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Gotigres: Last chance for you Rankin
zadolinnyj: Go crows
bhg26: Carn Ryan
flibbity: go young and jackson
J.Worrall: Young & Jackson's closed for Good Friday.
frenzy: monday teams anybody
flibbity: J.Worrall hahaha
soup: as a non serong, ryan and jackson owner I really don't want to watch this game
bhg26: Brought Ryan in over serong so that my defence is not a total disgrace
PAFC4eva: Evening all think the crom need to win this
navy_blues: mon teams might not be out til tomorrow cos of good fri
zadolinnyj: Hope that does not doom Ryan bhg
bhg26: Iím sure it will zado
bhg26: Apologies to Ryan owners in advance
Silz90: Go dogga, fyfe and serong
zadolinnyj: Jackson looks like the next lead singer for nickelback
Manowar: be Sharp, Sharp
Manowar: don't spud it up tonight Dawson!
StuL: Action Jackson again pls
Raspel31: My only gruesome reason to be here is to see Young fail miserably- nut go Jackson.
BigChief: Clark has the medical headband already.
J_Herer: Young off the bench - traded him out, see how it pans out today
Stu7: Go Young, Laird & Crouch
Stu7: And Fyfe
Stu7: J_Herer I nearly traded him
J_Herer: too hard to watch his role get killed each week with the freo mid rotations
Jukes82: Draper looks trans lol
navy_blues: 5mins and serong already on bench
beerent11: Bring back shrek
sheezel420: Stay down Jackson please
StuL: Serong bejng tagged. the party might be over
Manowar: Sharp blunt?
Manowar: flower u Young!
Stu7: Go Lairdy
StuL: oppo has no jackson. dont stay down
J_Herer: Serong gets George Hewit next week also doesnt he?
Gotigres: My fault regarding Serong. Got him in this week. Sorry fellas
Raspel31: Being new to this game is Young allowed to score after you've traded him?
Stu7: Early days Gotigres
beerent11: Haha young will probably ton up after so many gave him the old heave ho
Gotigres: Also got Butters in this week so expect him to go low.
Deelight: Carn MCrouch
beerent11: Damn you gotigres. Thatís my vc.
original: Ggf young. Score 50-60 like other weeks please
Gotigres: Yes Raspel. Usually double their score after they are traded out.
bhg26: Who traded in crouch
beerent11: Jordan clark has had a great season start.
Gotigres: If it's any consolation beer, he's my vc as well
frenzy: ummm, Jackson?
Raspel31: Thanks Gotigres- learning the ins and outs- but Jackson/
beerent11: Nope. No consolation.
StuL: i got rid of young so watch him ton up.
shancrows: Milera is absolutely brain dead
StuL: fyfe and jackson. here we go
Ash777: eww young's tog
bhg26: Seriously who traded in crouch
northball: crouch gonna have 40% tog in a quarter lmao wtf
Gotigres: At least only vc beer
Raspel31: My aunt's 2nd cousin bhg.
PAFC4eva: Looks like crouch being blamed for midfield being vanilla
J_Herer: That a boy Dawson!
beerent11: Pretty soft free
beerent11: Looks like crouch being blamed for being crouch.
bhg26: Champagne footy to end that quarter
Zutroyz: Got rid of Dawson and Young this week. Perfect timing
J_Herer: Surprised MCrouch benched so much, you would think he would be up for 10 tackles tonight
StuL: good finish to the end of the qtr by jackson
zadolinnyj: Crouch was on bench half the quarter so no stress
sheezel420: Why on Earth would you trade out Dawson
beerent11: Borlase is good. Got him in a couple of draft leagues.
original: Forgive u for dropping crouch. Had to hold Dawson imo
frenzy: he'll be fresh
StuL: i donr think young will avg enough.
Zutroyz: Dawson had shower start to year, was going to lose value. went to Sowrong
BigChief: I don't believe Young had no clangers in a qtr.
