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Troglodyte: Gather Round people!
soup: Don't think I've ever had this much trouble with the C
Gelly: subs?
soup: going between grundy heeney steele green and bont over and over and over
DidgeBird: Would love to see Tay Tay have a good start for the swans! Afternoon all :)
frenzy: we gathered that, lol
soup: mitchell and rawlinson gelly
Curnowww: Yeah green ot Heeney C is a tough one
Troglodyte: Sorry, was just Gathering my excitement for the Round
Troglodyte: the comments can only get better from here...
soup: Alright, the C merry-go-round has ended. Locked on Heeney.
Vich: heeney to get rested half of last qtr?
bhg26: More likely Taylor Adams to be rested vich
bhg26: And we have Kelli Underwood. Great
StPom: Heeney C.. no ragrets
soup: bhg this game always had Kelli's name all over it
Vich: id suggest he needs the run - hence why theyve named him vs E Girls... Probably still have pretty low TOG...
sheezel420: Calling that Heeney kick a clanger is a bit stiff
bhg26: Youd think its just a normal kick inside 50 sheez to a contest
soup: Yeah the work experience kid at CD must have had a say in that
DidgeBird: Pretty sure if your kick is marked uncontested by opponent it's automatic clanger
StuL: a kick over 50 is effective i thought but not if it goes z
navy_blues: lol reid
bhg26: Feeling good fielding reid so far
Troglodyte: Reid is "arguably their bets player"? Really... ?
StuL: Come on burn man Heeney. He cant keep.up 140s forever.
original: Can argue anything doesnít make it right
OffaStep: When one of the people in the argument is an idiot, Trog.
desa2024: Thank god i traded out Reid this week.
BigChief: No man bun for Grundy today?
StuL: Jordon and Roberts need you guys too.
Vich: underwood is a useless slart
OffaStep: Need Grundy to bun up and ton up!
soup: JJ has only just gotten on the field Stu, easy 80 today, mark my words
BigChief: There must be better commentators than Undies and BT
Silz90: i traded reid watch him ton
soup: Silz surely you have bigger problems in your team than Reid?
frenzy: no nuts Geldun
DukeNewc: VC heeney cmon son
desa2024: Reid ain't scoring a ton if he is at full forward
Silz90: i wanted to trade sexton to steele and was short 4k. i had to sacrifice someone
TheOnyas: onya reidy
Fromage: Reid is like Naicos - heís scoring even if heís sitting in the bench
soup: "Could they win this one", two points up 15 minutes into the first... muppet
Vich: underwood and BT... Phaaark spare me
Vich: Footy on mute it is
bhg26: Good to see our kicking has improved flowering hell
StPom: Agreed soup.. tragic
Number 8: Can we put you on mute too, Vich?
soup: Number 8 coming in swinging
Vich: put ya phukn mum on mute kaarnt
Hughsy: careful vich - you will summon Lana
slydon: bringing in mcgovern might have been a huge call for me (replaced salem)
Baldfrog: Good too see the chat never changes
navy_blues: vich settle or leave
BigChief: No need for that crap Vich. No need to abuse others.
soup: I would give everything just to be like him
bhg26: Just needs to stay fit sly
Vich: well geez i wasn't talking that much rubbish... he started it :)
BigChief: Good moce slydon. Intercepting and taking kick ins.
Roarix: Vich gone ham there
Pavs: Love to see a full season from Mc Govern
BigChief: move*
Number 8: You haven't said a thing about the game, Vich. Take the hint, peanut
bhg26: Instead of cutting to harley reid every 15 seconds can we have a permanent harley cam on the bottom corner of the screen
slydon: he just needs to stay in that role chief
Hughsy: I was looking at McGovern... avg 124 - he'll be injured by round 7
slydon: and healthy
Baldfrog: Lol BHG Papley would buy the other coener
bhg26: Onya Tay
Baldfrog: Corner*
Vich: i have indeed numbnuts.. mentioned heeney earl, plus bagging the commentators... maybe learn to scroll...or read...l
DukeNewc: Trade target next couple weeks I reckon bhg
Curnowww: How have they got the pressure that high just a messy game
BigChief: He will always have the role slydon, just his injuries his problem.
bhg26: Well he should be getting cbas duke but dont know what heeney has done to his role with parker coming back next game
Pavs: Vich typing angry.
