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PAFC4eva: Congrats boaky 350 hopefully pear win for his milestone
Silz90: Congrats boak true champion of the game
Silz90: I need a big game for you butters
StuL: Everyone knows its Butters!
bhg26: Come on Wines surely go big with no JHF
navy_blues: if port cant win this pafc there is something seriously wrong!
navy_blues: but at least tigs are playing some youth good to see
PAFC4eva: Think they win navy but who knows
Bwad: Hope Port belt suitcases out of them today
FoopyTime: port should win this pretty easily tbh
BigChief: Rich with a seriously late change.Rioli Jr out and Clarke now sub.
Ash777: lefau no longer the sub!
navy_blues: hope port set up boak for a goal
clay007: We don't need cinderella stories Navy, just hope he plays well and his team play for him
StuL: why do i own rozee?
navy_blues: well clay ppl dont play 350 games often
StuL: Butters is always the better scorer of the 2.
bhg26: Off the pine wines
StuL: if i complain he might get moving
Ash777: still very early game to worry about scores
soup: nooo so close boaky
StuL: i worry. thats what i do
BigChief: I see Mead doing well without Wines.
BigChief: I meam Horne Francis.
bhg26: Earth to Wines
PAFC4eva: Really have to fix up kicking for goal if we are going to do any damage this year
Ash777: good. I have mead
Manowar: has Butters retired?
don key: bit scrappy tiges atm
bhg26: Seems like it Manowar
Bwad: Port should be up by 5 goals. Messy start.
Ash777: who would pick butters over bont as C
navy_blues: umps are pathetic this year
soup: early days ash.
Bwad: I almost did Ash, someone in this chat talked me out of it last night haha
StuL: who would Ash?
don key: should have paid the umps more for their xmas raffle last year !
BigChief: Only this year navy? I would think they are spuds every year.
Bwad: God this is an ugly game so far
navy_blues: not calling anything this year review crazy and no boundary lines chief
Raspel31: I like the new Tiggers game plan- losing.
don key: pafc4 great time to try raga up front
Jukes82: thats been the dons game plan for 20 years lol
don key: just rebuild ras like you guys last few years
BigChief: The uglier this is the better for Rich.
Ash777: port need a goal kicking coach
don key: get him nank lol
FoopyTime: do any of you tigs supporters actually like mansell
PAFC4eva: $hit not going to plan
don key: totally agree chief us supporters never know whats going on lol
don key: yes
FoopyTime: i swear he plays for the other team when i watch tigers matches
Jukes82: im not a fan foopy, he's played one good game rest are rubbish.
bhg26: Wines is gone next week. Still not getting enough cbas
don key: not the same since his misdemeanor where other got off
Ash777: many of tigers young group haven't improved as quickly as the fans liked
don key: port has the players to totally eclipse this year i feel just have to play as a team eyes down to hit up fwds
original: Soldo owner
original: Please send help
Ash777: Soldo against Nank is probably always going to end up this way
don key: he will be ok m8 good tapman
StuL: Ratugolea is no better than he was at Geelong
don key: whats happened to finlayson last couple years he was a gun
Ash777: Role change
original: Wait what? Soldo first hit out this qtr and some good follow up work but no points??
Troglodyte: Macrae got 147 DT in the two's today... back next week?
Jukes82: he's rubbish, richmond didnt want him. says everything you need to know lol
StuL: Age? We all have different windows.
original: Shoulda gone xerri for a cheap ruck
bhg26: If Wines isnt at stoppages its like hes not even on the ground. Cant see him
Ash777: Finlayson was always better as fwd/ruck
BigChief: HTB on Bolton? Cmon umpires pay the frees.
shancrows: Get wines on the ground
don key: omg free kisk!
Silz90: Stay low wines
StuL: CD liking Rozee. thanks
don key: best goal by tiges clap clap blow the whistle !!
BigChief: Really another review.
don key: omg great goal power
bhg26: This is getting ridiculous umps
BigChief: Go to specsavers umpires. SMH
Ash777: after the adelaide game last year you know this would happen
don key: heard bakes will in in wa next year bless him
don key: umps need a breath test
BigChief: Campbell offers alot to Rich. I like his efforts.
don key: bhg lovin your swans atm
PAFC4eva: Geez faz has really become a good player must be those huge feet
bhg26: So am I don key
navy_blues: i dont think port have a game plan here
DidgeBird: tigers showing so much character this season so far
Ash777: was campbell the sub last week?
