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Troglodyte: Carn D'Red Wine-io
Urbs: We're back!
Troglodyte: And go black-sludge-beer too, tag that young fella Daico
Troglodyte: G'day Urbs - did you enjoy your long break?
J_Herer: Naicos tag today!
navy_blues: lve to see ginni get 5 goals today lol from free kicks
clay007: You are evil navy!
Troglodyte: navy that doesn't sound like the AFL to overcompensate for previously poor decisions...
navy_blues: well he got them at coll why not hawks lol
clay007: Not in 23 Navy
clay007: Quiet in the house.
bhg26: Cant even see d'ambrosio at the moment
bhg26: Finally got one high
clay007: Navy...there is his first
navy_blues: only 4 to go lol
TheOnyas: Onya Schultzy
Pavs: Early Onya from TheOnyas.
StuL: come on Naicos
Pavs: Think I broke Massimo by putting him in last week
bhg26: Get a hard ball naicos no ones even on you half the time
navy_blues: stay low nic
bhg26: Needs 40 odd points from here navy
navy_blues: 64 by my calculations bhg
bhg26: Including the score he has already i mean
navy_blues: yeah ok i see what your saying bhg
StuL: Ambro owners not happy i take it
navy_blues: sub maybe? lol
Spifflicat: Why StuL he only needs 60-80? What a weird comment
StuL: ok. fine. its weird. because hes on 20 which is shower
BigChief: StuL Mass has a BE of 13 and has already hit that. All up for cash gen from here.
Spifflicat: Heís not a premo, he isnít meant to score 100
TimT14: We're just a good effort side
beerent11: Hmmmm, ramsden ehh?
Pavs: Projected 64 not asking for a 100 but 10 in the first quarter. Some people trying to win their own games
StuL: Im wrong 20 is awesome if you all think so
Pavs: Not all about cash gen lads
bhg26: Yeah nah stul its shower
sheezel420: Stul just looking to pick fights
BigChief: It is with rookie priced players Pavs. Premo's are different story. Expect 100's from them every week.
JaiDay12: Stu's a nuffy
bhg26: Dont know why they dont use mass more, hes one of their better kicks
Spifflicat: StuL you think 129 sux. You need to re evaluate
Pavs: Again Chief not expecting 100. No barracking allowed on here anymore?
StuL: i didnt tjink it sucked at all. i got greedy
beerent11: If I was Sam Mitchell Iíd consider tagging jdg before itís too late. Free naicos.
bhg26: If mass goes 65 he pretty much loses cash gen
BigChief: Not true bhg. his BE is 13 not 65
bhg26: After this week
BigChief: Well yeah of course.
clay007: It is hard for mass to score well against the best team in afl
Spifflicat: I would like him to touch it occasionally though
bhg26: Wait who are they playing clay? Thought they were playing collingwood
BigChief: 1 win so far clay says that is a false statement.
sheezel420: the best teams start seasons 1-3
Pavs: True Clay he did only get 68 against Geelong
beerent11: Clay off the top rope
StuL: lets go Naicos
clay007: The best teams win premierships sheez! lol
navy_blues: nobles run greatly improves coll
BigChief: My wife is laughing at me for starting Naicos and she didn't. Says she will get him at a much lower price.
Pavs: Now we are agreeing clay :)
beerent11: This is the best Newcombe has looked this year.
Beast_Mode: lol cool your jets, one flag in 14 years lmao
slydon: lift naicos
clay007: 2 flags in 15 years Beast. Unfortunately cats and hawks are better, but North, lol
valiantPT: daicos doing decent while being tagged
beerent11: Unfair drive by on norf
beerent11: Team of the 90ís
BigChief: Even my Roys have won a flag in last 10 years LOL
sheezel420: flags are useless, spoons can at least be used for eating
clay007: Sheezel threw the barbs, I love norf, want them to do well
Pavs: Yeah but sheezel started it beer.
clay007: Sheezel great bloke though.
Hughsy: This Naicos guy sucks
RooBoyStu: Collingwood 4 Flags in 56 years, North 4 Flags in 29 years end of argument Go Kangas!
StuL: naicos getting points at half time
clay007: Great work rooboy!
BigChief: Fitzroy 1 flag in 80 years. Lets go Roys :)
RooBoyStu: Sorry Collingwood 4 flags in 66 years, North 4 flags in 49 years. End of argument Go Kangas
clay007: How many flags have you won in 56 years rooboy?
frenzy: gotta love rooboys math
RooBoyStu: D'Ambrosio as useful as a fork in tomato soup
TheOnyas: Onya Meeky
Hughsy: Can we stop talking about flags and winning itís hurting my feelings
shancrows: VFL flags don't count LOL.
