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Gelly: what a shower timeslot
navy_blues: go north
thommoae: Good thing no games in Sydney this weekend.
Jaypa: awful timeslot
BigChief: Lets go Sheezel, Colby and Powell.
navy_blues: i like it lol
lana2146: If only it was that Sunny in Sydney lol its been pouring rain all day
BigChief: If Corr is on Cameron all day Charlie will have a huge day.
StPom: Second that bigchief. Sheez, Colby Powell
navy_blues: think this will be a flogging
BigChief: How clean is Sheezel? He is quickly becoming 1 of my favs
JohnHoward: xerri a dark horse for the brownlow
Silz90: Same chief. Hopefully ldu stinks it up again and he drops more money
Jack SC: Mckercher on the ball!
Gelly: lol
BigChief: Any chance Spudwood gets 8 disp today?
soup: Hipwood is atrocious
sheezel420: go crom
RooBoyStu: VC on Xerri
navy_blues: nevr thought hipwood was afl standard
StuL: No Pink. Hes a star.
navy_blues: 8th year and no improvement
soup: Neale could be a very good POD
Jack SC: Mckercher a CBA!
StuL: Only Sheezel in this so a bit of a bore
gazza39: Neale could double ton today
BigChief: navy he has actually gone backwards.
Curnowww: Bailey Scott can't do anything right
Georgeous: how many times can we handball it straight to a BL player?
navy_blues: he never gets dropped either which is weird chief
navy_blues: nice goal
JezEdwards: Geez, Xerri in for Grundy out might have been a masterstroke here!
StuL: xerri on fire
soup: Early call jez, Grundy does have wet toast tomorrow
RooBoyStu: Cape to Xerri
Raspel31: If nothing else, Powell can tackle.
BigChief: They should give Logan Morris Spudwoods spot. He at least kicks goals in ressies
JezEdwards: Touche, Soup.
StuL: Sheezle not the usual Sheez. i have faith
Manowar: Sheezel having a shocker!
Manowar: McKercher having a shocker!
bhg26: Narrow ground not good for half backs
Jack SC: They're not having shockers, the entire team isn't touching the ball
StuL: looks like its xerris turn to go huge
StPom: Anyone taking the 129 from Gawn last night or rolling the dice?
BigChief: Manowar having a shocker.
bhg26: Kinda still want to go Heeney vs wet toast stpom
JezEdwards: Pom, rolling the dice on Green C against Gold Coast.
Manowar: T. Powell having a shocker!
StuL: rolling the dice on green i think
BigChief: I am thinking 129 is bankable. Not sure yet.
JaiDay12: Manowar keep your opinions to yourself
Pavs: Glass still always half empty Manowar.
GinniFan: Took Gawn VC, 129 is good I don't wanna risk lower
StuL: normally i would bank but cant lose if i copy my oppo
BigChief: I just wish there was a mute option here.
Georgeous: Did Norf even get off the plane?
bhg26: Usually 125 is chief but you know, Heeney vs west coast
Silz90: what ever happened to the essendon supporter who had the spud icon
StuL: God has thec on xerri dont you god?
Silz90: Wahab?
nbartos: Powell 1 pozzy
Manowar: Clarkson make some moves, ya Donkey!
StuL: lets go sheez
bhg26: Wahab, thatís a name I havenít heard in many moons
BigChief: Exactly bhg and thats why I am not sure.
navy_blues: neale getting big score today
bhg26: Neale going for 60 touches
Pavs: Walrus silz90
Manowar: Powell back to the VFL next week
BigChief: Isn't Warlus a Tiger fan?
bhg26: Walrus was tigers pavs
Silz90: Manowar is Powell in your team?
BigChief: m0nty can you please try adding a mute option.
Pavs: Mr Walrus had the spud icon. I think?
StuL: after everyone jumped on powell he goes quiet
bhg26: Thank GOD manowar isnít in charge of selection
thommoae: You got the 'Wa' right Pavs.
StPom: Heeney against west coast could be huge
thommoae: Grundy worth a vc v WC anyone?
StuL: heeney or green will both go huge
BigChief: Who would be your loophole option Thommo?
