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DidgeBird: Let's go Flagmantle
frenzy: dockers by 5
Gelly: did they swap gernsies?
naicosfan: up the dockers, go big jackson ryan and zwil
Gelly: im so confused
clay007: Cmon Dockers-Good luck Serong, Jackson and Fyfe.
RooBoyStu: Go HUGE Young and keep the haters upset
Wends: Have LJ, Fyfe, ZWill, Young, Sharp... ie alotta dockers
Wends: plus nearly bought in clark but thought 4 was enough!
Raspel31: Dockers running away with it.
Silz90: Go huge Jackson and fyfe
StuL: i dont care if Young goes big today
flibbity: go jackson and williams
StuL: play for your life Fyfe
soup: Somehow don't have a single freo player, gotta be the only one to not own any
bhg26: Was considering clark this week
original: Unlucky dive clark
Wends: Fyfe owners perrenially glass half full ppl
Pavs: cheap Wends that makes us Fyfe owners glass half full.
StuL: Fyfe owners should have known better
clay007: Is there only one Tom Dekoning?
Wends: Lol, I'm sticking with glass half full
RooBoyStu: Since 1996 Carlton have won the same number of Flags as Freo = donut 0
Silz90: Risk vs reward stul
original: Young 3 touches and 2 turnovers isnít worth 12sc
Silz90: Half glass full roo thank you
soup: RooBoy would you mind bringing that year range a few years closer and adding your club as well?
clay007: It's so wrong to leave Serong on bench so long. Sigh!
RooBoyStu: Soup it's Freo vs Carlton this match
original: Young watch. 3 turnovers from 4 touches apparently still 11sc
circle52: Serong, Fyfe and Williams for me with Carroll on bench,
Wends: Need to review my max 4 x dockers policy :(
beerent11: Good to know Vickey
Raspel31: Unemcumbered by loyalties may the best team win as long as it's Freo.
LionBoy: Make R13 interesting for you Wends
beerent11: Jordan clark is my go to when j McGovern gets injured. Till then toot toot the jez express.
DukeNewc: Serong, Jackson and Zwill for me
Fromage: LRyan you better score more than HReid
DukeNewc: Muppet for commentators, saying serong doesn't have a touch in 16 min. He's been on the bench you spuds
Fromage: Strong calm down you are scoring too quickly
Wends: Having overwhelming Clark regrets LionBoy... will try to stay the course
Birdman18: Most annoying thing about Williams is he stands and points instead of trying to get the ball
slydon: its very early guys relax on serong
StuL: come on fyfe. enough sitting
TimT14: Muppet for Mckay
LionBoy: Get back on Jacko
Beast_Mode: lol duke he wasnt on the bench for 16 minutes lmao
Raspel31: Lule Jackson is innocent- set Jackson free.
Birdman18: Love Ryan
Fromage: Slow doen Serong
bhg26: Beast traded out serong this week knowing this would happen
Jack SC: People trading Fyfe over Jordon freaking out right now
Wends: True Raspel, he's being repressed
DukeNewc: They're paid way more than many people just to do a shower job and their profession Beast
original: How isnít that paid ootf
StuL: ryan is a beast
DukeNewc: Good man Jackson
frenzy: power off Jacob
Wends: Just noticed one of my league oppts (a FF comp) has captained Serong :o
DukeNewc: Zwill dangerous tackle...
slydon: its the first quarter, theyll figure out how to release serong by half time and hell at least ton up
naicosfan: nicely done jackson, zwil and ryan
thommoae: Now we see the Jackson inherent in the system.
StuL: All my players are going well this round
Raspel31: Early days Wends.
Birdman18: Serong will recover. Did the same thing last week
StuL: ill take 176 from Ryan.
Silz90: Lift serong. Let him run around Hewett pls
DukeNewc: Took a blemish with Howes, should've traded him over Windsor but wanted Darcy over draper
StuL: Even zwill is good.
beerent11: This is all fascinating
Jack SC: People trading Fyfe over Jordon freaking out right now
gazza39: Traded Clark in last minute after much deliberation, great user of the pill happy so far
beerent11: Yeah you said that Jack
Fromage: LRyan you champ
slydon: i need to figure out how i get ryan in
slydon: should i upgrade blakey or should i try and turn ambrosio or howes into rookie turnovers for a few weeks
Raspel31: I haven't made 1 trade this year so far. Keep them- not candy money. Of course I am lying.
Jack SC: It was still in my chat bar so assumed it didn't go through. This is the worst chat system I've ever seen lol.
Fromage: @slydon - I traded HReid and Jordon for LRyan
slydon: d'ambrosio**
slydon: you probs arent regretting that but i used jordan and salem to become gawn
Pevo: Almost time to sub Fyfe off.
