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pluggerpig: looking forward to not having to watch norf
J.Worrall: Carna Hombres!
BigChief: Houston will go huge in his 150th and loves playing at Adel Oval and Ess.
StuL: i hope not Big Chief.
RooBoyStu: Get the record books ready. Power by 100+
StuL: how is martin going to go. punish the rage traders again
Pavs: Reckon they could have 2 Gather Rounds in the 1 year, different state?
StuL: they were talking about doing a tassie one on the radio
Gelly: damn i dont have anyone in this game
Jaypa: those essendon jumpers are some of the worst ive seen, who decided on that?
Stu7: Hi all
BigChief: Wont work here in Tas StuL. Not until the team is here and stadium is built.
Stu7: Hey all I need advice do you think Merret is a worthy C?
StuL: same gelly. it sucks. oppo has 2. that will have to do
Kevin07: even then chief would have to play a few games at queenstown
Pavs: Evening Stu7
Stu7: Or is there a tag concern?
BigChief: I see Merrett being tagged by Drew
Stu7: Hey Pabs
BigChief: Kevin love the gravel of Queenstown.
Silz90: stay down martin pls
Stu7: Sorry Pabs
Pavs: Tagged I reckon Stu
Stu7: Pavs damn fat fingers
RooBoyStu: Good to see the chat full of Stu's hello boys
soup: VC Houston tonight, anyone else?
Troglodyte: lol Stu - Pavs will henceforth be known as Pabs
Stu7: Thanks Pavs
Stu7: Still toxic rubbish you spreading RooBoy grow up
Pavs: Nice Trog. Thanks :)
RooBoyStu: Good unique choice Soup, it will either be tomato soup or chunky vegetable soup mate lol. He's in my team though
Stu7: lol Trog
Silz90: there is a fight in the chat before the game has started lol
RooBoyStu: Rozee will outscore Butters tonight 100%
StuL: Go bombers i guess
Silz90: nah butters is going 170 tonight rooboy
RooBoyStu: Own a mirror stu7 and hopefully your mob wins a flag in the next 58 years as it's 58 and ticking
StuL: Butters will go big again. Agree
Troglodyte: Battle of the Stu(pids) hey Silz
StuL: Why the agro other stus? we stus need to stick together.
StuL: never tear us apart is so cringe
Kevin07: always forget how cringe port are when a game starts
TheLegend6: never tear us apart is elite areas kevin
StuL: martin will go big again too
sc_mvp: all the boys at the fttv discord have cursed merrett. great! i bought him in this week!
soup: Stay low zerrett, that fixture is too juicy to miss out on
Dondeal: Dons are locked in. Good to see
Silz90: rent free in your head sc_mvp
sheezel420: houston vs martin seagull chip fight
cherry9: VC butters on the bench. Must be matchups
frenzy: Butters starts on the pine, Ken comes the Bevo school
StuL: butters on the bench
RooBoyStu: Bang Rozee
navy_blues: terrible twins in commentary again
Troglodyte: Stop talking about other sites sc_mvp - m0nty will ban you if loses any more ad revenue ;)
soup: How is that reviewable
BigChief: That is a pathetic review. Are they going to review every goal in Adel now?
cherry9: Must be getting Qantas points for using the Review system
Gotigres: I'm really good at SC. Young dumped last round and Rozee dumped this round.
Stu7: Who say that Trog? Battle of the stu(pids)
navy_blues: im good at sc too tigres but my players are under performing lol
StuL: i dont care tigres. i dumped rozee for heeney.
Getup: I'm more stupid go tiges are we meant to trade every week with 40 trades like af?
Troglodyte: Sorry Stu I was bored. I was on your side in the Battle btw
BigChief: Shut up BT you moron. You can't tell the difference between Rozee and Butters?
StuL: half of ports tesm still hasnt had a touch
Ash777: Imagine if a mass of injuries happen and those that traded premos for no reason than poor starts are out of trades
Getup: They trade every week?? Please confirm someone??
original: Donít care either way but thatís a real hot htb on Gresham. Trying to kick as soon as he got it
Gotigres: So far I've traded every week Getup
OffaStep: To be fair to BT, 30 Sc points in the first 10 mins or so... I can't believe its not Butters.
