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J.Worrall: Let's go, SameOlds!
zadolinnyj: Letís go multi
StuL: Lets go Roberts and Jordan.
J.Worrall: Yeah, that too, Stul!
bhg26: Great start
FoopyTime: love to see it
FoopyTime: keep it up boys
NickyD: Heeney starting in the guts on Setterfield, ignore his icon text.
Dondeal: 5 points for Merret? wtf
Dondeal: That's better
Dondeal: Let's go
navy_blues: cunningham gone
navy_blues: no intention for the ball
Hepatitis: Classic dons dog act
BigChief: 2m Peter going for mark. Nothing in it.
bhg26: Enjoy a holiday 2m Peter
Ash777: Wright in huge hot water
zadolinnyj: Shouldered him
frenzy: umm ok where is Parish
SC_G0D: nothing in it, cunners just has a glass jaw
exatekk: grub act
TheLegend6: 2-3 weeks you'd think, didn't even try mark it
Troglodyte: Who is this Parish you speak of?
FoopyTime: he pulled up sore
BigChief: frenzy he was withdrawn yesterday with soreness
frenzy: FFS thanks
Ash777: instead of committing for the mark Wright braced for contact and turned his body into cunningham
Hepatitis: Classic dons - sums up that club
bhg26: Scaling going nuts
exatekk: its BS that Wright gets to play out the game. Thats gotta change.
FoopyTime: come on dude thats a stupid take
SC_G0D: lol red cards? leave that rubbish for that other goofball sport
TorturedSC: I agree exatekk, at least needs a sin bin
beerent11: Warner, gulden and heeney have 1 possie between them
TheLegend6: no soccer slander pls
beerent11: That just changed
Gotigres: What a pity I didn't get Cox in
frenzy: who gets to issue the red cards
FoopyTime: the supporters who hate the team that did the hit so its a fair call
Gotigres: Damn those who got Heeney in.
frenzy: Lol Foopy
TorturedSC: Player who caused it goes to sit until the HIA is complete or sub is activated
StuL: Gresh the sc beast
beerent11: Sorry gotigres. Gave in to fomo
shancrows: Ffs Grundy
FoopyTime: people acting like 2mPeter is Andrew Gaff, pull ya heads in boys this aint tenis
DaicosQB: So does Peter Wright just pull out of that because he's bigger?
Gotigres: That's ok beer. We'll go down together.
_Wang_: Agreed foopy.. Not great but didn't look to try and iron him out
Bulky: Give up trying to bounce the ball Umpire 6.
BRAZZERS: bummers good start
bhg26: What a kick
BigChief: Heywood will have a big night playing on Heppell
BRAZZERS: thoughts on young to mcgrath? yay or nay. 131 last week. 485k
zadolinnyj: Mcgrath on my never again list
lana2146: Young to Ryan for me
Raspel31: As a proud Don man realised I only have an injured Reid on the bench- who cares? Keep
BigChief: Damn Gulden is such a great kick
StuL: Didnt get heeney so will go big.
BRAZZERS: started with ryan
soup: Brazzers surely if you're gonna go to that price range you go to NWM
Hepatitis: Do something Martin u flowerhead
original: Iím with StuL
bhg26: Stop bouncing the ball umps youre terrible at it!
Bwad: Very early days, but happy thus far I flicked Martin. He looks lost...
Roarix: Martin traded for Heeney.. tick so far
StuL: listening on the radio. heeney called a lot
frenzy: cmon Grundy, ya makin Draper look good
BRAZZERS: thought about it soup, but already have bonner steele wilson. too many from one team maybe
TheLegend6: Martin will come good, perfect role
Jaypa: big last 5 Stu
Raspel31: M0nty- having been burned by Heeney so many times I demand you do something about this scoring.
Roarix: Will come good after heís dropped 50k? 100k? Legend..No thanks
Silz90: Who was bagging Roberts last week? Beast lol
TheLegend6: Maybe, maybe not. I'll be holding until byes most likely.