Number 8: Must be meds time for Vich
Baldfrog: Have Heeney but rekon his points will drop
Silz90: back onto the game
Silz90: not bad yeo keep going
DukeNewc: Does Parker go to a flank bhg? Given how well heeney is going and if Adams turns it on today... he could run in off the
soup: What's been more entertaining so far, Sydney v Wet Toast or Number 8 v Vich?
frenzy: who gets the chop for Parker
Fromage: Mt Barker is a small ground - the 2 locate pubs are the interchange benches
Vich: just stay in ya basement and watch the game 8
DukeNewc: He could run into the mid off the HFF
bhg26: Dont think you can take heeney out of the mid now. Parker is also a pretty good forward so probably flank duke
BigChief: I see Adams taking Jordans cbas and Parker will play fwd more. Heeney just to damaging in mid.
bhg26: Fox i reckon frenzy
Number 8: I'm still in the warm-up, soup ...
bhg26: Champagne footy!
Number 8: Are you always the dimmest light in the room, Vich?
frenzy: ta bhg
original: No vfl this week so dumb
DukeNewc: My mate throws darts at Foxes face bhg, despises him
bhg26: Hot hand? Thats his 3rd touch
bhg26: Playing way to cute
soup: get going JJ you spoon
Vich: quality banter 8... mum still rocks you to sleep..? Rock's a bit big i reckon
Number 8: Give us more commentator talk, Vich. It's unbelievably interesting
Birdman18: Glad I made the call to get rid of Jordon this week
DukeNewc: We've had way too many fights in this chat. Only rnd 4...
Fromage: Cashed out Jordan brought in LRyan
soup: Bird, thought the matchup would suit his style but he's gonna be lucky to hit his BE at this rate
northball: mcgovern is a machine
Vich: im just keeping it light hearted..8's the dead5hit here...
Silz90: i should of traded jordon too :( he is gone next week for me
slydon: ive got heeney, reid, blakey, and mcgovern in this game. very happy so far
Hazza09: Where is Jordon the hack playing?
DukeNewc: It says wing/flank Hazza
shancrows: McGovern you beauty
soup: Oh is Jordon playing?
StuL: Heeney just lost points. What gives?
Silz90: jordon 0 tackles
StuL: now he got them back
Fromage: C.Mitchell is scoring better than Jordon
RooBoyStu: Heeney lost points in the qtr time huddle, he must've dropped his guts lol
bhg26: Dont know why the bounce counts as 3 seconds off the clock
Silz90: kelli is average no offence
northball: ikr bhg its ridiculous
Curnowww: Kelly doesn't even know what decade she's in
BigChief: With Adams coming in Jordan's role was always changing.
Vich: Still wouldve assumed he'd get his average vs eagles :(
Number 8: You're a misogynistic plow, Vich. Take your woman-hating bile elsewhere
bhg26: For flower sake what is our kicking
Fromage: Beautiful day in Mt Barker so no excuse for Swans kicking
Vich: Pi55 off 8 ya phukn 1diot...
StuL: bank gawn or roll the dice on Green? Possible c heeney could be a warning
Silz90: jordon only had 9% and 8% cba vs bombers and tigers
navy_blues: omg u2 settle down
Vich: 8 sounds like a they/them
soup: Stu, gotta bank the 129
Vich: anyway..enough now..back to this amazing game :)
slydon: almost rolled the dice for C on heeney but glad i went Tgreen instead
soup: Heeney you beautiful man
BigChief: Please ban both of these 2 m0nty. They are clogging up chat and have both broke the T&C of using this site.
Number 8: Honestly, the tone of this place ...