Getup: Okay so maybe it's like dt this season cheers tiges
Gotigres: Rozee to Green
Bwad: Thank god I;m the only genius to start Gresham,,,
Getup: Looking forward to this weekend going tomorrow to the double header mrs blues supporter daughter cats then pies Sunday
soup: Gresh definitely a better pick than Powell ay bwad
J.Worrall: Rozee my only player in this.
Getup: Zerret Houston for me worrall
Bwad: Thought I'd get more nibbles on that obvious joke than that Soup. Disappointing troll.
soup: Of course Houston gets stuck on the pine
Vich: rckon you're far from a genius bwad :)
Pavs: Bwad have you seen Raspal's work. You are an amateur mate :)
BigChief: 1 bite Bwad. Reel him in.
Silz90: contract year for stringer?
Raspel31: Hours of study have shown me that Rozee scores better when off the pine.
Troglodyte: I think Pabs said he had Gresham earlier...
slydon: is anyone gonna play defense or are we just having a shootout tonight? im all for it but come on
bhg26: Its hard to troll bwad when people make more outrageous claims and are serious
Bwad: He's looking like a top 8 fwd Vich... Very happy with him
StuL: Rozee
StuL: can flower off now
Silz90: top 8 fwd at bombers bwad you mean
Pavs: Never had never will Trog.
BigChief: Top 8? I was thinking top 3 Bwad.
Bwad: Silz, I reckon he will be the best POD pick of the year. Call me out in 5 weeks if I'm wrong. Go Gresham!
Troglodyte: Someone jinxed Raymond - should be on 20 posi's by now
StuL: gresham wow
clay007: Sorry fellas, Houston will be quiet tonight, my oppo does not have him. Only fires when my oppo have him
loginpaul: when are the crows playing - loginpaul
StuL: stay down houston
Getup: Gresh bwad top 8??
Troglodyte: What are crows? We only know crom - logintrog
original: Merrett +5 for a missed shot at goal. Kidding me right CD
Bwad: Gresh cooking, banking on a 120 to shut the haters up for good
StuL: Martin is now a real premo.
J_Herer: Good Boy Rozee!
clay007: Horny needs a blue pill
sheezel420: Martin loves his potato chips
BigChief: Bwad they are biting now. Get that huge net out.
clay007: He is not a bwad guy
Bwad: What net? Gresh is legit.Thank god I had VC on him last minute over Butters....
Troglodyte: Not bwad clay, not bwad at all
Bwad: Gresham best POD of 24, suck eggs losers
Hughsy: Great game.
StuL: zerrett is a must have upgrade target but i guess he will cost too much
Troglodyte: Lift Rozee!
StuL: both houston and martin need to settle down
Bwad: How can a must have be too much? Gresham is mcuh cheaper and loooking delicious StuL
StuL: Ratugolea is better than he was at Geelong
TheLegend6: Gresham scored 29 last week
Kidult: Enjoy those low ones of 56 and 29 to come
bhg26: So we can get him in cheap legend
Bwad: Serious time now, Ratugolea looks fat doesn't he? Am I the only one?
StuL: hes not as good as gresham bwad but still want him
Jaypa: That first qtr didnt disappont but I was in one of the most iconic girl groups and no-one recognises me
Bwad: TheLegend, Gresh will be top 6 FWD IMO.
Bwad: Jaypa, stopppppp it
Pavs: Not right Jaypa your iconic.
Jaypa: Twice every ad break
Jaypa: Cheers fellas
StuL: you really own gresham? today looks justified
Bwad: Also looks nothing like her heyday Jaypa, talk about early ripe... early rotten. Yikes!
Bwad: Loving the own and the salt StuL
Manowar: Poster..nice
Bwad: My grandma could have kicked that... in her slippers
StuL: butters is coming in the battle of the 2 guns rozee and butters
Ash777: cant call ppl fat bwad
J.Worrall: Martin brang his own ball!
StuL: blood butters. why are you not in my team?
Manowar: Clanger Butter
Bwad: Does the Rat not look fat though? I live in the real world
Doggie Doo: Butters vs Martin who will win?
