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Gelly: you hore
Gelly: damn you hore
frenzy: big day Max
Jaypa: we need a long sleeve icon m0nty
bhg26: D'Ambrosio watch
shancrows: Me too bhg
Pavs: Max vc with Howes and Tracc. Massimo watch as well bhg
ReggieOz: Go Dees!
amigaman: VC on Serong kept
shancrows: Please score big Trac
BigChief: VC Max go huge please. Mass and Howes play well.
slydon: now time to see if massimo is a fraud
frenzy: stink it up Sic
Raspel31: I think your -pleases score big Trac-has merit shan. I second it.
navy_blues: this will be very 1 sided i feel
Raspel31: Disgree navy- feel the Hawks will struggle.
Gelly: clarry flopiver
BigChief: Wow Frost hit a target.
BigChief: Make that 2 targets LOL
StuL: Gawn is going to have one of his 70-80 games hey?
StuL: it will be a shame if mass is not the great hope
original: Iím comfortable with Massimo not doing much..just means I gotta find someone else to trade young to
original: Steven may please LIFT for my draft side
SC_G0D: d'ambro getting reamed by CD
bhg26: Hawthorn trying to win by putting everyone to sleep
Gelly: alot of zielbling going on here
StuL: mass will be ok cos i didnt get him
navy_blues: seagull sicily atm
StuL: oppo has sicily of course
Badgerbadg: Dees to win by 10 goals + today, nothing more certain
J_Herer: Sicily was on -1 to start...
original: Ggf billings absolute trap
Badgerbadg: Hawks that worried about Clarry, theyíre forgetting how to play
BigChief: What was the free for? It wasn't high. Game is so soft.
thommoae: Lol Gelly - the verb 'to Ziebel'.
thommoae: Happy to be part of the Billings trap, me.
original: What did May do to be negative? No frees against
bhg26: Ive seen enough take off may and bring on hore
Gelly: clarry doesnt like the tag, so hes just going to flop all day on minimal contact
Jaypa: negative attitude coming onto the ground original, CD miss nothing
Bulky: Hawthorn are woeful but a DT delight.
BigChief: Okay Max time to get involved.
Silz90: Incoming ton for Billings.
Ash777: salem a bust :(
frenzy: thats some qtr, Sic
StuL: i swear Max got nothing for hitouts to advantage
StuL: im thrashed and my team is shower compared to my oppo
frenzy: is there a howlin wind
StuL: time to get moving max however
feralmong: hey all, pity dees don't know how to work a hore.
Manowar: why low SC score Gawn
StuL: gawn is coming back
Manowar: need a Melbourne player to get injured ASAP
SC_G0D: lol classy
Ash777: careful you could get windsor or gawn injured
bhg26: Dont want to wish an injury on a player, how about a tactical sub halfway through the second quarter?
Gelly: i nominate billings
BigChief: If you're too dumb to remove Hore when named sub then that's your fault.
bhg26: Maybe not worth the risk gelly
Manowar: yeah that works, sub out Billings
bhg26: Had him round 1 chief
original: Nearly started the year with newcombe wow
BigChief: Not you bhg, the 1 wishing injuries.
Gelly: stinker of a game
original: Cape for may. Has 4x his score in this qtr
bhg26: Ah, carry on
Ash777: these umps are the worst
bhg26: I could think of worse ash
zadolinnyj: Newcome sitting q2 out
BigChief: Why are players allowed to drop the ball in tackles now? Isn't that a free for incorrect disp?
bhg26: New rule change apparently chief that we werent told about
zadolinnyj: Does my head chief
Gravyy: They have to have prior oppurtunity before the tackle otherwise they can basically just drop the ball
BigChief: Screw prior if they just drop it.
Jaypa: 100% chief, incorrect disposal gone missing
Gravyy: I agree but the umps don't
Ash777: here we go May might be subbed
Jaypa: this ump should just give up bouncing it, he clearly isnt that guy
Gravyy: I think technically they need to attempt to legally dispose of the ball
BigChief: Stop calling Watson "The Wizard". Has done nothing to earn it.
