
Hughsy: Oh yes gawny
J_Herer: Yay Gawny!
navy_blues: essendon running a raffle tomorrow 1st prize 10 knives (no edge)
LuvIt74: Frenzy basically anyone i can afford
Social: Liking the Daisy/Selwood commentary, brings a bit of sense to the box
beerent11: Evening
clay007: He has the 120 in the bank stu, 10 more would be nice.
beerent11: Iíll take 130 clay
frenzy: Houstan can do a stinker
StuL: banking gawn this week
Raspel31: Tracca has hit 50- onwards and upwards!
clay007: My oppo has vc on trac and c on Tom Green. How big can green go?
soup: Trac gonna be so cheap wow
J.Worrall: Who said Gawn will limp to a ton?
beerent11: Bontíll carve up the dons 130 at least.
BigChief: Since when can the ump tell May he has to be on the mark? It's not under 9's
Getup: That was me worrall
clay007: Good point beer, who else go can big this weekend with a c next to their name?
Hughsy: Is 130 enough to take him over green or Bont?
soup: Beer that's what we said when he played wet toast
Jack SC: Back to back week Gawn VC gonna be 25 points short.
Pavs: Bulldogs get the jump on them Bont might rest up again beer
J.Worrall: Love your upfront honesty, @Getup
naicosfan: butters? steele has a good record against gws?
beerent11: Was still a little gimpy then I reckon pavs. Looked back last week. Saying that Iíll probably just take max.
Jack SC: Bont going 150+ if Rozee and JHF can do that to Bombers. bont will destroy them.
clay007: how many players posted scores higher than 130 last weekend? It is rare, rarish?
J.Worrall: @clay, rare enough to bank the VC score, I reckon!
Jack SC: Bont 141, Steele 141, Trac 140ish, Heeney 165, Liba 155 just off the top of my head
clay007: Lock it in Worrall. I think Gawn's score is good enough. best 18
Getup: I'm taking 130 plus from gawn is the risk worth a extra 20-30pts??
BigChief: hmmm Daicos or Heeney for captain?
J.Worrall: ... an after all, if someone goes better, you're only own by the ifference - how big can that be?
Jack SC: You absolutely take the score. Just gonna be short for best score again
naicosfan: daicos C this week
LuvIt74: Being greedy usually bites you on the butt, i think 130+ is crazy not to take
J.Worrall: Looks like a few of us are happy to lock in a bit of Max.
frenzy: lol chief
Getup: Agree worrall
TheLegend6: If you don't take Gawn you're an idiot
J.Worrall: beggar my "D" key
Social: Deftly taking Gawn vc
Jack SC: flower 140 now
J_Herer: Melbourne crowds are back to what they used to be
Hughsy: Yep well done Gawn
beerent11: Thatíll do max. Thatíll do.
Birdman18: You have to lock in a 140 plus score
J.Worrall: 141 now, how coul anyone not cash that in?
LuvIt74: If Howes didn't spend so much time on the pine he would have scored 75+
clay007: Legend smacking one out of the ball park.
Raspel31: Okay- I'll take thhe vc Gawn- conservattive after Tracca blow out.
navy_blues: vc max ty
J.Worrall: Let's go, Max, show 'em there's no limping here!
TimT14: Easy decision taking gawn
Getup: Hmm might take a punt and try to get 150 from bont worrall🤫🤣
LuvIt74: 142 by maxy a no brainer, those who don't take it should be punished and banned from
pcaman2003: Nice one again Max. I'll take it.
Stu7: Nice work Max now I can relax over the weekend 😊
TheLegend6: Just fumin I didn't VC him myself Clay. Let's go Bont.
clay007: Who did you vc legend?
runners47: My thoughts exactly, Stu7
Getup: Okay he's not limping worrall i put my hand up but got him going
TheLegend6: Bont into Green Clay
clay007: Nice combo Legend, good luck with it.
Birdman18: Just realised I made a mistake and had Gawn as a straight-out captain. Lucky
J.Worrall: Did indeed get him up, Getup!
Manowar: Missed your predicted score Gawn, not good enough!
Social: Don't make me come down there Bevo

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