Silz90: thanks for your input manowar
Hughsy: I flowering hate nick cox
Pavs: Rozee pay the faithful son
Manowar: No problem, i'm here to help!
Bwad: If I was on decent money compared to my ouput and my whole job was being fit, I don't think I'd look like Ratugolea.
macff: Bwad given your use of the word 'sheeple' earlier today I am not sure that you live in the real world champ
BigChief: Rozee says I see your clangewr Zak and raise you a snag.
Ash777: ffs mead stop getting caught
thommoae: Bwad. You've slagged a female and you've slagged a player. How about something with some class?
Bwad: Happy with Powells game were you Mac?
Bwad: What female thommoae?
Bwad: I know Choef was chuffed with Powell, so you wouldn't be alone...
StuL: never trade premos unless yiu get 40 trades and treat the extra as bonus and do stupid upgrade to "better" p
macff: I don't even own him your trolling is not even amusing, that's all
thommoae: 'Nothing like her heyday. Early ripe' etc
lana2146: I think Martin will be coming back in a lotta teams
JaiDay12: Bwad, by any chance, you probably weigh more than Esava. Spending all day on your keyboard isn't wise.
Bwad: I traded LDU to Green StuL... reckon that might work out
clay007: There is a bit of heat in the kitchen tonight! Careful of the flames people
soup: Bwad's hooked a juicy one here
Troglodyte: Port putting on a clinic for the boys across town...
Manowar: Please don't upset all the cry baby Powell owners!
Ash777: an accurate port is trouble
Silz90: correct lana
Bwad: I've got bulk nibbles, forgive me if I don't get to you.... Truly
StuL: regreting trading Rozee sbout now. But was to get Heeney.
Bwad: I reckon Esava might outweigh me slightly Jai, but it would be close...
OffaStep: The only thing worse than being talked about, eh Bwad? :)
Manowar: Martin will be turning it over again, real soon
mooses: i traded serong to gresham and regret nothing
soup: Quiet quarter from Merrett, hoping it stays
Bwad: Keep going Gresh, my man
Bwad: Moose, you're a king
StuL: cant believe martin turned out like he has
Pavs: Bwad bringing new people into the chat.
Bwad: I like to be inclusive Pavs.
mooses: im a paid advertisement
macff: He's the best heel in town
StuL: flower off martin. oppo has you
TimT14: Did Hinkley change Farrell's role?
Moona: Horrendous decision ump - that happens all game every game and never gets paid
Gotigres: When I get Martin into my team Manowar then he will start turning the ball over
mooses: yep hinkley said be less good
Silz90: wow butters get off bench
Bwad: I really have to text my mate at Essdondon to see where my boy Gresh gets his eyebrows done. Stunning.
RuffLeader: Not suggesting the umpires have been poor, but some of the free kicks paid are hard to believe, both ways
mooses: and he was less good, and so it was
gazza39: That moron Hinkley trying to teach Butters a lesson still...wait till that bites u in the alps
Bwad: Go Jade!
TimT14: HTB making a comeback this round
Vich: butters ankle might still be giving him grief..?
StuL: what was martins stsrting price ppl!? he was a special wasnt he?
original: Huge quarter from Perkins
Pavs: So your saying the umpires have been poor then Ruff :)
flibbity: Bwad has serious issues, who comments on eyebrows?
mooses: ive always considered eyebrows to be of importance than possessons
Bwad: Margarine VC looking shot Chief, we both riding Ice Heeney C???
Troglodyte: SPP back next week?
RuffLeader: 4 weeks for Rioli? Same as Wright haha
Silz90: people are being precious seriously
gazza39: And opp has mare
Bwad: That's 50% of the reason I picked him Moose. Gr8 POD
RuffLeader: Pavs, nah, think theyíve let them play which is good
Manowar: goal review
mooses: mot enough players know how to accentuate the eyes, showers me to tears
OffaStep: Mrtin started 492K, StuL. Only gone up 4k because of his underwhelming R1/R2.
