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Number 8: I have 8 players in this game and am wondering how the heck that happened
Number 8: Suffice to say, interest level is high
Pav300: Omeara Ford Subs
frenzy: Lol number 8
Pavs: Brother Pav Welcome all
bhg26: Fisher now has to contend with McDonald, Sheezel, Scott and McKercher. Gone for me but will no doubt go 100+
bhg26: as soon as i get rid of him
Number 8: Heya, frenzy/all. Hoping this is a high scoring game under the roof (AF)
Pavs: Plenty of interest/auditioning agree bhg/Number 8. Keen for this one
Pav300: Hi All, Brother Pav
Pav300: Agree Fisher a big focus
Pavs: Thoughts on Freo this year Brother Pav?
bhg26: Only really got rid of Fisher to bring in Billings. Probably an overreaction on both players but billings will make cash
Pav300: Hopefully more competitive, your cats are off to a good start
Pavs: Nice to get a couple early mate
BigChief: Gday all. Put any sort of pressure on Fisher and he crumbles.
PAFC4eva: Gday all hoping norf show something today
Silz90: Pls have a stinker Fisher.
soup: VC on LDU, held fisher and don't have Young. Very nervous watch incoming
Pavs: Serong the next Lachie Neale
navy_blues: VC serong
Pav300: hope so Brother Pav
Silz90: Did most people start or trade in strong
Silz90: Serong*
soup: Had him all preseason Silz, got cold feet couple hours out from lockout unfortunately
circle52: I started him.
Pav300: Loving Xerri & Jacko racking up possessions
PAFC4eva: Next week if all goes well
Manowar: Good move trading the Fishing Rod out!
DukeNewc: Young, Jackson and sheez for me
DukeNewc: And mckercher as well
BigChief: Oh cmon Young, 2 muppets already.
soup: Anyone chuck the C on Pearce?
Silz90: Manowar did you start fyfe.
Pavs: Struggling with composure Chief
BigChief: Agree with that Pavs. Needs to trust himself more.
Manowar: No, his supercoach days are over
Silz90: Not me soup. Is young playing backline
BigChief: Nope Silz. When onfield he is mid
BigChief: Nth looking good for now.
Silz90: Thank you. Hopefully he comes good
original: Young has terrible hands. And disposal. Not sure why heís in my team
navy_blues: freo got jet lag? wheres last weeks freo?
Pav300: this is what happened last week Navy
BigChief: How was that not HTB against LDU?
navy_blues: yes but against bris not norf
TimT14: Holding the ball is dead.. get rid of the role
original: Another dropped mark young
Hughsy: Be honest, who traded fisher?
Pavs: North got 26 players out there
navy_blues: omg soft 50
Silz90: Me it was the only way to get Billings and heeney.
bhg26: Good pass Sheez
wadaramus: Yes, to Heeney.
bhg26: Went Fisher to Billings to have 200k to spend next week and extra cash gen
Silz90: Keep going fyfe and dogga
Beast_Mode: im rapt billings sucked a few in
bhg26: Grundy to xerri if grundy goes low again
DukeNewc: Young strolling around like he can't be flowered
bhg26: We get it beast, you have 22 premos on field already
Silz90: What happens if he averages 80 beast. What are you going to say then champ
shancrows: Come on Freo
bhg26: He can see into the future silz. Its why he wins every year
StuL: settle down pink. looks like hes a target next week
Silz90: I don't know why I even bother bhg lol give him the spud honestly
StuL: go jackson.
lana2146: Billings will avg 85 plus
StuL: my opponent has all these north guys smashing their predicted. i predict im in trouble
Pavs: By commenting silz90 you are only feeding him. Proven liar
StuL: i didnt get billings in the end so he will go big
soup: What's up with Amiss tog?
Beast_Mode: pavs you're irrelvant at sc, proven muppet
navy_blues: freo making curtis look like a star
Pavs: Tickled a nerve. lol
Silz90: Lol pavs
bhg26: LDU is outrageous, cant be tackled
navy_blues: no one on stephenson either geez freo afe way off today
soup: muppet icon for Beast monty?
shancrows: There's always that one keyboard warrior lol
BigChief: Beast continues to abuse other people here m0nty. When will he get banned for breaking the rules of Fan Footy?
Pavs: Maybe a pants on fire icon soup?
original: HYoung truly woeful
bhg26: Ok now i have to decide between serong or ldu next week
navy_blues: maybe a beasty SPUD of class of 24 m0nty
Hughsy: flower you fisher
BigChief: bhg do you have Jack Steele? He looks really good also
bhg26: Got a 1 2 as soon as you said that hughsy
SC_G0D: on fire
StuL: xerri is on fire. could have been in grundys spot
Manowar: Young Muppet
soup: northball kinda goes crazy
BigChief: Is this game over already? Freo have stayed in Perth
thommoae: Block schmock. LJ just adapted better to a wonky bounce. Umpire excusing himself.
bhg26: Nah Chief, would rather go up to an uber premo. Already have that mid price cash gen from crouch
bhg26: But still think steele will go 110-115
BigChief: Brayshaw having a mare.
