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navy_blues: no rusty no grimes syd by 10 goals
navy_blues: get a look at caleb mitchell
naicosfan: Go big heeney C
frenzy: who is tiges tagger
bhg26: Sorry you lot wonít hear my witty remarks or knee slapping humour because Iím at the game
navy_blues: just flog em bhg
Pavs: Enjoy bhg going to miss that humour :)
frenzy: do a streaker
naicosfan: Iíd say Rioli jr or Pickett
naicosfan: Frenzy
bhg26: Iíll do my best navy
frenzy: i feel it may be McIntosh, naicos
Gotigres: A big win for Sydney coming up
naicosfan: Tigers are always competitive
StuL: Lets go Swans
StuL: Heeney good start
TimT14: Beautiful day for footy too bad it's so hazy here at the g
BigChief: Heeney you don't need a rest yet.
Ash777: The haze looks worse than the at marvel
StuL: No he doesnt
StuL: Heeney get moving
StuL: he has
Migz: i think this is the first year in like 4/5 i didnt start with heeney. it hurts :(
navy_blues: lol pickett
navy_blues: omg syd
BigChief: Why are they calling Mitchell Campbell?
navy_blues: tigers play better without rusty
navy_blues: yes i know chief
Ash777: trip paid as holding
fruity: Last chance Grundy...perform or else...
clay007: I think a bi harsh on grundy early fruity
Ooost: I need some points from young Seth Campbell. Go Seth Campbell!
StuL: Grundy is going ok
BigChief: Mitchells skills look good.
fruity: he just needed a rev up StuL
frenzy: Roberts is a gun
navy_blues: goal from umps didnt pay DTB
StuL: Go Roberts
navy_blues: tigs doing well so far
StuL: No one expected this score
beerent11: One of my opponents vcd Gawn but took Bont as c.
RooBoyStu: Nigel Mansell playing well, a week too late GP was last week
frenzy: you get all the luck beer
StuL: should have gone c heeney i suppose but it wasnt "i was gonna" do it
BigChief: Rowbottom 7 tackles already. Damn man can tackle.
StuL: nŤed Jordon to lift.
slickbro1: Heeney mark absolutely robbed. And then Richmond player faking head knocks.
BigChief: Seagull taking kick ins this week :(
navy_blues: i can hear bhg giving advice to the umps already lol
navy_blues: might be massive upset coming here
Hazza09: Jordon were you at?
Stu7: Come on Jordan you spud
Stu7: Good stuff Roberts
StuL: Jordon is invisible
Stu7: Nice beer
soup: JJ imitating his Melbourne days
BigChief: Tigers inaccuracy will cost them the game.
Stu7: Not wrong Soup
StuL: heeney was on the bench for 10 minutes
Stu7: Off the bench Undies
navy_blues: baker lil scumbag
StuL: Yay heeney
BigChief: Jordan touched the ball. YAY
Stu7: I just saw Jordan heís in the rooms cutting up half time oranges
Stu7: I want evidence chief
StuL: jordon is not a pod so not too worrried
StuL: roberts is a gun
BigChief: Oh sorry I was watching Space Jam and meant Michael Jordan Stu7
Stu7: lol chief
beerent11: Be nice if he made some cash though stul. Jordan that is.
Stu7: Is Roberts okay or injured?
StuL: always beer
StuL: feel better if he had a $ next to his name
slickbro1: Sydney isnít using the wing because itís so fasted paced. Which means JJ and gulden canít get their hands on the ball
Cr1cketeer: Looks ok stu7
Devero_D: Why did anyone (me) think that Short was a good pick after round 0?
StuL: Lloyd back to the good old seagull days
Migz: if guldan stays down he might be a good pick up in a few weeks
Ash777: Heeney in the middle has hurt gulden
Migz: he almost hit 150 last week so cant be that hurt
JockMcPie: flower isaac heeney so much
StuL: Heeney is unstoppable
Stu7: Cheers Cr1ceteer
RooBoyStu: Whoever doesn't have Heeney should delete their team, Brownlow Certainty
Stu7: cr1cketeer
Devero_D: The only negative with Heeney is that he was a cash cow. Now he's a keeper and that changes plans, haha
soup: Anyone with the C on Errol?
Ash777: gulden was playing outside last week wasn't he?
frenzy: how hard is it to give us monday teams, FFS
Stu7: I know right frenzy not helpful,
TigerTime1: Dunno Devero. With adams, mills, parker etc. to come back, could see heeney fall off a bit. Still probs a top 6 forward
Stu7: Someone give the garden gnome Baker a dead leg please
Devero_D: Maybe, but until he stops scoring like this it would be hard to cash him in.
StuL: sunday night. i was right frenzy. someone who sounded sure thought different
beerent11: Maurice isnít any more afl standard than I am.
slickbro1: Heeney you donít need break mate.
Jukes82: heeney isn't here, pretty sure he not in the chat mate
Manowar: E in Grundy, get back on the ground spud
beerent11: Heíll probably already have 10-12 votes by games end rooboy. You only need 30 to be a big chance.
clay007: Sarcasm Jukes?
slickbro1: Cheers Jukes. All though he might be coming of so much to look at fan footy.