StuL: i dont get why there was no love for Laird this year. i have Laird hes killing it
bhg26: Crouch working hard at qt
frenzy: who gives a flower if a keeper loses value
Deelight: Crouch is a beast lets goo
Zutroyz: With a million trades, I'm not fussed
beerent11: SuperCoach has changed a bit frenzy. With so many trades the newer players chop and change a lot more. Itís more like dt
Raspel31: I traded Bont this week even though he's playing.
beerent11: Smart rasp.
frenzy: Lol Rasp
northball: why is serong playing on the wing
StuL: fyfe is a butcher these days
Zutroyz: Because I traded him in Northball
Ash777: recovering from leather poisoning I guess
StuL: jackson get moving pls too
northball: longmuir pulling bevo moves
beerent11: Crouch on fire bhg
Stu7: Nice work Crouch potato
wadaramus: Michalanney superb.
bhg26: Never in doubt beer
beerent11: Just a hand baller now stul. Judd was the same late in his career. Bodies are done.
clay007: Walters has rewound the clock
FoopyTime: serong best winger in the comp. great tactical mind longmire superior thinker
Stu7: Crouch is a gun
Raspel31: I Crouched lonce and never got up again.
BigChief: Freo skills lacking this week. Fumbles and missing open targets.
northball: crouch and serong never in doubt lmao
PAFC4eva: And crouch goes BANG
Stu7: Crouch 0-100 in no time
Deelight: Crouching Tiger baby
wadaramus: Our forward kicking is so pathetic. We are totally average.
original: Young skills awful
bhg26: Pedlar backing up last weeks huge performance
Stu7: Crouching Tiger hidden Pink
frenzy: the Crouch owners coming outta the woodwork, lol
OffaStep: Put Burgess back on, for flowers sake!
StuL: my game is dying because of you jackson.
J_Herer: lol Stu7
wadaramus: OK, goodnight charlie, I am heading to the Cowboys v Broncos.
clay007: In fairness, Bhg put it on the map, could not believe people traded him in, vindication.
J_Herer: Fyfe skills worse original
BigChief: Walters can't kick over a jam jar anymore. 40m is his max.
shancrows: We're flowering terrible what the flower is going on.
Getup: Walters dominating says alot about the cows
shancrows: Turn over turn over turn over wtf Adelaide
beerent11: Sunny has been very good for a long time.
original: Young = fumble king
navy_blues: adel havent taken their chances freo been poor but in front lol
beerent11: We got ourselves a shootout lads
J_Herer: who gets vested out of the mids for O'Meara (Fyfe again is my bet)?
northball: they can sub a fwd and put fyfe fwd
shancrows: We're atrocious lucky freo have been just as bad
navy_blues: great shepherd walters
shancrows: Never mind. Ffs
StuL: lucky we had extra trades to waste. young will come good now. maybe
J_Herer: or the Banfield injury and throw Serong on the wing
northball: crouch with the 60pt quarter
clay007: crouch 63 pt qtr
bhg26: Love you Crouch
Stu7: Nice Clay
StuL: bugger off young.
Kidult: Nah they adjusted a lot of players at QT including Crouch up to 15
Raspel31: Capping Walters might not prove a disaster.
original: StuL maaaive agree. Been GARBAGE for two games
Kidult: adjusting a bit at HT now
Jukes82: fyfe will get subbed again no doubt, unless an injury happens to someone else
Hughsy: A injury a day keeps Fyfe in the game - almost rhymes
thommoae: Young needs a little bit of time to get his head around mids after picking up kick-ins and outlet marks in D for all his
StuL: i guess i screwed up trading him after 2 games but treating the extra trades like candy
clay007: On the flip side of crouch going bonkers, laird and dawson took the term off. sigh
Doggie Doo: Who is needed to go big this game?
Jukes82: didnt you blame everyone last week for convincing you to pick Young lol
Ash777: Draper going to be a good player
Stu7: Young lifting finally
StuL: ffs fyfe. king of butchers
clay007: Agreed ash, good hair too
bhg26: The week i bring ryan in is the week they dont go to him
Raspel31: Agreed Ash but most of us will be dead by then.
BigChief: Muppet for B. Walker.
Mikeagles: skill level is terrible in this game
beerent11: Who do you think a big bodied mid like omeara is the sub for?
original: You jinxed him
beerent11: Why are we paying goal umps?
Stu7: Banfield beer
StuL: why must my players always suck?
W3stcoast1: Ohhhh no Jackson's had 1 bad game. Watch everyone trade him. Out now.