Jaypa: Martin 8 touches, 14SC, something not adding up
bhg26: If Martins going to lose money ill just bring serong in
Hughsy: What is Nic Martinís efficiency? Iím on my phone and I donít know why he isnít scoring
StuL: i expect Heeney to be burn man if i was to get him.
Bwad: Just saw the Wright incident... What's he supposed to do? Not contest the ball? Calls for red card are ridiculous
bhg26: 75% with 0 contested possessions and a clanger hughsy
Pavs: 75% Hughsy no contested posessions
Bwad: It's a tough game, shizen happens
LuvIt74: Heeny is on fire and is burning hot. The once burn man looks to now be on fire...
StuL: why tf do i own jordan? another "role" player who is not. like young. got to go
Bwad: Sarah Jones... want to touch the hiney!!!
BRAZZERS: Bwad i agree mate but same thing can be said for maynard, dont want blokes retiring early
Bwad: Completely different to the Maynard incident I reckon Braz. I just don't know what Wright is supposed to do...
northball: whats the point of playing goldy if hes gonna get 47% tog
wadaramus: Lift Martin you hack!
BRAZZERS: maybe dont turn your shoulder into his flowering head might help
StuL: what was the point of getting goldy?
clay007: How many points do you lose in Sc if you give away 50?
Bwad: BS, you've got to be able to contest the ball and protect yourself if need be. Bloody soft mentality.
Jaypa: for round 1 Stu haha
Ash777: ffs stop giving away frees
StuL: ppl still own martin?
BRAZZERS: 8.5 points clay
wadaramus: Players begging for free kicks is an uglt look.
StuL: stop heeney. i should have drafted you
clay007: Gulden lost 6 Brazzers, must be Cola allowance then
DukeNewc: Far out martin, going to crouch next week
Bwad: Where does Gresham get his eyebrows done I wonder? Same place as his BF?
wadaramus: Who do you still own that you shouldn't StuL?
Jaypa: swans fans need to get over the Wright incident or this will be a long watch
meatcave: did you trade him after 1 game StuL?
Silz90: Bwad that's a stupid comment.
BigChief: Pretty sure StuL has Young still.
StuL: jordon. young
original: Bwad cmon man
slickbro1: Jaypa, people still boo van royen for what he did and Iím very sure wright had no attempt at the ball. It is deserved
StuL: i guess i was being silly.
Jaypa: "very sure" ok then thats all the evidence we need, lock him up and boo him until 2030
Ash777: pretty sure they were saying Roo
soup: Martin to heeney working a treat so far
BigChief: slickbro JVR isn't being boo'd. They are saying ROO
DukeNewc: You think they're booing slick? They're saying roo...
StuL: regretting not going young to heeney. via whoever
bhg26: Draper flog
sheezel420: essendon flogs
bhg26: Thatís actually malicious
LuvIt74: Those who didn't bring in Heeny & Berry this wek are bery bery silly
beerent11: Am I forgiven gotigres
Dondeal: These Sydney boys such a bunch of sooks
Pavs: Bit of fizz in this one.
FoopyTime: have some marshmellows sheezel
clay007: I hate Papley, sorry bhg, just hate the way he acts, good player though
FoopyTime: was a late hit tho and deffs worth the 50
original: Nothing more than a 50m
meatcave: sheezel420 you'd love him at the tin rattlers
bhg26: Every team has one of those clay
DukeNewc: Wow, that's a shocker
clay007: That was as deliberate as it comes...hahah
BigChief: What was Lloyd thinking?
DukeNewc: Di
Bwad: Menzie, what a spud haha
soup: Dumb by lllllloyd
sheezel420: nah not really
StuL: grundy can get moving a bit too
Hughsy: Every time Heppell gets the ball thereís a disaster waiting to happen
Dondeal: Stringer crapped himself
Ash777: CD has missed the FA on grundy for the setterfield incident
Stu7: Whatís happening with Zerrett?
