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J.Worrall: Trac,Gawn and Rozee in this one.
J.Worrall: Rozee must be due a big one.
StuL: Lets go Rozee
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
J.Worrall: Tipped the Power
StuL: Rozee will kill it tonight
StuL: No heroics Butters
J.Worrall: Hello, mInto
J.Worrall: Pedal harder, mynt0
bhg26: What’s with wines tog?
Dondeal: Who are the subs
BigChief: Haha my opp has Rozee vc and Gawn C
Silz90: burgoyne and woewodin?
Stu7: Hore bag and Evans
Gotigres: Wines to go 130+ and apologies to those with Butters.
BigChief: Correct Silz.
Raspel31: May I politely change to DT for Rozee's score?
original: Gawn points for clangers?
Stu7: Go Gawny
Stu7: Ha ha Raspa
Pavs: Evening all. Rozee 3 muppets thats enough
DukeNewc: Butters no points for the tackle?
Stu7: Evening Pavs
navy_blues: way out
BigChief: Yet another mark out of bounds.
bhg26: Good to see boundary umpiring is consistent
Gelly: thats in the hotdog stand
TimT14: That was in row h
Jukes82: monty could umpire better than these clowns
navy_blues: imagine if that cost a side a GF
Jukes82: if it happened to the baggers in the granny i wouldnt mind it tbh
StuL: keep it up butters
DukeNewc: Yep, convinced CD is ignoring butters, that handball didn't get points
Silz90: make a move margarine
Stu7: Or down StuL lol
Stu7: Get back on GAWN
bhg26: Billings made it to the ground yet?
frenzy: hitouts are taxing
LuvIt74: Butters has gone soft
Silz90: billings, hore, howes and butters are ruining my sat night :(
Stu7: Butters has turned into cream
J_Herer: Butters is carrying an injury isn't he?
Stu7: Not good Silz
Jukes82: cocaine demons back in this, they have a sniff
bhg26: Did Wines win his brownlow at full forward? Cause thats where hes playing
navy_blues: more chance i guess than tigs tomorrow
clay007: Nic Martin brought his own footy today, Salem has deflated his.
Fromage: Melbourne Meth are going okay
flibbity: jukes82 hahaha
Raspel31: Damn- benched Gawn.
daniel87: umpries keeping melborune in the game
bhg26: Yeah good work billings and hore have a rest you spuds
TimT14: Umpires favouring the dees
Pavs: In favour of Livingston Rasp
Stu7: What do you mean Raspa?
original: Hit outs to advantage must net good sc
Jukes: Hello Jukes
Stu7: You beauty Gawn keep going
Hughsy: Gawn you big beautiful man
GinniFan: C'mon Billings ffs
StuL: billings must be a dissapointment to those who got him
Zutroyz: Howes topping Rozee in my SC not on my bingo card
barra17: glad i didn't get sucked in by billings
Pavs: OK Rozee and Butters that quarter was interesting
BigChief: Okay Zak thats enough flowering around.
LuvIt74: @barra17 Same but its still early
StuL: Billings needs a rest from doing nothing
Stu7: 15 points between Bueetrs and Rozee in that quarter - you’ll never see that again
Raspel31: We are over the moon for you barra- such wisdom from one so young.
LuvIt74: cannot believe butters is on 7 my opponents C
Shovan: billings killing it
StuL: butters will come surging back probably
OffaStep: Ummm, the Port SC column appears to be upside down. Butters & Rozee at the top, right?
J.Worrall: No fun at all, Z-z!
J_Herer: Salem would have trapped a few also
Stu7: Gotta love that LuvIt
navy_blues: 4 of ports main ball winners down right now but still in front
Pavs: My opponents Captain as well LuvIt. Rozee not really cashing in on that though
Shovan: lot of donuts for melbourne, simpson must sponsor them
Fromage: Houston we have a problem
StuL: Rozees butchering skills at work
Hazza09: Absolute fraud you are Billings
bhg26: Billings to Flanders next week for me
AussieLion: Why Butters
Zutroyz: Billings was shower at the saints. Cheetahs and all that
Doggie Doo: Who is needed to go big this game?
BigChief: Why bump Butters? Tackle him and your side may benefit.
beerent11: Butters sore
Raspel31: Epsom salts is a great way of getting rid of a case of Billings.
Mikeagles: gawn dominance not helping butters
clay007: salem, finally!
Doggie Doo: Thank god for the Bont,
BigChief: Muppet for Esava.
bhg26: Hahahaha!
Gelly: what a spud rat
beerent11: The review umpire was fighting a chuckle then.
flibbity: get the duke out rat
Gelly: have a spell butters, you've done enough
Doggie Doo: How big is Gawn going to score?
