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Silz90: Soup how many times you going to call us flogs and scum.
Silz90: If you dont have anything nice to say be quiet champ
soup: Maybe a few more times, not sure
RooBoyStu: Go Parfitt my POD should go big
RooBoyStu: Big $ if he scores well again in SC as 3rd match for him
RooBoyStu: Soup is like when you get the entrťe and it's Pumpkin Soup
J.Worrall: Thus spake The Rooster.
Number 8: The score review system hasn't improved things. If anything, it's actually caused more controversy
Number 8: Is it too much to ask the AFL to do something properly?
RooBoyStu: The cue ball number 8 is back
TimT14: Does bevo hate macrae
J.Worrall: How should we do it, N0. 8?
frenzy: 400K JMac, all aboard
gazza39: Bont as Capt, thoughts?
J.Worrall: T'woul seem so, Tim
J.Worrall: other options? gazza?
soup: gazza go steele if you have him
RooBoyStu: Last post tonight Go Parfitt he's resurrection is Bigger than Jesus last Sunday, just ask God
Number 8: Never left, RBS!
gazza39: i have Steele and was thinking of that, Tiges are undermanned
soup: yeah the venue suits him as well, yesterday at norwood was a tackle fest so steele should go nuts
gazza39: Risky but no risk no reward right?
Number 8: J.Woz, I'd go with the challenge system, like in cricket. Captains get 2 or 3 challenges per game
Number 8: It's worked well in cricket. The umps and the ARC bunker have proved their not up to the job
Number 8: Time to try another system
beerent11: Gee chatís busy long before the start.
Number 8: *they're not up to the job
Number 8: The finish to the last game was unsatisfactory
Number 8: Blokes slog it out for 120 minutes and the result hinges on a whim. No good.
Hughsy: Proceed with caption lads - i have C on Bont
gazza39: Thats why im here early:-)
Hughsy: caution*
Number 8: I wouldn't say you were robbed gazza, but footy's gone pear-shaped if that's how games are decided
gazza39: Totally agree, but Clark could gob off less also
Number 8: Yeah, once Cottrell kicked the goal, there was no point going on with it
Number 8: But the umps and the game at large has to get those decision right
cherry9: Number 8. Completely agree. Two (wrong) review system per game. Teams choose when to use them.
Number 8: Sometimes the way the AFL operates so amateurish
Number 8: Yes, cherry, it has to be the way forward
cherry9: It was a great game and that unjust ending killed it.
cherry9: Gazza, I would have sworn at the umpire as well if he was wrong and it cost me the game.
Number 8: Agree, terrible ending to a great game
cherry9: That was just understandable frustration. The review system removed that frustration in tennis
cherry9: There will be less, not more, reviews of teams choose when to use them.
cherry9: Itís imperfect but at least player-controlled in cricket.
cherry9: The current stupid goal reviews are embarrassing for all involved. Team chosen reviews will abolish that.
cherry9: Enough said from me for now :) Hereís to a cracking game tonight
Hadouken: hopefully mannagh isnt a late in. hopefully
StuL: talking to yourself cherry?
wadaramus: Gather around people, footy is the winner.
StuL: you would hate to captain the sub.
J.Worrall: Who's Cherry, and what did they say?
cherry9: Could be :)
PAFC4eva: hoping for a good game tonight maybe dogs win
Number 8: I hear you, cherry! We're on the same page. Has to be change!
frenzy: cherry and his smokin keyboard
Hughsy: Stewart kick marked as ineffective?
Hadouken: had pink as E accidentally. put ess reid on for C loop. Had williams as E. Why is williams not counting ?
PAFC4eva: Has your blood pressure dropped since thursday wada
Hadouken: thought a 0 or DNP player didnt count as the lowest score of the two E's in the same position?
Wends: with two emergencies on one line you get the lower score I think Hadouken
Raspel31: After the fascinating experiment of bringing in Draper as a stop gap gap defender- go huge Bonts and English!
Number 8: Dale 2 kicks, 2 handballs, 4 metres gained. Get the man a compass
Wends: Draper a slow burn Raspel
wadaramus: Yes PAFC, time heals all wounds :)
slydon: how is a smothered kick considered intentional...
flibbity: number 8 hahahaha
PAFC4eva: Did macrae bang bevos wife or something
Hadouken: wends, pink was a DNP for norf, so that doesnt count as the "lowest" the way i read it ?
