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mumfster: LDU vice captain!
Jaypa: all aboard the Powell bandwagon
navy_blues: have a great debut Elijah!
frenzy: chaps
Georgeous: 2.5 qtrs of footy. lets go
wadaramus: Go Norf (players that I have)!
TimT14: Let's get going Cerra and McGovern need huge scores from you
Getup: Bought in sheez for young apologise if he spuds
mumfster: How bad has Young been!?!
navy_blues: marchbank omg should of left kemp in
Getup: Probably get 160 tonight mumsfster the way I'm going 🙄
navy_blues: young not playing lol
BigChief: Kemp has been good this year. Very stiff to be dropped navy.
Silz90: All aboard the Powell train
BigChief: 3 FA on Marchbank already. What a dud.
navy_blues: omg marchbank playing for opps
Silz90: 4 free kicks 4 goals
soup: Anyone got the C on Marchbank?
Georgeous: go Norf!
Getup: For freo navy?
m0nty: Clarko might sub Marchbank off before QT at this rate
StuL: Sheezel on fire
Jaypa: Vossy M0nty?
navy_blues: plz plz sub marchbank
naicosfan: 12 free kicks in 10 mins of footy
BigChief: Blues look terrible. North just too fast.
StuL: Zwill never going to be what he was.
lana2146: Zac Williams dont turn up hes first trade outta my side Monday
StuL: i own Pink and Carroll. At least score in the positive boys
StuL: Pink -10. Never seen that b4
Catatafish: Lol -10 is an effort.
BigChief: Marchbank was -14
Georgeous: Georgie boy!
StuL: Pink purely in the team because there was no one else. Actually could have got Hore. Why did i not?
Jaypa: Pink all time worst quarter I've ever seen
soup: Two in the pink having a mare
Getup: Early days stul
circle52: Are umps trying to outdo the 50 frees from last night
Devero_D: This ump is out of control
naicosfan: They
naicosfan: Theyíll get 50 in a half
bhg26: Canít wait for lazzaro to have a reasonable game today and get subbed off at 3qt
StuL: Ground hog day. Oppo with the good north rookies slaying me
Jaypa: Powell get a touch ffs
Stu7: Mo opponent has one in the stink - yee hah!
navy_blues: boyd doing well
clay007: How good is Brad Scott, coaches Essendon and plays for North. 26 points too.
soup: Hawkins would have scored more goals than plugger if he got umpired like curnow and McKay
howe2591: Is fisher being pillaged by CD?
StuL: Zwill coming good
wadaramus: Lift LDU, do something you hack!
Devero_D: LDU's clanger was pretty unfair. It was a good kick.
flibbity: go sheez
navy_blues: go harry
wadaramus: Sheezel is outrageous.
BigChief: Harry looking very fit this year. Maybe the penny has dropped.
StuL: come on pink. score plus 0 pls
SydneyRox: nice work sheeze!!
StuL: forgot to put vc on sheezel.
StuL: God is defintely looping Sheezel
original: That Clanger killed hewett ffs
naicosfan: GOD put the Vc on McKay
Migz: sheez feeling a bit like chiplord lloyd from like 3 years ago
flibbity: i went merrett vc into bont
navy_blues: thanks fish
lana2146: Thank u Carroll
Migz: nah you lot crazy. Jackson VC into english vs eagles with no ruck
BigChief: shower 50m penalty on Sheezel.
flibbity: how do you get the club logo flair?
lana2146: Wish I could afford English
JaiDay12: Vice captaining Jackson is a wild call
naicosfan: Not a 50, did ump even say stand? He clearly played on
flibbity: yeah good call Migz could go huge
navy_blues: great tackle carroll
shancrows: Carlton getting a lot of help by the umpires
shancrows: Poor North
naicosfan: Butters VC into heeney C against weak tigs
BigChief: Butters VC into Bont C for me.
Jaypa: when Norf lose this by 100 can we finally take the good friday game off them?