Fromage: slow down Serong - I need you in my team in 2 weeks
beerent11: Headband v headband in the ruck.
soup: Please sub fyfe off
Silz90: Fyfe is life
StuL: Sharp even making good scratch
Wends: No Pevo no
slydon: sharp is a gun rookie i got him on field as m6
frenzy: Fyfe is instryfe
Raspel31: The next goal is important- will give one team an advantage.
Birdman18: Serong lifting
LionBoy: Errors are Ryfe
StuL: Young is back to ordinary.
Silz90: I reckon the team who scores more goals will win raspel
GinniFan: Wtf are Freo wearing?
soup: Curnow stiff to not get a free there, his opponent breathed on him
Raspel31: Still open to debate Silz.
JezEdwards: Glad I got Sharp on the field!
StuL: a ton will do Fyfe
soup: Nic Newmans downfall needs to be studied
original: How is that htb
RooBoyStu: Go Young & Fyfe
slydon: indecent disposal original
TorturedSC: Newman is due to job loss to Saad and Zwill
slydon: id love to see jackson get at least 95-100 please
Raspel31: Gametime is everything- thank golly Draper had 100% for his 2 possies.
Wends: Zwill going in the wrong direction
Birdman18: Sharp is going to ton up here and he's on my bench
bhg26: Great advantage umps
beerent11: Zilliams handy at d6
StuL: Sharp is emergency for me
beerent11: Same here birdman. Sanders and roberts on field
StuL: but good to know he can be fielded
frenzy: think of the coin StuL
soup: flower off fyfe
StuL: yay fyfe. knew he could do it. not really
frenzy: went Draper onfield over Howes, great
StuL: true frenzy
Birdman18: At this rate Draper is going to almost lose money in 2 weeks
slydon: this game is waiting for a few players to really turn it on offensively
beerent11: Most blokes that win two brownlows know how to play footy.
Raspel31: Not alone frenzy- the masterplan still has weaknessess.
soup: Curnows been a bit too quiet, umpires are gonna get him involved soon
circle52: Jordan Clark sparking some interest at the price.
Wends: Watching Clark's skyrocketing score FOMO-inducing
StuL: happily got Brown not Draper. Mostly luck
StPom: Did the same frenzy, keep the faith
bhg26: Had a choice between whitfield and clark, hope whitfield does similar to this
beerent11: Hope we all kept zilliams
soup: Is hewett giving serong a bit of attention?
Raspel31: Don't be rude beer.
Pavs: Tucked away beer earning some coin
StuL: might have to get sharp on the ground
StuL: we did beer
gazza39: Williams like Yeo and Mclovin will get injured, matter of time
Pavs: Strong,positive start gazza39
Silz90: You say that all the time soup. Come up with some new material?
Silz90: Curnow gets held all the time
RooBoyStu: Serongs are only good at the beach, worn by women
gazza39: i want them, just cant trust any of them pavs
soup: Yeah that must be right curnow is the only key forward that gets held all the time, silly me
beerent11: I started j McGovern
Pavs: Have belief gazza :)
Pavs: It would be great to see all 3 play out the season
StuL: this has been a long ht. feels like it
gazza39: Agree, although my logic is flawed as i have fyfe still, fingers crossed
Silz90: Ur the one bringing him up mate I don't know what your point is
Pavs: Hoping Williams can get me to Sheezel (with help) at some stage
Raspel31: When is Walsh due back?
Pavs: I think 2-3 weeks Rasp back issues?
J.Worrall: alh 1 to 2 weeks away.
StuL: young well and truly back to spud
J.Worrall: *Walsh
navy_blues: back next week if gets thru training this week rasp
clay007: Serong didn't give away the 50, walters did, yet serong penalised
StuL: keep going Ryan. Go big
beerent11: Fyfe going for 3 69ers in a row.
StuL: come on zwill. slowed a bit
original: Free kick freo
Fromage: I luv you LRyan
Birdman18: Why has Serong lost so many points?
flibbity: keep thinking freo are the blues
StuL: why has serong gone from pig to donkey
J_Herer: Hollands would have burnt a few
J_Herer: StuL = George Hewett
Hughsy: Draper you flog!
clay007: Can anyone man-up on sharp
beerent11: Big cash spike game coming for Fyfe
McSquire: Draper terrible score but doing a terrific job on Curnow
Birdman18: To be fair Hughsy Draper wasn't expected to score more than 30
Beast_Mode: unless he's subbed out beer
beerent11: Gee the mid rookies are great this year
Hughsy: I wanted 200+ from draper
StuL: Sharp to ton up.
cherry9: Sharp on ground you beautiful thing
Silz90: Another free kick to Charlie, soup? 2 goals this quarter
beerent11: Donít think theyíll sub him in close games beastie.
beerent11: Might be wrong
thommoae: Suddenly Sewrong?