Pavs: Think that was Gulden Ash
navy_blues: no boundary line again it seems
clay007: Essendon has Gresham Bhg, similar character I reckon, chest puffer
beerent11: Dons look ok
clay007: Merrett getting heat from Rowbottom
BigChief: Deffinately was Grundy for FA on Setters.
circle52: May as play without boundary lines these days
FoopyTime: wait till it happens again tomorrow
Silz90: I ditched Grundy this week but it's going to bite me in the backside
Stu7: Thanks Clay
Bwad: sssshhh Chief, his score is bad enough as it is
Catatafish: Rest up, Grundy, you've earned it big fella.
slickbro1: He played on out of bounds and it was allowed?
Hughsy: Martin you make me want to hurt myself
Hepatitis: flower me martin u dumb cow
soup: Heeney in MRO trouble?
meatcave: that was outta bounds
Jaypa: Martin wtf
sheezel420: can't do it if you run off your mark - which he did. bad umpiring
Ash777: Martin has improved
BigChief: It was a hit to head soup, so probably
beerent11: Heís got the cleaver at the moment Hughesy. Bit frustrating.
Dondeal: I thought it was a sin to boo in Sydney?
DukeNewc: He's building ash
Dondeal: Good boy Peter
meatcave: yeah agree sheezel420 was paid against sydney in the 1st quarter
StuL: bombers might be ok. but they wont play finals
slickbro1: Anyone else got heeney VC?
beerent11: Seems a few of us have Nick Martin?
Manowar: Martin big problem, recommend you trade A-SAP
Manowar: Grundy big problem, recommend you trade A-SAP
clay007: Only Beast beer, he had captain on jackson
Bwad: Traded Martin, shocking initial pick
beerent11: Thanks manowar
Hughsy: Grundy to Jackson
bhg26: Tekkers
StuL: flower you grundy. stupid to think he could be the old him
BigChief: Not for too much longer beerent. His neck on chopping block.
Dondeal: Yeah Grundy sucked me in with his round 0 score
Ash777: how do you not have jackson from the start
beerent11: Young big problem, recommend you trade A-SAP
bhg26: Someone named Sean Darcy comes to mind ash
beerent11: Reckon heíll come good big chief
Bwad: Jackson is a def rental Ash, genuine 50/50. Glad i;ve got him though...
Raspel31: Stick with Grundy for the long term-winner- because I have Jackson.
Manowar: recommend you trade A-SAP
clay007: I thought Young was gonna be good, but been ordinary.
fruity: bye bye Grundy you dud,,,
Ash777: What's the bet Young goes big next round
beerent11: Yep
Hepatitis: Young to díambrosio, Martin to crouch or up to serong
BigChief: 19 clangers killing Young.
StuL: too many corrective trades to make
Jaypa: Grundy BE only 57 lads, calm down
clay007: Surely you can hold on Young, he will come good. As chief says, clangers only problem
Raspel31: But they were all stylish clangers BigChief.
Ash777: I ended up keeping Fisher.
DukeNewc: Welcome to supercoach Stu
clay007: How are you guys letting Gulden off the hook. My oppo has him, hope he stays quiet
BigChief: That they were Raspel.
Silz90: Gibcus to mass, young to crouch and Martin to serong
StuL: grundy will make cash at least. can hold fire but doesnt look like a keeper
Hepatitis: I owned young last year clay, he wonít come good
BRAZZERS: grundy on pace to beat his 9 clangers per game average, nice
Ash777: I know 40 trades but I feel there's going to be a lot of injuries this season
Manowar: Grundy will be lucky to make his BE
Bwad: Martin a great SSP pick, but looks like a SC donkey unfortunately
clay007: Ive always got sucked in by Elliot Yeo, so I get what you mean Hepa!
Stu7: Good come back Zerret
cherry9: I hated owning young last year and could not stomach him this year
clay007: Gulden just gone berserk.
beerent11: How good is Errol
Pavs: Gulden A great kick
slydon: heeney should cop a week for that.precedent got set with redman
Stu7: StuL not if h doesnít score above 85 which Iím hoping he does
bhg26: I rate him beer
BigChief: Wow Gulden has 5 clangers. Doubt he gets that many normally in 4 weeks
beerent11: Roberts killing it just quietly
Ash777: Harmes too got a week for a weak headbutt
Bwad: I missed the Heeney incident, what happened?