RuffLeader: But some of the frees feel like they just wanted to blow their whistle cos they hadnít in a while
Manowar: goal
soup: Nice review you nuffies
mooses: martin dpp after round six
StuL: yea wow. well done if you picked him
cherry9: Make a call goal ump. Teams get 2 reviews per game if they disagree, pls
original: Dw Brad Scott Essendon sc is higher than ports at team level overall
Troglodyte: lol imagine having selected Buddaz in your team over Rozee...
mooses: who would you guys pick first, zach merrett or zach galifinakos
OffaStep: Owners had to cop a 63 R1 though...
navy_blues: omg ess
Manowar: game over!
StuL: Rozee get lost
Hughsy: flower you draper
Pavs: merrett can't spell or say the other guy
soup: Nice work draper you mug
Dondeal: That's flowered
Ash777: dons edging not going well
Bwad: Imagine not having Gresham.... Dodoro told me and I listened Trog
clay007: Goodnight Bomber's supporters, see you next week. lol
macff: thats a tough watch
Troglodyte: Port has never kicked this well in their entire history, sorry Essendoni
RuffLeader: Holy shower, Draper is a sp**tic
Troglodyte: Lift Rozee!
Brian00173: JHF has got his BE already and on the bubble after this week. Could be a stepping stone pick.
StuL: Martin predicted was only 83
amigaman: Goldy meh, Draper poo, If Nick Bryan doesn't get a game soon we'll lose him.
Ash777: dunstall likes threesomes
amigaman: @clay007 where were you clown when you lost your first 3 games
StuL: Rozee is going to do a Butters from 2 weeks ago
Troglodyte: Love that Footy Country commercial. I imagine some of you guys could fit in as extras ;)
Bwad: You've got a decent nibble Clay, Come and reel another in!!
amigaman: Not a bite, just a call out
Bwad: What's the Essondon count since they've won a final up to? Damn that makes me happy...
amigaman: Not surprised you can't count
soup: I think the count is equal to the amount of nibbles you've gotten tonight bwad
Troglodyte: Did they say GR is going to be permanently in SA?
Pavs: Correct Trog
navy_blues: yes Trog
DukeNewc: I just love Martin, one of those SC flogs that proves hes a dud and then goes off.
clay007: Amig, I was only joking. It was in reference to conceding a late goal. Don't get personal man.
Troglodyte: AFL CEO must love a good Parmi...
Bwad: I'm not nearly close to that level Soup, but it's been a profitbale night. I'll calm down now...
Bwad: Incense is burning and I have a joint rolled, I'll be gone in 20 mins.
Ash777: I hope not. Would love a WA gather round
amigaman: Why is Butters' TOG so low
J.Worrall: Butters ore from a olid hip and shoulder.
J.Worrall: *solid
Troglodyte: Buddaz not really needed for this train wreck amiga
StuL: Martin slow down this half
Bwad: One lat question; is McGrath the most disappointing 1sr pick since Watts? What a yikes he is.
clay007: Gresham gone from a top 3 forward to nothing
Pavs: Rozee limping, get over it Connor
clay007: No Bwad, Rayner
J.Worrall: ... and *sore
StuL: who said rozee was going to smash butters?
Bwad: I'd take Rayner over 2 McGraths. The bloke kicks it at the roof amost every time. He's woeful.
Bwad: Gresham the POD of 24 Clay, just believe brother
Hughsy: Nik cox is supposed to be a runner - always behind the play and being bitched every time
Ash777: gresham was never a top 3 anything
Pavs: Soldo selling the candy
Vich: that explains a bit bwadley ya lemon
clay007: Not sure about that Bwad, and also not sure about trading Jordon for Flanders. There is a lot of hype around flanders.
Pevo: Surprised they did not review the Soldo goal.
ballbag: do sumthing drew you fckn clown. havent touched it for 30 mins
Silz90: dont remind me stul lol
Bwad: McGrath is a shocker Clay. I started both so don't have to decide....
Silz90: great bump
clay007: I never said anything about McGrath, just think Rayner needs to do more.
Yelse: Whats wrong with butters today
Ash777: burgoyne on ground
Troglodyte: Wheres wada, he's missing a decent performance from his 2nd fav team...
Bwad: McGrath tries to break the record for highest kick ever, every time he gets it. He's VFL.
clay007: This is the best game I have seen Rozee play, a star.
