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J.Worrall: Go Dees - use the Crows supporters to drive you at them!
Troglodyte: Gather Round people!
cherry9: Tipping Crows. Preparing for weekend ruined. (not)
cherry9: But pls show something lads. Due
cherry9: Sheesh. Am tipping. Not ruined regardless. Gimme a beer Ö
amigaman: Two good clubs, hope it's a close game
Pavs: Evening all. How happy is m0nty to have Butts back :)
Troglodyte: Cherry has gone Wild - needs some funky music... or Crom to win...
cherry9: Kept Berry E for one price rise. Might get on early, who knows
DidgeBird: GL this week everyone.. I miss a regular scoring round... No idea where my team is at because of bye rounds
wadaramus: Seymour.
JezEdwards: Evening all. Go Dees! VC on Gawn - fingers crossed.
bhg26: Watch billings go 120+ after everyone traded him out
StuL: Got the VC on Gawn this week.
Spifflicat: Just said the same in my league chat BHG
StuL: nah Billings sucks. i doubt it
Troglodyte: I want How-E Power to go big, but worried crom won't spend anytime in offsence tonight :(
Fromage: At the game
frenzy: howdy
bhg26: Whats with crouchs tog?
cherry9: How are we tipping Jordan to go tonight.
wadaramus: Fritsch begging for deliberate is such a pathetic look.
Ash777: traded dawson out so 100+
cherry9: Big one from JD for me. Not my problem tho thankfully, yet
Raspel31: Hard for The Crows to come back from here.
Gotigres: I traded out S Berry and Rankine. Obviously Rankin will now kick 6 goals on his way to 150+ and Berry will come on early
StuL: i traded windsor so watch him do better than lame. Just had to get dempsey
Silz90: Your not wrong bhg
Raspel31: Trading out Bonts next week. Why the sideways moves lads?
Badgerbadg: Far out adelaide oval looks mint when itís at capacity.
Silz90: Howes still on the bench lol
JohnHoward: bring in green for wines, or save 60-70k and bring in touk/rowell?
StuL: i almost started dempsey so it was grinding me. yea prob wouldnt make that trade but for we have 40
Silz90: Green is a top 5 mid imo is touk or Rowell are keepers?
StuL: cone on big max
StPom: Green. Dempsey or Darcy and cash is killing me
Jack SC: I'm basically anti poddling this entire game lol
JaiDay12: Silz u must be taking the mick,I'm convinced you havent watched Touk all year
BigChief: May will struggle to play the game out.
OffaStep: Mayday! Mayday!
DidgeBird: I thought May was expressing to the bench then
Badgerbadg: I donít understand why dees risked May for this one
Jack SC: Crouch and Gawn the most owned big bois in this game. Gotta hope for nothing from both. They've been killing me
clay007: Rankin amazing, so clean below is knees.
Silz90: We will see mate. He is a gun but there is a lot of top end midfielder to choose from
StuL: capt green will go huge.
Silz90: And I didn't say either gold coast boys weren't top 8... I just asked the question lol
beerent11: Big watch on clarry here. 1 or 2 more price drops and heís in
StuL: Gawn can score quick. lets go Max
Hughsy: VC on McVee tonight!
Jack SC: Clarry post bye will go bang. He might sit at his score for that week and I'm planning him in around round 8
Stu7: Go Maxy pads
PAFC4eva: evening all the crom come to play tonight?
Manowar: Gawn Spud
beerent11: OíBrien restricts rucks.
Jack SC: Only thing restricting Gawn so far is clangers. He needs to go quiet real quick
Manowar: retire walker
wadaramus: If you call playing kicking it to May like Stewart, the Crows are on fire.
StuL: wtf has has happened to oliver. keeps fslling in price
clay007: Traded Salem this week for Keane, Salem was killing me and I needed the cash
Stu7: Come on Crouchy
PAFC4eva: Stewart plays for the crows wada ha ha
BigChief: Dees mids need to lift.
wadaramus: Crows back to last years form, kicking inaccurately.
frenzy: no pre season Stul
Jack SC: stuL do you follow football? He's got a broken hand and was out for a month in pre season. He's gonna struggle until bye
Jukes82: Do you think Oliver will come good later in the season?
beerent11: Among other issues Jack sc
clay007: Geez, Howes playing well...not
StuL: i knew he was injured pre season jack but if hes not fit why is he playing
Raspel31: Feel free to join the fun Tracca.