BigChief: Look at their coach navy. Says it all.
don key: port maybe thought heres an easy game navy >?
bhg26: Wines on the pine again the fraud
lana2146: I got the tigers winning this nice odds
lana2146: Port so overrated
BigChief: I don't think so Ash.
Troglodyte: To be fair they're coming off a training drill against Wet Toast
navy_blues: i think port need to try to close down bolton down for starters
Getup: Fair comment navy 👏
PAFC4eva: Show some heart for boak you flogs
BigChief: Do Port have anyone quick enough to stop him though navy? Drew best tagger but is slow.
Manowar: Houston we have a're shower
Raspel31: They'll come good PAFC.
don key: navy port have umps too
BigChief: flower me goal umpire. NOT AGAIN.
navy_blues: true chief but this is going 1 way atm he is just doing whatever he likes port dont wont to defend
StuL: Butters is everywhere.
bhg26: For flower sake umps
don key: miss him butter cup
Getup: 50 my alps
navy_blues: want
wadaramus: Thespian excellence there from Butters.
DidgeBird: goal umpires won't exist soon enough when they can get tech good enough to just make all the decisions
Manowar: Hinkley looks confused!
don key: good to see bullies walloped gc loved to see that
don key: agree didge umps should call oob frees etc from their qrters upstairs and relay to umps that missed
Ash777: Probably being instructed to always go the review if it's close to the post or player
don key: you guys should have fun too wad
Bwad: Butters not looking too bad of a C option now Ash wouldn't you agree?
Ash777: Nothing to do with goal umps being poor
don key: didnt deserve that 50 tho bwad
Ash777: I never said he wouldn't out score Bont
don key: won wad sorry
Bwad: Milked the absolute hell out of it didn't he?
BigChief: Once the ball gets the chip in it and working goal and boundary umpires won't be needed.
don key: have c on t green next game tbh
don key: good call chief maybe throw in be like the golf club auto hit throw in lol
PAFC4eva: Think wines will be crouch next week
Ash777: They'll be for show
don key: tbh thought tiges would lose by over 5 goals so they ok for me new coach methods
StuL: What is a good score this week? 2000? Im a bit short btw
Ash777: Or to signal a goal Out of bounds
BigChief: 2000 for top 18 StuL would be very good.
don key: boaks a suprstar in game and life to the club that gets him after footy has an all time mentor
BigChief: Boak to Cats as coach when he retires.
Bwad: Boak will get bulk coaching / development offers when he retires.
don key: what was the game of the round ?
navy_blues: port prob already asked him about that
PAFC4eva: Reckon he stays at port hopefully
StuL: would think he stays at Port
don key: tassies looking for scalps atm stay tuned lol
PAFC4eva: Tassie need people like boak could be on
BigChief: PAFC if he stays then he will take Kens job.
StuL: Got too many trades to make this week. Need about 5
navy_blues: i will give you 5 of beasts trades
navy_blues: he has perfect team already lol
PAFC4eva: Think carr might be next chief
BigChief: Beast doesn't need trades as has perfect team already. Just ask him.
PAFC4eva: Luv big dix
PAFC4eva: Boak would be great assistant
BigChief: That's what she said PAFC
navy_blues: do you pafc
LuvIt74: I'll be scoring between 1930 & 2000
PAFC4eva: Little willie not so much:)
Bwad: I'll projected to scrape 2000. but I think Butters will go big. Coffield killed me.
BigChief: How well did Berry score LuvIt?
BigChief: Top 18 Bwad remember that.
Bwad: Completely forgot about that
Ash777: rozee with 1 just looks wrong
frenzy: Short changed want a refund
don key: wheres cumberland ?
StuL: On the radio its just Butters Butters everywhere
don key: best 18 bwad
BigChief: Struggling in magoos Don.
PAFC4eva: Did port take some of essendons peptides at half time?
JayEm: Rozee going backwards with every kick
navy_blues: agree don like him
don key: lol paf
LuvIt74: @Bigchief Berry was dissapointing but you've gotta expect that when bringing rookies & with a -75 BE I'm not perturbed
StuL: Rozee keeps kicking to the tigers
LuvIt74: Obviously i wish Berry scored 60+ but always next time and his still got a fair bit of cash to make for us
don key: Man who scratch ass should not bite fingernails
Dondeal: Even if that was HTM what was Tarranto going to do? The ball was out
StuL: Do something Rozee!
Bwad: Death Breathe Seth doing the job for me as a somewhat unowned rookie
BigChief: He is on my bench generating cash Bwad.
clay007: Tom Lynch obviously proud of kicking the first goal of game, done nothing since.zzzzzz
Bwad: Yep, same
StuL: Butters. get in my team damn it.
don key: my 36 points down bet looking good atm
BigChief: 2m Peter straight to tribunal.