Manowar: Young you will soon be Stewart!
StuL: gave young another chance. probably a mistake
Manowar: big mistake!
Gelly: kangas have so much space no pressure what so ever
wadaramus: Yes, it appears the Young experiment will be shut down early.
bhg26: Forgot Young was playing
Pavs: North playing with dare/no fear
Silz90: Is it worth keeping young as d7/m9 back up or trade him out this week
bhg26: North can do no wrong at the moment
navy_blues: put young back gotta stop this somehow
BigChief: Young BE of 127 and looks like being worse next week. He might just have to go.
bhg26: Probably trade to a Stewart or Ryan before they go up and young drops in price silz
banta: young over rated. doesn't look interested today
Silz90: True both great picks. Both consistent
banta: amiss lol
StuL: i went young to heeney in draft trqdes. that will be the one i should have
banta: fisher's tog is a bit of a joke
shancrows: Jackson you beauty
Gelly: thats because fisher is a potato
BigChief: Nice work Jacko.
Silz90: Dogged you gun
soup: banta was thinking the same thing
StuL: only got young because everyone else said to get him. you were wrong
bhg26: Happy i dont have to trade in lazzaro next week
StuL: go sharp
Pavs: Yep Young has to go. Upside Jackson wasn't sure but going very well
Manowar: do better McKercher
BigChief: 51 in a half for a rookie Manowar?
LuvIt74: Young needs to lift otherwise he's gone next week
soup: Sharp only 33 SC is absurd
Migz: In the usa atm so missing most games, what happened to daicos the other day?
BigChief: No CP or CL soup is why.
original: Young will be traded. Horrible hands horrible disposal doesnít know where to go
wadaramus: The ball magnet was repelling the ball instead of attracting it.
wadaramus: Reverse polarity :)
Pavs: Good observations original agree with all that.
original: Pavs itís really weird watching him closely. Extremely underwhelming
SC_G0D: lol StuL you can't blame everyone else, maybe make your own decisions
Pavs: Gave him the benefit of the doubt after last week original. Mind is now made up.
original: Agree pavs. Depending on amborsio this week it could be really easy downgrade
navy_blues: wow norf getting love from umps
Pavs: Yep held off on Massimo this week for that reason also mate
mags: It's part of the AFL assistance package, navy. We need all the help we can get
soup: taberner needs to go back to the magoos
original: Now young to end up on 96 and leave us all confused
original: Please stop serong
Pavs: Fyfe break even of 3 doing his job
shancrows: Nice Freo
BigChief: why original? No price rise this week for him.
Pavs: Hang in there Brother Pav. Freo coming back
navy_blues: team jackson on fire
slydon: lets go jackson
shancrows: Good Jackson!!
GinniFan: Young to Sheezel for me next week I think, shouldn't have overlooked the Sheez
BigChief: McDonald you muppet LOL
slydon: come on xerri off the bench and keep going
Pav300: cracker game Good call brother Pav
BigChief: Jacko and Young both go to the bench at same time, every time.
circle52: Young to Ryan/Stewart for me,
slydon: gotta take off a liability if you take off the player on fire
soup: kerch and LDU get left behind in the rooms or something?
BigChief: Soup I think all Nth players stayed in the sheds.
bhg26: Not to sound like a disgruntled fisher trader but how is he actually on 78?
wadaramus: 4 muppets normally decimates one's SC score.
Hepatitis: dont know what game ur watching BHG, has hit every tarfet
BigChief: I am not a Fisher fan but he has played okay so far.
SC_G0D: never considered fisher at any point, but glad he's scoring well. hilarious he was traded after one game tho
Jaypa: crazy how Young is looking more like NWM the longer this game goes on
GinniFan: Hope Billings can do as well as Fish.. maybe jumped the gun
bhg26: Not saying he isnt playing very well but in a sc sense he has the same efficiency as sheez and 2 less clangers
bhg26: Love you Fyfe
shancrows: Yes Fyfe !
BigChief: What do Freo do when Darcy is fit and available? Jacko dominating without him.
bhg26: Theyll unfortunately have to play darcy ruck and jackson forward because hes more versatile chief
thommoae: 'Scuse you, Monty. 'Tsunami' is patented somewhere west of Sydney.
SC_G0D: darcy will play, get injured again
BigChief: Or not play Darcy at all bhg LOL
StuL: Where are you God? Got the c on Jackson?
BigChief: Gunston and Hore subs for next game.
PAFC4eva: If god hasnt beast certainly does
DaicosQB: It seems wrong fisher can get +32 for a quarter where the defense goes to absolute pieces
wadaramus: Hore a popular trade in, not great.
TheNuff: Fremantle *is* west of Sydney... thom lol
bhg26: Wheres Simon Goodwin Chief, i need to have a word with him
StuL: Thats a blow for all the Hore traders
Pav300: thanks Chief
TheNuff: afternoon all. happy to see North struggling after a promising start
soup: thank god I didn't go early on hore
bhg26: Started with Hore, might just have to trade coffield in this week. Already fielding 1 short in defence
wadaramus: Freo too good in the Premiership Quarter.