Jaypa: take it you arent an owner slydon
Roarix: Bombers getting carved up on transition..
Bwad: McLean strikes me as someone who wouldn't even be a good country footballer, yet plays AFL
DukeNewc: Just noticed beer, going to be a great cash cow this year
Raspel31: Being English and therefore rather dim. is it time yo jump on Grundy?
sheezel420: lol slydon
beerent11: Martin is ok. Had an average half and still on track for a ton.
cherry9: I will let Grundy have a few price rises and then look to upgrade
soup: Another second half like against Melbourne please Grundy
slydon: no im just sick of the inconsistency from the tribunal and afl
DukeNewc: If he gets there beer, I may have to hold him because I have too many problems elsewhere
StuL: Martin is going alright.
beerent11: Heís good duke. Have patience.
Pavs: Most of the other rucks are going up in price and not sure Grundy will make that much
cherry9: Gives him a chance for a spike game. Also not the first upgrade priority yet
Hughsy: Ridley will be back in 1-2. I cant see martin being a keeper, maybe for dpp but idk...
LuvIt74: Grundy will have a huge 2nd half
cherry9: I reckon Grundy can make 100k
Crave: Papley saying Essendon all offball but Swans are the ones getting caught (Heeney, Grundy etc.). bloke is a flog
FoopyTime: ill be honest roarix thats been a problem for us for a long ass time
Pavs: Depends what ruckman you are targeting I suppose
frenzy: Horse will probs bring in Ladhams soon
cherry9: Prob Gawn. I reckon Gawn is better but Grundy can
Raspel31: Just so disappointed I have Gawn, Jackson and English- how did I miss Grundy?
cherry9: Ö but Grundy can make money a bit faster starting from a lower base, given I started him
Pavs: Me to Rasp after I traded Grundy out last week
pluggerpig: lets not forget Grundy started slowly a few weeks back and had a 100pt 2nd half
cherry9: Grundy is def not passing the eye test rn. First time owner and I am not loving it. Thank god my team is otherwise fine
circle52: If Grubdy does not fire 2nd half anyone considering down grading to Xerri gives another bye player as well
Pavs: Agree cherry I didn't like what i seen last week
StuL: capt bont or green?
frenzy: swans keep getting beaten in the clearances, horse will change it up
Raspel31: Not popping your cherry, cherry- but run a country mile.
cherry9: VC English for me, no Witts. Green backup C
Pavs: Reckon Bont at home StuL. But i'm in the same quandry.
Crowls: vc bont C green
Bwad: Personally not worried about byes for rucks, I own Grundy, Gawn and Jackson for that exact reason
Raspel31: Sticking with the Naicos 54- who hnows?
StuL: i no longer have vc was foolishly wasted on daicos.
bhg26: Just lock in the points rasp
Bwad: Daicos will be fine, likely D1 or D2 IMO
cherry9: Donít be that grim R31
Pavs: Champion Data loves Bont as well
cherry9: Has Green had a really high ceiling game yet. Like a 180. Thatís why Iíd lean Bont of the two. But a 150 bakes as well
Raspel31: Jackson and Trac were attractive- but still sticking with Naicos till Bont.
beerent11: 130 is a good vc/c score cherry. Anything more is a bonus.
StuL: im going bont i think
cherry9: Yes but if choosing between 2 players, I go the highest ceiling one
BRAZZERS: vc bont into green
slickbro1: Cherry, green has had 164 before.
beerent11: Vc- high ceiling, c- safety. Thatís my motto anyway.
Bwad: I'm tossing between Bont and Butters C, leaning the latter
StuL: pls stop this qtr heeney. damn burn man
DukeNewc: I'm taking a punt on Green, Wet Toast too attractive as an opposition
Stu7: Bwad go Bont
beerent11: Iím thinking of going naicos into Gawn
StuL: heeney is burn man still. burning me for not getting him
cherry9: Bont on the basis of paying a shower load for perma C duties. But both players have a high floor
Raspel31: Is Naicos a ruck beer? Talented young fellow.
