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JustinS69: monty no Lipinski?
soup: Felt like I had to physically restrain myself to last-minute VC Naicos, got a feeling he is going very very big..
navy_blues: wow bout time Noble is in
navy_blues: up top Justin
thommoae: I wonder what The Duck is watching tonight ... Bettany Hughes: Treasures of Bulgaria looks appealing.
navy_blues: wanted to take the 3.10 odds on coll but think lions win at gabba
royboy16: go lions
Zutroyz: Every time I see Daniher I'm glad he chose the bears and we got Jezza
Jukes82: evening lads
frenzy: howdy
navy_blues: omg review crap again
Gelly: yay reviews
soup: 2/3 legs of the multi already complete, love that
bhg26: Took 2 scoring shots for our first review
Gelly: maybe they can review the illicit drugs policy next
bhg26: Naicos on kick ins
Troglodyte: Go the Roar!
bhg26: Another one
W3stcoast1: Bout time de goey. Doing something for once
soup: Adelaide v Sydney last year has done irreversible damage to these goal umpires
bhg26: This is not champagne footy
wadaramus: Agree soup, it misses by a foot but they still check anyway.
Roarix: You would not think these 2 made the GF last year.. turnover galore..
wadaramus: Skills not the greatest.
navy_blues: omg think BT rubbing off on JB
soup: Is JB cooked?
bhg26: Yeah thatís not Finn maginness
TorturedSC: Lots of see 'em given frees being ignored in the pies favour so far
wadaramus: Great Barrier McInnes.
navy_blues: omg dropwood
naicosfan: Letís see if we can play for more than a qtr
Zutroyz: Hipwood is spare parts
Jaypa: umpire called play on and zac bailey is standing OOB, am I missing something?
bhg26: Just the standard now jaypa
OffaStep: Titch winding back the clock.
naicosfan: Whatís happened to naicos?
Jukes82: dunks injured?
Jukes82: nevermind back on
thommoae: Brisbane so butter-fingered tonight.
navy_blues: noble doing well
OffaStep: Looking composed and making great decisions, Navy.
naicosfan: Noble is that run that we needed off hb, markov was a butcher
Jaypa: ffs, my tips are in ruins
J_Herer: Niacos to be subbed?
navy_blues: why he wasnt in side is beyond me
wadaramus: Is that the same knee he injured?
naicosfan: Frampton was more involved in this game in the first 5 mins than he was in the gf
GJayBee: Zorko is Zorkoing
OffaStep: Yeah, I've always rated Noble.
Zutroyz: Brisbane forgot the sticky spray this week
GJayBee: lol naicosfan
OffaStep: Good flowering start, Pies!
navy_blues: mccluggage very poor 1st qtr
soup: Might need some more Scott selwood insight into exactly what Schultz has done this quarter
Jaypa: Schultz with the Chief Wiggum special.
Jaypa: "donuts!, I got donuts!"
Ash777: should have backed ginny
DukeNewc: Love the simpsons reference jaypa
Getup: Agree offastep keep going pies
OffaStep: Score reviewer more involved than Schultz.
Getup: Finally they call a out of bounds 🤔
J_Herer: best sale of all time to get rid of Schultz when at peak
Jukes82: brissy need the first goal otherwise it's curtains
Ash777: guessing Shultz is not adjusting to pies gameplan
JohnHoward: wooow, daicos didnt play on from a kik out. i dont belive it
original: Oh great, Joel Selwood on special comments
GJayBee: Shultz acting like heís on Hogans heroís
DukeNewc: Original, he may be judging the ducks performed tonight
navy_blues: at least selwood is neutral not like all the other bias commentators
OffaStep: Lol GJay
BigChief: Selwood better than the other flogs commentating.
Jaypa: whats with brisbane dropping marks and fumbling
Getup: Need a goal
Getup: Titch turning back the clock
BigChief: How does showerwood keep getting games?
DukeNewc: Unusually bad kicking from daicos
Ash777: naicos has been cursed by phillips
Brian00173: I'd be ticked off with the lack of effort from Daniher if I were a Brissy follower
DukeNewc: Finally Brisbane get reward for effort, all over Collingwood atm.
GJayBee: Hip wood is related to Skeletor who is a selector
BigChief: Is Naicos on ball or HB?
Zutroyz: Daniher on $1m per year for this.
Ash777: the hip wood is connected to the pine bench
naicosfan: We never play a second qtr ffs
Ash777: 1 touch schultz
navy_blues: wow pendles crap hb
Jukes82: brayden flognard
frenzy: Schultz, I did nuffink
thommoae: lol Frenzy. Nice.
GJayBee: Hahahahaha
LuvIt74: Naicos is gone next week if he doesn't ton up
Yelse: Macrea needs more game time why have schultz on when nowhere to be seen
BigChief: Thinking this is Pendles last season. He just doesn't look good.
StuL: This is the new Naicos?
McSquire: Macrae needs to do a whole lot more for the time he is on the ground. Simply not getting involved
DaicosQB: Yeah deep forwards get the same amount of the ball as on ballers, great call Yelse.
Deelight: Wowee Lachie Schultz
zadolinnyj: Lads
Ash777: finally the brother curse is broken at the dogs
DukeNewc: Maginess tagging naicos next week, may have to swing the axe
GJayBee: The way Shultz is playing yous
GJayBee: The way Shultz is playing youíd think Hogan was on him
W3stcoast1: Don't forget naicos is playing injured last 2 weeks
Zutroyz: Hipwood goal assist
original: Darcy can had gastro during the week didnít he. Low game time
Silz90: Evening
StuL: Lucky everyone has Daicos
original: Very weak free
BigChief: OMG FinMac subbed before Shultz. What a joke.
