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Troglodyte: Gather aRound people!
Troglodyte: Rooks in this game auditioning for a spot in my team. Show us what you got lads!
Spifflicat: Important game for both clubs. Suns a step in class for GWS after Nth and Weagles
frenzy: Swallow and Peatling subs
Troglodyte: Interesting strategy to drop 1/3 team for a loss. What happens when they lose today? Drop another 1/3 next week?
Gotigres: I must warn you all that I got Green and Flanders in this round.
frenzy: Rowell vs Green must see
bhg26: They gave whitfield an ineffective disposal for daniels dropping a mark?
original: How good is the giants kit LOVE
PAFC4eva: Put the c on green so first stop 129 please tom :)
Pavs: Had the choice Berry or Cadman. Yep went Cadman
bhg26: Its okay pavs, i took darcys score and loopholed him in over cadman. Hes kicking 5
TimT14: Need huge scores for draft from Anderson, Rowell, Daniels and Green
Pavs: Feel better now bhg.
Gelly: this could be a belting
Gelly: no pressure from gc
bhg26: Flanders half back
laneymate: wait Flanders off the halfback?
Spifflicat: Do does it remind you of another Original?it remind of
navy_blues: go hogan
OffaStep: Good start for Clohesy, he said desperately.
Gotigres: My forward line is so bad Pavs that I have both on field.
naicosfan: miller is a jet
original: Where are you Whitfield ffs
bhg26: Sorry original got him in this week
StuL: get back on green
bhg26: Flanders killing it at half back
frenzy: 107 last start Harvey, lucky to get 7 this week
original: In with StuL AGAIN. Reckon every year we have the same team. Get on TGreen
TheLegend6: Flanders taken Powell's role
bhg26: Whitfield you should be kicking it to the team in the cooler guernseys
Spifflicat: Agreed BHG he is butchering it
bhg26: Loving him in fantasy spiff, not loving his sc output
StuL: flower off berr!
GinniFan: cmon Touk get moving
StuL: berry. only 44 projected. youll eat away at my lead
StuL: sta! down touk
StuL: enough of this gold coast rubbish. get the ball gws and green
frenzy: y's that
Spifflicat: OMg Toby got a free for high contact!
laneymate: I went Powell over Whitefield flower
bhg26: Get on the ground whitfield ffs
original: Whitfield this is bs get on.
bhg26: Oh flower off
Spifflicat: Blurred vision bhg
macff: I dont know why I stare at this board of numbers pretending I am good at SC lmao
navy_blues: better sub whitfield blurry vision
laneymate: hes gonna be concussed isnt he
original: Oh go get flowered Whitfield better come back
original: Laney definitely
original: Traded him in this week
Spifflicat: The only thing worse than GWS ball use going inside 5, is the Suns ball use
Fromage: Heeney got 165SC on this ground yesterday so green should do at least 140
naicosfan: clohsey is a gun of a rookie
bhg26: Im gonna do a tonya harding to the bloke who hit whitters
TheLegend6: Clohesy our defence rookie saviour
circle52: Clohesey lookd good as a downgrade option.
frenzy: Heeney had wet toast
Fromage: I heard Henry can eat 52 weet bix
DidgeBird: Let's Goooo Capt Green
elvundir: Has Whitfield come back on ?
laneymate: Whit back on
original: Whitfield back friends! It was a neck issue apparently thanks twitrer
elvundir: Looks like he has! Praise the lord
RuffLeader: Neck injury has turned him into someone else, did he just lay a tackle? Wow
Doggie Doo: Who is going to make money in this game?
bhg26: But I already bought the baton
original: Now please go 100+ Whitfield! Get those kicking back from himmel
bhg26: Still cant kick
StuL: get back on green
Ash777: flanders now more sexy
naicosfan: stupid sexy flanders must come in next week
slydon: green rowell flanders and cadman for me in this one...