Bwad: Dunno Stu, Richmond are poo and he could go large
StuL: im glad richmond are poo
Bwad: Still yet to see or hear about the Heeney MRO incident...
BRAZZERS: of course you're glad, they slapped u in the GF
Ash777: looks like stringer might be subbed. His strings look tight.
Hepatitis: The only good thing about Martin is he doesnít leave the field
DukeNewc: Raspel, i've heard McRae has been coaching him to play every position on the ground, he may get triple DPP
frenzy: Green has wet toast
beerent11: Heís just a vibe rasp. Heís omnipresent.
TheLegend6: Errol is a freak
beerent11: Errol, my word.
DukeNewc: Heeney has copped a tag
Raspel31: Lol Duke.
cherry9: Bont gets point for being in the same airspace as the pill. Green has to actually get it
clay007: You are right, he is sitting on the bench duke
Stu7: Go Zerret
laneymate: Heeney will still go 120
Bwad: Bont and Stewart must pay CD in headjobs, because they score for just being alive. Must admit that,
Bwad: Heeney 120 at least...
Raspel31: Still thinking Grundy a must have for those losers who don't have him- amongst which I am numberered
beerent11: Headjobs.
Bwad: Grundy is meh, you wouldn't be upset whether you have him or not IMO
Roarix: Not sure who plays for frees more.. Papley or Naicos..
DukeNewc: Same old Martin, 23 touches for 63 SC with 5 clangers at 70%
clay007: Davey Jnr been quiet, but BHG even quiter.
Hughsy: Papley launched himself so far he got injured, what a flog
bhg26: Im here clay
beerent11: I bet you miss Joel Selwood roarix
Roarix: Actually do Beer.. champion player, sure he would look for them but at least he was tough
clay007: A hardball get by bhg
Gotigres: lol clay
frenzy: duckwood
DukeNewc: Don't forget Ginnivan Roar, with his plethora of ducking techniques
beerent11: Agree
Jaypa: or the little stain Weightman
Bwad: Nobody ducked like Selwood though... Let's be honest
cherry9: Amazed Grundy has 68 points. Heís getting smashed
DukeNewc: As a hawthorn supporter Bwad, I have witnessed Selwood duck many times, and i find a pleasure to see him get clobbered
Raspel31: Perferct SC week- my lowest defender has passed the Naicos score- heaven.
Ash777: every team has a duck these days
clay007: Can the bombers win?
nbartos: is Hind even playing? got him in a multi & need 15 possies hmmmm spud
Bwad: I played junior footy with him and know his family, but Joel ducked more than Shaq going through doorways
Pavs: Jordon goes past Roberts didn't see that happening earlier
FoopyTime: ok i got my blinkers on but that aint a dangerous tackle
clay007: funny stuff bwad
slickbro1: Issac heeney for the Brownlow?
TimT14: How good is blakeys run
Silz90: Wow good turn around jordon
clay007: Wow good turn around Grundy
Bwad: I dunno why, but Ben McKay wearing 32 just seems weird AF.
sheezel420: All the Jordan sooks went quiet
StuL: i thought i was the only twit wizh Jordon. yeah he is doing better
Catatafish: Jordan seems to start slow and come good.
Bwad: StuL, everyone has Jordan. You living in a cave bro?
StuL: pretty much bwad
StuL: literally i am a bit isolated
Silz90: Bwad is your alt account beast
StuL: jordon just lost 4 points. did he not bring the oranges to 3/4 time?
beerent11: Haha silz
beerent11: Martin on track
Bwad: I don't have an alt account, I standy by what I say Silz. Why?
Hepatitis: Nothing under 100 Martin u weak dog
bhg26: What a pick up from grunds
frenzy: Groundy
Silz90: Just thought it was harsh and I haven't seen beast all night.
beerent11: Your team selections are a reflection of yourself.
Bwad: Hard enough to sign up to FF and login without having alt accounts I would have thought....