StuL: probably means his js isnt great too
BigChief: I thought about Hore but went Massimo
wadaramus: Did anyone start with Wardaw? I had him in a couple of times but ended up leaving him out.
Raspel31: And Young's massive score continues to plummet. Bye bye.
StuL: youre killing me young.
shancrows: Noooo Fyfe subbed out
lana2146: Fyfe subbed out ooooft
bhg26: Who knows maybe someone goes down 30 seconds into the game and hore plays a full game
Jaypa: haha Fyfe subbed, where are you now believers
PAFC4eva: No haw here
StuL: fyfe vest . doh
wadaramus: Stupid bloody substitute.
BigChief: Lazzaro subbed? He was doing okay.
soup: longmuir you gronk
valkorum: Fyfe and Lazzaro subbed - how to mess with fantasy players in 1 move
SC_G0D: said this at srat of seaon, fyfe will get subbed. they will look after him
bhg26: Hore named sub, fyfe and lazzaro subbed off, what a great 2 minutes for my supercoach
soup: I can't keep watching freo games without owning jackson serong or ryan, I'm tearing my hair out
Jaypa: anyone who jumped on Fyfe had to see this coming, it cant be a shock
BigChief: Finally Young lays a tackle.
BigChief: bhg the footy gods against you today.
shancrows: Jaypa was just hoping he'd a few good early games to make quick cash oh well
wadaramus: Must feel amazing to be so omniscient SC_GOD.
StuL: get moving young. i need a miracle
Jaypa: well he got you one and a half shan
wadaramus: Any bad picks this season for you Jaypa? Anything we can laugh at?!
GinniFan: Damn it Fyfe
bhg26: We sure have a lot of blokes on here who win supercoach every year
BigChief: Fyfe's BE is 3 so will still make cash. Doubt he gets subbed next week.
Jaypa: yeah Berry last night wada, was pretty vocal about it, keep up
Manowar: Young Spud
shancrows: Hahah that's it Jaypa lol
J_Herer: Got to rest Fyfe - Sheezel for Brownlow soon (the new Naicos when North grow and win more)
SC_G0D: not always mate
Jaypa: I was slamming the Fyfe pick here in the preseason to be fair bhg
bhg26: Still averaging 85 jaypa
shancrows: Anyone here have Wines? Hoping he goes big this week
ausgooner: Why you acting like $280k for 87 average like it's some kind of disaster
SC_G0D: fyfe probs wouldve been subbed last week if not for the injuries
Jaypa: I guess bhg, but I'd rather my 300k blokes not be 40 years old and play out the full game, to each their own
BigChief: Should have kicked that to Jacko not Amiss for us SC owners LOL
GOD: GOD got it right again, putting the C on L. Jackson today!
bhg26: Not keeping him all year jaypa, i will trade him out at some stage this season when he makes money
SC_G0D: lol
sheezel420: Are Jackson owners really getting greedy? look at his score lol
Jaypa: cause hes the main vest candidate every week barring injury gooner
zadolinnyj: Only got Jackson at start due to this thread. Very happy
beerent11: He got a ton last week so those of us who started him have nothing to complain about. We knew the risks.
StuL: 1st trade and already got it wrong. young had to go
BigChief: Yep Sheezel I am very greedy. Need to cover the dud from last night :)
ausgooner: I think most owners expected him to be managed in the early rounds. The bloke's played about 5 game sin the last 2 years
Jaypa: Jackson is giving Xerri a bath in this second half
StuL: xerri stopped since half time
SC_G0D: young 19 clangers in 2 games
Manowar: Trading Young and Daicos tomorrow night
bhg26: Also still wondering why lazzaro was taken off, he was actually good
Raspel31: Some rookies would die for 15 possies SC
bhg26: Fyfes score still going up as sub, who doesnt want him?
BigChief: That was out on full. Field ump over ruled goal ump.
beerent11: 1 more point nat.
TimT14: Omg brayshaw need 4 more touches get back on
beerent11: Good for you manowar.
DukeNewc: Jackson you superstar
beerent11: Yes nat! The magic number!
BigChief: Keep getting those junktime points Young.
navy_blues: think i might take serong vc points
Raspel31: I'm sticking with Naicos navy.
navy_blues: haha rasp
BigChief: Is Powell an option at 312k?
circle52: At least Young is now ahaed of Naicos for best 18
Gelly: no
circle52: been looking at that Bigchief 95 last week and now this. Is this his break out year
StuL: if you dont have serong you need him
slydon: would be awkward if i capped naicos...
J_Herer: Young > Fyfe in midfield role (stealing points off each other though)
soup: fisher my glorious king, thank you for not making me regret holding you
StuL: regret holding young.
StuL: cost the game
J_Herer: Stul - George Hewett will be coming for Serong in 2 rounds

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