BigChief: To make them feel needed beer.
clay007: Jackson doing ok WC, he has power moments
beerent11: Hereís hoping stu7
McSquire: What a putrid game
clay007: Dry anus kicks a good goal
W3stcoast1: Clay I was being sarcastic seems like ppl trade out players for 1 bad game
beerent11: Jacksonís a star. That dud gawn held him back too long.
Raspel31: Because they do Stul- cogito ergo sum. Bless.
flibbity: clay007 hahahaha
clay007: Sorry wc, I love sarcasm, so my bad
J_Herer: Sharp hit the brick wall
clay007: If you listen carefully, when commentators say hughes, it sounds like pubes
Stu7: Fyfe BE 46 might have to trade him out next week
Deelight: Why did I get sucked in by Rachele?
original: Does laird deeerve his points? Watching game and hardly notice him
BigChief: How good is Alex Pearce as a player. Rarely gets beaten.
original: Laird*
clay007: Maybe you love a challenge deelight
W3stcoast1: Next week. I'm start. Upgrading my. Rookies. And. Cash cows. Starting with Zack Williams. And duursma
clay007: I like how you corrected yourself for Laird but not deeerve original!
Raspel31: Why does Hadyn Young score well the week you drop him- Confucius.
OffaStep: Unlikely to make much more in a hurry, Stu. Does have Weagles R6 but is an increasingly risky play...
StuL: come on jackson. enough rest
TheLegend6: ffs Young
original: Ggf young
W3stcoast1: I've still got 950k. Monney in my bank to use. So time start. Upgrading
J_Herer: Young is dominating as no one is playing on him
Ash777: Yes Young!
StuL: ive lost. jackson v young will be enough.fml.
StuL: Young will do this all year now wont he?
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
Raspel31: Fascinating W3st.
Ash777: get the tombstone out
BigChief: Not another knee surely.
navy_blues: so many injuries
OffaStep: You lgged in on a telegraph machine W3st?
Stu7: True that OffaStep
beerent11: Bloody hell another knee for Milera
BigChief: Poor bugger can't take a trick beer
GinniFan: of course young goes big when I sell him
LuvIt74: Dawson way overated glad i traded him out 2 weeks ago, his ball use is shocking...
Raspel31: Milera had a bad rub beer- poor chap indeed.
Hughsy: I never had young but I imagine people would be fumingÖ.
Getup: These 2 teams won't win the flag this year woeful game to watch skill wise
W3stcoast1: What's everyone. Scores. So far
circle52: A lot of us I think traded Young and kept Dawson. Me included
LuvIt74: @Getup couldn't agree more
Jaypa: You dont wear flags in March GetUp, and for that you should be thankful
Ash777: Crouch has eaten half of Dawson's chips
Jaypa: Fyfe getting subbed yet? ;)
beerent11: 8 w3stcoat1.
J.Worrall: Of course!
Catatafish: I kept Young, but sucked in by Pink due to Gibcus, Reid and Coffield.
BigChief: Okay Dogga 30+ in the last please.
Roarix: Bloody Young.. just had to troll us all
StuL: I should know better by now. of course you trade out someone who is sure to slay the next week
Raspel31: With the extra trades so many side wats trades so early- Naicos traded enormously but he did his job. Stay firm with the
thommoae: Not all of us Roarix.
beerent11: Not the first to be sucked in by a little pink catatafish
Yelse: Who to caption Gawn Bont or Heeny
J.Worrall: Kept Young, dodged Pink. Easily pleased!
Jukes82: I wouldnt say 1.4% is "enormously"
Getup: ??? Japa wear the flag???
BigChief: English Yelse best option.
Getup: Well done worrall
Raspel31: Bont for mine Yelse. Of course I might be mistaken.
Catatafish: Too true, beer. Bit trigger happy considering the defender injury list. That's my excuse!
BigChief: No Fyfe sub this week.
Silz90: emmett subbed
soup: Fyfe safe from the vest
Silz90: fyfe to ton up big chief?
Crowls: J Worrell - same decisions. good night other than jackson
BigChief: Not likely Silz. 80 at best imo.