Hughsy: i chose draper over keane... flower
Silz90: Great spoil Howes that's worth 10 points
Jack SC: He wasn't Injured preseason. He was out for mental health reasons.
frenzy: to keep Billings company
Stu7: Damn Hughsy
StuL: stuck with Howes on the ground. Not again
BigChief: Lowest disp count is 23 for Clarry StuL. He is still getting the ball okay.
original: Iím a lover of SuperCoach but think ruck scoring is inflated
Gotigres: I only have one player Absolutely rivetting stuff.
beerent11: Uh oh. I wouldnít have wanted to have traded Smokey out this week. Looks ominous.
Hughsy: Oh howes
Gotigres: Howes is my player.
beerent11: Looping Howes with zilliams
Jack SC: Lmao after 26 last week he was gonneee this week for me
Raspel31: Mainly about you but not all about you Gotigres.
wadaramus: Effort is good, skills are just deplorable.
StuL: ROB goes well against Gawn is proving so.
Bwad: It's gotta hurt being a Crom fan, knowing your club took the vanilla midgets in McHenry & Jones with what was on offer.
Jack SC: After 26 last week Howes was gone for me this week upgraded.
beerent11: Bwad comes in swinging
Silz90: What's your rank jack
Silz90: What's a vanilla midget lol
beerent11: Gawn still on track for 140
Bwad: As always Beer... Just my style
RooBoyStu: Glad I got rid of Howes, he's cooked, brick wall
Jack SC: Around 20k so far. Team well placed after taking green and Touk to the bye
Gotigres: I'm just looking for sympathy Raspel
Jukes82: coaches must hate yeo and crouch, dont get the game time they deserve
Stu7: Gawn nice work mate
Jack SC: This has got to be the single worst chat feature I've ever used lol.
StuL: back on track since i commented beer
Silz90: Yeo was robbed by champion data last week. Don't get me started
Pavs: I feel bad for you Gotigres.
beerent11: 200 watch on mcvee
Jukes82: lol nah he had 9 clangers at about 40% lol
StuL: Again with the minus Howe? Unbelivable.
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
GinniFan: Decided to gives Howes and Billings one more game, on the bench to loop. Looks like they're both sold next week
beerent11: How silz?
StuL: Billings on fire too
Silz90: Dunno one of the youtubers said it this week.
Hughsy: Optimistic beer.
Bwad: I love seeing Billings struggle. Reaffirms my commitment to not picking soft players.
Gotigres: Thanks Pavs.
beerent11: Maths Hughesy
StuL: Gawn to go huge this qtr
Mikeagles: other than billings crouch has the lowest TOG of all players???
Hughsy: Optimistic maths
beerent11: Yeah thatís because heís rubbish mikeagles
wadaramus: Kick it long and high to Ned McHenry, excellent game plan Nicks.
Bwad: If Billings was a rookie pick, he would have played 30 games, max....
beerent11: The best kind Hughesy
Silz90: Wow Billings
Hughsy: lmao
Bwad: LOL. Case in point
Jukes82: lol billings
Ash777: lmao billing
Gotigres: That kick explains why I never really considered Billings.
GinniFan: Billing you spud
soup: Sucked in Billings you bozo
wadaramus: The Crows get beaten in 1-1 marking contests almost every time.
Silz90: Most hated player for 2024 is...
original: Poor billingís owners
wadaramus: Yet they kick it long to a contest every time?
Loggy17: good rookie Billings call Bwad
BigChief: Billings was okay 1st 2 years and then he read his own publicity.
beerent11: Heís not playing next week. Poor bugger.
navy_blues: fritsch so selfish
Raspel31: Howes owners- and I am amongst you- at least we don't own Ben Brown.
Ash777: billings will always be the player saints mistakenly took before bont
laneymate: I love Max Gawn
Bwad: Chief, I agree. After that they just tried to rely on him coming good. He is ridiculously soft and underwhelming.
BigChief: Fritsch just ducked in the square. He heard footsteps.
Bwad: Loggy, it's true. Been living off potential for a decade....
Silz90: Saint supporter Brad?
