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StuL: Clark
StuL: clark to go 70-80
navy_blues: lol yeah like last week
Troglodyte: Why's Duncan out?
navy_blues: baby due
TheLegend6: crows easily tonight
frenzy: Mannagh a full game, nice
Troglodyte: Outrageous
snake_p: Trog flew home, wife went into labour
original: can't believe a lot traded clark out
DukeNewc: Evening Lads
Gotigres: 8 goals please Rankine
thommoae: There was mucho rage-o on FF re Clark last week.
Troglodyte: Must be a girl. They never stick to the plan
zadolinnyj: Lads and ladies. Go crows
Troglodyte: I guess no-one told the kid that Uncle Trog needed Daddy to play footy tonight
gazza39: This is a better start by Dawson
DukeNewc: Did you have him trog?
Troglodyte: No. Was thinking of trading him in for Whitfield net week. Wandted to see if his scoring was consistent
original: dawson scoring like bont. 50% eff and mostly handballs but 20sc
original: missed his tackles i suppose
DukeNewc: Great start Stewart
BigChief: Mannagh started well. Never wants to be sub ever again.
Troglodyte: Crows can safely make travel plans for Aug/Sep by the looks of it
Gelly: crows midfield is stacked, but still losing
naicosfan: Are we watching the same game trog?
DukeNewc: Crows have only elected to punch, and its cost them
wadaramus: Just signed Nicks for 2 yearsm looking good...
Troglodyte: haven't I got Kayo on live again? My bad...
original: some start stewart
BigChief: Do you think Adel will play finals on current form naicos?
DukeNewc: Yes lads, just keep feeding Stewart intercepts
TheLegend6: Mannagh looks great
original: danger just dives. yuck
naicosfan: For sure have a better chance than the pies, but not currently
DukeNewc: Far out mannah
bhg26: Howís the indecision been so far from the umps
Gelly: am i watching a game of cricket?
naicosfan: Umps are clueless bhg
PAFC4eva: Evening all and wada :)
DukeNewc: They're waiting for RTS gelly
StuL: Should have fielded Mannagh damn it
PAFC4eva: Fielded mannagh for reid all good so far
Hepatitis: Those with mannagh arenít a concern - no reasonable player would pick a sub round 1
navy_blues: omg htb
BigChief: You fielded Mannagh over Harley Reid PAFC?
clay007: We are all experts, but at the end of the day, you cannot predict anything. Daicos awesome, then not
naicosfan: Why is pedlar the crows main target? Heís always guarded by Stewart
original: move daicos back to hbf imo
DukeNewc: BC, He's more of a God than Raspel, I didn't think it was possible
navy_blues: go cats
wadaramus: Right back atcha PAFC :)
bhg26: Clark already on more than last week
TheLegend6: Bloodbath
BigChief: Crows defence is a rabble.
PAFC4eva: i did bc suppose to be ball magnet
penguins00: Crows mids putting no pressure on Geelong whatsoever
Troglodyte: On what basis did the "experts" expect Crows to go far this season?
original: these umpires having a laugh no?
navy_blues: more umps than ever and still cant make decisions!
DukeNewc: Here we go again.....
Dondeal: That should be deliberate out of bounds
DukeNewc: At least that one was quicker
Vich: reckon youd find plenty of top teams picking mannagh @Hep
Gotigres: Umps having a bit of trouble making decisions this qtr
PAFC4eva: game not over yet reckon crows come back
bhg26: Just a 37 minute quarter
original: i know there is live scaling but hows stewart drop from 48 to 44, then get a good tackle and end up on 45
Gotigres: Clark already beaten last weeks score
DukeNewc: Far out CD, 2 tackles in a row to Stewart that doesn't give him points
wadaramus: Outrageous bhg, too many stoppages, qtrs way too lon.
clay007: Can someome let the Pies know that these are not practice matches?
original: laird lol
bhg26: Love you Matt Crouch but the sport is called football
clay007: Agreed BHG, stop handballing!
clay007: BT just referred to Worrell as Michalanney, does not know the players names or numbers
Hughsy: Crouch always knows where to handball it.
wadaramus: TV commentary is just awful.
bhg26: Good to see Burgess getting games
original: wada its embarrassing isnt it. shocking commentary
clay007: Here come the crows Wada!