Fromage: I luv u LRyan
soup: Fair bump silz, he's still a flog though
J_Herer: Fyfe to Jager bomb time?
Silz90: Haha come on don't be like that. He is a Geelong boy right
BigChief: Soup are you just pi55ed that he is from Geel area and plays for Carl?
beerent11: Why is he a flog soup?
Beast_Mode: lol beer, hoope not but he was subbed out against nth with only a 20pt lead
Hughsy: What do you reckon Lads - C on Bont or Green
W3stcoast1: Lol wow all 3 players I have for free on bench lol
Hughsy: Or take vc gawn 129
Fromage: Omeara for sewong 🫣
beerent11: Fingers crossed beast.
StuL: jackson slowed down. oppo has him vc. a bit ambitious
Beast_Mode: phew!
beerent11: Ha, $ sign for Carroll but not sharp.
Fromage: Johnson lol
J.Worrall: Let's go, Young & Jacksons.
beerent11: Weíre on beast
W3stcoast1: Typical. Week I trade Williams. He finally gets decent score
StuL: majority said take gawn earlier. now im thinking of capt green
original: Wish what was htb for one team was for us
Wends: TY Longmuir for not red vesting Fyfe
BigChief: #freekickfreo
gazza39: Bit ironic original saying you guys dont get looked after by the umps
northball: blues fans whining about the umps lmao
navy_blues: agree original
gazza39: suck it traitor Acres lol
Silz90: How is he a traitor lol omg these kids make me laugh
J.Worrall: Sharp has played 3 and risen about $61k already.
navy_blues: freo getting looked after gazza u cant disagree with that
BigChief: That holiday time for Fogarty. 4-6 weeks imo.
sheezel420: they hurt my boy fyfe! i demand bloodshed!
Pavs: Wow
Hughsy: I love you fyfe
beerent11: Letís go Nat!
Hughsy: nevermind
Fromage: I love you Fyfe
Silz90: Did anyone hear the c word on tv
flibbity: thats tough eyes looked on the ball
gazza39: Dog act simple
flibbity: maybe had a cheeky peek just before impact
StuL: handy ton from fyfe
Fromage: I demand Jihad for that hit on Fyfe
GinniFan: Stupid sexy Fyfe
StuL: almost. will be a ton
gazza39: yeah silz lol
StuL: where did young come from?
Wends: Good call Ginni :)
BigChief: M. McGovern is a terrible kick. Why do they say he is elite? Turnover king.
Wends: Both Young and Fyfe more ToG this qu.
RooBoyStu: Young & Fyfe *clap clap clap*
zadolinnyj: Was hoping for high scoring
StuL: probably was a waste to trade young. half trades ive made have been needless
circle52: 50 point qtr for young
Fromage: Draper you one game wonder
Number 8: Young is warming into this midfield thing, circle
circle52: Not the only one who traded Young Stu - I traded him for Stewart though
J_Herer: unlucky timing on the sub vest for freo
DukeNewc: I reckon spoils becomes a scoring factor in supercoach...
frenzy: when is Darcy back
J.Worrall: Young? The bloke I have at D4? Goody
BigChief: 1%ers have always scored points in SC Duke.
RooBoyStu: Sharp no $ is criminal
J.Worrall: I think the $ is only for the first pricerise.
Silz90: Jordan Clark is killing us
Wends: Pick it up Jacko... Freo supporters: is Darcy def back next week?
StuL: gojng backwards fyfe and ryan
RooBoyStu: Rubbish Worrall Roberts got it for Swans today
BigChief: J.Worrell not so as Carroll has had price rise already
frenzy: Muckeye back to reality
DukeNewc: Worral, carrol has had it every week
Silz90: North supporters have a lot to say when u haven't won a game
Hughsy: What happens to jackson next week...
RooBoyStu: Put Carroll before Sharp is a joke, who is going up more lol
Number 8: What a shocking week to have traded Brayshaw :/
Hazza09: Cmon Dogga ffs
J.Worrall: Aha - a m0nty favourite?
sheezel420: Don't trade premos you started.. you started them for a reason
RooBoyStu: Silz90 how many flags you won after your 95 flag? The sane as Freo = 0 remember 99 lol
Silz90: I have been alive for 1 flag. What about you
DukeNewc: Hughsey, I'm probably downgrading to flanders
J_Herer: One dockers mid is always flat this year, serong today
RooBoyStu: Agree Cheezel
Mikeagles: get off the bench serong you lazy flower
RooBoyStu: Me born 1979 seen 2 mate
DukeNewc: If Darcy is back that is
Pavs: Chat goes downhill fast when RBS comes on. Just saying.