Deelight: Carn Crouchy
Troglodyte: Brown will come good Rasp - he's just getting a big run up...
beerent11: Afl footy is so easy from the couch
original: Will forever rue dropping Gawn from my side after his round 0 performance
BigChief: Woohoo I am only 400 points off 1st spot LOL
Getup: Good hand ball billings
navy_blues: great smother
mooses: is laird hurt
Getup: Im only 1k off bc
mooses: hes back
Jack SC: I'm gonna have nightmares about not going Gawn
Badgerbadg: Trac cooking up a Brownlow this year
StPom: To think we took Billings pick 3 and Bont went 4 wow
frenzy: ouch original
Bwad: That's a killer Pom. We all have one of those I reckon. Unfortunately St. Kilda have a few...
beerent11: 531 off here
Pevo: At least Billings doing better than Oliver.
Raspel31: Brown has gained a point from looking longingly at the ball.
StuL: Saints are a rabble StPom is why
BigChief: StPom don't forget Cripps 13 and Zerrett 26.
Jukes82: @StPom, settle down mate. Still not as bad as picking tambling over buddy
beerent11: How could anyone not start Gawn at 583k?
Bwad: Oliver is going to be cheap in a few weeks. Just whether or not he has a win at the Pokes could chnage a few things...
Bwad: It's pretty close Jukes...
cherry9: Is htb still in the rulebook?
slydon: lol roo got absolutely lost there
Silz90: People got scared from r0 beer. But gawn is notorious for scoring low in his first game of the year
Hughsy: boutta say the same thing cherry
Jack SC: Knee and round 0 was scary and bye. Felt with his age was high risk.
BigChief: Jukes didnt you get a 1st and 3rd rd pick from Adel for him?
Bwad: C'mon Windsor, repat the faith brother
JockMcPie: flower max gawn
cherry9: Is htb still in the rule book?
original: Htb
Silz90: Vc gawn is looking good
Jack SC: What's the point of holding the ball any more. It's dead. That's flowered.
Bwad: They did Chief, but then they Richmonded evern more with those picks...
Jukes82: true mate but those 2 picks turned into duds anyway
Raspel31: Is it possible to have Gawn as both rucks?
Stu7: Not wrong Silza
clay007: What does Gawn need to get to lock in the Captain's score?
original: On Gawn, Grundy absolutely showed how to manage him at centre bounce, no one copying his tactics tho
slydon: vc gawn is looking very good indeed silz
beerent11: Good call silz. Thought OíBrien might slow him down around the ground. Went butters instead.
StPom: Zerrett 26 is a joke Chief
StuL: windsor will break out now i traded him.
BigChief: Haha I just looked and they were worse than Tambling.
Stu7: Crouch is having an unbelievable start to the year
Bwad: Matt Crouch accumulates quickly... Hard watch as a non owner.
StuL: have a rest Howes
Getup: I'm flowering know where howe billings please lift 🤣
Pavs: 135 would do me clay007
Jack SC: flower that weak as power. What is going on with rules these years
wadaramus: How was that bump a down the ground free?
clay007: Thanks Pavs. I have the captain on serong, could not trust Bevo and the Bont this week.
Raspel31: Thank golly Howes score is below the pop-up advertising.
bhg26: Well howes has ruined my trade plans, insteading of getting rid of laz and bringing in sexy flanders
bhg26: I get rid of zach reid and bring in whitfield so i dont get howes' score
Pavs: Not sure wada. Probably should smother but ?
Catatafish: Ffs Howes, at least make your BE
Ash777: The sooner the fox deal comes in next year the sooner the back of BT
Bwad: Damn sexy flanders BHG
beerent11: Slow burn catatafish
Jack SC: Do not waste a trade on Reid will be back soon enough. Should've traded Howes this week.
shancrows: Dirty flowering Pickett
Bwad: Howes getting subbed surely? He's on my bench but it's still not handy
Badgerbadg: Billings have no clutch
original: Holding Reid
Bwad: Reid is a KPD with huge injury history. He is a shocking hold IMO.
beerent11: Itís all pretty rough on a rookie.
clay007: The fritsch is on the blink
Gotigres: Do something Howes. Billings is getting away from you.
wadaramus: Kicking it straight to opposition defenders is becoming tiresome.
original: Shoulda traded Reid to pink I guess
bhg26: Not fielding a 10 jack. Lost Wines, laz, sexton and hore so howes down the list of priority trade outs
Getup: Billings n howes both involved there
StuL: i still have Reid. might as well keep him now if i dont have to trade
BigChief: wada everyone kicks it to May and Lever.