Jaypa: could be worse wada, could have the worst in the business Underwood
naicosfan: Ffs berry
BigChief: BT worst, Underwood 2nd worst imo.
clay007: Dwaybe Russell, shake and bake
BigChief: OMG BT said in 1st qtr Blicavs would get to 300 easily, now asking if he can. Moron.
thommoae: Matt Hill, on the other hand?
wadaramus: I listen to the radio, even with the lack of sync.
Gotigres: Looks like Berry to Mannagh for me after this round
Hughsy: Berry being scored harshly
Spifflicat: Agree BigChief, BT is basically self abuse live
wadaramus: Every time we play Geelong we just kick it to Stewart all night, flowern fix it Nicks you hack.
clay007: The Mannagh bragging has subsided
Troglodyte: surely BT needs to go an get a dementia diagnosis
Spifflicat: Right on cue Wada
Jaypa: is Berry taking the power?
BigChief: 3AW it is over TV for me. Can't stand the rubbish BT is spewing any longer.
clay007: I think you have diagnosed him correctly trog! His memory is questionable.
Gelly: i only watch tv for kelly underwood
navy_blues: clark fumbles to much
BigChief: Just paused live tv to try match radio commentary to vision.
Troglodyte: How many times did he call Bonner NWM last night
clay007: You are right wada, it is like adelaide think stewart plays for adelaide
Victorious: Iím punishing the porcelain
clay007: He got daicos confused with shultz
Jaypa: too many times to count trog
navy_blues: soft 50m
Troglodyte: To be fair I confused daicos' performance last night too
navy_blues: justice
clay007: Laird needs to lift
Jaypa: Burgess has a bit of Josh Jenkins about him
wadaramus: Good gall Jaypa.
BigChief: Jaypa Burgess will need a few more Joe the Goose to be Jenkins.
TimT14: Pedlar having a Shocker
wadaramus: Crows skills and decision making if fairly deplorable.
Jaypa: The Logan McDonald special Chief?
bhg26: Rankines not afraid to have a shot
BigChief: Thats the 1 Jaypa
clay007: How is laird playing wada?
Jaypa: Berry must be trying out for the cats midfield with his 28% DE
navy_blues: rankine needs to play team footy instead of trying to be a hero
wadaramus: 14 touches haven't seen him.
BigChief: OMG Rankine HB inside 50. Miracles happen.
sfenda1: did BT just say that pedlar has been good this qtr??
clay007: Can he lift wada, that is all I need to know. Needs a big second half, along with dawson
naicosfan: Indeed sfenda, I assume heís getting mixed up with soligo
Jaypa: he did sfenda but I'm pretty sure it was Berry the whole time anyway hahah
naicosfan: 14 touches saw laird in the first and start of 2nd, became a ghost for the rest
wadaramus: He's got 8 contested and 6 clearances, he was quiet in the second. Think he can lift :)
naicosfan: Decent 2nd qtr by berry scoring wise, need a big second half
wadaramus: Went to see Pantera on Tuesday night, flowern excellent.
wadaramus: Rather drive to the city for a gig than to the footy!
Manowar: Berry Spud
Manowar: Dawson Spud
wadaramus: Rankine spud.
Beast_Mode: lol pantera, didnt realise it was still the 1980's
wadaramus: What do you listen to Beastie Boy?
wadaramus: Taylor Swift? Pink?
wadaramus: It doesn't matter what decade it is, good music lasts. Pantera was 90's by the way.
Cascadian: Wada do you like Slipknot? I am a big heavy metal fan myself
gazza39: Dawson on the nose so far, Serong bacon is smelling good
wadaramus: Don't mind Slipknot, I prefer stuff like Nine Inch Nails and TOOL.
Cascadian: Wada Good stuff mate. Do you listen to much Metallica?
wadaramus: Progressive Rock/Metal/Death Metal, Opeth & Porcupine Tree.