Bwad: Butters going for 200
Bwad: Ruing taking the C off him haha
don key: if we were in usa there would be no umps left to be sure
soup: Who was going on before about it being a bad idea to C Butters over Bont?
StuL: does butters beat the tigers or something? would never have thought of him as a c
don key: power a great team but umps just cant let the game go
Bwad: Ash was criticising anyone who consider it haha. Butters is just a gun, Tigers are poo. Def C option.
Mikeagles: went the C on butters :)
StuL: Rozee you dud. you should have been Butters
BigChief: I thought about C Butters but went Green
don key: so you think bwad without umps youd be down
Gotigres: Anyone else having trouble logging into Supercoach?
Mikeagles: thing with butters is that for the tiges hopper is out, prestia is out and JHF is out for port
Bwad: Campbell making us the biscuits Chief
Troglodyte: CD just gave that goal to Campbell - nobody correct them
don key: throw all day long pfft
Troglodyte: d'oh
don key: once again stiff like every game power good team such a shame
BigChief: Bwad wish I had him onfield over Suckston.
navy_blues: wheres dusty been? gone missing til just now
don key: whos ump 28 geez
don key: just like williams navy lol
Bwad: Same. He looks good though, Tigers won't drop him for a while
beerent11: Afternoon. Just home from a day on the boat. Nice surprise from zakky boy.
BigChief: Maric and Peatling subs next game.
beerent11: Short, not so much.
Pavs: Mr Rozee only need 86 from you. Making an easy task look hard
BigChief: Welcome home beerent.
don key: liammmmmmmmmmmmmmm
bhg26: Dont know whether to field reid next game or take a punt on cadman vs wet toast
soup: Thanks chief
Snookie: you beauty baker
don key: how you go beerent ? whiting ?
navy_blues: williams? he was a wasted trade for sure but every1 talks dusty up but in reality he goes missing to often don
Bwad: You'd be spewing as a Short owner
Devero_D: Cadman for sure.
don key: reid hurt !! cad
don key: yes navy his older now like cripps and pendles etc
beerent11: Few king George, couple of skippy. Just in the inlet in town.
BigChief: Will Harley have the Brodie role again this week?
don key: love shorty only tiges i got
beerent11: Nah bwad, I donít get to upset about things SuperCoach related.
don key: had them for lunch yummo
beerent11: *too upset
StuL: huge rankings boost for butters owners. e
Manowar: thankyou Mr Butters
Bwad: How have Port let this happen? They should be miles in front
beerent11: Who is s Campbell?
Bwad: Butters is only 20% owned, that surprises me
StuL: thanks rozee you dud. i see a rage trade
BigChief: From Burnie Tasmania beerent.
StuL: rozee did this last week. stopped after half time
navy_blues: looks like drew is on bolton
BigChief: Yep navy. Had to happen.
PAFC4eva: Hows that wager looking lana
navy_blues: haha pafc
Raspel31: Rozee has literakky diasappeared- this is rather discombobulating?
Raspel31: Literakky is a fine word?
Mikeagles: need houston to ton up
BigChief: 2 doctors attending Butters legs LOL
StuL: Rozee has to go nowhere near a top 10
BigChief: Looks like you have a few issues with your team StuL.
StuL: he could have been butters, touk, serong!. rowell. too many better players out there
StuL: yea its not my finest year
navy_blues: why dont tigs play short in mid? gets lot more of it
circle52: @stu not the only one starting Sawson over Laird and Rozee over Butters hurting now.
soup: Captain Livingston it is
bhg26: Wines getting robbed by cd
StuL: thanks circle
northball: agree bhg, getting no points for his touches and clearances
navy_blues: BZT great job on lynch today
Getup: Not that i have butters or v him think zerrets game was worthy of this score
StuL: butters butters butters. shut up.
StuL: on the radio
GOD: GOD got it right again, putting the C on Z. Butters today!
J.Worrall: Mohammad's radio? Or the Mexican radio?
BigChief: Getup Merrett not as many score assists as Butters.
BigChief: That should not be a free. Very soft.
Hazza09: Not enough Wines, Crouch incoming
J.Worrall: Did Wines to Hogan this week.
Mikeagles: wines not bad for the price though BE only 80
Manowar: Houston do better next week,
Mikeagles: haha both posts never seen that before
StuL: Well done god
navy_blues: wd port
Silz90: are you trolling manwoar?
bhg26: Wines surely has to ton
clay007: what is trolling?

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