Ash777: macrae subbed
DukeNewc: finn macrae sub
Yelse: i really feel for Macrea just doesn't get a good run to show what he can do
original: Macrae subbed off sheesh
Manowar: cya F. Macrae
BigChief: Neale not wanting to kick after rolling ankle
navy_blues: bevo not coaching pies tonight is he?
Manowar: 6 touches in a half from a mid, think we have seen enough!
Troglodyte: Have a long rest Daicos, you deserve it mate
Yelse: @manowar he never really got the chance 62 percent game time
StuL: Come on Naicos. Enough sleeping
Yelse: noble playing like he possessed
Getup: That he is yelse
McSquire: Yelse can only assume you have him in your team. The guy looks lost and 62% for 6 possessions is not good enough
McSquire: Ö but still better than Shultz
original: Dunno how thatís not a free against cox
Getup: Keep going pies please score next quarter 🙏
navy_blues: i emailed fly last week on behalf of you coll supporters about noble lol
Getup: Kick the goal beau
StuL: Noble got a point to prove
Crowls: daicos to ryan looking good now. pity i didnt do it
DukeNewc: Original, its the same old story with FK's
Getup: Keep going pies!!!!
OffaStep: D Cam cracks the ten.
DukeNewc: Showerwood hasn't even cracked 1
Getup: Weird how so much goals down 1 end??
navy_blues: cheap shot pendles
Gelly: damn pendles, have a holiday mate
OffaStep: Yeah, seems to be a serious roll on the Gabba deck, Getup. Bottom, left pocket.
Jukes82: neale you cant snitch on pendles mate
Raspel31: Gawn to Cameron- should have done it earlier.
Gelly: good record diddnt save bachar
StuL: Naicos can still get 90 odd. Will take it at this point
bhg26: Always trust your gut raspel
aj74: Open hand slap and Flopper Neale goes down. Aw poor Flopper. Have another Brownlow mate
Ash777: pendles is now a dirty boy
Crowls: Any chance naicos can score 30+ this quarter
StuL: Good on Noble Out of the team to beat on.
shancrows: Hi all. Hope everyone is enjoying the game
Crowls: typical collingwood thuggery. go for the breadbox. see the hypopcrite event tried to apologise later.
Deelight: Spare me aj
Bwad: Naicos to go 102 and have everyone going "hmmmmmm, I dunno" is my prediction
Crowls: are the umps favoring the pies or my imagination?
flibbity: huh what did he do?
Bwad: Neale is a flopper and a faux tough guy, midget. Pendles will cop a $2500 fine. Move on.
Ash777: imagine watching the game from that condo must be like watching ants
bhg26: Dripwood masterclass
Getup: Your imagination crowls
BigChief: showerwood is such a star.
Getup: Agree bwad
Bwad: I'd say Pies have had the rub of the green, but not favourtism that we've seen n the past.
Gotigres: That's the way Naicos
navy_blues: omg
BigChief: WTF is BT watching? Ball slammed into the post and he says it's a goal. MORON
Gotigres: BT calling that a goal. lol
soup: Sucked in Schultz you spoon
bhg26: BT cant even tell when it smashes into the post
Bwad: What's a bloke got to do to get a Carlton symbol next to my name?
Bwad: Schultz looking like a Jonathon Hay trade, without the excuses
Ash777: are the commentators at the game or they just got a screen
navy_blues: think they should drug test BT
original: Harris Andrew that was so obvious and dumb.
flibbity: go blions
Gotigres: He would definitely be suspended navy
Gelly: he needs a dementia test
BigChief: Why sub Dev when showerwood is on the field.
Bwad: Garry Lyon wouldn't last a telecast if they drug tested. My mate used to sell him BULK sniff
Jukes82: your mates with junkies?
TorturedSC: That was harsh
BigChief: He didn't say that Jukes, he is mates with dealers.
thommoae: Steady Bwad. That's libellous.
Bwad: Ex-junkies Jukes. It is what it is. Can't help who you grow up with sometimes....
Jukes82: its common knowledge that dealers are users
Bwad: Only libelous if it isn't true... which I know it is.
Jukes82: fair enough mate
BigChief: Damn it. Pies look home.
Bwad: The Gabba fortress is over. Lions won't play finals.
Jukes82: first time i tip against the pies, typical fml
Silz90: Come on lions
clay007: Naicos back to naicos best
BigChief: Naicos finally showed up in the last qtr
Bwad: Lions are shot for the year. Change my mind.
Jukes: Hello 82
navy_blues: better drop noble next week cant have collingwood winning lol
bhg26: Brisbane are finished
Bwad: Not his best Clay, but a decent SC game in the end. His best is 150+
clay007: I'm talking this qtr bwad
Silz90: Hopefully they bring back Lyons next week.
Brian00173: Can't see how the Lions make the next step until they sort out what to do about Hippy
Bwad: Been a good qtr. Bit below his absolute best though, which is devastating.
Ash777: Andrews having a real mare
BigChief: No Kiddy, no Bris?
clay007: he is a big loss chief
Bwad: Nothing more certain than Brayshaw mentioning a provate school. Never mentions Horsham state school does he? Flog.
DukeNewc: Really missing his rebounding BC, that get out of jail card from the D50
LuvIt74: Naicos lives to see another week
Raspel31: Amazing handball Hippo knockers- so there!
Bwad: Naicos will be a top 3 defender. If you can cop the money loss/double bye, he will be fine. Star.
Ash777: crisp went nuts since he came on
OffaStep: Crisp ripping it up with low TOG.
BigChief: Bwad Finn won't stop Naicos next week. Last year he was inj.
Deelight: Hipwood leather poisoning
Getup: Great win pies yeeew
Bwad: Naicos is not a worry for me SC wise, always a hold.
original: Stinky game
naicosfan: Up the pies
original: Up the umpires hehe

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