OffaStep: I've had Gibcus, Reid, Coffield, Pink and now Draper. My experiment seems to be related to the Schmidt Index, Rasp.
PAFC4eva: Good to hear wada always next week
beerent11: Got the c on McRae. Is that bad? 1st season in SuperCoach.
Hadouken: nevermind, its added williams 69 :)
cherry9: Worrall. Ablett cash cow, if that means anything to you. Otherwise, hi.
StuL: bought in dempsey so watch him bomb.
Raspel31: OffaStep= Draper's grandmother's cousin had a cold today so we are told not to worry.
J.Worrall: Howdy!
Wends: Glad to hear it :) and yes yr right - DNP doesn't count
bhg26: Not looking likely to get his 100 projection stuL
Hughsy: Beer still waiting for a bite
Wends: Sorry Stewart owners, brought him in this week
bhg26: Bontempelli is flowering ridiculous
Hughsy: oh yes bont!
beerent11: Fish not hungry Hughes
OffaStep: Hope that's all it was Rasp. Did you say "slow burn" or "slow bum" Wends?
beerent11: Not even you can stop the great man wends.
StuL: miers owners will be happy
Wends: the latter offa lol
Wends: I beg to differ beer
StuL: go sanders.
original: Hey guys. Stupidly traded Gallagher out last week before he scored 89. Watch him be the best rookie
beerent11: Not concerned
Pavs: Sanders plays a lot like Horny francis imo.
StuL: Darcy on the park is probably not great nut it was him or wilson
Hughsy: English moves so well for a big
bhg26: Almost as good as the great Callum Sinclair Hughsy
beerent11: Bhuku is growing as a player.
frenzy: got 3 Toms in this and they are showering me alreadyowerin
beerent11: Draft frenzy?
Pavs: Should have made 1 of them a Tim frenzy
Raspel31: Opposite frenzy- got Bonts, English and Sanders. Go Spurs and Doggies.
bhg26: I was not familiar with your game Zach Guthrie
frenzy: got Tim
beerent11: Wembanyama fan raspel?
Pavs: Tim's great
bhg26: Chet clear of Wetbananas (OKC fan)
bhg26: But assuming tottenham beer
Hughsy: Ill take big Naz Reid anyday
beerent11: Looking through blue and orange glasses bhg? Both pretty special.
wadaramus: OKC hitting wall without SGA.
slydon: sanders going nuts
beerent11: Remember when the best nba players used to be American?
bhg26: Dont want to go on about another sport in this chat for too long but Wemby ROTY but Chet taken us to top 3 seed
bhg26: Now its 2 european, a canadian and a greek man running the league beer
bhg26: And no JDub wada
original: Ffs stuffed up and starting Geelong Clarke over freo sharp
beerent11: And Ben Simmons balancing it out. Ok basketball done. Back to footy before we get in trouble
beerent11: Donít forget the Nigerian
Raspel31: Who would have thought I would ever cap Gryan Miers?
Pavs: Got both on the bench original
Catatafish: Clark making Brodie's tog look excellent
bhg26: Thank flower the swans didnt pay big money for jamarra
Pavs: I'm not surprised Rasp
StuL: miers unliklely cape
beerent11: Need 3 more weeks out of Holmes to get to clarry after his bye.
StuL: why is dempsey losing points at qt?
Pavs: Clarry isn't looking that great beer
clay007: Dempsey getting a good run, 93% tog
beerent11: Although heís going better than clarry atm
beerent11: Heíll come good pavs. At about 550k I reckon.
bhg26: Lovely Darcy
Hughsy: Yes darcy
ausgooner: yes darce!
Pavs: Played Darcy because my opponent had him as well. Nice
slydon: all rokies for m,e tonight, sanders and darcy on field and clark on the bench
circle52: Played Dempsey over Darcy will see end result.
frenzy: c'mon Tom/s
Raspel31: Sanders looking the goods slydon- which is more than you can say for most roolies this year.
circle52: Stewart, Bont, Libba, Sanders and Dempsey on Field Darcy and Clark e
StuL: get on the ground dempsey.