Jukes82: no good rookie to bring in for reid, im just holding unless something changes
Jack SC: What are you smoking original..... Pink was dropped why should you have traded.
Getup: Pink out original or you being sarcastic?
Ash777: Pink has been dropped
Catatafish: I didn't call him a spud yet, at least, beer lol
Getup: Freo defender jukes?
original: Sarcasm lads. Being told Reid a bad hold when heíll be back in a few weeks and thereís no good options rn
wadaramus: And McDonald...
Jukes82: lol Keane, have a guinness mate
BigChief: OMG Billings is 1/2 way to his BE. How is that possible hehe.
original: Tru the freo bloke
Jukes82: draper, yeah got him for coff already mate
Bwad: I guess I'm just lucky not to have started Reid. Didn't have that conundrum. I wouldn't want to have him regardless...
StuL: howes has 10 points more than last week
Ash777: no top 8 for crows it looks like
Raspel31: Brown up to 3 which defies the laws of mathematics?
PAFC4eva: Anybody knows if bont carrying a injury?
wadaramus: power poor goal kicking again. Same shower as last year, flowering pathetic.
Bwad: Brown gets 2 points out of sympathy, look at at the bloke...
PAFC4eva: Thinking bont to green yay or nay?
StuL: Howes might need to go but who to?
wadaramus: Double donut for Ben Brown.
Pavs: Don't believe so PAFC they had the game in hand early last week so had a little rest
StPom: Kia Aloisi hahaha flower me
Bwad: I think Howes could go to Worner, otherwise traded out when DPP comes in (McK etc.) StuL
BigChief: wada is tha p155 or Power (Port) goal kicking LOL
Raspel31: Paf- why on earth not have them both? Sideways trade?
bhg26: Ill be doing the second option bwad
wadaramus: Despite my dislike for Power, it is p155!
Bwad: I think so BHG, luckily he is bench for me so I don't have to rush. I know DEF is a huge issue, but not for me.
amigaman: Keane just lost 15 points in one hit. How can CD do that?
Bwad: Shame Sexton didn't fire on that same note
bhg26: Thats why ill probably trade whitters in for reid, dont really want to field howes if he has a terrible score
bhg26: Just means i have to field Harley Reid
BigChief: amiga he gave away the 50m penalty which is big loss of points.
beerent11: flower it. Trade em all.
Jukes82: glad i dont have sexton, dont have to deal with that conumdrum
StPom: Surely Reid gotta tonne up soon
bhg26: You'd think StPom but struggling to accumulate with low tog
amigaman: Thanks @BigChief. 15 points still seems a little over the top
Pavs: Sam Darcy anyone?
bhg26: Have to trade him in pavs but waiting for lobb to kick another 5 in the vfl and darcy loses his spot
StuL: my oppo is predicted to get 1768 sonehow. should be easy win finally
Catatafish: Hodge doing ads for MoneyMe now, flower off
Raspel31: Stul go out and celebrate now- an elephant could land on your team and your cap could commit seppuku and you'd still win
frenzy: too many passenger rookies
StPom: Hopefully a month of afl in the legs will help the tog bhg
StuL: sure Raspel. im 0-2 so pleased to hsve a soft game
Stu7: 40 point quarter Gawny
circle52: Hi Guys Juist home and have had to reasees my trades with Sexton Out.
circle52: Sexton to Darcy and Dawson to green
bhg26: Wow Ben Brown is playing
circle52: means I am holding both Fyfe and Jordan
original: Cmon howes
wadaramus: What the absolute flower is wrong with the Crows field kicking?
wadaramus: And marking.
circle52: Brisbane gave them lessons today Wada
JezEdwards: Is Dawson just allowed to drop the ball now? Geez
original: No more points Gawn plz
Gotigres: Melbourne should take a cautious approach with Gawn and sub him out soon.
Bwad: I'm torn, financially I need Brown to kick a Saus,but SCwise I don't want Howes subbed.
Bwad: Langdon sub to appease both of my vices?
clay007: Why does the crouching one spend so much time on the pine?
circle52: Keep going though VC Gawn
soup: Unreal how fast howes is getting traded at 9pm sunday
wadaramus: For goodness sake, the umps are deadset flogs.
Spifflicat: Gawn as VC has my Step Ones feeling a little snug
Bwad: Even though I own, I hope Gawn goes 115 to confuse VC peeps. I missed it by seconds placing VC on him hahaha
StuL: Slow start for Gawn this qtr. He will explode soon
wadaramus: That includes the Dawson drop Jez.