Fromage: VC Heeney - C on Green
Silz90: bank gawn
Mikeagles: we're actually playing half decent
soup: what the actual flower is jordon doing out there, I haven't even seen him
Fromage: Eagles are a chance against the Crows atm
Mikeagles: JJ wont even make his BE at this rate
bhg26: A ripper kick from 10 metres
BigChief: All Eagles fans want is this type of effort.
Birdman18: Reid lifting
naicosfan: on track to win a qtr
Wends: Afternoon all, ditto Roberts soup
bhg26: Count on us to play well against melbourne and collingwood and fall apart against richmond and west coast
slydon: chief all essendon fans want is this kind of effort
Silz90: cant even hit a target 15m away wtf
Beast_Mode: richmond broke sydney lol
Fromage: Edwards injured
BigChief: Muppet for the Lizard. That was poor. Even if Long missed.
Wends: Swans AFL version of Spurs lol. Anyone watching - what's going on w Roberts?
frenzy: norf says hello chief
bhg26: Just playing flowering lazy
naicosfan: phew thankfully not mcgov
Fromage: Roberts is standing next to Jordon
BigChief: In the back to Barrass and then HTB on McDonald. Neither paid.
Birdman18: You'd have to be happy if you're one of the people who picked up Yeo
Silz90: agree chief that was bs
Silz90: we need a 120+ from yeo birdman
naicosfan: yeo will go 140
bhg26: We are such a joke
Silz90: horse needs to give them a rocket and sub taylor adams
StuL: Sydney flag favourites? Not like this.
BigChief: Silz why sub Adams? He has been okay. There is at least 12 worse.
StPom: Kingys got a 50 on McGovern to kick a goal. 100%
soup: Can't believe there are people out there dumb enough to pick Yeo and I can't believe its actually working out
Beast_Mode: darling hasnt been the same since he was anti-vax
Silz90: im being selfish thats all. he is impacting jordon?
frenzy: Loch nessy monster
BigChief: Amartey will get subbed 100% ( except if an inj happens).
VoiX: Soup a bit delusional about Yeo pick not being good
bhg26: Cant win a centre clearance against west coast
soup: I didn't say it's a bad pick, I actually said it's working out. Just a dumb pick given his injury history.
thommoae: Sydney Flag favourites, Stu? Not according to some. :)
J_Herer: easy trades this week, sydney rookies gone
Silz90: full time midfielder. he actually had a proper preseason this year
soup: Is his preseason relevant to his injury history though?
bhg26: Real urgency in that last 30 seconds
BigChief: Whatever happened in Qatar with Yeo and McGovern has worked.
StuL: your mob thero as well
Silz90: yes it matters. he is a risky pick 100% but worth the punt
frenzy: look at Clarry soup
Pavs: Good start Reid keep it going.
m0nty: do I need a tooth icon
Beast_Mode: esp with the 40 trades we have, worth the chance
Wends: Ditched Jordon last week but Roberts still more cash to make - tricky
Fromage: m0nty - Daffy Duck. Rabbit Season
Birdman18: Chief there's definitely something going on it Qatar. alpsnal haven't lost a game since the whole team went there either
StuL: about time Reid
Birdman18: alpsnal*
naicosfan: even if yeo and mcgovern get injured by round 6 or 7 they will have made enough cash to sideways to a reliable top 6 def
Wends: Yes to tooth icon m0nty lol.
StuL: Jordon is for the chop by the look of it
Wends: Birdman, welcome to ff swearword corrections :)
BigChief: Try Assenal Birdman. Swear filter doesn't our apelling of ass.
