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StuL: Afternoon gents. Interested to see Hustwaite
Stu7: Afternoon StuL who do you have in this game?
Stu7: Iíve got Stewart and Ambo
StuL: i had mannagh buz hes dropped. i guess he was a mistake. just clark now
Stu7: Yeah Iíve got them both but on the bench
BigChief: Massimo and Holmes for me.
navy_blues: ambo dempsey and clark
Stu7: Hey navy I saw your shot at me yesterday about port losing, didnít know you had the likes for port?
navy_blues: well just thought it was a bit off seeing your team folded thats all
AussieLion: Afternoon all. Hoping for a close one.
PAFC4eva: Folded more like choked
Stu7: It wasnít directed at you so wondered why you bought in, thatís cool though.
BigChief: Hawks have started well. Lets see if they can keep it up
Stu7: Hey Aussie
Roarix: Ive noticed its just navy being navy stu
navy_blues: its ok stu dont stress new day new game
Stu7: I stress navy just checking in bro
StuL: Come on Clark. better than 13 if possible. go us
hipo_sc: hi
hipo_sc: hi
AussieLion: Get some pill please Clark
Ash777: that was not a free
Drak: Can't understand why scott persisted with stanley. Conway is so much better. Stanley is a potato.
Stu7: Hey hipo
thommoae: What's a defender to do?
AussieLion: Hi Hipo
StuL: About time we had a ruckman
BigChief: Conway will be a great ruck, he is just a very skinny kid atm.
circle52: Got to play the script for Hawkins 350
hipo_sc: someone gotta man up on stew ffs
LionBoy: Hi all. Amon looking good early
bhg26: Does Jhye Clark want to turn up to the game at some stage
navy_blues: commentator clowns again i see
AussieLion: Clark hello
Stu7: Sicily you dill
Ash777: sack mitchell
Jukes82: the wizard! lol
Roarix: And thats when you gotta be selfish Lewis
Roarix: Unlucky though
navy_blues: omg muppet
Stu7: Hey Lion
Roarix: Just simply.. wow
BigChief: Goal hungry Breust. Thats twice you had a spare in the square and ignored them.
wadaramus: Breust two selfish acts, unforgivable.
GJayBee: Clarke acting like he might not have to answer to Scarlet one day
LionBoy: 12 point stuff up
AussieLion: Wow Hawks
Roarix: We just wanted a close game Breust.. why you stuffing that up with stupidity
wadaramus: And there you go, down the other end for a 6 pointer.
StuL: clark on track to beat 13 at least
Roarix: Getting ugly fast
AussieLion: Cats on fire. This could be very ugly.
GJayBee: True StuL
navy_blues: party time
GJayBee: Not sure if Jeff will watch the whole game
BigChief: Great pass from Henry to Hawkins LOL
McSquire: Hawks not evening making a contest of it
StuL: Its only the hawks but we're looking good
AussieLion: Go collect now Stu. Haha
McSquire: Surely they get better after a revfrom Mitchell
Stu7: Come on Ambro lift
LionBoy: ďOld CatsĒ written off a bit early??? Again??
Stu7: Bruhn no value for 15 disposals
Raspel31: Couple of clunkers Stu and low accuracy.
BigChief: Is Massimo playing wing?
Stu7: Cheers Raspa
Stu7: Nice work Stewart keep going
GJayBee: Just need Clark to trip over the footy 15 times
JezEdwards: Yeah, looks that way Chief. Wing and then heading up high fwd.
gazza39: Held on to Newcombe, glad heís involved at least
StuL: Clark on fire
Stu7: Cheers Jez
JezEdwards: Stu7 - if I'm watching correctly, it looks like he's playing off Duncan too, so he's not really getting much of it yet.
Stu7: Sicily not hav8ng a good 2024
Stu7: Thanks Jez - bugger
BigChief: That's what I see also Jez. Mitchell is a spud coach.
Nicko006: #freemackenzie
JezEdwards: Yep, 100% Chief. He's just run off with Duncan.
BigChief: Surely he isn't tagging Duncan Jez. That would make Mitchell an even bigger spud.
AussieLion: Lift hawks, give us a game. Sorry Stu.