J.Worrall: Sharp lookss a handy M8!
StuL: regretting trading young now.
J_Herer: Young will get his turn at a few 60s dont stress StuL
RooBoyStu: Geez Pavs I mostly use this site without logging in, I see mire verbal diarrhea from you than a politician
StuL: come on fyfe. ton up. sharp is going to make lotsa money
BigChief: Great call Pavs.
Hughsy: I might trade for Heeney, not too sure duke
J.Worrall: Young alreay had histurn at that. That's why people traded him out.
Pavs: You seem to bring the worst out in people. Not sure why
flibbity: why is my kayo so delayed, i can see whats going to happen from the score updates here
Birdman18: Serong is killing me at the moment
sheezel420: Come on Zilliams junk it to 80-85
J.Worrall: flib, ask bloody Murdoch.
bhg26: Jesus Sharp
BigChief: Because Kayo get the feed from Fox. Thats why the delay
clay007: Has sharp had an opponent? If so, they need to be dropped!
Jack SC: Jesus, not bringing sharp in now hurts
navy_blues: agree clay fantasia i think
Wends: O yes Sharp :)
Silz90: Our wingmen getting a bath today ffs
flibbity: yeah jack i'm in the same boat
StuL: Is Sharps score a record for a base priced rookie? 29 touches too
Gelly: hes already had a price rise
Birdman18: Stul could be. I remember Barlow scored some big ones back in the day
Wends: Jacko salvaging points here
BigChief: Carlton can't get a clearance. Freo too dominant.
Birdman18: Kayo is also an online stream. I think legally it has to be 30 seconds behind live
Fromage: Record rookie Rowell, Cripps, Barlow
Wends: Sharpie icon for Sharpie
Hughsy: Rowell was insane.
flibbity: its still better than paying for foxtel, i think
BigChief: Kayo is crap flibbity.
slydon: what a massive mark
flibbity: yeah heaps chaper than foxtel with the sports package though
BigChief: What's the 2nd kick for? Is it for dissent?
Silz90: What is going on here
bhg26: Oh my
Hughsy: here we go carlton saved by the umps
Gelly: umpires win
slydon: wowee what on earth
navy_blues: whew
cherry9: Umpires *ckd that game. Insert themselves way too much
flibbity: biy oh boy wowee
J.Worrall: I used KAYO once. I already hate the delay b/w ABC radio and free TV. The additional delay made it crap.
slydon: freo robbed
Silz90: Thanks umps
thommoae: Know how that feels at GWS.
BigChief: Blues saved by umps with that 2nd kick.
navy_blues: lolol
Silz90: We were winning with 40 seconds to go fyi
Hughsy: bullshower.
bhg26: Nearly throwing hands with the umps if im freo
sheezel420: nah Freo just undisciplined
J_Herer: lol finish
cherry9: Teams should get reviews - goals, stupid calls, whatever. Two per game. Will fix this nonsense
DukeNewc: Bhg, they argued and paid the price
navy_blues: chief we were in front and freo mouthed off
BigChief: That looked touched by Fyfe and Serong.
northball: ump fc getting a few wins this season
sheezel420: You teach "don't argue with umpires" to like 6 year olds, no excuse
Hughsy: They were right. but cant expect umps to say that touch
Silz90: Freo had 6 goals from free kicks boys
bhg26: Definitely lost the plot but replay showed it hit the bicep
Pavs: Please no more reviews cherry9
slydon: sharp is a flowering JET
cherry9: Silz90, yeah fair enough if that mark and goals wasnít touched. Freo tbought it was. Then dissent /frustration. Review
Gelly: bog was defs alex whetton, no 19
DukeNewc: Brushed aish's shoulder BC, tough call
cherry9: No pavs, less reviews. Goals only reviewed when a team request it. Max 2 wrong ones
Silz90: I understand cherry but we all know the ups and review system is cooked.
soup: Moon icon for sharp?
bhg26: Umps have mics i want to hear what they say
cherry9: I think my idea is sound. If thereís no evidence to overturn, fine. But no stupid reviews. Teams choose
cherry9: Gotta be better than current system which leads to frustration and umpire decided wins
soup: Carlscum are the biggest bunch of flogs but freo lost that themselves, plain and simple
Gelly: does alex whetton get 50 points for match winning goal?
StuL: clark swore at the ump
J.Worrall: How should we do it, No. 8?
cherry9: I would sweat at the ump too if he was wrong and it cost me the game

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