BigChief: spelling*
RooBoyStu: Yes a tooth icon for Skunk supporters lol
StuL: Papley owners will be dissapointed
soup: Papsmear having a mare, love to see it
BigChief: Would love 70+ this half please Heeney.
bhg26: Dont know if rowbottom is in range from 75-80 metres out
Raspel31: Despite obvious results I nevertheless remain a confirmed member of the never again Heeney club.
naicosfan: indeed soup
Fromage: 100 more Heeney
navy_blues: syd need roberts on
soup: navy needs roberts on more like
bhg26: Love it when errol kicks it and the goal ump doesnt move
navy_blues: yes that too soup lol
StuL: Heeneys projected is only 147 and hes a pod in my game
BigChief: The ball looks like 1 of those old fashion suitcases with stickers from around the world on it.
navy_blues: and is on now
Raspel31: I am open to a change of mind Stul.
Pavs: No Grundy chat, has everyone jumped off him?
soup: woah how did heeney just rocket up, loving it though
soup: pavs still on him, just lost any expectation of him
Fromage: Come one Heeney - another 70
OffaStep: Grundy you bloody mug! Been treading water since quarter time.
BigChief: Grundy and Jordan will be most traded out this week.
StuL: yea go Reid
OffaStep: I gave him the C, hoping he'd outpoint Butters.
soup: the bloke that traded reid out for steele better hope steele goes massive tomorrow.
Silz90: yeo is quiet
JezEdwards: Pavs, yeah - I went Xerri in last week and seems to be the right call.
naicosfan: reid showing alot this game
StuL: only 60 more to go Heeney. easy
Wends: 2.5k coaches jumped off Reid this week. Of course this is the week I don't put E on him tho.
naicosfan: on your bike mcgov need 120
Silz90: i already said reid was going to ton. huge mistake i should of traded jordon
naicosfan: reid was going out this week for darcy and then when teams came out lazzaro ended up getting dropped so reid stayed.
naicosfan: very lucky
Fromage: Come on Heeney another 60
soup: Heeney going absolutely ballistic this q
Fromage: another 60SC score
StuL: heeney is flying
navy_blues: ginni wouldnt of got that free
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Errol Gulden for a cheap free on Tom Cole.
bhg26: Are there magnets in the posts?
Birdman18: Yeah Grundy has been the biggest disappointment this game. Was hoping for a price rise before offloading
StuL: get back on Grundy. 50 is shower
BigChief: Fromage how about 60 more disp LOL
bhg26: Just because he fell over doesn mean its a free
Fromage: @chief I'd take another 10 tackles and 2 goals
BigChief: That works for me Fromage :)
soup: sink this and i'll love you forever heen
Wends: Roberts what the? LIFT!!!
Fromage: 1 more goal Heeney
StPom: Letís go Heeney!
StuL: capt Heeney is a win for those that picked him.
Oddsy5: first comment of the year, i love u heeney
Jack SC: Heeeeneeyyyyy
Fromage: VC Heeney
StuL: bloody hell. hes had a big qtr
Jack SC: Imagine taking Gawn's 129 ;)
naicosfan: ffs i shouldve sent the C on heeney, i changed to VC gawn 30 seconds before the game
BigChief: Not yet StuL. We need more LOL
bhg26: Just pick up the ball
Jack SC: Reid just shrugged off a ruckman...
clay007: What is Roberts doing? Is this small ground killing him?
soup: As long as horse doesn't get up to some antics, C Heeney worked amazing
naicosfan: small ground kill half backs, saw it yesterday with mckerch
Fromage: I hope Mannagh does not play LOL
FoopyTime: god darlings an absolute spud now
BigChief: Soup with the game so close no way Heeney gets subbed.
clay007: Well Roberts has his BE, so that is all that matters
Fromage: Banking Heeney VC and putting C on Mannagh
soup: I'm sure Amartey gets subbed, he's been horses whipping boy but I'm just paranoid
flibbity: anyone takings gawn as vc?
clay007: Anyone know who the subs are in the Freo and Blues game?
soup: Fromage, Mullin is first in line from our emergencies to be a late inclusion so safe for Captain Mannagh
BigChief: -28 not hard to get clay.
soup: Owies and JOM Clay
frenzy: jagger and owies
BigChief: Omera and Owies are subs
Fromage: O'Meara and Owies
Fromage: cheers Soup
clay007: Thank you guys. That spells danger for Fyfe
Number 8: Roberts was great last week. He's where the ball ain't this week
Silz90: im glad owies was dropped to sub
StuL: i was gonna flibity but seeing how Heeneys going tempted to go Green
Silz90: jom has been sub last 2 weeks?