Stu7: 150 Doggie
StuL: go billings. stay down
bhg26: Dont like getting angry at players but for flower sake billings do something you worthless sack of shower
GinniFan: Might trade billings for powell if he doesn't produce a good second half
DANGERous: wake up Zak Atak
Manowar: my oppo has the C on
beerent11: Zak can stack em up quickly. Not concerned.
BigChief: Ginnifan Powell will be approx 370k next week
Manowar: 7 touches Gawn not good enough!
Gotigres: Looks like I broke Butters by getting him in
Gotigres: Oh, just noticed Howes score
BigChief: GoTigres you broke another 1? Damn mate.
StuL: Howes just lost 6 points.
bhg26: My god he lives!
StuL: why did i not get hore? stupid trade assistant kept nominating pink
Gelly: howes doing a pink
Mikeagles: the houston rocket has just launched!
beerent11: Great kick zakky boy
Raspel31: As a Pom and after years of this game finally realised that the art is picking the players who score most.
Gotigres: Sorry BigChief
StuL: howes wtf? i expect better than 0
Stu7: Gawn to sleep
GJayBee: Pink and Howes lie to me about everything
OffaStep: I was sketchy on Hore's JS with May not that far off, Stu. I can't blame the assistant.
original: Howes this is not great
naicosfan: Am I tripping or is butters getting cba’s
naicosfan: Not getting cba’s*
clay007: They have softened on the dissent rule, Rioli just gave a fair gobful to ump
beerent11: You ain’t tripping’ man
beerent11: Haha 70 point half not good enough for some.
original: Viney ran 20m then
Pavs: That was horrible by Rozee just watched him go past
naicosfan: Nvm butters is there
Stu7: Not a good quarter Gawn
Raspel31: On a positive note Howes has stormed to 1.
Stu7: That’s better Gawny
Silz90: Can't believe hore is outscoring butters lol
StuL: Can Howes finish above 0. This could be special
Hughsy: Do better Gawn
Gelly: where are the hawthorn geelong teams btw?
BigChief: Zak will still raise the bat.
GJayBee: Gawn looking good in the rage trade rear view mirror
BigChief: I know Reeves and McGuinness are out for Hawks as they played for Box Hill
J.Worrall: You beautiful man, Maxy!
Pavs: Agree GJayBee a little win in a long line of losses this season
Pavs: Hate the best 18 but with Howes and Wilson (st kilda) glad it is this week.
StuL: got howes and wilson and pink. bloody awful. Need to be benched next week
Ash777: got Mead in this game
Raspel31: The beauty of 40 trades and only top 18 Stul- the world our oyster.
StuL: kucky we have best of 18 this week
GinniFan: Gunston too Chief
Jukes82: geez billing, howes, windsor quite popular picks have a combined 27pts lol
Catatafish: Howes are you playing so crap, Blake?
navy_blues: WC have to be a chance tomorrow lol
StuL: Howes on the bench too
StuL: now windsor is going backwards.
Ash777: wtf was that review
StuL: So many rookies earning nothing. wont make any money
BigChief: Like who StuL? Pretty sure most of the rookies will rise in price.
Mikeagles: cmon butters
Silz90: agree with you chief
StuL: all of the ones discussed. wont make much
northball: lego head doing well
Silz90: stiff on hore
StuL: butters coming good. im exrra screwed
valiantPT: Wines not bad
navy_blues: lol silz
BigChief: Howes has scores of 64, 68 and this game with a BE of -22 so will make approx 25k with week.
StuL: 25k with a 0 in the scores. thats bugger all
GinniFan: Windsor and Billings killing me
Pavs: Pretty sure with a decent score he could make more though Chief. Nothing spectacular just decent would do
TigerTime1: Love having Gawn VC
Raspel31: What if he scores 5 BigChief?
Silz90: billings
BigChief: Exactly Pavs. If he can get to 30 it could be 30k or more. Not bad since he went up 70k last week
AussieLion: Keep it going Butters
beerent11: This is why I wasn’t concerned with zakky boy.
StuL: yea go away butters. i needed you to stay low
Silz90: vc on butters beer? im hoping for a huge large quarter
BigChief: Zak has hit his BE, now he can go nuts for us owners LOL
bhg26: Cant even trade billings out until monday
beerent11: Got the vc on him silz. Love the bloke. Happy with anything over 100 after his first half. C can go on Bont.
Pavs: Might be another week of a boost bhg26
Silz90: same mate thats so true
beerent11: If the game stays close he’ll be right in it silz.
BigChief: Agree with you beerent11.
Gelly: go lego head
BigChief: Dixon high tackle and dropping the ball. Ump thinks screw it PLAY ON.