StuL: thats enough rest heeney
StuL: surprisingly it was
Stu7: Nicely executed Manowar
clay007: He must be on the chat stu, saw the message on the bench and asked Horse if he could return
navy_blues: tigers better without rusty
Stu7: lol Clay
Manowar: showerney in trouble?
clay007: thanks stu, channeling Jukes
Hughsy: Why the flowering flower would I not get Heeney
Stu7: Roberts no SC score as yet this quarter
Migz: roberts lucky to be on field cause of the knee he copped
StuL: Because of the burn man thing with Heeney
Silz90: Heeney making up for bont for me
clay007: Who is tracking 2k this rd? My projected is 1948
StuL: wish i had capt heeney. im a slow learner
StuL: nowhere near it clay
clay007: i had no gc or gws players, so not great
beerent11: Projected 1939
StuL: that could help. i have gc and gws guns out
Migz: i will be lucky to scrape 1800 :\
TigerTime1: projected 2039, no green or flanders
circle52: Similar Stu but nowhere near 2k may get to 1900 if lucky.
beerent11: On 1563 with heeney, Jordan, roberts, Stewart , Holmes and Massimo to go.
clay007: you are doing well beer
StuL: 1854 projected. so poo
beerent11: Weíll see. Think Holmes will go ok tomorrow with no danger.
StuL: beer on fire compared to my lame score
beerent11: There will be much better scores than mine I reckon.
StuL: why didnt i capt heeney? needed to go different to oppo. doh
clay007: Tiger Time wowee
Hazza09: Jordon can go next week, with Adams back he's done
Devero_D: Swans have WCE next week, could be a points fiesta ...
BigChief: Yeah good choice with Jordan vs WC next week Hazza.
StuL: in my league most predicted scores are less than mine. you must all play in gun leagues.
clay007: jordon to powell maybe?
naicosfan: From his performance today, is Sam Darcy worth a forward position?
Pavs: Traded Jordan this week Hazza needed the cash to get to Luke Ryan
beerent11: Powell or ned.
Stu7: Good move Clay
Spifflicat: Jordan going along quite well, dunno what all the complaints are about
beerent11: Agree spliff
Hazza09: Jordon to Powell Big Chief
clay007: No complaints spiff, he has done well, but we must evolve or we die.
Spifflicat: Unless Iím forgetful heís one price rise, should have a couple to go
BigChief: Powell v Bris next week. I will trade Jordan in rd 5 at his bye.
beerent11: His breakeven going into this game was 9
Pavs: Not complaining he was the unlucky one to get cash. Would have been at bye round anyway
clay007: Got my eye on Vlastuin, he is quite a player
Pavs: Ryan was 54 and Massimo -82 beer.
Getup: Jordan be 9 clay worthy of another week or 2
beerent11: Footywire has Jj getting to 366k in three price rises.
JezEdwards: G'day all. New to FF this year. I've got Gulden - hold or trade?
StuL: come on everyone
clay007: I'll keep an eye on his be next week. I have been happy with him.
frenzy: the Chad and the Errol, frauds
dezlav: FFS Gulden. Ton up you big Flower
BigChief: Jez he has WC next week
Getup: Plucky tiges keep going
Spifflicat: 366 sounds nice Beer
dezlav: @Jezedwards. Maybe hold a week. To early to start pulling the trigger on Premo's
clay007: Gulden will leak cash. At his price, he must score more.
beerent11: For cheapos like me who donít want to pay for sc gold, footywire has all you need.
JezEdwards: Fair point, Dezlav.
Jukes82: lol umpires
clay007: Cmon Tigers, hold on!
Getup: Yeah agree jez traded young to sheez young outscored sheez 🙄
beerent11: Good for those who stuck with grumpy
Silz90: Hopefully Roberts will ton up
beerent11: Like roberts kicking in.
Getup: Sorry agree delaz
Pavs: Tomorrows teams are out
clay007: A few cats managed this week, illicit drugs maybe? Early in year to be managed.
frenzy: that is a flowerin disgrace Pavs
clay007: I'm being sarcastic byw
Pavs: Hahaha Clay.
beerent11: Great game
StuL: seen guys who get "managed" are listed as emergencies
sheezel420: They gotta stop giving Riewoldt Tigers games, doesn't even try to be impartial
BigChief: Tigers are home. Upset of the year so far.
Gelly: hes a good commentator, but yes very bias
navy_blues: draw?
clay007: Oh my!
Getup: Weird start to season agree bc upset of the season so far
sheezel420: yeah he knows his technical stuff quite well
navy_blues: thats why it should be neutral commentators
Getup: Are they home tho??
Stu7: Grundy nice finish
BigChief: Yep they are home.
sheezel420: Grundy also has Eagles ruck next week
pcaman2003: Gulden laid the perfect tackle,but not paid. You're kidding CD.
slickbro1: Dam Richmond getting the Carlton forward privilege.
amigaman: Well done Tiggers
navy_blues: richmond deserved that slick
RuffLeader: Papley waiting outside the contest late to get the glory instead of going to get the footy, very on brand for him
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers just cost themselves draft picks lol
Mikeagles: vlastuin 100 DE?
beerent11: Great second half Jordan will take that
StuL: all players did well in this one
BigChief: Happy with Heenet, Roberts, Jordan and Seth. Nice cash gen from all 4

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