slydon: C on green
slydon: sam clohsey is looking a must to replace howes
StuL: Rowell going huge
navy_blues: hope so Stul
Manowar: C on M. Rowell
bhg26: Whitfield this is disgraceful kicking
navy_blues: whitfield needs a rest kicking it to gws blurred vision still
StuL: sucked in by the predictor. c on green. didnt bank gawn.
bhg26: Just cause im playing you in the best coast cup navy doesnt mean whitfield has to go off again
circle52: Think Howes to Clohessy will be popular this week for 110k cash gain
bhg26: Last time i traded a rookie in after one week circle coffield did his shoulder
pcaman2003: Same as you Stul. He seems to be lacking intensity this game.
circle52: Only Green and Flanders in this one for me.
StuL: clohesy on fire
Jack SC: Will be going Seth Campbell to clohsey. Reid back into forwards, daicos to mids on bye.
original: Whitfield sc keeps going down despite disposals and Dt going up ffs be better
StuL: i had to "set down" my oppo i figured too in case Green went huge. pcaman
LachieMcL: Clohesy welcome mate
LionBoy: Same here Stu. Had to cover opponent. Still optimistic Green will match Gawn by end.
pcaman2003: Stul. Hopefully Green huge 2nd half .
Number 8: Hardwick is known for not giving kids a good run, but this lot look the goods
Beast_Mode: thats true with dimma, but the tiges were a premiership calibre team winning year after year
frenzy: academy products, they know exactly what they got
Spifflicat: Kingsley out coached in the first half, letís see how the second goes
Number 8: He was tough on Collier Dawkins, Lennon, CCJ, Markov, even Soldo
Number 8: But I think he's got more to work with here
Number 8: A few Suns who've had an easy ride are going to get a wake-up call
Number 8: Strangely even/low scoring game (AF)
fruity: some very low scores from some gun players so far
bhg26: Sam Taylor is insane
StuL: ffs huge week ruining taking green c
bhg26: Surely 40% of the first half and the 20 minutes at half time for whitfield is enough rest
shancrows: Trash score C Green.
bhg26: flower off the camera replays and get snicko on straight away
navy_blues: whitfield should be subbed with blurred vision bhg lol
navy_blues: ump was in perfect position but cant call it
original: Is sc not updating? None of my players up this qtr
bhg26: Isnt rowell flanders and hogan scoring enough navy?
slydon: come on green lift!
TimT14: What a perfect tackle
navy_blues: yes but you are in front need to peg u back
TimT14: 130+ would be nice Tom Green
Number 8: Alarm bells here with Whitfield
Doggie Doo: Don't Green is goint to cut it as the Captain.
J_Herer: Tom Green prices goes up, Tom Green price goes down
bhg26: Still have nick daicos to be tagged tonight navy im finished
Roarix: Had to roll the dice with Green Capt to win.. what a let down. Only trusting Bont
slydon: just get 110+ and im happy
Roarix: *from now on
slydon: also why does toby always decide to go nuts when he gets himself lined up for match review
LionBoy: Go Big Mac
StuL: dont get greedy is the lesson. i assume i would always bank in the past.
bhg26: Well i got greedy and got heeneys 165 stuL. The lesson is to be greedy correctly
StuL: was on for 2400 predicted. will just be average now
slydon: very accurate bhg
Troglodyte: Stuff fantasy - just going to enjoy this matchup :)
StuL: and always on the bench now
J.Worrall: Has Toby won the TV again?
navy_blues: lets go 160 rowell
StuL: will settle for 100 green. come on you powerful beast
navy_blues: clohesy very impressive
naicosfan: captained mac andrew today.. looks great
slydon: mac actually looking phenonemenal could come in as well
StuL: fair debut for clohesy. must be ready made
Troglodyte: Howes > Clohesy is a lock yeah?
Manowar: Toby enjoy you're 2 week holiday!
LionBoy: Rowell tearing
macff: Damn Rosas has a bit
slydon: yep trog im doin it
LionBoy: Rowell tearing Green apart..
