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Pavs: Afternoon all
shancrows: Afternoon Pavs
Pavs: Got 7 in this one (way too many)
navy_blues: gday all got 7 too Pavs
frenzy: howdy
Pavs: Shancrows, navy, frenzy anyone use a boost this week?
navy_blues: had to 2 injuries and wanted serong in
shancrows: I did haha
navy_blues: no Witts? gooo English
shancrows: How about you Pavs?
bhg26: Bramble watch
frenzy: I did haha
Jukes82: lets go VC Bont
Pavs: Not this week but will tonight I reckon.
soup: VC on Butters instead of Bont, very scared already
shancrows: Need coffield to score well, my defence is in shambles
Raspel31: Be afraid- be very afraid soup.
Jaypa: boosting this week to get Crouch NWM and Serong from Young Dawson and S.Berry
navy_blues: coffield hurt
shancrows: That was a great kick from Walter
TheLegend6: Coffield shoulder
Pavs: Ok i'm on Walter watch now
shancrows: Oh dang it Coffield
bhg26: This is a joke, traded gibcus to coffield
navy_blues: gibcus coffield and reid
Cascadian: bhg same mate
bhg26: Im going to have a word with the footy gods cause this is bs
shancrows: Same Navy
Pavs: Yep that sucks bhg
TheLegend6: Coffield might be okay
navy_blues: weightman flying
Raspel31: Gonna need tose 40 trades this year- at least only top 18.
DidgeBird: please dominate today Touk
shancrows: Holy stromboli Walter is a big unit
navy_blues: my gc players are stagnate lol
navy_blues: coffield subbed
TheLegend6: Sucks for those who fielded Coffield
Jukes82: coff subbed, at least that means sanders plays the whole game
Pavs: Walter $198,000 forward
shancrows: Captain Greene needs 200+ no pressure young fella
bhg26: Nah three of the most popular defender rookies out by round 2 is outrageous
bhg26: All in over 50% of teams
shancrows: Sexton and Berry pls lift
navy_blues: sanders on bench cos he got subbed last week grr oh well thats sc
DidgeBird: i only had 1 of the 3, what a let off
Jaypa: didnt have a choice fielding coffield, zac williams and reid on my bench ffs
TheLegend6: Hello Libba
slydon: its the first quarter just chill... shane
shancrows: I was surprised so many traded out Sanders Navy but I traded out Jhye Clark so I cant talk lol
slydon: coffield is unfortunate
Jukes82: its annoyi ng all these rookies geetng injured are in the backline
Raspel31: Ah well Jukes- means they'll be fresh ones to pick--groan.
lukefield9: I think caleb daniel has more impact starting as the sub
bhg26: Could have traded mass in this week too but stuff me for waiting an extra week
BigChief: Afternoon all. Walter looking very good.
navy_blues: have C on Weightman lmao
Jukes82: but no good options! going to have to get horebag!
Cascadian: bhg I feel your pain mate, I am so annoyed
Jaypa: has anyone seen Berry?
soup: Berry gonna lose money at this rate
bhg26: Footy gods having a laugh at us casca
Raspel31: Get Hadyn Young- he's scoring like a rookie.
Jukes82: funny
bhg26: Dont worry rasp already got him
Jukes82: wanted to trade out young, reid, now coff too all defenders, fmsc
navy_blues: young to NWM be my trade id say
Bwad: Who was the 3rd DEF rookie to get hurt? Gibcus, Coffield and..... ?
bhg26: Reid Bwad
Jaypa: Berry took 20 minutes to get a handball and that tired him out so much he went to the bench ffs
Bwad: Ahhhh of course. I forgot him because I never considered him a good pick. Had the other two though haha
bhg26: Gold Coast tip also looking good
Migz: how is moyles jawline. looks like a slab of granite
navy_blues: omg not bont?
bhg26: Bont i flowering swear to god
navy_blues: whew looks ok
TheLegend6: Ellis in game 250...
bhg26: Dont scare me like that
Jaypa: this game is cursed
Lions1980: bonts still out there so he cant be too bad
BigChief: Pink and Draper might be the only cheap options left in defenders.
bhg26: Not trading in any more defender rookies chief lol
Jukes82: gc reality check, this is a beat down
shancrows: Good man Bont man
Bwad: Yep, I'm just moving Yeo into DEF and getting Jack Carroll
navy_blues: gonna be long sason with all the score reviews might finish in dec
Pavs: Nice Bont
frenzy: Darcy comes in and Ugle sucks
Migz: what happened to touktouk. a few years ago he was dropping 120 with ease?