StuL: fyfe free to butcher
W3stcoast1: I'm going bont. As captain. He's playing against eagles. Way we are going he will have a field day
bhg26: Flower sake ryan
J.Worrall: Jackson can till ton up, I reckon. Sharp is going OK too!
Gelly: looks liek they put dawson back to cover milera
Silz90: i would take 75+ he needs a goal
beerent11: $ for sharp
Ash777: Putting dawson back would be good
Silz90: i dont have sharp :( but jackson needs to lift too
StuL: fu young. costing me my game
soup: Fyfe get off the bench you coat
StuL: i have jackson and ryan v serong and young
BigChief: StuL it is game 3 of the round. No need to panic
Raspel31: I am organising a class action against Hdyn Young if anyone is interested?
bhg26: I'll join if he outscores Ryan raspel
Stu7: Ha ha Raspa, I kept him in the end - but Iím hearing you
thommoae: Appearing for the defence here ...
Stu7: Off the bench Crouching Tiger
LuvIt74: I must say I don't feel for those who held Dawson he is crap
circle52: I will if he outscores Stewart
Mikeagles: traded out young/ martin goes massive tomorrow also
original: Rasper sign me up. To make make matters worse, oppo in draft has him
Gotigres: Thanks Raspel
Stu7: Fyfe is officially making money
Silz90: dawson is a better AF player?
Ash777: That was not a free
navy_blues: get back on serong
LuvIt74: Have Serong, Ryan & Jackson
beerent11: What was youngís be?
Raspel31: Slayers and Gordon- false advertiing lads.
BigChief: Keep going Dogga.
OffaStep: I'd join Raspel but I think the fact I traded Pink in could be used against us...
Stu7: Nicely placed LuvIt
bhg26: 165 beer
Stu7: Yes OffaStep you wouldnít have a leg to stand on
Raspel31: Lol Off- not much joy there.
ralfsmiff4: traded young to sheezel.... feels like a waste, but nice to have sheez at least
beerent11: 1 good half out of six so far for young. Iíll pass thanks.
beerent11: You wonít regret it by seasons end ralf.
J.Worrall: why not have a mexican advertisement?
original: Young to ambrosio
Stu7: Your better off with Sheezel I reckon ralf
Silz90: junk time for fyfe and serong
GinniFan: same ralf
Zutroyz: Happy with trading 'keeper ' Dawson to Sarong
GJayBee: Ton up Brashaw
Zutroyz: Sheezel will be more consistent than Young
navy_blues: cant see adel top 8 side like predicted
circle52: Looking at maybe Dawson to Green and after Youngs effort tonight watch Dawson go big.
Raspel31: Who is this Sbeezel?
Danstar: yeh thinking time for dawson to go
StuL: f off serong too
ralfsmiff4: Yeah good points gents, and yeah beer one good half out of six is a great way to look at it!
BigChief: Great trade Zutroy. Someone else thinks keeping a sub 100 avg premo is whats needed :)
Danstar: i had laird initially but heard he might play more fwd
Stu7: Gone from crouching to sleeping
Deelight: Gee crouch coulda done more but will take it
Legix: Gg Dawson. I gave you more chances than you deserve
Stu7: Whoops just as I speak he scores nice
frenzy: lol Zutroyz
McSquire: Adelaide terrible
TheLegend6: Traded Young to get Serong. It'll be better long term but this does sting a tad aha
Silz90: too late to trade dawson. going to lose 40 to 50k
Stu7: Adelaide 2:goals in3 quarters
Raspel31: Laird must have readthe paper tday coz the call for him and Pendles was to retire.
shancrows: Even the sudo kicked one against us were flowering shower LOL
Zutroyz: you can't trade Dawson silz. frenzy will help you with that
McSquire: Disposal tonight Shan isnít really AFL standard
Raspel31: May I say politely as a recent Hadyn Young owner that our class acyion is looking good.
J.Worrall: Young & Jackson not trading. Good Friday!
BigChief: m0nty love the star call. Been huge.
navy_blues: nice job freo
Mikeagles: do i take ryans VC?
StuL: fu young.
Mikeagles: vs a Butters C
BigChief: Oh so close Dogga.
Silz90: nice score fyfe
beerent11: two in a row silz. 6969
m0nty: late new icon

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