Pavs: Nope wrong again Pavs
Manowar: Powell is not good, no chance of winning SC with Powell in your team! Trade ASAP
BigChief: Just delete you SC team and your FF account Manowar.
JockMcPie: hes had 1 touch. he'll be fine
Silz90: Okay you must right manowar. Have you already won the 50k
thommoae: Green BC
Manowar: BigChief you must be a Powell owner...Big Mistake
BigChief: Green Thommo? I meant who would you put the C on if Grundy goes huge? IE Livingstone.
AussieLion: Hi all. Go Lions
Ooost: Now watch Xerri finish on 95 :D
BigChief: Manowar I am but I am just sick and tired of your crap.
thommoae: Oh, sorry BC. Curtin.
circle52: I have taken Gawn VC score 129 Welcomed Coffield as Captain
bhg26: North canít hit a target to save themselves
thommoae: Nope not Curtin. (it's the timeslot's fault.) Barnett.
Manowar: BigChief thanks for the positive feedback!
Gelly: if only they had pink
StuL: we're probably being greedy not taking it circle. can understand taking it
AussieLion: Norths disposal is terrible
Jaypa: Corr is the worst footballer I've seen in the last decade
Silz90: Bootsma comes to mind jaypa
navy_blues: being greedy usually ends up badly too
BigChief: You can't use Curtin Thommo as Adel have played.
thommoae: Steady Jaypa. He was pretty solid for our boys ... then he moved to Norf.
bhg26: Power off fisher those are sheezels kick ins
BigChief: Can't use Barnett either as he plays Grundy. Would need to use someone who plays after Syd
circle52: For Lions supporters see what happens when Lohmann gets a full game.
Jaypa: Nah ive taken the Dubs days into account, hes still the worst
thommoae: Hm. can't use the timeslot as n excuse again, can I? I'll pull my head out of my alps and get back to you.
Gotigres: Jaypa, sch...ache
frenzy: they don't normally name sunday emergencies on friday?
StuL: keep going Sheezel
BigChief: Haha Thommo. Having WC playing early hurts loop.
Jukes82: not since 1982 frenzy
StuL: this neale bloke goes alright
Jaypa: Tiges hes at least kicked over a goal a game hes played, Corr doesnt do anything except be a def liability
BigChief: Cmon North you are making Spudwood look good.
navy_blues: WC named rawlinson who was my loop
frenzy: they have this week dukes
thommoae: I'm almost afraid to say ... Schoenmaker?
frenzy: *Jukes
DidgeBird: If we beat Lions last week and they are playing like this... we are in good shape?
BigChief: He works Thommo :)
soup: LDU has about two points in 30 minutes, lift you muppet
BigChief: frenzy they have named Sunday sides for years at approx 5pm Friday.
McLeod_23: LDU doesn't stick the tackles. Had about 4 not count
bhg26: Thank flower Tom Powell can tackle
thommoae: Rah! TWo strikes then an ugly broken bat blooper falls safely in the infield!
Jack SC: Why isn't Powell getting good scores for his tackles? He's had so many
BigChief: 32 points for tackles Jack and then 2 clangers makes his score right.
Jack SC: Jesus at least that was a good handball
Jaypa: Corr trying an interesting tactic defending Daniher, playing 2 metres off him
StuL: actually god has the c on neale
Jaypa: Hasnt worked thus far
All Reds: bought in hipwood
navy_blues: omg
navy_blues: omg Reds and u admit that in here ballsy
StuL: powell not great
Jack SC: Disagree re Powell. To be this bad so far and still able to tackle his way to half a score. Makes a shower game an 80
Jack SC: showerter*
BigChief: Which Nth mid is doing well today? At least Powell is trying to defend.
StuL: Sheezel getting busy
soup: What a quarter from sheez
Jukes82: lol 80, be lucky to get 60. wont lay 9 tackes in the 2nd half
AussieLion: Kick straight lads
StPom: Still surprising sheez is only 50% owned
Pavs: Definetly a must have StPom. Unfortunate for me dont have. Yet.
StuL: We love Sheezle
wadaramus: Looks like my starting punt on LDU is a fail and I should probably trade him and move on!