OffaStep: Young for Mass and Draper over Brown. I'm going to email SC and ask to swap 2 boosts for 2 takebacks.
Number 8: Champion Data taking all 20mins of half time to catch up
Jaypa: oh flower off Maginness
navy_blues: if we didnt have a vfl we wouldnt have a AFL so they do count lol
Pavs: Regrets Offa we all got them.
J_Herer: Naicos falling another 30K will be perfect for my trades this week, go Maginness!
StuL: the afl is just an expanded vfl so those flags count.
Hazza09: Who's trading Grundy this week?
beerent11: What position did you play in your flags clay?
Jaypa: congrats mate, youll be the best 60,000th ranked player
clay007: I played in the centre of my couch, then spent some time in the pockets of my couch looking for the remote
beerent11: Naic doing ok with the tag. Looked like it was loosening midway through that qtr.
frenzy: left back at the clubhouse beer
beerent11: Best on couch?
clay007: No, our 11 year was best on couch
StuL: predicted 97 for naicos so doing fine considering the tag
beerent11: Haha. Good.
Pavs: Doubt it beer not if he is fumbling the remote
clay007: True pavs, I had 4 beers, 3 sausage rolls and 1 no contest in argument with wife. Subbed off early in 3rd
beerent11: Thatís more like it naic.
Troglodyte: lol. Good one fellas
BigChief: Sausage rolls on GF day?
clay007: I did not want to mention the 5 party pies and 6 spring rolls chief
BigChief: No hot dogs or hamburgers clay?
beerent11: I floweren love party pies. The perfect pastry to meat to gravy ratio.
clay007: No Big chief, like the idea of having them this Gf day, Pies Vs Norf
Troglodyte: Rookie mistake BC - too much prep time...
shancrows: Welfare check on D'Ambrosio
clay007: Lol trog
BigChief: Oh I don't cook them Trog. The kids cook on GF day here and they love it.
Urbs: Looking like the Daicos tag has been dropped now
Troglodyte: my 3 are all under 4 so they haven't started training yet
Hazza09: Earth to Dambrosio
clay007: Lipinski being tagged by McRae.
Pavs: What can you do about D'Ambrosio for us Urbs?
StuL: Good. Why bother tagging when youre getting flogged anyway?
J_Herer: Just enough tag to help us discount shoppers!
RooBoyStu: Pendles won't overtake Boomer now!
Urbs: MDA broken I'm afraid Pavs
Troglodyte: Hurry up game I need to rage trade!
clay007: Did Boomer play in the premierships Rooboy, not being smart, just curious. Loved Boomer
RooBoyStu: Yes 99 flag and won the last EJ Whitten Medal for Victoria
shancrows: Boomer could have kept playing he was still so good
clay007: I now he debuted in 96 Roo
BigChief: Boomer would still get a game for Norf.
RooBoyStu: Exactly should have played 3 more years but for flower Scott, glad Essendon have that shower of a bloke now
frenzy: ambrosio near straight swap for sic
RooBoyStu: His first GF was 98 when we lost, the he played 99 when we won
shancrows: When do dpp change is it after this game or week after?
RooBoyStu: He was in our reserve teams flag of 96
TorturedSC: After rd 6
beerent11: Naic will cruise to about 115-120
StuL: go hawks. said with no enthusiasm.
BigChief: End of round 6 Shan.
shancrows: Thanks guys. Few changes to make haha
StuL: i hope so beer
beerent11: McKercher her and roberts in-line for dpp
RooBoyStu: I don't know why they change the positions, would be better if no changes then more PODs would be used
BigChief: Sanders is as well beer
TorturedSC: I reckon Worpel is holding the Hawks back, decision making is poor a lot of the time
beerent11: Yep
Jaypa: reckon your shopping elsewhere mate
beerent11: Go boy!
naicosfan: De goey a possible in after bye?
clay007: Is it time to say goodbye to mckercher and howes
Jaypa: I wouldnt Naicos, dont like trading in 70s haha
sheezel420: All a rookie needs is one spike game to start making cash again, try not to dump warm bodies
Pavs: Howes yes McKercher has a little bit of life left.
beerent11: Not mckercher just yet. -16 be before this week.
clay007: Thanks pav, I think the small ground hurt him
BigChief: Ginnivan needs to stop playing for free kicks.
DukeNewc: Hardwick hero
Jaypa: what happened to all the blokes starting Weddle? what are the ranks around the 90k mark like?