BigChief: Haha Sanders
Pavs: Sanders could go deep into the Supercoach year
flibbity: gotta love the hustle
mattmac24: Got a lot in this game.. Bont, Sanders, Darcy, Holmes, Clark and Dempsey all on field
slydon: @rasp just quietly sitting on a 2360 prediction for sc
cherry9: Sanders :) itís great to see a sense of humour on the footy field
slydon: sorry it literally just corrected to 2395
flibbity: trading in dempsey this week is my best move all year
StuL: i broke dempsey. waste of a trade
Raspel31: Speal to my lawyer slydon.
cherry9: It is indeed best to sit quietly on predictions
slydon: going nuts this round, only 2 players below 91
Raspel31: Can't help but feel that the next goal will give 1 team the edge.
flibbity: nice work sly
Gelly: who do you have left, i'll make sure to bench them
StuL: 101 predicted is going to mess up my score
Pavs: Surely you didn't expect that StuL
BigChief: How long before Sanders is Bevo'd?
slydon: i still have rowell + tom green C... to go that could change things drastically for worse
slydon: plus daicos flanders and some other rooks
Wends: Don't moz him BigChief!
fruity: Some big SC scores this week. l'm looking at 2315 so l think the best will be around 2550..
StPom: Khamis and Darcy travelling nicely towards some coin
Raspel31: Welcome to the slydon show.
Pavs: I like that it is now a verb Big Chief. lol
slydon: i came correct this year rasp
slydon: standin on biznizz
Wends: Wakey wakey Ollie
valiantPT: Sam Darcy you beauty
ausgooner: yes darce!
fruity: keep going Darcy...
fruity: Dempseeeey!!!!
bhg26: You beauty Dempsey
bhg26: Goal umpires actively trying to make themselves redundant
BigChief: OMG umpire. "I think it's a goal, please check". Scared to make a decision.
cherry9: No need to pay goal umps salaries with the current system.
Pavs: Even the Hub getting sick of the reviews
cherry9: The league is amateur hour while those reviews continue to embarrass everyone.
beerent11: Disco looks fine wends.
Gelly: do we even need goal umpires now?
laneymate: Dempsey waste of a trade? lol not even HT
Wends: He's got those goldfish platforms moving finally beer
fruity: Goal reviews are for more advertising as when the decision is made an advertisment is being displayed on the fence line
cherry9: If no-one likes my alternative review model, plan B is go to soccer - use a massive f*n net and in off the post is goal
Birdman18: Dempsey lifting
StuL: perhaps not. it was sideways though
bhg26: Ball went within a metre of the post can we check if it went through?
StPom: If Darcy tons up what kinda coin can we expect?
bhg26: A lot StPom
StuL: dempsey on track for his 101. i dont believe it
StuL: all the kids are on 100 pace. except for clark which is to be expected
bhg26: Even hes looking like going 70 plus stul
bhg26: Dempsey laid a tackle and lost points
cherry9: Can we cover the ball and post with Velcro. If it sticks it wasnít a goal.
Birdman18: Yeah all the rookies are doing well this week except for kerch
Pavs: Libba is a jet
StuL: this year is so good for rookies. last year sucked. this would have to be one of the best crops ever
beerent11: Been waiting for this from
beerent11: Been waiting for this from Holmes.
J.Worrall: Velcro! Love it!
beerent11: Mids especially stul. Some guns coming through
StuL: sanders and darcy too
Wends: English BE will be uge
navy_blues: clark gets caught a lot
Gelly: think clark will be subbed for sure
Catatafish: Ffs Clark
cherry9: AFL could learn a thing or two from McGyver
Raspel31: Fat lady aint even warming up yet.
bhg26: Darcy spend a lot of time on the pine
beerent11: Gee I hope green goes good tomorrow. Passed up on Gawn, heeney and Bont for the c.
StuL: stop takIng points off dempsey damn you cd
beerent11: Thereís nothing a bit of duct tape canít fix cherry.
Raspel31: And I'm Chinese beer.
Loggy17: I hope you didn't 'pass' on Heeney panini Beer
gazza39: Do you not show first goal scorer anymore Monty?
J.Worrall: Long quarter!