Ash777: poor watson
SC_G0D: lol bc
BigChief: 100% Gravyy. At least make an attempt.
bhg26: Thinking the exact same thing chief
Gravyy: Watson has had some exciting moments, just hasnt managed to put the finishing touch on them, exciting player
StuL: Stay down Billings because i could have had you and didnt
Bulky: They might wanna give Watson a new nickname. The Wizard aint cutting it.
soup: How the hell is Gawn on 63
Silz90: Is may getting subbed off?
StuL: gawn seemed to not get points when he should in q1 and got them for nothing in q2
Bwad: Thrilled to see Billings stinking it up and proving my rules of never picking soft player...
Jaypa: dont question it soup, somehow my opponent doesnt have Gawn?
Pavs: All good soup let the Gawn score flow
BigChief: Cmon Howes. Your BE is -86 and I want more cash LOL
Bwad: Howes is at least scoring better than Hore :p
soup: Do we reckon Sanders will outscore Wilson's 59?
BigChief: It is Bevo soup so Sanders prob start as sub to screw us again.
BigChief: May subbed.
Silz90: Let's go hore big second half
StuL: somehow i have windsor and my oppo has no rubbish rookies
Silz90: Get on the ground billings
SC_G0D: billings back to his true from, ordinary. back to sub next week at this rate
Silz90: If massimo scores below 70 are you still bringing him in
StuL: glad i didnt get billings at least
StuL: probably not silz90
Pavs: Would only bring him in to make money silz. See what the cash cow thingy tells me.
StuL: pink and hore will do for the injured guys
Ash777: ginnivan finally got a high free!
StuL: mass on track to do ok though. might get him
Jaypa: had a good couple of minutes stul
StuL: come on max. do something this qtr
Ash777: lmao brown
bhg26: Still should be a rule that if you're taking 30 seconds plus a run up they have to take a shot
soup: Surely you don't get hore in after this Stu
TheOnyas: onya gawny
BigChief: Okay Max that's enough resting, head down ass up for rest of game.
Bwad: Sometimes you need to take a long view soup, Hore will make money and has good JS. Far worse options out there...
Ash777: Hore has the chance to start next week with May suspected broken ribs
StuL: yea good point soup. i thought he might hold his spot if he gets a half
Bwad: Hore will easily play 15+ games on early evidence
Ash777: Also lever might be out too
StuL: mass looking worth getting in
slickbro1: Hey guys, just made an account this season. Is hawthorn still considered a top 8 side?
BigChief: Lever looks done and sitting at back of bench.
Jaypa: when were they?
Ash777: Lever now out
slickbro1: With this performance you would think itís probably not happening
Bwad: LOL slickbro....
Silz90: Yep looks like a must have stul.
Bwad: I almost started Salem and was moving things around to afford him pre-season. I need to stop drinking so much I think...
slickbro1: Jaypa, there were a few optimistic fans who thought they could be and I agreed Because on paper their list looks good
Bwad: What are Melbourne's KPD stocks like
Bwad: Hore and Petty to take those roles if Lever and May miss multiples?
StuL: i do have 3 defenders to trade so get all 3 of mass, pink and hore
DukeNewc: Lever, May out and we still can't score, fml
StuL: if billings can get 80 u would take it.
StuL: turf makes us happy? according to the ad
BigChief: Tomlinson and Turner only other options.
Jaypa: maybe in 5 years slickbro
StuL: no one has tracca. i have tracca
OffaStep: Both my H@H have Trac... and Jackson, and Serong.
StuL: you need 116 max
StuL: not literally noone i guess
Ash777: doubting billings makes 80
beerent11: Dwayne Russel just called trac an all time great. Bit to go.
StuL: same ash
Bwad: Dwayne needs to retire. Awful commentator and media "personality". How do these people have jobs?
beerent11: Anyone got tracca?