StuL: Come on Pink. Do something.
navy_blues: achlles
BigChief: Hope that's not an achilles for CCJ
SydneyRox: its bad for CCJ, but hopefully that means Xerri pulls his finger out a bit
StuL: pink will get the vest and get dropped. Another rookie def down
BigChief: Pink won't get subbed StuL, not with CCJ getting inj.
naicosfan: Lazaro ainít getting subbed today.. nice
Badgerbadg: fakes an injury to get on the green whistle.. classic footy
Migz: got the whistle. must be in crazy pain. that whistle knocked me out
navy_blues: badger u r a dropkick saying that
Social: opted against Pink for Coffield waiting for something better... thank you Jesus
StuL: ouch. cant imagine that pain.
original: Achilles inj they reckon?
Getup: Went pink social not worried
bhg26: Off the pine powell
Badgerbadg: Navy- just having a laff mate, chill out. im sure his injury arkillied ;)
soup: LDU you are a fraud
clay007: Pink's be is -32, so will his price go up if if he gets -2
soup: Muppet icon for Badger?
Migz: nobody here is personally affected, hes just having a laugh
StuL: I guess it would clay
BigChief: Nice shove from Harry LOL
Getup: Agree migz
BigChief: Was that a Kernahan helicopter from Charlie?
clay007: Sheezel is a classy player. Cant wait to see him in the black and white
Catatafish: Pink is just terrible.
bhg26: Yes lazz
clay007: I don't know about that Catafish, she is an international pop star.
StuL: My oppo doesnt have Pink so this sucks
navy_blues: friggn marchbank again!!!
Catatafish: True, Clay. She can't excel at everything.
clay007: Lol Catafish
Social: Good half Pink
clay007: Pink into single figures. Well done champ!
StuL: Come on Pink. Defintely not in the18
StuL: carroll is going well. pity hes not unique
frenzy: when do monday teams come out
Jaypa: what score do I loophole Carroll for Sanders/Roberts lads?
StuL: Sunday i think Frenzy
JayEm: C'mon Pink, at least double your score by the end of the 3rd qtr
OffaStep: Pink thinking he has to reach minus 32 to reach his breakeven...
frenzy: thanks StuL
BigChief: Monday teams release at approx 6.30 tonight.
Manowar: Pink is doing the best he can
soup: Jaypa id say 80 but I'm looping with Clark so slightly lower benchmark
StuL: Pink just got 3 points. hes flying
Getup: Nice quarter pink
BigChief: Jack Macrae named for Dogs.
StuL: i read sonewhere it was sunday but i must be wrong
StuL: maybe its sunday for non extended benches?
original: Xerri scoring is a joke. Should be on 20
Jaypa: yeah soup was thinking 80-85
StuL: oppo has xerri do they?
frenzy: lol StuL
Social: :Pink scored points in the sheds... what the?
StuL: carroll tagging LDU
bhg26: Quack quack
Jaypa: one of the worst high frees youll ever see
StuL: Pink was more influential in the break than the game
navy_blues: lol see them every week jaypa
original: StuL nah oppo doesnít have xerri. Just sayin
Getup: I've broken sheez sorry 😞
Jaypa: need to stop rewarding players dropping their heads into blokes
circle52: @stuhl NOTE: We will NOT get extended squads for Monday's game (Hawks v Cats) tonight. Just a single team announcement
bhg26: Tom powell a couple touches and a goal in less than 3 minutes, taken off the ground
circle52: anoouvement at 6:20 for the 23 +emergemcies not good for fantasy
shancrows: Is that 6 or 7 free kicks in Carlton's forward line now? Blues getting the world
circle52: theway it is going will beat the 50 frees from last night
Jaypa: Pink cant play on Curnow, poor guy has no chance
BigChief: Name 1 that was not there shancrows?
thommoae: I hate those 6:20 annouvements
bhg26: Curnow almost got a goal without umpire assistance
StuL: pink will be on $50 profit for this
Social: Corr getting pantsed, Pink would do far better ;)
shancrows: Big chief most have been very very soft only 2 or 3 should have been paid
Stu7: Wake up Williams I know I should have traded you
StuL: zwill better get moving too
bhg26: Great day for north key defenders
BigChief: Nth have to hold as they are not big enough to stop Harry or Charlie. You can't put arms around anymore.
