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navy_blues: go eagles same as last year!
Pavs: Afternoon all. Bont or English for Captain?
StuL: Lets go capt bont
Gelly: darcy
Gelly: bont hurt his leg last week remember
StuL: Bont Pavs. Dont trust ruckman. can 170 or 80
Balladeer: eagles have 3 rucks?? have they done this before?
StuL: although i would loop a ruck
Stu7: StuL thatís what I did with Gawn and if paid off big time
frenzy: Bevo has ruined JMac
StuL: i forgot to change it. too many changes forgot pies were playing thurs
Stu7: Yep on the bench already oh dear
Stu7: Yeo
beerent11: J McGovern is my favourite player I think. I start him every year and hope for the best.
BigChief: Who are the 3 rucks Balladeer?
StuL: probably capt english i dont know
Pavs: Jamieson and 2 Williams Chief
beerent11: Bonts left foot is a laser.
BigChief: Jamieson key def and J. Williams key fwd. both can help ruck but are not rucks
StuL: i had khamis in draft damn it. fwd rookies doing ok
Balladeer: yea was just strange seeing 3 listed as rucks here
Pavs: Probably should have def or fwd when you put the cursor on their name then
StuL: Libbas become a gun
StuL: Lets go Bont. Get off the pine
Stu7: Gallagher was my cash 💰 maker not looking good however his BE is only -5 😂😂
navy_blues: reid get easy run from umps
frenzy: he gets the carlton fwd treatment, navy
Mikeagles: bont playing forward....
navy_blues: lmao frenzy
LMartos: Khamis 2 dropped marks according to CD, one he was tunnelled, the other held lol
beerent11: Good mikeagles more goals thenÖ.
naicosfan: Hats off to anyone who brought in yeo bramble this week
navy_blues: wow brockman
beerent11: Good start c Bont
BigChief: Bont plays where ever he wants.
beerent11: Tumbleweeds
StuL: come on bont.
navy_blues: just enjoying kelli's great commentary
navy_blues: sanders killin reid
soup: Macrae gonna be nice and cheap if he keeps this up
StuL: 0 touches this qtr bont. a bit of a worry
soup: He still gets 130 Stu don't worry, half the comp have the C on him too so all in same boat
GJayBee: Bonk ankle sore. Source the Traders
StuL: just spewing because i meant to vc gawn but forgor. so if bont doesnt go big i would have won
BigChief: Really StuL? Have not seen you say this at all this weekend.
clay007: Bontemsmelly
Jukes82: "forgot"
original: SuperCoach wouldnít let me reverse my trade 2 mins before kickoff. Gallagher out oh well
StuL: sorry chief. ill shut up
Shovan: Stu mate i forgot to vc gawn to then i woke up
clay007: Not so Khamis under pressure buku
OffaStep: Under too-buku pressure.
soup: Bongtoosmelly do something
clay007: Lol offa! Any chance Beveridge subs The Bont? It would ruin my head to head.
Migz: english C was the easiest choice of the week for me
ralfsmiff4: is 'the traders' an account or something? re the Bont rumour
StuL: i hope whoever was asking went capt English
McSquire: I forgot to vc Gawn after I saw his score
naicosfan: I was gonna trade in English a couple minutes ago, then I realised I didnít have enough funds
Pavs: Was me StuL and yes I did.
Roarix: Lucky Kelli isnt the keeper of time.. wed be back in 2014 according to her.. smh
Stu7: Nice work Gallagher
Stu7: Yeo great score for game time
BigChief: How long until Bevo subs Sanders?
Stu7: Soon Chief Iím concerned
Stu7: Or Gallagher
Stu7: Gallagher you beauty
Hepatitis: flower u Bont flog
BigChief: Great running from English.
naicosfan: Naughton stole English goty
Waddos: Bevo playing Bont fwd :(
Stu7: C on Bont Hep?
Jaypa: that goal is very embarrassing for the eagles
StuL: Bont is letting the team down.
Bulky: You know West Coast is terrible when even Baker's disposal efficiency is 100%
StuL: must be real the bont sore foot.
clay007: I think the Bont is fine, it is like Bevo is using him as a decoy
desa2024: Gonna trade Reid next week. Dud rookie.
naicosfan: English is dropping 150+ easily
Pavs: English haha love it.
BigChief: muppet for Desa.
McSquire: Bont having an RDO
CobraKai: Bontemsmelly... wow. I'm keeping him but I hope he stops stinking it up...
StuL: This is ruining my day Bont
desa2024: Sub Thor in
Ash777: bont is carrying a injury
Silz90: Is yeo butchering it
naicosfan: I thought it was obvious that Bont was carrying an injury? Why would he go all out on wc and possibly injure himself
navy_blues: dont like macrae in if bont is sent to frwd line
RooBoyStu: Bont as useful as toothbrushes in the Collingwood Cheer Squad
StuL: im on the radio. cant see if bont is hobbling around
original: Ah Gallagher everyone I traded out going to score 100+
Mikeagles: gallagher out scoping the bont!
naicosfan: It was known that Bont carrying an injury since last week.
navy_blues: if bont injured you dont play him against wc thats just stupid
bhg26: Youíre breaking my heart Bont
StuL: sanders is going good at least
BigChief: original why would you trade a rookie out before he has a price rise?
GinniFan: cmon bonk wtf
clay007: The Eagles should be dropped to the WAFL, ordinary!
original: Bigchief I tried to reverse it before the game but sc had already locked out 2 mins before bounce
BigChief: That sucks mate. I think they lock it 10 mins before with hurts us.
beerent11: Shouldnít ruin your day stul. Itís just a game. Iíve got him as c as well.