StuL: super consistent
Vich: powell cant have a million tackles every week.. a 50 just round the corner...
Silz90: Powell 10 tackles what's the record again
StuL: why would you trade LDU?
StPom: Who do you have instead pavs?
wadaramus: Because he is significantly underperforming?
Jukes82: wanna get him, have Ryan and Stewarrt instead. Not complaining
Jaypa: 20 tackles by Laird in 2022
Pavs: Ryan ,Stewart,Daicos,Massimo,Williams and Draper/Howe StPom
StPom: Daicos to Ryan might be my next move
Spifflicat: LDU started like a damp squib last year but from about round 6 onwards he went nuts
Pavs: Bit sideways StPom Daicos will come good
StuL: Daicos will bw fine
soup: Spliff LDU started with two 140+ scores last year
McLeod_23: LDU not running hard enough, seems in cruise control
Vich: try again spliff...or light up another one
BigChief: Damn Powell lost 11 at half time. FU CD
Jack SC: Spliff making shower up to sprout his own narrative.
StPom: Powell to get 20+ disposals killing my multi
Pavs: Never made a mistake Jack SC?
Spifflicat: Then 3 scores from 50-90 Jack
BigChief: Are Bris going to choke yet another game away? Surely not.
AussieLion: Lions are mentally soft
Hughsy: North building!!!
navy_blues: comeback time lol
StuL: yea ok wada. ldu sucks now
Silz90: Manowar works at champion data
wadaramus: He looks like such a jet, still waiting for him to mature into a premium.
Gelly: how did powell not get a tackle then?
StuL: powell tagging Neale
Spifflicat: Forgive me for only remembering the horrible bit
soup: Ball got loose maybe gelly, CD guy probably asleep also
wadaramus: Just watching him on telly now, he's either gassed out or does not really give a flower.
nbartos: powell wasted tagging
Gelly: tackle is when player doesnt dispose of ball, neale just dropepd it
BigChief: There is his tackle.
J_Herer: again... 3 votes Sheezel
soup: Lachie Neale playing shuffleboard out there herer?
BigChief: Meale, Daniher, Xerri, McGluggage all better than Sheezel today. and Dunkley
Georgeous: Spliff, in 2023 LDU went 143, 155 and then missed with injury. then went 102, 90 and missed with injury
Georgeous: so I am not sure you know who LDU is
Pavs: Georgeous with no other comments only to put the boots in. Why?
Bwad: The rage around the sheeple picking a 310k rookie in Powell is very delicious for a non owner/believer
Spifflicat: Yes, 90, 72, 59. Utterly moronic post gorgeous
navy_blues: nth supporter thats why
Troglodyte: Hmmm... which spud Norf player shoudl I trade into my team this week?
J_Herer: perhaps you will understand it this way. again... 3 fantasy football votes Sheezel playing on North
Troglodyte: Considering Comben...
Georgeous: yes he did go 90, 72, miss with injury and 59
Georgeous: but then after that, did go lower than 94 and went 4 games of 120+ in a row
Pavs: Yawn
Bwad: Both of my opponents and the YT "experts" all went Powell. I'm loving it.... Give me those points and cash
StuL: powell would want to get moving
Georgeous: I may be moronic Spliff, but at least I am not delusional
Troglodyte: Forget LDU - Greenwood is the next up and coming uber premo... talk about him instead...
JockMcPie: for me, powell makes cash and then gets turned into a premium. hes not a keeper
soup: McKercher very stiff today, has been missed as an easy target nearly half a dozen times
Troglodyte: I'm delusional - its great fun you should try it!
Spifflicat: As I said, forgive me only remembering the horrible bit
Bwad: Need Powell to get 15 for a multi, Would have been nice to get half of those soup haha
Bwad: *McKercher, excuse me. I'm focused on Powell being awful...
StuL: Those YT experts generally outrank my crud score bwad but they did all talk up Powell
BigChief: Bwad powell has a BE of -6 and will go up over 100k in last 2 weeks. Can't knock back easy $$$
wadaramus: Fair dinkum, should just perma VC/C Sheezel every week.