StuL: could have gone capt bont too of course
beerent11: Passed loggy. Yes Iím aware that Iím an idiot. I have a wife and two teenagers that remind me frequently.
oc16: the disrespect to macrae is unreal
beerent11: But I can lift heavy things.
Pavs: Plenty of love in here for you beer.
Pavs: Who you leaving out oc16?
frenzy: lol Pavs
BigChief: Macrae brothers going to Rich next year?
oc16: it's got to be Baker
frenzy: JMac would be a walk up start @ 17 other clubs
Pavs: Probably only one I could think of as well mate. Don't disagree but tough choice.
StuL: maca is signed until 2026. looks like he might have to move on.
flibbity: anyone know what finlayson said?
frenzy: think the coach will go first
StuL: finlayson made a herophobic slur against a bomber. so whose the great bomber?
beerent11: Thanks pavs. Knew youíd have my back.
Ash777: bevos last year as coach
StuL: herophobic
beerent11: Whatís herophobic? A fear of super heroes?
Pavs: It's the filter StuL
StuL: can i not say that word
StuL: yes beer
beerent11: Was it Batman? Hulk?
frenzy: is it woke
beerent11: Maybe robin. Thatís more likely.
BigChief: I think it was Aquaman
bhg26: Darcy been on the pine since halfway through the last quarter
beerent11: Libbas a star
beerent11: Itís only the third quarter now bhg.
bhg26: Yeah it seems like hes been off since the last quarter of the last game
StuL: jezza!
Raspel31: How enormously generous of Bevo to let Sanders bacl on the field- go Doggies!
beerent11: Weightman keeping his shooting arm warm.
cherry9: There are several non SC relevant players that are just pure class. Cameron!
beerent11: Good game
naicosfan: Sanders or Darcy will get bevod I feel it
StuL: the cats are away now
cherry9: Life doesnít have to be perfect. Make a call goal ump
BigChief: That is the wrong call. The ball moved in Stengles hands after the line.
navy_blues: he called a point cherry
navy_blues: upstairs reviewed it
Raspel31: Time to let the dogs out Stul.
beerent11: My moneyís on baker for the bevo
StuL: who let the dogs out? darcy again
BigChief: Vandermeer for me to be Bevo'd
ausgooner: yes darce!
W3stcoast1: Cherry. I rember. U. Crows. Supporter. Complaining. Boit goal ump not reviewing a goal that kicked u out of finals
BigChief: Cmon Doggies. Keep coming.
W3stcoast1: And now ur complaing they are reviewing them.making up ur mind.
Jack SC: West Coast. What. The. flower. Is. With. You. Full. Stopping. Every. Word.
cherry9: No west coast. I did not watch that game.
J_Herer: normal for WC supporters to be missing a sandwich out of a picnic basket Jack
beerent11: Itís called punctuation, Jack. Itís from before text messaging.
cherry9: I am arguing that teams should get max 2 (incorrect) reviews per game. To abolish silly umpire reviews
navy_blues: west if u know anything bout footy u know it was a horrid ump call and thats why we have so many reviews now
cherry9: Ö and frustration about wrong decisions.
cherry9: I hope my mind is made up enough for u. I want umpires to make up theirs
Oddsy5: westcoast is 24 beers short of a slab i reckon, still better than essendon sadly
BigChief: Matthew Lloyd look alike kicks a goal.
OffaStep: Lots of umpire dissent in here tonight. 50 second penalties all round..
beerent11: You may have killed disco after all wends.
Jack SC: Beer, I know what punctuation is. But that is unfair BS. That's not how grammar works.
cherry9: I rate umpires. The current system has them understandably jumpy. I am proposing a solution.
Wends: Gahhh!
beerent11: How very grunge of you.
Wends: And OMG bigfooty is that-a-way --> back on the game ploise.
Jack SC: Lol nuffie autocorrected to unfair.
BigChief: Problem with your solution Cherry is no one at the AFL will see iy or even care.
beerent11: Yep, Jack
Jack SC: Grunge? Is the average age in here 50?
BigChief: it* not iy.
StuL: Stewart unusaully quiet
beerent11: Itís around my average age.