JezEdwards: Not sure, Chief. Either way, he's definitely held with Duncan for much of the game!
Stu7: Sicily coming good
StuL: Clark actually getting called a bit. 5 touches this qtr.
StuL: Keep going cats. Dont give them anything
BigChief: Oh flower Holmes bad ankle. He better return to the game.
StuL: Stew is crazy good. need to get him at some point
Getup: Is Dempsey #28 have not seen him all game??
StuL: ok this getting a little serious. back to destroying pls
Hazza09: Yes he is Getup, he's MIA as I traded him in this week
BigChief: Hahaha well done "Wizard".
Jukes82: aint no wizard
LionBoy: Ginnivan paying for past behaviours.
Ash777: go hawks
Jukes82: sic massive this 1/4
Stu7: Earth 🌎 to Ambro please respond
AussieLion: HAwks having a dip now.
FoopyTime: hes been paying for it for 2 yrs now
FoopyTime: need to actually call it when its there
TorturedSC: Who stole D'Ambrosio's job? wing doesn't work for him
Shovan: lionboy i know ginnivan in irl as hes exactly like he is on the field, complete flog
dezlav: Go Mackenzie you good thing.
BigChief: Looks like Amon, Impey and Weddle playing HB this week.
LionBoy: Totally agree Shov. But a free is a free. Even for floggers
StuL: We went to sleep that qtr
TorturedSC: Cheers BC
StuL: Clark lost 6 points. he was on 37
LionsOnTop: why'd clark lose so many points at HT
Shovan: lionboy its like the toby green free but reverse for ginni xD
navy_blues: if ginni plays the ball he will get a free if he lifts his arm or plays for free he wont
GJayBee: Pies man here welcoming Hawkes fans to the Ginni tax
Jukes82: thanks for repeating exactly what channel 7 said mate
Shovan: hey jukes looks like baker got baked in the mro yesterday
StPom: 80 from Mass to much to ask for?
StuL: come on Geelong. where is the party mode gone
Ash777: what a come back
Jukes82: yeah bruh idk really, we should tank anyway
runners47: StPom, reckong Mass can do that from here
StuL: yay conway
Stu7: Off the pine Ambro
BigChief: Clark fumbles way too much. He needs more grippo
StPom: Everything crossed, runners
StuL: Ambro owners not enjoying this
navy_blues: nice goal
Stu7: Not wrong StuL - brought him in this week ❌
StuL: come on clark
BigChief: How could you not be happy when Massimo's BE is -82?
LionsOnTop: Clark get involved
Vich: Mass burning a few that brought him in :(
Shovan: nothing to worry about with ambro lol
McRooster: Does any player use more oil in their biceps than Tomohawk?
StuL: Yes do something Clark
Vich: a mcphaarken tackle would be nice
Stu7: Surely thatís not correct Chief?
runners47: StPom, at least he's off the pine now - it's a start
Ash777: well that comeback was short live
runners47: C'mon on Weddle & Amon - time to stack on the points
BigChief: 100% facts Stu7. est price rise of 65k
Shovan: Stu hes averaging 110, with prods of 60's
Stu7: Stewart wake up
GJayBee: Hawkins you are a machine.
Stu7: Cheers Shovan
BigChief: He is also playing wing this week and not HB.
jpso: Pretty sure mass has played majority starting wing first two weeks
TorturedSC: Should be using him more, directly involved in the last 2 goals
Stu7: Cheers Chief
Gotigres: Breakeven for Massimo is -82. Correct BigChief.
Shovan: averging 100 after r3, ambro owners must be upset aye BC lmao
Raspel31: With a be of -82 don't quite see how Ambo is yet a disaster?
Stu7: Not a disaster Raspa just need points
BigChief: Hustwaite subbed. Hmmm
Spifflicat: Dambo on track for 60+, perfectly fine
BigChief: Spiff I am more than happy with that for Mass
GJayBee: 75 Mass letís go
BigChief: JB stop called Watson the "Wizard" you flowering clown.
Silz90: Dempsey can you be a little selfish and go for goal
Spifflicat: Stewart ded
Silz90: Stewart injured?