Bwad: You can when he's a 310k rookie I reckon Cheif. StuL, I'm just stirring as usual. But I hated him as a pick,
Bwad: Don't reckon he's net positive with what many would have had to trade to make that potential 100k
Bwad: Let's cheer for 6 possies from McK for Bwad, all other multi legs are in
Silz90: Comben 227k foward
sheezel420: Powell on track for most tackles ever, if you didnt think north would have games like this you were kidding yourself
OffaStep: Sometimes when I go to the footy I wish I was sitting in the members stand, away from the hoi polloi..
StuL: You could wada if in doubt. But he doesnt get the 150s you want from your mid c
J_Herer: North struggling without Pink today
StuL: They miss his 13 SC point game herer
BigChief: I traded Sexton to Powell last week so was I wrong to do so Bwad?
StuL: powell could still get a 70-80. could not sure he will
bhg26: Yes BigChief, trading in a player with 90 percent Cbas who scored basically 2 tons was a terrible idea
Bwad: No idea of your side and trade Chief, but I think Powell is an uber expensive rookie. Looking correct today...
BigChief: Thought so bhg. I should just trade in spuds.
StuL: about time mckercher was quiet. my oppo always have him and he always smashes it
soup: Fisher is such a kick-in merchant, and yes I traded him out
Bwad: I would have thought a small ground should suit Powell though, I was never interested in him given his price...
Pavs: I can help with the advice on trading in spuds Chief
PAFC4eva: evening all whats the beef wiyh powell isnt cash gen king
StPom: Sexton to Powell was an easy move. Heíll bounce back
PigeonPies: ive learned my lesson, powell to max king
Bwad: PAFC no beef, bit of discussion and some pot stirring.
Vich: simpkin a pure dud this season
FlaggersXD: Powell is fine role is good
Bwad: My team is missing Sheezel, nobody is perfect hahaha
Pavs: 200k difference StPom wouldn't think that was easy
soup: Doesn't sound like bwad to be stirring the pot..
StuL: Sad Powell owners today
Bwad: Pavs, exactly.
PigeonPies: powell is pushing
Curnowww: LDU keeping me thankful I got rid of him
Bwad: Not like me is it Soup? Unheard of.
bhg26: Outlier game from Powell. Brisbane are just bullying north. None of the north mids are getting touches
BigChief: 85% cba for a fwd at 310k you say no too? Fair enough.
Silz90: All the good teams have Powell anyway. Hopefully he hits 85
bhg26: And hes still on 80 fantasy
StuL: Sheezle keep going. get your usual 120-30
PAFC4eva: Ok this game is over down the road to AO ps powell goes bang
naicosfan: Powell will hopefully get to an 80 u guys are overreacting.
Bwad: I'm still salty I don't know how to get a Carlton logo next to my name, that's why I'm so abrasive in here...
nbartos: McKercher worse than Powell today
Manowar: Powell
StuL: xerri slowed down. i guess why hes a pod.
Curnowww: Its alright Bwad everyones a carlton fan at heart anyways
Jack SC: Powell having a quarter!
bhg26: Used to just be able to go to your profile and change it bwad but cant anymore
soup: Naicos you must be mistaken, surely there wouldn't be any overreacting in a FF chat
StuL: neale subbbed.
BigChief: Haha Neale pwners
StPom: Easy when you drop windhager after one game pavs lol
Curnowww: Not gonna take Gawn VC you reckon C on green butters or heeney
Bwad: I'm just a pleb bhg, as my opinons clearly show
Jukes82: jumping on the bandwagaon huh lol, almost impossible to miss when you register unless done on purpose
BigChief: owners*
Silz90: If comben backs this up next week he is a handy downgrade
soup: Comben is gonna be tempting if he has another good game next week
Bwad: Don't be so hasty, you own the most expensive rookie of all time Chief
Pavs: Thats fair StPom :)
Bwad: Daddy needs McK possessions
StuL: too bad if you have neale. think of supercoach coach
BigChief: Bwad you do realise Powell has been in the AFL system since 2021 right. Not a rookie.
clay007: Powell repaying the faith in those that have him
Bwad: I know mate, but he's essentially a rookie. How many games has he played?