Gotigres: When my opp doesn't have Stewart he does this
bhg26: flower you stengle thats dempseys goal
Pavs: Pinched Dempsey's goal
BigChief: Stengle you bastard. Let Dempsey kick the goal.
beerent11: The young should be out on the weekend. Not hanging out with old grunge survivors.
cherry9: Why would they not partake of the sage discourse on ff chat :)
Wends: Bont you beautiful man
BigChief: Daniel subbed?
cherry9: Yes. Iím bored. Sorry
Pavs: Don't be Darcy please
Ash777: weightman now in the midfield
bhg26: This is a long quarter, still 4 minutes to go
frenzy: nothing fancy JMac, tread quietly
navy_blues: think a few dogs will be looking for new kennels next year
BigChief: If only Rhylee had his dads talent.
Wends: Hope they have a good rehoming programme
TorturedSC: It seems throwing is allowed now, so many in this game
Zutroyz: We'll take MacRae
Pavs: Forwards love Gryan
Zutroyz: And a first round pick for our 4th rounder
Wends: Stewart alive
TheLegend6: Macrae at the right age profile for Geelong next season
beerent11: Weíve got Good kennels at Arden st
Pavs: Fell into his leg. wow
Beast_Mode: all richo does is complain about the umpires lol
BigChief: beer you take 1 Macrae the other will follow. How does that sound?
frenzy: the lord smith beer
Jack SC: English, Bont, Sanders, Darcy, Dempsey on field. Feeling good.
beerent11: Aye aye
OffaStep: I think Atkins was adjudged to have fallen him into his leg, Pavs.
Birdman18: Clark has killed his cash gen
beerent11: Good to hear Jack.
Raspel31: Off to the greener pastures of the EPL now- but step up Bonts and English and go Doggies.
Wends: Taking the C off Bont for Steele might not turn out to be my canniest move this season
Wends: Man City fan Rasp?
Ash777: that's a turn around for the 1 west got against the cats a couple years back for the same thing
Pavs: Canniest Wends, like it. A couple of chardonnays deep?
Raspel31: Spurs fan Wends but have foden and the big Norwegian in tonights game.
J.Worrall: My cat came from the Lost Dogs Home!
Jack SC: Beer is a bit of a cow isn't he?
bhg26: Foden benched rasp
Wends: Aha, best o' luck... Have been listening to The Extra Inch pod - highly enjoyable.
19ParkerSt: Luke Bev . ... Did Macrae do something to his famil ?
Wends: Pavs - on the soda.... and fresh lime this evening lol
navy_blues: lol wends
Wends: Aww J Worrall :) deep in roos territory and all. Rescue owners are the best humans
BigChief: If you don't like the chat here Jack you found your way in and you can always leave.
OffaStep: We're all cows in here, Jack. Mooooove on if you don't like it.
Jack SC: Lol big chief, just a bit of banter lol. Calm down.
Silz90: I wasn't going to comment but leave beer alone
Raspel31: Sanders might be vaguely useful if Bevo ever unleashed him.
Pavs: Everyones got your back beer. lots of love :)
Jack SC: Lol, Beer made a cow comment about me being excited about my players. I was just giving it back.
clay007: we love beer
frenzy: gotta have a beer buddy
bhg26: Darcy on the bench again
McSquire: Stewart ought be going backwards at a great rate of knots.
BigChief: beer is head of the table and we protect him.
FoopyTime: google hagan needs more time with the blindfold on at training
Troglodyte: udderly outrageous beer
Ash777: Darcy doesn't have much of a tank
clay007: Focus on the game Jack, not the person
beerent11: All good Jack. Iíve been called worse.
original: Sharp on bench
original: Clark in field. 90 pt swing
Wends: We love you beer. In other news, Sanders, Dempsey, Stewart need big last quarters Kthx
Pavs: Don't think it is Darcy's fault Ash. Maybe he gets Bevo'ed
Raspel31: I vote we ban beer- but I like beer- conundrum.
Catatafish: Good work JC, you'll be useful to loop when you're dropped next week.
cherry9: Stewart, pls donít add the spoil to your game
Ash777: no it's well known he has a poor tank
frenzy: just don't call me late for dinner
Jack SC: I want a defender like Stewart to celebrate a spoil like that, as if he kicked a goal like Eddie Betts one time haha
19ParkerSt: Except for doggies. . .. does anyone else think Bevo has a football brain !!
StuL: big game by clark.