TimT14: That's a soft free
Lachie_H: i think gawns likely to get the red vest - he's done enough
Bwad: Yeah, that's very likely Lachie...
JezEdwards: With you, Wada. I'm trying to remain unbiased and agree that there's been shocking calls on both sides tonight!
W3stcoast1: Doubt. Gawnz will get red vest. Sounds like. Something so obe who doesn't have him would say
Gotigres: Don't do anything Howes, my opp has you.
Stu7: Go crouching tiger
W3stcoast1: I've got gawns and petracca in this game
StuL: cone on big max
Spifflicat: That was brain dead from Parnell
wadaramus: If NIcks can't see our kicking is woeful he is just blissfully ignorant.
Raspel31: I've got Brown and butts W3st.
sc_mvp: fttv community advocated all dawson owners to jump ship. can't believe they forgot that you ALWAYS hold your premos!
BigChief: Burgess subbed.
LuvIt74: Billings the best buy of the season...
Stu7: Nothing like a Brown Butts Raspa
bhg26: Crouch has such quick hands
StuL: burgess playing like he did at Gc.
beerent11: That used to be the case when we had 28 trades sc_mvp. 40 trades has changed the game for the worse in my humble.
Stu7: Bhg26 heís also got a square ass from sitting on the bench all the time
Silz90: When sc_mvp
Raspel31: Crouch between Brown Butts not looking good.
bhg26: And despite that stu he still gets 110+. Insane
Gotigres: Lovely flying through the air by Howes
cherry9: dive like an Italian soccer player
Stu7: Raspa lol
Stu7: I know right Bhg26
clay007: Crouch back on bench
Pavs: Great pass Howes
Silz90: Howes on fire
original: Goal assist great work howes. Cape
Gotigres: yes, great pass Pavs, even though he was going for goal
Badgerbadg: Howes will drop out once Hore and Bowey are back
Gotigres: no points to Howes for GA
cherry9: Fog can really dob it. Spectacular skill
StuL: Gawn we need a ton at least this qtr
Pavs: CD didn't see the side eye Gotigres definete pass
shancrows: Contact Gawn kick it out on the full
shancrows: Auto correct ^ come on
Kidult: Yeh a missed shot on goal doesn't get anything for a pass/score assist.
original: Who are they to decide that wasnít a pass from howes ffs looked like it off the boot
Badgerbadg: If not adelaide, where else would you like to see Gather Round and what grounds host games?
LuvIt74: Glad i didn't fall for the Billings trap & glad i got rid of Dawson early
Doggie Doo: Forget Gawn being Captain
Gotigres: Hi Kidult. That's not good. Howes needs every point he can get.
RooBoyStu: @Badgerdahg Mauritius
navy_blues: this could go anywhere
Kidult: Hey, yeh unfortunate that he was the best of the rookies.
Getup: Dam it so close billings
Gotigres: Exactly original
bhg26: I certainly knew where it wasnt going navy
frenzy: lol roo
clay007: Will Keane getting points for that last seagull kick in when the siren went?
Kidult: Just needs to be a warm body until he can reset hopefully.
wadaramus: Gee whiz, our offence is offensive.
beerent11: Must get boring being right all the time luvit. Didnít start Dawson but will bring him in at a good price.
Silz90: Billings could be close to 75 if we kicked straight
beerent11: Smokey will still ton.
Jaypa: Surely billings easy sub here dont overthink this dees
Spifflicat: Agreed Wada, not sure what has changed
Raspel31: Howes could ton up if he got the ball more- and so we ponder.
wadaramus: Our efficiency is deplorable, skills are unacceptable.
StuL: max to go big this qtr
wadaramus: Taking far too long to move the ball on.
Lachie_H: howes seems scared of the footy - getting dropped indefinitely next week
BigChief: I think you mean never get it right and lie in chat beerent.
wadaramus: Melbourne have an open forward line and ours is congested.
wadaramus: Kickig it sideways, from one wing to the other, only to bomb it long anyway!
wadaramus: Bomb it long from the start if that's your showerty plan!
Silz90: Turn over killing your mob wada
Gotigres: That's the way Howes, tackle up the points
Silz90: Massive tackle from Howes can he double his score cmon
Pavs: A little bit of scaling Howes can get his BE tonight
cherry9: Melb kick those. We miss em. Pushing shower uphill
shancrows: Pickett must be a racist he only goes after white players I'm just saying
original: Please get on laird and get 5 touches
Spifflicat: Time to stop posting Shan.