StuL: i see neale may be injured.
Bwad: Comben, god damn son....
clay007: Bwad vs Big Chief, closer than this game.
bhg26: Nearly 50 bwad
BigChief: 50th game next week I think.
BigChief: clay more fun between us as well.
clay007: Lol Big chief
StuL: lots of huge scores but yet i own no lion. you donr play north every week tho
PigeonPies: what am i going to do with ldu...
Silz90: powel -6 break even. projected to go up 40k
Lions1980: 6 day turn around neale had ankle issues b4 game they r resting him
PigeonPies: combden has been elite
Pavs: Just warming up for the next game lads and lasses
soup: Pigeon I'm in the same boat, have to hold unfortunately
OffaStep: May I recommend Powell to Hipwwod, Stu?
BigChief: Next game might have a similar margin
clay007: Is Rayner one of the worst Number 1 draft picks ever?
BigChief: Blue moon game for Spudwood surely m0nty.
Bwad: 2 more please McK, not a big ask
soup: Pink not getting back into this side, funny how there were blokes knocking those that didn't trade him in last week
StuL: i dont have Powell. yea i dont think so offa
Bwad: For those of you unaware, I think Big Chief is a reasonable poster on here. There's no beef from my end.
Bwad: Surely we can have some fun? I am a pot stirrer/shower poster clearly
naicosfan: I think I heard on some podcast last week that pink didnít have good job security.
BigChief: None here either Bwad.
OffaStep: Oh well. Similar prices but Hip only averaging 30 less. Has played more and definitely not a rookie.
clay007: All good bwad, entertaining is the word that springs to mind. You are entitled to an opinion, and you both argue well.
BigChief: Bwad you know Colby will end on 14 just to annoy you.
StuL: North needed pink today. hes a champ
RuffLeader: Early doors, but Comben looks great as an intercept defender, reads it well, athletic and seems to rarely double grab
Silz90: can we all agree on something, its parma not parmi right?
Bwad: Yeah, thanks for that mate. plow.
naicosfan: Def Parma
Bwad: Parma. No debate.
StPom: Leaning towards Gawn VC.. safety first
clay007: Agreed Big Chief, and Powell will finish with 100 pts, labelling him the best 50 game rookie
bhg26: Yes silz, im sure no one would argue over such a thing
StuL: it can be either silz i think
Troglodyte: Parmi. Its Gather round - respect the local customs
BigChief: 227k fwd for Comben if he scores 80 next week is he an option as a cash cow?
JockMcPie: powell down to comben for sure
clay007: What do they call flake in Adelaide?
RuffLeader: Thatís what Iím thinking Chief!
soup: BC role is average but might be a must-have for that cash gen
wadaramus: When is anything shortened with an a on the end, it's always a y?
OffaStep: Market research from 2022 - 45% say Parmi and 35% say Parma.
Bwad: Comben looks very likely I reckon
BigChief: Prob gummy clay LOL
StuL: comben is a star
Bwad: Keep your gloves up Chief, theres another game...
clay007: Could not believe you cannot buy flake in adelaide. You can't buy a pot of beer either. Gather Round, respect the locals
StuL: sheezle IS a gun
BigChief: No moon for Hipwood m0nty?
wadaramus: We used to drink Butchers and Schooners, now it's just Pints and Imperial Pints!
clay007: Stu is spreading the positive vibes. Stu is a champ
Troglodyte: You can buy flake anywhere in SA clay. Probably just not that fleabag hostel you are stay at...
BigChief: I only have margarine next game Bwad.
clay007: You lie trog...surely
Bwad: flower terrible SC poster Chief.... Oh.... Same. VC margarine. shower.
StPom: If youíre not drinking pints, are you really drinking at all
OffaStep: I slept a a cheap hostel in Adelaide and woke up with flake. Took ages to clear up.
Bwad: **runs away**
clay007: Lol Offa, you got off lightly
BigChief: run Bwad? shower I struggle to walk straight lines.
Bwad: Limp. Sounds like a fair compromise for both of us...
Bwad: flower Powell owners, always making us slow down...

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