TorturedSC: Impey looking lazy
RooBoyStu: Tom Stewart in trouble
LionsOnTop: Stewart sore after contact with Chol
BigChief: Stewart concussion test. Interesting.
StuL: Stewart off
bhg26: Can Nick "the Wizard" Watson get his nickname revoked
Jukes82: chol with another victim
JezEdwards: Stewart down to rooms. Hopefully just precautionary and checking tickboxes.
amigaman: No love for him, but umps are crucifying Ginnivan
Gotigres: I just lost a match with Stewart off.
Migz: D'Ambrosio has a smooth kick man, really impressive
BigChief: Nice snag Maxy. Keep them coming :)
RooBoyStu: Laughing at all the muppets that traded out Young for Stewart lol
Shovan: well bigchief he is a wizard of some sorts, kicked the ball out on the full from the goal line xD
StuL: a nice price drop presumably for stewart if he doesnt come back
Jukes82: rooboystu you have a giraffe neck mate
BigChief: haha Shovan it does take magic to do that.
runners47: Amon, Weddle, stop being allergic to the Sherrin
Spifflicat: I see RBS is is still the biggest flog in the group
Stu7: Uncalled for Roo Boy
Bulky: Think he's called "The Wizard" because everyone is wondering how he gets a game.
Raspel31: Agreed Spifficat.
Silz90: Don't like when people call each other muppets. So petty in here sometimes
BigChief: RooBoyStupid comes in with yet another dumb comment.
Pavs: Couple vying for that title Spiff
bhg26: Great hands from clark there
RooBoyStu: BigIndian you can talk
StuL: clark slowly building
sc_mvp: heard that some of the boys in the FTTV discord server were tryna get people to captain stewart, absolute fail rn!!!
Jukes82: silz90 you muppet
RooBoyStu: Stewart will still ton up even if not back on CD love him and Bont
thommoae: RBS - fair enough laugh if stewart's 'mare-ing ... but laughing 'coz he's head knocked?
Pavs: In fairness RBS not sure why you would come into a chat with a derogatory comment intended to offend?
Jukes82: mate thats rooboymuppet's bread and butter
TorturedSC: Can we change his icon to a troll, seems unfair to associate him with the roos
FlaggersXD: RooBoy a clueless clown
StuL: Stewart might have passed the concussion test anyway. he was bsck on the bench
BigChief: He needs the spud icon, not the North icon.
sc_mvp: yoooo. wsg pav. long time no see. hows the server going mate, maybe an invite perhaps???
shancrows: Is Conway worth trading in??
wadaramus: Unfortunately, there are thsoe who need to laugh at others in order to make themselves happier.
BigChief: shancrows not with Scott's rep with him changing rucks so often
shancrows: What I miss? Chat going off
navy_blues: lightning delay 20mins
Getup: Played stopped
Ash777: lightning warning
shancrows: Thanks Chief
BigChief: Lightning stopping the game.
TheOnyas: onya holmesy
BigChief: Agreed Onya.
GJayBee: RBS saved by divine intervention
Raspel31: RBS is simply misunderstood and wants our love.
Troglodyte: Damn lightning - I was looking forward to my rage trades :(
Pavs: Looking forward to the cash generation tonight. Some Premo's not great some rooks good
GJayBee: Itís an honour to die by lightening strike. Game on
Stu7: Great news StuL thanks
Hazza09: good qtr by Dempsey, would love an 80 odd
sc_mvp: pav, bro, c'mon, you mind letting me back into fttv, i promise i will change, i swear.
Pavs: Wrong person sc mvp?
StuL: i wish i had dempsey. having mannagh has cost. i went against sc advise
Raspel31: Lol Trog.
Pavs: Luckily went Dempsey StuL -71 be too tempting
StuL: storm not going away soon they are saying
Ash777: imagine needing a player to ton up and the game gets called
TorturedSC: Will scale if it gets called
StuL: yea Pavs. you seem to have made good calls
Vultures: Game is over & the lightning is an hour away..
Getup: What happens if it gets called??
Pavs: Rarely StuL
Vultures: scores are as is, Geelong win by 36 pts
Spifflicat: Cats will win getup
Spifflicat: Anything post half time counts as a game
Raspel31: Sunny in Elwood?
navy_blues: glad havent got my C in this game
StuL: they expect to return according to the radio
daniel87: if they call the game what happens with sc scores the just divy up the other 700 points beetween the players?