J_Herer: Naicos BE is 134 in FF Jaypa, bye next round, then upgrade a rookie :)
sheezel420: Naicos is a machine
naicosfan: 50 pt qtr for nick
Jaypa: you must have 200k in the bank, not sure who you'd be upgrading
beerent11: None of my rookies are ready to go yet.
RooBoyStu: Newcombe has finally decided to play footy in 2024, first decent match from him
Silz90: Nice one daicos. Keep it up
beerent11: 504k rooboy.
beerent11: And tackling.
J_Herer: loads of upgrade options in 2 weeks (MDA, Williams, Jordan all approaching 600K) Naicos falling to 900K
Jaypa: i couldnt care less about DT but good luck mate
Hazza09: Where is Massimo playing?
frenzy: Titchell 494K
Jaypa: centre bench Hazza
J_Herer: funny how SC die hards always say that
sheezel420: probably gonna get subbed lol
sheezel420: oh it was Butler, thank god
beerent11: Need some new good rooks herer
BigChief: DT is rubbish. Doesn't take errors or 1%ers into calculations.
Troglodyte: Went and watch a few episodes of Bluey and Ambro still on bench...
Jaypa: SC is for men of class isnt that right gentlemen?
Pavs: Opposite side of the ground to the football Hazza. wing/halfback
beerent11: Each to their own
Jaypa: riewoldt needs to shut up, the neutrals say Ginnivan can get flowered
J_Herer: Howes to Clohesy is easy money beer
sheezel420: as a neutral i love gin
BigChief: Hawks having a crack. Cmon Hawks.
Jaypa: a week early tho
frenzy: I take my Gin with a grain of salt
navy_blues: yes cmon hawks
navy_blues: dambro is awake
sheezel420: massimo lifting
beerent11: shower jaypa, didnít see that game. Tonned up too.
Spifflicat: Itís official, Dambro making cash
slydon: thats it massimo dont need anymore from you, anything else is a bonus
J_Herer: woot, lets go MDA!!
Jaypa: yeah huge, looked very comfortable beer
BigChief: Hawks need to look to switch. Free players on far wing.
Pavs: Been alot down the line in this game Chief
pcaman2003: Well, at least the Hawks are putting up a decent fight tonight.. Makes a nice change.
BigChief: Agreed Pavs and thats Coll strength.
slydon: ambrosio to mac andrew and howes to sam clohesy i reckon this week
slydon: ambrosio might be worth keeping for another week hmmm maybe i fix up a few dnps in fwd line
Spifflicat: Best team in the league having a choke
beerent11: New might get my draft team to an unlikely win
BigChief: I wouldn't rush on Mac Andrew after 1 game. Wait and see how he goes against Hawks
StuL: hawks get the next goal it will be interesting
sheezel420: daicos has put the cue in the rack
beerent11: Was just on the pine sheezel.
Gotigres: I need 14 more points from Naicos
Pavs: Going fishing Spiff?
slydon: love seeing that from a fellow competitor. "hey your bleeding hide that shiii"
naicosfan: Oh god
Spifflicat: PavsÖ perish the thought
BigChief: Cmon Hawks. keep pushing.
J_Herer: Lloyd Meek must do a lot of 1%ers, SC captain option
navy_blues: cmon hawks do this
soup: Get Massimo on the flowering ground sam Mitchell you crab
Silz90: Get off the pine mass
pcaman2003: I need Masso to kick the winner.
shancrows: If Hawks
navy_blues: ginni for the winner
BigChief: We all need/want that pcaman.
Gotigres: C'mon Naicos, your team needs you, but more importantly my team needs you
DidgeBird: holy moly Pies what are you doingggg
slydon: xerri to meek this week
J_Herer: Kick the winner Meek you beast!
Pavs: Not mentioning many Premo's slydon
slydon: im putting up a 2400 this week pavs im pretty confident in my decisions
BigChief: Great effort Hawks. Not your day.
Pavs: Go for it then mate
navy_blues: bad luck hawks
StuL: damn. got close
Spifflicat: Fantastic weekend of footy
Raspel31: You walk as a god amongst men slydon.
slydon: guns and rookies ;)
Jaypa: we all are slydon, thats why we're here
pcaman2003: Crap last qtr Naicos. Doesn't like pressure much.
slydon: kiss my feet raspel
StuL: bloody collingwood
navy_blues: never has pca 9 contested out of 26
wadaramus: Cracker of a game :)
JockMcPie: go pies! never in doubt

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