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Pav300: Hind & Hastie subs
navy_blues: go saints bury this mob
Gelly: poor setters, everyone will think hes on the nose beers now
Silz90: Anyone jumping on windhanger
FoopyTime: if i was to pick anyone in the dons team to be on the nose beers it would be Hind, brother always looks like hes peaking
naicosfan: Get on to a cracka start steeley
StuL: go saints
Vich: unlikely naicos..crook all week
Ash777: the essendon edge sounds dirty
wadaramus: Congratulations on your debut son, have a seat on the bench we may need you we may not.
snake_p: its called thymosin beta Ash :-)
StuL: steele to go big
navy_blues: think they better call the edge the blunt
navy_blues: sinclair dont look right with short hair
Ash777: bet they were edging all preseason
StuL: martin started ok
BigChief: NWM on the bench already? Cmon Ross Lyon.
slydon: bonner mad a weak argument to be kept last week and hasnt started very well so far.
AussieLion: Afternoon gang. Cmon NWN.
Ash777: nwm probably most traded in player
naicosfan: I donít think nwm will be a top 6 def this year
StuL: thats long enough on the bench wilson
FoopyTime: St Kangaroo
Ooost: Nic Martin is going to punish everyone who traded him today.
lana2146: I got a feeling Nick Martin is gonna go huge in spite of all those trade outs
StuL: martin making anyone who dropped him pay. as should be expected
Ash777: Whoever traded out martin didn't see him last week
Ooost: Just as Hayden Young punished me yesterday
bhg26: Didnít really want to trade Nic Martin but had to restructure to get Roberts mckercher and sanders onfield
lana2146: Bombers defence is atrocious
NickyD: Dawson in the 30's a 1/4 time yesterday, finished 68. Martin could get 120 or 70 here
NewFreoFan: Essendon Edge about as effective as Bazball
FoopyTime: ok now its St Kats
naicosfan: Scoreboard is hilarious
Ash777: NWM might be a low 1 today because it seems it wont be in dons fwd much
navy_blues: lmao fanfooty football team would have more of a edge than ess atm
original: Does that count as a clanger for Martin?
J_Herer: How many people went Young to NWM?
original: Windhager a special kind of butcher wow
bhg26: We would just take out the players we traded out navy
AussieLion: Held Young
naicosfan: Young to Ryan Martin to butters
naicosfan: Grundy to Powell
Cascadian: Original I don't think so because his teammate got the first touch on the ball after his kick
original: Agree cascadian, probably goes as a Clanger for McGrath. Harsh as. Donít have either but still
naicosfan: Bombers edging us
Vich: anyone trading young or martin needs their head checked
StuL: I went young to ryan at least.
naicosfan: Cheers vich, Iím sure I donít want to lose 40k per player.
StuL: i know vich.
Ooost: I went Young to Clark, banked a little extra cash with it
Cascadian: Original yeah mate I have Nic Martin but some of the scoring is pretty unusual
original: Young not only scored terribly he played terribly. Donít mind trading him. Wonít be a top 6 def. Canít pay that much
naicosfan: Martin going at cog tog again
J_Herer: Young had no one play on him for q3 and q4 yesterday as Adelaide died
naicosfan: Agreed original, Martin or young wonít be top8 mids or top 6 def, trading up to keepers is worth it imo
Ooost: Sinclair putting his hand up for selection in the coming weeks
BigChief: Traded Young and Martin for Clark and Serong. No complaints here
frenzy: over to you Vich
Ash777: Crouch was on Young most of the game
SydneyRox: nwm very quiet so far
Ooost: Ahhh yes, Crouch. One original pick I got right
Ooost: Could NWM be the next SC trap?
circle52: Quick question take Serongs 125 or rely on Bont. 125 the hard score to decide
StuL: id bank 125
soup: Gotta take 125 circle, Bont will most likely go larger but I'd bank those points to be safe
Ash777: bont vs westcoast
AussieLion: I took Sheezels 126. Had Bont C
soup: Do we reckon butters into Bont or Bont into heeney?
naicosfan: Iím doing butters into heeney because I donít have Bont.
Ash777: are dons edging yet?
soup: Don't want to be swayed away from a huge Bont score by 125 from butters but he could go massive tonight
Gotigres: I'm taking 125 circle.
StuL: come on wilson. dont be another pink
AussieLion: Cmon Bomber get it down in your forward line and kick a few behinds so NWM can cash in
StuL: martin is everywhere
Hughsy: Iím not proud of it but I do get disappointed every time Aussieslion
StuL: gresham having a big game against the old mob
Hughsy: Well flower you too Martin
TigerTime1: Martin the seagull
soup: Get flowered martin
naicosfan: Essendon playing like hawks last week
Gelly: ziebelling
navy_blues: martin 3 possessions went nowhere
Jaypa: looks like Langford is following NWM up the ground to nulify his influence
Cascadian: Yes Niccy Martin you legend I always had faith in you
navy_blues: saint should be 6 goals up
original: Steele really slowed. Get off the pine man
frenzy: give the pHastie a run
StuL: martin martin. every second on the radio
StuL: its got to hurt. i know it did with young
elvundir: so happy i traded martin and young this week
original: Martin with the least damaging points ever
naicosfan: CD being a bit generous?
frenzy: over to you Vich
original: Watching with my bombers supporting brother in law. Laughing at Martin scoring vs impact
Vich: whats over to me?? :)
navy_blues: gee if saints let essendon win this ross will blow a artery
original: Awful bonner. Ross the boss will drop you
Jukes82: bonner's had 4 clangers in 3 minutes lol
Cascadian: Martin have a well earned rest mate
StuL: lets go again wilson.