StPom: 100% navyblues
StuL: the security guards are on the ground. so its ok to risk them
navy_blues: they get danger money Stul lol
Troglodyte: I'm surprised BT isn't filling the dead air with his goose antics
BigChief: If the game is called all remaining sc points should go to Massimo and Holmes. Just my thinking what is fair LOL
StuL: we can play the game if its safe for them
Ash777: anyone watching the game on 7 know if BT is given airtime
Vultures: lol what a farce
daniel87: i agree with massmo big chief priceh change 300k this week
navy_blues: 6.11 restart
BigChief: Play to start at 6.06pm according to scoreboard
Raspel31: In 1996 a lightning strike killed an entire soccer team in the Congo- but enough reason to stop a game?
Ash777: There's footage of a lightning strike at a soccer game
StuL: everything in Africa is more deadly and full on
Raspel31: The subs won the game Stul.
clay007: I've heard of a kid who played soccer with a bad case of tinea, brave kid!
Raspel31: Respect clay.
Ash777: hawks played their sub card too soon
clay007: any news on return of play?
Pavs: About to start clay
clay007: Thanks Pavs, just got back on Kayo
Stu7: Great news Stewart back on
StuL: flower off ginnivan you flog
StuL: atkins subbed out
clay007: What sort of celebration was Ginnivans
Troglodyte: Not great visibilty - just going to cheer any blonde kid with a headband that touches the ball
LionsOnTop: The rain level the playing field for Clark. Now everyone is fumbling.
StuL: damn it. clark was going to have a shot
StuL: conway doing pretty well for a kid
runners47: Get off the bench, Amon - still have work to do.
Pavs: Like Dempey very promising
Pavs: Dempsey soz
StuL: Damn it dempsey.
BigChief: Cats mids doing SFA
Hughsy: Holy shower
Ash777: the wizard has started his magic
StuL: come on cats. dont stop
runners47: 'The Wziard' strikes again...
AussieLion: Hawks are loving the break and wet
Jukes82: harry potter is fired up!
clay007: The Wizard!
Raspel31: Thought Cats could swim?
Ash777: BT needs new glasses
J_Herer: ton up Dempsey!!!
bhg26: Ffs BT do you have eyes
Pavs: Not by choice they wont Rasp only if they have to
Hazza09: Dempsey being burnt by CD
navy_blues: oh my holmes
BigChief: Max you clown.
Spifflicat: My cat doesnít swim but she loves sitting under shower, getting really wet
Ash777: BT has ginny in his fantasy team it seems
BigChief: Every time Ginnivan raises his arm he won't get high frees.
Pavs: Tell Bt no one cares about Ginnivan
StuL: go us. back to looking good
Spifflicat: He and Toby donít get head high called ever
clay007: Only 2 scores above a 100, will there be some scaling?
runners47: Don't think Mass will make it now, StPom
Getup: Think it's bs he gets taken hi free kick simple
GJayBee: DA jink it up son
StuL: why do i nihave dempsey damn it?
GJayBee: Junk
BigChief: Getup the rule says raise an arm it's not a free. Pretty simple really.
LionsOnTop: Ginnivan robbed again
BigChief: Perfect exapmle right there. Raised the arm again.
J_Herer: Tom Stewart love heart!
runners47: Just get your mitts on it one more time, Weddle
Getup: Today seen 1 he did nothing but the opponent around the neck def free kick bc just saying
BigChief: example*
Nicko006: How has McKenzie had h
LionsOnTop: Clark getting scaled for that
shancrows: Who else traded D'Ambrosio in this week sigh
StuL: clark is coming good
BigChief: shan he has -82 BE and proj 59. Expect 65k price rise. Nothing wrong with his score.
Spifflicat: His score is making you plenty Shan? What an odd comment
AussieLion: Well done Clark
Pavs: Yep shancrows I did sorry. He is going ok though can't be great every week
Raspel31: Ambrosio showed great compusure in avoiding the ball.
StPom: Weíll take the cash increase runners. Still great BE
Pavs: Beat his projected score all good

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