BigChief: OMG umpire. You have balls so use them and make the call. Clear goal.
Raspel31: Phew- mia capitano Bont- was a tad worried.
bhg26: Just wait till yeo does his hammy and youll have to trade him out too bwad lol
Bwad: Bont is limping a tickle... Nervous with the C on him over Butters
Bwad: Hahaha always a risk with him BHG
StuL: how is berry going? not too good.
DidgeBird: Migz - he is averaging 126 so far this season?
Jaypa: was exhausted from a herculean effort to get 1 handball and then spent 6 mins on the bench stuL
Bwad: This is hurting Berry's money for those that got on him. I hare picking small forwards for that reason...
Migz: thats true didge, not sure what i was looking at, spaz moment
Silz90: Is bont alright? My opp doesn't have him of course
soup: Bwad bashing on the berry pick but has yeo in his team
shancrows: Good Berry
frenzy: lol soup
Silz90: There you go Berry owners
Bwad: I'm not bashing it, I just hate picking small forwards. He will still make a bit of $
Cascadian: It is amazing how often when people bag a player, he instantly does something really good
bhg26: We have a gift casca
Raspel31: Bonts is crap Cascadian?
Bwad: Looks like we have a scoring end...
Cascadian: Instant centre clearance Rasp
DidgeBird: There's a big wind advantage Bwad
Hughsy: The one time I captain gawn.
navy_blues: cmon english do something!!!! lol
Bwad: Surprised it isn't snowing there, Ballarat is a horrid place for weather
frenzy: Brandon Ellis is crap, now watch Lol
Migz: waiting for anderson to do something. lazy fker on the bench
Raspel31: No-Ellis really is crap- can't work miracles.
frenzy: Lol Rasp
navy_blues: was hoping for this to be a good game cos next 2 games wont be much id say
Jaypa: Ellis somehow dodging the donut thus far
soup: Lift sexton you absolute trap
BigChief: Sexton you spud. Do something.
Jaypa: Ellis icon reads "on the outside" as in outside the ground?
bhg26: I agree, sexton you suck
navy_blues: lot of abuse in here towards players lmao
bhg26: Haha Ellis just about to get a touch
soup: Sundays tend to do that navy haha
Hughsy: you should have a multi on both of the kings to kick 2 every week bhg
Bwad: Suckston more like it, am I right? Is this thing on?
BigChief: Best 250th game ever by anyone.
bhg26: If we want the king brothers to play shower then yes hughsy. I bet on Ben King and had 1 kick in the game
Hughsy: Ellis!!!
Bwad: Will Dimma sub the bloke in his 250th? 0 touches at HT is super bad haha
Migz: surely you have to be actively running away from the ball ..... he got a touch nm
Jaypa: Ellis on fire
Bwad: Oh, there's 1
Jaypa: we did it lads
BigChief: 3 disp in 30 secs and back to duck eggs LOL
Silz90: Can we start bagging Flanders and bont pls
frenzy: Rasp is God, I'm sure
Jaypa: i reckon if we bag coffield enough he'll take the vest off and ton up
Pavs: Bont did get confused between resting forward and living forward
Raspel31: Just a very naughty boy frebzy.
DidgeBird: Bonts might be in trouble
Pavs: Now off the ground?
navy_blues: always thought GOD had pommy accent frenzy
Bwad: Knee now for Bont, in the wars is the big fella
Silz90: Macrae is on fire in the 2nds
Bwad: Khamis has decent mits on him...
Raspel31: Let's not panic re Bont-pleez. 90%on ground.
navy_blues: think sub warming up
Hughsy: Is it a stupid move to put bont down to serong for 100k spare cash and get bont again later?
Stu7: Good stuff Miller
BigChief: steak melt or meatball sub navy?
Hughsy: It would feel wrong...