Spifflicat: Insufficient force I reckon Manowar
original: Whitfield DE isnít that bad, no frees against. Confused fam
Silz90: Kane McAuliffe is sub
Balladeer: impressive TOG for a debutant clohesy
Spifflicat: Peatling on
navy_blues: great game
LachieMcL: suns will win
StuL: i thought the giants were meant to give them a bath?
LionBoy: Give us a 50 qtr Tom
LachieMcL: why is tom green not on 40 touches
banta: Wtf is going on with Powell? Only just tuned in.
bhg26: Flanders half back banta. taking all his disposals
Jack SC: Banta he had a big 3rd as well haha
StuL: because i captained him lachie
banta: Thanks for the heads up. Interesting. Haha that score with a big third wowee
LachieMcL: get the ball thomas
frenzy: thank flower humpty subbed
Gelly: have a spell tom, you've done enough
StuL: just a ton on debut. another gun rookie to jump on
Gelly: 102k def too
Migz: cant watch the game, will toby get weeks?
Jack SC: 1 week for the tackle
navy_blues: wow cadman
Birdman18: At the most needed time too Stul
Troglodyte: What's teh logic with taking mouth guard out to kick a goal?
Jack SC: To breath Trog
mattmac24: Ever worn one Trog? They can be uncomfortable, take it out to help concentrate
Troglodyte: Green getting ignored - must have gone to Vegas without his mates over the bye...
original: Ffs Whitfield kick it
Spifflicat: Whitfield that must be at least 7 times you,ve hit an opposition player!
sheezel420: He's also on the bench
navy_blues: how can whitfield get +2cfor that clanger handball geez
StuL: green always benched at this time and stays way too long
Birdman18: Graham not bad on debut either
StuL: fcked up. i needed you capt mannagh.
SonOfAGun.: come on suns
LachieMcL: shouldve captained steel fml
don key: cracker of a game go giants
Migz: hey if anybody is feeling bad just know i had draper on the field instead of yo when i made my trades
LachieMcL: whitfield is lucky to be above 70
Migz: cause im in the US and timing is horrible
Getup: Heading to the pies game vc bont only loop was mcrae for pies hope he's not a late in go pies!!
ausgooner: yes junk it up greeny
don key: devil in georgia migz?
Beast_Mode: LachieMcL there?
StPom: Anyone know why sometimes players at the tribunal get extra weeks for appealing and some donít? Ie baker last week
don key: mcandrew or clohesy better to have?
Migz: even worse, south of sacramento. i was so happy when i saw yeos score till i saw he was on bench. lost 110 points :<
Getup: Was going to stay with green c but couldn't with 141 from bont
don key: no heeney getup?
Getup: Ton up took
don key: daicos hope to go big today getup
Raspel31: Made a point on me Getup- went with Tracca's 149.
Beast_Mode: thought u said GC would win? next time don't give an opinion nackers
Getup: No heeney don got libba tho No vc on him
LachieMcL: beast mode you're a hero mate
don key: tear in my eye for hdwick lol
SonOfAGun.: Bad last quarter suns not good enough
Getup: Love gather round went yesterday two great games at Adelaide oval
J_Herer: Whitfield love!!!!
macff: I mean he just said what he thought, is that not what a chatroom on footy is? lol
don key: not sure whats happening with your team migz saw them few years ago they were happy
Spifflicat: A lot to like SoaG, the kids look quality
Balladeer: suns havent tackled anywhere near enough today...particularly rowell
Getup: Finger's crossed don
frenzy: unny cost them 35 fourth rounders
don key: some great scores here today
StuL: wont trust Green with the c again.
don key: or stewart stul lol
don key: great call monty ta for that
JaiDay12: Stu pipe down, you have to be another level of nuffy to think this game is a representation of Green's ability to score
StuL: well Jai it was representative today. i might back him in a softer kill but today was disappointing
StuL: Chlohesy is crazy for a debut
TheFilth: Tom Green spent time at Half Forward - still 2nd top GWS scorer
TheFilth: No big scores today

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