Stu7: What VC score is a keeper for Gawn?
Raspel31: Wondering the same for Tracca-135?
frenzy: dollar thirty
Stu7: Iím talking DT points
cherry9: Honestly Melb not required to dispose correctly
Silz90: 125 for me
Wo0lfeee: Sigh/eyeroll @shancrows
clay007: Laird been off the whole qtr
Stu7: Iíd be keeping Trac Raspa as VC
shancrows: It's a factual statement given his history and he's gonna cop another suspension lol.
Stu7: Laird lame game Time
Stu7: Come on Gawn get moving
TorturedSC: Shan, I thought you were joking, clearly you've just lost your mind
navy_blues: all i say shancrows look at your own sides history b4 commenting
wadaramus: How the flower do we keep kicking it to the key defenders, for flower sake man.
sheezel420: Crouch only gets the cheap handballs and turns it over when he kicks it, idk how he's on 91
Bwad: I don't undertsand what the Crows are trying to do. Defensively chip their way to victory? What is this?
Spifflicat: Posting while drinking, is never a great look
Gotigres: Howes survives. If he goes big he might get to 40
wadaramus: Chippy Chippy is Nick's nick name.
RooBoyStu: Crouch ying yang
original: Get howes on!
RooBoyStu: Hinge blue moon
Bwad: Spiff, enjoy church on Sunday. The rest of us will doas we please...
Wo0lfeee: I'll loop Howes for fitty
JezEdwards: Wada, I'm going biased now. How the flower can players just drop the ball?! Sheesh. SO many of them missed.
FlaggersXD: RooBoy muppet
clay007: Geez Lever handled the decision well.
Getup: That's a flowering stupid free lever
Badgerbadg: Get Max back on the ground now
Gotigres: Completely agree Jez
circle52: HTB seems to be a lottery this year
BigChief: Is he the Gobbledock wada?
Bwad: C'mon Brown, give daddy a goal
RooBoyStu: @FloggersXD lol
original: Howes +25 for that surely
Gotigres: There was a bit of Basil Fawlty about Lever with that jump clay
Bwad: Howes gets his BE.
navy_blues: brown subbed lol
JezEdwards: I mean, I'll fall on my sword as a Dees man when there's a free (eg: Lever just before), but SOOO many dropped balls
BigChief: That will be tough from the red vest bwad
Silz90: im taking 50 for howes or im trading reid to someone else
wadaramus: Gobble something BC.
clay007: Rachelle, Crapelle
original: Cape for howes
Getup: Howes great mark
original: This mark and kick to count for 25 sc for gawn
frenzy: bwad luck with brown
Silz90: howes huge last qtr lol
bhg26: Pay the mark umps you grubs, we dont want frees
Gotigres: C'mon Howes get to 50
Jack SC: Gawn is the most over rated SC scorer. He gets given everything for breathing
Getup: Billings goal to finish them would be nice
Silz90: surely your trolling jack... have you ever watched marcus lol
frenzy: get him in Jack
Pavs: In your side Jack sc?
thommoae: Bt - how many times do you wanna make the point?
RuffLeader: Billingís arms turn into cooked spaghetti whenever he tries to tackle
bhg26: Get on Crouch
Spifflicat: 3 goals in 3 mins or season over Crows
frenzy: Keane as mustard
Jack SC: Gawn holds a throws the opposition ruck almost every time. The free last week against finlayson went the wrong way.
Getup: Billings off 55 it is
Raspel31: Guess Tracca gets the nod.
Stu7: Not wrong Raspa
original: Laird back to the bench?! Ya kidding
GinniFan: Loophole Gawn at this score or go Bont?
Spifflicat: Nicks wondering what his job is in 2025
J_Herer: Clary going to be real cheap
Kidult: They signed him early this season lol
Jack SC: If people take the 125 VC I'm actually ok with that Gawn score. Think there are some massive scores coming
GinniFan: Or C Zerret
soup: Good recovery howes, handy bit of coin before you leave
Jukes82: spuds usually are cheap
frenzy: except in a famine
Manowar: Very disappointed with u Gawn
Stu7: Yeah shower finish Gawn
loginpaul: I'm going to end it - loginpaul

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