Stu7: Wakey Wakey Zerret
bhg26: Oh now thats out of bounds
Bwad: Doesn't everyone have Jordan? Very high ownership, How was it harsh/?
laneymate: 100% tog from Martin is insane
Jaypa: beast isnt here cause hes being honored tonight at an event for scoring 4000SC last week
BRAZZERS: seems beast lives rent fre ein your head mate keep mentioning him lol, he was in the chat for the earlier games
clay007: Lol Jaypa...I think that is correct
Catatafish: Go Zerrett. Lol Jaypa
BRAZZERS: maybe he has a social life unlike the rest of us lol
circle52: Grundy big 2nd half so far
Silz90: Fair enough my bad
bhg26: Ok now brazzers is definitely an alt account
LuvIt74: I told you grundy will go huge in 2nd half. Same with Jordon. Patience people Patience people.
Dondeal: Is Heeney on report?
clay007: Do you have a stutter Luvit?
Bwad: I haven't been able to find an answer to that or hear about/see the incident Dondeal....
Silz90: Leather poisoning don
Hepatitis: Martin will get 90 - pathetic flog
Pavs: Not sure about the huge LuvIt but he is going better
LuvIt74: @clay007 - Yes, yes yes
Jaypa: I think m0nty is the only bloke who actually saw the incident haha
Bwad: Heeney very quiet, my 120 minimum call looking shakey
Raspel31: Hep- tone down the anger and negativity- not at all nice.
clay007: Well played Luvit! lol
Stu7: Not all Bawd heíll get there
Pavs: A no look backhand to the opponents head. Not sure ifit was a closed fist or not
LuvIt74: @Pavs from 30's at half time to 80 with almost a quarter to go is huge
clay007: It would be a pretty lame suspension on Heeney. It was low impact
Hughsy: Merret vs Sydney rn
Bwad: C'mon Grundy you bloody Bondi hipster, do some work!
Dondeal: Come on Zerrett
Jaypa: Zerrett is a brilliant footballer
cherry9: Heeney looked like open back hander that hit opponents face. Not a lot in it but it was high so who knows
GinniFan: Zachy Merrett you good thing
clay007: Agreed luvit, great come back by reg undies
Pavs: If he gets to 110 mate I agree
Bwad: Bombers subbed Draper and not the old man. WTF??
bhg26: shower tank nic martin
Jaypa: to be fair Draper has done sweet FA since HT
meatcave: Bwad drapers first game back after injuty. its not rocket science
clay007: Glad you are being fair Jaypa
Bwad: Meat, if a bloke needs resting why play him? You're down and Goldstein has been pretty awful
cherry9: People keep putting their faces in the way of Heeneys hand
navy_blues: hmmm swans going to choke?
Hepatitis: Swans wonít choke - dons a joke of a club
beerent11: Always gotta rest your meat.
Jaypa: the bombers are coming hard, theyre coming very hard o_O
Dondeal: Nice work Dons
slydon: give zach his superman logo please
Dondeal: Win or loss great effort being displayed
meatcave: Bwad you should coach with that logic hamp
FoopyTime: great match tbh
Raspel31: Agreed Dondeal- a cracker.
Silz90: Errrrrol
bhg26: Always the case when we play each other foopytime
Bwad: What's wrong with that logic Meat? Don't play blokes that can;t run out games seems prettyy logical in R2
Jaypa: Duursma looks like he'll have a great VFL career
beerent11: Agree foopy
BigChief: slydon he has not got 50 DT points in the qtr or 3 goals.
meatcave: nothing mate i just said you should coach.
cherry9: All of a sudden Grundy looks like he can play. Different player 2nd half
beerent11: Your mob looks good bhg.
meatcave: are you not used to positve feedback?
Bwad: I'll stick to coaching my mates sons team I reckon. But playing 2 rucks when one can't play the whole match seems stupid
Hepatitis: The Martin experiment is over
soup: Ohhhhhhh errol
bhg26: Its sexy footy beer. Just need to work on our clearance work
Raspel31: I have chosen bot to own Gulden based on a platform of idiocy and his prediiction for small furry mammals.
meatcave: you do that champ
Ash777: Hind needs to be dropped
Bwad: I will, thanks for your approval "champ"
beerent11: Into the second bottle rasp?
