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JezEdwards: Let's go Steele. Need over 101 for a win against the oppo!
Troglodyte: Hopefully Norwood is a good field for my players...
don key: good game tiges plz
TimT14: Let's go tigers! Expecting a big game from Vlastuin
TimT14: This field is an odd shape
J_Herer: Steele V Taranto should be a good match up
naicosfan: king and steele go big
Hughsy: NWM and Steele for me
TimT14: Lefau has raw talent
RooBoyStu: Lefau makes Karmichael Hunt look like Eric The Eel
StuL: Go away Steele
RooBoyStu: Another wasted year for the saints, 58 and ticking
Silz90: Welcome Jack steele
don key: lol roo
don key: omg am dreaming .... blow the whistle !!!!!
soup: Silz - apologies for being a nuffie yesterday
Silz90: All good thanks for apologising
don key: this game makes us passionate and vent to others no offence meant
Hazza09: power off Bonner now you show up
StuL: Steele and NWM can beat me. need to sod off
Hughsy: Iím loving this
don key: dont think kosi is up to afl standard atm prove me wrong mate
Gelly: i have steele wang
pcaman2003: don key. I was relieved when Tigers took him off our hands. He's useless!
RooBoyStu: Keep going Short *clap clap clap*
frenzy: Calamiti was good last year, what gives
don key: hey roo vas and shorty would be lost without them
StuL: Go Brown. Be better than Draper
don key: maybe saints in church city still praying ?
don key: lol pcaman that what poppy said not long ago
Manowar: Sack Lyon!
don key: that last kick was like hey theres a spare man ill kick it (defender comes in ) thereeee
RooBoyStu: don key Nigel Mansell goes alright, looks like not out of first gear lol, smooth mover
don key: umps been ok so far which scares me manowar
StuL: Steele and NWM will smash their predicted and i lose yet again by the margin of not taking pod capt
sheezel420: flower me wilson has gone full spud recently
RooBoyStu: Whoever plays on Mansell needs a car racing icon eg wheel or car etc
don key: like him alot roo thought tad unlucky to get alot of suspension last year heck even jnr rioli looks like catching
Raspel31: And so the gods roll the dice in SC Stul.
don key: loving these umps pay frees when there well done
StuL: Get the ground Brown.
navy_blues: wow saints suck last week ess now tigers showing them up
don key: this ump used to play for saints am sure
clay007: No don, he just hates richmond
don key: lol clay liking new coaches formula atm
don key: players that last coach didnt like playing well atm
clay007: don...umpiring at an all time low this year.
TimT14: Brown's had a great quarter
don key: tiges and pies had a poker game last night you guys lost
StuL: No more heroics this qtr Steele and WM
don key: we have NEVER had this many frees ok whats going on
StPom: Saints playing like theyre back in 2015 with Richardson
StuL: Go Brown. Unlikely hero could save me
macff: Brown is really good, not just SC
frenzy: geez wilson could get some CD love
sheezel420: he's been pretty ordinary frenzy
Mutters: Great rocket for Wilson, Sheezel420!! BANG!!
don key: well done saints 2 lazy players get rebound ball and oh hey one is higgins
zactennant: saints are dog shower
sheezel420: uhh, what
StuL: Been ahead all game with predicted 2350-2400. going to lose because of Steele and NWM.
Hughsy: Well this is going well
Spifflicat: And not taking Gawn as VC StuL?
StuL: thats right. went againast advice.
StuL: trust in max. twice in 2 weeks i have messed up taking his score
frenzy: Mitcheto Owen killed us, now couldnt get a kick in a stampede
Spifflicat: I have Bonner, Martin and Flanders, thinks of changing my team name to flock of seagulls
StuL: 1.5.11 in q3 is pretty lame
StuL: stop now NWM
soup: Wishing I got brown so far but probably not worth the boost to get in
clay007: St Kilda ordinary today, but they are still in this.
StuL: since when did nwm become such a gun?
StuL: i had to get Brown or take a donut. still got Reid
don key: free kick vas
J_Herer: Garcia didn't get a run, have to look at the Suns rookies
don key: draper for reid stul?
StuL: lets go Wilson you slow burn
clay007: What sort of comments does Monty block?
StuL: i might as well hold Reid now
Silz90: Glad I went Steele over touk at this stage. What a machine
clay007: I just sent Stu a silly date to let him know when NWM became a gun and it was blocked
Troglodyte: There's a autofilter for Pies supporters clay - blocks every second comment ;)
clay007: Lol Trog, that makes sense
Silz90: Sidebottom and hustwait subs
clay007: I think Monty is a Pies supporter though
navy_blues: ginni will get free kicks galore today
Troglodyte: He can't be clay - doesn't say much, that's the exact opposite of a Pies supporter
clay007: Lol Trog, deep down you are a pies fan. We all are in our own special way
naicosfan: He says heaps trog have you seen the live game blog
macff: I have lurked here for 3 years Trog and said nothing lmao
TheFilth: autofilter check..
Troglodyte: Sure mate, no problems
Troglodyte: This is the way, macff
BigChief: Surely you guys know m0nty is a Hawks supporter.
macff: thought it was probably time to contribute but you are welcome for the ad rev @monty
clay007: Monty cannot be that stupid Big Chief
Troglodyte: Stop telling porkies BC - m0nty is a bot that only makes Butts jokes and occasionally "back on the game"
BigChief: Yep he is and is proud enough to admit it.
clay007: Trog, havee you been drinking, you are in fine form. lol
Troglodyte: No clay, don't drink - it does react well with the meds...
clay007: Keep up the great work Trog, entertaining.
clay007: The real game starts in 3 minutes, make sure you all change channels
Troglodyte: Got the puta screens in portrait mode just for this occasion clay
don key: any unbiased commenters out there atm?
don key: at least we beat nm and ess scores and hopefully hawks lol
runners47: Well and truly time to get into the game, Wlikie
StuL: Well the Saints came back strong
don key: 3 fffs for steele woohoo
StPom: Shai playing like heís possessed
BigChief: Who was subbed off for Rich?
Hepatitis: Dow bigchief
BigChief: Thank Hepatitis. Happy it wasn't Seth
Troglodyte: nvm off = junktime Bonner, get onto it lad
Troglodyte: BC throw some "lifts" at the lad - I used all mine up this round...
BigChief: Cmon Seth Steele and NWM get in there and have a crack boys.
navy_blues: keep going brown
Troglodyte: amen - thanks BC
elvundir: glad i didnt get vlastuin this week
Migz: sad i chose draper over brown
BigChief: Cmon Seth stop going backwards mate.
elvundir: projected 2313 pretty happy, didnt use sharp unfortunately
StPom: Wilkie magnet this qtr
BigChief: Get off the bench Seth. You did nothing to earn a break.
Hughsy: Oh jack steeleÖ where to I start
JezEdwards: Very happy I've stuck with Steele since Day 1.
Hughsy: Did I actually choose Draper over Tom brown?
Migz: me 2 hugreat
navy_blues: nice ton brown
don key: well done saints nearly got you lol
BigChief: Thats much better Seth.
StuL: Go Brown. Another gun rookie. making up for Steeles lead but NWM is still eating points
biggs2dujj: Bonner injured? Been off for 20 mins
banta: F off Steele you
BigChief: Goal ump called touched and stupid field ump said lets review. Morons.
Beast_Mode: bonner was subbed
Hazza09: Steele saving my week
J_Herer: Nice work NWM!
BigChief: Well done Steele, NWM and Seth. Also happy with cash gen from Wilson.
Fizzy343: roma not even the best ruck on the ground and got the star lol
Fizzy343: and now it changed to steele

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