StuL: bring in tassie relegate the eagles
Shovan: surprised bont not on 150 already, had 28 at 55% eff last week and got 140
clay007: The Bont tax is still alive and well Shovan, 69 after 10 possies
beerent11: Ha all these blokes with short memories for when their clubs were down.
StuL: i have few joys beer
GJayBee: SC bias is part of it, gotta factor it in bro
BigChief: My club has been down for 30+ years beer and I am still bitter at AFL :)
original: Bigchief kept Tom berry instead ..thanks sc no trade lol
BigChief: I hope for your sake Berry plays well next few weeks original.
circle52: Nit the only one with Bont as C knew I should have taken Serongs 125
StuL: who is your club chief? North?
circle52: and big chief I have been riding the ups and downs of Lions for 25 years, You take the good withthe bad.
GJayBee: Me to circle, oppo had Bont on C so I left it like a muppet
Jukes82: damn missed the boat on bramble, been good this yr
runners47: Kick on, English - need to you match Serong, please
BigChief: Oh hell no StuL. I will always be a Fitzroy man.
navy_blues: libba subbed lol
Raspel31: Not my finest hour with Bont Cap- mais la vie continue.
BigChief: Circle unfortunately we won't have any more ups :(
StuL: my oppo didnt take serongs 125 too.
Roarix: HAHAHA beautfiul sub there Bevo
Mikeagles: if you had libba youd be spewing
desa2024: Bevo is such an idiot.
Ash777: libba sub to get bont to ton up
circle52: FFS Libba subbed RIP sc this week
BigChief: Bevo doing Bevo things once again.
slickbro1: Super coach predicted getting the best of people again with Bont C
Pavs: Nothing wrong with Bont if he subs Libba.
navy_blues: if you have dogs players beware of bevo!!
Stu7: Gallagher what a pay off
beerent11: Yep north stul.
clay007: Stu, you could have had a gamble on bramble
RooBoyStu: Libba ate too many Easter Eggs at half time
GJayBee: I heard Bevo likes to play chess against himself. Checkmate
Ash777: I gambled on bramble
beerent11: Yes jezza you star!
StuL: at least ton up bont
lana2146: There goes all the Libba 25 or 30 dis multis hopefully sb void that leg
circle52: and to put into perpective ups and downs followed North 30 years prior to Brisbane coming in.
sfenda1: mcrae fall from grace
circle52: being a Qlder had to change.
Gotigres: Chesser is the luckiest player ever to reach 17 games.
Stu7: Happy with Gallagher Clay
clay007: Well done Ash, I've still got a massive Salem problem. Need to upgrade or side trade soon
clay007: On Sc what possy is Gallagher stu? 123?
navy_blues: nice goal
circle52: Forwrad Clay
RooBoyStu: Gotigers I reckon Judson Clarke from Richmond was lucky to play 17 career matches in total a spud
clay007: Agreed Gotigres, lucky to get a game
clay007: Thanks circle, what price? 123?
BigChief: Glad I waited on Darcy.
runners47: Get off the pine, English, and give us some more points!
StuL: Come on bont ffs.
BigChief: Gallagher will be closer to 160k after this week
beerent11: Maybe I shouldíve put the c on McGovern instead of Bont.
Ash777: looks like bevo was right not to rush macrae in
navy_blues: think bevo resting english for rest of game
Pavs: Neally put him in this week beer but poor Mcgov cant put a full season together
StuL: bont finish strong at least
frenzy: had more pill than bont
clay007: Gallagher has scores of 39 and 49 prior to this, that is a hold for me.
clay007: Great mark smelly!
StuL: here we go bont
BigChief: Just subbed Hogan for Campbell to get Gallaghers score.
clay007: Bont kicks match winning goal
Mikeagles: thank flower for that finally a goal
beerent11: Bonts day might be done. If I was bevo Iíd leave him off.
BigChief: Banks and Corey Warner subs next game.
GJayBee: Bevo will bring Bont back on because itís the wrong thing to do
navy_blues: the colonel has done ok today
GJayBee: I just want a woman that looks at me like CD do Bont
frenzy: finger lickin good
northball: give bont the bin
beerent11: Oh glad he did put him back in now.
clay007: Good luck Gjay. lol
Raspel31: Rather glad he didn't leave Bonts off beer.
GJayBee: lol clay007 I have standards hahahaha
GJayBee: Bontinator
navy_blues: think darcy will make good money depends on that idiot coach tho wether he keeps playing him
Raspel31: Nail biting finish.
GinniFan: at least bont got the ton
OffaStep: To a pillow-biting game, Raspel.
Shovan: english got 14 in the last what a dud
BigChief: Nice Gallagher. 2 tackles in last minute.
beerent11: Not sure Iíd be jumping on Gallagher. They wonít play wet toast every week
Shovan: bont worth every bit of 721k this week lmao
sheezel420: A down game where he still scored 108? Yes it is worth it
StuL: ill take 108 from where he was most of the day
Shovan: prod 150, enjoy the 40k price drop
Cascadian: Do I take Sanders 77 or go with Roberts?
OffaStep: Bont's a keeper. You ride price drops for super studs and hope you catch a few more at the right time.
navy_blues: exactly offa
BigChief: Shovan is just bitter he doesn't have Bont.
StuL: Take Sanders i reckon but my judgement has been shower
Pavs: Shovan our next Supercoach Expert

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