StuL: Rozee Rozee every second on the radio
Gotigres: At least I didn't vc Butters
original: Essendon donít know who rozee is
Bwad: 27 before 3QT with 10 mins to go will do that to you StuL
Pavs: I'm loving Rozee my opponent not so much.
Pevo: Rozee is taking Brownlow votes off Lachie Jones...
Ash777: thatcher is owning langford
naicosfan: Ffs butters
DukeNewc: Grr Butters, should've really kicked that!
Raspel31: My bread is buttered the Rozee side too Pavs.
Silz90: lets just hope for a ton he looks average ffs
clay007: This is H-F best game also.
naicosfan: Surely goal assist tap by butters
clay007: Amig will not be happy with that.
original: Essendon edge. Edge of sanity. Club is deluded
Ash777: I didn't see the lions game earlier but surely this is worst
navy_blues: no rozee side to essendon tho Raspel no edge thats for sure
naicosfan: Gresham showing us why heís the pod of 24
Troglodyte: Spot on original
Jukes82: lol Willie you flog, avoid another drug test you muppet
Jack SC: Clay his best game was against Melbourne last year in the wet
Bwad: original, are you on drugs? Essendon have won the trade period for 10 years straight. They are da best
flibbity: we can still smell what the blues are cooking
Pavs: Lets hope Bwad ia asleep
Bwad: Greshhhhh
clay007: Geez Jukes, are you ok mate?
naicosfan: Finlayson with more disposals than butters
Silz90: butters lovelllly
naicosfan: Flower Gresham, finlayson the pod of 24
Vich: wet toast not taking martin a couple years back... duds!
ballbag: can anyone see why willem is so useless tonight?
Bwad: Wash your mouth out Niacos
soup: Well Houston hasn't worked out, C on Heeney, Bont or Steele?
naicosfan: Jhf ball bag
navy_blues: thats good flib unknown team supporter lolol
Pavs: WElfare check on Jukes.
clay007: What was his score Jacksc that night? He is playing like a n1 draft pick tonight
StuL: Heeney
gazza39: If you think this is good, watch Serong and co torch Carltank
Troglodyte: He's not needed tonight ballbag - only a training game against the twos...
Bwad: Jukes, show us where the AFL touched you on the doll...
Ash777: poor form jukes the rioli family is tigers royality
m0nty: new icon
original: No one near rozee again
Silz90: no free for butters ok lol
Bwad: Can Serong escape the clutches of the mighty Goerge Hewwwwwet
Silz90: jhf is back tonight does he impact drew?
navy_blues: flagmantle is back lol gazza
Troglodyte: Hope so gazza
flibbity: Bwad needs to relax, mate are you okay?
Bwad: What's a man got to do to get a Carlton logo next to my name m0nt?
Jack SC: Houston hasn't had a big game yet. If anything he has been quiet. And he is on track for a 4/4 ton record.
naicosfan: Jhf definitely impacts drew, I reckon heís getting a lot less cbaís
gazza39: Freo home game, bring it on
clay007: Drew doing ok, 75 pts is about par for him.
Bwad: m0ntyyyyyyy (Seinfeld reference)
naicosfan: Ffs someone kick a goal so butters can get involved
navy_blues: in adel great home game lmao
J.Worrall: Rozee was overdue for a big one!
GinniFan: Stay down butters thanks
Bwad: m0nty ya devil, give meh a Carlton logo ya cheeky bugger
upweydons: Bout time Jones
StuL: Butters isnt even that down
ballbag: yeh i saw bergman harmoinca icon. is that for the mouth organ.
Jukes82: lol
DukeNewc: That's Duursma's player icon ballbag
Manowar: S. Draper time for a witches hat?
DukeNewc: His goal celebration...
clay007: Port look good when they get going, dangerous...
StuL: Rozee Rozee. Enough
Bwad: Butters 110 over/under? Any takers?
gazza39: might as well be Optus navy lol
original: Butters will not go over 110
ballbag: does he play the harmonica after a goal does he?
StuL: iunder
Bwad: I'll see you on BetFair original...
original: Donít worry guys! Nic Martin will have 40 touches! Junk, like zerrett. Parish the king tho
DidgeBird: big Qtr Mr Scotch
Jaypa: Ill take the overs bwad
Bwad: Imagine picking Andy McGrath at pick1. What a flop...