Fromage: Fyfe has 2 more weeks in my team
soup: clay, JOM has been sub last three games but big bodied carlton midfield does spell damage for fyfe
BigChief: Last 3 week Silz
clay007: Need a big game from Fyfe Soup. Can he go big?
Fromage: Roberts minus 19SC BE
beerent11: J Mac doing the goods for me again. Star.
StuL: At the momentbim bsnking Gawn. Is it really worth 10 or 20 more that youre hoping to get?
Silz90: my bad i had him in draft and he was frustating
soup: Well I dropped him this week if that answers your question haha
LionBoy: Probably gonna bank Max score. Worried
LionBoy: Worried Rowell and Green may be on each other??
StPom: Iíll take Gawn or Heeney. Reckon Green v Rowell match up could hurt both
soup: Lion I'd just bank Gawn if I were you
Hazza09: trade Fyfe for Flanders or wait till next week and power off Jordon for Flanders?
BigChief: That would be a good guess LionBoy. 2 bulls going h2h
Oddsy5: is naismith playing or can i use him to loophole?
Number 8: This has been great by Reid. Geez, he looks fully invested
Raspel31: I'd wait a week Hazza- tough game.
RooBoyStu: O'Meara & Owies are the Freo vs Carlton subs for the person who asked before
Fromage: GCS so many changes and new faces - GWS more stable
soup: Hazza that probably depends on JJ's full time score
BigChief: Oddsy he is named emerg.
LionBoy: Traded Harley out then reversed when Sexton dropped. Thank you SC gods.
StuL: Reid is killing it
Birdman18: Imagine being one of those 4k people who traded out Reid
soup: Oddsy - No Naismith for tomorrow, free to loop
BigChief: Nice work Heeney to Roberts for the snag
bhg26: Onya Matty
soup: Robbo!
Fromage: @Birdman I don't need to image I cashed him to trade in LRyan LOL
clay007: Nice one Roberts, and to think it was the great Heeney with the assist, nice!
StuL: Roberts!
Silz90: molto bene roberts
RooBoyStu: $ for Roberts
Raspel31: People gone trade crazy with the extra trades- they'll still be moaning at end of season.
Oddsy5: ty, theres 3 emergencies named tho which i dont get
Wends: si, belissimo Roberts. And bueno sera Raspel :)
Birdman18: Fromage unlucky mate. At least Ryan will deliver
frenzy: they are all gunna win raspel
soup: Oddsy, they're just there for late inclusions, but ralphsmith will get a callup before naismith does
Fromage: Heeney you champ
clay007: Glad Jukes not here! He would have reminded us that Matt Roberts is not in this chat.
Raspel31: Buena sera Wends.
Oddsy5: ok thank u very much <3
BigChief: Naismith named Emerg because Nank was sore early in the week.
StuL: ton up Reid
Fromage: Come on Heeney junk time
Mikeagles: jordon is so showere
BigChief: Under 10k crowd. That's poor.
soup: james jordon you are so shower at football
Mikeagles: 10 k is a full house
Catatafish: At least make your BE Jordan ffs
Wends: Roberts somewhat redeeming himself but keep LIFTing lad!
Fromage: @chief - capacity is 10K. You need to add in the crowd at the pub. That's 19K lol
Silz90: jordon get to 50 you crab
StuL: Im just shocked Heeney ought to get his 147
StuL: is 50 BE for Jordon silz
soup: Crab icon for JJ you reckon silz?
BigChief: Looks like lots of empty seat and the grass has no one on it.