Manowar: Gawn lazy
Pavs: Yep negating sicilly at the moment in my h2h
soup: My opponent beer...
soup: They had Jackson too
StuL: come on max.
BigChief: GOD has him as C beerent
Bwad: Max should be dropping huge scores on blokes like Reeves. Bloke only plays AFL footy because of his daddy...
soup: Reeves has been infamous for restricting opposition rucks bwad
LuvIt74: All that hype about bringing in Billings ahead of Berry due to Berrys bye next week was absurd
BigChief: Corey Warner and Davey Jr subs tonight
StuL: who was his dad. superman?
Jaypa: Fritsch is bullying sicily
Bwad: Daddy was Hawthorn's CEO... Yeah
Badgerbadg: Unpopular opinion- Sicily ainít that flash
beerent11: Maybe big chief. He will appear if it is so.
Bwad: I could see Sicily being an upgrade target in a few weeks TBH
StuL: Hore not done much.
beerent11: Not a shutdown
beerent11: Cue in the rack big maxy
frenzy: Hore House
beerent11: Horeful
frenzy: custard truck
beerent11: Hordinary
BigChief: Great work from Trac there.
frenzy: lol beer
PAFC4eva: Hawful
SC_G0D: lol tracca celebrating a spoil when he should remember he choked in the semi final last year lol
Bulky: Young to DAmbrosio. Easy trade. Heaps of cash left over,
beerent11: Horrific
frenzy: Horfawn
beerent11: Hore ible
Jaypa: Young to NWM for me, grabbed Mass last week
StuL: a popular trade that will be
Manowar: dodged a bullet getting in Billings
beerent11: Billings is fine
LuvIt74: DAmbrosio could be the real deal and might be able to hold for quite a while hopefully
BigChief: Billings BE of 5 and he has his proj.
LuvIt74: Billings isn' worth the coin
navy_blues: not 15 has been called a lot today
beerent11: Heíll make 100-150k. Itís a marathon not a sprint grasshopper
Bwad: Billings is awful. D'Ambrosio is a possible medium term hold.
SC_G0D: billings spud farmer
circle52: who would have thought Naicos my lowest scorer atm.
beerent11: The short attention span generation. I need it now now now.
BigChief: Billing proj to gain 28k even with his rd 0 score. Not sure what you all expect.
frenzy: starting Billings would be ok, but I wouldnt waste a trade on him
sheezel420: Billings got 69 lmao it's fine relax, there's much bigger issues
LuvIt74: If you started Billing then fair enough but he's not doing enough to bring him in, id rather Berry, Ambrosio & Howes
beerent11: Cool
Silz90: berry really? the guy who got subbed
BigChief: D'Ambrisio and Howes are def and Billings is a fwd LuvIt.
bhg26: Billings makes 30k-ish this week and 45k next week if he scores 60
Bwad: If you burnt a trade to get him, 69 isn't ideal, he's a front runner & you don't play Hawks every week
Jaypa: T.Berry not S.Berry Silz
BigChief: Need cash cows on all lines.
frenzy: too many Berries
Silz90: thats makes more sense lol thanks
beerent11: Nothing wrong with a 69 bwad
soup: Looking forward to the hipo rant video on gawny
Silz90: hipo is funny af
Bwad: How's he going to go against good sides Beer? He's as soft as butter. Lucky to get 69 IMO
OffaStep: Can think of better people to get a 69 from than big Jack Billings.
LuvIt74: @BigChief yeah D'Ambrisio & Howes are defenders & berry a forward and whats your point? Give me Berry over Billings
beerent11: Never mind bwad
BigChief: some people just can't see the big picture beer.
BigChief: And I will take Dempsey over Berry thanks LuvIt
Bwad: The big picture is if you're burning a trade on players like Billings, you've given your opponents a leg up.
Bwad: Different if you started him...
bhg26: Billings gone 90s for 3 years, 80s for another 3 and scored 120 last week and on the bubble. Worse options to trade in
bhg26: Plus we have 40 trades this year

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