StuL: But who to trade him to other Stu?
StuL: Pink got a point
navy_blues: soft throw that i guess shancrows
original: Real glad I didnít trade pink in. Sorry for those that had to
Jukes82: imagine being one of the 29,000 ppl that got Pink this week lmao
Stu7: StuL I was going to go to DíAmbrosio
shancrows: I did jukes LOL
StuL: it was either him or hore. no one else to chose from
Stu7: I already had the flog lol,
Getup: I was one of them juke 🤣
Jukes82: lol
clay007: Some people brought Pink in as cash generation, cos we wouldn't make anything out of Gibcus Jukes, smart call
Stu7: True that. StuL
StuL: the trade assist kept insisting on pink. that influences ppls trades
bhg26: Can we do a wellness check on ZWill, havenít seen him in a while
Stu7: Williams need 34 tomBE
Stu7: Williams need 34 to BE
Jukes82: true mate, those 7 points are generating plenty. rubbish call in hindsight im sure
navy_blues: handball city grrr
bhg26: There he is
StuL: all my players have stopped this qtr excl Sheezel
Jaypa: sheezel is so flowering good
Stu7: Bhg26 heís cutting the oranges up for 1/4 time
clay007: Jukes, his be was -42, his price will go up, plus the blues haveblody good fwds. Try not to be a tool though
Stu7: StuL mine never started
J_Herer: Cheezel will have to be up for a brownlow at some stage over the next 5 years
BigChief: Larkey that was dumb.
Getup: Nice sheez
navy_blues: haha larkey
navy_blues: nice owies
Jaypa: Norf are rubbish, bunch of sore losers
shancrows: Carlton dropping ball ends up in 50m free and goal wow
Jaypa: getting what they deserve
OffaStep: Umpires: 300 metres gained already.
Mikeagles: worst umpiring all year
KoopK: Who names their kid Paul?
Stu7: This is a shower show
TheLegend6: Disgraceful umpiring
ralfsmiff4: imagine trying to explain this game to someone from overseas. the number of frees in this match is something else
Getup: Pink lifting!!!!
beerent11: Mr and Mrs Curtis Koop
StuL: pink on fire. double digits
StuL: williams will have to go at some point too. yet another def to fix
BigChief: Larkey has lost the plot.
LuvIt74: Cannot believe i dogged a huge bullet by not bringing in pink thank god for that
ralfsmiff4: i like it from larkey, sticking up for his teammates, that was a very late hit on sideburns
clay007: In all honesty, I cannot believe you guys are having a crack at $123,000 player. What did you expect?
Stu7: Luv more like a cannonball
beerent11: Zilliams has proved to be massively overrated his whole career.
beerent11: Part of his job ralf
Stu7: True that beer
ralfsmiff4: ouch, that ldu head knock
Stu7: Heís gone next week beer
sheezel420: Pink is literally a KPD, it's like you guys don't know how scoring works
Jaypa: Pink vs. CCJ is shaping up to be a thriller in this last quarter
suns4ever: Zilliams is literally on track for a 70 score, he's going to make money flower me you guys
JockMcPie: not sure what people expected from zilliams. 75 average and trade him out, he was never gonna be a 90+ guy
beerent11: Both things are true suns4ever
Social: Go easy on Tobias Theodore Labium Pink Jr
beerent11: My comment wasnít about his value as a cash generator.
StuL: As long as he gets it. jock.