Silz90: be is 44 and yes soup
clay007: I'm surprised the lizard didn't try and touch it with his tongue
frenzy: lift Grundy
Birdman18: Williams has made Grundy look average today
Raspel31: Well done Toast for not capitulating- some young blood fially coming through.
GinniFan: just tuned in, wtf Jordan??
BigChief: Please Sub Papley Horse. Could not imagine the look on his face if it happened
Fromage: Took Miller vs T Green will be interesting
Catatafish: Get off the bench Grundy
Silz90: ruined my day ginni he is getting trade this week
soup: rare JJ sighting
DukeNewc: VC heeney has made my week
StPom: Anyone starting Darcy against the cats?
BigCox75: Got the VC on Heeney
Fromage: STPom - I got Darcy over Wilson
LionBoy: Cmon Harley. Ton up.
soup: Should have fielded Darcy over JJ but no Pom, got Dempsey above him
StuL: Yes StPom
bhg26: With sexton in the forward line i can loop cadman and darcy stpom
Fromage: Darcy vs Richmond so I might change it
OffaStep: C on Grundy. Pumped.
Mikeagles: cmon heeney 200 pls
BigChief: Great game C Heeney. Raspel Have you been converted yet?
Fromage: Sorry Darcy vs Gee
Jack SC: I just put the C on my loop and Heeney goals!!!
soup: I might have feelings for Heeney after this display, thank you skipper
slydon: why would you do that offastep
Raspel31: Might finally have a sniff at Heeney.
StuL: Got Mannagh and Wilson on the bench so Darcy is in. Unless i loop Mannagh to c.
BigChief: Fromage I thought you meant Darcy Wilson LOL
Pavs: Bye next week Rasp.
bhg26: Bring him in for his bye next week raspel
soup: JJ hits his BE, pop the champagne
Silz90: jordon keep tackling
Raspel31: I am aware lads.
StuL: got to listen to ppl. capt heeney damn it.
BigChief: Adams subbed
Fromage: lol chief - Sam Darcy will struggle against Gee
Birdman18: Hervey needs to settle down ans leave some points for everyone else
Pavs: Here to help Rasp:)
bhg26: So often i get greedy not taking 125+ scores for loophole and it doesnt work. Thank you Heeney
StPom: Darcy/Cadman/Thomas canít decide
Fromage: I don't think Green will score above 170 LOL
Wends: I'm Heeneyphobic and it's killed me this season
clay007: Hats off to Roberts, great comeback kid
StuL: we're banking Gawn still ot getting greedy?
BigChief: I asked for 70+ in 2nd half for Heeney. So far he has 110. Very happy.
Fromage: Take a bow Heeney
Birdman18: Damn. Heeney benched
Raspel31: Came so close to capping Heeney till I realised I don't have him.
Oddsy5: heeney been my best pick this year by a mile
soup: phenomenal quarter from roberts
bhg26: Roberts junking it up, beautiful
clay007: Banking Gawn was a good move. It has only cost me 37 points so far not putting C on heeney
StuL: CD loves Heeney
LionBoy: Banking Gawn Stu
Jack SC: Yeo such a scary pick. But going very well so far.
bhg26: The 24% of us that started him oddsy are very happy
bhg26: Deserved every point stuL
frenzy: yep agreed Stul
StuL: i dont know now lionboy
GinniFan: idk whether to take Gawn or go Bont. 129 feels safe
BigChief: Gawn every day GinniFan
LionBoy: Tempted by Green but Rowell or Toukie ainít gonna let him loose me thinks.
clay007: Take Gawn, The Bont was injured last week and Bevo is a weirdo
StPom: Played swans, good 2nd half. Heeney guru
soup: Heeney might be the GOAT. Gary Ablett who?
naicosfan: great comeback roberts, good from mcgov and annoyed i didnt c heeney
BigChief: Is it possible Heeney has 12+ Brownlow votes already?
Wends: Don't forget the tooth icon m0nty... works on many levels
StPom: Every chance chief, reckon trac right there too
Hepatitis: Umpires r such weak individuals. No wonder everyone hates them

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