Bwad: Dogs already used their sub Navy
frenzy: itchy trigger finger hughsy
bhg26: Think Bakers already warmed up
navy_blues: lol yep Bwad
Hughsy: Not saying i would frenzy, just exploring ideas for cash
BigChief: Sanders level with Naicos alredy.
Raspel31: Everyone level with Hadyn Young.
Stu7: Anyone upping that Bevo will crack it and put the red vest on Sanders?
colin wood: haven't been watching lads, what happened to coffield?
BigChief: Is he going to use the Suns red vest Stu7?
Stu7: * upping - tipping
Jukes82: darcy playing great
Jukes82: popped his shoulder
Raspel31: Sanders has played well Stu so it only makes sense to sub him.
Stu7: Chief
BigChief: Stu7
Silz90: Darcy great down grade target. Maybe downgrade madman in a couple of weeks
Stu7: Whoops - missed that one thanks Chief and Rasp
Jukes82: maybe his is a fluke game from darcy, like to see if he can play well next week
Hughsy: nick coffield has made his BE!
BigChief: Have a shot Flanders, don't HB to Ellis.
Raspel31: Not sure where you chaps live but golly- Le Membre Enorme or Grand Prix is frigging loud.
Hepatitis: Lift Bont ffs
Bwad: Used to be able to hear the F1s when I lived in South Yarra. Insanely loud.
Pavs: Going to put the Captaincy on Verstappen this week Rasp
Ash777: nah darcy has been a freak all pre-season so he's going to be huge when he gets regular games
Raspel31: Good bet Pavs much as I hate the thing.
Bwad: Anyone else find that MR FOOTBALL super annoying when scrolling. It's in the bloody way...
BigChief: That was lazy from Ballard.
JaiDay12: I agree Bwad, so overkill
Bwad: The whole purpose of this page is to see the scores and they have this annoying thing covering the scores. Super weird J
shancrows: Wow Darcy looks decent
BigChief: Darcy a much better option than Lobb (player wise).
Raspel31: But Musahi energy amplified is a must for us all.
BigChief: I don't see the issue bwad on my pc.
Ash777: Unfortunately bevo is a funny boy
DidgeBird: English and Darcy could be what Melbourne wanted with Gawn and Grundy
Bwad: Scroll down to read the chat BigChief. It covers the scores of the top 3 players. Why have it pinned like that?
BigChief: Bwad not on my pc it doesn't. As I said no issue for me.
sheezel420: Flanders' score is a joke
Raspel31: Bont is not a happy chappy is he- but no subs Bevo otherwise Sanders already off.
Migz: why sheez?
StuL: Darcy could be anything
Jukes82: 21,000 got berry this week lol
Hughsy: Bwad if you are on a computer. get a ad blocking browser
Bwad: Don't knock Berry Jukes, Soup will come after you...
DidgeBird: Or change zoom Bwad
Jukes82: lol sorry mate
Bwad: Already got it Hughsy. It isn't an ad, it's part of the website
Pavs: Not sure why that is funny Jukes. Do you revel in other peoples misery.
Hughsy: Odd... i dont see anything
sheezel420: it's pretty funny
BigChief: Walter has some jets. Very quick for a man of his size.
Bwad: Lets be honest, this website is a bit of a mess. It's probably different for everyone LOL
Gelly: game on
Silz90: Sexton is playing hard forward now. Dam
BigChief: There is nothing wrong with the website. It has to be your settings that are a mess.
Migz: try zooming in and out and see if it works better.
DidgeBird: this game could get interesting! Suns with wind in last qtr
StuL: miller is a gun. i had him in my draft team damn it
pluggerpig: the ads on mobile on this site make it unusable. they are literally on top of the scores.
Raspel31: M)nty does a fine job- he just gets tired from peddling sometimes.
Pavs: How much do you pay to view stuff on this website Bwad?
sheezel420: Libba making up for last week, love watching the lad
Stu7: Come on Sexton - have we seen your best?..
shancrows: So many trades out to contemplate next week lol
Bayman098: G'day Lads thought i should join the banter instead of watching like a creep all year again!
Pavs: Welcome Bayman :)
Raspel31: Frightened me Bayman.
Silz90: Welcome
NickyD: Bayman do you support a team?