J.Worrall: I can't find the link to my profile that allows team logo selection.
Pavs: Think it used to be there Worrall but no longer
pluggerpig: i have been looking for it for a year worrall.
J.Worrall: Polite email to m0nty?
Troglodyte: I think bwad mentioned also he was trying to get his Norf icon up too
Pavs: Tell him how much you love his icons and Butts from Adelaide. Butter him up a bit Worrall
Hughsy: oh well
pluggerpig: what if we all get Norf logos though
thommoae: BT - Heppell OOB ... mark. Dixon has taken no marks ... well, he's taken a couple. Sheesh.
Bwad: Trog, don't lie about me. I was trying to get a Powell icon. Get your facts right.
Troglodyte: Port Powell?
navy_blues: draper might trade in
slydon: put a potato logo on all the bombers players please
TimT14: Potato and witches hat?
Bwad: McGrath the best pick 1 ever? How aren't 10+ Bombers players witches hats in this?
original: Imagine what Perkins could do with more game time
Ash777: I think witches hats would do better at defense than dons
elvundir: i've hated being a bombers supporter this last decade
Bwad: 110 for Butters incoming lads
StPom: Buttersssssss
original: Oh Perkins hammy
Ash777: rofl that was hilarious
Troglodyte: lol Hind - put that vest back on right now
ballbag: do sumthing drew for ffs you are a stress i dont need
Bwad: Is that the worst kick eva? McGrath almost would have done better....
slydon: hind is the biggest dropkick in the afl. what an absolute flowering dud
elvundir: we're embarassing
Mikeagles: yep officially the worst kick eva
slydon: yup
sfenda1: charlie perkins
runners47: Yes, Drew - getting off the pine would be a start
Hughsy: i turned it off
Bwad: Very embarassing from Essendon. How can they win trade period every year but play like this?
naicosfan: Butters is so unselfish ffs
RuffLeader: Tough for Duursma, asks to go to Essendon, plays old team, and only two teammates decide to show up with him
navy_blues: give up on the edge next week cattle prod
Jaypa: What were you paying for overs Bwad?
Jack SC: Butters is destroying junk time
Troglodyte: Duursma probably had grand illusions of practicing his archery tonight
DidgeBird: go butters!!
original: Wish I took the overs on butters
Silz90: back from the toilet and i see that butters has raised the bat.. lets go
RuffLeader: To be fair Troglodyte, Duursma has actually been good
soup: Watching martin play footy is nauseating
naicosfan: Jhf is a gun 63% tog
Wo0lfeee: ying yang for Butters m0nteith
Silz90: jhf is rooboys fav player?
Brian00173: JHF also gunna have a juicy BE after this game
Pavs: Overshared a little bit there silz90 :)
naicosfan: Stringer is a spud
Troglodyte: Not too shabby Ruff
Troglodyte: Spot on Silz
RuffLeader: Rozee could be playing against no one and it'd still be more of a challenge than this
StPom: Martin gona be the worst AA ever
original: Bombers have no soul
ballbag: drew needs to learn to be open. 16 contested from 17 touches is ridiculous
Troglodyte: Lift Rozee!
RuffLeader: Haven't done for 23 years original
original: Pls no, Martin wonít be AA. Donít say that. God now Iím angry. Harris Andrewís will get it again watch
StPom: stuff of nightmares
Silz90: just pay the mark to butters ffs
happytimes: Why aren't the witches hats out
Jukes82: give parish the petrol gauge or yingyang. only 7 possies second half
original: Short qtr
original: Mcgrath last 8 mins on the pine. Multi ruined due to bench again
JaiDay12: Butters yin yang?
original: Bombers only using 57 interchange feels really low
Ash777: lol equal lowest score of the round
naicosfan: Will take a 120 butters, wouldíve helped if you showed up in the 2nd qtr
GinniFan: Onya Zerret
RuffLeader: Could've had 100 original, still a bunch of terrible footballers
soup: Has there ever been a more average player than martin to get 35+ twice in a row?
Birdman18: Good recovery from Butters
Ash777: duursma already wants back at port
Silz90: seagull for martin
naicosfan: Pretty sure hind was very close to it last year soup

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