GinniFan: carn Zerret get moving
Jaypa: lots of sour grapes in here from people who traded a 470k bloke who was getting 30 touches a game hahaha
J_Herer: meters gained by martin and mcgrath are crazy
lana2146: Thank god I stayed away from Windy..what were u thinking Jords FTTV
don key: glad i kept him ton up by half time plz
navy_blues: 28 possessions for 356m gain not much really
StuL: martin to get 50 touches
Silz90: Butchering it Lana.
Jaypa: hes way too reactionary lana
lana2146: You could always bring Martin backÖjus saying
bhg26: Traded him in over mckercher lana
naicosfan: Agreed, heís still losing money this week
original: Any saints fans here? Windhager always this bad? Sheesh
bhg26: Whoís the greatest player ever? Matthews? Ablett? Any player after I trade them out in sc?
Jukes82: that's true lana del ray, ppl could do that. i'm happy who i have instead, you can't get em all
StuL: martin bhg26
Georgeous: Jords FTTV is all about those CBA's lana
Silz90: Don't hate the windhanger pick. It's still early days
bhg26: Traded Martin and kept wines for another week. Looking awesome so far
Ash777: ah the best defense is offense approach for scott. Not like the best teams have great defense structure.
thommoae: One or two of the pundits espoused the Fantasy death of Bonner once Sinclair returned. Not so, it seems.
StuL: its uncanny. wines will no doubt get 80 or 90
Crowls: traded wines, kept martin and young. looking good so far
StuL: Martin 68% DE so great compared to Fyfe. if he can get his DE up he could go huge
amigaman: @StuL He heard you. up to 70% now
Silz90: Martin can get flowered. Probably not a keeper anyway
StuL: only have wilson in this. not much to see.
StuL: martin wouldnt be a keeper ptobably
StuL: cats are favourites for monday. woo
StuL: wilson. come back. big 3rd qtr
Hughsy: I traded Martin for steele
GJayBee: Milera and Merret come on. Do it for Johnny
StuL: Martin again.
StuL: he will probably slow down
BigChief: Get off the damn bench NWM. You are spending too much time on your ass.
StuL: martin stopped a bit this qtr
naicosfan: Spud
hanga79: Mcgrath most consistent player for Dons good value at present
naicosfan: Good start Steele
hanga79: Mcgrath most consistent Don for me good def value
naicosfan: Gresham is a gun
StuL: Steele could catch Martin
StuL: come on Wilson. need points and cash
Ash777: I have both steele n martin
StuL: wilson busy compared to Gresham
zadolinnyj: Merrett ok
naicosfan: A pain not having Gresham Menzie and stringer, real cash cows
StuL: so martin has exploded again.
naicosfan: More free kicks displayed in north vs Carlton in the first qtr than this game so far
thommoae: (Whispers) I have Bonner, Romar and Martin.
Jukes82: thanks mate, been wondering all day who you had in this game cheers
StuL: God has the C on Martin. i guess
slydon: whats martins DE? sureley its like 60% he should be on 150
StuL: h
StuL: wilson not going to do jack today unfortunately
Ash777: if wilson's first name was jack he would be with the other jacks
navy_blues: think saints might lose this
Silz90: Yes dropped mark for Martin
Ash777: go Angus
Silz90: Sharman sub
BigChief: StuL you expect way too much from rookies.
Silz90: Lucky its best 18 this week
StuL: i expect their predictor score. i guess thar should be hope
soup: hahaha sucked in martin you gull
navy_blues: umps looking after ess here
Ash777: some ordinary calls
BigChief: 100% free to Stringer. Stockers eyes only on him and not the ball.
bhg26: I so want merrett in my sc team
Silz90: Same bhg maybe round 7ish
Social: ooh close one
StuL: come on martin. i want to see him get 50
navy_blues: lol no way that wasnt holding ess def got umps on their side
lana2146: Steele been so good glad I started with him
AussieLion: Dons storming home
Dondeal: What a bomb. Good boys
StuL: mighty bombers
Silz90: Heppel outscoring Martin is hilarious
Panda17: up the saints
DidgeBird: go essendon edge :P
Ash777: bonner needs to be banned from the kickout
lana2146: Good innings Bonner raise that bat
J.Worrall: Gogogo Hombres
GinniFan: onya Zachy
Ooost: Bonner :D
J.Worrall: See the Bombers fly up!
StuL: a bit of an upset
Ash777: good edging dons
Dondeal: Let's go
AussieLion: Ross the Boss will be spewing.
FoopyTime: yeah boys
navy_blues: saints woeful after 1/4 time wd dons for hanging in there
BigChief: Saints blew that in the 1st half.
AussieLion: Sarah very happy interviewer
Silz90: Sarah is great
BigChief: Burgoyne and Woewodin subs next game.
slickbro1: Saints were edging us.
Silz90: What's edging
Hughsy: flower yesssss
Social: Love to see Ross all cranky

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