StuL: berry back to his real self. his history is horrible.
BigChief: Don't say that StuL or LuvIt will be made for taking Berry over Billings.
BigChief: Mad not made.
navy_blues: dogs dropping like flies
navy_blues: keep going english big finish plz
Nicko006: 2 tackles missed for libba early in the last..
navy_blues: omg these reviews
Nicko006: And a kick and a mark.. wtf
Hughsy: Touk hurt
BigChief: It's not instant update Nicko.
clay007: Well done Bont, thought you were cooked after half time
Raspel31: That was a definite penalty to England against France in the 2022 World Cup. Go Bont.
Gravyy: tackles dont count if the player gets an effective disposal out of tthe tackle
clay007: Do you get any points if you tackle another player's tackle, should be worth at least two
Bwad: I never knew that Gravy. Is that legit?
Gelly: well berry was a bust, doubt he'll hold a spot
Gravyy: Yes, they wont count the tackle if a player is unaffected by the tackle and still gets a clean disposal out
BigChief: Yes Bwad as it's not a tackle.
Gravyy: it always bugged me that they missed stats but then found out why
Gravyy: the disposal has to be an effective disposal though
BigChief: Been great to watch Libba and Rowell go at it today. Old fashion tough footy at its best
Bwad: The more you know. Good intel Gravyman
StuL: i looked at Berrys history. dont get sucked in by one ton.
Bwad: Agreed chief, been a good battle
Gravyy: I'm full of useless info lol
PAFC4eva: If disposal ends up with opposition that is deemed a effective tackle as well as a ball up
navy_blues: very nice pass west
PAFC4eva: Looking forward to boakys 350 go the pear
navy_blues: hope you flog them pafc
Bwad: Boak a true gentleman, deserves a good game
BigChief: Is this the real WB team or is it just an abnormality?
Raspel31: Must say I do like Berry's haircut. Go Boaky!
DaicosQB: Yeah big fan of Boak hope he has a good season
PAFC4eva: deserves a winning milestone
Ash777: I wonder if anyone traded out Sanders
Gravyy: DOgs have been good but the f1 better, No max verstappen! woo hoo
Silz90: Vc bont or c on green... worth the risk?
navy_blues: well it should be normal with the talent they have chief but i doubt it will last
Silz90: Don't think anyone did ash. It was bevo fault last week
BigChief: Shhh Gravy. No spoilers please.
DaicosQB: holyy sanders tonned up? legend
Raspel31: Toughie Silz- better the bird in hand?
BigChief: Silz 125+ is what I take for VC
PAFC4eva: Strange fellow bevo surely macrae better tha half this team
Gravyy: Sorry BigChief. explosive race ;)
navy_blues: actually prob the worst dog at the kennel is the coach lol
Silz90: I'm being greedy I normally take 120 or 125
StuL: i would bank bont. green could have rowell score today. still a kid
Gravyy: Darcy should hold a spot in this team after this game, has been awesome
Ash777: Bevo is giving Macrae time to get fitter after injured most preseason
PAFC4eva: Back next week ash?
BigChief: We can not trust the Dogs with anything because Bevo is a flog.
Ash777: Probably
frenzy: nice game Ned
Bwad: Bevo is a supercoach terrorist
Silz90: Tim Mitchell on x said 17 traded out sanders I was wrong lol
frenzy: its not Bevo, its Magneto
BigChief: 1483 traded Sanders out this week. Haha
frenzy: bluemoon Darcy
Bwad: And I thought I needed to stop drinking so much, those 1483 must have been on it
Silz90: Haha what is Tim smoking then. They will bring back in this week
OffaStep: Fielded Windsor instead of Sanders, fearing he'd get Bevo'd again...
BigChief: Happy with 3 of my 4 players. Sexton you dud.
GinniFan: same, Sanders on the bench this rd.. pain
Gravyy: sanders on bench for Roberts for me, both played really well
Gravyy: Bont could have gone massive if he didnt give away 3 frees and 8 clangers
BigChief: My 3 onfield rookies 95, 100 and 94 gotta love that.
BigChief: midfield rookies that is.
keitho: Ellis is a flowering flea, useless plow he is
keitho: Ellis is a useless crab...delisted

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