Wends: lol frenzy
TimT14: Bevo is most likely to be fired at this rate
BigChief: Even Dogs fans don't think he has a footy brain.
OffaStep: Hollow and made out of dried leather, Parker? Yep.
bhg26: Seriously bevo darcy has kicked 3 goals get him on the ground you moron
bhg26: Hooray!
navy_blues: hawkins done nothing
Raspel31: But to his credit Bevo has the uncanny ability to bench a player when they're on fire.
clay007: dogs allow too many release handballs
beerent11: Disco might still salute.
Balladeer: the cats are such a well coached side
clay007: agreed balladeer
ausgooner: I'm gonna flower lose it if Darcy gets benched for 10+ mins again
19ParkerSt: Bevo v MaCrae what really happened ???
Wends: I'm just glad he's stayin alive beer
OffaStep: Unlikely with 8 mins left, gooner. I'm with you, though.
BigChief: Naughton you had that.
Birdman18: Everyone trying to take mark of the year
TheLegend6: Darcy getting points for doing nothing really
beerent11: Best system in the league. Look at who starts in cbaís. No big names.
clay007: Cmon dogs, make a game of it
BigChief: Cmon Libba get that clearance. Need a Doggies win.
TheLegend6: Meanwhile Khamis keeps intercept marking and getting barely anything...
Wends: C'mon doggies!
ausgooner: Offastep wouldn't put it past crazy bevo to make Darcy stay on the bench after the siren
Birdman18: Why is Bont on the bench?
OffaStep: Lol, gooner.
Raspel31: Bevs was canny there- brought Bonts back on- sign of a great coach.
Hughsy: Darcy back on bench
ausgooner: great, that's the end of Darcy's day
BigChief: But he took Libba off Raspel.
navy_blues: why have stewart on bench
OffaStep: He's a master of the art of producing confusion in the minds of the enemy. And everyone else.
Raspel31: Yup BigChief??
TorturedSC: English looks tired, if only there was another player in the team to give him a chop out Bevo?
BigChief: Have some lights gone out? Looks darker now.
clay007: Williams goal might make it interesting
ausgooner: Tortured he already subbed out the backup ruck
bhg26: Hang on
Balladeer: Darcy is possibly fasting cus of ramadan. Only logical explanation
clay007: Just in your mind Nig Chief, you need to be more positive. lol
OffaStep: If you can smell burning plastic too, Chief, call 000.
BigChief: flower it. Damn you Bevo.
bhg26: How the flower did bont only go 139
Raspel31: Pooh!
TorturedSC: The BS Stengle goal the difference.
StuL: predicted is 2432. a good score finally
19ParkerSt: Bulldogs will never be a threat while "bevo: is in charge
StuL: phew
pluggerpig: Libba 3rd most contested in a game ever
Pavs: Huge Cats well done
J_Herer: Bont captain lovely!
sheezel420: bulldogs won a flag under bevo lol
Wends: Good pick J_H
Rilian: Wtf was that Ch7 post game interview. Blicavs story cliches qs answered 250 times already.
navy_blues: lol parker 2016?
Dogs2024to: Dogs robbed poor umpiring that stengle review cost us
navy_blues: essendon on the other hand,,,,, lolol
Pokerface: great game Miers. He's like Messi is to soccer
19ParkerSt: I hope you enjoy that flag for the rest of your/his life
mattmac24: Lol Dogs got their last goal because Williams got away with a clear push..
Pavs: Hahaha Dogs2024to seriously. Always one.
frenzy: one Tom ton
Manowar: Umpires cheated for Geelong..again!
19ParkerSt: 2016 is in the past . . so is Bevo . .. Bulldogs do not know this !!
Balladeer: agreed poker.. miers such a unique player..special talent for kicking I50
StuL: We lead pretty well led all day. the dogs would have pinched it but they had the momentum
soup: Hate getting robbed by a correct score review dogs2024, shattering for you guys
BigChief: Soup it was incorrect as the ball moved in Stengles hands after line, so not controlled.
Beast_Mode: soup you muppet, wrong call
Beast_Mode: but but but mattmac selwood 4000 frees for being a flog
rustyc: Blatant push in the back on Blicavs ignored by the umps that gave the Dogs a sniff... better team won in the end

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