Jaypa: why did Buckley just say Dawson probably has cracked ribs?
wadaramus: tallica was where it all started for me, back in the late 80's, I like 72 Seasons.
wadaramus: Pedlar crunched him Jaypa.
Jaypa: I'd love to have Fogarty at the dubs
Beast_Mode: alright fossil back to the footy
bhg26: Seriously how was crouch ever dropped
Beast_Mode: dubs? thid isnt the nba nackers
northball: crouch looking like a must have next week
Jaypa: what'd you score last week beast? 2800?
Cascadian: Wada 72 seasons is a pretty good album, my favourite is reload though, bit of a unique choice
bhg26: Gone unders i reckon jaypa
wadaramus: NOthing wrong with enjoying the Bob ROck era mate, it's good stuff, but for me, the true thrash era is where it's at :)
Jaypa: yeah I was going conservative bhg, he is the best of us
wadaramus: Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, And Justice For All, superb.
BigChief: Justice is my fav Wada and One is my fav song.
wadaramus: Great choice BC.
clay007: Go laird
wadaramus: Battery is the first song I heard, Puppets the first tshirt I bought, I think this is my fave.
Cascadian: wada overall reload is my favourite album, but my favourite song is Fade To Black from the early days
wadaramus: Superb choice Cascadian, this song is lyrically and musically exceptional.
clay007: I'm out, this is a great game and you guys talking rubbish
naicosfan: Ikr clay
wadaramus: Laird has lifted for you Clay :)
Silz90: Clark is getting subbed for sure
TheLegend6: Security are lowsy
bhg26: Onya Keays and crouch
DukeNewc: Matt crouch holding the streaker by the collar lol.
Gotigres: I thought you would be going to bed wada, and not running on to the field
Jaypa: umpire to Crouch to let the guy go, why? security hardly doing anything
bhg26: Should be a rule that any player can hit a streaker with a jimmy webster style bump
BigChief: I think that was Baldy LOL
Jaypa: flower that would be good bhg, Mumford on Duncan style
Hughsy: Love Jezza signaling holding the ball to the streaker lol
ballbag: hey rankine, pack yer bags and flower off cow piece, youre outta here
naicosfan: Berry sub..
DukeNewc: Crouch racking em up at the moment, just like last week
navy_blues: rchele sub
original: berry subbed lol
Gotigres: Oh no berry subbed off.
bhg26: Or the Andrew Symonds treatment as well jaypa
BigChief: Berry subbed navy.
Silz90: If Martin has a stinker then I will swap to crouch
navy_blues: they showed rachelle sub on tv
naicosfan: Luckily itís best 18.
original: does keays get 0 midfield time these days?
Silz90: Dempsey two goal assists in a row. Great starting pick
gazza39: Never got what all the hype about the Crows this season was all about...
Jaypa: berry subbed like he was why the crows are losing
BigChief: Correct original. Permanent FP
Jaypa: meanwhile pedlar likely ducking the runner cause he knew it shouldve been him
naicosfan: Clark fighting his way to a 50, nicely done.
thommoae: Ahh Mumford on Duncan - one of THE moments in AFL highlights..
Jaypa: Duncan probably still wake s up in cold sweats reliving that
BigChief: Did Mannagh go back to Victoria after 1st qtr?
penguins00: He's been living on the bench
DukeNewc: More tackles not counting for stewart
navy_blues: lololool
naicosfan: Get crouch off the pine
ballbag: is the rumor true dempsey was caught sniffing the teams dirty shorts. saw it on the other chat
DukeNewc: Yay! another review
wadaramus: Seymour Butts.
DukeNewc: Stewart clearing kick paid a clanger by CD, smh
TheOnyas: onya lairdy
DukeNewc: Prime Bart Simpson wada
Gotigres: That's a sign either of a young confident star in the making or a lunatic ballbag
gazza39: thanks Dawkson
BigChief: Okay Max would like a 40+ point qtr thanks.
wadaramus: Okay Crows, would like a 40+ point quarter thanks.
BigChief: Haha Wada
wadaramus: I'm not laughing BC :|
BigChief: Pedlar BOG surely. He has been anazing
Troglodyte: Which one is Pedlar?