LuvIt74: williams is fine
StuL: pink starting on the bench. hes had a big day. have a rest
beerent11: Gotta be tough to wear 10 for north.
suns4ever: Can believe people didn't pick up Powell and got pink
ralfsmiff4: Cunnington's legacy will be hard to replace
ralfsmiff4: wow owies feasting on the carcass, he needs junk time or vulture icon
BigChief: So much hate for ZWill and yet none for McKercher who is similar price and score.
Stu7: Bit of a price difference suns4ever
beerent11: Stevo before him
ralfsmiff4: boyd running into everyone
Stu7: McKercher first year player Chief
FoopyTime: dam that one looked brutal
BigChief: And ZWill coming off multiple injury years Stu7
Jaypa: dont take it too hard Chief, this chat is only ever full of hate, par for the course
Stu7: True that Chief
suns4ever: If they're the same price it doesn't matter if they're a first year or not lol
valkorum: Mckercher is 60k less and 20 more points than ZWill
beerent11: Had too many issues this week. Couldnít get Powell in.
OffaStep: Got Powell in even though I had back line issues, Beer. Fixed them with Pink.
beerent11: Nice offastep.
DukeNewc: Same offastep, pink on the bench though, got serong as well
beerent11: Got Newcombe duke?
DukeNewc: Do we reckon McKay can be considered if he keeps going like this?
OffaStep: Serong a solid in, Duke. Coff and Reid on the bench for me... Next week's problems.
navy_blues: i have him Duke
Stu7: suns4ever I wasnít referring to price I was referring to experience
beerent11: Also, having an opinion on a player isnít necessarily hate.
beerent11: Itís an opinion. We all have them.
Stu7: Well said beer
bhg26: All ball ref
Jaypa: didnt say it was beer, but this is hardly an overall positive space is it haha
clay007: Is E. Hollands a possible in for SC?
bhg26: At 280k nah clay
StuL: pls just get 70 williams. as promised by some guy
beerent11: As a back up ruck/fwd heís good duke.
BigChief: I wouldn't think so clay. Not playing North every week.
DukeNewc: Powell is the new Humphrey, except humph was cheaper and rose to 400k
beerent11: Nope thatís a fair comment jaypa. Seems better than recent years though mate.
beerent11: Nice comeback x
Social: see how dutchy goes next week
JaiDay12: Beer lad I swear you're always trying to start some beef
Stu7: I was going to trade in Sheezel and Powell but I heard Bont has an ankle issue so saving a trade if I need it
clay007: Thanks guys
bhg26: Powell getting 90 percent Cbas duke
navy_blues: in a months time u guys prob all getting E Hollands in
beerent11: Where was that jai?
OffaStep: I heard it downplayed, Stu. Didn't he train with the main group?
Stu7: Not sure OffaStep
beerent11: I was saying nice comeback about xerri. You may have misunderstood.
Fromage: The Pink Stink is real
BigChief: No beef on Good Friday Jai, only fish.
StuL: is Bont fit? He was going to be my C?
Social: Pinkus Liabilitus
DukeNewc: Cmon Powell ton up
navy_blues: nice ton on debut elijah
Jaypa: come on Powell, raise the bat champ
Social: Bont turned an ankle last week but trained well this morning
beerent11: What about chicken? Thatís white meat too.
StuL: pink is going to be a really long slow burn to make any cash
BigChief: Hmmm chicken is okay beer.
Stu7: Thanks for the update Social
J_Herer: Carlton injury niggles mounting up
Gotigres: Get into it McKercher
beerent11: Fish n chips shops have got us all fooled.
Jaypa: Hollands having a HUGE last quarter
beerent11: Wild jaypa
beerent11: Far out, what happened to Simpkin
BigChief: Wardlaw may not have the score, but I liked his game
bhg26: The flower was that kick powell
Raspel31: Well I don't think anyone thought Norff's season- but onya Shhezel and Powell.
flibbity: is it his first game back after the KO
soup: Don't think norf can win the flag after dropping this game
Jukes82: great game Pink, I missed the boat one that one :(
soup: Yeah jukes massive money maker :(
beerent11: Nah he played last week. Flibbity

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