Ash777: evans subbed
valiantPT: Wines not bad
GinniFan: Go Houston you good thing
beerent11: Clarry’s price coming down nicely. Just gotta be ready to jump when he turns it around.
Silz90: drew is a gun
Ash777: petracca might be having his knee assessed
BigChief: Hoping Billings or Windsor subbed and not Howes.
Social: surely billings for the vest
TigerTime1: Cmon kick this max, need a big VC score looking at 2100 this week
Stu7: Maxy baby. You beauty
Stu7: Oliver must be doing down
StuL: i forgot to take the vc off naicos. not having it on gawn is going to cost. my year needs a reset
Hazza09: Billings good as gone Sunday 10pm
Pavs: Max going up in price more than Grundy going up in price
fruity: looks like D. Wilson will make my starting 18 with 25 points thanks to Howes..
StuL: give billings the vest
Ash777: You cant trade til monday
Raspel31: Amazing arithmetic Pavs
Silz90: noo take off howes please
Pavs: Got howled down a bit Rasp when I traded out Grundy early. Let me have 1 win please
BigChief: Afraid not Hazza.
Hazza09: Lol meant Monday Big Chief
Zutroyz: I traded Grundy too Pavs. Big Ivan in for me
Raspel31: Granted Pavs.
Silz90: 67% tog for billings :(
BigChief: haha Hazza. Guess we can allow that 1.
BigChief: No HTB on Brown? Wow the umps really want Melb to win.
navy_blues: wow brown was htb there
Zutroyz: Looks like Sav is down for his annual 6 - 10 week injury
Badgerbadg: Port pretenders as always
StuL: Howes got an ok score from what i was expecting
Zutroyz: Scratch that. Sav is Lazarus!
Silz90: billings is a spud cant even spot him
GinniFan: Yes Windsor!! C'mon son
StuL: come on Trac. need a ton
StuL: billings vest
BigChief: Hahaha Billings vested.
GinniFan: flower billings
DidgeBird: early call Badge!
Hazza09: cya Billings, absolute fraud
Zutroyz: Hold on, was that a goal umpire making a decision? Shirley we need a review
StuL: Stay down Butters
BigChief: Captains Goal Mr Rozee
navy_blues: lol think badger might of disappeared back down his hole
fruity: have a rest Butters
Silz90: htb everyday
Raspel31: Think Tracca struggling with that knee but game on ladies.
StuL: now tracca is going backwards. this sucks
TheLegend6: oh go away Butters ffs
GinniFan: C'mon tracs
BigChief: Wouldn't surprise me if Trac doesn't play next week.
Badgerbadg: Sideshow Ben restoring the faith!
Shovan: Viney went home at qtr time, cant even beat a tag
Gelly: trac too busy eating oysters
Hughsy: Gawn LIFT you hack!
Stu7: lol Hughsy
BigChief: 170 not enough for you Hughsy?
Raspel31: Agreed- disappointing from Gawn Hughsy but we soldier on.
Stu7: I can see a draw coming on
navy_blues: boak down
StuL: bont is getting 170 damn it. vc was meant to be gawn
Gotigres: Boak just ran into Soldo and has to go off the ground
BigChief: Ouch Travis. that had to hurt.
GinniFan: Good set of play Windsor
Ash777: I see dees bought their own umps to the ground
Zutroyz: Kick straight and hope don't matter Ash
Stu7: Can anyone else hear the big unit singing in the background??
bhg26: Why tf is wines off the ground
Zutroyz: umps/hope on point auto correct
Stu7: Bhg26 he’s substance effected
BigChief: OMG that slammed into the post. Blind idiot.
Badgerbadg: Game over! Go dees
beerent11: Sack him
Gelly: mus be related to BT
Gotigres: Do we even need goal umps
Stu7: Ha h port
Gotigres: lol Gelly
Stu7: Butters and rozee ya flogs
clay007: Gawn was enormous tonight.
Gelly: damn wines lots of bench time
Stu7: Not wrong Clay great game by the big fella
AussieLion: Maxy massive game
beerent11: Everyone in Stu’s team must score 150+. Anything under will not be tolerated.
Gotigres: 50 hit outs is a good effort
GinniFan: Would've liked a bit more from everyone but Gawny
Shovan: Stu hows saints silverware? 1 throughout clubs history xD
Manowar: Captain Livingstone come on in
BigChief: Was hoping for 300 from Zak, but happy with 106.
Gotigres: No room in the trophy cabinets Shovan with 27 wooden spoons
navy_blues: stu cant say haha port when your team choked today
Shovan: saints will go down as the afl's worst club in history, gold coast has better upside
Stu7: I can say what I want navy ya flog

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