Silz90: Hind still better than saad?
frenzy: Paps has been good for weeks
meatcave: was replying to Raspel31's comment mate but thanks i guess
BigChief: Are Syd flag favs yet?
Gravyy: guldens scoring is very high for his stats
Bwad: Sure you were champ...
StuL: Grundy did enough after all.
GOD: GOD has the C on T. Papley tonight
Bwad: How is Brunswick/Bondi Grundy tonning up? Unreal scenes
beerent11: Weíre witnessing the beginning of a beautiful friendship here tonight.
Jaypa: showtime scoring gravy, did it all when the game was there to be won
amigaman: Setterfield might be worth a look in SC $475,000
Jaypa: just kiss already you two
beerent11: As only GOD could. Amen.
frenzy: in CD's team of the century Gravyy
Jaypa: never ever again amiga
Dondeal: The door is dead you twit
Pavs: Love your predictions GOD any chance we could get them earlier? :)
Bwad: Setterfield is a tampon...I'll let you work out the anaology
amigaman: Never had him but there's always a first time
Gotigres: Good to see you again God.
StuL: missed Jackson God?
bhg26: Chad
beerent11: Hey amigaman. Did fan footy draft league 2 get going mate?
Jaypa: does Martin get a score assist there for fumbling the ball 7 times?
NickyD: If I swear to God, will I be banned for foul language?
Hughsy: GOD never fails to nail his captain, amazing
DukeNewc: GOD, im surprised it wasnt on Jackson, but i will not question the work of a God
Raspel31: I still refuse to commit seppuke by bringing in Heemey but well done Jordan and Roberts.
Gravyy: Martin should be doing better, getting plenty of it but his supercoach performances have been subpar to start
meatcave: NickyD depends, which god?
Gotigres: Good game Roberts
Silz90: Dam Martin is going to ton up
bhg26: Paps to kick 3 goals in the last 3 minutes to surpass jacksons score
DukeNewc: Jaypa, he got a clanger for that fumble somehow
Hughsy: Is Martin no being scored super harshly, what if Bont had that stat line?
Bwad: You can definitely say headjob, so I think you'll be ok NickyD
navy_blues: nice goal
Gravyy: what a goal Jordan
bhg26: Yes Jordon!
Catatafish: Great goal
Dondeal: I feel like its almost a scientific fact to say that the entire Sydney crowd are wonkas
navy_blues: 6 clangers hughsy
bhg26: Chad
DukeNewc: Jordon only got a plus 5 for that goal??
mattmac24: Not really Hughsy.. has had 8 turnovers
Pavs: Good win bhg.
FoopyTime: ball to goulden pls
Hughsy: Hey dons can we maybe not let them get to 200 before the siren
Bwad: The Chad is pretty handy....
DukeNewc: Navy, eroll has 5 and yet has 150
slickbro1: Should I take heeney 130?
bhg26: Can it be sunday night so i can trade martin out
mattmac24: Yes Duke, there isn't anymore points left to allocate.. Already at 3300
Hughsy: I canít see changers, Iím on my phone, apologies
DukeNewc: With less disposals as well
BigChief: Duke you know scores are not updated quick at end of games.
soup: Slick absolutely
Hazza09: Cya Martin
Dondeal: Probs not Hughsy
Hughsy: Clangers*
frenzy: every day slick
slickbro1: Cheers for the help lads
bhg26: Thank Pavs, thought i played well out there tonight
Ash777: Martin should just ton up after adjustments
DukeNewc: Hazza, I may hold him shockingly, i have too many problems elsewhere
Gravyy: Errol gave away 3 frees and 6 clangers yet scored 150 so can't be just down to clangers
Pavs: Quiet early bhg but that was just nerves. lol
DukeNewc: He did in fantasy Ash
bhg26: Tons of score involvements gravvy
FoopyTime: i would just like to say effyeeew goulden for getting tackled at the end
laneymate: sucked in the reactionary ones who traded Fisher and Martin haha
soup: Well I traded Martin to heeney who's going up by 70k so sucked in laney
laneymate: I've got both mate, no complaints from me

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