Gelly: mannagh just got his first touch since q1
original: dawson had a good 3 mins
BigChief: The witches hat playing near Stewart Trog
naicosfan: Geez man, sack these umps
DukeNewc: Even the sub has outscored him BC
wadaramus: DO you have another acronym for BOG that I am not aware of BC?
Jaypa: I think that was name of the bloke who invaded the ground Trog
Troglodyte: bog speaks for itself
BigChief: Well playing might be a bit of a stretch.
wadaramus: Why the flower is Stewart just left by himself, this is a flowering rort of a coaching effort.
Troglodyte: two more years...
wadaramus: Nicks is a flowering dumb coach if he can't avoid Stewart marking everything.
BigChief: Guessing sarcasm doesn't transfer well in chat.
DukeNewc: He's matched up on pedlar wada, unsure why nicks hasn't swapped him
Nurfed: No one is safe from Stewart Wada hes a bloody jet
wadaramus: Man up on the flowering seagull.
Vich: good call the lemon saying crows would win easily :)
naicosfan: They could have an extra 3-4 goals if they werenít making silly mistakes in the 2nd qtr Vich
Troglodyte: Vich - I think they were just being polite because it was only qtr 1
wadaramus: flower sake, McHenry and Murphy are complete hacks.
BigChief: Parfitt been solid tonight
DukeNewc: How much of your hair is left wada? Sounds like you've been pulling it out all night and I get why.
Vich: coulda shoulda woulda....
naicosfan: Get crouch off the pine
Troglodyte: Junk time Dempsey, go get it lad
Gelly: another shower score for dawson
Nurfed: playing DT and got him as VC in my draft league gelly pretty happy
wadaramus: Foot skills are flowering woeful.
BigChief: Dawson 13 tackles and only scoring 84 is poor.
wadaramus: Tired of the Crows always having to run teams down.
naicosfan: Dawson always a butcher of the ball
naicosfan: Wow
Troglodyte: lol
BigChief: Fogarty muppet
navy_blues: goodnes gracious me
wadaramus: You are flowering kidding me, so many easy posters tonight, power weak.
Pokerface: no wada, power strong. crows weak
Troglodyte: BT has lost the plot
gazza39: Junk it up Dawson!! good lad!
BigChief: Can't lose what you don't have Trog
Beast_Mode: old mate knevitt cant get a run lol
Jaypa: why is BT losing his mind like scores are level and this is a final? its 3 goals difference
naicosfan: Nice one Dempsey..
Victorious: Might be time to head to the toilet and unload
Jaypa: knevitt gets 2 and a half mins, whats the flowering point
BigChief: Why make sub now?
Vich: BT is the floweren worst
naicosfan: Well done crouch
wadaramus: The sub is a flowering blight on the game.
Vich: ?? The floweren worst!
Troglodyte: See you all after lunch tomorrow - sound like norf aren't going to tag Serong...
DukeNewc: Dangerfield management BC
Vich: That answer the question chief?
Raspel31: Superb- Jhye Clark has just passed Naicos. My masterplan is falling into place.#
naicosfan: Crouch magnet?
BigChief: 2 mins left and could have just put Danger on bench. Sub not needed.
original: what was dawson on at 3qt time?
DukeNewc: 60 odd original
Vich: wowee...maybe if he comes on, he wont have to do extra running afterwards :)
bhg26: Had a punt, Dawson needed 10 touches in the last and my dad needed a goal from rankine, scenes
Jaypa: couldve at least put him on ball so he could get a touch or a tackle or anything
Jaypa: 64ish original
TheLegend6: missed the multi by 1 disposal
Manowar: S. Mannagh does disappoint
bhg26: Also Matt Crouch i love you
BigChief: Low 60's original
DukeNewc: Time for me to head off to watch us get cooked by the dees tomorrow at the G
Manowar: if ya smell what the Dees are...cookin"
Pokerface: gonna take you 17 hours to get there Duke?
DukeNewc: I phrased it wrong poker...
Jaypa: if Pedlar is playing next week ill be stunned

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